but these shrimp...these shrimp

Shrimpy feeling useful (sort of) 🤦🏼‍♀️

@cruel–gentleman @naughtyballerina1821
Sooo, Sir let me cum!! 🙊🙊🙊I can’t remember when I cummed before that, but apparently it has been months. 🙈I really didn’t expect this because Sir had been toying with my mind a lot. In the past he made me beg him NOT to cum 🙁🐶 He has also said that shrimp shit should never ever get to cum, that if I run 2 miles in under 12 minutes I get to cum (which Sir worked out to be over 10mph 😩), and that only good pretty skinny girls deserve to cum. (which I’m not). 😔I thought it would be impossible and I would be denied forever 🙈🙈

I had to spank my bum 20 times on each cheek, edge 10 times and then cum. 🙉🙉It was sooo wonderful, even though Sir made me put a sharpie up my ass 🙄 When Miss found out about this she said I didn’t deserve it because I’m ugly and stupid. Sir agreed and said it won’t be months until i cum again 😓 Then i got scared because Sir and Miss started to talk about tiger balm and super glue. Beautiful Miss started referring to me as ‘it’ and 'thing’ which made me feel really small and humiliated and squirmy 😳The next day I told sir that my pussy didn’t ache like it had been doing and my bum was sore. He said that needed to be fixed and he sees a lot more pain in my future 😳😦 then I started to ache again 🙈🙈😫

It makes me realllly squirmy when Sir and Miss talk as if I don’t exist and tell me to sit in the corner and shut up. Miss is a real woman and is so much better and more intelligent than me so I always feel really stooopid 🙈🙈 They are very good at scaring me 😳😳😳 especially when sir said he would beat me until my brain drips out my ears and while I’m laying there barely conscious he would tear me by ramming his cook into my two holes 😳😰 Miss said she would hold me down and sit on my face. I was super drippy 😳

Sooo I’ve also had school exams the last couple of days and Sir and Miss said I should be prepared. Sir said if I get less than an A I will be punished 😳 Also on this day I made the mistake of asking to eat. Sir said yes but he said I was being really bold and he was surprised. This made me feel really guilty and greedy for asking 😔

Anyway, I’m currently writing this at 2am because earlier tonight I said to Sir that he can take his frustrations and anger out on me. (if he feels grumpy with work). 🙂🙂He then immediately made me slap my cunt 10 times 😫and then slap my cunt with a hairbrush 25 times. 😲This really stung and was hurty but Sir said it was helping so I felt useful 🙊🙊 I thought this would be the end but then Sir instructed me to go to the bathroom. This made me really frightened 😰 he made me video myself humping the toilet seat and then he made me lick up the mess I made. I felt so humiliated and disgusted 😳😳 (although my cunt got attention!) As I was trying to do this Sir was getting angry that I was taking so long and called me a disgusting pathetic whore and an ugly fat cow. Because I took so long I’m sleeping on the floor 😩 and I already mentioned how cold my bed was so now I’m shivery and achey on the floor.

But he called me a good girl and asked if I was okay. 😊 He’s 85% scary and 15% cute. Miss is 100% adorable. I love suffering for Sir and Miss and they look after me extremely well 💖 thank you for making me feel melty and drippy ☺️💕I’m learning 👶🏼🤦🏼‍♀️

Day 6: Mantis Shrimp

Ahh this one was really difficult for me.
I made an item on gaia when I still worked for there called Chromatic Killer based off the mantis shrimp so I wanted to create an actual mermaid version of it. In the end I had to change quite a few things to accommodate the super colorful tail to try to make the design work. Hope you guys like it!