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so...a Victuuri version of that Adam Scott, Mark Hamill clip needs to happen y/y?

“38.7 million views in 24 hours. Do you know what that means? You beat Adele. You beat the Avengers. You beat that Psy video where he wears harem pants and pushes people off treadmills. You are in a very exclusive club, my friend.”

The audience laughs, and Yuuri should laugh too, but Kerry Washington’s skin is perfect and he can’t stop staring. And her teeth are so white that they don’t even look like teeth. It’s like when he was writing his thesis and spent so much time staring at the opening sentence of the discussion section that he had to check four times to make sure he spelled “the” right. There’s a name for that sort of brain malfunction, but hell if he knows what it is. 

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Make Sure To Be Bored More Often ~ Harry Styles Smut

Warning Smut

This is my first smut so bare with me and REQUESTS ARE OPEN so go ahead and request anything you want.  Feedback is great so please do sent some either on this or over ask/message.  I hope you enjoy

You were bored.  Beyond bored you were so close to going out of your mind.  Harry had just come back from a meeting which he had been at all day while you lay there watching reruns of Once Upon a Time, which has been your addiction since Harry had come back from America and had introduced you to it.  The whole fact it was based off Disney characters and other fictional childhood favourites made your day.  But, again after watching 10 episodes none stop even this began to bore you.  So, an idea came to your mind.  Harry’s fans adored you considering you were the only girl out there that had not broken his heart or used him for fame like a lot of his past girlfriends.  Following this you had a few followers of your own which lead to you doing what you did next.

It was 9 in the afternoon and considering Harry was in the bath relaxing after the day he’s had you decided open yourself to have a live stream.  Thinking that the fans would be able to keep you company while your boyfriend was busy was probably the best idea you had, had.  So, tweeting out on your phone that you were going to have a livestream in 10 minutes you then made your way up to your bedroom to get your laptop and set it up on your counter in the kitchen. Loading up twitter your livestream began and quickly your views went into the thousands.  

“Hi everyone” you laughed as the views increased every second.  “Okay I am going to try my best to look at everything you are sending to me but this is going a lot faster than I thought it would so it may take me some time, and I am sorry if I do not read your question as there are a lot of you.”  You hated letting them down, knowing that you used to be exactly like them when their tweet may not get answered by their favourite.  “Ah okay I have a question here from Alexa.  Lovely name by the way!  How’s your day been?”  you read out what was tweeted to you seconds ago.  “I am doing very well thank you just waiting for Harry to finish up in the bathroom so we can watch a movie, tonight we have decided on Space Between Us, my friends will not shut up about it so I think it’s time for me to finally give in and watch it.  Of course, I am dragging Harry into watching with me!”  Your happiness grew by the second, and honestly you were so glad that you had decided to do this.

Around an hour had passed and you decided to end the stream and go and check where Harry was you were beginning to miss him. “Okay guys, I think this is going to be the end of the live stream.  Thank you so much for tuning in and I hope you have a lovely night and I will hopefully do another one of these again soon with Harry maybe next time.  Good Night guys.”  You smiled at the camera before ending the livestream all together and turning your laptop off.  Just as you were about to call Harry’s name he came down the stairs with a few blankets and the movie you brought earlier this week.  As soon as he saw you his face lit up like it always did when he looked at you.

“Loved the live stream babe” Harry said while coming over to you and giving you a peck on the lips.  

“You watched, you could have come down and joined in.  You should have seen how many people thought I was joking when I said I was living with you. Next well have people saying were broken up” I joked even though I know there will be at least one person who says that.

“Sure, they will baby girl.  Anyway, will join you next time I was just taking care of something that would not be very PG for the livestream” Harry winked at you while his hand was down his joggers indicating to you what he meant.  You almost chocked on your own spit when that came out of his mouth.  You were slightly annoyed though it had been weeks since you two had had sex considering how busy he has been with his album, then interviews and traveling around American for a brief time.  This then meaning by the time he got home he was too tiered or “we’ll have sex tomorrow I swear” which never came.  But, you just rolled your eyes.  You needed tonight to be the night that the dry spell ended finally.  But, he was not going to get it that easily, of course a little teasing had to be in play.  

So, you went and got everything organised for tonight you put the pillows where you live them and what would be best comfortable for you and Harry and then got the blankets.  You hated England weather ever since Harry had come back from LA and had told you how perfect it was there.  It had been so hot the past few days, you literally could not sleep without a fan, now I had to go out with a coat on because it was too cold out.  How that happened i will never know.

You then went and put in the movie, you were so excited about watching this movie.  You had seen the trailer and almost cried from just that now having the movie you made sure to stock up on tissues.  You made yourself comfortable and then Harry made his way into the living room with just his joggers on.  How is this boy walking round like that when its 6 degrees out I will never know, but you were not going to complain?  He made his way to you so you could snuggle into him when you watch the movie. This was the one thing you loved most about watching movies with Harry and that was just being able to have him there to hold and having him stroke your back was pure bliss.

The movie was around half way through when you started your master plan, you were loving this movie so far but having Harry next to you shirtless was enough to drive any girl insane.  “Babe I am just going to go and get changed I am a little too warm in my jumper” you said innocently messing with your jumper sleeves trying to act as though you were too warm.  

“Do you want me to pause it?”  Harry asked as you made your way out of the room and towards your shared bedroom.  

“No, its fine ill only be a second” you admitted while rushing off to get changed into something you knew would fluster Harry just the slightest.  You did not want this to make him want to rip your clothes off but you also did not want him not to be a little flustered.  You changed your jumper for a tank top and made sure to take your bra off so your boobs were fully ready to be exposed and correct by Harry’s tender touch. You then put on some female boxer briefs so they were a little shorter than your PJ shorts and they made your bum look incredible.  You made your way back into the living room making sure to bend over just before you sat down to pick your phone up off the table, this receiving a sigh from behind you.  

You then straddled over Harry to get over your side of the sofa. “What are you doing Y/N, how can it take you this long to get back next to me” Harry began to stretch out as soon as you lay down again making sure to have your boobs level with his face.  

“I was just getting something sorry for taking so long” you rolled your eyes at this knowing full well Harry hated when you did not take him seriously sometimes.  His eyes looked you up and down before coughing and looking back at the movie.  You knew you were affecting him slightly and this made you so happy.  You subconsciously started to stroke up and down Harry’s chest while watching the movie, you knew he liked you doing this and you also knew it gave you a chance to accidently knock your hand over the waist band of his sweats and ‘accidently’ knock his dick.

Harry then turned around and snuggled into your neck, you checked the time to see that it was already 11 at night.  Knowing Harry was likely to be becoming sleepy you pushed his head up to meet your face.  “Y/N can we watch this movie tomorrow I want to sleep” Harry sighed.  Before he had chance to open his eyes you quickly planted your lips onto him feeling him groan underneath you.  The kiss turned heated a lot quicker than you expected and you pushed him sideward to that you could straddle him.  His eyes lighting up at the sight of you.  “Well it seems like I am no longer as tiered as I thought I was” you laughed at his comment become going down to kiss along his jaw while also grinding on him.  All you heard were curse words coming from Harry’s mouth which made you even more wet than you already were.

Harry’s hands began roaming your body and he began to pull off your boxer shorts.  This made you stop what you were doing to stop him.  “No Harry, you made me wait weeks for this so that means you will be waiting a little longer to see what I have.” You smirked loving being in control for once.  All he could do in return was groan as he was in pure bliss knowing that after so long this was finally going to happen.  You kissed your way down his chest slowly down to his ever-growing erection.  You slowly pushed down his sweats and began licking up his shaft.  You then began to push him into your mouth as much as you could, making sure to use your hand on what you could not fit in your mouth.

“Fuck Y/N this feels so good I have missed your mouth so much baby girl” he said while you bobbed your head quickly up and down his shaft.  You loved pleasing him but once he came in your mouth and he came down from his high, you decided to let him take control.  You enjoyed it when he did all the effort just to make you feel good and he hated to admit it but he loved being dominant and having you be a whimpering mess underneath him.  He quickly flipped you onto your back and pumped himself a few times to make himself hard again, “Y/N I fucking love you” he said with a groan as he made his way into you with a groan.  He began slow, making sure you felt every part of him, then he did what you loved most. He quickened the pace and began slamming into you.  

All that was heard throughout the room was moaning and slapping of skin to skin as he pounded into you with all his might.  “Ah fuck Harry that feels so good” you shouted as he pulled your legs up to his shoulders knowing you were both close.  He began to do a figure of eight in your clit so that you would follow him in your climax.  

“I am close too baby” Harry whimpered as he pounded into you the last few times you both got overcome with ecstasy.  Harry pulled out of you as you adjusted with the feeling of not having him inside of you, and you both came down from your highs.  “That was fucking amazing” Harry sighed as you looked over to him with a smile.

“Tell me about it”

“Make sure to be bored more often” Harry laughed as you lay down to watch the final scenes of the movie.

Half Naked

Fandom: Heroes of Olympus

Pairing: Leo Valdez x Reader

Warning: N/A

Request: requested by @theheroesofmyheart; Could you write me a Leo Valdez x reader pool party fic? Make them all embarrassed about each other in their bathing suits:)

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William Nylander - White Orchid

authors note: this is my second ever imagine/one shot. i hope you enjoy it. i’m sorry if there are any misspelling, errors or such, means i’ve simply just missed it. feel free to give me any kind of feedback as i greatly do appreciate it. also, sorry it’s so long ??? i got a bit carried away.

word count: 4723


Closing the door behind me, I took a few steps to sit down on the lid of the toilet. Elbows resting on my knees, head heavy in my hands. Taking a few deep breaths I did the best I could to calm myself down. Knowing now was the worst possible time to even so much as knock on the door of anxiety. The need to slap myself across the face rose. A somewhat desperate attempt to knock myself out of the negativity and get my shit together. I knew it was not going to be easy. Heck. Everyone here knew it.

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(Requested by Anon)

Paul was in absolute shock when he imprinted on you of all people. Not that there was anything wrong with you, it was just that you were complete opposite. Imprinting was supposed to bring the wolf close to his soul match. You… were not what he expected.

He had a filthy mouth and a roaring temper, but you were shy and flushed if someone even hinted at sex. The pack would find ways to make jabs at him, saying things like ‘maybe she’ll show you some patience’ or 'I’m waiting for her to threaten you with a bar of soap for that potty mouth.’ It was frustrating beyond belief, but being with you was actually really nice.  He hated having to control himself, but he adored you so he dealt with it.

“FUCKING SHIT!” You swore as the last Pokémon on your team died. This was your third time attempting to beat the elite four and you had JUST made it to the champion. You shut your DS and threw it to the other end of the couch, crossing your arms and letting out an angry huff.

You looked up to see everyone in the room staring straight at you, jaws practically touching the floor. “Did she just-” “Yeah dude.” You flushed as you realized that this was the first time any of them had heard you swear. “What the fuck Y/N?” You looked to your boyfriend, who looked the most appalled of them all. “Um…. sorry?” You offered sheepishly.

He shook his head and a grin spread across his face. “Don’t be. God I love you.”

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um i don't know maybe a modern day newt thing where he's reader's college roommate or in the same classes as her & he obviously fancies her and everybody can tell but her? hope that didn't suck too much

Didn’t suck at all lol and sorry for the wait! Hope you like it ❤️

Master list

Imagine: Being Newt’s college roommate. (Modern day AU)

“Queenie, I knowwww. Geez. Yes…okay, yes. No, I don’t care if you think Dr. Graves is a hot professor, you can’t go flirting with him.”

Newt smiled in amusement, still looking down at his biology textbook as he listened in on your’s and Queenie’s phone call. He knew many women flocked to the psychology courses simply for Dr. Graves, but he’d like to think you didn’t quite see it that way. Call him jealous, but he’d like to think you had better standards than some older man who rocked a cool haircut.

“Okay, I’ll meet you guys later. Of course Newt is coming…”

Newt glanced up momentarily at the sound of his name, and he raised an eyebrow at you. Your smile was a naughty one, and he can only venture a guess it wasn’t going to be something he liked.

“Mmk, I’ll see you later then. Tell Jacob I said hi.”

You tapped the end call button, tossing your cell on your small dorm mattress, and plopping yourself down on Newt’s bed. He twirled around in his chair, book laying on his lap as he glared at you.

“What exactly am I doing?”

“Before you say no, keep in mind you owe me for the last time.”

“What last time?”

You sighed at the zoology student, elbow resting on his desk as you waved your hand about. “You dragged me to some weird exhibit that had animal carcasses everywhere.”

Newt closed the textbook, placing it back in his bag as he chuckled. “I can assure you, that was far more than an exhibit of dead animals. Each one was an experiment on how the environment and other predatory creatures-”

“Yeah yeah, word of advice next time take me out to dinner as a date not a museum of death.”

Newt almost laughed at your playful words, except one part in particular made him freeze. He looked up at you, a small blush forming on his freckled cheeks. “A…date?”

Newt’s crush on you was no secret to anyone, although apparently he thought he hid it well. But, a man can only stare at you so much before it became obvious. However, you liked the reserved student just as much. Being honest with yourself, you never thought someone like him would be your type. He was handsome, no doubt, but judging by your dating rap sheet, party boys seemed more your area. And yet, the first time you met Newt he was just different. In a good way, of course. He was kind, gentle, sweet, and loyal to a fault you’d think. There were times you didn’t think you even deserved his friendship, let alone his adoration.

“Yes…” You replied, smirking over at the blushing man. “I mean, if you don’t want to go out-”

“I do!” Newt blurted out his answer a bit quicker than he wanted, and he looked down at his hands, stumbling over his words. “That is…um, if you’ll let me. May I?”

He was beyond adorable in your eyes, and how could you possibly decline such an offer? You got up from your spot, and took a seat on his lap much to his pleasure. Newt smiled up at you, still unsure of what to do, but he didn’t deny himself the pleasure of your company.

“You may, Scamander. Which is perfect timing, because we’re going on a double date with Queenie and Jacob tonight.”

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Perfect (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Anonymous asked: hello, if you’re still taking/doing song requests, i was wondering if we could get a bucky barnes x reader with ed sheeran’s perfect?? like it could be their wedding day, and that’s their song?? omg please, ily thanks :)))

Summary: The best day of his life, and he can’t help but smile.

A/N: I’m in a writing mood today, sorry not sorry for all the fics!!! (Requests are open!!) Wow this is like soooo much floof, I wanted to cry while writing this. Written in Bucky’s POV - Enjoy!! 

Word Count: 581

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love

Not knowing what it was

I will not give you up this time

But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own

And in your eyes, you’re holding mine 

Absolutely gorgeous. Perfect. And she’s all mine.

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NCT 127 reaction: you struggling to speak Korean

NCT 127 members reacting to you struggling to pronounce Korean words. (Requests are open)


Originally posted by 1995-

Taeil would probably just stand back and watch you struggle with pronunciation before actually helping you. He’d just look at you with a cute smile on his face. There’s just something about you being frustrated that he finds extremely adorable.


Originally posted by suhyoungho

Johnny would definitely tease you about it and he’d laugh at your awkward pronunciations. He would secretly love hearing you make cute mistakes. Just you attempting to learn Korean would make him smile.


Originally posted by rapgodty

He’d find your pronunciation and accent to be super cute that he probably wouldn’t help you until you actually asked him to. But if you didn’t ask whether or not you were saying something right, he’d just sit there and listen to you with a smile on his face.


Originally posted by moonyutae

Since Yuta had to go through the same struggles as you, he wouldn’t hesitate to help you improve your pronunciation skills. He would still enjoy hearing you make adorable mistakes and he would definitely tease you about it nonstop.


Originally posted by nctinfo

I feel like Doyoung would be the type to literally record your awkward pronunciations so he could tease you about it later and because he secretly finds it beyond cute. He would constantly tell you how grateful he is that you are trying your best to improve your Korean speaking skills.


Originally posted by visualjaehyun

Jaehyun, being the aegyo loving guy that he is, would be really weak to your cute mistakes. He’d sit back and hear you speak while covering his mouth with his hand because he finds it to be so adorable. He’s the type of guy to literally squeeze your cheeks because your cuteness is too much for him.


Originally posted by nct-china-line

Winwin probably wouldn’t notice your mistakes as he himself is still learning how to improve his Korean speaking skills. So, the both of you would probably study together. He, however, would probably tease you saying that he speaks Korean better than you.


Originally posted by nctmark

Mark would really like the idea of you wanting to be good at speaking Korean because of him. He would like seeing you struggle but pushing through because not only would he find your mistakes cute, but he’d like seeing the little fist pump you’d do every time you got something right.


Originally posted by donghyukslee

He would definitely laugh at you and tease you nonstop. He wouldn’t let you live it down whenever you butchered a word pretty badly, but it’s only because he secretly loves hearing you make errors. He would like it because he’s the first you go to for help on pronouncing something.

Writing Challenge

So this is the first Hamilton fic I’ve ever written so I apologize in advance for how bad it is. 

Language Barrier

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summery: Lin hits on reader and she pretends not to know English

Warning: None

A/N: So this is the first Hamilton fic I’ve ever written, so I apologize for how terrible this is. Also I don’t know French, so all of this is from Google translate. English translations are in parenthesis. 

You couldn’t ever remember being this stressed. You were sitting at your favorite coffee shop, drinking you third coffee of the day, and attempting to finish your essay that was due that night. When a man just strolled up to your table, tripped over his feet a little and said, “Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I scraped my knee falling for you.”

You didn’t even know what to say or do. You didn’t have time for this. I mean yes he was cute, but you had too much on your plate right now to even think about dealing with him. So you just did the first thing that popped into your head.

“Excusez-moi? Je regrette de ne pas parler anglais.” (Excuse me? I’m sorry I don’t speak English) French wasn’t your first language but you were still pretty decent at it. It was also an easy way to not deal with people when you didn’t want talk. By the look on his face it worked.

“Oh…I-I’m sorry…I don’t understand,” he stuttered out, looking even more flustered, and a slight blush appearing on his cheek. You had to admit he was attractive. He had a little scruff on his face, like he had forgotten to shave for the last couple of days. He had medium length hair that was slightly falling out of his ponytail, due to him messing with it nervously. His eyes were warm and had laugh lines around them. He really did seem sweet, but you shook yourself out of his trance.

“Je suis désolé. Je suis vraiment occupé en ce moment,” you replied to him, a wary smile on your face. You didn’t want to be mean, you just wanted to finish this paper. He smiled back at you. You wished you could just keep looking at his smile. Before you could think anything else to say, he stood up, still smiling at you.

“It was nice talking to you. Perhaps I’ll see you next time I’m here,” and with that he left, leaving you sitting there entirely confused. Why was this guy so confident, he couldn’t understand one word you had said, but somehow he wanted to see you again. You sat there for a minute thinking about him, until you remembered your looming deadline and continued working.




It was a couple weeks later when you found yourself back at the coffee shop. You actually had a moment to relax. And that’s all you wanted to do. You had your tea, a good book, and was in the middle of enjoying them when you heard the other chair at your table slide out. You glanced up from your book, and almost dropped your tea when you recognized the man. It was the man from last time, more neatly dressed, hair firmly in a ponytail, but the same warm eyes.

“Bonjour mon nom dans Lin. Qu’est-ce qui est à toi,” (Hello. My name in Lin. What’s yours?) he said easily, sliding into the chair in front of you. There was a smirk on his face that you absolutely loved. His French was shaky but understandable enough that you questioned whether he actually did understand you last time.

“Alors vous parlez français. Tu aurais dű le dire la derničre fois. Désolé, j’ai été si grossier. Mon nom est Y/N,” (So you do speak French. You should have said so last time.Sorry I was so rude. My name is Y/N)  you replied easily, setting your book on the table. As you looked back up at him and noticed that his smile had disappeared. He looked nervous again. He kept looking just past you, then back at you. He started running his fingers through his hair again, forcing some brown locks to fall around his face. He obviously didn’t know what you had said. 

“I don’t know what to say…Y/N was it? I-i don’t really speak French. I just learned some phrases…so that I could talk to you. You’re just so beautiful and I only wanted to ask you to dinner.” His words spilled from his lips. You couldn’t help but blush. This guy, Lin, thought you were beautiful? He learned French for you? You smiled at him, ready to tell him the truth. Before you could say anything another man appeared beside you. He was tall, with a neatly trimmed beard. His curly hair was pulled back, and you noticed the laugh lines that matched up with the slight smirk we wore. “Lafayette, please tell her.” Lin practically begged the man.

“Je suis désolé madame. Mon ami ici est juste très nerveux de vous parler.” (I’m so sorry ma’am. My friend here is just very nervous to talk to you) Lafayette said smoothly to you, motioning towards Lin as he spoke. You were a little shocked to hear such perfect French come from his mouth. You glanced over at Lin, whose face was scrunched up in an attempt to try and understand what his friend had said.

“Pourquoi serait-il nerveux de me parler?” (Why would he be nervous to talk to me?) you asked, looked down at your hands. Lin seemed like a such a sweet guy, and tried so hard just to speak with you. But you were nothing special, why would he go through all this trouble to ask you out?

Lafayette’s smirk turned into a soft smile, like he knew what you were thinking. “Il vient seulement dans cette boutique pour te voir. Il a parlé de vous pendant des semaines avant qu'il ne vienne vous parler. Il veut que je lui enseigne le français juste pour qu'il puisse être avec toi. Pour lui, vous êtes parfaite.” (He only comes to this shop to see you. He talked about you for weeks before he actually came to talk to you. He wants me to teach him French just so he can be with you. To him you are perfect.) You felt the heat of a blush creep up your neck. You looked back Lin, eyes wide in surprise. You were speechless. This adorable man wanted you. Thought you were perfect, and was willing to learn a whole new language for you. You had never had someone try so hard for you, and you hadn’t even gone one one date yet.

“Laf, what did she say? Will she go out with me? Will she even consider me? Laf you have to tell her how beautiful I think she is. That she’s all I can think about, and how I’d do anything just for one date with her,” Lin practically blurted out, pleading with Lafayette. You could tell he was beyond nervous. Most of his hair was falling out of his ponytail at this point. He was on the edge of his seat, and his eyes were begging you to understand what he was trying to say.

Before Lafayette could say anything you did. “Lin. He doesn’t have to tell me. You just did.” Both men went perfectly still. All of a sudden you were nervous. What if Lin was angry that you lied to him. That he put so much work into something that didn’t deserve it.”Lin..”

“Wait…so you spoke English this whole time?” Lin asked, cutting you off. You nodded slowly, looking for any sign of anger. The two men looked at each other, and then burst into a fit of laughter. “That’s so perfect. I can’t wait to tell Jon about this. He’s gonna absolutely love you.” Lin was smiling at you, his eyes becoming warmer as his smile grew. You couldn’t help but smile back him.

“Ok while you two are staring lovingly into each other, I’m going to go back inside and try not to throw up my breakfast.” Lafayette said as he walked away. Lin tried to smack him, while you felt another blush creep onto your face.

Top 5 Ships

thanks jae @ethereal-bellarke for this tag this was fun but also made me super emo

1. Bellarke: Bellamy Blake + Clarke Griffin (The 100)

Originally posted by its-me-her-and-the-moon

okay but y’all who follow me already knew that but seriously they’re just amazing together 

“Clarke, you don’t have to do this alone.” + “I can’t lose you too,” + “If I’m on that list, you’re on that list.” +  “I need you.”

2. Scallison: Scott McCall + Allison Argent (Teen Wolf)

Originally posted by the-sex-diariesxx

omfg i cried for hours when she died they were my first ‘ship’ i guess they were beyond adorable  

“I know we’re going to be together.” “There’s no such thing as fate.” “There’s no such thing as werewolves.” + “It’s okay. It’s perfect. I’m in the arms of my first love, the first person I’ve ever loved, the person I’ll always love. I love you, Scott McCall.”

3. Frary: Francis Valois + Mary Stuart (Reign)

oh god same thing again i cried so hard when he died even though i knew it was inevitable they were so vital to each other i CANT

Originally posted by stelenaisforever

“Such beauty; such beauty you have brought me.” + “All I ever wanted was you.”

4. Stydia: Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski + Lydia Martin (Teen Wolf)

the SATISFACTION when they finally got together thank GOD so happy for them

Originally posted by lost-soul-in-the-world

“If you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind!” + “When I kissed him, that’s when everything changed.”

5. Kolvina: Kol Mikaelson + Davina Claire (The Originals)

ahhh they were so cute i’m so upset that she died lowkey my guilty pleasure show/ship kol had/has the best lines especially with her

Originally posted by klopehybridss

“And I saw you. I was dead for ages Davina Claire, and only then did I feel alive again. I love you.” “I love you too.”

making this made me so emo oh my god it’s y’all’s turn if you wanna do it and as always anyone else who wants to! @bel-ami-blake @marvilmayhem @bellamynochillblake @bellarkesurvivestogether @spiderdoctor-67 @negasonic-teenage-what-da-shit @frecklessbellamy @nowwesurvive @mountainbellamy @that-damn-booklion @skruprotocol 

Lady In Red

Jason x female!reader

This is kind of like a masquerade type thing…I’m literally typing this in English class right now. I’m supposed to be taking notes. 😭

As I was writing this, i never realized how much i wrote until the end.

Idk what to feel about this one shot though. I’m  just writing anything that pops in my head.

Also, tbvh it was hard to write Jason’s pov like, how do you other writers do it? 

Anyway, on with the story 😬.  


You were binge watching your favorite tv show in the middle of the day when you heard a knock on the door.

You’re not friends with that many people so it’s very strange that someone was visiting you at this hour on a Saturday afternoon.

Hitting pause on the remote, you stood up off the couch and made your way towards your door.

“Who is it?” You called out before checking the peep hole.

Hesitantly, you opened the door, “Uh, why’d you come all the way up here?” You asked, looking at the mailman up and down.

The mailman smiled politely, “I was advised to give this to you personally,” He turned to reach inside his bag full of packages and mail and took out a black slick envelope, “For you, miss.”

You took the envelope letting out a small thank you.

After the mailman left, you closed the door, looking down at the envelope. In beautiful white calligraphy, your name was written on the back.

You opened it without hesitation.

You never felt so shocked in your entire life,

Dear (Y/N),
This invitation is to inform you that you are invited to the Annual Masquerade Ball at the Wayne Manor this coming up Friday night at 9:30pm. This invitation was sent to all the citizens of Gotham, we do hope you can attend this beautiful night. Please be sure to wear appropriate clothing. The theme will be black and white.

Yours truly,
The Wayne Family

It took a few seconds for you to comprehend what you just read. You re-read the invitation over and over again just to make sure it’s real. Before you knew it, you were screaming with joy. 


The invitation said that the theme is black and white, but you wanted to break that rule. The gown you bought was the most beautiful blood red dress you have ever seen. Not only did it compliment your curves, it was also elegant with a bit of sexy. You also bought black heels, because of course black goes with everything, and a black mask with elegant twirls.

It was now the night of the ball and you were walking up the stairs towards the entrance of the Wayne Manor. The door was open, and a butler was standing near one of the double doors. He was checking invites with a strange flashlight.

He checked all of the invites of those who were in front of you, now it was your turn.

You put on your mask, and walked up towards the butler.

The butler has a British accent, “Good evening, miss. Hope you have a wonderful night,” He says with a warm smile as he waved the light on the invitation. You saw a familiar symbol when he did that but couldn’t really make out what it really was. Your best guess was that there was something written there, but in invisible ink, “If you need anything, just call for Alfred, that would be me.” He finished and smiled again before handing your invitation back.

You smiled at the adorable old man, letting out a thank you. He didn’t notice the fact that you were breaking the dress code because of the long black trench coat you wore above your dress.

Without anyone looking, you took off the trench coat as you walked in.

As you walked in the manor, you had to open another set of double doors. 

The ballroom was beyond spectacular. Music was playing, people were either gossiping or just chatting, but as you walked through the doors everyone literally stopped what they were doing and turned to you. 

The attention was nerve wracking, you were the only one wearing a different color. Women were wearing either white or black and so were the men.

You mentally shook off your nervous thoughts and walked around looking for a certain table that has a card with your name on it. 

“Who is she?”

“Why is she wearing red?”

“Attention seeker probably.” Someone snickered. You turned your head as you reached your table, glowering at the girl who said that about you. You felt a sense of victory after she pathetically cowered away.

You turned back and sat down at your table, letting out a short sigh. 


“Oh come on, I can beat you in an arm wrestling match any day, bet.” I said to the little demon a little over dramatically.

Damian never stopped talking about this new “game” he learned in school yesterday and wanted to start an arm wrestling match with literally everyone in the house.

Except Alfred, he knows he shouldn’t mess with Alfred.

“Is that so, Todd. Well, if you would like to lose this bet then-” His gaze was drawn to somewhere else. His jaw dropped, which was really shocking, he never did this before since he’s always scowling.

Except when he’s asleep, I hate to admit it but he looks fucking adorable when he sleeps, “What are you looking at?” I asked as I turned my head towards the entrance.

It was like something from a book. She caught everyones attention by just opening the double doors. My mind turned blank when I saw her. After the Lazerous Pit, my mind was fucking messed up. That pounding you hear after listening to very loud music, imagine just hearing that every second. She just made everything quiet. All this anxiety just…disappeared. 

Ever since the Lazerous Pit, I couldn’t stop thinking about that damn clown, I’ve always felt empty and cold inside. But this girls just made me feel like fireworks have erupted in me.

I finally felt peace.

“She’s mine.” 

“She’s mine.”

I looked down, glaring at Damian, “Excuse me, sit the fuck down you’re like 4.” 

He closed is eyes, folding his arms across his chest stubbornly, “For your information Todd, when I was 4 I climbed-”

“Yeah yeah I know whatever.” I interrupted him by pushing him towards our table. 

Damian started yelling at me in Arabic but before he could even stab me, I made my way towards the girl. She was sitting at the table on the other side of the room.

I strode over, making sure my cologne was still making me smell like a million bucks.

I was only a few feet away when I finally got a real good look of her, her (h/c) hair wasn’t up in any style, it was loose.


And that dress really, really suits her. 

She seems like she was in her own little world when I arrived at her table, not noticing I was even there.

When I spoke up, “Hey, I’m Jason.” Her attention was finally on me.

Her smile took my breath away. Right at this moment, I knew that this would be the start of something amazing.

Sweet Dreams are Made of These

❤ Soulmate Drabble (5/13) ❤

Originally posted by woozioppa

Member: Woozi/Jihoon
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 514

When you dream of your soulmate on the night of your eighteenth birthday.

Life is full of vivid colors and bright noises, passes by too quickly, and is too much for the simple human mind to comprehend. Dreams are like the same, yet they can either be a utopia or hell unleashed. And yet, if they are under the person’s control or not, they are happy. Blank, pointless dreams and nightmares left Jihoon’s life completely the moment he turned 18. He remembered his first spotting; there was a warm smile and a gleam in the eye, a soft breeze blows through his hair and he feels like he’s going to blow away if he lets go of the hand that is protectively wrapped around his.

This was the first time in his life since childhood that he was able to fall asleep easily, and it was his first time to be greeted with such a sight. He’s heard stories of when people fell asleep on the night of their eighteenth birthday and they then get a view of their true soulmate for the very first time. Sleep came quickly, giving them hours and hours to do whatever they want with whoever they were with. When Jihoon opened his eyes, he was struck by the amount of joy that was on your face and the heat of your hand seeping into his own skin.

A cottony feeling took place in his throat and he felt like he wasn’t able to breathe, and yet he felt like he’s never breathed as clearly as he did now. This is it, he told himself. This is my soulmate. After a sharp inhale, a hand reached out to your face and the knuckles grazed against your cheek, and Jihoon had to take a moment and realized that he had never been this gentle with anything in his life. It was like you were a wisp of a cloud, ready to disappear and be gone forever if he was too harsh with his movements. He swiped his tongue over his bottom lip, his thumb brushing over your cheekbone. “I’m Jihoon,” he said.

“I know,” you replied in a soft voice, yet the words echoed in his head. “I’ve seen you before.” Your cheek pressed back into his hand and Jihoon felt more alive than ever, his heart thumping furiously in his chest and pink dust settling on his cheeks.

“H-how long?”

Your laughter sounded like music to him. “I don’t know. It’s could have been years. Months. Days. Maybe it’s been hours. This is the first time that you’ve responded to me, and I’m happy beyond belief.” A large grin cracked Jihoon’s face and he couldn’t the adorable giggle that escaped him.

“Tell me about it.”

Your beam matched his own and your arms drew forward and your hands gripped onto his shoulders. Before he knew it, your arms were circling around his form, encasing him in warmth. Jihoon finally understood how it felt to be the center of someone’s world, and how his red cheek pressed itself affectionately against your shoulder proved that. After all, life is more than just a dream.


Some Kings Cage Analysis

I can’t put this under a cut because mobile but
!!!!!!!!SPOILERS FOR KINGS CAGE!!!!!!!!!

Honestly I know we’re all hurt and shocked by Cal’s choice at the end of King’s Cage but I think it was a good move on Victoria’s part. As much as I love and adore Marecal, Cal’s entire arc in KC was pretty Mare-centric. All his scenes were mainly focused on him saving Mare or being with Mare. Him taking the crown reminds the reader that he exists beyond Mare. He has other dreams and desires. Other motives besides the girl he loves.

Truthfully I can’t blame Cal for taking the crown. It says it right there in the book, Cal has been raised for the crown since birth. He couldn’t possibly just throw away everything he is and the person he has been made to be in 6(?) months. It was also clearly shown throughout the novel that he still cares about the silvers, he grew up with them. He feels connected to them in one way or another regardless of his alliances. He really only stayed with the guard because of Mare. Had it not been for her he probably would have left.

To the reader, Cal’s choice seems like a very cruel thing to do. This is because we have only read the scene from Mare’s perspective and she is hurting badly in the epilogue which puts a very different lens on the scene than if it had been shown from Cal’s POV. This skews the readers perception of the choice and makes it very one-sided which is exactly what Victoria wanted to happen. We all felt Mare’s pain when Cal made that choice which creates sympathy for Mare and apathy for Cal which will carry on into RQ4 until things resolve themselves.

In the end I’m glad this was how it happened because it opens up so many possibilities for plot advancement. It’s not just Maven vs. The Rift anymore, it’s Maven vs. Cal (and of course, the Scarlet Guard). At some point in RQ4, Maven and Cal are gonna have to face off and that’s gonna be very interesting for both of their characters. We know from KC that Cal still loves Maven, he longs for the little brother he once knew which I think will make him very hesitant to actually try and kill him or bring him down. It’s gonna cloud his judgement which could end up being his downfall.

Maven will also be very interesting to watch during this showdown in RQ4. We saw in KC that he has conflicting emotions about his family, that he knows he loved them but he no longer can. Elara’s manipulation is going to continue to factor heavily into Maven’s motivations (interesting how she’s still pulling the strings so long after her death).

Not to mention this new marriage arrangement will give us even more insight into Evangeline. She’s such an interesting character and we know she can be deadly but this is a scenario she can’t very well fight her way out of. I’m curious to see what she does to try and get back to Elane and her family. I think there’s a distinct possibility of her and Mare working together to try and take the crown from Cal. Neither of them want it.

All in all, while it hurt us dearly, I’m glad that Cal took the crown and did what he did. This is gonna make for one hell of a story in RQ4. I’m excited.

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HC: The Soukoku being the Shin-SK parent figures go beyond on set, and Dazai and Chuuya often ruin Atsushi's tragic past scenes or Aku's sad moments by either shouting "IT'S NOT TRUE, WE LOVE YOU"/going on scene hugging them. One time during a fight scene Atsushi actually got punched and Chuuya rushed in to pin the guy down while Dazai argued the script asking if those fight scenes were really necessary. Chuuya always takes 20 min reminding Aku it's just a show and they love him.(even if he ok)

aww this is so adorable aahh 

dazai totally overdoing the entire thing and going “OH MY GOD ATSUSHI DID U HURT URSELF ARE U OK” during scenes when Atsushi gets a papercut or someth and Asagiri’s like,, this is the 100th retake dazai pls

Five times Dan hated being warm and the one time he didn't

   - A big thank you to both my beta and my doodler. They both did exceedingly well and helped me bring this fic to life. It is my first time taking part in the PLP and I’m excited to take part in it again!

Keep reading

Imagine Eddie role-playing as his character during sex

WARNINGS: NSFW Content, Eddie being fucking adorable, smut is going to *come * soon (◠‿◠✿)  A/N: This will probably be split up into parts because Tumblr on mobile is a pain in the ass. The parts will most likely be by character, so bear with me here. Also gifs and photos do not belong to me AS HIMSELF -It being your idea -He would profusely ask you if you were alright with it before & after -Having “Thunderbird” as your safe word -Using this as a way to try out new things in the bedroom -Him always surprising you with the characters when you least expect it -You being surprised by the amount of costumes that Eddie steals from set — You were laying in bed one night with your adoring boyfriend, Eddie Redmayne, when a light bulb went off in your head. You giggled into his chest at the idea; there was no way Eddie would go along with it. The idea still amused you, and it was very obvious. Eddie rubbed your arm very gently, as if he were afraid of breaking you.  The two of you had been together for over a year, but each time he touched your skin felt like the first time. Goosebumps would appear following the same trail as his long fingers and each gentle caress sent shivers down your spine.     “What is so funny at eleven o'clock at night?” He pressed a soft, loved filled, kiss to your forehead.      “I was just thinking.”     “Well, what were you thinking about?” Even in the dark the flush that appeared on your face and chest was highly noticeable. You buried your face in his freckled arms to hide the blush and you lightly bit your lip to suppress a nervous laugh. You took this brief period to really memorize your surroundings: you and Eddie were tangled together, legs and arms intertwined. He smelt of cinnamon, mint, and the expensive cologne that you gave him last Christmas. God, how you love him. The feeling was indescribable, like the ultimate bliss.      You swallowed your embarrassment, “I was thinking that maybe we should spice it up, you know, in the bedroom. That’s not to say that what we do normally isn’t -uh- satisfying,     it was just a dumb thought, forget about it.”     With strong arms, Eddie picks you up and flips you onto your back, “what did you have in mind?” Moments like this were what got you up in the morning. You wished you could freeze time and just stay like this, you and Eddie being utterly adorable and obviously perfect for each other, until the end of time and beyond, His favorite thing to do is to place lusty bites and kisses all over to distract you from whatever point you were trying to make, this was mostly for your silly arguments, but occasionally he would do it just to fuck with you. For example, tonight. He placed hot kisses up and down your collarbone, and you had to fight back a moan to speak.     “Maybe we should try role-playing as -um-,” Eddie raised his eyebrows, as if to signal you to elaborate,“well, it would mostly be you, but we should try role-playing as characters from your movies.” Eddie let out a deep sigh and plopped down on top of you. He bit into your shoulder to stop himself from laughing.     “I thought you were going to suggest an orgy or something, this is quite relieving. I do think that it’s a wonderful idea (Y/N). When should we get started?” he seductively                  whispered in your ear.     This inspired a new wave a courage in you. It was your turn to flip him over onto his back; you resumed your first position of cuddling and said, “why don’t you surprise me?” In hindsight, that was the best thing you could’ve said because the next few weeks were full of restless, love-making, fuck-filled, nights and there was nothing in the world that could’ve made you happier. A/N: I know, I know, I am awful for leaving it there, just hang in there. I already have some ideas for which characters to use, but if you feel up to it: drop some characters and ideas in my ask box. You can suggest kinks (to an extent, there are some things that I will NOT do.), cute pet names for Eddie or (Y/N), whatever you can think of. 

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  • Requiem by Dolphingirl0113 - This one’s the first fic I ever truly loved. I can’t even explain, because there’s no real ‘plot’ actually. It’s simply about Kagome pondering and thinking things through but there’s just something about the simplicity of this fic that makes it oh so dear to my heart. The emotions are so raw, I really love this.
  • Perfectly Flawed by Dolphingirl0113 - This is my ultimate favorite! Let’s just say I love this writer :) It’s about Kagome meeting Inuyasha’s reincarnation in the modern era. Now, the tables are turned, because Inuyasha gets to feel what Kagome feels when he’s with Kikyo. This is truly a masterpiece. Again, the emotions, the feels, the drama, the fluff. AHHH THIS IS SO PERFECT
  • Everything and Nothing by CityOfFallenAshes -  “When Naraku kills all of her friends before being purified by Kagome herself, Kagome is willing to give up her own life to bring them back. But the Shikon no Tama has other ideas. Forcing her to give up her memories, her knowledge of walking and speech, her love for her friends, and her powers…” Okay, this one’s a little lengthy with 130K words, but I managed to get through the end and I don’t regret reading this. It’s a little dragging and confusing in the middle part of the story mixed up with the modern original characters, but I consider this a great read :) 
  • Granted Wish by KnittingKnots - Hands down, this is the best post-canon fic ever and I mean it. This is in a way a snippet from the longer version which is A Tale of Ever After. This fic shows the first night Inuyasha and Kagome shared after her return after the 3-year separation and the love scene was so gentle, tender, pure, and it’s so realistic. I mean, this is exactly how I pictured it would be. I really believed this happened. The characterization was well done because I think though they don’t bicker as they often did, it shows how their relationship have matured. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
  • One Hundred Thousand Lifetimes by Fenikkusuken - Also a post-canon fic with a very detailed wedding :) 
  • Beso by Thunk -  “Due to a necromancer’s spell, Kagome kisses Inuyasha. He realizes she’s not herself, but not before her advances trigger his true feelings for her.” With just 25K words, a hell lot of things happened in this fic. Just go ahead and read the first chapter and you’ll absentmindedly find yourself finishing the whole thing.
  • Paradise Found by FrameOfMind - I am beyond happy that someone actually wrote this, and wrote it beautifully. Seriously. I’ve always wondered what would have happened if things went according to plan. I mean what if Naraku didn’t intervene? What if the jewel was used to turn Inuyasha human, Kikyo an ordinary woman, and they were married. Were they happy?????????????? (Ehem ehem)
  • Haunted by Kanna37 - Before anything else, I want to say I adore this writer! She’s like the queen of angst! Anyway, remember Kikyo wanting to drag Inuyasha to hell and he feels obliged to follow because he feels guilty over her death? Well, let’s just say someone from Kagome’s past shares the same feeling. A childhood friend died and Kagome feels guilty about it. The guy shows up wanting to drag her to hell. Of course, Inuyasha’s all freaked out because someone’s trying to take Kagome from him… then a lot of things happen from there =))) Go read it, it’s a little lengthy but definitely worth the read!! Very well written and one of my favorites!!
  • Malice by Kanna37 - Perhaps this one is the darkest fic among this list. It’s about the same old typical story, you know Inuyasha going after Kikyo to make sure she’s alright and Kagome being in danger while he was away. BUT, this time it’s a thousand times worse because Kagome gets raped by Naraku… leaving Kagome broken. What happens when Inuyasha finds out? Well, all hell broke loose. Anyway, I feel like Kikyo’s a tiny bit OOC here because I just can’t picture her being this good, you know. It’s just too good to be true. And by the way, the KagSan sisterhood is so strong in this one. I love how Sango always have Kagome’s back!!! 

Well, there you have it! These are just some of my favorites but I’ll post another recommendation for the lighter and fluffier fanfictions and even ficlets I have read. Everything posted above is well-written, with on-point characterization, and canon-based. Because that’s what I like in a fic. Hope you give them a try and enjoy!!! (Also, if you want to recommend anything that I might like, please feel free to do so and message me, I want to read moreeeee)

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HarryMort "It's the voices Harry, it has always been the voices."

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Harrymort

Tags: DH Divergence, prelude to Harrymort, excessive use of Horcruxes, innuendos

Hissing. There was hissing everywhere. Harry had grown accustomed to the sounds after a while, but it didn’t mean that those hissed words did not have an effect on him.

The Locket was insistent, and just like Voldemort, incredibly obsessed with him.

He didn’t know what it was about him that made every piece of Voldemort react so powerfully. Sometimes it even scared him a little. He could remember the hunger in Tom Riddle’s eyes when they were in the chamber. He could clearly envision Voldemort’s triumphant, gleeful gaze when he could finally touch Harry. The hissed words of adoration that came from the Locket echoed even in his dreams. And another voice would croon to him in the darkness.

Tom Marvolo Riddle was addicted to him in a very unhealthy manner that went far beyond anything he could comprehend.

More hissing. Similar to the Locket, but also different. Higher in pitch and less clear. So strange.

“I don’t understand,” he sighed into the frigid winter air.


He blinked and looked around. His name had been just a whisper, but someone had said it. And it wasn’t the Locket that remained like background noise.

Hello, again Harry,’ the voice continued. ’It has been so long since we’ve been face to face. I suppose this will have to do.

“Voldemort?” Harry inquired, incredulous.

Indeed,’ the voice in his head affirmed. ’You have the Dark Lord inside you, Harry. How does it feel?’

Before he could comment, a hiss much louder that anything the Locket had ever verbalized, echoed across his mind.


{No! Mine!} another screamed.

He could feel Voldemort’s confusion through their odd link. ’What in Merlin’s name?’ the man said lowly.

((Ours!)) the two voices screamed.


{He never knew of your existence! He wears me proudly.}


Voldemort remained silent while the two familiar voices escalated into a verbal war with barbs and threats of oblivion.

“What is going on?!” demanded Harry, a headache forming.

Voldemort’s distinctive hum made him shiver for reasons he didn’t understand. ‘This explains it,’ the Dark Lord murmured.

“Explains what? Why is this happening? It’s your fault, isn’t it?”

Oh, Harry,’ Voldemort said almost sweetly, ’-you need to catch up. We are much closer than you think.’

Harry looked around the snow covered forest, not seeing anything.

‘It’s the voices Harry, it has always been the voices. I knew there was something more back when you defied me over the Stone. And it has only since grown with you, becoming more with every passing year.’

He was still lost, though not as uncomfortable with Voldemort in his head as he used to be. And a stunning revelation came to him. He wasn’t in pain from it.

You are already used to Lord Voldemort being inside you, Harry,’ Voldemort practically purred. ’This will no longer affect you now that you have accepted it.’

“Accepted what?”

Soon, Harry. We shall see each other very soon. Lord Voldemort does not leave his possessions to rot.’

Was he talking about the Locket?

You are going to wish you had taken your Occlumency studies more seriously, Harry. You have subconsciously accepted your fate, and death is not what awaits you. No part of my soul would ever allow it.’

Those ominous words were what Voldemort left him with. Harry, strangely enough, was not scared.

He was… excited.

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#55 with Spence? Maybe you have kid(s)??

55. It’s just you and me tonight. I was thinking we could have a little fun.

Your home had not been this silent in years.

Most days it was full of the shared squeals and giggles coming from your three-year-old daughter Matilda and one-year-old son Elliot, and while you adored listening to the pattering of their little feet and the vast stories that their imaginations could create, you were beyond thankful that JJ had offered to have them stay the night at her house to allow you and Spencer some alone time.

While picking up the remainders of Elliott’s pre-dinner snack, you heard the familiar sound of a key opening the front door, signaling that Spencer was home for the night.

“I’m home!” Spencer called out dramatically from the doorway, expecting to be bombarded by the two tiny bodies that greeted him every night.

“In the kitchen!” you called back, biting your lip to contain a giggle that came from imagining the confusion that had to have been etched on his face.  

Discarding his bag and keys along the way, Spencer made his way to the kitchen where he found only you.

“Where are the kids?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowed just as you had expected.

“Aunt JJ invited them over for a sleepover with Henry and Michael” you explained while making your way over to him and wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Oh really,” Spencer was quick to catch onto the sultry tone in your voice, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you closer to him.

Humming in agreement, you trailed your lips up his neck, “It’s just you and me tonight. I was thinking we could have a little fun.”

Not wasting any time, Spencer eagerly pressed his lips to yours. Your hands threaded through his hair while Spencer gently pushed you against the kitchen counter top, breaking the kiss only briefly to gently lift you up and sit you on top of it.

Cursing under your breath, you wrapped your legs around Spencer’s waist, wanting him directly against your body, “Remind me to thank her later.”

Spencer removed your legs from his waist, causing a whimper to leave your lips before watching him drop to his knees infront of you and place his hands on the waist band of your shorts, “Just as long as you thank me first, baby girl.”

try again {part ii}



word count: 1,567

A/N: I know I said 2-3 more days but I just got a ton of inspiration so why not tonight??

The doctors appointment had only brought my worst fears to a harsh reality. I was infertile and they didn’t know why. After three appointments with three different doctors, they all came to the same conclusion: they couldn’t figure out why. They all suggested treatments for infertility, medicine or a shot every day, whichever I preferred.

“But we can’t guarantee it will work.” They all said.

My patience was already running thin after only a month of taking medicine every day to make me more fertile and more likely to get pregnant. A month and nothing had happened, but I knew this would take time and a whole lot of patience and emotional strength. If that’s what it took to have a family with Shawn, I would do just that and anything beyond that as well.

I swallowed the pill I had to take daily then headed downstairs. Shawn’s family wanted us to visit this weekend. Not just his immediate family, but his extended family too which included his cousins and their families. During my walk down the stairs, I braced myself for the sadness and jealousy that was most likely to come. One of Shawn’s cousins had a baby who was only a few months old and also two other small children. Every time they were around, my baby fever soared because they were so adorable.

I ached to have children of my own and I knew Shawn did too. I could see it in his eyes whenever his cousin’s children were around. He would watch them with a smile on his face and his eyes glossy with happiness, then his smile would fade slowly and his eyes would turn sad. I figured I often looked the same way when around them.

I walked into the living room to see absolute chaos happening, a five year old boy and a two year old girl running around, and a small little boy laughing and cooing at Shawn who was holding him. I sat next to Shawn and watched as he tickled the baby, heart-warming giggles leaving the baby’s mouth each time.

“Do you want to hold him?” Shawn asked. I held my arms out for the little boy, cradling him close to me. He reached for my necklace and started getting fussy when I wouldn’t let him have it. I rocked him back and forth when he began to cry, trying to soothe him. I looked up to see Shawn grinning like I had never seen him grin in all the time we had been together. Before I knew it, the baby was sound asleep even with his siblings yelling and running through the house.

“You’re great with him, Y/N. You’d be a great mother.” Shawn’s cousin said enthusiastically. I smiled at her but the pain inside was crushing me. I know I would be, I thought to myself. I bit my lip, trying to hold back tears as I don’t like for anybody to see me cry, especially when they don’t know what is wrong. Shawn moved closer to me and picked up the baby then handed him to his mother. He sat nearer to me now than he did before. He wrapped his arm around me and rubbed my arm. Suddenly, I felt foolish for being so upset over such a small comment.

“Excuse me for just a minute, please.” I said. I walked swiftly down the hallway to the bathroom. A few tears escaped my eyes and I wiped them away quickly. I stood over the counter with my shaking arms resting on it, trying to resist crying any more, but it was nearly impossible.

I heard a knock on the door, I knew it was Shawn and he would come in whether I opened it or not. He burst into the bathroom and wrapped his arms around me, enveloping me in a tight hug. He swayed back and forth with me in his arms and kissed my hair. I let the tears keep falling until I could no longer cry anymore. Shawn wiped them away before kissing me softly.

“Shh, it’s okay, love.” he cooed, “It hurt me when she said that too, but you have to remember, they don’t know.” I let him continue to hold me in his strong arms until I felt calm again. I pulled away from his warm body.

“Alright, I’m okay now.” I spoke, my voice breaking. I wiped away salty tears with the back of my hand. But I realized we couldn’t go back into the living room yet, because it was obvious I had been crying. My face was splotchy with red spots and my eyes were puffy. “Will you come with me so I can fix this?” I asked, referencing my face.

He laughed slightly before answering, “Of course I will.” He grabbed my small hand and kissed it before leading me back upstairs where my makeup was.

With over half a year passing and not one positive pregnancy test, Shawn and I started to considering adopting. After a couple months of debating on it, we decided that was absolutely what we wanted. We put in an application and a home study had been done, just to make sure the environment would be suited for a child to live in. Now we were just waiting for a call from the adoption agency. Shawn and I both agreed we wanted to adopt a newborn, so that made the already lengthy process even longer.

One day while Shawn was on tour, I received a call from the adoption agency we were going through.

“Hello, is this Mrs. Mendes?”

“Hello, yes it is. How are you?” I inquired.

“I’m well. Our agency has found a child for you and Mr. Mendes to adopt. Would you and your husband be able to come by our office tomorrow to talk and sign some papers?”

“Yes, of course! Thank you.”

“See you tomorrow then.”

“Alright, see you tomorrow.” I hung up the phone and quickly dialed Shawn’s number. No answer. Dammit, Shawn, answer your phone. I dialed again and he answered.

“Shawn, guess what!”

“Well, hello there. What?”

“The adoption agency called. They want to talk with us tomorrow. Can you come home?” I asked, hoping and praying the answer was yes. He paused and I waited impatiently for him to speak.

“I don’t have a show tomorrow, but I do the next day. I would have to leave right after we met with them, but I can fly in tonight.” He replied. A smile spread across my lips with his words.

“I know you’re busy so I’ll talk to you later. Bye, I love you.”

“Bye, I love you too.” I could see his goofy smile even through the phone. As much as Shawn and I had tried to avoid adoption for the past couple of years, this was the happiest moment of my life thus far.

“The gender of the child is unknown because the mother isn’t far enough into her pregnancy to know. As soon as we are given the information we will share it with the two of you.” Shawn’s hand rested over mine as the lady at the adoption agency spoke to us and we both were happy as could be. “And it looks like the parents are located in Ottawa, that’s not too far is it?”

“Oh no, certainly not. We would travel across the world if we had to.” Shawn said.

“The mother is 17 years old and the father is 18 years old. I think their reason for choosing adoption is very clear. I know this baby is going into a great home with loving parents though.” I couldn’t imagine how scary pregnancy would be at only 17 years old and how careless they had to be for it to happen, but I couldn’t judge because these people were giving Shawn and I their child. “The only thing that they request is that they get to name the child.”

“Of course, they can do that.” I spoke. Shawn and I signed the adoption papers, no delay in either of our signing. She told us how to prepare for the baby, what we needed to do before going to the hospital in Ottawa where the child would be born. Shawn and I sat and listened to her like two eager children, not speaking a word but nodding our heads at everything she said.

We walked out of the office hand in hand. Both of us were so elated that we couldn’t stop talking.

“This is great. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to us.” Shawn stated.

“I’m so excited, Shawn.” I said. We now stood in front of our cars. We would have to part ways only a few moments after this.

“I am too, Y/N.” We grasped one another in a tight hug and Shawn squeezed me so tightly it was almost painful. We shared a peck on the lips before having to leave.

“Text me when your flight lands, babe.” I requested.

“I will, I’ll talk to you later tonight.” I heard Shawn say as I was getting into my car. I looked in my rear view mirror to see Shawn; he was still wearing that big, goofy grin on his face that I probably wore too. We were both ecstatic. This was the most happiness I had felt in a long, long time.