but these two are everything beautiful and emotional in this world

Queen of the Water (4)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: A normal girl gets thrown into the Royal world. Royal AU

Word Count: 2.8k+ 

Warnings: swearing, two punches in the face (this chapter is a roller coaster of emotions omg)!


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5

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Let’s get one thing straight, everyone at St. Mark’s Preparatory School are snobby two face bitches who flaunt their status and wealth (there’s always a few exceptions to the rule, like Y/n and Steve). Y/n was the outcast in the school, the American Princess. She was stuck in her roots. She refused to fit into the mold everyone wanted her to squeeze into. Unlike everyone else on casual Friday’s, she wore jeans and her competition surf t-shirts. She took casual seriously unlike everyone else. Everyone else wore proper Royal clothing. Expensive dress pants, silk skirts, and everything else in between.

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Lucifer Morningstar Imagine

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It wasn’t supposed to work. The chemistry between the two of you wasn’t supposed to soar higher then heaven itself. The love, the emotions wasn’t supposed to overfill the two of you until it poured out at the seams. You two weren’t supposed to work, however, you did. 

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piper mclean tho

-saves everyone from hercules using a cornucopia
-lifts two unconscious 16yo boys, puts them on a flying horse, and rides the horse 2(ish) miles back to the ship
-again saves everyone from khione using her voice
-yet again saves everyone from the Gemini using her voice
-fights a full grown giant
-defies all stereotypes of a daughter of aphrodite
-teaches young girls that beauty is not everything
-saves her father from a giant
-her father finally learns what she truly is and then she has to erase his memory for safety issues which must be pretty emotional
-stands up for herself and her friends
-actually helps save the world

-is a WOC and fifteen years old

it is okay to feel. it is okay to be angry at that person even though it wasn’t their fault and you know it. it’s okay to have your heart tearing in two even though you know it doesn’t make any sense. It’s OKAY to want to scream at the world because it takes no prisoners and nothing is fair and it just keeps going on even when it shouldn’t and god damn it, why can’t it stop? It’s okay to feel often and feel hard. Emotions demand to be felt. You do not have to feel guilty over having them. You undoubtedly already feel bad enough without stacking guilt on, on top of it. 

Feel. Feel everything and anything and whenever you can. You will still be good, and kind, and confident, and beautiful. You will still matter and people will still love you and the world will still keep right on turning. There’s no water, you don’t have to drown. You’re not being hunted, you don’t have to hide. You are a person in your own right with emotion in your own right and it is okay to feel and it’s okay to let it rip you apart so long as you always remember to pick up the pieces and pull yourself back together. You are going to be okay. 

You are okay. I promise.

okay but what makes me emotional the most is that while in the manga we have the infamous “how ugly we are - lets rest a bit” scene, the anime completely replaces kanekis past selves withering away with hide dying and that implies that hide is such an important person in kanekis life that by being accepted by him he is also able to accept himself

additionally, as yoshimura said, kaneki has places in both the human and the ghoul world, and im pretty convinced the anime represented them with hide and anteiku. its very important that hide carries kaneki to specifically anteiku, because this way when he tells him he knew about everything all along, the two worlds collide. hide dies and anteiku burns down - kaneki has lost both places he could call a “home”.

but what comes after all this is even more beautiful - and even more painful - in my opinion

kanekis hair appearing to have turned black again for short periods of time is the visual representation of how others view him; when touka notices him, she sees him with his original hair color again, because at that time he is the closest to being his former self again. but thats exactly why he wants to be judged by the ccg and arima, who is heavily implied to be some sort of a god figure in both the anime and the manga. kaneki realizes he cant go back to being human, but cant continue his life as a ghoul either.

as he slowly walks down the streets, he is faced with destruction and death - something that seemed completely natural and even necessary to him before. he wanted to protect everyone around him, even if it meant hurting others in the process, but now he realizes those people he killed might have been precious to someone else. to eat or to be eaten - to kaneki at this point neither seems to be the right thing to do 

this whole scene might seem to be too long or even irrational (why arent the ccg members attacking him etc), but i think its because its really symbolic. hide is supposed to represent his humanity that he lost. bringing him along with himself is almost like saying “i had him once. he is gone now. he is the proof i was human, but im not anymore. no matter how hard i try to atone for my sins, its never going to be enough. i am here to see god and be judged by him. i accept whatever fate awaits me.” he thinks this is his only chance to “return home”.

Seriously y’all, there is no going back from this. I can’t think of anything more epic than “it’s you”. And I love that he didn’t say you’re my happy ending, because “it’s you” showcased that and so much more. She’s his everything –his happy ending, his hope, his savior, his love, his greatest treasure, his entire world and there’s nothing more beautiful. 


To the legend that’s finally clean, thanks for such a magical year, with the tour and just everything you’ve done for all of us. Thank you for all the hard work you put into everything you do, bringing all of us together, letting us into those small but meaningful parts of your life. Thank you for writing all those beautiful masterpieces in 1989, in Red, in Speak Now, in Fearless, and in Taylor Swift. Hope you have a lovely and memorable birthday today, do anything you can, do anything you want to do. Spend time with your family and friends, go anywhere in the world, bake any treats you want, and say hi to the cats for us if you can! You really deserve it. Thank you so much for being the wonderful human being you are, have fun today and enjoy your first day of being 26! Love you Tay <3

Happy birthday Taylor Alison Swift, have brilliant 26th. {December 13th, 1989}

Imagine Hinata telling her children war stories, I know she would not tell but if her children asked “Mom, I heard you fought in the 4th SWW”

Hinata can’t answer that she fought thousands of white plant men, the ten tails that can destroy the world, thousands of it’s spawns, nearly got impaled by raining spikes, got hypnotized and wrapped into a cocoon for an eternity dream and she’s only fucking 16.

“Your mum fought hard for peace, that’s why I’m here with you two beautiful children~ ”

Like how many times she risked death that time x.x and now she’s the mother of two beautiful children then maybe she gets emotional and sheds tears of joy about surviving that dreadful war to a peaceful world everything she ever wanted.

She finally embraces her children and tells them “Mom loves you~ I’ll protect you forever~”

(Btw, Naruto would totally brag it out to his children lol

Would be cool if someone draws this~ natto-nguyen narutostaph onemerryjester