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:deep breath: alright! So, I liked The Final Problem much more than I expected to. It helps that I’m a huge Mycroft fan.

Some things I liked:

- Mycroft…. pretty much every scene with him was perfect and I appreciate how much screen time he actually got.

- Mycroft’s umbrella, I love that it wasn’t just hiding a sword… oh no, it had to have a gun hiding in it too. I mean, why do things halfway when you can be utterly and ridiculously over prepared? (But more seriously, if he feels like he needs that… why doesn’t he have a bodyguard or two?).

- John, Rosie, and Sherlock at the end was cute. And if it is the end, I’m mostly satisfied with it.

- Molly’s sweater.

- Mystrade is basically canon, why else would Sherlock ask Greg to watch out for his brother? At the very least Mycroft has a goldfish now, whether it’s platonic or romantic, I don’t really care. It’s there.

- The scene where Sherlock has to choose who to shoot. Fantastic acting there by all three of them. And it showed very clearly who both Mycroft and John actually are (also, the ice man isn’t really very icy, is he?).

- I liked that John was the one who figured out the mind control bit. He is smart and I like it when they remember that.

- Moriarty’s entrance was just so… Moriarty.

- Sherlock being so kind to the “little girl on the plane”


Bits I didn’t like:


- I felt no sympathy for the sister, she was a killer and a hug from her brother doesn’t change that. And the end scenes with them playing together would have been more poignant if she’d been more likeable or better built up.

- The Holmes parents were understandably upset… but the things they were saying to Mycroft was too much. He didn’t actually deserve that from them.

- The plane thing didn’t work for me.

- I (and many others) guessed long before this ep aired that “Redbeard” meant something else like a friend or sibling that had died. So that was a bit anticlimactic for me.


Some other things:

- I do not like the Holmes parents! What the heck were they doing when they should’ve been watching, and taking care of, their kids? It really sounds like Mycroft took on a lot of responsibility as a child/teen, it explains a lot about him, and his relationship with Sherlock though.

- What’s up with the number 13 on Mycroft’s fridge? They didn’t explain that did they?

- I guess we’ll never know what that letter from John to Sherlock said.

- I really expected that when they were talking about mind control that John was going to end up being a puppet of Eurus. I mean it would’ve been an interesting scenario (I’m not complaining that they didn’t do that, but my mind couldn’t help but go there).

- I want some more episodes. I liked this season and I love the characters even more than I did before (which is hard to believe).

So, I learned Mandarin Chinese in Middle School. My teacher lived in Taiwan for 15 years and he was in a band… He made his own song though, called ‘Zai Taiwan’, it’s like 7 years old. Zai means ‘in’, as in ‘stay/staying’. The music video is him playing a guitar super well, but half of it is just a close up of him with a straight face singing, ‘Zai Taiwan’. He made us watch it at the beginning of the year and at the end.

I think about it sometimes and honestly it’s still the best thing I’ve ever seen.

BTS Day-in

 A/N: What do you think each of the boys would do on a day in with you? Enjoy!~ Also I wrote like almost all of these at 1 AM on facetime with my friend crying about Mr. Noodle. Sorry.

Jin~ All I can see is cuddles and bags upon bags of food. I don’t really know but you two would end up eating it all. And then sleep. Because I don’t know anyone who eats that much and manages to stay awake.

“How… in the heck… did two people do this?”

Namjoon~ Am I allowed to say that all I can imagine you two doing is having sex? Like I know this is supposed to be a cute post with you two spending time together but that’s literally all I can see. Like maybe some cuddling too, but sex is the main event. Even though you just wanted to spend time with him, he managed to get you to do it.

“C’mon baby~ It’s been a while~”

Yoongi~ I think we all know that you two would probably just sleep. Because it’s an awesome past time. Just sleeping and cuddling and waking up at like 7 PM and going to bed at 10 PM.

“Let’s just lay here all day, jagi~”

Hoseok~ Cuddling. He’s all about being close to you. Hoseok has said his ideal girl would love cuddling, so, why not? I just can see you two looking at each other just enjoying the company.

“C’mon~ It’ll be just the two of us~”

Jimin~ Movie marathon all the way, And cuddling. And just enjoying each others presence. A lot of skinship. Especially ass and thigh touching.

“Let’s spend all day in together, okay?”

Taehyung~ Wrapped in blankets or head banging to music. There’s no in between. Like he has two personalities when it comes to you.


“Stay with me?~”

Jungkook~ I literally just imagine you two running around the house in pajamas with Nerf guns and him tackling you after finally catching up to you. And laughing it off until he starts to lean down towards you.

“I’ve caught you, jagiya. Now what?”

Supports between Yasuo (@random-delights ) and Emmelia (me!)


C Support

Emmelia: OK, so, handed out a lot of the supplies on this list already. Now I just have a few more people left!

Emmelia: Let’s see… Yasuo’s next. I think I know who that is? *looks around* Oh, there he is! (I hope I’m not wrong, better ask first…)

Emmelia: Hey, you’re Yasuo right?

Yasuo: Halt, Nohrian. Do not come any closer if you wish to keep this a peaceful relationship for Lady/Lord Corrin’s sake.

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Whatever, just give me a few Mystrade fanfics and some Johnlock ones that are as far away from this weird canon as possible.

Batboys With a Tall S/O

Request from anon: Wow could I have headcanons of the boys with a tall so…..I’m like taller then all of them (6'1 ish, or so)
I’m 5/11 so could you please do headcanons for the bat boys with a tall S/O as well

AN: I don’t know the struggles of being tall so if this is inaccurate me please correct me.  Also thanks to anons and @bon-travail98 for helping


  • We can all agree that Jaybird is mostly the tallest batboy
  • He doesn’t really think its a problem that you’re tall.  He kinda thinks it’s cute
  • Even if you’re tall Jason still feels the need to protect you
  • Kisses are cute between you two
  • He lifts you up even though you’re basically the same height
  • Sometimes you get looks for already being so tall and it makes you self conscious
  • If Jason hears that someone is making comments about you height they better be ready to catch those hands
  • One time someone said “Wow you’re tall for a girl.”
  • You bet Jason did something
  • His name is, Jason Catch These Hands Todd
  • He’s just always makes sure that people don’t talk about you cause he thinks you’re the living embodiment of a goddess and everyone should see it too
  • This boy will worship you and your height
  • Like you feeling insecure, oh there goes Dick worshipping you and explaining why he loves it
  • Someone asks about you being tall, there’s Dick defending you and making you feel better
  • You don’t wear heels so you’re not taller than him
  • He doesn’t understand why it matters that you’re taller
  • So then he goes out and buys you heels even if he knows you wouldn’t wear them
  • He just wants you to be confident
  • Plus it wouldn’t bother him if you were taller
  • But like the cuddling is real
  • Sometimes you two flip the roles of big/small spoon
  • It really just matters on who’s feeling what
  • You’re either taller than him or about the same height
  • It’s not just you who’s insecure in the relationship
  • Tim’s one of the “shortest” out of the batboys.  And his S/O is taller
  • So when he feels insecure you always cuddle and wrap yourself around him
  • Mostly that makes him feel better
  • You’re the person who’s always getting stuff out of the top shelf
  • Poor Timmers is an armrest.  Not that he minds
  • Cuddling involves you being the big spoon most of the time
  • Sometimes you pick him up to mock him.  He’s fine with it
  • Did I mention that you’re the big spoon?
  • Oh man Damian.  My smol child
  • People really got on you for dating him
  • Even your friends said that he was too short
  • To you, the difference is something that REALLY makes you insecure
  • Damian being Damian, he never really noticed how tall you were until someone pointed it out
  • And then it made you feel bad
  • Which made Damian fight them
  • He kinda thought you were his height?
  • He insists on being the big spoon and you let him
  • But man oh man does he get taller
  • When you’re older you don’t feel as bad about your height
  • Then you’re like the same height
  • He’s still the big spoon though