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The Five Things You Know, and the One You Don’t

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2567

A/N:  back for round twoooo…..I feel like we all need some Bucky fluff right now

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i’m gonna be trying inktober this year!! i really need to do more traditional stuff anyway.

i’m not gonna usually upload them as i draw them here (i’ll probably scan them in bunches if i can keep up) BUT i figure today’s would be. good. to put up here. yes.

this is the kinda content i like to see in video games.

A Most Deceitful Wolf (Darkiplier x Reader)

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And so the second part to Fallen Leaves is here! You guys may hate me for this, or love me for this, but I couldn’t end it just yet!! I simply couldn’t and so, once again, there will be another part to this mini-series! So hopefully you all like that! 

Part One Part Three

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Warnings: Swearing



     It was cold. Cold as an alleyway in the city with both physical and mental chills. No matter what you tried, you couldn’t gain any warmth, the awful energy in this dismal place didn’t help at all. A pipe would leak a little droplet of water almost every ten seconds, it was an odd constant in your situation. Yet, it merely added to the harshness of the area and to your anxiety, something that may have once been calming was now torture. The concrete beneath you stole any warmth you held and only granted you the cold in return. Shivering, you attempted to curl up further to conserve any heat you somehow still had, despite it not being noticeable- maybe, you thought, if you could at least keep it, it could grow and you would be able to have the warmth you so desired again.

     You had woke up a few minutes ago, cursed with a headache sadly. Though, in some way, you could say that him letting you live was curse enough already. Not that you didn’t appreciate living, rather you dreaded whatever ‘punishment’ was in store, whatever psychological torture was looming in your future. You wanted to be alive, and for you, that meant freedom from him. He would just break your mind until you were no longer who you are, until you were what he wanted. What kind of life would that be? But until escaping is an option again, you would try to be strong. You had to try. If not, he would win.
     You wouldn’t give him that.

     You tried to move across the concrete, yet with hands and feet bonded, it was a tad bit difficult. You still tried to prevail though, your eyes had searched around you for accessible weapons, this is his basement after all, there had to be something close. A groan passed your lips at the realization that no, there wasn’t. He must have realized leaving weapons around you, even with you being tied up, may result in his own injury again.

     Smart move on his part.

     In a futile attempt, you tried to shimmy your hands out of the rope, the fibers slightly burning your skin as you grew more and more desperate, but as you expected, it was only in false hope. You sighed and continued trying to look around, the lack of light made it harder. If only you could find some sort of sharp object, all you would need is to cut the ropes around your wrists. Then you could work on untying your ankles and getting out of this wretched Hell hole. And even though you knew it was only a matter of time, the moment you heard the door open panic flooded your mind and you struggled to reach the spot you were previously in. You hoped that if you at least looked like you were still out cold, he would just leave.

     But then again, that was just a hope.

     Blinding, the lights blinded your eyes the moment they turned on. You instinctively shut your eyes, the after image of the lights still burned in your retinas. A forestry scent invaded your senses, it was Mark’s cologne. The scent was pungent but pleasant, for a moment it brought you comfort.

     That comfort was smashed as soon as you remembered what happened to your dear Mark. Or rather, who took over your dear Mark. Despite your heart beating excessively fast, you attempted to keep your breathing stable and prayed that he wouldn’t notice your heart beating loudly, if he did, you weren’t sure you were ready for what may follow. His heavy footsteps jogged down the stairs, you heard his shoes scuff against the concrete once he reached the bottom of the stairs.

    There was a pause.

     Slowly, ever so slowly, you listened to his footsteps growing closer- with each one the pit in your stomach grew bigger with anticipation in the worst way possible. He mumbled something to himself- you couldn’t hear it, but his tone was soft. His voice almost gentle to your surprise. A hand delicately grabs your shoulder and you had to fight the instinct to flinch, instead you remained still. He shook your shoulder, rather gingerly oddly enough, his gruff voice echoed out in the room, “__? Wake up, please. God please, just wake up.” It was riddled with concern, it sounded sincere… It sounded like Mark.

     Your eyes opened- you took your time doing so in order to feign sleepiness. You blinked and turned your head to look up at the man above you. His own orbs a cool brown as they stare into your own, worry was etched into his expression yet his lips began to curl as a new emotion swirled in those eyes of his: relief. His tan hand cupped your face and you couldn’t help but wince. He frowned. “I… I know, I’m sorry. I can’t even remember what happened but- maybe it’s better that way,” his gaze left yours, his free hand formed a fist as he took a deep breath, “If I could strangle that… beast, I would. But please for right now,” Brown eyes returned to your own and a warm smile spread across his lips, “Trust me, okay?”

     Before you could say anything, his tan hands worked on untying the ropes around your wrists and ankles. You could tell it was a tad difficult for him, and as he worked on them, you tried to formulate the right response in your head. Even that short ‘conversation’ warmed your heart and allowed hope to cloud your judgement. Your words left your lips and you still weren’t sure if they were the right ones, “Give me a reason.”
     “What?” Good. It caught him off guard, whoever he was, he was momentarily showing vulnerability.

     “I said, give me a reason. Why should I trust you?”

     The question baffled him, you watched as he thought for a moment until he gave you the reason you asked for, “Because… If you want to leave as soon as I open the door, I’ll understand. I won’t follow you. I wish really it didn’t come to that but- I think that’s the best thing for you. No matter how much it breaks my heart or how much I’ll miss you.” A bittersweet chuckle passed his lips as his hand ran through his hair, “You don’t deserve to be hunted like prey, the farther you are away from him, from me, the safer you are.”

     Your eyes cautiously met his own before melting with his words, “It really is you Mark, isn’t it?”

     “It is, it’s your Markimoo,” After those words, you wrapped your arms around him, a grin graced your expression as blissful relief washed over you.

     “Thank God,” You mumbled into his shoulder as his own arms embraced you.

     On the cold concrete the two of you just stayed in each others company with lips donned in smiles, it was the first time in a while you could feel at peace again. The way his thumbs would gently rub your back, it would ease your nerves and take your worries away.  It was such a relief that no matter how short lived it may be, this moment was true and you were spending it with Mark, the real Mark.

     But just like a wildfire, this insane flame wouldn’t end so easily.

     You felt his chest start to rumble and what followed sent chills down your spine. He was laughing, yet it was void of joy or love. His grip tightened around you and you froze in his grasp. This wasn’t Mark. And with that appalling realization, a similar thought followed, was it ever Mark?

     Everything light and hopeful seemed to be destroyed the moment his eyes rose up to look at your petrified form- the cold returned and it held you just as much as he did. “That was easier than I thought, you really thought your ‘Markimoo’ was back? That weakling? No, no, no, sweetheart. His time is over, it now belongs to me; just like your time.” You didn’t give him the satisfaction of looking into his eyes but you could hear that devious smirk in his words, it made your stomach turn. Of course it wasn’t him, you knew his mind games and yet… the idea of finally having the Mark you loved back, you couldn’t help how hope and love blinded you. He must have known that as well.

     “My time, or anything of mine, does not belong to you. You don’t own me,” You spat, growing tired of this game. You squirmed in his arms, trying to escape his grasp but he would only pull you closer and tighter into him, his force unbelievable. “Let go of me! Stop it! You asshole, learn to let go!” You yelled at him, despite the doubt you had that he would ever do so willingly. No, his grip stayed solid and from the amused glint in his eyes, you were only supplying entertainment rather than an actual problem for him.  

     “You have no idea, sweetheart. I do own you, in every which way: heart, soul, body, and mind. You can blame your lovely Mark if you want because he made me love you-”
     “This isn’t love! This is obsession!”

     The dark eyes narrowed with frustration as his face set in a scowl, “As I was saying, I only have these feelings because of him.”  Nonetheless, the sadistic smirk returned as fast as it left, “Can’t say I blame him though, he knows how to pick ‘em.”

     That stare sent a chill throughout your body, a mixture of fear and disgust. His hands connected with your own and easily slipped a zip tie around them- something that was much harder to rid your wrists of. “Do you really think this is how you treat someone you love? Like a prisoner?”

     As he stood up, you watched him roll his eyes, “Until you can behave, yes.” Dark caught you chin and forced you to look him in the eye before a mocking smile crossed his expression, “So, behave sweetheart or it’s not gonna be a fun time- well for me it will, but for you, not at all.” That sock chuckle followed as he watched the anger bubble in yours eyes.

     He let go harshly and you glared at the man above you, “You won’t keep me here.”

     “Just watch me,” His sneaker donned feet began to carry him back out of the basement.

     “You won’t!” you heard him chuckle as he turned to share your gaze one more time.

     “Let’s see if you still say that once you’re starving,” That devilish smirk showed itself again as he waved, “Have fun, sweetheart!” The light shone from the room beyond that door, teasing you with the idea of escape, but in one swift movement, it was shut by that demon who took over your lover.

     Eyes shut tightly as your firsts clenched, “Fuck you, Dark. I will get out, no matter what you throw at me. I’ll find a way.”