but these posters are awesome

Now make a face that puts the bad guys in their place
‘Til they regret the decisions they made that day
That led to standing in your way
- Warrior Face

DCEU has zero chill in 2017

- Wonder Woman

- Young Justice S3

- Nightwing movie is coming

- Batgirl movie is coming (although with Whedon directing)

- Lego Batman movie

- Justice League is coming soon

- A new Justice League trailer during SDCC

- A first trailer for Aquaman during SDCC

- Amazing photos of Amber Heard as Mera

- Awesome posters of Wonder Woman and Justice League

- Gotham City Sirens is in production

- Solo Batman movie has a great director, Matt Reeves, who, along with writer Ben Affleck, wants to get this movie right

DCEU got me so fucking whipped

Cover poster for shamelessliarkickapow’s Call Me Katto:

“The Avatar awakens two years late, when only a token resistance still struggles against the Fire Nation. Katara disguises herself as a boy to follow Sokka into war. Not only must she hide her gender from her comrades, she has to help the Avatar while also dodging the creepy prince who’s taken such an intense interest in her.”


Went to Tokyo today for Jump Festa and take this opportunity to take pictures with these awesome poster! ✌🏻 Haikyuu giant poster @ Shibuya

yep after trying to find this for almost an hour.. almost give up~ i tried to find this at the usual place they put haikyuu poster on (engeki posters) but i cant find this there today and i almost cry i swear 😢 but luckily i found info from twitter (bless whoever posted about it) that told the exact place and i freaking run there 😂 good job myself for not giving up! 👏🏻 btw im in rush finding this poster because i have to catch my last train home (if i didnt take the last train i might sleep on some Tokyo’s pavement 😵)