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MC disappears after Rika returns
Part 2

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Everything seemed to be going fine. Rika had the RFA running smoothly again. It wasn’t perfect, but she kept smiling, and she carried everyone along in her happy-trance.
Then V died.
Everyone had questions, how, why, what happened? Broken and falling apart, Rika didn’t answer. Everyone let her keep quiet, they dropped the issue. They didn’t want to hurt the girl who had already been through so much.
The RFA all seemed to pull in together to help support her. They helped her with the funeral, kept everything small. She tried tucking everything away, locking it up with a smile.
Seven and Yoosung helped go through V’s belongings with her.
Tucked away on the top shelf, Seven found a box, coated in dust. In it laid a letter. His heart stopped for a moment when he saw the name on it.



It’s on their way out of Rika’s that Seven tells him.
“MC… I think I might be able to find them.”
“Seven, they’re gone.. I thought we’ve moved past this.”
“…I found this.”
The moment he sees your name, he’s denying it. “No, Seven, she’s gone. She’s gone, we just.. we just started moving on Seven. We can’t break about it again.”
”This might be the clue we need. It’s been hidden this whole year, by V, maybe even by Rika. It might be enough to find them.”
He doesn’t want it to be real.
He was just getting used to you being gone. He was just getting used to Rika being here again, instead of you.
He was just starting to accept that Rika was back, that V was dead, and that that was that.
And now Seven is kicking up dirt.
Rika can’t be part of it all.
-”Rika… we found a letter. From MC. Do you.. know anything about it?”
-”What was in the letter?”
-”Seven has it…”
-”Oh, okay. Come back and tell me about it”


“You… you think you can find them?”
She almost can’t believe it, yet here Seven is, calling her and telling her. It had been months.. a year? Is it really a year now? Yes. It had been over a year since you disappeared.
She must’ve lost track of time… she was so focused on work. She hardly notices the change of day, she only knows work and sleep. Her life deteriorated after your disappearance. She didn’t know how much you affected her life until you were really gone…
“I’m positive I can. I just… I need your help. I need to get more information from Rika. I think she’s hiding information around MC’s disappearance, but she isn’t going to let me get anywhere near it. If you could get it, or get Yoosung to help you..”
“I’ll try Seven. I’m heading out now.”
Jaehee doesn’t quite know what she’s doing, she just knew she was at work… and now she’s at Rika’s. And then walking in, and offering help.
“I got out of work early, I was just wondering if you wanted some help.”
Confusion shows on her face before Rika nods, smiling. “I’ll take all the help I can get. There’s so much to take care of, I.. I never realized there would be so much.”
She bustles off into the other room, and Jaehee takes the chance to look around. Papers are everywhere, stacks upon stacks, packed away into boxes. What caught her eye is a small white box.
Without thinking, she snatched it up and tucked it into her bag. Rika returned then lead her into another room, showing her just how to help more.


-”There’s a letter from MC?”
He can’t help but notice the chatroom right when he wakes up.
-”Why didn’t we know about this before?”
Rika is quick to respond
-”V had many secrets, even from me. I didn’t even know about the letter”
All of the suspicion he once had arose again. Zen just doesn’t know if he can trust her anymore.
You’ve held just as many secrets he can’t help but think.
Leaving the chat, he messages Seven.
-What do you know about MC?
-Jaehee just got some more letters. I’ll let you know as I find more
-where’d you get the letters?
-What do they say?
-they’re letters she received. from MC
she mentioned a threat….
i think rika threatened MC
-She…. she did what?
-threatened MC
-I got that already. But… why?
-MC was probably a threat to her..
i have to go
-Seven, wait
-Keep me updated.
Rika messages Zen soon after.
-Can you come help me? I’ve been having trouble finding some of my things in all this chaos.. Jaehee and I can’t seem to get through this mess
Hesitantly, he heads out.


“Why are you here? I’ve heard from the others that MC is…”
Seven nods.
“Is MC really…?”
“I think I can find them. The letters Rika sent… I think I know where MC has gone.”
“What do you need?”
“I need a reason for MC to come back here. And a way to get them here.”
“I’ll take care of it.”
Hesitatnly, Seven nods. “Here, this is where MC is now. I managed to find them… finally. I finally did it.”
“Yes, you finally did. I’ll take care of it from here. You need to go and get a decent meal though. You look like death, and if MC comes back to see you like this–”
“I’ll… I’ll be okay. I’ll be okay now.”
“Wait a second.”
“I heard that MC was threatened. What was the threat?”
“…we’ll take care of that when the time comes.”
With Seven out, Jumin looks at the address. MC… you’re so far away he thinks. I think you’ll come back though, if you were to hear of a death.
After he sends the message and a plane ticket, he decides to check up on Jaehee.
Last he heard, she headed over to Rika’s.


It is late. He knows Jumin had sent the plane ticket. You would be arriving soon, if you were coming at all.
For all he knows, you could easily just ignore them. They could’ve also have found the wrong person. You could’ve been too busy.
There are so many reasons for you not to come….
He is surprised when he sees you. You, nervously walking out of the airport, new haircut, shaking hands, big eyes. Small bag, lightly packed. You didn’t plan to stay.
But what matters… is that you are here.
Your eyes fall upon Seven, then fill with tears. You shake your head, “Oh, Seven, I never should’ve come.”
“Why? MC, you’ve been gone, with no explanation, I… I‘m sorry. I should’ve helped you, I should’ve noticed there was something wrong, but I just didn’t notice. I was so blind.”
“I… crap, no, I shouldn’t have come. It’s not because of you, it was never because of you.”
“Then what was it? What did Rika do that scared you away so bad?”
“She threatened (insert your favortie mm charrie). I… I can’t let her do that.”
“You already have, MC. Just by returning. You already have.” A sickly sweet voice chimes. Walking up behind Seven, there is Rika with the rest of the RFA. “I never wanted it to get so big, it was supposed to be so simple. Don’t come back. But maybe it’s best, now that you’re here, to just end it all. We can all leave together, can’t we? It’ll be a much better place for all of us.” She pulls out a gun, and smiles sweetly. “How about we start with (insert your favortie mm charrie)?”
“No!” You yell, and you dart forward to stop her.
A bullet flies through the air, and that’s when goes to chaos.
Somewhere among it all, the gun is flung to the floor. Rika falls, left in a stun. And Saeran comes running out in shock, holding a heated gun.


“I– I— it… it wasn’t supposed… no.. no, God, no, fuck fuck fuck….”
He takes your limp hand. “Fuck!” He yells, clenching his fist. “No this wasn’t, this wasn’t supposed to… Fuck! It was supposed to be her, not you… not you….”
He holds the gun up as everyone crowds around. Security is already surrounding the group, yet Jumin holds up a hand to have them stand off.
“G–go away! It’s your fault to begin with, all of your faults! You never fucking listened to MC, now did you? Look at where the fuck it got you!”
He looks down at you, at the crimson bleeding into your sweater. Your eyes were starting to gloss over, but after a few sputtering coughs, you smiled painfully, “Saeran…. it’s okay. Don’t blame them. I love them. Like I love you. I’m sorry that I could have been better for all of you…. I’m sorry.”
A few more coughs, each sounding increasingly more painful.
Saeran lowers the gun, then breaks down into tears.

“The ambulance is getting close,” Jumin says, his voice rough. He looks down at you for just a moment, where someone is helping with the bleeding, before he clears his throat. “I’m sorry. I’ve let you down MC, I could’ve done more, I could’ve protected you… Nothing will be the same without you, you have to make it. Okay? “ He turns away with that, shielding his face from view.
Jaehee slowly crouches down next to you and Saeran, taking your hand. “It’ll be okay MC,” she says, her voice high and watery, “we’re here for you this time… we… we aren’t going to leave you now.”
Shaking his head, Yoosung stares down, “I…. MC… I’m… I’m so sorry. I wish I could’ve been better for you, I wish I could’ve been good enough to stop this, so that… so that you could.. be okay…” He bites his lip, unable to say more. He wipes at his eyes, “I’m here for you until the end this time, okay..?”
“We’re all here until the end this time, I promise you MC… I’m not going to leave you, we’re going to be by your side now. You… you gotta make it for us, okay? We won’t be anything without you.” Zen says, laying a hand on your shoulder. His other hand he holds up to his mouth, wiping at his eyes, or holding back words that might come pouring out of him.
Seven stays in the background until the ambulance comes. He watches as they help you on to a stretcher, and he watches as the life fades out of your eyes. Any moment now, you’ll be gone. The ambulance never could’ve saved you. He knows that. He doesn’t want to accept it, doesn’t want to address it.
But now you’re leaving, taken away on the ambulance for the last time he’ll see you.
He rushes over, takes your hand, and whispers in your ear, “MC… I’m so sorry… I’m sorry I’ve never been good enough for you, that I got you into all of this, that I couldn’t protect you…. I promise…. we’ll see each other again, okay? I promise…. we’ll be able to see each other on the spaceship one day.”

And then the ambulance rushes you away.


The letter they found from V was tucked away in a box.
It wasn’t hidden, wasn’t meant to be hidden at least.
Rika of course kept it away from them.
But she wasn’t here to hold the secrets out of reach anymore.
And V was ready to pour them out into the open in the many letters he wrote, but never could send.

The RFA was shattered after this.
There was so many issues that broke trust, shattered confidence and structure.
Instead of breaking apart, it drew them closer together.
They worked harder than ever before to do good.
But they watched out for each other, kept each other from overworking themselves. They created a group built on trust, so that they could have confidence and closeness and openness amongst each other.
They did it in memory of you.
You changed their world.
And they could never forget you.

~Sunflower (:

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yoongi + lazy kisses (I know its two words but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

You awoke to the image of your sleeping boyfriend, his hair messily falling over his face, lips parted ever so slightly, early morning sunlight cloaking his body like a second blanket. He was truly a beautiful man, especially in peaceful sleep, the usual wrinkled concern and anxiety no longer etching into his delicate features, giving him the look of an innocent, carefree child. The moment was almost perfect, however there was one glaring problem ruining the aesthetic for you; the loud, obnoxious chime of your alarm. Rather than being able to enjoy the serene silence and beauty of your lover, you found yourself groaning with indignation and sleepily swiping for your phone to turn the damn thing off.

After you finally managed to silence the offending noise, you let out a soft sigh and took one last look at Yoongi, who had been completely unfazed by the alarm. You were grateful it didn’t wake him up, as Yoongi was perpetually exhausted and needed as much sleep as he could get. You sat up, your legs dangling over the edge of the bed, trying your best not to move the mattress too much as you rubbed the sleep out of your eyes. There was nothing in the world you wanted more than to just lay back down and drift off to sleep admiring your boyfriend, but you knew that doing so would be downright irresponsible. It was with reluctance that you decided to actually get ready for the day.

You didn’t make it far, a warm hand wrapping around your wrist as soon as you hopped off the bed. Before you could so much as yelp out in surprise, Yoongi had pulled you back, flopping ever so gracefully into the mattress, and subsequently, into his arms. You smiled softly to yourself, and relaxed in his embrace, deciding to at least humor him for a moment. He buried his face in the back of your neck, his hands falling just above your hips as he pulled you closer to him, but farther away from productivity.

“Yoongi…” You whined, knowing that you shouldn’t be doing this, but also knowing that this is exactly what you needed most. It had been so long since you’d last seen him, you wanted to just sink into his arms and stay there for as long as possible, but you had responsibilities, primarily your job. “You might have the day off but I don’t. I have to get ready or I’ll be late for work.”

“Then be late.” Yoongi wasn’t usually this clingy, but after a world tour and months apart he had to admit that he missed being with you. All he wanted to do on his day off was sleep with you at his side.

“I can’t! I’ll get in trouble again.” This had happened more than once in the past. Every time Yoongi stayed the night you always ended up late, and every time you tried to end the cycle to no avail.

“I’ll take responsibility for it.”

“That’s all well and good but you’re not the one who’ll get fired.”

“I’ll get you a new job.” He muttered, squeezing you tighter, pressing a soft kiss to the nape of your neck.

“Oh really?”

“You can be my personal assistant.” You rolled your eyes and chuckled, breaking free from his iron grip.

“That would go horribly, Yoon, you know that as well as I do.”

“But I could see you every single day and we wouldn’t have to go months without even holding hands.” Now that you had escaped, you once again slipped out of bed, the floor feeling like ice in comparison to the bed. You didn’t make it much farther this time, however, as Yoongi had sat up and grabbed you by the waist instead of the wrist, pulling you down onto his lap so you straddled him.


“You’re pretending to be annoyed but you’re actually really happy aren’t you?” He asked, eyes still barely open. You couldn’t exactly argue with him, he was dead on. These moments of sincere affection were few and far between, and you treasured each sacred moment you spent with Yoongi, but that didn’t change the fact that you had responsibilities. “Just call out, tell them you’re sick.”

“You’re saying I should lie? To my boss? Who already has me on thin ice for being late so often?”

“Tell them you’re too sore to come in…” He said, pressing a sleepy, lazy kiss to your neck, his hands slowly moving from the top of your waist to your hips. “I’ll make sure it’s not a lie.”

“Jerk…” You muttered, biting your lower lip as he nipped at your skin, sending shivers down your spine.

“You want to call them or not?” You stared at him for a moment before letting out a sigh, Yoongi planting a sleepy peck on your lips, smirking like the smug bastard he is.

“I suppose I won’t be fired if I’m too unwell to go in…”

Perfect | RL Oneshot

A/N: I’m sorry I made this so long. I feel like 4,224 words is a lot for a one shot that was only supposed to cover one quote but hey-ho, it is what it is. Hopefully this is okay anon xo  


Riley Matthews and Lucas Friar have had an unofficial thing going on since 7th grade. Ask anyone around and they’d tell you the two of them belong together. Despite how obvious it is to others, they just can’t seem to get it right. The constant on and off again romance, the will-they won’t-they of it all has become a sort of pattern between them. Something, or in some cases, someone, always seems to come between them.

But finally after the incessant back and forth they decided to try. Actually, Lucas finally got up enough nerve to ask her out.

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Honey Badger

Boi i love honey badger Newt so much. I’m using female pronouns because well that’s who got catcalled back then

Someone catcalls his datemate and he becomes Honey Badger Newt

Warnings- Getting catcalled and like, two swear word.

“Oh darling you look so cute! You’re sure to make Newt’s heart flutter!” Queenie squeals. 

Newt Scamander, your long time friend and crush, has finally asked you on a date. You didn’t go on dates very often so Tina and Queenie and you went shopping for the perfect outfit. You ended up deciding on a simple (f/c) blouse and a black skirt. You loved the skirt but honestly, it was a little short for comfort but you loved the way you looked in it. 

You buttoned up the blouse and looked in the mirror. Queenie walked over to you and unbuttoned the first button. 

“Queenie!” you yelled, “I don’t want to look like a slut!” you exclaim. 

Tina laughs as she leaves to go start dinner. 

“Please y/n I’ve read his thoughts, he’d be delighted to see you like that” Queenie says as she winks. 

Your face turns red and you go put on your make-up. You want to do something new with your makeup. You rummage through your make-up and find this bright red one. You apply it and look closely at the mirror, it looked a little too much. You were about to wipe it off when there was a knock at the door. Sighing, you stood up and answered it. 

There stood Newt in his normal attire minus the long coat. He seemed rather nervous and it didn't help you looked the way you did. He refused to look you in the eye and his face was bright red. 

“Um Hello Y/n, R-ready for our um outing” Newt stammered. Your face fell a little, you thought you looked nice but Newt didn’t seem to think so. 

“Uh yeah, Bye Tina Bye Queenie!” you yell as you closed the door. 

The two of you walked to the little restaurant Newt wanted to take you to. 

“So..  how are your creatures?” you ask awkwardly. “

um there doing nice” Newt replies quietly. 

As you turn the corner, some man smoking whistled at you, “I’d love to see what’s under that outfit” You rolled your eyes and kept walking. 

Newt glares at the man. You two finally get a conversation going when an older gentleman passes by the two of you 

“Hey Doll Face, wanna come home with me and have some fun” You walk closer to Newt and ignore the man, “Tramp” the man whispered at you. 

Newt’s arm went around your waist. He was furious, no one could talk to you like that. When you finally reach the restaurant Newt breathes a silent sigh of relief. No obnoxious men could talk to you here. The two of you have a wonderful time, the comments from those men long gone from your mind but not from Newts. 

“I’ve had such a lovely time with you tonight Newt” you say excitedly. 

You were walking home and you and Newt were laughing. He smiles down at you, you look so pretty to him. He almost forgot about the comments when some sharply dressed man comes up to the two of you. 

You don’t think anything of it until the strange man grabs your ass “Someone dressed like you should be punished” he growled in your ear. 

You scream and push the man, Newt shoots death glares and holds you behind him. 

“Excuse me Mr. But I think you owe them an apology” Newt growled in a dangerously low voice. 

Newt was the kind of man to be silent angry. 

The man just laughs, “I’m sure a pretty young thing like them would much rather be with me” he spat at Newt. 

The man gave you a smirk and you shrunk back behind Newt. Newt’s emotions took over and he grabbed the man’s shirt collar, rage in his eyes. 

“Don’t you dare say that to them” Newt snarls, “If you ever look at them like that again, I will hurt you and trust me, it’s going to be very slow and very painful” You looked at Newt in shock. You never thought such a timid man could be so ferocious. 

“Now get out of our sight” Newt lets go of the guy’s collar and the guy runs away. 

You still stand wide-eyed, Newt turns to you and turns red again, “So sorry, I don’t know what came over me” he says. 

“I didn’t know you had that in you” you confessed. Newt rubbed his neck shyly and took your hand. 

“I couldn’t stand the way those men talked about you, it drove me absolutely mad. I really love you and I won’t anyone talk to you like that again” he said. You hugged him and buried your head in his chest. 

“I love you” you murmur. He kisses your forehead and holds you tighter, 

“I love you too, now let’s go back to the Goldsteins, I left my case with them.” He says. 

You walked hand and hand in the silence of the night. 

“Hey Newt, I gotta confess, I really like your honey badger side” you joked, 

He gives you a strange look accompanied by a very attractive eyebrow raise. 

“I’ll always be there to protect you, even if that means I turn in to a honey badger” he kisses you and holds on to your waist, not planning to let go anytime soon.

This was trash im sorry. Im not feeling 100% today, kinda sorta had a panic attack in the middle of Moana but thats not important. I hope the mudblood one will be better.

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That Jace/Magnus moment. Killed me the comfort the understanding AJHADJLFLDKGLJGFH


It just shows how much and deep they both care for Alec. And just knowing this…I don’t ever wanna stop sobbing rn. 

I knew this ep would be emotional. But I was not prepared for this. I am so fucking dead.

Okay, worried Magnus was great but…



and then I cam upstairs and my dad was like “why were you being so weird?







SIMON SAYING RAPHAEL SUCKS (only blood, btw, you know he’s awesome)


Where’s The Fire?

Summary:Cas overhears Dean bragging about how he kicked Y/N’s ass, but in true Cas form he doesn’t interpret the metaphor right.

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Word Count: 1200 exactly

Warnings: None

A/N: Beta’d by my Beka @impala-dreamer <3

Requested by: @hamartiamacguffin


Rage was coursing through your veins as you and Dean walked into the kitchen from the shooting range. Dean was gloating about beating you at his stupid little game. Whoever could hit the most consecutive bullseyes would win and the loser would have to do the other’s laundry for two weeks.

“Damn Y/N! That wasn’t even close! How bad does it hurt?”

You rolled your eyes so hard you were afraid they’d fall out of your head. Dean almost never beat you at shooting games; you had a perfect shot, and Dean? Well, his shot was only near perfect. On the rare occasion he beat you, he wouldn’t shut up about it. “I get it Dean, you kicked my ass, hard.”

Cas overhead the whole conversation. He liked to listen to you whenever he could; your voice always brought a smile to his face. But when he heard Dean bragging about how he beat you, he stopped what he was doing and popped into the bunker, almost running over Mary.

Mary put her hand up, stopping Cas before he ran her over, “Woah, Castiel, where’s the fire?”

Castiel’s tipped his head to the side questioning Mary, “What? I don’t know, is there a fire?”

Simplifying her response, Mary said, “I mean, where are you going so fast?”

Castiel remembered he was on a mission, “I just heard Dean bragging about kicking Y/N’s ass, so he needs to apologize.”

A laugh escaped past Mary’s lips, “Castiel, Dean beat Y/N at a shooting game, he didn’t actually kick her ass.”

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Frisk lived with her parents, living the life of a very happy and loved puppy. They all lived in your average village, nothing out of the ordinary. Frisk was a quick learner, and picked up many words and what they meant. 3 years pass uneventful,  Frisk fast approaches the age of 4, parents plan out her education and take note of her needs as a werewolf as well. 

It’s the night before Frisk’s 4th birthday. Frisk is sleeping soundly in her bed, her parents getting everything perfect for their child. A window shatters in the kitchen, Two well equipped werewolf hunters begin searching the house. The parents are already on high alert, but they know that going towards their child would only endanger her more, so they try and calmly draw the threat away from Frisk. Frisk was woken by the shattering window and goes to investigate, after all, she’s still just a pup, she is small and light on her feet, something she gets from her father. She hears lots of noise downstairs, growling mostly, and takes a few steps down the stairs to peek through the railings.

Her parents are incapacitated on the carpet with two big unfamiliar figures standing over them, her mother and father give her a quick glance, fear in their eyes. Within seconds Frisk hides herself and realises the urgency of the situation, she must not be seen, she must hide so the predators cannot find her, The bad people do not turn around, Frisk’s mother mentally urges her child to go back upstairs, the father reinforces this as a click echoes through the dark hallways.

A loud gunshot pierces the silence, followed by another, and another.

The house is empty now, the two bad people left, Frisk shakily makes her way out of her hiding spot.

Everything feels wrong, so so wrong.

Some neighbours had heard the commotion and called the police. A faint crying is heard as the police arrive at the scene, they enter the house, even to them this feels so very wrong. An officer turns the corner into the living room. A small child can be seen curled up in a ball between two bigger, motionless figures. The child is asking for her mother and father to wake up, why won’t they wake up? She’s scared.

The officer awkwardly carries the sobbing child away from the scene, she’s hard to hold onto, she keeps trying to break free, she wants to stay with her parents, she has to be there with them when they wake up!

It’s the next day, the now 4 year old hasn’t moved very much since she arrived, She’s become much quieter, although that is to be expected. Her parents had to take a very long sleep.

9 months pass, nobody in the orphanage talks to her, the mentors are just about ready to start her education, A mentor opens the door to her room, the window is wide open and Frisk is nowhere to be seen. A search party is sent out immediately, everyone doing what they can to help the cause, posters are put out, money is raised, it even manages to get on the news.

It’s no use, she’s gone…

A young child marches through the snow covered forest, blood dripping from her claws and teeth. The bitterly cold wind snaps and swipes at her, she bites back at it and growls, it howls at her, she howls back louder. She is stronger than the wind, she doesn’t need to be locked up in a stone box and brainwashed, she refuses. She mutters nonsense under her breath, words slowly forming and growing louder into clear speech. “Kill or be killed, kill or be killed” she continues to mutter as she trudges forward.

She is angry, she is hungry.

She is filled with Determination.


Hope u enjoy the angst that is werewolf Frisk’s backstory uwu -Kry

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May I ask what the two mute Link fics are? I need to know for science

Anything for science then !!

I’ve been recommanded Take Notes with a mute Link but I’m not into this ship :’). Since they are lots of reviews it must be good, so I’m putting it here anyway !!

Also What we saw from the outside with a mute Link, really cute ! A little too american for me but important themes are there and well written, not too edgy (which is rare for thoses kind of themes) !

Only in Hyrule
And the last and my fav, not a mute Link but a perfect modern AU, 10/10 must read !! I’ve had difficulties getting in the fic at first but it blew me away. Since it’s on ff.net I couldn’t read it in public transportations and I was always happy to come home for reading another chapter ;)

Other LOZ Zelink fics I’ve liked :
Can’t sleep ? Cute story and a not talkative (by choice) link
Love dearest this one destroyed my heart so I need to share it
Cold as ice tense relation, really interessing !!
To fix a Hero’s heart I have to confess I’m a slut for Twilight post-marriage trouble relationships with these two 
Color of Matrimony with titles like this I can’t even defend myself 
For Hyrule’s sake ? Same troooooope

As always feel free to give me some more to read !
P.S : hortense non

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Do you take requests? I need to cheer up after TFP and I had this idea: John and Sherlock at their wedding dancing to "Can't Help Falling In Love." (It's always been a favorite of mine and I imagine Johnlock goes well with it!)

( I hope this helps)

They had been practising for weeks, the dance in the small space of their flat. John wanted to make sure it was perfect because he felt like he had two left feet and Sherlock, Sherlock was so graceful, so John insisted and Sherlock complied with the hours of practise so that when the moment arrived at their wedding, all eyes would be on them, spellbound.  Just like they were with each other and the song they picked was perfect.

They had been standing at opposite ends of the room when the lights dimmed and the dance floor cleared and they met in the middle of the empty floor as the first notes of the music began.

They joined and placed their hands together and one on each hip, slowly swaying as the words began, John concentrating on his footwork….

Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I can’t help falling in love with you
Shall I stay?
Would it be a sin
If I can’t help falling in love with you?

They traveled the dance floor alone, putting on a grand show for everyone in attendance while guests stood to the side impressed.  Mrs. Hudson dabbing her eyes as tears of joy fell…

Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand,
Take my whole life, too
For I can’t help falling in love with you

They had glided back to the middle of the floor and now some other couples had joined on the fringes of the floor…

Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand,
Take my whole life, too
For I can’t help falling in love with you
For I can’t help falling in love with you

As the song came to an end, Sherlock dipped John back and when he brought him back up their lips met in a slow sweet kiss and they were met by a round of applause.

(song performed by Elvis Presley (if you’d like to listen as you read), composed by George David Weiss, Luigi Creatore, and Hugo Peretti)

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Sherlock: The Final Problem

Apparently I haven’t posted here for nearly two years but I’ve decided to write my thoughts on the last episode of Sherlock down because…well I have nothing better to do right now!

Okay, so for me Series 1 and 2 were genius, near perfect. I liked Series 3, His Last Vow I felt was particularly good, but didn’t quite match up to what came before. Contrary to most people’s opinion, I actually really liked The Six Thatchers despite it’s obvious flaws and I absolutely adored The Lying Detective. For me, this was a return to form and I liked it almost as much as The Reichenbach Fall. I’ve enjoyed all episodes so far, regardless of any perceived flaws. However, the Final Problem was a struggle for me.

Firstly, the positives. The acting; oh myyy, it’s always brilliant so there isn’t much to say but if Benedict doesn’t at least get nominated for a BAFTA for this series, it will be a crime. But everybody was brilliant, there was no weak link. Special mention to Louise Brealey as Molly and Sian Brook as Eurus - wow!!

Another positive is the characterisations. I loved the fact that Sherlock has become more human through his experiences and that was shown perfectly in the Final Problem. I love that his friendship with John is stronger that ever: “this is family”, “that’s WHY he stays”. I love that Molly got her moment, she’s a fantastic sadly underused character and Loo Brealey plays her perfectly. I just love her. More Molly please!

I also appreciated the tension/suspense element and the ‘game’ Eurus was playing. I watched in the cinema so it was especially dark and my heart was going pretty much the whole time. Unfortunately, i’d seen some spoilers prior to watching but there was still some ‘omg’ brilliant and sad moments, like Redbeard being a child not a dog. And some of them were really well done.

There was still some much appreciated humour; “kettle’s over there”. And Andrew Scott arriving in a plane to ‘I want to break free’. No matter how silly it was, I laughed. I just love him!!!

Now for the negatives. For me the main issue I had with this episode is the lack of credible story and some scenes which were, even by Sherlock standards, ridiculous and had me shaking my head. The explosion in the flat? Why? Jumping out of a first floor window, explosion behind them and coming out without a scratch. And then the next scene they were on a boat pretending to be pirates. Oh, I was confused. I think the point was at the end to have them rebuilding the flat, like they’ve rebuilt their friendship but I feel this could have better, more realistically portrayed. I also wasn’t keen on the majority of the episode taking place in Sherrinford. Certain scenes, ill be honest, had me cringing. And then there’s the plot holes. Just how did John climb out of that well with a rope when he was chained to the bottom? How did Eurus take over the whole asylum? Why did she even return there after escaping/. (did I miss something?). Additionally, some scenes jumped from one thing to the next with little explanation and I was left feeling somewhat confused.

It didn’t really feel like an episode of Sherlock to me and I missed the previous styles but I suppose it’s good to do something different sometimes. It’s just that for me, some elements worked and some didn’t. It did seem that the story suffered for the sake of the characterisations.

I liked the ending and I think if that really is the end i’ll be reasonably satisfied. That said, there’s still stories to be told and I do want a Series 5 but it would be good if it could go back to the tone/style of Series 1 & 2. I like the idea of seeing John and a more human Sherlock solving crimes in modern day London. I just hope that Moffitt’s ego doesn’t get in the way because he can be a brilliant writer but certainly some elements of Series 3 and 4 did seem very clever clever and show-offy. Sometimes less is more.

Overall, the Final Problem is probably my least favourite of the episodes but I will watch again and maybe my opinion will change.

Have you ever been disappointed in love? Have you ever tried to start something with someone and had some hardship so you thought it wasn’t worth it? Have you ever had an entire family saying you two couldn’t be together? Friends who thought maybe you two were better off separated? Have you ever given up on a relationship because it wasn’t 100% perfect and easy?

Sometimes, you’ll think the fight is not worth it, that ending things will make you feel better. That it will make everything easier.

Maybe after the end, you’ll feel unburdened, feel like you have time for yourself and that things will get easier. Maybe dating someone new, fun and uncomplicated or just randomly picking up girls at bars is your choice. Or hanging out with friends and having fun is the way to go.

But what happens at night, when you’re the most vulnerable?

What happens when most of your friends have someone to go back to and to warm their beds and the random girl from the bar doesn’t bring the depth you need?

What happens when you wake up in the morning and there are no more “Good morning” texts? What happens when your friends are out having fun with their girlfriends and boyfriends and you’re home alone and have no one to talk to? Of course you have friends and family, but what about those special conversations you can only have with that one special person? The deep conversations, the silly dreams, the crazy plans, the sweet daydreams about what the future holds for the two of you, together.

Do you feel alone? Do you feel lonely? Do you remember good moments? Do you wish you could talk to the person you finally got rid of? Do you think about the plans for the future you never allowed to happen?

There are moments when things get rough, when you need to take time for yourself, or you need to breathe. Take that time, explain that you need a breather, ask for a day off from work and for some time away from your relationship, put things in perspective. But don’t give up on a good thing, don’t give up on someone who can make you happy.

Have you found the one who loves you? The one who promised you she’d be here no matter what? The one who doesn’t just want to be with you but wants to fight tooth and nail for the two of you to stay together? Has anyone ever promised you that you were their home? Their forever? Have you pushed them out? Let them go? Have they left you?

Do you think you can find true love in that person? Do you think it’s worth fighting for happiness? To be with the one who truly loves you? With the one you were once so sure you loved too? Can you be strong enough to let go of your pride, fears and past mistakes and failures and be with that person? Are you built strong enough to give love a real chance?

anonymous asked:

Do LDRs work? I..Want to believe it does because I think I have found the PERFECT girl for me but she's...So...SO FAR away.. How do you make it work or how do to ensure that you don't mess up in the relationship?.. I am SO in love with this woman..

- set boundaries
- try to call or Skype each other once a week or more
- have little dates where you two watch the same movie at the same time
- random compliments bc you can’t always kiss or hold them
- random gifts bc you can’t suprise them
- planning a visit maybe if it’s possible
- t r u s t
- honesty

And yes they work I’m in a successful year and one month relationship

counting blessings:

my thesis is finished and submitted, my grad school apps are in, my winter schedule is finally settled, the mentorship program i’m leading is staffed by wonderful people and taking off smoothly and beautifully, and my social life exists once more. 

now for a semester of reading under-read women writers from across history and languages with two young and excited and brilliant women profs, and ulysses with a professor who resembles no one so much as he does the bfg and who is internationally renowned and wants to work with me on my masters, and also a semester of learning russian and about early modern witches and modern art. i’m almost guaranteed to get to stay in halifax next year, and i live with the most wonderful roommates and two perfect cats.

i have, in short, arrived in an excellent place, and even as i feel lucky i also feel like i’ve earned it, which makes it all the sweeter