but these were so neatly in the app~


day five: try a study format that you haven’t done before, like flash cards or mind maps. then share a review with us!

as far as actual techniques go i’ve tried what feels like everything, and i’m already a big advocate for mind-maps and flashcards over bullet-pointed linear notes. but i thought i would try out a very popular study time management technique called the pomodoro method. this involves 25 minute blocks of study followed by 5 minute breaks, with a longer break after every few study blocks. 

i found this to be a really effective method, and i would definitely use it again! though i found the 25 minute blocks to be quite short the rigid breaks were great at preventing the temptation of social media or other distractions - after all, why bother when your next break is only a short while away? i also downloaded a very handy mac app called ‘pomodoro time’ which sits neatly in the toolbar and times your study (it’s free for mac and downloadable here!). so all in all, i’d definitely recommend the pomodoro method and this app if you struggle with time management or distraction.