but these characters are the best and there are moments and scenes that are beautiful

Supergirl Director Kevin Smith Previews 'Beautiful' Alex/Maggie Moments, Laments Kara/Mon-El's Doomed Love

“We go to space, we have special effects, she even blows up a ship at one point,” director Kevin Smith tells TVLine of Monday’s Supergirl (The CW, 8/7c). “But my favorite scene we did was just Kara and Mon-El sitting on the couch.”

A self-proclaimed Arrow-verse fanboy, Smith — who has also directed two episodes of The Flash — believes the shows are at their best when the characters lift their masks (where applicable) and relate to each other as people, resulting in “relationship dramas that just happen to have costumes in them.”

“What you’re seeing on Supergirl is this budding relationship between Kara and Mon-El that’s starting to feel [like The Flash‘s Barry and Iris],” Smith explains. “The writers are going to make us fall in love with these guys, and I hope they really nourish that story, because I think they’re wonderful together. There’s something very exciting and star-crossed there. … And the actors! Whenever Melissa [Benoist] and Chris [Wood] film a scene, it’s Charm City.”

But Smith is also aware of the relationship’s built-in tragedies, assuming the writers decide to stick with Kara and Mon-El’s original storyline from the comics.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know if we’ll get them forever, because I know the comic books,” he says. I’m not saying they can’t be together, but… yeah, they can’t be together. But I’m hoping we get the best of both worlds: We’ll watch the dance as we lead them towards a relationship, then deal with them when they can’t be together — if they end up playing things out like they do in the comics. The good news is that they can take liberties on the show. They’re not beholden to particular storylines.”

Of course, Kara wasn’t the only Danvers sister whose love life Smith couldn’t wait to explore. In many ways, he says, “Alex is the heart and soul of this show.”

“The Alex and Maggie relationship starts turning into something really beautiful,” he teases. “We got to do a couple of scenes with them, early in the relationship, where they start to figure out who they are as a couple.”

Another highlight for Smith was getting to film at the DEO with J’onn J’onzz, “one of [his] favorite characters in the DC pantheon,” as the gang discusses how to rescue Supergirl and Mon-El from Roulette’s clutches on Slaver’s Moon.
“Hank turns to Alex, and in that perfect intonation — deep and rolling — he says that Slaver’s Moon has a red sun,” Smith recalls. “Me and Eric [Carrasco], who wrote the episode, our nipples got hard. We lost our fluids.”

At the end of the day, Smith says, “I’m there because I watch the show on a regular basis, so getting to go up there was a privilege. For me, it’s dream-come-true territory. I often describe it as being like Make-A-Wish. It’s ridiculous that they cut you a check for this sort of thing.”


If I could change one thing about season 11, I wish that Cas had a moment with God…

All the way through season 4 he was so loyal to God, and actually did what God asked which was to love humanity unconditionally. Even in season 6 all of his actions were done because he was trying to do what was best and what God would have wanted. I think there could have been a really beautiful scene between them and would have really developed Cas’ character. 

Anyway just a little thought I wanted to share. I hope other people agree :) 

Spoilers, Predictions, and Reactions

I can’t really get anything useful from reactions and spoilers at the moment because to be frank I don’t know that I really trust the first impressions of approx. 50% of avowed fans.

We watch a terrific episode that underscores beautiful emotions between two characters we adore, who, in these scenes, act so lovingly and emotionally, and immediately afterwards roughly half of fans get so angry that these beautiful emotions and actions are, I don’t know, not present? Not happening? Not beautiful enough? It’s not clear to me, I don’t know. In any case, they get so upset that their blood boils and they burn down the internet, all over what I thought was a truly beautiful and affirming set of scenes, so

Yeah, I don’t know how to take fan reactions right after something new’s aired, I’m not sure fans are the people best equipped to judge it in a way that’s going to resonate with how I’ll feel about it when I finally see it. I mean a good 80% of fandom at the time ragequit after A Scandal in Belgravia because it was too heterosexual or something, and that’s still the ep I turn to as the most upfront calling out of the non-platonic nature of John and Sherlock’s relationship at that point, and the moment John decided he was basically married to Sherlock, could these views be more divergent? How do I take a cue from those reactions to know how I’m going to feel about the next piece of a story?

So I’m going to have to wait and see it with me own eyeballs. And, god help you, I’ll let you know what I think.

25 Days of Outlander

Well, thanks to the wonderful @gotham-ruaidh and @lenny9987, we have another beautiful 25 days of Outlander thing to do!

December 1: Favorite Fergus Scene

Okay, so I’m going with Claire’s return home after losing her baby in “Faith”. Fergus is such a great character in both the books and the show. While this whole episode was painful from beginning to end, this moment was my favorite for Fergus.

There are a bunch of other ones that I could have picked, times when he’d been funny or endearing or anything else. But this one just melts my heart. He’s quiet and  completely focused on Claire. She’s not really paying attention to anything going on around her, with her energies and focus turned inward in mourning. Fergus is also mourning the loss, but he’s also determined to do his very best to take care of her. Jamie isn’t there to do it, so Fergus steps up.

I just love how he’s looking at her in this scene, right there at her side to carry her as best he can. Personally, I think it’s a move he’s seen Jamie do, being at Claire’s side. Jamie unconsciously modeled it to him so Fergus knows it’s just what you do for Claire.

The look on his face is just as devastated as Claire is. He’s only been in the Fraser household for a short time, but already he’s taken their losses as his own. He might be a form of the hired help, but to him, Jamie and Claire are his family. Not only did Jamie and Claire lose a daughter, but to Fergus, he lost his sister.

Can we talk about some beautiful moments from that episode? Those heart wrenching moments that definitely made me cry. When Sherlock finds out that his sister killed his best friend, Victor, that scene had me bawling my eyes out. In the end when Sherlock is trying to be a better brother and best friend, that got me bawling my eyes out. Can we focus on the positives? I know this is not the episode most of us asked for but please let’s be positive. Benedict and Martin did such a beautiful job portraying these characters. Benedict and Martin made us fall in love with the stories and adventures from the first episode. They helped us get through rough times, they made us laugh and cry and they taught us about family and friendship and trust. They did their absolute best and right now we should be praising their hard work and absolutely astonishing acting. I would also like to focus on Andrew Scott who made me fucking despise and absolutely love Moriarty!!! I am in awe of his acting. Love love love love !!! Guys, this may/is the end and we need to remember it with positivity.

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Westside story?

Listened to It | wtf is that | LOVE IT | meh | um…hate it | heard of it | yes!!

Rate: Honestly, a solid 10. Love this. Huge fan of the 2009 revival rather than previous versions tho.

Favorite Lyric: tbh the whole of Hoy Me Siento Hermosa this is the best song to feel nice and warm in your heart

Favorite Song: 

If America isn’t your favorite song in the world I don’t trust you

Favorite Character:

THIS GODDESS OF BEAUTY AND POWER like, she’s played by Karen (in the revival at least) so of course I’m gonna say Anita. I think Karen brings layers of depth and emotion to the character that no one else does. And truly, even in the original she’s my favorite, but I’ll say this also: the revival makes me love and appreciate Maria a whole lot more as well. She’s a much closer second than you’d think, I love that kid.

Best Moment: Probably the whole scene leading up to America where Anita and Bernardo argue over the way they are treated as Puerto Ricans, with Anita idealistically owning her American identity to the fullest and wanting nothing to do with her past, and Bernardo on the contrary fully embracing his Puerto Rican background and wanting nothing to do with Americans who oppress him. It’s so interesting to see the way this plays out and how it informs their behavior for the rest of the story as well.


Gives me the chills: Okay but the scene where Anita is assaulted is truly terrifying and brings me to tears every time.

Overall opinions: I really like this. The music is still so perfect even after all this time and the story is really timeless. 


elementary rewatch ❖ heroine (8/11)

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Umineko !!!

Y’know, I predicted that I’d get Umineko, but I didn’t think it would be THIS fast! Lmao

  • Favorite character: Of course that would be my boy Battler Ushiromiya.
  • Second favorite character: Lambdadelta the best witch of course!
  • Least favorite character: Bernkastel. Honestly idk what y’all sinners see in her lol.
  • The character I’m most like: Battler because I think his personality ACTUALLY kinda inspired me.
  • Favorite pairing: I feel like I would be a blasphemer if I didn’t say BattlerxBeatrice lol.
  • Least favorite pairing: ErikaxDlanor I guess? Idk I just didn’t see anything there personally.
  • Favorite moment: This is a tough one. Hell I’d probably give different answers if asked different times lol. For now though, I’ll give it to this entire badass/beautiful scene from episode 5:

Thanks for the ask!

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For the musical ask (do this one): IF/THENNNNNNNNNNNNNN and Falsettos


Listened to It | wtf is that | LOVE IT | meh | um…hate it | heard of it | yes!!

Rate: 1-10: 12

Favorite Lyric: “How much you love your life is what every life is worth”

Favorite Song: (HOW DARE YOU) Ain’t No Man Manhattan

Favorite Character: Elizabeth

Best Moment: ITS ALWAYS YOU AND MEEEE <33333

Something that makes me angry: How some of the characters weren’t developed enough i.e. Kate and Anne

Gives me the chills: The Moment Explodes scene



Listened to It | wtf is that | LOVE IT | meh | um…hate it | heard of it | yes!!

Rate: 1-10: 8

Favorite Lyric: “My dad says love is the most beautiful thing in the world. I think chess is the most beautiful thing in the world”

Favorite Song: Welcome to Falsettoland

Favorite Character: Jason

Best Moment: When everyone visits Whizzer at the hospital

Something that makes me angry: HOW WHIZZER DIES AT JASONS BAR MITZVAH LIKE WTF????

Gives me the chills: Father to Son

Overall opinions: It was such a great show. I didn’t know whether to sob or stare blankly into space right after. and Anthony Rosenthal is a smol little peanut

I’m bored so send me a fandom and I’ll answer these

Top 5 favorite characters: 
Least favorite character:
Favorite friendship: 
Favorite episode: 
Moment that made you fangirl/boy the hardest:
When it really disappointed you: 
Saddest moment:
Favorite cast member: 
Character you wish was still alive: 
Most shocking twist:
One thing this show/book/film does better than others:
Funniest moments:   
Couple you would like to see:
Best flashback/flashfoward if any: 
Most layered character:
Best looking male:
Best looking female:
Who you’re crushing on (if any): 
Most beautiful scene (scenery/shot wise): 
Unanswered question/continuity issue/plot error that bugs you: 

Goddamn I love Challenge the Game even more now.

It basically conveys 2 messages:

a) We have made many memories together. (Here’s all of ‘em, in huge part our characters)

b) Yuma vs Astral is going to be great, those two have come so far.

It’s all about those two things, a shitton of aesthetic callbacks, scenes crammed full with characters and visuals (almost to the point of visual noise), then followed by Yuma and Astral spending their last moments together before going all out in a final duel. 

It’s beautiful. Best ending in Yugioh. 

#Let’s talk for a moment about this incredible actress Phyllis Logan and her character Mrs. Elsie Hughes now Mrs. Carson #This scene lasts a few seconds (exactly two seconds in the ep) #And in these two seconds the expressions and emotions that she communicates to us are:
#1 happiness for the fact that what she said is important to him #2 understand the depth of the moment and that will be a unique and rare situation among them #3 the realization that this will probably be the last time that she can talk to him so freely #4 the sadness that appears in her eyes and in her smile at the realization that she is going to lose him. #All of this in a two seconds scene #And you know that she is great #Phyllis Logan is one hell of an actress #one of the best *drop the mic* 

Oh, the dye
A blood red setting sun
Rushing through my veins
Burning up my skin

Finished this one in a few days. I had an urgent need to draw this, the final scene of Hannibal and Will together from the series finale.

I’ve watched a lot of other TV shows, read a lot of books, and seen more films than I could ever count, played countless games, but nothing has ever affected me the way this moment did. It was shocking and gruesome, visceral and heart wrenching, but so beautiful.

I recommend this show to anyone and everyone who enjoys crime, drama, dark comedy, a touch of gore, amazing cinematography, and above all else the best cast and character development I have ever seen.

So thank you, Bryan Fuller, for three unforgettable seasons.

She continued to look out the window for a moment, her humanity and thoughtfulness tucked away inside a tight frown, an honest brushstroke in a boring painting. The mayor caught herself and and set her face into something more official, less herself: a perfectly slight smile.

I loved this scene a lot; the visuals were beautiful, what was talked about was really poignant and real stuff, and Dana and Jackie are some of my favorite characters and you really feel for them both here as they try to comfort and reassure each other as best as they can without quite sticking the landing (doesn’t hurt that I happen to hc both of them as lesbians and saw some mild and subtle shippiness to this scene either).


Get to Know Me Meme | Favorite Female Characters
↳ Carla Espinosa

Dr. Kelso, if you’re here to do one of your “How are my girls, today, now let me tell you some things you don’t want to hear” routines, I should warn you: I’m in a mood. So it’s probably in your best interest to make up some lame excuse, turn around and leave.

I’m pretty sure what I am about to say is just a coincidence or I’m reading too deep into it, but I need to get this off of my chest.

In this whole scene, starting right from when Kumiko sat down next to Reina I noticed something. 

For every shot Kumiko’s character is covered in light. That’s probably not the best way to describe it but I’m not sure how else to say it. Anyways, when you look at Reina compared to Kumiko her character is very dark and covered in shadows.

I find this interesting mostly because this probably shows that Reina was lost on what to do in the situation and Kumiko is the light that guided her out of it. The look on Reina’s face when she asked Kumiko if she would be sad if she lost shows that Reina was conflicted about something, most likely what Yuko talked to her about in the classroom. If you think of it that way, having her character covered in shadows is pretty meaningful.

Also, after the beautiful confession moment and Reina turns around to look at Kumiko you can see that she is no longer covered in shadows, but is instead covered in light, like she finally figured out what she’s supposed to do (orrr she figured out her true feelings for Kumiko??).

I’m pretty sure this is just a coincidence, but it was something I found pretty interesting and it just goes to show that Kumiko is the light that guides Reina out of dark places.

Can we literally just take a moment to reflect over the fact that Bonnie & Damon have got this far.

From season 1 to now, look at all the development that has been made between these two characters. From not liking and trusting each other, to frienimies, acquaintances, friends, best friends, non platonic best friends, lovers, husband and wife (sorry got a little carried away), but seriously, they would literally do anything and everything for each other. And the fact that we got to see Bonnie have such raw emotion telling Damon exactly how she felt; that it hurts her that he would dessicate himself. Like other than Kat Graham doing a phenomenal flawless job acting in that scene, the whole thing was just so beautiful. And just thinking about how far they’ve come just makes me want to cry in a corner somewhere. **oh and can we still talk about how not only did Damon want Bonnie to leave him in there with Tyler because he didn’t want her to get killed (knowing that if she dies Elena wakes up), but when she was suggesting that she go get answers from Enzo, Damon wanted her to stay right where she was in that hospital bed so she wouldn’t get hurt.** Like I’m Krying with a K right now.

Just watched the extended version of Faith and I’m like…

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But I really wish I could jump…

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And do this to whomever thought cutting those last beautiful moments of Jamie and Claire was a brilliant idea.

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Seriously Outlander sabotaging some of your best and beautiful scenes is beyond me.

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Thanks Sam and Cait for always beautifully bringing these characters to life even when there is shitty editing.

Best Shot: The Force Awakens

When I pick an image, it’s because for me it tells a story by itself. Watching the movie, I kept finding myself drawn to moments that couldn’t be captured in one image. What I loved about the moment required movie or cuts, which makes for a great movie but a challenge isolating one moment.

And then this happened:

First of all, it’s beautiful. Concept art come to life in the best way. Second, it tells us everything about the characters in this moment. Opening the door, Finn and Rey literally bring the light source to the scene, and they back Han as he faces off with Kylo Ren. But instead of a challenge or separation, Kylo is included in the light; it’s an invitation. The scene offers Kylo redemption in the same way Han goes on to do. Of course we all know how that offer is received.

With our co-protagonists standing up top, we get a clear view of the direction of the series, their opposition to Kylo and what he stands for, and the battle to come. Rey’s battle in the snow of course, but with the long look between Finn and Kylo at the end of the scene, it’s clear that there will a reckoning between the villain and the one who defied him.

i love all the people tagging enerjaeger‘s post about needing season two saying to read the manga like I’m pretty sure just about everyone who’s still active in the snk fandom are reading the manga but the complaint is about material to use for graphics and there’s not much you can do with manga graphics or it’s really hard to do anything cool with them. 

We’re tired of reblogging the same manga panels and animated gifs over and over, we want to create new animated graphics. Scenes we’ve been craving to be animated for months, years, moving in fluid motion with beautiful coloring, the characters coming to life, the gleam in their eyes, the gestures of their bodies, the wind in their hair, the world spinning around them while they’re flying through the air. New characters, new friendships, breathtaking moments, insane action.

Season two is the best thing that can happen to snk fandom right now. It has nothing to do with reading the manga or not at this point because most of us do and we’re still bored af because there’s only so much a monthly update is going to give us to hold us over. This fandom is much better off when we’re more focused on making things because when we don’t have that, well, look at us.