but these shrimp...these shrimp

Everybody got new homes. The frogs and the snails have been moved into a roomy 10g tank. They have moved their headquarters from the coral barnacle to the driftwood log. Eurydice is doing FANTASTIC, even in the doubly bigger space. Dobby passed away, and soon after Roger fell off the temple. I was afraid I was losing two snails but nope, the frogs kicked Roger over and now he’s dormant. Phew! I got a new tiger nerite - this one is Howard (as in Howard Wolowitz). We call him Howie. The frog tank is on the bottom.

Uxie and the shrimp have moved too! They now live in the frogs’ 5.5g and they are LOVING it. Jiminee Shrimpette gave birth the first night as well. My other girls (none of whom I can tell apart, as they’re all the same size and Jiminee is significantly bigger) are still berried. Gustav and Horace continue to be adventurous. One of them attempted an escape while waiting in their betta cup to be transferred. Apollo found him and he’s doing perfectly fine. (Luckily Apollo just likes to STARE at things, not eat them.) They also share their new home with a small colony of Amano shrimp, led by the absolutely massive Hina. I am hoping to be able to start a shrimp tank this year, and when I do, the Amano will go there.

I have Marimo balls in all the tanks, and I just placed my first live animal order online for two horned nerite snails (two in case one dies).

The tiniest of traveling companions: Here, a small school of fish (and even a tiny shrimp!) hitch a ride through the blue with a jellyfish in Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary.

 Some juvenile fish can live amidst a jelly’s tentacles without being harmed. In doing so, they gain protection from predators and the opportunity to feed on the jelly’s leftovers. Plus, they gain a new buddy to swim with! 

(Photo: Greg McFall/NOAA)


Harlequin Shrimp

The boss walked into the office.
“Hey, Phil, can you do me a favor?” he asked. The boss sat down in front of Phil’s desk.
“Sure, what’s the favor?” Phil was eager to gain favor by doing favors.
“It’s just that there’s this darn spider in the building. Real nasty one. HR prevents a boss like me from killing anything (and I mean anything, not a bug, not a mouse, not even a human, ha ha), so I was wondering if you could do the deed.” The boss pulled out a pack of gum. “Gum?”
“Yeah,” said Phil, “that’s gum alright. Boss, I don’t know. A spider, sure, but a nasty one? What are we talking?”
The boss threw the pack of gum away without ever opening it. Big pack too. 100 sticks. Meant for the military. “It’s tall, Phil.”
“Tall? How tall?”
“About yay-high.”
“Yeah! When I first saw it I wasn’t sure if it was a spider or an intern (ha ha). But I checked with the head of interns and she said it wasn’t one of hers. Wish I could check with the head of spiders to confirm fully (ha ha ha), but I can’t do that.”
“I don’t know, boss…”
“Phil, I didn’t want to have to do this…but the CEO just told me we’re gonna have to make cutbacks soon. Nobody’s buying shrimp anymore. I have to let go 20 people at this branch…if you get what I mean.”
“If I don’t kill this spider, I’m fired?”
“Your words, not mine. But they’re good words, that I fully endorse. (Where’s my big endorsement deal? Ha ha. Ya know Tiger Woods gets $50 every time someone says the word “Nike”? Oh, there I go. Just gave him a fifty!) So Phil? We got a deal?”
Before Phil could reply the nasty spider crept up behind the boss. Phil’s eyes gave it away.
The boss squirmed in his seat. “It’s right behind me, isn’t it?
Phil nodded.
The boss gulped. “Tell my wife I loved her. And that I was gay. And so didn’t really love her.”
Phil nodded.
The boss nodded.
The spider didn’t understand, but it nodded too. Seemed like the thing to do.