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Noorhelm in s3 is not canon and I will literally fight anyone who disagrees

Enemies to Lovers

Request:  Hi! Can you do like an enemies to lovers with reader x Eric coulter please! Can you make the reader kinda hyper and sassy please? Thank you so much!

Pairing: Eric Coulter x reader

Warnings: none

Words: 700

 Even though you just had a short glance of him before you jumped into the moving train, you knew exactly who he was. He looked different of course, way more muscles, the black clothes, the tattoos, but you could still make him out easily.

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youngbloodedboy said:
“Something I’ve always wondered. Which pair of ears does Riyaku hear from?? Or is his hearing doubly good? :ooo”

Riyaku: “I can hear from both pairs!! Better from my cat ears though! D-doesn’t everyone hear like this if they have 4 ears?”

Single Mother - jb imagine

A/N: I’m really sorry this took so long, and i’m also sorry if it sucks. I’ve been having writer’s block and it wasn’t the best thing :/ hope you enjoy though.. 

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Summary: You’re a single mother with a troubled teenage daughter. Justin comes over to visit which leads to your daughter sneaking out and getting herself into serious trouble. After everyone kisses and makes up, Justin and you drop a bombshell.

Requested: yes

Warnings: language maybe.. just about it I’d assume


Being a single mother was a living hell on earth but, it had it’s perks sometimes. I’ve been raising Y/D/N on my own since she was born. Where’s her father you may ask? God only knows the answer to that question.

You see, Justin’s around but, it’s only for when he sees fit. Sometimes, he randomly turns up out of the blue thinking it’s okay to do so when it is the complete opposite. Y/D/N didn’t know that Justin was her father.

She was a literal spitting image of him. But, she’s never around to see him. I always catch her sneaking out late at night or even early in the morning. Who knows who that girl is going to see but, I was going to put an end to it soon. I heard the doorbell rang and I heard y/d/n yell that she’ll get it.

I paid her no mind, continuing to write up the bills I had on the table.

“Hey Justin! How are ya?” I heard y/d/n question from around the corner.

“Uh, great!” He responded, “Where’s your mother at?”

“In the kitchen, where she always is.” She scoffed, “You’re probably here to see her, right?”

“Actually yeah. Sorry to get you down in the dumps but, I brought you a little something. It’s not much because I don’t know anything about what teenage girls want but, I hope it’ll do.” He said. What a load a crap he’s feeding to her. Talking about he doesn’t know about what teenage girls want. Teenage girls sure as hell don’t want to be pregnant and left raising the kid on their own! 

I huffed, putting the bills back in the plastic bag that I keep them in. I got up from my chair and headed to the front door, where I was met by Justin. 

“Oh, hey y/n.” He smiled at me. “May I come in?" 

"Do as you please.” I nonchalantly replied. I walked away from the front door going back to the kitchen. I heard Justin close the door and his footsteps walking closely behind me. I paused abruptly, turning around to face him. “What exactly are you doing here?" 

He looked around, scratching the back of his neck before replying, "I just came here to see my daughter. Is it wrong for me to do so?" 

"First off, it’s our daughter,” I corrected him. “And second, no, it’s not wrong to see her but, after all these years, you’re dying to see her now?" 

"Y/N, don’t turn this on me. I’m not a bad father to my—I mean, our daughter. I do everything I can for her.” Justin said. He stared at me, awaiting me to say something back. “Well, I’m going upstairs to talk to her since her mother won’t talk to me. Maybe she’ll appreciate more than you ever will." 

I bit my tongue, stopping myself from saying something nasty. I did appreciate Justin but, he shouldn’t have left me pregnant and alone. I rolled my eyes, going back into the kitchen. I guess Y/D/N and Justin could use some father-daughter binding. 

Justin Bieber POV 

Sometimes, Y/N could be a real pain in the ass. She always found a way to turn things on me and make me seem like a terrible person, when in reality, I wasn’t! I jogged up the stairs and began looking at the doors to see something that looked like a female’s door. Ah, bingo! 

I knocked on the door before entering. "Hey, Y/D/N. May I come in?" 

"You’re already half way inside so, might as well.” She shrugged her shoulders. She was over in the corner, doing her makeup. It looked as if she was getting ready to go out. I walked into the room, keeping my distance because it would look shady if Y/N were to walk in and see me so close. Y/N already hated me as is and I didn’t need to make this any more worse. 

I sat on the foot of her bed, observing her from afar. Wow, she really did look like me. I wondered if Y/N told her about me. “If you don’t mind me asking, where exactly are you going all dolled up like that?” I questioned, catching her off guard. 

“Out.” She spat, “It’s just a little party with a few friends. Please don’t tell my mom." 

"Wasn’t planning on it. You deserve to have fun.” I smiled. I guess Y/D/N wasn’t expecting me to say yes because her mother was such a tight ass. She got up from where she sat and ran over to hug me.

“Thank you.” she whispered to me. “I won’t get into any trouble, I promise.”


“Hey, Justin, it’s me, Y/D/N. Can you come pick me up please?”

“Yeah, sure. What happened?”

“I can’t say but, I did something really bad and I know it’ll make my mom so mad at me. She’ll never let me out the house again.”

“I haven’t told her you’re out but, I’m on my way. Stay where you are.”

“Thank you so much Justin. I owe you big time.”

I slipped out of the house with no questions asked by Y/N, thank goodness. I drove to the address Y/D/N sent me and saw her sitting on the sidewalk. Good grief, what happened to her? I put the car in park and got out walking over to her.

“Come on Y/D/N, let’s go home.” 


A/N: I’m making a part 2 to this so please bear with me. I’m a busy person :)

Fat fingers part 2: Coffee date, or?

Note: Sorry that this took so long. I will start working on the TJeff request that I promised to work on earlier this week tonight and hopefully finish it tomorrow. For now, I hope you enjoy part 2 of Fat Fingers though. c:

Word count: 3168

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x reader

Warnings: Mentions of racism, homophobia and neo nazis. Do not read if Trump supporter, I guess??? Also a bit of swearing.

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You had been unable to go to sleep that night, even if you tried really hard to do so. It had been a horrible day and you wanted nothing but to tell your family how much you hated their influence on your life. But, if you did it would mean that you would never see them again and they were definitely someone you did not want to make your enemy, as they could make your life a living hell. You had no choice but to try and live at least a little bit by their rules.

At some point, you found yourself deciding to message Daveed on Facebook. At first, you had no idea what to write, but you just really felt like you owed him an apology and if he did not accept it, you sure would be embarrassed. But, you would have tried. At least the likelihood of you two ever meeting again was pretty much to zero.

“Hey, I don’t know if you remember me, but I was the girl who ran into you this morning. I just really wanted to apologize for the way my ‘friend’ acted. Anyway, that’s probably all. Bye” You typed awkwardly and send it to him. You were not sure whether he would reply or not, but just as you had put your phone down on your bedside table again, your phone buzzed. When you checked, you had not expected to see Daveed’s name on the display, but were unable to help the grin that spread across your lips. He really did respond.

“Hey Y/N, I remember you. No need to apologize though, it’s not your fault. I hope that you still want to take me up on that coffee soon. I’m heading to bed now, but feel free to call me at some point. Number is 510-555-0150. Hope to see you soon”

Had Daveed Diggs just given you his number? You blinked a couple of times and checked the display another time just to make sure that he had indeed given you his number. He definitely had. You could not help but wonder why, but it made you smile like an idiot. And blush a tiny bit too.

You saved his number in your phone and contemplated on whether you should text him or not. You decided on the later, as he had told you that he was going to bed. So, yet again you placed your phone on the nightstand and as you were about to fall asleep, finally being able to after you had gotten the apology off your chest, you received another message. Surprisingly enough, it was from Daveed as well.

“If it’s not too much to ask, could you send me a text?” He asked and you chuckled softly.

“Sure” You replied, before finding his name in your contacts. You were unsure about what to write. You could just send him a hi with your name, but that seemed sort of boring. “I think I am the one who owes you coffee. Goodnight, Diggs” You texted and finally went to sleep after sending it.

You woke up to a text from Daveed next morning. You had not expected it, but it honestly made you happy. Getting a response from him last night had saved your night and getting a text from him now definitely was a great start on an otherwise probably stressful day.

“Mornin. I don’t think so, Y/LN. I’ll buy coffee tonight, if you’re up for it? Have a great day.” The text said. You giggled softly and shook your head. You honestly still found yourself doubting that this was indeed real.

“Good morning Diggs. Only if I get to pay? You too” You replied as you got out of bed. You knew that you would be off late, it would probably be around 6 before you finally finished work, so you had to bring spare clothes because there was no way in hell you were going back to your apartment before going for coffee with Daveed. First, you changed into a pair of jeans, a white chiffon dress shirt and a blue blazer. It was nothing special, but it was suited for work. For the coffee trip you settled on a cute, wine red dress that reached to just above your knee, a lemon curry knitted cardigan and a pair of black heels. It was nothing special, but you wanted to at least do a little bit to look presentable.

When you were heading out the door, you received another text from Daveed. “Guess we’ll see about that. How does 7 sound? It’s a date” You read with a smile.

“7 sounds good. Noted. Where are we going?” You asked. So, it was actually a date. You were going on a date with Daveed freaking Diggs. You hoped that you could make it there in time. Otherwise, you could probably just tell him whatever time you needed.

“I don’t know yet. I can pick you up at work at 6:45, if that’s cool?” You didn’t get to reply for a while, since you were in a bit of a rush to get to the subway, so it wasn’t until you stepped out of the subway again, that you got to actually text him back.

“Sure. I’ll see you at 6:45 then” You texted and added your work address as you made your way to your office. It luckily was not a long walk and you made it there in about 5 minutes. You were later than usual, but still made it on time.

The day went by way too slowly. You wanted nothing else but to get out of there and go on that coffee date with Daveed. You were really looking forward to it, but had to push it to the back of your mind to get some work done. It worked for the most part, but you were not surprised when some of your co-workers noticed how happy you seemed, which had become pretty rare those days.

“Why are you so happy Y/N?” Your friend Emma had asked while you were sat at a table with her, along with two other friends from work at lunch.

You froze, not really knowing what to say. You looked up at her with a nervous chuckle and looked at the two others as well. They had definitely noticed your significantly happier mood too, so there was no way you were getting around this one. “I… Uhm. I’m going on a date.” You murmured and stared into your food. You filled your mouth with food so you were unable to answer any other questions for now.

“What? Seriously? Are you really going on a date? That’s so exciting. Who’s the lucky one?” She asked, a bit too loud. A few of your other co-workers turned to your table to look at you. You felt your mouth go dry as you felt very exposed under everyone’s gaze.

“It’s no big deal…” You trailed off. You bit your lower lip as you wondered whether or not you should tell them. You had bonded over your mutual fondness for clipping. after all. “Daveed Diggs.” You finally blurted under your breath. They were going to figure it out anyway when he picked you up later.

“What?!” She almost shouted and you felt yourself slide further into the comfort of your chair. You sensed that she was about to scold you. She was head over heels for the guy after all. “Fuck you, Y/N. You knew that I had a crush on him.” She added.

You snorted lightly at her. “Please, Emma. I will set you two up if it’s that big of a deal.” You answered ironically as you rolled your eyes.

Her expression softened at that and she shook her head softly. “No. God no. You two suit each other much better. Besides, I’m an even crazier fan than you. How did you two even meet?” She rambled. The rest of your friends sat staring at you in silence and you began to grow uncomfortable.

“It’s no big deal… I just spilled my coffee on him.” You replied as you quickly filled your mouth with more food to stop the endless row of questions. Luckily, Emma seemed to get the hint and the 4 of you fell into your usual, cosy conversations while you finished lunch.

The last hours felt more like years. You kept looking at the clock every 5 minutes or so and you were always disappointed. You worked hard to finish what you needed before 6 pm. You knew that there was no way in hell you were finishing up until at least 30 minutes later, but you hoped that you would at least be ready then. Luckily, you managed to finish what you were working on in the half an hour you had left and once the time showed 6:30pm, you finally closed your computer.

You left your station, bringing your bag with you to the ladies’ room. Once inside one of the booths, you quickly changed into the clothes you had prepared from home and fixed your make up in front of the mirror. You did not feel as confident as you had hoped, but you knew that you just had to roll with it. You were not going to wear your work clothes out for a date, so this had to do.

With a soft sigh you left the bathroom. It would only be a couple of minutes until Daveed was picking you up outside. So, you bid Emma goodnight and headed down the stairs. Once outside, people started to spill out of the building as they had just finished as well. You texted him, just to make sure that he knew that you were ready. “I’m outside now” you wrote.

You did not receive a text from him, which was probably due to the fact that he was just around the corner. You were pretty happy when you saw him walking once he turned the corner of the street, as driving around LA at this time of the day was really hard.

Once he spotted you in the crowd of people leaving your office, his face lit up in a smile. “Y/N. Hey.” He smiled as he made his way to you and once in front of you, he gently took your hand and pressed a soft kiss to the back of it, his beard tickling your skin lightly. A pinkish blush spread across your cheeks.

“Wow. Such a gentleman.” You teased with a soft smile. There was no real fire behind it though. You were just really relieved that he actually wanted to drink coffee with you.

“Well, you do learn something from playing a Frenchman in a Broadway musical, I guess.” He joked, which made you chuckle softly.

“Guess so.” You smiled. You felt very comfortable in his presence. He was nice, sweet. You really hoped that this would not be the last time the two of you went out for coffee, even if it would just be as friends in the future. He had this personality that you just could not help but love.

“So… I was thinking. Can I ask you out for dinner instead? Nothing fancy, but I never got around to eat anything and since you just finished work, I figured you didn’t either.” He asked.

You nodded softly. “Yeah. That would be great, honestly. I’m starving.” You admitted, which made him chuckle softly. “So, where do you want to go?” You asked.

“There’s this great café not too far from here where they sell food too. How does that sound?” He suggested.

“Coffee and food. Classy.” You joked, before you nodded. “Sounds great. Lead the way?” You questioned. You probably did not know the place he was talking about anyway.

Daveed gently took your hand, holding onto it loosely as he led the way down the street. You thought that perhaps this would be a great night out with him without your family or any of their friends figuring out what you were doing.

You still feared that they would figure out what was going on, so you were pretty grateful once you got to the café and headed inside. Luckily, no one seemed to have noticed you and if they did, you were done defending your choices in men to them. If you wanted to date someone who they did not like, they would just have to deal with that.

Daveed lead you to a small table in the back of the café, pulling a chair out for you to sit in. You giggled softly at the gesture and said down. “Thank you, Monsieur.” You joked., which made him snort, even if he was unable to hide the smirk tugging at the corners of his lips.

“So, Y/N. You already know what I do. So, what do you do?” He asked. You bit your bottom lip lightly at his question. You really did not think your life was that interesting, but you knew that telling him about yourself was inevitable.

“I just do office work. Nothing interesting.” You said, as you lowered your gaze with a slight shrug. You could definitely find better things to do, but your mum had gotten you this job a while ago, so you felt like you were unable to just quit.  

“Oh, well. What if I think it’s interesting?” He challenged with an arched eyebrow. He obviously was not going to let you off that easily.

You shrugged. “I honestly don’t think you do.” You answered with a shy smile. Your work was nothing interesting. It barely even payed your bills, but it was better than letting your parents pay for some expensive life style that you did not want.

Most of your evening was spent like that, asking each other questions about your lives. You found his to be much more interesting than yours, even though Daveed kept telling you that he thought your life was pretty interesting. However, at the subject of family your mood seemed to do a complete 1-80. You truly wanted nothing to do with them. If anything, you wanted them out of your life, but it was an impossible task.

“I… Like I said, my family is very… Republican. Racists, homophobes, neo Nazis. Stuff like that.” You explained as you lowered your gaze. People often thought that you were the same. But, you had very different believes compared to the rest of your family.

Daveed could obviously see that the topic of family bothered you a lot and you were quite surprised when you felt a pair of soft, warm hands wrap around yours. “Well, at least you aren’t like them, Y/N.” He smiled softly, trying to cheer you up. It did not work however, and actually made things a bit worse. You did not dare to tell him, though.

“No, I know. They let me know every day…. Things would be so much easier if I could just live by their rules.” Your murmured, looking down at your hands. You hated that you had to at least try and live the way they wanted you to, but you had no other options.

“I know, but I am glad that you are different. You deserve better than a family who is against all your believes.” He sighed.

You simply nodded, as you had no idea what to say. “I just really want to not have to be viewed as one of them.” You blurted, biting your lower lip slightly.

“Who do you think views you as the same as them? You seemed to make your opinion on the election very clear, at least from what I could tell.” He seemed really surprised at what you had said. He definitely did not think that you were like them in anyway.

“I don’t know… Just. People. Everyone I meet seem to know my parents.” You shrugged, before shaking your head. “Anyway. Let’s talk about something else.” You added. You just did not know what. You wanted to change the subject though, as you felt tears starting to sting your eyes as the topic of conversation fell on your family.

Daveed luckily seemed to pick up on it and quickly changed the subject. “So, was spilling your coffee on me really an accident or did you do it intentionally to get to talk to me?” He teased, instantly lifting your mood.

“I wish it was on purpose, but it honestly wasn’t.” You giggled softly. It would have been a smart move, but it was honestly an accident.

As Daveed waved at a waiter to pay for the food and coffee the two of you had finished a while ago, he chuckled lightly at your response. “You could have fooled me.” He winked. You immediately felt a blush creep up your neck and heat up your cheeks.

“Maybe next time it won’t be an accident, D. It did gain your attention after all. Or was it my dashing looks?” You sassed him. You too could play that game.

You were about to protest when Daveed handed the waiter his credit card and he held his hand up to cut you off. “I’m buying, my treat. You can pay next time.” He said.

You knew you were not going to win this one, so you simply nodded with a soft sigh. “If there’s going to be a next time.” You teased.

“Oh, there definitely is.” He said. The two of you got up once the waiter had returned to your table with Daveed’s credit card.

The two of you left the restaurant together and once outside, you finally turned to him to answer. “What makes you so sure that I want to see you again, Diggs?” You challenged with an arched eyebrow. You definitely did, though. And as soon as possible.

“Because you think I’m hot.” He winked at you, which made your mouth fall open slightly.

“Fuck you, Daveed.” Your blurted as a blush spread across your cheeks. He was not wrong, though. You definitely thought he was hot and he had a great personality too, which made it even worse. You knew that your family would in no way approve of any form of relationship with a person of colour, let alone a rapper who wrote a song about how much he hates Donald Trump. Also, you thought that Daveed could do a lot better than someone like you and it honestly scared and confused you a bit, that he wanted to see you again.

“Gladly. Though, for tonight I just want to say thank you.” He grinned, which made you laugh.

“Goodnight, D. Tonight was great.” You smiled, as you tiptoed to place a light kiss against his cheek, his stubble tickling your chin lightly. You then flagged down a cab and waved goodbye. It had been an absolutely amazing evening and you were honestly really looking forward to seeing him again.

anonymous asked:

Hoo-hoo, boy do I dislike it when fans use an official individual's opinion to push their stance as "factual". Just because a voice actor likes your ship does NOT mean it will become canon or is "teh officalz". (Nor does them liking your favorite character makes them "better" than the others) At the end of the day, it's the producers and executives that have the bigger say on things. They dictate what happens with the series. It may or may not be your cup of tea, but that's how it goes,


Junichi Kanemaru for instance seems to like SonAmy. Does that make the pairing more “legitimate” and is a go-to example to prove the “legitimacy” of this pairing? No. It isn’t. Though it’s pretty cool all the same ˊᵕˋ

Even if a figure who is an ultimate authority on the series such as a leading member of Sonic Team voiced love/hate of a character, that still wouldn’t be the measure by which I’d judge whether a character was great or not or whether I should like said character or not. Takashi Iizuka for example proclaiming that, say, Scourge is an amazing character who is one of his favorites would not compel me in the least to like Scourge or think of him as an “amazing” character.

Formulate and back-up your own opinions. Don’t hang on the arm of figures tied to the franchise in order to formulate your opinions of things and to use as “proof” of the legitimacy of such.

Okay so if you followed me for the few days before episode 12 was released, by now you’re probably aware that this is not how I wanted the anime to end.

But allow me to stress one thing that changes practically everything about my post-ep 12 feelings: This is not the end.

If this were the end, if this were the only season and there were no promise of another one then boy, I would have been pissed, to put it lightly.

But it isn’t over. That’s the point.

Yes, I wanted both Victor and Yuuri to retire, get married and live happily ever after in Hasetsu or Saint Petersburg or anywhere as long as they’re happy and married (and pair skating ofc). And yeah, I do feel like the anime was building up to both of them retiring and the development of episode 12 was forced and practically felt untrue to the characters, as though the writers were disregarding the past 11 episodes, but I can all but forgive them for such an inconsistent finale because it wasn’t a finale. It was a transition, and a sloppy one at that imho, but the point is that this is not the end.

I think most of us by now agree that they changed the last episode sometime in the last few weeks after realizing how popular the anime is and that having a decisive conclusion right now would kill the chances of a second season and when something’s popular and does well with the audience then killing the chances of a second season is a terrible idea.

So they basically did the opposite. They bet everything on the promise of a second season, going as far as delivering a final episode that tried to please everyone and ended up sort of annoying a good portion of the fans.

But you know what I say? Fair enough.

Because I also wanted more backstories and more domestic moments and more character interactions and just more. More than 12 episodes could cover. So that’s exactly what we’ll get. We’ll have more.

And I’m sure there are people out there who say that “I’d rather have one wholesome, perfect season than two, especially if the first one ended so poorly.” And yeah, I get those sentiments but I’d rather give Kubo and the team the benefit of the doubt and trust them to make an equally (or more) amazing second season, rather than write it off as trash just because it was somewhat inconsistent with season one. They have months to work on that story and I’m sure they can come up with something good in this period of time.

The finale to season one of YOI has left me unsatisfied.

But am I disappointed? Do I feel betrayed? Did it ruin the anime for me or make me love it any less?


Because if for the price of a lesser finale to episode 12, we can get another season of twelve episodes that could potentially even top this one then that’s a price I am willing to pay.

Victor and Yuuri can retire and get married at any point in time in their career. So long as they’re together, I believe everything will be fine.

And if I can get an extra 12 episodes and my perfect happy ending then not even a weak finale to one season can kill the joy in me.


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are you a johnlock shipper who supports Sherlolly fans and their right to ship Sherlolly (or whatever pairing they want)?

I am. I hope you are too. 

Remember: not everybody agrees about where canon is going, because in fact none of us actually know yet.

Remember: some people’s shipping interest/preferences are not dictated by what they think is going to happen in canon.

Remember: there can be room for all of us.

Remember: none of us are authorities over fandom or other fans. Once people start deciding that there isn’t room for all of us, there is nothing to protect you from somebody else making the same decision about you. Be kind. 

harry potter rated by appearances of socks
  • philosphers stone: for harry's 10th birthday he got Dursley's old socks, excellent present. He also found a spider on his socks, cute! And of course Dumbledore's infamous: "I see myself holding a pair of thick, woollen socks", in the Mirror of Erised. A noble desire indeed! and "One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore. I live by those words, give socks to everyone you know. 8/10
  • chamber of secrets: Well, we all know what's coming. First of all, the obscure. Professor Sprout put socks on mandrakes to help them save all the petrified people, socks saving lives again. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: "And he forced the smelly sock into Lucius Malfoy’s hand." SAVAGEEE: then "Master has given Dobby a sock. Dobby is free. YASSSS PRIME USE OF SOCKs 11/10
  • prisoner of azkaban: Ron got a pair of maroon socks for xmas even though he doesn't like maroon! Poor form. Harry kept his sneakoscope in his aforementioned birthday socks. MEh nothing exciting in the sock world. 0/10
  • goblet of fire: Harry's socks got wet, horrible -5 points. But, then the tables turned for socks. Harry gave Dobby mustard yellow socks, and Ron gave him violet socks. Little did they know in 2016, that would be a fashionable colour scheme. Of course Dobby is wrapped! "Socks are Dobby's favourite, favorite clothes, sir!" Thus, he in return gave Harry hand knitted snitch and broomstick pattern socks. Moody himself complimented Harry on his chic socks. Harry proclaimed: he was going to buy Dobby a pair of socks for every day of the year, and he then gave him screaming and flashing socks. Dobby said he had 7 socks- symbolism?? EXCELLENT YEAR FOR SOCKS 10/10
  • order of the phoenix: Mundungus smells like burnt socks -4 points. Hermione knitted a bunch of socks for the house elves but only Dobby wore them.... Ron used socks to hold his prefect badge. not a great year. 2/10
  • half-blood prince: wtf is with harry and using socks as a storage device. Felix Felicis stored in socks. Nothing else so -1/10
  • deathly hallows: Hermione brought Ron's maroon socks that he hated from CoS. Socks are again used a storage... with Hermione's beaded bag placed in her sock. Now, when Dobby died, Ron took off his socks from his feet to place onto Dobby, out of respect for his passion of socks. I'm not crying, you are. sentimental socks... It made me sad but it's a beautiful tribute 9.3/10

The official SU page on Facebook posted a clip from the episode with this description and, I dunno, I just really like that they did that

  • Licht: I could kill you if I wanted to, Shit Rat!
  • Hyde: Yeah? So could another human being.
  • Licht:
  • Hyde: So could a dog.
  • Hyde: So could a dedicated duck.
  • Licht:
  • Hyde: You aren't special, Licht-tan.
Yuri On Ice Fanfiction Rec List

Hey guys, it’s been about a month now since I’ve been in the YOI fandom and I constantly get asked for fanfiction recs all the time so I thought I’d take the time to make a list of my favorites! If you like them please kudos and let the authors know because they work so hard and deserve it! A note for all of them though, they are about the pairing Victuuri. 

They’ll be a lot of links and such so I’ll be putting them below the cut.

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└  Model pair: カッコイイ〜 可愛い〜 (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

And cos I couldn’t resist a super-competitive Jun looking adorkably cute~~

and the teasing~~

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 05.11.2016


Here are some photos of the Hoopoe, Israel’s national bird, for Dinokkah! 

Some fun facts about the Hoopoe (I can’t write a full factfile, don’t worry, that’ll come on October 28, 2021): 

- Hoopoe, Upupa, and epops, three names for this bird, are named for the cry it makes! 
- Hoopoes are monogamous, though the pair bond only last for a single season 
- Incubating/brooding females produce a foul smelling liquid, as do the nestlings. It is rubbed into the plumage and smells like rotten meat, which deters predators. 
- The birds will often fight each other, and often stab each other with their long bills. This can even blind rivals. 
- Hoopoes sunbathe by spreading out their wings and tail low against the ground and tilting up their heads! 
- They enjoy taking dust and sand baths

So the Hoopoe is a really cool bird, and a great one to be the national bird of Israel! Happy Chanukah!