but these idiots

Jason and Billy looks like the Gay fathers that act like they are cool when in reality they just trip over their feet and it’s a laugh and make poor dad jokes

Zack looks like that mom who looks being all hip and in too each of his kids always asking if they have new boyfriends/girl friends

Trini and Kimberly look like the two rebel children who are so gay for each other they just have eye sex in class

The perfect family of idiots I love them

Diana’s Room and what a room’s design can tell us about a person.

Warning: This is long. Really long. And probably not that important or interesting.

*Cracks his knuckles*

Ok, so, as always, this is going to relate to diana. 

Yet that doesn’t mean it’s actually about Diana, it just relates to her character.

Today i will analyze everything i think it’s important in Diana’s Room and how it conveys things to us without speaking.

Let’s begin for this first shot. 

It’s remarkable that they start here, and not with the whole room. Focusing the camera first on the Desk let’s us know that that’s the important thing on this room, at least for now. Yet here we can see things that are already telling us something.

The Books, aligned as they are, are not in a shelf but in the desk, meaning that they probably don’t belong there. Maybe burrowed from a library, or maybe just there temporarily while they are being used, probably because the readers of those books study them constantly, so having them there saves time and effort.

At the sides of the line of books we can see: A Crystal Sphere, Ink & Quills and a mirror.

The left side, with the Crystal Sphere and one set of Ink & Quill well aligned, shows us that, whoever sit’s there, is probably interested in foreseeing and is well organized, while the other, with the mirror and the other set of Ink & Quill not aligned, shows a more down to earth personality, someone who probably doesn’t take his studies as seriously as the other person.

I must point at the fact that here we can see only 2 chairs, when by instinct we know that there should be 3 students per room. Which, knowing who’s room is this, makes us thing automatically in Hanna&Barbara.

Then we have this.

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So Henry sent the Evil Queen to be with Robin in the Wish Realm, but doesn't that realms Henry and Rumple want the EQ dead? lol

Well, I’m sure you’re going to be told by those ‘authorities’ on all things Regina Mills (the people who tell you what to think, and admonish you severely when you’re wrong) how to fanwank it–that the EQ is now going to set self on the task of ‘redeeming’ King Henry (which, redemption–for wanting punishment for the ‘evil’ person responsible of murdering his grandparents and kidnapping/brainwashing/ whatev his mother? Wtf?) now as her… new beginning? Well, after the one she first pursues, by coming right to the tavern to find the ale-sloshing ForestRat–because her ‘new beginning’ MUST start with a man? Who again, didn’t age for some inexplicable reason–because it’s of course, only a destiny–to be tied with hers?

Don’t get me wrong, the v.3 Pinecone is actually almost likeable, having this spunk and spirit that the wife-cheating wetnoodle model sorely lacked, and SMeagol even had a few acting classes in the meantime, so… I daresay that (if we put a paper bag on his head, of course) I even would’ve liked him now–if it all wasn’t written in such a… naive, child-like way? But hey, it’s not like they haven’t been resolving ALL their plotlines the same insta way ever since… 5-7yos became their main target group with Frozen, after which… they chose to stick with pea-brained CS/Hook preteens.

Fitting, eh?

PS. Perhaps we should start a poll, and see how many (Swan Queen, because they’re the core of this godforsaken show) fanfics covered that storyline–split, guilt, self-loathing and self acceptance, and then the final merge–in a WAY more developed and psychologically true-to-the-character profound way–than the Two Idiots did? :)


Prompt: A sick Harry or Draco; and I feel like we’ve seen a lot of sick!Draco posts so I thought I’ll do one with Harry. And let’s be real, Harry would probably refuse to accept that he’s sick and Draco would be beside himself with worry because that man never listens and he’d have to practically bully him into resting.

The temptation to do one with a sick!Draco is reeeeal.

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I feel like Ed Sheeran's Perfect is perfect for wolfstar. It's about falling for someone since you were young and not recognizing it and then losing them and getting them back again and there are promises of never letting go and giving up on them. It's so fluffy and sappy just like sirius and remus. ❤️❤️

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
Not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
And in your eyes, you’re holding mine

This is so Wolfstar i need a moment to sit down and clutch my chest it’s PERFECT

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What do you think about this boycott thing? Are you going to take part in it? I was thinking it wasn't a bad idea because that hug /was/ a huge slap to our faces but now so many people are saying that we shouldn't do it on a Regina-centric episode and that we're not real ERs if we do it. I'm conflicted tbh? I love Lana and would always support her but the way the show runners are treating their LGBT audience is more important than a fictional character imo? (1)

And the point of the boycott is not to affect the ratings because everyone is aware it doesn’t work like that, but to give the media a hint that the show is fucking up, since that’s what the fandom is for – to create media buzz. This whole saying we’re not real ERs and calling us ‘angry shippers’ sounds a lot like guilt-tripping to me? I mean, if we were to follow that logic, we could never really raise our voices anyway, since the show is Regina heavy and Lana is a big part of it, (2)

so we would be accused of wanting to destroy her career anyway. But it just makes me so angry because it’s basically silencing us. If we want to fight, we will have to start somewhere, right? I’m sorry for the rant but I feel like your inbox is the only safe space to do that atm. What are your thoughts about this? (3)             

To be completely candid, I’ll start by saying that unfortunately we have no way of taking part in this boycott, simply because we have been watching in ways that don’t count for a while now–and because we’re not Twitter active. But if we were, we would definitely go silent. Because that would deliver the message, given that it’s ‘loud’ enough. But while I absolutely appreciate your concerns, I must add that this is not about Lana Parrilla, the actress who has been (well, mostly anyway–a few painful blunders that some people chose to conveniently forget, aside) supportive. Because at the end of the day, she’s been doing what she did to build her fanbase, and she did it quite well–so a SINGLE episode of silence can’t hurt her. Not at this point, when the show is tethering dangerously on the precipice of… a very deep abyss. And not when that single hour of boycott can’t hurt the show either, but what it CAN do–is communicate the message, you know?

So anyone calling you a bad ‘ER’ (which by the by, we haven’t been considering ourselves as ERs here for quite a while, because that term has been appropriated by multishippers and other dimwits who “ship Regina with happiness”, the same people who seem to be biggest ‘authorities’ on all things Regina Mills these days, anyway?) is totally guilt-tripping you. All based on their own creepy projections–towards actress? So, no. When the main premise becomes about promotion of bad media then the task of deconstruction and, more importantly, renewal (through creating more diverse and critical media) falls to the rest of us. So, whoever is trying to silence you? Tell them to fuck right off. You have every right to your own opinion, and to express it however you feel like to.


Because ultimately, representation is inherently political. It is not just about personal taste, or projected desire. Many straight people are actually happy with the idea of a fairytale happy ending for two women and their son because the story is a good one, but many realize that it’s not currently (currently) ‘happening’ (subtextually it might be, we won’t write that off completely) because of the politics of heteronormativity. And depoliticizing the inherently politicized nature of media is a big, big mistake. Depoliticization can happen either when ‘fans’ become overly fixated on one thing (or person) or when outcome is mistaken for process. And then if the ONLY way for you to express your politicized view, your stance, or hell-retaliate for the slap in the face that that hug IS at this point–is that… then boycott away. Because no one, NO ONE has the right to guilt-trip or silence you. Okay?

The Ocean’s Child: Chapter 1

I saw @joker-ace‘s art of Lance being a child of the ocean and @the-noble-idiot‘s want of a fic and felt inspired! Based off this post

Shiro pulled up the packing list on his phone as he surveyed the contents of everyone’s luggage. “It’s look like we’ve got everything,” he said, scrolling through the list. “But let’s double check to make sure we have all the essentials. Hunk, is all the equipment loaded in the car?”


“Keith, we’ve got all the field guides and reference books?”

“They’re packed in the red suitcase.”

“Great! Pidge, did you pack enough sunscreen?”


“Then I think we’re ready to leave!” Shiro smiled, dropping his phone into the pocket of his slightly tacky Hawaiian shirt, the black with white printed tropical leaves matching well with his khaki shorts and flip flops. A pair of sunglasses rested on his head, making him the picture of a stereotypical tourist. And while that wasn’t why they were taking this trip, Shiro couldn’t resist the opportunity to act as a cliched “vacation dad”.

But it got even worse from there. Shiro bought similar shirts for the rest of the crew, hoping they would match. Thankfully, only Hunk had decided to wear his. Hunk’s was yellow and decorated with pineapples. The outfit looked more natural on him, matching well with his usual headband and casual attire. Hunk had grown out his hair so it was shaggier than normal, but it suited him well. People would probably take him for a local rather than a tourist.

Pidge opted for a less obnoxious option. She cut her ponytail straight off, deciding on a shorter style that would be better for the heat. She wore an old green t-shirt, faded jean shorts, and sandals. On her head was a green baseball cap with a faded image of a lion to keep the sun off her pale face. Slung around Pidge’s shoulder was her laptop bag, something she never went anywhere without. Unlike Hunk and Shiro, Pidge looked somewhat professional which was ironic considering she was the youngest of them all.

And finally, there was Keith who wanted to wear his red jacket and black pants despite their destination reaching toasty temperatures nearly every day. Shiro tried to persuade him to try something more comfortable, but Keith refused. He wasn’t one to switch up his style. He wouldn’t even let Shiro trim his mullet which was sure to be an annoyance when the crew ventured into denser forests. But for now, Keith had decided to keep the jacket in his luggage and instead chose the black t-shirt he normally wore.

With everyone suited up in their travel clothes and everything finally packed, Shiro held up the keys and exclaimed, “Let’s get going!”

The gang filed into the white van they rented. The car was crammed with luggage, cameras, computers, and whatever else Shiro decided they needed to bring along. Shiro sat in the front seat with Keith on the passenger side. Pidge and Hunk stayed in the back where they could geek out without disturbing Shiro as he drove.

“So how exactly did you get the money for this?” Keith asked as he stared vacantly out the window. “A trip for four for three months on an exotic island doesn’t come cheap. How’d you get the Garrison to do it?”

Shiro chuckled to himself, putting his sunglasses on. “It wasn’t too difficult. I just had a nice chat with the Chief and convinced him that knowledge on Altea is really lacking. There’s hardly any good research on the place. I pulled some strings here and there, plus I promised to bring the Chief back a souvenir. All the paperwork was filed the day after and now we’re off to Altea!”

“That’s our leader for you!” Hunk laughed from the backseat. “Shiro, I’m pretty sure you could ask the Garrison for a million dollars and they wouldn’t hesitate just because it was you. You’re like a freaking legend!”

“Thanks, Hunk, but you know I’m not that impressive. I really haven’t done much.”

“You’ve published three critically acclaimed research papers, been nominated for nearly every documentary prize in existence, and been promised a full time staff position at the Garrison without even having your PhD yet!” Pidge argued, a proud smirk plastered on her face. “I’d call that impressive!”

“Says the computer genius,” Shiro laughed as he flicked the turn signal. “I wouldn’t be half as successful as I am without your tech, Pidge. And without Keith and Hunk, I’d be lost. We’re part of a team now. I can’t do anything without you three. The research we publish after studying Altea is going to have all our names on it.”

Even Keith smiled at Shiro’s comment. “We’re definitely an interesting team,” he sighed, glancing back at Hunk and Pidge. “The Garrison’s star student, a near dropout, an engineer/cultural guru, and a fourteen-year old. That reminds me… Pidge, didn’t you have to get a permission slip signed by your parents to go on this trip?”

“Yes,” Pidge groaned, facepalming at the memory. “Despite skipping multiple grades to get into the Garrison and having proven that I can be a totally capable adult, they were reluctant. They only let me go because they knew Shiro was coming. It took Matt and I an entire week before we convinced them. Good thing you and Matt are friends, Shiro, otherwise I’d be sitting at home while you guys had all the fun.”

“It’s too bad he couldn’t come,” Shiro said. “But he is in the middle of his research so I guess he couldn’t drop everything to take a vacation with us. We’ll have to bring back lots of pictures for him.”

“Shiro, the exit’s right up ahead!” Keith interrupted as he pointed to the GPS on his phone. “It should take us straight to the docks. Pidge, do you have the tickets ready?” Pidge pulled four tickets out of her laptop bag and handed them to Keith. “Great,” he nodded as Shiro entered the exit ramp.

The crew was greeted by the sight of a beautiful blue ocean that stretched as far as the eye could see. They had flown out here from the Garrison last night and hadn’t gotten to take in the scenery yet. The view took them aback. Not one of them had seen anything like it before. The Garrison was located in a rocky area up north, nothing like this. It felt like they were in a whole different universe.

“I can see the docks! Look at all the boats!” Pidge exclaimed, rolling down the window and leaning over Hunk to get a better view. Boats dotted the water as people played along the beach. The cool ocean breeze spilled through the open window. It felt refreshing against Pidge’s cheeks.

“Pidge!” Hunk groaned as she crawled over him. “Your knee is in my stomach.”

“Whoops! Sorry!” Pidge quickly returned to her seat, snapping her seatbelt back into place. She tried to contain her excitement, but bounced up and down her seat eagerly. Her parents had never let her go on a trip like this before. It would be the first time she traveled out of the country and she was going with her best friends! Naturally, she was ecstatic.

Shiro drove off onto a sand covered road that lead to a large wooden dock. At the edge of the dock was the ferry that would take them to Altea. There was a rope connecting it to the dock along with a ramp that stretched out.

“We’re here!” Shiro grinned as he got out of the car. He took the tickets from Keith and said, “I’m gonna go talk to the captain and then we’ll load the van onto the ferry. Just sit tight, Team Voltron!”

Keith loudly groaned as Shiro left. “We’re actually using that name?” he asked. “It sounds like something out of a bad 80’s cartoon. How did Shiro come up with something that corny? Normally he’s so cool and that name is so… not.”

“Who knows?” Pidge shrugged her shoulders. She wasn’t going to questioning Shiro’s rather random team name. When he suggested it to them, he seemed pretty excited. As she recalled, he said it had ‘a rather nice ring to it’ and not wanting to ruin his joy, Pidge didn’t protest. Hunk and Keith hadn’t either since they didn’t want to hurt Shiro’s feelings. And he was their leader so he had the right to choose. That was how they ended up with the name Team Voltron.

“That also probably means he’s going to stick to calling us Paladins too,” Pidge continued, trying to contain her chuckles. “It seems a little too heroic for a ragtag group of university researchers. I can’t believe he gave us a name though. That’s such a dad thing to do.”

“Correction,” Keith interjected, holding his finger up. “That’s such a Shiro thing to do. The guy is like a big brother to me, but sometimes I wonder about him…”

“I wonder how you two can possibly get along. Shiro is way more fun than a stick in the mud like you.”

“Do you really want to fight about this, Pidge?” Keith grinned, revealing his rare, cheeky smile. “Because we’ve done this before and I always win.” Pidge pouted, deciding to back down. Verbal or physical, Keith remained the victor when it came to fights.

“What do you think Altea is gonna be like?” Hunk wondered, switching the subject to something less controversial. “I bet they have the best food! Local food is always so good!” He licked his lips, imaging the possibilities. “I can’t wait to take pictures of it all and write down all the recipes. Hopefully, we’ll be there to experience some local customs too! I’d love to video of any dances or celebrations they have.”

“Well I can’t wait to document the wildlife,” Pidge grinned. She pulled out her camera and snapped a quick picture of Hunk and Keith. “The island is said to have native species unlike any others in the world. Maybe I’ll discover a brand new species and get to name it! Talk about an achievement!”

Keith jokingly rolled his eyes. “I’d rather record the history of the place,” he explained. He opened the Wikipedia page for Altea on his phone and showed Hunk and Pidge how empty is was. “There’s practically no history on it, but think about the rich past an isolated island like Altea could have. Not to mention, they’re bound to have a few crazy legends or two.”

“We definitely have our work cut out for us,” Pidge agreed. “It’s a lot for just three months, but with Shiro guiding us, we can accomplish anything!” Hunk and Keith laughed, amused by Pidge’s endless praise for Shiro. He was practically family to her and it was obvious Pidge idolized him although they secretly did too.

The muffled cheers of beachgoers came from outside. Keith rolled down the window to get a better look. There lots of people in bathing suits carrying surfboards or buckets and shovels. Children were building sandcastles while adults basked in the sand. Some played in the water while others tried to surf. Keith normally didn’t like crowded places, but something about the beach calmed him. If Altea was anything like this, he wouldn’t mind spending the three months there.

The van door opened again and Shiro popped back in. “The captain says we’re clear to drive up,” he said, starting the van. “As soon as we’re onboard, the ferry’s leaving. There’s no one going to Altea but us.”

“You’d think more people would want to travel to an exotic island,” Hunk thought aloud as Shiro carefully drove the van aboard the ferry. “It’s sounds like a top vacation destination to me.”

“That’s what the Alteans are trying to avoid,” Shiro explained. “In the past, too many islands have been devastated by tourism. While it brings in money, it can be bad for the environment and the local populations. Think about what it would be like to have a bunch of disrespectful strangers bound into your home and trash the place because they paid a hundred bucks to stay there for the night and feel entitled. Altea has been lucky to avoid that fate.”

“How’d we get in then? Sounds like they aren’t that welcoming to outsiders.”

“Actually the Alteans are actually a quite peaceful people. When I talked to our guide on the phone, she was excited to hear about our stay and our research. She’s be joining us during the duration of our visit,” Shiro smiled. “She’s going to meet us when we arrive at Altea and show us around the place.”

“The phone?” Pidge asked, cocking her head in confusion. “The Alteans have phones?”

“Of course they do!” Shiro laughed. “They aren’t living on some deserted island. They’ve got all the modern amenities we do. Besides, I’ve heard the Alteans have some pretty advanced technology that could rival even yours, Pidge…”

Pidge’s eyes grew wide like a child’s during the holidays. “No way!” she cheered. “This trip is going to be even better than I thought!” She whipped out her computer and began typing furiously. “I’ve got to make sure I document everything! This program should be able to scan and record anything we find while this one should-”

“Pidge, the battery on your laptop’s dying,” Hunk pointed out. He tapped the corner of the screen where the battery icon flashed red.

“Ah!” Pidge screamed. She handed the laptop to Hunk as she searched through her bag. “Charger… charger… where’s the charger!” Her teammates laughed to themselves as Pidge panicked. Finally, she found her charging pack and plugged it into the computer. “That’s better,” she said, letting out a sigh of relief.

“How about we put the laptop away for a bit and step out onto the boat?” Shiro suggested. “We’re about to leave.”

As the gang stepped out of the van, the back of the ferry came up, securing the stern. The loud sound of a horn filled the air accompanied by the mechanical whirl off the engine. The captain of the ferry pulled the rope of the dock and returned to the wheel. The ferry lurched forward, heading off into the ocean. Specifically, it was headed towards the island of Altea.

Everyone rushed to the side of the boat. The ferry whipped up water, splashing it in their faces. They could smell the salt in the air and see the water dip up and down in waves. Passing underneath the boat were schools of colorful fish and an array of coral and seaweed.

“The ocean’s incredible…” Pidge gasped, taking in the entire scene. She snapped photos as fast as the camera would let her. “The biodiversity is astounding. In only a few minutes, we’ve seen multiple species of fish and coral. And they all seem to be perfectly healthy. All the coral is vibrant and alive which is abnormal nowadays considering pollution. But everything here looks untouched!”

“The people in this area do a good job keeping everything clean,” Hunk told her. “I did some research on this area before coming. There’s a strong environmentalist community on the mainland. That’s why the beach looked so clean despite their being tourists. Unfortunately, I found hardly nothing on Altea when researching. Shiro and Keith were right. It’s almost like the island doesn’t exist.”

“And we’re gonna change that,” Shiro smiled as he gazed out at the sea. “This our chance to show the world an amazing place and people. We’ll have to make sure we do them justice.”

Pidge nodded and zoomed in her camera to get a good picture of a clownfish. The others walked away to check out the other side of the ferry and chat with the captain. Hunk went back to the van to pull out the video camera so he could start filming. A few scenes of the ocean would be good to have in their backlog.

“I’ve some great photos already!” Pidge grinned to herself as she scrolled through the camera’s memory. “I’d better log these in my computer and do a scan on all these species. I didn’t think all these were native to the area.” Just before she was about to turn and grab her bag, there was a slightly larger than usual splash at the side of the boat.

“What the…” Pidge peered over the side curiously, wondering if an oversized fish had gotten caught beside the boat. To her surprise, she saw something larger than a fish.

A boy with beautifully tanned skin swam beneath the surface of the water. His hair was dark brown and cut short. He wasn’t wearing much besides a pair of what looked like blue swim trunks. His back was to Pidge and he didn’t notice her. Instead, his attention seemed to be focused on a butterfly fish swimming peacefully though the water. He reached his hand out and brushed against the fish’s scales almost as if he was petting it.

Scrambling for her camera, Pidge immediately snapped a picture of the boy. What’s he doing? she wondered, trying to take another, less shaky, photo. Why’s he swimming all the way out here? And why hasn’t he come up for air yet?

The boy continued to swim along as if the presence of the ferry didn’t bother him at all. Should I call out to him? Pidge wondered, biting her lip. I don’t want to interrupt his swim, but I’m curious as to what he’s doing. Maybe he’s a local Altean?

“Excuse me!” Pidge shouted, waving her arms. “Hey you there! In the water!” Her shouting caught the boy’s attention. He stopped swimming and turned towards her, still keeping his head below water. Although he was a few meters away, Pidge could make out his face and was stunned by his facial features.

Even though she wasn’t concerned with boys, Pidge had to admit he was handsome. He had a sharp chin and clear skin. But the most captivating part of him was his eyes. They were nearly an identical blue to the ocean. They were sharp and pierced her soul. While they were full of life, they seemed almost… inhuman.

Pidge stumbled backwards, caught off guard by the boy’s gaze. Her yelling and near tumble didn’t go unnoticed by her friends. “You okay over there, Pidge?” Shiro called, gesturing for Hunk and Keith to come with him to check on her.

Ignoring the calls of her teammates, Pidge yelled again to the boy. “Hello? What are you doing out there? Isn’t it dangerous to be swimming out this far? Do you need help?”

“Pidge, who are you talking to?” Keith asked, resting a hand on her shoulder. His question was immediately answered by the sight of the strange boy in the water. Keith gasped, just as confused as Pidge. Shiro and Hunk who were right behind him had a similar reaction.

“We need to grab a life preserver and a life jacket!” Shiro said, entering leadership mode. “It’s not safe for someone to be swimming in this deep water. We need to pull him onboard!”

“Just wait a second!” Hunk shouted to the boy. “We’re going to save you! Stay right where you are!”

The boy’s eyes widened before he broke into a clever smile. For a moment, his blue irises turned pure white with an unnatural glow. He snapped his fingers, a seemingly impossible feat underwater. All of a sudden, a huge wave emerged and splashed the side of the ferry. The water hit everyone square in the face and drenched them. The salt stung their eyes, temporarily blinding them.

Once the pain subsided, everyone rubbed their eyes and then rushed to see if the boy was okay. Keith held the life preserver and life jacket to throw to him, but to everyone’s surprise, the boy completely vanished. It was as if he hadn’t been there in the first place.

“He’s… gone…” Shiro said shocked, his jaw agape. “But that’s impossible. No one could swim away that fast. Did the waves sweep him away?”

“Unlikely,” Keith countered, his arms crossed. The life preserver and life jacket lay beside him on the ground, unused. “The wave that hit the boat came from the opposite direction,” Keith continued. “If anything, it should have pushed him towards us, not further away. And that wave came out of nowhere. What caused it?”

“I’m doing a search on the area’s wave patterns and cross referencing it with the current weather cycle. Give me a sec,” Pidge said, activating her phone’s wifi hotspot. After a minute or two of searching, she found her answer, but it wasn’t what she was expecting.

“This doesn’t make any sense…” Pidge frowned. “With the weather as clear as this and the ocean this calm, there should be a zero percent chance for waves like that. By all scientific measures, it should be impossible!”

Hunk frowned as he took another look over the side of the ferry. “Yeah, but it clearly happened, so science is wrong in this scenario. More importantly, shouldn’t we call the Coast Guard or something? There’s a dude floating out in the ocean without any diving equipment or safety gear!”

“Let’s talk to the captain first,” Shiro advised, trying to calm everyone down. “I’m he’s dealt with stuff like this before. Hopefully, he’ll know what to do in this situation.” Everyone nodded in agreement. Shiro always knew what to do in times like these. That’s why he was in charge.

Quickly, Team Voltron ran to the captain’s quarters and knocked on the door. The captain opened the door with a cheery grin and said, “Why hello? What are you all doing here looking so flustered?” He twirled his orange mustache happily, seemingly delighted to meet the visitors on his vessel. “Oh, where are my manners? I haven’t introduced myself to you all besides Shiro yet.

"I’m Coran. During most of the year, I live on Altea, but I drove my boat out here to pick you lot up. It’s nice to see young folk like yourselves taking an interest in our little island. Allura was awfully excited when she heard about your research proposal and sent me out here the moment she got off the phone with you! You’ll really like Allura! She’s-”

“That sounds nice, but this is kind of an emergency!” Shiro cut Coran off, knowing that there were more critical matters at hand. “There’s a boy floating out in the ocean without any gear! When that huge wave hit the ferry, he disappeared and we’re afraid he might be in danger! What should we do?”

“Someone was swimming all the way out here!” Coran gasped as he picked up the ferry’s radio. “That doesn’t sound good. I’ll radio Alfor and see if he can send some help out here. What did this boy look like?”

“He had dark, but tanned skin and brown hair.” Pidge rattled off her description of him, trying to be as accurate as possible. “He was fairly thin, but also built pretty well. His shoulders were kinda muscular and he looked used to being in the water. He chased after a fish like it was the easiest thing in the world. And his eyes… they were blue. Like the ocean!”

“Like the ocean?” Coran mumbled to himself. He set the radio down and stroked his mustache. “I don’t think you saw an ordinary boy out there.”

“What do you mean?” Keith shouted, his temper flaring. “We don’t have time for this! Radio for help! That guy’s in trouble! Every minute we stand here chatting is a minute wasted! He could drown!”

Hunk put his hand on Keith’s shoulder and tried to quell the flames of Keith’s anger. Keith could flare up every now and then, but it was only when he was worried about somebody. Clearly, this was a bad situation. No one faulted Keith for feeling stressed and upset.

Coran howled with laughter. “Sorry for worrying you, my boy! What I meant is that the boy you saw is in no danger. You need not worry about him. He can breathe underwater after all.”

“Hold on!” Hunk exclaimed, holding up his hands in defeat. “You lost me. Breathe underwater? What exactly do you mean by breathe underwater? You said it so casually, but that’s not really a typical human thing to do. Correct me if I’m wrong about this, guys, but that’s seems not normal… like at all.”

“Hunk’s got a point,” Shiro agreed. “Coran, what are you talking about?”

“A story like this would be better suited to hear from Allura, but I suppose I can tell you all now to calm your fears,” Coran said, taking a seat in the captain’s chair. “This legend doesn’t reach far outside Altea and I doubt anyone from the mainland who believe it. To rational ears it certainly does sound absurd and if I hadn’t seen him with my own eyes when I was a boy, I wouldn’t believe it myself.”

“Seen who?” Pidge cried. Like everyone else, she wanted to know what was going on and was about ready to pull her hair out in frustration. This captain had a bad habit of rambling and considering the circumstances, it wasn’t a good time for rambling!

“Who?” Coran smiled as he leaned in close to the Paladins. “The Ocean’s Child of course!”

Warming Up

For @timepetalsprompts weekly drabble prompt “wind.” Nine x Rose, in their early days.

The wind was bitterly cold, and Rose was toughing it out in her hot pink hoodie. The last thing she wanted to do was give the Doctor an excuse to disparage her physiology.

Instead of making a comment about his superior biology, he stepped up behind her and draped his leather jacket over her shoulders.

It cut the wind and she began to warm up instantly. Rose tried to resist turning her face into the collar to inhale his scent. She didn’t quite succeed, but she hoped he didn’t notice. (He did, of course, and her resulting blush warmed her nearly as much as his jacket.)

When he took the jacket back later on, he tried resist turning his face into the collar to inhale her scent. (He didn’t quite succeed, and she did notice. The Doctor discovered then that his body did indeed blush.)