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“Hey babe? You— yes, you, I’m talking to you.” An accusatory finger gun pointed at the person, eyes narrowed on her target. This was just her fourth tequila shot, but the girl being a lightweight, her system was full steam ahead to drunk city; population — Holly Mae Davis. “If the world was ending in two hours, and you could wish for anything in those two hours…

…which pornstar would you bang?”


Not only are Lizzie Armanto & Leila Hurst superstar athletes, but they’re total babes with style to match. We got to play dress up with these two bombshells before our 50th Anniversary event at House of Vans in Brooklyn. Cop Lizzie & Leila’s looks below.

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Natasha Romanoff and her AOU Characterisation

Ok, so I wasn’t planning on writing on this, because many people have addressed this issue already, but the further away I get from my first viewing of Age of Ultron, the more issues with Natasha Romanoff’s characterisation occur to me.

I’ll admit I didn’t go in with an open mind. I’d seen what people were saying on tumblr, I’d even seen interviews with Scarlett Johansson which did not suggest good things to me. However, I’ll also admit that I thought that people’s outrage on tumblr may be a little more than the movie warranted. Sometimes you only see the bad stuff from a few people, rather than the good/neutral stuff from everyone else.

I was wrong. I was so so wrong. It was every bit as bad as people were saying.

And, as the days went by, I started compiling a mental list of the things which bothered me, most of them to do with her relationship with Bruce. So I’ve decided to write them down in the hope that it might get out of my system.

  • So, in my opinion, the first (and possibly only) time Natasha acts even close to in character is when she kisses Banner and kicks him off a cliff. Because there we see her using seduction to achieve her outcomes (a typical Black Widow move), and she is choosing to stay and fight, not run away.

  • That whole scene where Bruce rescues her? If it was that easy to capture and contain Natasha Romanoff she’d be dead about ten times over. But I can accept that not everyone can win all the time, and she was up against a robot. However, why is it Natasha who’s caught? Why is it the girl who gets locked up? Again. Like in basically all other action movies in existence. 
    I’ve also seen some people arguing that apparently she waited so she could make Bruce feel good about rescuing her. Well…
    1. That is so counterproductive to the mission I think Natasha would probably shoot herself if she ever got to those levels of stupid. Which leads me to 
    2. I honestly cannot see Natasha genuinely doing something like that for a guy. As a seduction tactic, maybe, to make them feel like the strong one. For a guy she really likes? No. Because I can’t see Natasha with someone who would need that kind of reassurance. And, on that note, I don’t really see that as a Bruce characteristic either. He’s got low self esteem issues for reasons other than because he feels like he isn’t useful. He would know Natasha’s abilities and respect them, not need validation for his own use. Not in that way, anyway.

  • To counter the above, I’ve seen people use the argument that Natasha is constantly saving Bruce throughout the film.
    Yeah…from himself. Emotionally. Like women do for every tortured hero in basically ever movie ever. Women are there to guide men through the emotional turmoil their masculine characters are unable to deal with themselves because that wouldn’t be macho. Women are used to emote for men because men aren’t allowed to do it themselves.
    Also, where did the whole “lullaby” thing come from? Is there something in the comics that I’ve missed, because that was weird and came from nowhere? 

  • Which leads onto my next point, which is emoting. In any NatxBruce scenes watch their faces, their mannerisms. Bruce stays exactly the same as he has been in all his Marvel appearances thus far. Natasha? She’s suddenly emoting all over the place, and honestly as well. And it’s the honesty that seems wrong, because we’ve generally only ever seen Natasha faking emotion before. On the rare occasions the real Natasha shines through (one example I can think of being the scene in Cap 2 where Steve is angry with her after Fury’s death, and ordering her to tell the truth) she comes across as determined, strong, maybe a little scared, and kinda jaded. People have argued that her scene with Loki is her true self, which I don’t really have an opinion either way on, but if it is she’s still using that to get something. She even manipulates her own emotions.
    When Natasha has scenes with Bruce in AOU she is a fifteen year old girl.
    I have seen interviews with Scarlett, who gets her character pretty damn well, and you can tell she’s uncomfortable with where they took Natasha. Every scene where Nat acts like a calf-eyed ingénue is a deliberate directing and scripting choice, and, for her character, it’s a wrong one.

  • This here (x) is a good description of how weirdly forced the whole BrucexNat thing was. It read like a teenager writing their first book, trying desperately to get across that these two characters are totally meant for each other they are in love their love is pure and perf ok? The whole relationship was tell and not show, because there was genuinely no background or foundation for it. In the first Avengers Natasha was genuinely scared of the Hulk. Where did the change come? When did they start working together and seeing each other differently? You can excuse friendships which move quickly between the films, but with romantic relationships it just doesn’t work.

  • As is illustrated by the above post, Natasha stresses that Clint is her best friend. Now anyone who’s seen Captain America 2 will know that Natasha explicitly tells Steve that he’s in the wrong business for friends after Steve says “How about a friend?”. I really doubt that Natasha would casually admit to having friends like that. Friends are potential weaknesses. I just can’t see her saying it that bluntly, in front of lots of people, to another person. I feel like if Natasha wants you to know you’re her friend she’ll tell you privately and directly and no one else. Maybe that’s just my personal view though.

  • “But at the end of Cap 2 her covers are blown so wasn’t that setting her off on a finding herself arc? Isn’t she trying to be more open?”. Well, no. You don’t overcome a lifetime of manipulation and indoctrination just like that. And, in my experience, finding yourself is better when you’re not doing it through your relationship with other people. 

  • “I am unable to bear children, oh! what kind of a monster am I? My killing instinct is running rampage because I am unable to create life and that has left me cold and dead inside!”
    Ok, so maybe that is a tad hyperbolic, HOWEVER. Natasha easily had the most fucked up life of all the Avengers, and, this is just my personal opinion, but I think Natasha would probably think of herself as a monster for a lot of other reasons. The fact that she can’t have kids? That’s a weird one. That is probably really far down the list. The kind of shit she had to do is never explicitly stated, but I think it’s pretty easy to imagine. Maybe that’s what they were aiming for, the idea that everything that happened in the Red Room has lead Natasha to feel like a monster. If so it was written badly because all that came across was the sterilised thing. And the idea that not having the ability to have children makes it easier to kill? I genuinely don’t know where you would get that from. The idea that reproduction is so ingrained into a woman’s self-worth and purpose that to be bereft of it would fundamentally change her character, to the extent where she would be able to take life because she can’t create it? That’s kind of insulting to anyone who is incapable of having kids themselves.
    I found this post after I wrote mine, which goes through this point in a much better way than I could. 

  • Natasha staring sadly at a wall to illustrate how sad she is. 
    I will reiterate again: Natasha Romanoff spent her childhood essentially being told to use every emotion she had or ignore them. Would she really stand in a public place looking sad? Would she broadcast her weakness so explicitly? Natasha appears weak only when she damn well wants to, when it will get her something. Maybe she breaks down in private. God knows people have to have some sort of outlet. But the idea that she’s just stand there looking sad for all to see seems rather out of character.

This is getting really long so I’m going to stop here.
The irony of the whole thing is I don’t even mind Natasha and Bruce together. He’s actually third in the list of the only three people I ship with her.
That’s not my problem here. My problem is the way in which it was executed, and how off Natasha’s characterisation seemed after CATWS.


“Barry was too late, I’m with Eddie.”
“Let me ask you something. Who do you love?”
“I mean I love Eddie.”

One of my favorite things about The Flash is how they treat Iris West as a character and as a woman.

Iris initially begins dating her father’s partner who is a bit older. Rather than being shamed for it, everyone is supportive of her. Her father had concerns, but those concerns were VERY valid since it had nothing to do with Eddie’s age or because he doesn’t want his daughter dating. It’s because it was Joe’s PARTNER which compromised Joe as a police officer if he were in action. Even then, he gave Iris the thumbs up, but knew that she didn’t need his permission to date him.

And this scene in particular. Joe has made it VERY clear that he pretty much ships Barry and Iris, and knew Barry was head over heels for Iris since forever. Which means he probably knows Iris is the same way. YET IN THIS SCENE, Joe never once pushes his daughter towards anything she doesn’t want. He doesn’t suggest maybe she should date Barry or to even “reevaluate her feelings”. He simply asks, “who do you love?” and when she answers with “Eddie” his face clearly says “YEAH, UH-HUH RIGHT, AND HARRISON WELLS TOTALLY DIDN’T KILL BARRY’S MOM.” But with his words, he straight up says “okay then, you need to make it clear cus both those dudes are confused.” Then he winks and makes a suave exit.

I LOVE that the show doesn’t punish Iris, the love interest, for being torn between two men. I love that her father is so god damn supportive and I love that a POC is actually portrayed as your “everyday girl”. Iris is chic, fashionable, smart, driven–but she’s also very “normal”. And the fact that a POC is labeled as a romantic interest for TWO white male characters, and is actually canon comics OTP of the white male superhero plus his future waifu? 

Her character is so goddamn amazing. And people “complain” about the relationship episodes but I fucking love them because god dammit they give me more Iris. Even when she sees Barry with Linda, she is like totes magotes mature about it, was even mature when she talked with Linda. IRIS WEST IS PERF. And for those comments I’ve seen that have said, “fuck iris, Barry needs someone like a black felicity” FUCK YOU. 

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Will you pretty please write a drabble where peeta is a celebrity and katniss is a normal girl who leaves in their hometown (theyre already dating though) and peeta is nominated to an oscar so he calls her to calm his nerves and then he wins and dedicates is to her and after the gala he shows up at her house? Im so sorry if im annoying i just really need this and youre perf <3

I hope this is sort of what you were looking for! Cheers to Oscar-themed drabbles, two days too late.

Supporting Roles

“I don’t think I can do this.”

His voice is gruff andbreathy over the line, like the poor boy’s just run a mile. Her fingers automatically twitch in an innate, reactionary desire to comfort him, but then she remembers she can’t, because they’ve got a television screen and about fifty miles between them.

“You’ll do great, Peeta. You… you looked incredible on the red carpet. The correspondents were all raving about the bowtie.”

“Well, I’m glad I at lease looked okay,” he whispers back, and his consonants have a weird resonating tone to them; is he in a bathroom? God, did he actually leave the auditorium to go hide in a bathroom? “I felt like I was going to spray that lovely lunch we had all over the cameras. Jesus, I’m a mess. I miss you, Katniss.”

She smiles softly, but only slightly regrets her decision to stay back. As a small-town girl who’s never been on a stage in front of more than a hundred people at a time, parading around on the arm of her movie-star-boyfriend hardly seemed like a fair step to take up from what she’s already experienced. At least Peeta’s patient with her, understanding of her hatred for cameras and crowds in general. After all, they’ve been dating since junior high, before he was swept off into stardom; he knows virtually everything about her.

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I love how today is a testament to how great our fandom & faves are, for real. These two lovely girls, @ryanhawleysthighs & @gayrobron, sat all day outside the studios & picked up a personalised message for our group chat, sat live vlogging it to us, then posted their video & pics for the whole fandom to appreciate. Then Ryan’s an absolute dear, tries to bring Danny out. When it’s taking ages, the fandom all lines up and tries to get his attention on twitter for them, absolutely caring for LucyLou. When Ryan leaves, he checks in on the girls & when Danny realises he’s missed them two, he tweets them directly apologising & telling his fans he loves tehm. Now, my dash is full of appreciation posts for both the fandom & our faves, showing again how many glowing perf ppl there are. I mean, I’m just thinking about how much has gone in to today and it’s so overwhelming, I’m such a sap, I LOVE THIS FANDOM & OUR FAVES

lol y'all want finn x poe so bad

why not just appreciate finn x rey in all its fluffy cuteness and interracial glory

(also rey and kylo ren??? rly????? this is gonna be incest & we all know it)

(also what kind of immature teenage nonsense is this, wanting to pair together two characters who clearly want to kill each other when there is a perf CINNAMON ROLL in love w/ rey. yall just want problematic pairings tbh)

(ALSO, “good girl redeems bad guy” is so SHALLOW compared to “bad guy is redeemed by forgiveness of family even after KILLING HIS FATHER”… Rey redeeming Kylo Ren doesn’t even make sense… he doesn’t need her forgiveness, he needs his family’s)


(EDIT: haha lol adding this because PLEASE stop sending me anons about this post, literally it was just me ranting at 4am, calm down you can ship whoever u want lol

if you are STILL going to send me anons at least make sure i haven’t already answered something similar lol here here and here)

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My favorite two Ghost Adventure episodes are the ones where Zak tells Aaron to lay in the bed with him and "feel the vibrations" and the episode where Aaron gets the shit scared out of him by a febreze motion sensored air freshener and screams like a little girl

If someone wanted to learn the essence of these two then those would be the clips I’d show omg