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Yoo Youngjae’s Birthday Countdown - Day 3

C is for Confidence

Daveed’s, Jonathan’s, and Will’s music is beautiful so please go check that out!

So I’m going to list my favorite one’s

First is ‘Tonight’ by Clipping It is about sex pretty much, but Daveed is to handsome to not listen to

Second ‘Back up’ by Clipping It’s just has the best hook ever and others in the song really make it great.

Then ‘Story’ by Clipping. Their story series is the best thing you will come by, each one of them is it’s own story,but this one interests me more. I highly recommend

Forth is probably ‘Dominoes’ by Clipping because I just love how much it sounds like a huge concert. I don’t really know how to explain other than it’s wonderful.

and last but not least, 'Air 'em out.’ By Clipping It is one of their more popular songs. I would say 'Work Work’ by Clipping but this song is easier to rap along with. I find myself singing this daily.

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Hi ducky, do you have any tips on how to make a wig cap stay in place? Mine keeps sliding off and that makes my purple hair at work visible...

  1. Right Fit
    First, make sure that your wig cap is a good fit for your head. Some are tighter than others and they can stretch out over time. Make sure you have a snug fitting one. They can also have different size “bands” around the base, I find ones with thicker bands are more secure. 

  2. Pins and Clips
    Hair pins can be used to attach the wig to the hair under the wig but can also be used to clip the wig cap to your hair. This works best with netted caps that have gaps for the pins.

    Some people use toupee clips, sewn into the wig, to help the wig grip the hairline at the front. This may also work for clipping a wig cap in place.  

  3. Wig Bands
    I haven’t tried these out, but they are bands that go around the front of the head and give a surface for wigs to grip on to. It might work to give extra coverage when the wig cap starts to creep back!
  4. Touch ups
    Even with a very secure setup, a heavy wig might slide back and with activity the pins might loosen. You may still need to pop into a bathroom to do some touching up.   

(I forgot to add this to my last ask, I’m so sorry!!) Are there any tips on how to make a wig less itchy? 

  1. Wig Cap and Wig Liners
    Wearing a wig cap will create a barrier between the wig and your head, that way it doesn’t rub against your scalp. If the itching is from rubbing then it can make a big difference. Lightweight wig liners give an even thicker barrier.

  2. Crimped Hairs
    Some wigs have crimped hairs along the netting to help give volume, but these crimped hairs can poke through the wig can irritate your head. Looking for higher quality wigs or wigs with less crimping can make a difference if these hairs are bothering you.
  3. Gaps
    Wefted wigs tend to have gaps between the wefts, especially at the back. These gaps can allow some of the hairs to poke through and cause itching. You can get wigs without gaps but if that isn’t an option, giving your wig a comb through before wearing and checking the underside for any pokey hairs can help alleviate the issue.
  4. Your Hair
    For a lot of people, your own hair can be the cause of itching, especially if you have itching while wearing a wig cap! If you have long hair then braiding or putting your hair up in ponytail can help prevent it from poking you, just make sure the ends are pointed away from your scalp. =For smaller hairs it helps to gel them down or use a bit of hairspray to hold them in place. I have shorter hair and find that putting my wig cap and wig on while my hair is damp relieves the issue. 

  5. Allergies
    It is possible that you could have allergies to either a product used to treat the fibers/ style the wig or even the wig fibers themselves. If you are getting a rash from the wig or other signs of an allergic reaction you should not wear the wig. You can attempt to wash the wig out at home or try different wig fibers to see if it makes a difference. 

  6. Used to it
    Sometimes itching just happens and it gets worse while wearing a wig because you can’t do anything about it! Sometimes it takes a bit of mind-over-matter to ignore the itching and the more you do it the easier it gets. That said, I am not above going to the washroom to take off the wig and give my head a good scratch when I really need to  ;)

Hope this helps!
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I´m still trying to figure out how Clip works and which drawing style works best for me. So please bear with me and the constant changing of Bill’s design a little longer .

I also just finished reading chapter 16 of „For the Morality and Sanity of Dipper Pines“ by  charliesundies! She has amazing writing skills and I loved the scene where Bill and Dipper wrestled over Bill’s pullover! Poor toe Dipper :`D

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Hello,I have a windows computer and my clipping for layers doesn't seem to be working I put the layer that I want to clip above the other layer then tick the "clipping" box but I can still draw outside of the lines. Please help thanks.

Do you have the uppermost (clipped) layer selected in the layers list?

If you have the lower layer selected, you can still draw anywhere.

Note that clipping works with layer transparency, so if you import a .jpg image of line art, or a .png image with no transparency, clipping will clip to the entire image, not just the line art, so you will draw outside the line art.

Clipping works best when you draw a shape in FireAlpaca, add a clipped layer above it, then shade or texture that shape.



Eight/Rose: The Doctor and Rose like to teach their daughter about history by living there for short periods of time, no perception filters allowed. 

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171706 Tweet : Henry

Everyone this time our mv staff … always thankful and the best . !!!!! Oppa will shoot you often ! ㅋ I had a lot of hard work ! thank you to all the music vid staff for everything!! good times.

Tout le monde cette fois notre personnel du clip … toujours reconnaissant et le meilleur . !!!!!! Oppa vous filmera souvent ! ㅋ J’ai eu beaucoup de dur travail ! merci pour tout à tous le personnel du clip!! bon moments.

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Based on ForeverDelighted ’s headcanon

Decided to do this project before I lose the motivation to do it during spring break. (plus my sister wouldn’t stop bothering me about it. ) Not my best work.. It was really hard looking for clips for this canon but I did my best.. ITS SOMETHING BETTER THAN NOTHING!


Jack: Elsa, you just blew  my mind.. I think I’m in love. 

Elsa: .. Have fun walking. 

Meapless in Seattle is the most surreal episode of PnF tbh because it was literally made because the fans wanted a sequel to More Than Meaps the Eye??? And so the creators had to make an entire half hour episode centered around completely unrelated fake clips and???? It WORKED????? Its one of the best episodes they ever made??? I love Phineas and Ferb.

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What's a scapegoat? How do I ground and center?

Scapegoats! Yes! I love scapegoats! Basically, a scapegoat is a magical representation of yourself that, if any harmful magic is thrown your way, will absorb the energies before letting them get to you. There are many different ways to make and use scapegoats, but I personally like the use of witch’s bottles. 

My Scapegoating Method

Get a small glass bottle or jar. Fill the bottom with sea salt (purification). This is optional, but you can also add in some glass or mirror shards to reflect the negative energies back to the sender. I then usually layer more salt on top of this along with some protective herbs. Add in something black like cloth, ashes, paper, black salt, or a black stone to absorb negativity. Top it off with a physical representation of yourself. Hair, nail clippings, or blood/saliva works best since it’s the most ~you~. Either cork it or cap it and seal the bottle with wax (I use black wax, but any should be fine). Place the scapegoat in a window if you can, but if you can’t, no biggie. Check up on the bottle every so often and see if there are any imprints in the wax, the contents look disturbed, there are cracks in the bottle, etc. This means that it has absorbed enough negative energy to ‘break’ the scapegoat, so you will want to check yourself to see if any remaining curse-juice got on you as well as create a new scapegoat. 

The Theory

Here’s how I explain my scapegoats. You start out with your ~youness~ so that if someone does try to inflict harm on you, the curse senses the energy of the scapegoat and goes to that first. It will target the scapegoat because the energy is much lower; you have natural defense on your energy that are inherit to your being. The scapegoat does not. Curses will always go for the easier target unless they are specifically designed by a talented witch to go through protective charms. Once it reaches the bottle and goes through the first layer (your hair/nails/etc), it’s going to get pulled in by your Something Black and the negative energy is going to begin to be absorbed. If the curse makes it past this layer, it’ll be hit by your salt and herbs, which will remove a big chunk of the nasty. If there’s more of the curse there, it’ll hit the glass/mirror if you decided to include that and what remains of the negative energy will bounce back to the original caster. In the event that there is any curse-juice left, the remaining salt will absorb what remains, BUT this isn’t foolproof, and if it’s a strong curse, it might go through all of the protective measures and still get to you, which is why if you notice a broken scapegoat, you should check yourself for baneful magic as well. 

Here are two more posts on scapegoats: x | x

Now, I don’t do much work with grounding and centering because I’m a pretty grounded person as is, so I can’t help you too much there with my own advice/opinions, BUT here are, like, six people who can: 

Grounding & Centering: I | II | III | IV | V | VI 

Hope this helped!

Animation Highlight: Junpei Ogawa 小川純平

Ogawa isn’t really talked about all too often despite how awesome he is. He’s been around the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise since DM, mostly doing key animation work under Kenichi Hara’s episodes. His style (much like Hara’s) includes a lot of high speed motion, jumpy but dynamic character animation, and extravagant, hard-hitting effects. Those are a bunch of fancy sounding fluff words, but you’ll know what I mean when you see it.

Since Ogawa’s got a LONG pedigree when it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh, I decided to make a video compiling the vast majority of his work on the series. I missed a couple of episodes, mostly just ones where I couldn’t make a solid enough guess. By the way, “(?)” means that I know that Ogawa worked on the episode, but the actual clip used is the best guess I could make.

The final video is 20 minutes long. I haven’t figured out an ideal place to upload it yet, so until I figure that out, we’ll have to live with this little teaser/gifs.

I mentioned earlier that Ogawa is similar to Hara’s style, mostly due to them working together for so long. What I want to delve into specifically is Ogawa's action scenes, and his effects. He uses a lot of sharp effect lines, often taking advantage of multiple layers of color within the effects (especially his explosions). 

His early work in DM is hard to notice, because he probably hadn’t quite gotten into his style yet. Towards the end of DM’s run, his effects start to become a little more exaggerated, and start forming into the style more like his work now.

In GX, he worked under Hara again for every OP/ED. He made a random appearance in GX #8’s climax, bringing a level of animation generally not seen with the vast majority of its episodes being outsourced to Dong Woo Animation. #8 was no exception, but for some reason or another, Ogawa handled it.

External image

During 5D’s, Ogawa really gets to shine with some great effects animation, unique and great to look at action scenes, and every now and then handling the climatic parts of important duels.

External image

ZEXAL brings over more of the same from 5D’s, but Owaga tends to get locked into doing the same kinds of scenes over and over again. His parts are very often during the duel’s climax, and he animates a shot of the loser flying away into the background, and crashing hard into the ground. It still looks cool, but editing together the ZEXAL portion of the video became very tedious, with the same kinds of shots getting used again and again.

External image

ARC-V brings back 5D’s-era Ogawa to an extent, but his scenes are usually shorter, occur more frequently. This is probably due to ARC-V having generally lackluster animation (especially compared to ZEXAL). A lot of the key animation staff is just scattered around. Production-wise, ARC-V tends to be a bit of a mess sometimes, but good ‘ol Ogawa is there to at least give us some eye candy every now and then.

External image

I hope this proved to be at least a little bit informative! And I hope I can get people talking about this great animator, who tends to not get much time in the spotlight because he’s never stepped into an animation supervisor role himself. (He’s been doing only key animation for over a decade now!)

when I was waiting for Winter Dragon to air a couple nights ago I had a few minutes so I started painting Tuon to kill time.

Then after I watched Winter Dragon the first time the guy with the stream played it like three more times and I forgot I was going to finish this and basically all I can think about anymore is Billy Zane, the Betrayer of Hope.


she came out better than i hoped for! :)

saying no to the glasses was definitely a good idea, so thank you everyone who told me i ought to do that. since i got rid of those glasses, i was able to give her this hair that i wanted her to have the WHOLE time, but didn’t give her because they clipped through the glasses. so everything worked out for the best! :D

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Tried some new things in the studio today… Working on some weaknesses 😅 first clip inspired by the best Romeo of all time @friedemannvogel #always #keep #working #overcoming #obstacles #favouritemusic (at Estonian National Opera)

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Are you still doing the prompts? If so you should write Eren and Levi knowing each other for a long time and when Eren is around 18 he gets really sexually frustrated around Levi. (This is so cliche but so fun)

Since you’re so nice, I will write this for you. XD


Levi’s always been a jackass, for as long as Eren can remember. He’s only four years older than Eren but has this annoying habit of calling him ‘kid’, yet can’t take a joke himself (evidenced by the time Eren had almost lost his life when he’d called Levi ‘shorty.’)

But then he also has his redeeming qualities, like how he’d put in a good word for Eren when he’d applied to work at the video store. After becoming coworkers with Levi, Eren finds that he still thinks Levi’s a jackass, but there’s more to him than that.

He starts noticing the way Levi’s eyes crinkle at the corners when he laughs, how he purses his lips when he’s in thought, and the always hilarious way his hands clench into fists when he’s dealing with an irate customer. It’s sort of become a habit for Eren to reach down and pluck at Levi’s fingers until they’re not balled up anymore, and he maybe sort of enjoys how Levi’s lips quiver in an attempt to hide a smile.

It’s all well and good to find new things to like about Levi, at least until Eren starts noticing other things. Things like how interesting the slope of Levi’s neck is, how his hip cocks to the side sometimes when he crosses his arms over his chest, and damn, about those arms—

Yeah, Eren’s finding that there’s too much to like about Levi these days. Things turn awkward every time they work together, with Eren speaking in clipped sentences and doing his best to stay as far away from Levi as possible.

One slow night, Levi appears to have had enough. He pushes Eren up against the counter, his hands leaving prickles of warmth all over Eren’s skin even after he pulls them away. He eyes Eren warily before biting out, “What the hell’s wrong with you? I’m getting tired of you dancing around me all the time.”

Eren can only let out a few incoherent sounds, heart thumping and face heating up. He wants to push Levi away, but that would involve touching him, and though he really would enjoy running his hands over Levi’s chest—

“Jesus Christ,” Levi mutters, rolling his eyes. He leans forward suddenly, gazing into Eren’s eyes as his own start to narrow. If it’s possible, Eren feels his face heat up more, breath coming out noisily, and—

And then he stops, simply staring at Eren. Eren wishes he could just melt into the floor on command, but it’s not possible, so he’s forced to do something.

What he ends up doing is planting his hands on Levi, running his fingers up his ribs and chest, noting that Levi’s ears seem to be turning red (hopefully not in a rage).

With a burst of courage, Eren jerks his head forward and presses his lips against the neck he’s probably spent half of his days staring at. He can both hear and feel Levi’s breath hitch, and he brings his hands up to Levi’s shoulders, gripping at them as he kisses at Levi’s neck.

He’s still in a daze when he hears a chime, announcing the arrival of a customer. Levi reacts quicker than he can, which Eren’s slightly annoyed about, since it’d been his neck getting (quite skillfully) kissed.

But then Levi turns back to him, cheeks slightly pink and eyes playful. “Was that all?”

Shit, he’d known all along, hadn’t he? Definitely a jackass.

Eren spends the rest of his shift sulking, but is still torn on whether or not Levi is a total jackass when he runs his hand over Eren’s arm and leans unnecessarily close to breathe unsexy words (“Take these to the new release section”) against the back of his neck.

INTERVIEW: David Tennant Talks To BBC School Report

Over 30,000 pupils in schools across the UK are turning their classrooms into newsrooms today as part of BBC Schools News Report’s ninth annual News Day.

Lucky Grace from The Laurels School in Clapham got to host a video interview with David Tennant. In the interview, David talks about the origin of his stage name, who inspired him as an actor and who he regards as his best friends.

Watch the clip here.

Check out some other work by the UK’s young reporters here.

UK viewers can next see David on TV in Gracepoint, the American remake of Broadchurch, starting on April 1st on ITV Encore. David is currently shooting the Netflix exclusive series Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones, out later this year.


GET TO KNOW ME MEME[1/10] current celebrity crushes - David Rees

David Thomas Rees is a cartoonist and humorist whose best-known work combines bland clip art with outrageous “trash talk” to incongruous effect. More recently, he has found a second career in the artisanal craft of pencil sharpening.