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So the lovely @onceuponazen tagged me to do this… So i guess it’s kind of a get to know me? 

Birthday: September 14
Gender: Female
Relationship status: Single af  ●︿●
Favourite colour: Mint or Purple!
Pets: I have a (male) cat named Bella and a dog named Luna…i’m allergic to both of them
Wake up time: usually 5:35… since school and y’know. on weekends 9:30-11:30
Love or Lust: Love  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ <3
Lemonade or iced tea:  both!
Cats or dogs: Both? i’m more of a cat person but both are great
Coke or Pepsi:  Coke all the wayyy
Day or night: Night, it’s relaxing af
Text or call: text, i’m too awkward for calls lol 
Met a celebrity: Sadly no (╥﹏╥)
Light or Dark hair: well… it’s like a dark blond with lighter tips… both?
Short or tall: Short AFFFFFFFFFF 1.49 ;_; or 4′9
ChapStick or lipstick: Chapstick!
City or country: City (✿◠‿◠)
Last song I listened to: History Maker- Dean Fujioka 

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No hyperbole when I say this – no jokes, because this is something that needs to be said seriously: thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, all of us on the team want to thank you for the untold amounts of love and support you’ve shown our silly little story. We never expected to get this far; we WOULDN’T have gotten this far if it hadn’t been for all of you. Nothing we can do will ever be enough to show just how thankful we really are. But I can tell you this: WE WILL CONTINUE THIS COMIC UNTIL THE END.

You deserve nothing less for all the generosity you’ve shown us over this past year, through trial and tribulation, through all the stupid drama and highs and lows – you all have been there for us. And for that, we’re going to make sure to see this through all the way to it’s end, and deliver you the content you deserve. 

So one last time: thank you. Stay awesome.

With endless love,

The Act Omega Team

PS: CaptainQuestion is the one who drew this ENTIRE THING. We love them to death, and you should totally check out their tumblr.

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Do you think Shiro has ever woken up from a nightmare with Ulaz hovering over him from concern? But shiro is still reeling from his dreams/ memories of his time in captivity, and just freaks out completely because he recognizes Ulaz's silhouette. He's the one who took his arm away (I mean probably. Right?). And it's so painful. And Ulaz tries to calm him the best he can until Shiro is able to see him clearly, and the panic subsides.

The ship’s hallway went on forever.  Shiro ran, his own breathing echoing in his ear as he tried to reach the door at the end.  That was how he escaped, how he got free and returned home.  But it was so far away, and no matter how hard he tried, he never seemed to get close enough.

A hand grabbed around his arm, and Shiro yanked away.  A Galra soldier stood there in full armor, hand outstretched, claws long and gleaming in the dim purple light.

Shiro tried to keep running, but another hand grabbed on the back of his shirt - the purple, ragged top of his days as a prisoner- and yanked him short.  When he finally turned, there were several of them, huge and looming, faces darkened by the poor lighting but their claws and yellow eyes glimmering.

Struggling hard, Shiro managed to get free, but a hand grabbed onto his ankle.  No matter how hard he kicked, he couldn’t get free.  He was dragged back, fingers (human fingers, all ten) digging into the metal floor as he tried desperately to slow the steady, agonizing drag back.

More hands joined, on his waist, his chest, his arms, his neck, and then finally one over his cheek and covering his mouth.

Shiro screamed, the noise muffled behind the hand.

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                Why I understand Abby Griffin’s choice

                                    Even if I don’t agree with her

Since the 3x12, I saw a lot of comment about Abby Griffin being a little or more than a little Out of character, or about the fact that she doesn’t love Marcus enough etc… (I also saw a lot of hate toward her but this is pure Haters’ bullshit so I just ignore it). I can perfectly understand the disappointment of some Abby’s supporters and their point of view but there is mine:

1.Abby would have stayed alive to keep saving people

Yes, that’s exactly what S1. S2. S3. Abby would have done. BUT S4. Abby did things she would have never believed she would have. ( /!\ don’t get me wrong, what I‘ll say it what I think could be Abby’s POV, that’s not what I think of her /!\)

  • First of all she “took a life”, she chose to test the nightblood on a man, knowing it was highly probable that he would die. Of course, at that time turning people into nightblood was the only solution they had but still, she took the decision to do it, she watched him die in a terrible agony and that’s not something she can bare at all. She’s a doctor and even if it was to save the many, that day, she became the angel of death.
  • She was also ready to test it on Emori and she didn’t do it just because Clarke prevent her to do it by testing the blood on herself.
  • Which leads me to the second point “I failed the human race because I wasn’t strong enough”. I’m 100% sure Abby didn’t regret her decision to break the machine to save her daughter, her own blood, but still I think she could think that at the end it was a selfish choice, she didn’t do it because she couldn’t bare to watch her daughter die, it was her breaking point (Like Jaha pointing a gun to her head was Marcus’ one in 3x13). Both of them always put their people first (and that’s what she did with Jake) but at the end, they are just human. Some people are able to put their feeling aside (like Clarke did when she was about to let her mother hang herself) but Abby can’t do it when it’s about Clarke and Marcus can’t do it when it’s about her. And I think she might blame herself for that too
  • I think it can also work for 4x11, this is just self-wonder, but I’m not sure that Abby would have opened the door if Marcus wasn’t outside. Clearly, she didn’t do it just for him, she also did it because there was still empty box and more people could be saved but I think it has had an important role in her decision anyway. And I think she can wonder why she has done this, what is because it was the right thing to do or because I wasn’t strong enough to let the man I love dying? She might feel guilty about that too.
  • Was it right, Marcus ?” Yes, Abby is the kind of person who always wants to save everyone, no matters if it grounders or skypeople, she’s a humanist but still….We are not speaking about people she doesn’t know. She probably knows every name. She had lived with them for 42 years. She probably had held their hand during a hard time to comfort them. She had probably help every woman to give birth to their child. She took care of all of this people for 20 years. I totally can understand that she might feel like she had betrayed them all by giving up a part of them; offering their place to grounders they don’t know. Like Octavia she chose humanity and not “her people” but contrary to O. she knows them all when the latter barely know them, she was hidden under the floor for 16 years and then just lived with them for 3 months between season 2 & 3.

All of this leads me to the final thing: Abby is going through a hard time, I also might say that she has a breakdown. She hates herself for all those things, she’s not able to see if she had done the right thing or not anymore. All she saw right now is that she failed everyone, that she hadn’t been able to save everyone. She thinks that others people deserve to live more than she does. She doesn’t think “they need me because I’m a doctor”, all she think right know is that “ I’m bad, I’m bad, I’m bad, I did horrible things and I failed everyone, I deserve to die so someone else can live”. It made me think about Marcus in 1x13 “Redemption comes at a price”, I think this is exactly where Abby stands right now.

Also, we must not forget that, at that time, she think she’s dying because of her brain. She’s like “I’m gonna die, so I have to give my spot to someone who will still be alive in five years”. I think that’s why the writers brought back this plot at the beginning of the ep, to give us an explanation of her sudden loss of hope.

By the way, I would like to say that even strong characters, like Abby has always been since the first ep, have the right to break down at some point. They are just human. Abby fought and keep hope alive since 1x01, don’t blame her because for once she can’t take it.

2. Abby doesn’t think that Marcus and Clarke are a reason for her to live

I think this is not at all what she meant by “I love you Marcus but I made my decision”. We had this kind of choice with Harper and Monty and that’s not the same thing at all for me. Harper wanted to die because she was tired of this life made of pain and loss and even if she realized she was wrong, at first she thought that Monty wasn’t enough to get over it. At that time Harper had still the possibility to survive with everyone but she chose death.

Abby doesn’t want to die, she thinks she has to because everything I said earlier, that’s different and this has nothing to do with Marcus and Clarke. Abby doesn’t choose death she chose to give another person a chance to live.

OMG 300??? WOAH! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS? Actually thank you all so much! I never thought I’d get 300? 300 people who take time out of their days to see and follow my blog?
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For anyone wondering there will be an event soon! If like feedback once I gather my thoughts, so you can all give me some input!

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Honestly if the explosion in Manchester did happen actually inside the arena, I’m not surprised in the slightest that someone managed to sneak a bomb in there. I’ve been to Manchester Arena more times than I can count for concerts and the bag checks they do are so ridiculously vague. I never complained because it always meant I could sneak food, drinks, and alcohol in, but in the grand scheme of things it’s so incredibly dangerous and this kind of thing just highlights that.

As well as that the design of the arena is so ridiculously not user friendly. It’s bad enough trying to get out normally, I can’t imagine many things worse than everyone running out in a mass panic and as horrific as it is, the fact some people have most likely been crushed in the panic doesn’t surprise me either. It’s horrendous. Manchester Arena is the biggest arena in Europe. For a landmark like that the lack of security is ridiculous. 20 people are confirmed dead already. If anything good comes out of this, it’s that this is a wake up call because as utterly horrific as it is, I can see quite clearly how what has happened has been allowed to happen.

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THANK YOU FOR THE SQUISHY DAICHI DRAWING I so can't get enough of drawings of chubby daichi and there are so few to find on tumblr... so thanks, you totally made my day!! Also, I was asking for art, but now that you're offering headcanons, please tell me some if that's okay! Again, thank you so much I love how you draw squishy daichi!

HNGMFMFM aaahhh i’m glad my art could make your day! ;;v;; ALSO THANK YOU FOR JOINING THE I LOVE CHUBBY DAICHI CLUB!!! there’s never enough daichi in general orz but yes i’d love to see more chubby daichi out there!! ToT

here are some more chubby daichi (+iwadai) headcanons!:

  • as he’s trying to lose weight by exercising with Iwaizumi, he’s also changing up his diet, eating in smaller portions but having five meals a day + water diet. its absolute T O R T U R E. Daichi enjoys eating just about anything and his habit of eating more than he should just because it tastes good is not easy to get rid of. Iwaizumi has to watch him like a hawk to keep him from sneaking extra bites. Iwaizumi doesn’t actually want to be strict with Daichi tho (he actually wants to spoil him with all the food) but Daichi made him promise to. Iwaizumi struggles to be strict especially when Daichi sulks. He has to distract Daichi with kisses and carry him away from the kitchen before he himself ends up giving in.
  • i like to hc Daichi as the type to walk around their apartment without pants on so he’s in his briefs a lot of the times, but ever since he’s realized how chubby he’s gotten, he wears a lot of sweatpants or windbreakers which is one of the few things Iwaizumi finds unfortunate ever since he’d gotten chubby. (Iwaizumi is always lowkey thirsty for his thighs ok muscles or chubby it doesn’t matter. hes gotten so used to seeing those grade AA thighs everyday that he’s having withdrawal thirst)
  • despite Daichi not “liking” Iwaizumi touching/squishing his chub, he finds it comforting when they’re cuddling before sleeping or maybe its because he’s too tired to protest (it’s probably a little bit of both). Iwaizumi soothes him to sleep by rubbing the skin of his back softly and gently massaging the squishier parts
  • Iwaizumi carries Daichi on his hips and over his shoulders all the time (there are plenty of other times where Daichi is the one carrying Iwaizumi. It was just a fun thing they made a habit of doing when they were just friends) and Daichi loves being carried by Iwaizumi but he’s always hesitant to let him now that he’s chubby. He tells Iwaizumi he can get up on his own in the mornings even tho he’s barely functioning and actually does want to be carried. After a week of Daichi refusing the usual morning carries, Iwaizumi realizes what’s going on and decides to carry Daichi anyway. Daichi refuses without much effort and gives in when Iwaizumi tells him he’s not heavy and that he’s barely straining a muscle doing so, then peppers his forehead with soft kisses. Daichi’s totally swooning
  • Daichi doesn’t understand why Iwaizumi likes to play with his squish all the time. He thinks about it one day as he’s in the bathroom touching his own stomach chub. Iwaizumi catches him, a grin stretching across his face as he sneaks behind Daichi to join the stomach squishing party. He earns a headbutt for that and somewhat of an apology along the lines of “sorry but you really shouldn’t have scared me. so you deserve it.” Even though he says that, Daichi kisses the swelling forming on Iwaizumi’s head as a sincere apology and Iwaizumi’s smiling like he’s forgotten all about the pain

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That mean anon doesn't know that the beauty of fandom is that there are many good guys willing to share things so the others can enjoy the stuff, too. Being good guys is never a competition, duh. *hug you*

Hmmm, maybe we should start a good guy competition. We could all try to out “good guy” each other. See who can be the kindest and most helpful. Have generosity battles and compliment slinging competitions. (My friend @valisi-clark would win that last one. She gives the most amazing compliments. )

Thank you for this, anon! It’s nice to get the reminder that there is a beauty in fandom. And I’m often lucky enough  to be on the receiving end of it.

*hugs you back tight*

You ever look at your art and just think “This isn’t good enough, I’m sure I can do better than this” but no matter how much improve, or how fast, that feeling never goes away and it leaves you with this sense of perpetual disappointment in yourself. Friends assure you that “No really it looks awesome”, part of you knows that it is good but then the ‘not good enough’ comes back around and suddenly compliments seem patronizing and insincere even when you know they’re not. You push your abilities a bit more than you have before, you make something you can finally be proud of only to see all the flaws in it and everything you could have done differently three days later. It’s a frustrating cycle that never seems to end and you question “why do I keep doing this? Am I just stuck with art because it’s all I’ve ever been good at? Is this what I really want to do?” The only consolation prize comes right at the perfect moment while you’re still proud of what you made and the overwhelming inferiority hasn’t set in yet. It comes in the form of a compliment. Maybe just one or two but in that moment, at the peak of the high, that one compliment is what you’ve been chasing. Somebody else acknowledging that you are good enough and in that moment nothing could make you happier. So the cycle resets, you chase the high and you get better. Some highs last longer than others and some lows are especially treacherous. Sometimes it’s easier to turn the struggle into a competition, sometimes you want to give up altogether. 

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There's this ep of parks and red whereeveryone gets the flu and April tortured Ann at the hospital when she was sick and Ann was her nurse. Could you do that for destiel? Maybe cas is Dean's fiancé nd works at the hosoital? 😜

I’m sorry - I’ve never seen Parks and Rec – so if you were looking for any nods to the show I can’t provide them. ☹ but the actual prompt – getting sick and dean and Cas being engaged and stuff seemed simple enough, so I went with that. I hope that’s okay?

775 words


Castiel had been having the longest day ever. It felt like everybody in their small town had been coming in to the hospital for one ailment or another. In droves, in fact. Which, well, sure, that was his job, but he’d been looking forward to just going home and curling up with his fiancé after his extremely long shift.

He shouldn’t even have been here this long – a normal shift was only 12 hours and he’d been here for almost twice that already and no sign of being able to leave any time soon - but several of the other nurses had come down with the flu, leaving the hospital severely shorthanded.

With a sigh, Cas took his clipboard and rubbed at his eyes, trying to focus on it.

“Don’t look now, Clarence, but the patient in 108 is pretty grumpy,” Meg snarled on her way past him.

He blinked “108? Isn’t that -?”

“Yeah, and you better hustle your ass over there cause I’m not going back in.”

“Me neither,” Jess called from the desk.

“Ditto.” Balthazar said absently as he ducked out another doorway.

Castiel blinked again. “But…he’s a sweetheart…” he protested.

“Yeah, to you. So,” Meg came back and swapped clipboards with him, pulling it right out of his lax hands, “you get to deal with him.”

Confused, Cas tucked the clipboard under his arm after a quick glance at it and then stalked over to room 108 with narrowed eyes. Opening the door, he found one Dean Winchester on the other side, pale and sweating with an IV of liquids and an anti-viral hooked up through the back of his hand (getting the IV in and blood drawn had been a literal nightmare when Dean had come in, he’d been that dehydrated. Dean had been complaining that he looked like a pincushion ever since).

“So, Mr. Winchester, I hear you’ve been a difficult patient,” Cas said in a flat tone.

“Awwww…Cas, don’t be like that. I feel horrible and I’m exhausted. I mean, anybody might get a little grumpy when feeling like that.”

“Well, next time, when told you should stay home from work, maybe you should listen,” Cas walked over and started checking the various tubes and wires Dean had on him, not even looking Dean in the eye as he did so. “And it’s still no excuse to treat people so badly.”

Dean whined, “But Cas, I’m booooored. I mean, damn man. I thought I’d at least get to see you more often if I was here.”

Castiel ignored him, wrapping the blood pressure cuff around Dean’s right arm and pumping. Dean winced. “Caasssss, say something!”

Cas glared at his fiancé. “Dean, we’re understaffed and overworked. The hospital is the busiest it’s been in months thanks to the severity of this year’s flu season, and it’s even hitting the staff. We had no less than 5 nurses and 2 doctors call out today. I’m not even supposed to be here right now, and you’re making things harder on everyone because you’re bored?” Cas shook his head incredulously, turning back to the cuff. He’d gotten distracted and now he’d have to do it all over again. Great. “I can’t believe you.”

“Ow,” Dean yelped, the cuff tightening painfully on his arm. Cas quickly backed it down and blushed at his mistake. He’d gotten distracted again. Or maybe it was because he was a little bit angry.

“I’m sorry, Cas,” Dean’s voice wavered and Cas looked down sharply to find his fiancé’s eyes were filling with tears.

“Oh No you don’t, Dean. Don’t do that. Don’t waste the fluid – you’re still too dehydrated,” Cas admonished gently, worried. He reached out to touch Dean’s face. It was still hot with fever. Cas sighed as Dean turned to nuzzle into his hand, eyes slipping closed and the tears evaporating on his overwarm face.

“Sorry,” Dean mumbled, as he finally slipped into sleep.

Cas slid his hand up to brush the sweaty spikes of hair away from Dean’s face. He hated seeing his fiancé like this. As much Dean hated being like this. But he’d be okay. And if Cas had to take over his case because he was being insufferable to the rest of the staff, it was a small price to pay to give Dean some measure of comfort while he was sick.

And if Cas was texting to Dean’s brother to ask if he knew how to make their moms tomato and rice soup, well, he was just being a conscientious nurse, doing what was needed to help the patient relax so they could take better advantage of the healing environment.

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I took my 5 year old niece for ice cream today, and she was telling me that she wants tattoos, and she loves getting tattoos ("Not the adult ones, though. I'm not old enough yet."). And that's most certainly Warren's kid. They love getting fake tattoos so they can be cool like their daddy, and they're excited to be old enough to get real ones like him. It's not uncommon to find Warren setting them on the kitchen counter while he applies those fake little tattoos anywhere they request them.

Bonus: Warren never really accepted the facial tattoos he acquired from Apocalypse – until his first kid went on a little rant about how neat they are and how much they like them. From that day on, Warren was able to see his tattoos as something more than just a terrible reminder of a past mistake. He was able to accept that they are a part of him, just as his child and the love he has for them is.


I really want Sana to get close with Jamilah like they’re gonna be family soon and I think she deserves a muslimah as a friend someone who can understand all the difficult things she’s going through like I would die for a clip of Sana opening up to her future sister in law and getting advice and hugs and Sanas mum walking in and bringing them snacks like we’ve never seen her really get THAT close to her friends, enough to let her guard down, and they never really hang out at her house casually, I think she kind of needs that, so she doesn’t feel so alone

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I sometimes feel like it was a bad idea of Marlene to practically "confirm" that all the ships will be endgame.. I mean you could assume it anyways but there are just sooo many theories Around aria/Ezra/Ali that we can now just deny by saying it won't happen bc all the ships are endgame.. I don't even know if what I just said made sense but u hope you get what I mean 😅

Oh for sure, I 100% agree. Like you say, she hasn’t “confirmed” it but she (and everyone else) has seriously overdone it. She keeps saying she’s a hopeless romantic, she can’t pick one ship because it’s like picking a favourite child, wait for it, all the endgames will be endgame but it won’t be easy getting there, the ending is satisfying, etc. She should’ve never given any of those comments. Saying “I hope you like what we’ve prepared for you” is perfectly enough because you’re right - every time I hear an EzrA or Aria (or even evil Ezria) theory I just keep scrolling. I just can’t take them seriously. And I wish I could take them seriously because they’re great and very valid. But I keep scrolling rather than read them and immerse myself in it because why fall in love with a theory that I know won’t happen? I’m more inclined to read MelissA, BethAny, JessicA etc theories because that’s more likely. So yeah I agree with every word you say.

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dude morris, i understand the whole 'mainly carnivores' thing! me and my bro sans, we can't get enough meat sometimes! personally, my favorite pizza is one with thin crust, light sauce, anchovies, sausages, and extra cheese on top!

Morris: “I won’t lie, that sounds really, really good - but what’re anchovies?”

Caddy: “They’re tiny, salty, oily fish - but if you cook them with the rest of the pizza, they don’t taste too fishy. They’re like little flavor bombs.”

Rhys: “Wait, since when did you like anchovies?? I can never ask for those on a pizza to share because everyone thinks they’re gross!”

Caddy: “If you can believe it, Cleaver actually introduced me to them! But how about I put my money where my mouth is - all of the above, plus mushrooms?”

Morris: “Sounds good to me, mate!”

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Sorry I'm out and couldn't watch what's been said about Robert being/not being bisexual?

Hi nonnie. It was Charity who implied that Robert was gay, not bi. Something was said about the deal that Debbie and Rebecca struck with a guy, Charity asked if Rebecca was thrown in with the deal as well, Rebecca said ‘Unlikely, seeing as he’s gay’, to which Charity said ‘Never stopped Robert, did it?’ 

Seriously though, there aren’t enough sighs in the world! It’s the perfect time to say ‘I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed’. Like, bisexuals have enough shit to go through without our sexuality being erased just because of the gender of person we’re with!!!! And doubly disappointing as it came from Charity, who was with Zoe/Chloe (can’t remember!) at one point. So… would she identify as bi herself? Honestly, it was just so disappointing and bizarre. Like @longlivethefreakinme said, it was to get a reaction shot from Rebecca looking sad and put out, but I don’t understand what the point of it was!

Sorry, went off on a ramble! But it’s just–it’s just a terrible state really!

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Mari Mari my dear love since we are talking about this, can I ask you sth? (via ask and not chat cos it may help some people out there) well, a dear friend of mine decided to "go on a diet"... The thing is that she never actually said it was a diet but more of a "I'm not really hungry in this period" and it happened right after a super bad break up with her boyfriend (almost 3 years of dating ok, so it wasn't just a fling). Like... She isn't really vegetarian since she eats meat/fish around 1

Once every two months or something but… We eat together every day since we are classmates and ok she never was a big eater in the first place but since the break up (3 months ago) she is fucking coming in class with a bowl of 3 carrots and like 5 tomatoes and I’m extremely worried >< At first I thought that ok it could be the stress since we were having also some exams in that period, but after a couple of weeks I noticed how she kept bring ONLY carrots/tomatoes/zucchini in this lil bowl 2

Like… Not even pasta or rice anymore!! So I asked her if she wasn’t on a diet and she replied me “no, I’m not really hungry these days”. But after another week she started saying how she didn’t like her physique (she’s around 1.63 like me and 53-54 kilos, NOT FAT AT ALL) or how at dinner her mother forced her too eat pasta. PASTA OK. You need carbs ffs, especially if you ate so little at lunch! And those complains… Really made an alarm ring in my mind so I asked her again if everything was 3

Fine yk? And she said yes yes dw. But she just kept eating so little and indeed she lost quite some weight in these months. Everyday I tell her she looks amazing and that she can’t eat so little especially now that’s hot and she has low bloody pressure:/ but she just shrug me off. Once we also fight quite badly cos she came with only a bowl of almonds (around 15, I counted em) for lunch and I really tried to be calm but me saying her that her eating habits weren’t good really made her snap :/ 4

Ofc we solved it out after, but she keeps eating like this and I’m afraid the more I’ll talk with her about it the more she will build a wall (she is also very proud so that doesn’t help at all) to leave me out (at least on that matter, cos we are super close for everything else). Another friend started to notice her behavior and she’s getting really worried too and again we both tried talking to her a couple of weeks ago but her excuse was “my dad I vegan I know what im doing, im not on a 5

Diet, mind your own business” and look, I seriously don’t know what to do anymore :/ ofc you can eat veggies for lunch but NOT THIS LITTLE. Saying that really breaks my heart and i can see how thin she got in the last three months :/ she not underweight yet but I’m worried she will be if she keeps going like this. Also, her complaining about her body and how obsessed she is with not eating carbs kinda frighten me… I don’t wanna rush things but… Her behavior and how long it has been

Since she started this “diet” are very very close to the characteristic of some eating disorders and I really dunno what to do anymore. I try not to show my worry to her too much but clearly talking is not working and I’m wondering if I should find some other way to help her :/ any suggestions?

omg this is actually extremely worrying.. :/ emotional distress can block your stomach, yes, but it can be so so dangerous to let it dominate you. she needs to be educated about the nutrients her body needs to assimilate to actually function as a human being, bc clearly she’s deluded into thinking that her diet is healthy. to be honest with you, there are diets low in carbs and they can actually be healthy if done well (the paleo diet for example), but if you are going to remove something off your diet, then the more careful you need to be about what you eat, the more diverse your eating habits need to be, and you ESPECIALLY need to take care about the amount you’re eating everyday. the more specific foods you cut out, the more you need to eat of the remaining foods. people have this wrong misconception that eating less is better, and yes you might lose weight that way, but will you feel good? no, you won’t. hell it can even lead to serious problems like damage in the nervous system.

a healthy way of eating is not eating 10 almonds or two bites of vegetables like she’s doing.. it as simple as choosing a healthy option instead of an unhealthy option when you’re hungry. I bet she’s starving all the time and that is just not good for her. her young body might not be feeling it right now, but be sure as hell that the more she ages the more this dangerous way of diet will affect her. then again, she mustn’t have any energy already, which is totally the opposite of what you need during exams or hectic times in school!

also, her father being vegan is not a good excuse, because there are actually a lot of unhealthy vegans out there who only eat salads or only eat vegan junk food, which of course leads to countless deficiencies. if she is trying to go vegan and is eating like that then she is for a huge reality check in the future. to be honest, it is hard to do something when she doesn’t want to listen, but I assure you she must not be feeling physically well at all.. and yes, more than dieting this looks like the beginning of a serious eating disorder.

some suggestions.. tbh, you guys could try to go out for lunch or dinner together more frequently. start out with healthy places if you know them (asian restaurants can have lots of healthy options), so she’s at least getting more stuff in her stomach. maybe try to talk her into eating more quantities of vegetables, so her body gets used to eating bigger amounts and then she will start craving more stuff. you could also invite her for activities that involve heavy exercise because exercising increases your appetite, so she might be inclined to eating more if she’s more physically active.

though personally, what I would do is confront her again, but not let her get the upper hand. it might turn into a fight, but at least she would be listening, right? and that is already a good step. she says that it’s none of your business, but when she’s worrying you and your friends, then it is more than that, and this girl needs to understand that. tbh I think this is one of the cases where you just can’t leave her alone, even if she feels uncomfortable — she might get mad, but keep pushing until you get another reaction from her. tell her to visit a nutritionist, tell her to get her blood tested, and hell if she doesn’t want to talk to you, convince her to talk to someone else instead. but definitely do not let this go.. you guys still have time to get her on the right track again. good luck conny :’(

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Hi I just watched Law of the jungle and I need to talk to someone about it but since I don't have friends I decided to annoy you. Sorry in advance. Okay can we talk about how adorable Mark was? Like seriously man I need to live and I can't do that with you being so adorable like that. Although I loved the episode but I was so sad about how the weather turned out to be. It was also so frustrating that he didn't get so much screen time even though he worked hard. I wish that he would take (1)

Byung man advice and ask the cameraman to follow him. I never felt that Mark doesn’t talk enough and I would feel upset when the members would mention that because I’m intervort as well but now I just wish he would say anything so that we could get to see much of him. I’m also so worried about him because of the weather. I hope he would get an amazing experience anyway. Sorry for blabbering I needed to say this. (Also sorry for my bad English) (2)

I think Mark in the jungle is such a good example of seeing what Mark’s personality is like. He’s such a hard working person but he’s quiet to the point where people aren’t able to recognise it sometimes. I hope he enjoyed his stay in New Zealand despite the horrible weather.

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So here I was, wondering how many requests were considered too many requests and then you post about wanting more requests. So I guess that answers my question. I can never get enough Victor Zsasz x reader drabbles. Sooo...how about a fluffy Victor x reader story where she's awkward and her attempts at flirting keep blowing up in her face, but being observant, Victor still understands that they are attempts to get his attention. Also, thank you for taking the time to write these. 👍🏽👍🏽

I tried to make it fit the request but I ended up more less with something that isn’t quite as you requested, I apologize for that. If you don’t like it I could always try again.


       Victor looked at the little basket of fries in front of him, they were drowning in cheese and chili. “I didn’t order this,” He looked at you briefly before looking at the food in front of him. “I just wanted the vodka.”

         You tried not to shy away when he looked directly at you, “You looked hungry. I-I’m sorry.” You went to take it away but Victor stopped you. He pulled the basket closer and munched on the fries that weren’t completely drenched. You backed away then hurried off to take care off another customer. Later when you cleared the table there was a twenty and a note, Not a fan of the chili but the cheese was okay, thanks. VZ.  

         Victor glanced up at you as you placed the glass in front of him, “Is there anything else I can get for you?” You were happy that you didn’t stutter like you were prone to do in front of him. He shook his head, right as someone bumped into you. You fell forward onto Victor’s lap, “Oh, g-god, I-I’m so so sorry.” He helped you stand up, you were blushing so hard in embarrassment. Victor just nodded and you went to hide in the back until he left. He left a fifty and a note again, You can sit in my lap anytime. VZ.