but these four are my favorites

day four; favorite angsty moment // “I could’ve had a relationship with my father, but you ruined it.”

They finally get to go back to their apartment once everything is sorted out with the insurance company, but nothing is like it used to be.

Mac is quiet, and it’s unsettling because Dennis is used to him being loud and brash and so fucking annoying. This version of Mac, wordlessly padding through the living room to go to his room, is haunting and Dennis won’t stand for it.

“So that’s it?” Dennis says and Mac stops, halfway through his door but he doesn’t turn around. “You’re not talking anymore? You’re just gonna go sulk in your room?”

He knows he’s being harsh but Dennis would give anything for Mac to act like his former self, just for a moment. Just to make sure the Mac he knows didn’t actually drown on that boat.

Finally, Mac sighs. “I don’t have anything to say,” he says and his voice is so small and faint that Dennis almost doesn’t hear him.

“I don’t have any fight left,” he had said in boat jail and Dennis hadn’t believed him because his Mac is always ready to argue and pick fights.

“Really?” Dennis sneers and he sees how Mac’s back tense. He’s going for the kill. He’s ready to do anything to have the old Mac back. “You don’t have anything to say? Not even about the fact that you were actually out as a gay man for a couple hours on the cruise ship?”

Mac turns around and sets his jaw and Dennis smirks because he knows he won. He always wins.

“Clearly it was the wrong thing to do because soon after, God tried to smite me. It was a mistake, and it won’t happen again. I’m ready to repent now.”

Dennis groans, tugging at his hair. “What are you talking about? God had nothing to do with the ship sinking and it had nothing to do with your homosexuality! Jesus, Mac, you’re so goddamn delusional. I hate you so much sometimes.”

Dennis thinks he doesn’t really mean that last part, but they yell and fight so much, it’s become a habit. It’s easier to say he hates Mac than to think about all the reasons why he really doesn’t.

“If you hate me so much, why do you keep putting up with me?” Mac asks, a desperate edge in his voice and he’s got a point. Dennis is speechless. He’s got no snarky remark or hurtful comment. He’s got nothing.

He doesn’t know why he put up with Mac. All he knows is that he can’t stop.

“I’ll tell you why,” Mac answers his own question, and there’s a fire burning in his eyes now. “It’s because you’re so obsessed with being in control of everything all the time. You gave me the size pills because you were disgusted at all the mass I had accumulated. You created Asskickers because I was eating your thin mints,” Mac is pointing an accusing finger at Dennis, punctuating his words. He’s furious and Dennis thinks this is it. Today’s the day they finally explode.

“And now you destroyed all the letters my dad wrote because you can’t stand the thought of me looking up to anyone other than you,” Mac growls, his voice low and dangerous. “Admit it, Den. You don’t care about anyone else’s happiness but your own.”

The nickname stings. Mac hasn’t called him Den in years and Dennis couldn’t have guessed the next he’d heard it, it’d be filled with venom. Dennis doesn’t let it show though, as he turns on his heels and takes off towards his room. From behind him, he hears Mac slam his bedroom door shut. Dennis doesn’t care. He rummages through boxes of useless shit he’s gathered throughout the years until he finally finds what he was looking for.

He crosses the apartment and doesn’t bother knocking on Mac’s door, and just opens it and dumps the crumpled papers in Mac’s lap where he’s sitting on the bed.

“There, asshole. You wanted his precious letters so much, well you have them now.”

Mac looks up, eyes wide and unbelieving at Dennis standing in his doorway. “What is this?”

“The last two letters he sent. My shredder broke down and I didn’t want to just throw it in the trash in case you’d see it. You were never meant to know about those anyway,” Dennis trails off when he notices that Mac isn’t even listening to him.

His friend’s eyes are glued to the messy handwriting on the pages, and Dennis winces because he knows what are in those letters. He knows it’s not what Mac expects. Luther is asking for money, for drugs, for his son to stop being such a pussy and join the family business. He’s asking for Mac to stop talking about his feelings and his friends and the bar because he doesn’t give a shit.

When he’s done, Mac looks up again but the excitement is gone. There’s just heartbreak and disappointment. Dennis might not hate Mac but he knows he hates Luther.

“I’m sorry about the letters,” Dennis tells him and he’s not sure if he’s apologizing for the content of the letters or the fact that he hid them from Mac. Mac nods anyway so Dennis figures it doesn’t matter. “I just wish you’d stop looking up to him like he’s some sort of do-no-wrong superhero. The guy’s a scumbag, Mac.”

Dennis pushes himself off the doorframe and comes join Mac on the bed. Their thighs are touching when Dennis reaches for the letters, and Mac lets him take them away. “You wanna know why I keep putting up with you?” Dennis says and Mac turns to look at him.

He’s got this look on his face, like he’s a kid who’s just flushed down his dead goldfish in the toilet. As much as Dennis hates him, he’d give anything to have Mac never look that sad again.


“Because, stupid,” he says, and it’s weirdly fond. “No one else but you will ever put up with me.”

Dennis bumps their shoulders together and Mac smiles and Dennis thinks there you are.

Wrestling Week!

hello, keyara here, this has been sitting in my drafts for 7 months now because i was waiting for the perfect week to do this. that week would’ve been the week leading up to wrestlemania but i had forgotten about this post, whoops. anyway!!! for the week of 7/24-730 create edits and gifs for each respective day listed below!! it’s also not restricted to one promotion, so go wild. be sure to tag your edits with #wrestlingweek!!! 

Day One: Favorite male wrestler
Day Two: Favorite female wrestler
Day Three: Favorite promo
Day Four: Favorite wrestling promotion
Day Five: Favorite match
Day Six: Favorite tag team/stable 
Day Seven: Favorite moment in wrestling

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Your writing is very poetic! Can you recommend some books to read to enrich my vocabulary?

                        ah ,        thank  you    so    much    for    the    positivity       &       for    this    question    !         i    would    love    to .        my    number    one    man    is     t. s.   eliot ,       specifically    the    waste    land ,       the    love    song    of    j .     alfred    prufrock ,         &       four   quartets .           john   keats’s    writing    also    can    be    a    major    source    of    inspiration    for    me    if    i’m    stuck    in    a    rut .         in    regards    to    books ,             the  scarlet  letter    is    a    big    favorite    because    i    love    the    constant    uses    of    strong    imagery ,                [      plus ,        it’s    still    unfortunately    extremely    relevant   :             double    standards    pushed    on    women    while    men    in    powerful    positions    run    freely    in    spite    of    their    wrongdoings     ?           very    familiar .     ]           the   awakening     by     kate    chopin    falls    in    the    same    category    for    the    same    reasons .            victor    hugo’s    les    misérables    is    a    long    read           [     still    not    done    lmao     ] ,            but    i    personally    really    love    the    fourth    volume    in    particular ,         especially    books    two ,       three ,       five ,         &       seven .             i    also    want    to    slip    a    few    plays    in    here    just    to    kind    of    round    things    out   :         the    seagull    by    anton   chekhov    offers    multifaceted    presentations    on    art ,       love ,        family ,         &       naiveté .          the    sign    in    sidney    brustein’s    window     by    lorraine    hansbury    may    be    the    best   play    i’ve    ever    read ,          has    a    fascinating    production    history ,           &        hansbury    transcended     every    expectation    imaginable ,         especially    at    the    time .         she’s    a    genius .          4 : 48    psychosis    by    sarah    kane    is    extremely    creative       &     abstract    in    format ,            but    it    is    extremely    triggering ,          especially    for    those    who      struggle    with    mental    illnesses .           it’s    a    grueling    read ,       even    in    your    best    state    of    mind ,            so    please    be    careful ,        but    the    format    is    fascinating    in    its    breaking    of    boundaries .              ––––––––––––––––                 that    about    wraps    it    up    !          thank    you    again    for    the    question ,           &         if    you    pick    any    up ,        pleasepleaseplease     feel    free    to    come    discuss    them    with    me    !  

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Hi hi! I love when you do these ships, makes my life happy ☺️ my four favorite movies are Van Helsing, Hellboy, Pacific Rim and Leap Year. Can I have from Progress and WWE? Thank you 💖

*hugs you tight* you are my long lost twin- I ADORE Hellboy and Pacific Rim!!!

Ahem. Sorry.

Primary ship: Chris Brookes. Has a ton of cute nicknames for you (Sweet Pea and Cupcake being top two). Likes to hug you from behind and rest his chin on your shoulder. Constantly is down for cuddling and binge-watching your shows.

Secondary ship: Seth Rollins. Big fan of baking with you. Likes going for long walks on the weekend, holding your hand. Knows your coffee/tea order by heart. Fusses over you and hovers when you’re sick.

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@Covy favorite flowers? :>

Nova; I like all flowers really. roses, umm violets, sunflowers, daisies. all good

Connor: I like my bonsai tree

Nova; bonsai tree? you? that explains why you’re so calm

Connor; after dealing with you all the time, the tree is nothing

Nova; hey! not funny four eyes.

Connor: it’s a little funny.

Nova:….the barest amount…..

Day #52 of Summer Challenge

5 Sentence Paragraph

Me encanta leyendo. Tengo quatro estanterías de mis libros favoritos. Mi mamá compró libros románticos y mi papá le gusta comprar libros de aventura para mí. Pero, no me gusta leyendo libros cuando tengo que leer para clase. Necesito leer dos libros durante el resto del verano; es el infierno.

I love reading. I have four shelves of my favorite books. My mom bought romantic books and my dad likes to buy adventure books for me. But, I don’t like reading books when I have to read for class. I need to read two books during the rest of the summer; it is hell.

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yoooooo wine train fic seems lit. can you possibly give us a nonspoilery summary or will this all be a surprise?!

I actually do have a summary for it! And it’s probably my favorite one ever:

The recipe for disaster is four cups of salt, two couples, and one wine train.

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6, 25, 49 (but yours this time)

Favorite character you’ve written?

ok, Melandra. She’s a, predictably enough, very snarky swordswoman for hire, who I basically put into dumb situations and see how she reacts; she also has one of my favorite lines ever: “‘I know,’ I said, as insouciantly as I could manage, which, considering how many soucis I was full of, was not very. She’s The Best, through considerable training and natural talent. She also went to the best university in the Free Cities (Go Arion Gryphons!), where she majored in history.

What’s your worldbuilding process like?

"That sounds cool, let’s think out the consequences of it”

Favorite fictional world?

Melandra’s is my most…extensive, I guess; it’s super inconsistent because I created it over like four years and didn’t reread. Magic has like five different explanations. But: there is some effort towards linguistic diversity; the Free Cities themselves have character (Halling is an industrial town; Tierimar is a far northern port; Chavlis is a trading center); the explanations for magic are cool, if I ever bothered to standardize them. There’s some interesting history (the Aramathian Empire, which fell shortly before the discovery of magic, was Into education, so the populace is pretty literate; after the fall of the Empire, the Free Cities rejected larger government and all have different systems, though many of them use the same title, just with different powers); there are Western Barbarians - or well, there mostly are. The gods actually exist, because originally she was created to do a sort of Greek-flavored lesbian Brunhilde scene, and the woman she wakes is legitimately the daughter of the gods, which is annoying, but whatever; time travel works, but is strongly frowned upon by said gods. 

Basically, it’s a huge mix of everything I thought was cool that day and wanted to put in; it’s a sandbox, and one I love to come back to. 

nickyxmorello  asked:

hey i just read all of your nichorello fics and i just wanted to say they are soo good! I was wondering if you've seen oitnb season 5 yet and what you thought of it? and if you're ever planning on writing for them again?

I enjoyed season 5! I’m always impressed by how the show can manage to make me uncomfortable one moment, then make me laugh the next. I thought the formatting of season 5 was an interesting choice and change of pace from the previous four and the acting was amazing all around. I wished they’d focus more on some characters rather than others, but I say that every season.

I’ve got a rough draft of a Nichorello fic going that’s mostly me digging deeper into some of my favorite little moments in season 5. I’m fairly obsessed with all the little Nichorello touches throughout the season, especially the way Nicky guided Lorna down the hallway and sort of protected her while they, you know, navigated the apocalypse. Can’t give you an ETA, but, you know, it’s coming together. 

Also, thank youuu! I really appreciate you reading my shit and stroking my ego. ;) 

my favorite part is when there’s four comments saying the same thing and then someone else will also comment and rephrase the same (stupid) point because they Also want to feel smart. That’s literally why …god lmaooooo

you know what i love. i love platonic marichat. not even to drag romantic marichat just platonic marichat by itself is so good.

  • video games. chat’s claws make it hard to handle the controller. they wager cookies and marinette lets him win sometimes.
  • sometimes chat has bad days and sneaks out to see marinette at night because she always gives the best pep talks and lets him have sugary food too
  • the fashion??? he’s so interested in her designs and models half-finished clothes for her. they stay up way too late working on hats.
  • crushes. chat noir won’t shut the fuck up about ladybug until marinette starts talking about her crush on a boy in her class. he makes not a peep.
  • he has to see those photos of himself in her room too like cmon
  • “hey do you wanna play a video game”
    “yeah let me turn on the computer”
    “oh my god is that me”
  • jsut let me
  • have
milk and honey for the signs


if you were born

with the weakness to fall

you were born

with the strength to rise


my favorite thing about you is your smell

you smell like




a little more

human than the rest of us


you were so afraid

of my voice

i decided to be

afraid of it too 


when my mother was pregnant

with her second child i was four

i pointed at her swollen belly confused at how

my mother had gotten so big in such little time

my father scooped me in his tree trunk arms and

said the closest thing to god on this earth

is a woman’s body it’s where life comes from

and to have a grown man tell me something

so powerful at such a young age

changed me to see the entire universe

rested at my mother’s feet


if you are not enough for yourself

you will never be enough

for someone else


you look at me and cry

everything hurts

i hold you and whisper

but everything can heal


you might not have been my first love

but you were the love that made

all the other loves



you have to stop

searching for why at some point

you have to leave it alone


you deserve to be

completely found

in your surroundings

not lost within them


you were a dragon long before

he came around and said

you could fly

you will remain a dragon

long after he’s left


every revolution

starts and ends

with his lips


to be



to be



Phil Lester + Van Gogh icons

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Part 1/Part 2