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Do you think you could give some pointers as to how to draw dragons? I'm stuck whenever I try and the anatomy and proportions never seems to line up.

That’s the fun part about dragons though - you can throw anatomy out the window for the most part because there’s no specific one way to draw them.

[I made this at 3am and forgot about it in my drafts, so please let me know if you want clarification on a specific thing]

I like to push for variety and variation with dragons. The most common dragon we usually see is a Western Dragon; long neck, spikes, webbed wings, horns on their head. [you can probably picture one from pop culture based on that reference alone]

But that doesn’t have to be the only way to draw dragons. There are also Wyverns, Eastern Orientals, Hyrdas, Serpents, and more. Play around with the body and faces of dragons to make them a bit more unique and give them more personality and don’t be afraid to make them look “ugly”, they could end up pretty badass.

Dragons can have a wide variety of body types. These can vary from proper quadruped legs to bipedal with a weight offset. Front legs can be shorter than back legs, or they can even resemble real-life animals with “dragony” features. 

If you’re worried about proportioning, try breaking up your dragon’s body. I’ll use the Body Type + Appearance Dragons as examples;

  • Large: 33% Head // 33% Body // 33% Tail // [1% Extra/Pudge hehe]
  • Skinny: 10% Head // 20% Neck // 25% Body // 45% Tail
  • Lean: 10% Head // 20% Neck // 35% Body // 35% Tail
  • Bipedal: 10% Head // 40% Body // 50% Tail

With wings, you’re going to want them to be larger than your dragon’s body [unless they’re earthbound, in which case they can be tiny] Ideal wings are usually as long as your dragons body without the tail.

If you’re struggling with wings, I often break them up into two or three parts. Consider it to be like your arm, going from bicep to forearm to hand and fingers. Note that the Butterfly wings seen above don’t use this same method and are one solid piece.

If you’re designing a dragon, consider where they live or what they’ll be doing. Oceanic dragon? Try webbed hands or fins. Earthbound dragon? Give them big, powerful claw-paws so they can dig through the toughest of dirt. Again, there’s no right way to draw a dragon, so have fun with it!

tag yourself — tumblr pop
  • Halsey: reckless nights, driving around the illuminated city of L.A. / sneaking into old, abandoned motels with your friends that you’re probably never going to talk to again after high school, but you still say the term BFF all night / cigarette filters in tiny liquor bottles, stained with lipstick / chopping off your hair in a bathroom that isn't yours and not cleaning up afterwards / young love and genuinely believing it’s the end of the world when it ends after a week, finally believing the people who warned you / burning an american flag and throwing your more-than-half-full bottle of jack daniels into the flames
  • Melanie Martinez: alphabet blocks spelling ‘go fuck yourself’ / your stuffed animals showing up in places you don’t remember placing them / pastel nail polish that messily gets all over your fingers and hands / old photos of babydolls with a lazy eye and bashed-in faces / finally realizing the grim, origin-meanings of the nursery rhymes your parents read you as a kid / watching tom and jerry on drugs / knee-high socks with lacy tops and rip all along the fabric / getting the big-kid swing all to yourself because no one wanted to go to the park with you / tearing the heads off of your animal crackers and gummy bears
  • The Neighbourhood: standing at the beach at 5 pm, shallow waves crashing onto your feet / burning money you know you need and using it to roll blunts because you want that rich-illusion / driving through california in a white convertible, with palm trees all around you and a girl you just met sitting next to you, while holding her shawl over her head before letting it fly off into the wind / hawaiian shirts and faded, ripped jeans / leaving a small party early and coming home to your expensive suburban condo, falling asleep alone / the ghost of nicotine on your tongue after brushing your teeth
  • Twenty One Pilots: colder weather and leaves fallen off every tree / painting vent-quotes on your walls with black and red paint when you can’t sleep / sitting in the school cafeteria with your childhood best friend, jamming on a ukelele / dark thoughts at night that you turn into poetry / secret handshakes that only you and your soulmate know / scribbling out your monsters with a black pen on a three-hole-punch notebook
  • Lorde: demolishing stereotypes, the popular girls kissing the nerd girls, jocks showing up at theatre class / games of spin the bottle and 7 minutes in heaven / throwing on your drugstore lipstick and fishnets and catching a bus to a sketchy, glow-blog-material club that doesn't require ID / sinking under chlourine-plagued water with your best friend and yelling something, floating up and trying to guess what the other said / going to a house party on a saturday while sticking to white wine and your friend that dragged you there, but ending up actually having a really good time / not giving a shit about sports but going to a highschool football game to get out of the house
  • Lana Del Rey: marilyn-liner and fake lashes / oldies movies playing in the background / emotionlessly breaking expensive jewelry that your ex bought you / loitering at liquor stores until you're asked to leave / getting into a stranger's car solely because they're cute / getting drunk off moonshine and dancing on the pole in the center of the T even though you have no experience
  • Marina And The Diamonds: purposely popping your bubblegum as hard as you can when someone asks you to stop chewing so loud / poisoning a milkshake at a 50's style diner / the sound of pouring a handful of diamonds against a mahogany floor / pastel pink leather jackets with a number of feminism pins all over it / a beautiful bouquet of flowers from all the lovers you met with, 1-5 for each day of the week.

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I know that you are a reptile tumblr but I was wondering if you knew if it were healthy for dogs to be vegans? I'm just curious because of some vegans that have animals and they make them vegans... is it harmful towards the animal or is it completely safe? thank you :)

It’s an absolutely horrible idea. Dogs cannot be vegans and thrive. They’re not vegetarians and they’re not even really omnivores in the same way we are- while dogs will eat everything we do (and more), feeding them a vegan diet is terrible for their health. A lot of vegans who make this decision will blather on about supplements in the vegan food or about how you can make artificial amino acids or how dogs can survive on it so therefore it’s safe, but dogs can also survive eating Ol’ Roy, the worst dog food in the world. Surviving isn’t the same thing as thriving! A dog’s biological structure means that eating plants and only plants isn’t going to work well in the long run- so let’s look at some of the reasons why dogs need to be fed a diet based in animal protein. 

1. The canine digestive tract is not good at digesting plant matter.

Plant matter is really tough to break down! Meat, on the other hand, digests quickly. Carnivores and herbivores have differently structured digestive tracts that work with their diets. Let’s look at a rabbit’s digestive tract and a dog’s.

See how a rabbit has a functional cecum, while the dog’s is just a little snub of a thing? The cecum is an organ that plays a really important role in non-ruminant herbivore digestion. It’s a large pouch where cellulose and tough fibers in plant-based food get broken down. Dogs, like humans, don’t have one that’s functional for digestion. 

In addition, herbivores like rabbits have very long, complicated digestive tracts. Their food sits in there and breaks down over a long period of time. An average adult rabbit (with a body of about 40 centimeters long, we’re not talking the giant breeds or the dwarf breeds here) has about three meters of small intestine. In American units, that’s a 15 inch animal with almost 10 feet of intestines. A dog, on the other hand, has a small intestine that’s about two and a half times the length of its body- so for instance, a dog that’s two feet long would have about five feet of small intestine. There’s neither enough time nor space in the canine alimentary canal for dogs to fully extract the nutrients they need to survive. 

2. Dog drool doesn’t have amylase.

Amylase an enzyme that converts plant starch and glycogen into simple sugars. Herbivores and omnivores typically have amylase in the saliva, which starts to break down those starches immediately. This means by the time the starches hit the intestine, they’ve already started to convert into something that’s actually useful. Dogs, however, only produce it in the pancreas. There’s no salivary amylase in dogs or any other carnivore. This means that digesting plants and converting their energy into something that’s actually useful is really inefficient for dogs; they can only get something like half of the energy and nutrients they’d get from a comparable amount of meat. It also means that to digest plant material, dogs’ pancreases have to go into overtime to make enough amylase, which can lead to severe pancreatic strain.

3. Dogs can’t digest cellulose.

While the dog pancreas makes amylase, something it doesn’t make is cellulase. Granted, herbivores don’t make it either- in fact, very few animals do. Termites are one of the only animals that make their own cellulase. Herbivore digestive tracts have a reservoir of symbiotic bacteria that produce plenty of cellulase. We’ve actually talked about it- it’s what goes on in the cecum! The bacteria in carnivore ceca, however, is linked to the lymphatic system, not the digestive system. 

There’s also the issue of their teeth not being adapted for a plant-based diet or even the way they eat being good at taking in plants- but the same is true for anything that’s not animal carcasses, including kibble and wet dog food. That’s just evidence that defines them as opportunistic carnivores; what makes a vegan diet so bad for dogs is their digestive biology.

There is one exception to this rule, and that is when a vet prescribes a vegan diet for an animal with significant food allergies or other dietary issues. This is not something vets do unless it’s the best course of treatment for the animal. 

Veganism isn’t the same thing as being an herbivore. Herbivores don’t have a choice; their bodies aren’t built for eating meat. While they might take in animal protein on occasion (deer, for instance, will eat birds sometimes), their teeth, their digestive systems, and their metabolisms all work together to make eating plants the best way for them to survive. A rabbit’s not a vegan- it’s an herbivore. Only humans can be vegans. To be a vegan is to make a choice; it’s to evaluate your place in the world around you and to renegotiate your relationship with all sorts of things- your own body, the food industry, the people around you, and of course the animals you don’t eat. Responsible vegans understand that humans can thrive on an all-vegetable diet; they know that we evolved to be really, really flexible when it comes to the source of our nutrition. While humans are biologically omnivores, we can make that choice.

A dog can’t, and it’s not humanity’s place to force that on them. There are some pets that thrive on an all-vegetable diet. Rabbits, tortoises, finches, hamsters, snails- but not dogs. 

If you’d like more information, this is a fantastic write-up, complete with sources! This is a good, short article written by a vet. This is a blog post that talks about some of the other nutritional deficiencies, particularly involving D3. This is another great writeup with diagrams!


Time for some more whump! It’s Day Two- Hypothermia!

Lance and Keith (read: klance) go to an ice planet.

why do i only ever hurt lance

“Figures,” Lance grumbled. “Stereotypical ice planet. Why couldn’t the rebels have lived on, I don’t know, a tropical island? The entire known universe and we can’t stumble across some beach residents in need of rescue?”

“Lance,” Shiro’s disapproving voice sounded over the coms. “The two of them gave me their only ship. Which means we’re helping them. They’re part of a freedom fighter organization, maybe they can help us.”

“Yeah, okay, but why do I have to be the one that gets sent down here? I’m from Cuba! This is way, way below comfortable temperatures for me.”

“Quit whining,” Keith snapped, glaring at Lance over his shoulder. “Our armor’s designed to keep us warm, and this is below comfortable for anyone. And pick up the pace.”

Lance rolled his eyes, but jogged to catch up to him.

“Sorry, Lance, but the red lion is the best at withstanding extreme temperatures. And it’s smaller, and faster than the other lions, so it can better navigate the terrain,” Shiro explained.

“Wish I had help navigating the terrain now,” Lance muttered under his breath. The two of them were currently struggling through over a foot of snow. “And that doesn’t explain why I had to bring Keith with me.”

“Because going on solo missions to unknown locations is how you get killed,” Pidge pointed out. “Star Wars? Hoth? Luke almost getting annihilated by the abominable snowman? Any of that ring a bell?”

“Quiznaking ice planets. Why are we out of the lion anyway, Shiro? Red’s warm. Do you want us to freeze to death and then have to hide inside the body of a space camel?” Lance’s voice was dripping with sarcasm.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Star Wars, Keith. Remind me to marathon it with you when we get back to Earth. My niece loves those movies, and she’ll eat all the popcorn, but it’s worth it. Trust me.”

“Would you two take this mission seriously?” Shiro asked. Lance could practically see him rubbing his temples exhaustedly. “I know it’s not exactly high-stakes adventure, but these guys saved my life. You’re not going to go prancing around the planet in your lion and accidentally destroy their hideout.”

Prancing? Shiro, I don’t prance, I'm—”

“Lance, look,” Keith interrupted him and pointed out towards a large stretch of ice before them. It would’ve been a lake, had the planet not had such low temperatures. “Pidge, is that the direction we need to go?”

“Yep,” she told them. “The hideout’s not far from the opposite side.”

Keith sighed. “We’ll have to go around.”

“Woah, what? Keith, that lake is huge! It’d be so much easier to walk straight across,” Lance protested. “I’m not about to freeze to death while we take the scenic route.”

“In case you hadn’t noticed, that’s ice, dumbass. If it can’t support our weight and breaks then we really could freeze to death! That water’s gotta be a lot worse than this.”

“I’m not an idiot, Keith, I know that. Pidge, if I send you a scan can you see if it’ll support us?” Lance asked. Pidge made a noise of affirmation, and Lance used his armor’s scanner to send an analysis of the ice to her.

“It looks pretty thick,” she mused. “I wouldn’t jump up and down or start hacking at it with your bayards if I were you, but you’ll be able to walk across.”

See?” Lance smirked at him. “What’d I tell you? It’s fine.”

“Shouldn’t we, I don’t know, check the lake? What if there’s a… space octopus in there, or something? Or a shark? I mean, they wouldn’t normally live in lakes, but this isn’t Earth so who knows? Are space alligators a thing?” Hunk spoke so fast it was almost difficult to understand.

“Hunk, you’re rambling,” Lance observed with a fond smile. “But don’t worry. The top of the lake is frozen, so they wouldn’t be able to breathe, right? Let alone get to us. If it makes you feel better, I’ll do a full scan of the lake.”

“Nope. No animals down there,” Pidge confirmed a few moments later. “Now would you two hurry up and cross?”

“I still have a really bad feeling about this,” Keith mumbled.

Lance turned towards him with a grin. “We are so watching Star Wars together. In fact, we should see if they have it at the space mall. But sorry, Keith, if you want to go the long way, be my guest. I’m not going to wait any longer than I have to.”

“He really is the true pilot of Red,” Pidge sounded as if she was trying to repress a laugh. “Impatient as all hell.”

Hey!” Keith and Lance exclaimed at the same time.

Pidge snorted. “Just get going already.”

Lance wasted no time in starting out across the lake. He was several paces ahead of Keith, who still hesitated to step out onto it. As he was about to continue forward, Keith stopped in his tracks. He could swear he saw something dark moving below the ice, but Pidge had scanned the lake for life, hadn’t she? It must just be his imagination. He started forward again, but just then the ground shook, and the ice in front of Lance exploded.

He let out a strangled yelp, stumbling away from whatever had just burst out of the lake. Keith could hear the frantic voices of the others in his ears, but it all descended into white noise as he saw the vine that had broken through the ice wrap around Lance’s legs.

He rushed forward, but it was already too late. Keith watched as Lance was dragged into the hole made by the creature, and plunged into the freezing lake.

The water was murky, and dark. Lance could barely see, all he knew was that something was dragging him further and further down into the depths. He didn’t have time to activate his helmet properly before water was rushing into his lungs.

He felt the grip of whatever held him tightening on his legs, and though he tried to kick he couldn’t break free.

Lance forced himself not to panic. Panicking wouldn’t help him. So he collected his thoughts, summoned his bayard, and pointed it down. He still couldn’t see anything, but with luck he’d hit the monster, not himself. He moved his finger to the trigger, aimed for what he hoped wasn’t his leg, and fired.

Judging by the shriek of pain and how the hold on him loosened, Lance guessed the laser met its mark. He kicked upwards immediately, swimming quickly to the surface. However, with limited eyesight and dwindling oxygen, his hands met nothing but ice. Panic started to overtake him again as he desperately scrambled to find the hole which he’d fallen into.

Lance was just starting to give up hope completely when suddenly a hand snagged around his wrist and yanked him to the side, and up to the surface.

Lance sucked in a breath, coughing the water out of his lungs as he collapsed onto the ice. His vision was foggy around the edges, but he could see well enough to notice Keith kneeling over him, breathing heavily.

“Are you okay?” he demanded, hands hovering over Lance’s form. “Are you hurt?”

“What—” Lance coughed again. “What was that… that thing?”

“I… I didn’t scan for plants,” Pidge told him apologetically. “In my defense, I had no idea there would be some crazy strong… Venus flytrap-ish monster living here.”

Now will you listen to me when I tell you something’s a bad idea?” Keith asked, sounding way to relieved to actually come off as angry.

Lance gave him a shaky smile. “I c-could ask you the… the same, S-samurai.”. Keith tensed immediately.

“Why’s he talking like that?” he asked. “He’s… breathing weird, too. And shivering. Pidge, what—”

“Keith. Scan. Now.” Pidge’s voice was suddenly alert, and when Keith complied, she cursed. “Hypothermia. I should’ve guessed. Keith, get him back to the castle. He should be fine, but he needs a pod. Allura and I will come back to the planet in Blue later.”

Keith nodded, picking Lance up in his arms as if he weighed nothing at all, before rushing towards Red. “Hang on, Lance. You’re gonna be fine.”

“You.. you were r-right,” Lance admitted around chattering teeth. “That was a… very b-bad idea.” His eyes started to slide shut.

“Wh— no, Lance, you have to stay awake. C'mon, keep your eyes open. We’re almost there.”

“’M sorry, Keith, b-but it’s… it’s freezing, and you’re r-r-really w-warm,” Lance mumbled, closing his eyes and leaning his head on Keith’s shoulder. “I think… I’ll just take a little n-nap.”

“Lance, no, you’ve got to—” Keith started insistently, but Lance had already passed out in his arms.

Lance fell unceremoniously out of the healing pod, but was luckily caught before he collapsed onto the floor. He looked up to meet Keith’s dark eyes, and promptly groaned. “So, I guess we had another bonding moment.”

Keith bristled. “That’s all you have to say? Not ‘thank you for saving my life?’ After your stupid decision-making skills got you put in a pod for the… how many times has it been now?”

Lance ignored him. “Where are the others?”

“None of them wanted to stay overnight, because, again, you’ve been in this pod way too many times,” Keith told him, unsure if he should point out that Lance had made no move to step back, so Keith was still supporting the entirety of his weight.

“And yet you stayed,” Lance grinned. “Guess I should probably start listening to you, huh?”

“Guess so.”

Lance’s smile turned quickly into a smirk. “Well, that’s too bad, since we both know that’s never going to happen.”

Keith scowled, prepared to drop Lance onto the floor. He would have to, if Lance hadn’t leaned forward at that exact moment and kissed him.

It didn’t last long, but Keith was blushing furiously, anyway. It was nice to see that Lance looked a little flustered, too, though.

“Thanks,” Lance said softly. “For saving my life.”

“Um,” Keith started, brain still trying to understand what was going on. “Did you just— you and I— is this— what?”

Lance laughed, finally stepping back from Keith and turning to walk out the door. “I’m going to go get some food goo, if you’d care to join me.”

Keith watched him go, and stammered out a few more incoherent sentences before rushing after him.

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Hello there; I've been looking through your blog and, as many others say, I just ADORE your art! I was also wondering if you could give me some advice. For quite a few months now I've utterly lost all motivation to draw. I want to go into something with art, so this devastates me, and whenever I try to draw I just get so easily frustrated. I've been an avid artist since I can remember, so for me to suddenly not want to draw for months on end really concerns me. Any suggestions to fix this?

(hi!! apologies for the late reply. i hope this can still be of some help to you despite that!)

i think that’s a feeling every artist struggles with at some point. you love art, you love making art, and it’s immensely frustrating when that suddenly doesn’t work out despite all the effort you’ve been putting in. and then you start to lose motivation, question yourself and everything you’re doing, and it’s a vicious cycle that’s really hard to break out of. so what can we do?

well, here’s a thing. let’s call it the productivity branch.

i feel like my own creative cycles are very seasonal. not in the sense that my creativity depends on the season, but rather that my creativity itself goes through different seasons.

  • spring: new ideas, motivation, productivity still low 
  • summer: lots of ideas and very productive
  • autumn: still productive drawing leftover ideas, but new ideas are harder to come by. and then 
  • winter: nothing. art-block. lack of ideas, everything-sucks-syndrome, no motivation, the creative part of my brain is basically hibernating

that’s you up there. you’re in a creative winter right now. and without any inspiration or motivation it’ll be hard to find a way to cross that gap over to a new spring (pls bear with the cheesy analogies). and if your cut yourself off from inspirational influence you might start to think that, hey, this isn’t so bad. i mean, who needs spring right? just means you have to do things. be active. yikes. winter’s pretty chill. haha. 

but don’t do that. it’ll come around and bite you at some point, because that lack of motivation and activity might start to seep into other parts of your life, not just the creative one, and you don’t want that.

so! when you don’t have ideas and motivation to create, then don’t create. but instead make an effort to inspire yourself. inspiration entails motivation (and vice versa).

  • read books, short stories, poems, science articles, anything
  • go on walks, explore your surroundings, if affordable maybe even go somewhere farther away
  • let people tell you stories
  • listen to new music
  • try things you haven’t done before (deliberately break old habits)
  • go through other people’s inspiration blogs
  • collaborate with a friend
  • get really invested in something, talk to others about it
  • watch movies, animated shorts, documentaries 
  • or speedpaintings and art tutorials
  • try different techniques, or new brushes
  • look at art that’s so inspiring that you can’t believe you’re still just sitting there not drawing anything yourself
  • and most importantly, be receptive. take in the world around you, rearrange it in your head, and draw whatever you end up with. that’s the core of what creativity is

think about what you want to achieve. make your friends smile? draw something really cool you can print out and hang up in your room? touch people’s hearts? deliver a message? whatever it is, and however small or inconsequential it might seem, keep it in mind. it’s your light at the end of the tunnel.

if want to keep drawing for the sake of muscle memory while you’re still looking for your inspiration: 

  • illustrate your daily activities
  • draw a random shape or find one in a photo (clouds are ideal for this) and turn it into a character or object
  • pick different pictures and combine elements from each of them into one drawing
  • do plain ol’ studies 
  • basically don’t try to come up with things completely from scratch. find something to work with and go from there. that will save you the mentally draining task of coming up with a subject, so you can start actively drawing right away

if you still can’t make yourself pick up a pen, make a schedule. train your brain to turn its creative gears at a specific time of the day, make that a habit. do it for pavlov

approach drawing with the awareness that what you create might suck, especially when you’re out of practice, but this doesn’t mean that it will always suck, and it doesn’t mean you suck. if you learn to dissociate your current creative achievements from your worth as a person and your future potential you will get back to work a lot easier, improve faster, and be more resistant to setbacks. 

find something that makes it worth the effort of working through the frustration. 

you might need to try a lot of different things because everyone copes with this differently, and even when a method worked once that doesn’t mean it always will. so start trying! you can only find inspiration if you start looking for it. 👍

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Hi, I'm an aspiring animator, and I wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration for me. Your art is fantastic, and I enjoy your style very much. Do you have any tips for poses? I try and practice, but the more dynamic poses end up looking awkward or stiff. Your stuff always looks so natural and flows nicely.

hello! oh wow thank you very much! Well, i’ve had this same question sent in to me a lot of times now, and I always say the same thing: do lifedrawing. Draw people around you, carry around a small little sketchbook and sketch people in the subway, in the restaurant, in the park! (do it without being creepy tho haha) 

When you do this, you’ll get a gist as to why people look the way they do and how they move etc. (try to do this everyday! go out, and do maybe 10-15 quick sketches. continue for a month and you’ll really see the change)

When you practice, try not to bother yourself with details first! instead, focus on shapes. this will not only help you with poses but also help you learn to draw faster! (2 for the price of 1!!!!) and when i say shapes, i mean think in 3d and start to sort of….sculp it.

Do different poses from normal everyday ones to the dynamic ones. (also, don’t take normal boring poses for granted!) then once you’ve gotten a hang of it, you can start drawing in characters!

you can see i didn’t follow the lines strictly from the original sketch to suit the characters’ style, but it still has the essence of that pose!

be loose! lines and shapes are your best friends! start practicing and you’ll soon find that poses are super fun and addicting to do!

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Im really sorry if im bothering you but what exactly has people thinking klance is dead after this season??

apologies for this because i got carried away and started talking abt keith because i have a lot of feelings abt that boy. short answer: ppl think klance is dead because keith and lance barely interacted in s4, even tho they couldn’t interact much in the first place because obviously keith was gone for most of the season… which is funny because of this. i guess ppl seem to forget that s4 is actually just the rest of s3 so, you really gotta think of these two seasons as ONE season. s4 picks up where s3 left off, albeit with a time skip, it still continues where we left off. it was originally meant to be one season/come out altogether, so it’s best to analyze s4 with everything that happened in s3 fresh in mind because right after we saw keith and lance getting closer/opening up to each other more in s3, keith leaves voltron… and with the release of keith’s vlog and what he said in it, i don’t think we should take this fact with a grain of salt.

let’s go back to s3ep6, namely the bedroom scene and what follows. when lance says that maybe he should step aside, keith’s reaction seems to be a mixture of shock, confusion, sadness, and concern. if nothing else, i’m certain that he felt confusion (”what are you talking about?”) and shock. i think it’s safe to assume that sadness/concern played a part in it because we all know that before this scene happened, lance had been keith’s biggest source of support in shiro’s absence. he became his voice of reason and they connected so much. lauren montgomery even called lance keith’s stability. imo, it’s clear that by this point, keith is at least SOMEWHAT attached to lance and that is smth we shouldn’t take lightly because keith canonically has issues with that/connecting with people in general. in keith’s eyes, lance has become irreplaceable not only on a personal level but in regards to voltron/the team, as well. lance helped keith, but he has always been there to lift his teammates up, support them, and bring the best out of them. no matter what, keith knows lance is important. 

then, seemingly out of nowhere, lance says he thinks he should step down as a paladin. this scene is followed up by keith offering to stay back during a mission, trying to give up the black lion to shiro yet still not taking red back from lance even though lance said he’d want to. he even told lance that “things would work themselves out,” which i always figured was just because of him staying back at the castleship and not taking red from lance in the next mission, but in light of the events of s4, it brings abt the question: was he already planning on leaving back then? was that line foreshadowing for what was to come? who knows, think of it what you will. anyways, the point is, keith has always been bad with words, which we’re reminded of during the bedroom scene, and he’s mainly an action person, as we see in the follow-up scene. these scenes were put basically back to back so we could make this connection, i’m sure of that. of course, the black lion doesn’t let shiro in (hopefully, lance is aware of what keith tried to do), causing the “too many paladins, not enough lions” issue to be pushed aside for now. the ep ends with keith admitting to shiro that he’s “not good at this [being the leader]” and s3ep7 is abt the paladins of old.

in s4, we skip ahead at least a couple months which leaves a lot of room for speculation as to what happened during that time. remember, these two seasons were originally one season. obviously, every season is connected lol but these two should be viewed as ONE and i cannot stress the importance of that enough. the last time we saw keith in s3ep6, he had some real shit on his mind. he expressed doubts abt being the leader, he doesn’t feel like he can be the leader voltron needs and he’s definitely ALWAYS thinking abt that. another thing he had on his mind was the “too many paladins, not enough lions” issue, which boils down to lance expressing doubts abt his place on the team to keith. then, on top of all that, we have the information that he pushes people away before they can reject/leave him. he’s got a lot on his plate. i think during this time skip, he started to push the team away because now that he’s attached to lance, it’s only a matter of time before he gets attached to everyone else (or he already is) and he’s probably fucking terrified. his solution? he starts training with the blade of marmora, probably spending most of his time with them during that time skip as suggested by many scenes in s4ep1, and as a result: he starts drifting away from everyone. basically, s3ep6 made some things very apparent to me: 

1) keith is fully aware of the fact that there’s one paladin too many.
2) keith values what lance brings to the team more than he values what he brings to the team. in general, i think he just values lance + everyone else on the team more than he values himself. he is expendable, but they are not.
3) keith doesn’t want to lead voltron, he thinks he’s no good at it. 

and in s4ep1, keith pretty much addressed all of this:
1) he’s leaving, so the team has five paladins + five lions again.
2) just like in s3ep6, keith doesn’t ask for the red lion back. this locks in lance’s position on the team (tho i think he’ll go on to pilot black/keith will go back to red but i’m not gonna go into that rn bc i already have/will again in the future).
3) keith doesn’t have to lead voltron anymore.

i definitely think lance coming to keith with his worries/insecurities abt his place on the team is ONE of the many reasons keith stepped aside. i’m not saying this with shipping goggles on, i’m not even talking abt this because of romantic klance, really. i’m more so analyzing keith as a character. i’m not saying it was the MAIN reason because it very obviously wasn’t. keith is clearly dealing with plenty of his own shit but i think this played a PART in it (even if it’s tiny) because that’s what the narrative is telling me; that’s how it seems to be set up. if s4 and s3 were left together like they were originally meant to be, s4ep1 would have been watched pretty much right after s3ep6 with the bedroom scene, and ep7 was a flashback episode of the paladins of old. i genuinely think it’s safe to make this connection. at this point, you have to be a full blown fool to think that keith doesn’t care abt lance (and vice versa) because it’s obvious that he does. so, you can’t tell me that he didn’t ONCE think abt what lance said while making the decision to leave. the main reason i cannot help but make the connection to the bedroom scene is BECAUSE it’s all lined up perfectly. you don’t even have to take this in a shipping way, just as keith obviously giving a crap abt lance and valuing what he brings to the team more than what he, himself, does.

i think this is smth keith NEEDS to do at the current time… after all, he chose to do it. that being said, i don’t think he’ll be staying with the blade forever. this is a part of his arc and by doing this, i think he’s going to end up learning more abt his heritage/mother. i also think it needed to happen bc i believe it’s part of keith’s overall journey with team voltron, in which he learns/accepts just how much they mean to him and that he needs to stop pushing them away. clearly, keith DOES want to leave for certain reasons but i still think it was a hard decision for him to make since he DOES care abt the team, even if he’s trying to distance himself as to not get hurt. i’m 100% sure a part of him DOESN’T want to leave at all, but we must keep in mind who keith is. i think this heavily ties in with his abandonment issues and the fact that he literally said that he pushes people away rather than letting them into his life because he fears rejection (seriously, i don’t think his vlog being released before s4 was a coincidence). 

to sum it up, i think keith is dealing with a lot of conflicting emotions on the inside, which is supported by the shots we get of him while he’s leaving:

they wouldn’t animate this for NO REASON. his smile falters and continues to as he turns away. he’s NOT happy. i think one of the reasons he goes to the blade is because he’s the kind of person who HAS to have smth to focus on/pour himself into. he needs smth to fight for, he doesn’t want to sit on the sidelines. he doesn’t want to feel lost again or useless. another reason is because it’s really the only connection he has to his past. this boy so desperately wants a sense of belonging but now, logically and realistically speaking, he doesn’t have a place on team voltron because he’s not a paladin. so, he goes with the blade of marmora because he believes that’s the place he’ll be the most useful. he also sees himself as expendable, and unfortunately, that fits PERFECTLY with the blade’s beliefs. the real kicker is that because he’s spent so much time with team voltron, he doesn’t see others as expendable anymore.

leaving to work with the blade is the perfect getaway for keith because while it IS abt the mission and gives him smth to focus on, it also allows him to push the team away and distance himself from them. in s3, keith connected with the team more but notably the most with lance. in s4ep1, lance—despite being keith’s main source of support/voice of reason throughout the entirety of s3—doesn’t confront keith 1-on-1 abt being off with the blade so much/pulling away from the team. i thought this was very odd given their development in s3, BUT it does make sense since obviously, they want keith to have this BOM arc and if lance had been the one to confront him? had he tried to get him to stay? logically, with where they’re at in canon, keith may have listened to lance, but they want to do this BOM arc for a reason. we wouldn’t be getting these narratives if keith had stayed (i also think this is setting up for clone!shiro and bp!lance). 

imo i think one of the reasons shiro and allura were unable to convince him to stay was because they were virtually asking him to because it’s his “duty,” his “role,” his “responsibility” as the leader of the team, therefore he is obligated to stay for that reason. allura does tell him “we cannot [go on without you],” but it’s the fact that before saying that she says voltron cannot go on without him; she first and foremost makes it abt his position within voltron. at this point, keith felt that he wasn’t useful to the team, at least not to the extent that he is when he’s working with the blade. even though he was the pilot of the black lion, i think that ever since shiro came back (despite black not accepting him at first), keith saw that he was very much back in that leadership position, so he figured that it was only a matter of time before he reconnected with black. keith was starting to drift away elsewhere because even though he was piloting black, he never viewed himself as the leader and he was not confident in his abilities regarding leading the team. he may have piloted black, but he was never really a leader in the deeper sense. lance more so took that role in s3 in shiro’s absence by being the one to truly keep the team together. while keith DID have leadership moments—all of which i think happened after lance helped to guide him, anyways—at the end of the day, he was just the one piloting the black lion. we all know that keith is not leadership material, he knows that himself and he has never wanted to be the leader. he never TRULY accepted that role for himself.

keith leaving the team is a bit concerning because his motives have never really changed, he puts the mission over himself and he thinks abt the greater good of the universe. he even used to be fine with leaving others behind, which has changed. but now, that first part is kind of a HUGE problem. in s2, thace tells keith “as a member of voltron you have a bigger mission,” and ulaz also says in s2 that “voltron is too valuable” before sacrificing himself. thace is explaining why he needs to stay in order to save the mission and why keith needs to leave… he’s a paladin and he is important, he is essential. but now, keith is no longer a paladin of voltron and therefore, believes he is—in the long run, in the grand scheme of things—not needed. he’s superfluous. he’s not essential to forming voltron anymore, he has no reason to stay alive so he will certainly try to sacrifice himself for the greater good… as he did in s4ep6, which gave me a literal panic attack btw. thace and ulaz prioritize the mission over themselves and the individual, that is the way of the blade of marmora and it is not a mindset that keith should be so exposed to. “knowledge or death” is not a motto that he should be exposed to because he takes everything literally. the fact that he is no longer a paladin of voltron has proven, to KEITH, that he can be replaced and it’s not good for his mental state. the blade sacrifices themselves left and right for the mission and they leave people behind. we can see that from keith’s time with team voltron, their ideals have rubbed off on him and he doesn’t want to leave people behind, as shown in s4ep1. but keith has never and still doesn’t apply this to himself, even more so now. from an objective standpoint, the fact of the matter is that keith has seen that he isn’t vital to voltron anymore. now that shiro is back in black, they can continue on without him. for keith, this is not a case of whether people WANT that to happen or how they’re going to feel abt it. he probably doesn’t even realize just how much team voltron cares abt him.

while keith has been told something akin to “we need you” before, you need to look at the context of those situations. i’m pretty sure that every time people have told him they need him, it’s tied to the mission/voltron. both of the times this season, when he was told EXPLICITLY that he’s needed, were when voltron was concerned. even tho there’re implications of it being more personal, it was rooted in the mission/voltron and that alone is probably what keith hears. i mean, given how he is/how he operates, it’s not a surprise that he’s tied his worth to this. keith isn’t a paladin anymore and that’s why his choice in s4ep6 was painfully logical for him to make, especially because he’s seen others within the blade of marmora do it before and now he’s a member. the universe NEEDS voltron, but realistically and logically speaking, the universe doesn’t NEED keith (that is his mindset). in the literal sense right now, voltron is able to continue without him. back in s1, keith was right when it was abt pidge because without her, they would have been short a lion and there was no proof anybody else could pilot green, therefore voltron would’ve been inoperable. but with keith leaving, he states it himself: they CAN do it, they CAN form voltron and complete the bigger mission without him. nobody questions him on that or tells him otherwise because it’s TRUE and they support his decision to go with the blade because they want him to be happy, they want him to do what he thinks is best.

one of the problems here is that no one knows abt his abandonment issues and the like. if anyone does, it’d be shiro… but i think we all agree that shiro isn’t our shiro. now that i bring it up, that may be yet another reason why keith is distancing himself from the team. while i don’t think keith suspects that shiro is a clone or anything like that (because he wouldn’t just leave the team with a fucking clone), he probably feels that smth is off. his beloved brother figure is not acting the same and he’s HAD to have picked up on it, even just a little. while he has had his moment, shiro has been cold, pushy, and inconsiderate towards keith A LOT throughout s3-s4. s3-s4 shiro is very contrasting with s1-s2 shiro. s2 shiro did not even approve of the way the blade of marmora did things, so it’s very strange to me that he’d let keith go chill with them for who knows how long with next to no care in the world, especially because he knows how keith is, too. he knows keith doesn’t give up, he goes all in, he has no concerns for his well-being, etc. s3-s4 shiro eerily reminds me of the hologram!shiro back in s2ep8.

as i said, i think it’s necessary for keith to be with the blade for a bit in order to further his character arc and such (and to bring abt other things within team voltron)… but the blade of marmora is not good for him. there, he is completely disposable and the rest of the members think the same. he’s not surrounded by people who love him like he was in team voltron, and at the end of the day, that is NOT what keith needs. it’s the opposite. he already thinks he’s disposable and the ideals of the blade of marmora are just hammering it in. at the start, even when he was still piloting red, he thought he was replaceable. when allura and keith ran off in s2, keith had no intention of coming back despite being the red paladin… he packed a bag. it’s not until after he undergoes the trials of marmora and awakens his blade that keith seemed to leave that line of thinking behind because he accepted himself as being part of voltron… but now he’s not a paladin anymore, so that flew out the window. his purpose is gone.

keith needs, above all else, someone to tell him that they need him. not him as in Keith, the Leader, and not him as in Keith, the Paladin. no, just him. just Keith. it can’t be rooted in anything else. it can’t start off with “voltron needs you,” it has to start and end with him just being needed because it’s him. it can’t be because VOLTRON needs him. he needs to hear that his FRIENDS need him, his family needs him. he needs to hear that he’s irreplaceable to his friends for the sole reason that he’s KEITH. i think he has a hard time even fathoming the idea that people need him simply for him, and that they really, truly want him around. no strings attached, just him. not his role on the team, not what he offers to the table… just who he is, his presence and his friendship. so, someone needs to be forthright with it and lay it out as plain as day for him to see.

with the rate things are going/how they’ve been set up, who the hell is a better fit to do that than lance? the most emotionally intelligent person on the team, which is acknowledged at least a little by everyone else since they all looked to him to comfort keith in s3ep1? the only one on the team to have really started some sort of relationship with keith from the get-go? the only one who seems to interact with/talk to him abt things that DON’T have to do with voltron/the mission/his galra heritage, but rather, just for the sake of interacting with him, even if it was based on the “rivalry”? the one who was there for keith the most all throughout s3, enough to be coined as his stability by a showrunner? the one who has been shown to be very good at getting through to keith? now, i’m not saying that shiro will be revealed as a clone, which causes lance to take over as black paladin and leader, this leading him to convince keith to come back and be the red paladin again—his right-hand man—but that’s exactly what i’m saying.

~From Sour to Sweet~

When you find a new friend in the strangest way.

cat hybrid!yoongi/reader

Word Count: 5,704

What were you thinking?

You don’t know what possessed you to go to a hybrid adoption facility and want to pick out a hybrid of your own. You felt bad that you could only choose one of the many hybrids presented before you. All were of various species accentuated with different colors, shapes, and sizes.

“You can go in if you want.” The employee next to you responds, having spotted you looking at the hybrids through the glass window.

The room was pretty spacious but you were afraid that if you went inside you would try and take them all home with you. It looked like a cross between a playground and recreational room. There were beds for them to sleep, a TV off to the side, and lots of blankets and pillows.

“If there’s one you want to interact with personally, we have rooms available for you, if you’re not comfortable going inside with all of them. It can get overwhelming sometimes.”

You watched all the hybrids for a bit. There were a couple of rabbits running around in a game of chase, bounding through the other hybrids as well as hopping over stray toys and scattered furniture pieces. The foxes were playing with a soccer ball, rolling it back and forth and a few of them even went to mess with the other hybrids nearby. Literally all of the dog hybrids were play wrestling each other and you could see tufts of fur flying through the air. Most of the cats were either asleep or lazily tossing balls of yarn here and there.

You notice a small white cat hybrid tucked away from everyone else, including the other cats, curled up in a ball high on top of one of the shelves. He wasn’t sleeping, rather he was lying there and observing all the other hybrids with a smidge of boredom adorning his features, white tail flicking lazily back and forth like a pendulum. His white ears contrasted the black locks of his hair as they twitched to each of the sounds. You noticed that he looked…lonely, yet there was a hint of sadness somewhat hidden in his eyes, and your heart ached at the sight.

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Searching for Fanfiction101
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: 1,000 fanfics about their kids but only about like 10 of Jack and Sally
  • Undertale: Hundreds of Sans X Reader fics and the rest are AUs/ships with a small portion of general
  • FNAF: hundreds of thousands of fics and no one has time to go through them but most are made by little kids
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: More than half are of human Tony and Paige fighting and the rest are Crack fics
  • Fran Bow: There are none besides that one Itward X Reader fanfic
  • Ancient Magus Bride: None anywhere unless you search on AO3
  • Candle Cove: Candle what?
  • Mystery Skulls Animated: A quarter is some gay ships and the rest are OC or Lewvi
  • Pucca: Abandoned area. 1 or 2 fics per year but barely gets any reads
  • Steam Powered Giraffe: Good fanfics from the SPG cosplayers but that's it
  • One Punch Man: 98% Saitama/Genos and no one cares about the rest
  • Teen Titans: Lots of emotional fanfics on the old series but gets nothing cause of its TTG reboot
  • Spongebob Squarepants: You have a lot of free time to be looking for fanfics of fucking Spongebob
  • Wander over Yonder: The show is dead the fandom is dead and so are its authors
  • Battleblock Theater: 0 Results. Try again?
  • Don't Starve: 100% Don't Starve Together but 0% DS
  • Wizard of Oz: Only crossovers. Maybe 2 of the original but ONLY CROSSOVERS
  • Shrek: someBODY ONCE TOLD ME
  • Beetlejuice: Really good ones of the movie but if you're looking for the cartoon buddy I got bad news for you
  • Wizard101 / Pirate101: Who the fuck makes fanfiction of this
  • Zootopia: Did you mean Wildehopps?
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: 86% shipping and the rest we just don't know
  • Robots: 3 Results
  • Megamind: Good fanfics and some hidden ones of Roxanne turning evil
  • Subway Surfers: Dude that's a mobile game no one makes fanfics of that shit
  • Looney Tunes: You don't get stuff as good as the show tbh
  • Lazytown: Gay fics of Sportacus/Robbie. That's it.
I just read an article recommending budgies and cockatiels among other small commonly mistreated animals as pets for young children and I'm pretty sure I can hear my veins popping

A five year old does not need a pet, especially a small pet. If they’re not old enough to take care of themselves, they’re not old enough to take care of another life.

No hate to people who did get their own pet young, so did I, but I know I’m definitely not going to be doing that for my kids. I was 13 when I got my first bird (a parrotlet) and I know I was NOT mature enough. Don’t get me wrong, I loved him, he was the center of my universe and he got plenty of attention and interaction and love, but I was not mature enough for the less fun parts of pet care. I also had ADHD, so my brain was(is) a bit behind developmentally on certain aspects, but still.

If you’re going to get a pet, make it a family pet, and don’t get it just for your kids. Get it because you want it too, because you’d better believe you’re going to be the one taking care of it.

And if you have small kids, don’t get delicate pet that needs to be handled! Please! Kids mean well but they’re still kids! If you’re going to get a small pet, get one that doesn’t need to be handled, and is happier being left alone. (And then make sure you’re kids leave it alone, including no tapping on the cage to get its attention).

And also, there’s no such thing as an easy pet to take care of. If you think there is, then you’re probably not caring for it correctly. The best thing for a pet (especially non domesticated ones) is to recreate all the beneficial aspects of their natural environment.

And don’t trust what the pet store tells you. Do research at home before making the decision to get the pet. And I mean research that isn’t from the pet store website.

Super sorry this turned into such a long post, I just really love animals and think they deserve so much better than what the pet trade typically gives them.

And please don’t think that I’m trying to make anyone feel bad or guilty! Like I said, I had several childhood pets that I didn’t take care of properly, even though I loved them, because I didn’t know any better. I’m so grateful to the people who explained all this stuff to me

anonymous asked:

I'm interested in those kid/cartoon and anime witch shows you mentioned. (unless it's actually W.I.T.C.H which I've watched a thousand times)

It wasn’t gonna be W.I.T.C.H at all! I actually don’t recall that one, lol.

I am basically gonna stick to anime for this list, jsyk, it got way too long… There are a few specifically about witches, while some are just about magic in general. (It’s a sparse genre man.) These are ones I have personally watched, were recommended to watch, or have at the very least heard of.

I am also terrible at doing summaries but here we go!


Majo no Takkyuubin
(Kiki’s Delivery Service) - 

a more well-known movie, featuring a young witch who leaves home to a brand new city in order to do her magical training, and finds out what being a witch really means to her through her adventures

genres: adventure, comedy, drama, magic, romance, fantasy

score: 8.28 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Little Witch Academia (2013) - 

the first precursor to the anime, it shows the struggles of a human girl who desperately wants to be a witch like her idol, but has no magical talent of her own, while finding out her idol isn’t so well idolized at her magic school

this movie was only forty minutes long, and was funded by a young animators training project. due to its success, they created a kickstarter for the sequel, which then lead to the actual anime series

genres: adventure, comedy, magic, fantasy, school

score: 8.00 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Little Witch Academia: Mahoujikake no Parade
(Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade) - 

this movie continues on the story of the human witch, who is facing expulsion along with her friends, who must band together with another group of witches in order to organize their school’s annual parade

of course, it never goes that easy, lol

genres: adventure, comedy, magic, fantasy, school

score: 7.92 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

TV Series

Little Witch Academia (TV) - 

the story of a human girl who gets inspired by a witch’s magical show and decides she wants to become a witch herself, and, despite the obstacles she comes to face, continues on with enthusiasm and joy

it is suggested you watch the Little Witch Academia series in order - starting with the movie “Little Witch Academia” in 2013, then “Little Witch Academia: Mahoujikake no Parade” in 2015, followed by this anime

genres: adventure, comedy, magic, fantasy, school

score: 7.90 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Flying Witch -

a slice of life anime about a young girl who moves in with her cousins in order to continue her witchcraft training, who experiences many new things and shows those around her the magic of, well, magic

genres: slice of life, comedy, supernatural, magic, shounen

score: 7.63 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Junketsu no Maria
(Maria the Virgin Witch) - 

the story of a witch who attempts to use her magic to avoid conflicts in the Hundred Year War, but is then forbidden to use her magic by the Archangel Michael, who warns her that her magic will be lost if she loses her virginity

genres: comedy, fantasy, historical, magic, seinen

score: 7.28 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Sugar Sugar Rune -

think of a cross between magical girls and witches, and you’ve got this anime - the story of two friends who are competing to see who will become the new Queen of the Witch World while collecting the hearts of humans

genres: fantasy, magic, shoujo

score: 7.54 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Hell there’s even witch harem anime:

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo 
(Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches) - 

basically this guy and this girl kiss accidentally, which leads them to discover they can switch bodies this way, and they join a school club full of other people whose magical abilities are awakened with a kiss

genres: harem, mystery, comedy, supernatural, romance, school, shounen

score: 7.88 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Zero no Tsukaima
(The Familiar of Zero) -

a self absorbed witch with no magical talent screws up a(nother) magical ritual - only to find out she has summoned a boy, who is to be her familiar, bearing a mark that tells of extreme power

genres: action, adventure, harem, comedy, magic, romance, ecchi, fantasy, school

score: 7.59 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

If you’ve never seen it:

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
(Puella Magi Madoka Magica) -

while the witches may not be the main focus, this anime is about a girl who is faced with the decision of becoming a magical girl in order to protect the world from evil witches, but it’s not as “magical” as it appears

this anime destroys lives - it is actually super intense and feelsy for being a “magical girl” anime

genres: drama, magic, psychological, thriller

score: 8.49 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Slightly less about witchcraft in general but:

Fairy Tail -

a long series (almost 400 episodes) about a girl who joins the magic guild of her dreams, called “Fairy Tail,” where strength, spirit, and family are what hold the ragtag group of wizards together

starts off funny and silly but then OMG THE FEELS; also there are two seasons, the first being 175 episodes and the second, sometimes listed as “Fairy Tail (2014),” being 102 episodes long

genres: action, adventure, comedy, magic, fantasy, shounen

score: 8.18 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
(The Irregular at Magic High School) -

this story follows two siblings training at a school for magic, though it is treated more like technology; she has plenty of magical potential, while he does not, though his skills and prowess lie elsewhere

genres: sci-fi, supernatural, magic, romance, school

score: 7.76 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Witch Craft Works -

the story of a high school boy who finds himself under the protection of a fire witch, trying to keep him from a mass of other witches, who wish to capture him for the power he has inside him

genres: action, fantasy, magic, seinen, supernatural

score: 7.21 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic -

a young magician offers to pay for some damages he caused by entering a nearby labyrinth, built by incredible magicians called Magi and full of wonderful treasures, which leads him on a fantastic adventure

genres: action, adventure, fantasy, magic, shounen

score: 8.23 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Rental Magica -

a boy takes over the family business - a service that sends mages and other supernatural beings out to assist people with magic - and struggles with it, due to being a coward, and dealing with those who threaten him

genres: mystery, supernatural, fantasy

score: 7.17 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]

Witch Hunter Robin - 

a young craft user joins a team of witch hunters, replacing one who was previously killed, to assist them on their mission of capturing witches to find out how any why they become witches in the first place

genres: action, drama, magic, mystery, police, supernatural

score: 7.35 of 10 on [MyAnimeList]


@elfshot recommends [Ultra Maniac] ; genres: magic, comedy, romance, school, shoujo.

Okay I spent two hours on this, I am done, lol.

sneak peak of i’m not ashamed

SCENE ONE: long haired Rachel holds an fruit longingly while Token Goth Girl in a Christian Movie twaddles her fingers. They all have apples and nothing else. Just apples at this table. And everyone looks miserable.

OwO what’s this? She looks to the side and sees Rat Boy, Dildo Ebola, eating an orange. That’s the orange table, Rachel. We’re the apple table. We don’t associate with them. Why are they eating so much fruit? Why is he looking at her like that? Why is he looking at her at all? Why does he care?


fLUSTERED dylan suddenly turns to his orange

Yes… orange, very peely and orange. he is looking for anything to distract him from his boring red-shirted friend, who is staring lustfully at an apple, a probable symbolism of the girls at the Apple Table . 

“get rid of all the fat ugly retarted gross stupid weird nerd star wars fans old people nickelback fans bronies twihards people that arent i eric har” wAIT, this red shirted, hairy-armed chap must be Eric Hairless! Wonderful. He has a glass of apple juice, and an apple. What a rebellious choice from someone outside the Apple Table. Must symbolize what will happen to the people at the Apple Table. Eric you cruel monster….. you devil…. I cant even look at him and his ham sandwich. 

Dildo and random guy who i’m assuming is some sort of Brooks Brown character look at ranting child Eric with distaste. Is he done? Will he ever be done? Seems, upon closer inspection, Dylan is the only one eating an orange. Is every table the Apple Table? Does this symbolize how Dildo Memaw had no sense of belonging in the world? What the everloving fuck is Brooks Brown Guy wearing? 1950′s Grandpa pajamas? That’s not grunge at all. We have our first glance at the pristine white hats in the background. Our eric finishes his rant and looks at Dildo for validation. W-Was it cool, Dylan-senpai? OwO?

“y-yeah.” He stutters. Oh god. I can just smell Dave Cullen. What the fuck is he wearing??? Is that some kind of bondage harness? Or it could be just a keycard or something but to what? Weird design to it also.

Eric, finding validation in the y-yeah, continues on with his rant, looking up from his beloved apple to his gay lover. “Nobody is deserving of this planet,” he says “just me and who i chose.” FUNNY because I think i remember the quote being “Give the world back to the animals, they deserve it more than we do,” but of course they had to satan it up so people hated him more.

“send them all up to space”

“dude we can’t send them to space”

TWO trenchcoated figures appear in the background! We weren’t looking at Dylan and Eric the entire time! These inaccuracies weren’t actually inaccuracies. Thank you Dave. But they are. 

“look at these F AR T K N O CK ERS!!!”

alright, i’ll admit i lost my s h i t when he said that. Whhhhat? is that a slang for gay… because like, anal? Probably not. Probably a Christian censored version of ‘fag’ or something. So… it could be? I don’t know. It’s easier not to think about it….. they never said it…………………………………… they never said it….

“what’s up? F O U R E YE S” he pushes the trenchcoated chap into a table. 

He kinda just nudges him into the table, but he flies across the table, knocking everything over, breaking his spine and rendering him immobile for the rest of his life. Not really. But i’m sure Dave asked. By the way, yes, I’m sure Dave Cullen is involved with this movie. He can call me a dirtbag, but I know.

he gets up?

and falls to the ground, his trenchcoat goth friends dragging him away as Jock Stud over there kicks him. He has been rendered immobile for some reason. Everyone watches, amused. This always happens at 12:00. Same time every morning. It’s a spectacle.

come on bro, we gotta be gay somewhere else…. these heterosexuals don’t accept us.”


thanks, jock? is that even an insult? thanks for the motivation,

The jocks laugh in triumph, they have belittled another Goth. They’re so fucking cool, and they know it. There are many ways to wear a white hat, but they’re all wearing it at a 90 degree angle, pristine white like they soak them in bleach before they go to school, and backwards. 

they have this really long pan on this black kid. Eric’s face is wrinkled in distaste. I think this is the moment trying to signify that Eric is racist because he’s looking at the black bully distastefully. Alright, Christian Movie. Thanks for that.

Rachel giving the Lanza Stare™ to the Jocks. 

Who is this and why are him and Rachel making intimate eye contact? He looks like Dennis the Menace. Like who the fuck is this supposed to be. Also what shampoo does that other jock guy use? Damn


What I’m assuming is he’s one of Rachel’s friends that is trying to relapse and recover from his Jock Asshole ways but he can’t seem to quit. Rachel reminds him and he feels shame.

Back to the Sin Table, Dylan looks expectantly at Eric as he continues peeling his fucking orange. He expects him to be like I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY IF YOU EVER TOUCH HIM AGAIN ILL FRICKIN KILL YOU ILL PULL OUT A GODDAMN SHOTGUN AND BLOW YOUR DAMN HEAD OFF DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOU LITTLE WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAAAAHP but no, sadly, because that is not Eric’s true colors. That is his mobster alter-ego, Reb.

He looks like a thirty year old christian youth leader that’s newly married with a baby on the way. But he looks angry also… i guess?? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

he violently bangs his apple on the table. Damn, does he want to bang someone from the Apple Table on the table?/?/????? Where does his violence end

ooh dam, it got a broose. Also he’s fucking shredded. Why.

-the scene fades to black-

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Why are we all mad at Hartman? I feel like I'm missing a lot of backstory here. I'm usually just reading fanfic and he obviously doesn't come up there much. What did I miss?

Honestly, you’re not the only one that’s missed the happenings with Butch. I wasn’t really aware until pretty recently the extent of how things are/were/seem to be.

I would say that it probably all started back when Danny Phantom was first on Nick. Butch had denounced basically any m/m pairing that people had started to ship together which caused the Phandom to split in half, one side taking Butch’s words to heart, the other completely going against him. This insinuated the Phandom Wars(explained a little further in this post). Luckily I was not a part of this whatsoever and didn’t find out about it until very recently.

Continuing from that, Butch has since tried to interact with the Phandom again, but people feel that it seems like he doesn’t really care about the show all that much. He’s been known in the past to tease phans with little snippits of DP or saying that “maybe it’ll come back, who knows” on multiple occasions. When in reality Butch does not own Danny Phantom anymore, he sold the rights to Nickelodeon(which to his credit he did state in one or more of his youtube videos later on).

I personally feel that everything really started spiraling out of control after the presidential election, though. After the election was over, it came to light that Butch was a Trump supporter, which put all of those already salty LGBTQ+ phans and supporters over the edge.

Then there’s this video that was released on the 20th, in which Butch states 107 facts about Danny Phantom. A lot of which most hardcore phans already knew, and a couple of which added even more fuel to the fire such as 16:59 where he discusses why Danny wears a shirt with his bathing suit(many people take this as him trying to debunk the trans!Danny headcanon that’s been floating around for a while), and 4:45 where he states that ghosts aren’t the spirit of the dead, but just monsters from another dimension. Which clearly contradicts the actual show, but I digress.

And of course the most recent cause for debate is this video where Team Phantom was animated again with the original voice actors no less!! Which a lot of people got heated about and criticized a bit, myself included, admittedly. But you can find my standpoint on that here that I wish more people would take to heart.

So, overall I guess it just comes down to the fact that it seems that Butch did a lot of stuff that got on people’s nerves and eventually everyone had had enough of it.

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so, hi??!! this is like, the first ask that i'm sending to you because... i'm like, very shy. and i say like a lot. whatever. i jUST WANTED TO SAY THAT I LOVE YOUR WRITING!! YOUR AUS!! its so damn inspiring for me, an au lover!!! omg, okay, so... i was wondering, do you have any royal au? like, people... with crowns... it could be modern or old i just wanted some crowns... is that weird? okay, so, maybe with yoongi? i am insecure, im sorry, but u r like my idol and u r so damn amazing!! so bYE

ur idol??? im so flattered ah,,,, 
ive done aristocrat!yoongi (here) and he was part of my prince!au (here)
but,,,,here’s my demon king yoongi au,,,since u wanted crowns,,please enjoy 

  • king of the underworld,,,,,but like nonchalant about it 
  • im thinking yoongi,,,,but with red eyes and sharp teeth,,,but also heavy blink ink tattoos up and down his arms and chest and skeletal wings that can sprout from his back 
  • wears a torn-up motorcycle jacket over his bare chest that’s scarred up and also covered by a tattoo of an angel (ironically) spreading their wings and crying
  • am i thinking one long silver earring that looks like a dagger??? yeah. long nails painted black??? yeah. 
  • and the CROWN,,,,,,,made of black onyx and diamonds,,,,,and shimmers whenever he walks down the halls of his palace,,,,whenever he receives another life into the underworld it becomes part of the diamonds in his crown,,,,??
  • his palace is made of black marble and everything inside is red silk with cold cut diamonds framing the pillars inside
  • he owns a pet Cerberus that wears a collar made of the same black onyx as his crown and can attack on command if need be
  • the lower demons aren’t allowed to look yoongi in the eyes when they speak to him and whenever he passes by the all have to bow
  • yoongi,,,,,like all other demons does have horns but they’re twisted and black and are usually hidden in his black hair or by the crown he wears
  • rumor has it that a fight over the demon king throne left his right horn chipped,,,,but no one has ever been close enough to him to find out
  • you,,,,are actually a divine messenger from heaven which is great and all,,,,,until you have to visit the underworld to deliver creeds from the angels
  • and you’re basically safe because you carry a spell with you that makes it impossible for demons to attack you (unless they want to burn to death) but still,,,,,the way they look at you with hollow red or black eyes,,,,,it’s just scary
  • and ofc,,,,,,yoongi is scary too,,,,except,,,,he’s not 
  • because the countless trips you’ve taken to deliver news to him,,,,has sort of made you see that there’s still something in him,,,,,,that isn’t completely evil
  • there’s something that you think is loneliness,,,,,,but ofc you’d never say that because you arent 100% sure that the spell will keep the KING of demons away from attacking you
  • and on one evening you’re in yoongi’s palace,,,awaiting to see him and tell him of a decision made by the angels when you get word that you’ll need to spend the night because the angels are going to revise one of their decisions
  • and you,,,,,,dont want to,,,,,but the doors to yoongi’s throne room open and you’re escorted inside only to begrudgingly explain the situation
  • and yoongi,,,,has never looked directly at you,,,, because he usually avoids the eye contact because of the law in the underworld 
  • but for the first time he looks up when you finish talking and you see the red,,,,,like new bright flames,,,,,,and you,,,,,,
  • are stuck,,,,,staring into them,,,,,,like some kind of hypnosis
  • until yoongi looks back away and waves his hand, telling one of the demon servants to prepare a room for you to stay the night
  • but before you leave he mentions that dinner is going to start in twenty minutes.
  • you politely try to think of a way to refuse,,,,what the hell do they even eat down here,,,,,but you cant find the words and just aimlessly nod
  • the,,,,,,dinner is much more extravagant than you imagined,,,,,not dead animals or cockroaches like you expected,,,,,
  • yoongi sits at the other end of the table,,,his crown of all black glittering,,,,,
  • you try to eat but you can’t because you can feel those eyes,,,,red like blood,,,,looking at you
  • and when you push back the chair to get up,,,,,suddenly yoongi is beside you,,,walking you slowly up against the wall and you try to not look you try
  • but you can’t help it,,,,,,,and yoongi is gazing right back at you
  • the smell of the underworld is on him,,,,,,but he,,,,,he isn’t scaring you,,,,because something again it just radiates from him,,,,,,,a feeling of,,,,,,,,emptiness 
  • and almost like he’s craved it for years his hand comes up to touch your face,,,,,
  • you can see that it’s burning him,,,you can feel the offset of heat and the small smoke coming from the contact of his hand against yours
  • but he doesn’t seem to feel it,,,or he’s fighting off the pain because,,,,,
  • he lets his hand come down all the way to your chin and being up close like this
  • you can see the dark tattoos,,,the rings of black drawn on his fingers,,, the scars across his chest
  • the crown of diamond and onyx right there in front of you
  • and yoongi is still being burnt but its like something has frozen him and he whispers,,,,,,,
  • “it’s been so long,,,,since ive touched something pure,,,,,”
  • and with that he lets go,,,,,the part of his hand that touched you is burnt - to the point that you can see skin peeling and you want to say something but he turns his back and walks away
  • and you see the wings,,,settled on his skin,,,,,,the servants dashing over to ask what happened to his hand only to have them pushed aside as yoongi leaves the room
  • and you touch the spot of your face,,,the skin still warm,,,,,and your heart clenched tight because you were right
  • there is something,,,so empty,,,,inside of him
  • and is it wrong that you,,,,,,,kind of in this moment,,,,,,want to help him fill it?,,,,,,,,,
[TRANS] non-no Magazine 2017 Aug Issue - BTS Jin


Q1: What’s your hobby or something you’re into recently, how do you spend your holiday?

A1: Jungkook decided to learn drums in his free time during the world tour so I started learning guitar too. But he couldn’t bring the drum set along so eventually only I brought the guitar and continued to practice. (laughs) I’m playing our songs like ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Spring Day’. I want to show it on the stage one day.

Q2: Tell us your fashion style or preference!

A2: I like neat and simple fashion. When I go to places where I’ll be seen by many people, I wear clothes I got as gifts from others as much as I can. Because if I were them, I would be happy seeing people I cherish wearing clothes I gave them too.

Q3: Favorite perfume?

A3: I’m using a perfume with soft sweet smell. It feels like the soft texture of cotton candy. It doesn’t mean the smell of cotton candy. (laughs)

Q4: Favorite work among Japanese movies, dramas, mangas?

A4: I like Japanese animes so I used to watch ‘One Piece’ and ‘Bleach’ every week when I was a trainee. Recently I’m into a high school volleyball manga called ‘Haikyuu!!’ so I often read it.


[Shining face]
[“Let’s live freely and happily”]

If I were to describe myself with one word, it would be “bright”. I feel happy from small things like when I make someone laugh with my words, or when someone makes me laugh. My charming point is my “shining handsome face”! (laughs) It feels embarrassing saying from my own mouth but I think it’s quite symmetrical. (laughs) And “Let’s live freely and happily” is my motto. It’s something I always engrave in my heart and tell myself whenever something’s not going well and I get anxious.



“The members’ hyung who went to a cafe together with me before debut, talked with me for a long time and gave me advice. He keeps fooling around with dad jokes recently, but Jin-hyung’s really cool when he’s serious! (laughs)

from JIMIN

“We spend a lot of time together playing games. I still remember we bought each other’s game console about 1 hour before we headed to Japan and played in our free time even after arriving. His skill is… one level above me? (laughs)

JPN - KRN © row_baba, jiimiinnn
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi

Why Pidge Can Never Keep A Date

So, thanks to she-who-shall-not-be-named, I’ve been slowly working my way through Voltron. And you all know how I’m a bitch for headcanon posts. So, yeah.

Post Galra defeat, 5-6 years in the future.
Everyone’s chilling on Earth and enjoying NOT having to deal with deadly situations every few days.
They’re so used to living together that they’re all sharing one big house.
That and the lions refused to be separated.
Even Allura has her own room and is having a blast learning Earth culture.
One night, doorbell rings.
Lance answers it.
Nervous guy with flowers is there. “Um, is Katie here?”
Poor guy. He might have had a chance if Hunk had answered the door.
“Sure she is, do you want to come in?”
Pidge comes downstairs, still putting her newly regrown hair up. “What was that screaming?”
“Oh, nothing. Your date stopped by, he’s very sorry but he can’t make it, but he left flowers as an apology.”
Next one is made of sterner stuff.
He actually makes it in the door.
Only to sit there surrounded by four guys and one woman, all with very toothy smiles, who ask his intentions towards her.
He lasts 2 minutes 37 seconds before he bolts.
Pidge catches on by the time they send number 3 screaming for the hills.
Chews them out and points out she can take care of herself.
“Oh, we know. But if they can’t handle us, they definitely can’t handle you.”
Okay, Pidge admits they have a point there.
Still meets number 4 at a coffee shop.
Haha yeah that lasts about five minutes before they show up and cram into a booth nearby.
Later she goes to the bathroom, comes back to find her date gone and the others have added her table to the booth.
Pidge isn’t sure she wants to know.
Rest of the night goes pretty well though, introducing Allura to coffee and spending time with the people she’s closest to is always a bonus.
Other dates end similarly.
Amusement park? Takes them fifteen minutes to scare the guy off, they spend the rest of the night riding coasters and challenging each other to rigged games (Lance wins not one, but two giant stuffed animals, which he gives to Pidge and Allura. Pidge makes Hunk carry hers because it’s literally bigger than she is).
Club date takes them literally 23 seconds to scare off, because Shiro spotted the guy slipping something into Pidge’s drink and if she thought they were overprotective and scary BEFORE, they looked ready to rip that one limb from limb. They get her a new drink and spend the night dancing (or trying to, Shiro and Keith are many things, dancers is not one of them. Hunk otoh can throw down with the best of them). Shiro ends up carrying her home piggyback when she’s had too much to drink.
Movies? She actually gets half way through the movie with her date before Allura leans against the back of her seat and starts commenting on how stupid the plot is. Fifteen minutes of a debate over the plot and characters later, she’s not only dateless but they’ve been kicked out of the theater for being too loud. They end up having movie night at home in one huge pile across the floor and couch.
Pidge finally puts her foot down and makes them swear they won’t interfere with date number 12. And they keep to their word, but it doesn’t take Pidge long to realize how BORING it is without them there, and by the end she just wants the date to end. Number 12 tries to go in for a kiss on the doorstep, she says no, he doesn’t want to take no for an answer, and one angry roar from Greenie brings the rest of them running, only to find an angry Pidge standing over her out cold date holding her bayard.
The guys are mystified as to how she fit it in her purse.
Pidge gives up on dating after that. It’s more fun spending time with the others anyways.

Movie night, one big pile of six people and three huge bowls of popcorn, Pidge suddenly sits bolt upright. “FUCK! WHY DIDN’T YOU GUYS TELL ME WE WERE ALL DATING.”
Keith just steals some popcorn from her bowl. “Took you long enough.”

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I've read about vld showrunners saying they might add LGBT content in the show, do you think this means that Sheith relationship in first 3 seasons is supposed to be percieved as platonic (that might as well turn into romantic if they decide to go down that road), since it was something they've considered only after making these seasons? I ship Sheith with all my heart, but sometimes i'm afraid of getting my hopes up.

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure what you mean by “since it was something they’ve considered only after making these seasons”?? Because lgbt representation is a conversation they have been having since the start. In fact, if we get any lgbt rep at all, it’s been implied that that’s been planned since season 1. 

My understanding is that the writers were unsure for a little while if Netflix would renew Voltron or not (which is why the ending for season 1 feels really abrupt and cut off, because they suddenly realized they would get a season 2 and didn’t have to give 1 a “softer ending”) but anYWAY, for a bit it seems they were unsure. And after they got the green light, they had to wait a bit before they could publicly confirm it. So, with that in mind:

In an interview right around when Voltron first started airing, Lauren and Joaquim mentioned how they both loved the korrasami ending and were happy to be part of it. When asked if Voltron would ever “take that step,” Lauren said, “we have those first 13 episodes and if we ever went beyond that, we would like to push the envelope” which to me says that if there was any representation they planned to carry through with, then they’ve already started building the groundwork for that from the very beginning. (source here)

Again, to me that says the most viable candidate for a gay relationship is Shiro and Keith, given how intimately close they’re portrayed as from the very beginning. Not to mention how the season starts with Keith running in to save Shiro like his knight in shining armor and ends with Shiro returning the favor. Plus all those other times they comfort each other and trust in one another and just–ya. If sheith was going to happen, they knew what they were doing and 100% planned it from the beginning. 

And the thing is, the more questions like this I get the more I’m kind of curious if most people just aren’t aware of how animation works because?? Major plot points won’t get changed out of nowhere, an entire character arc for next season won’t just be rewritten. All the content for the rest of the series is probably well written out and a good portion of it already animated; animation takes lots of time, you have to do so much work in advance. If they were going to put lgbt representation in, it’s already been planned and written a long time ago. 

When asked about ships, the show runners themselves actually talked about this. Because someone wanted to know if Lance and Keith would be “teased” because of how many people ship it, but that’s simply not the case. Lauren said “We’re not trying to cater to or bait anyone into anything. We’re just trying to do what’s right for the story.” And Joaquim followed with, “We also try not to be overtly affected by what popular opinion might be.” 

Lauren goes on to say, “And we’re working in animation. Our schedule is so far in advance for that, even if people shipped Keith and Lance, we couldn’t go back and just change the story! And be like–and now they’re in love.” (source here)

In short–if we get lgbt representation, it’s because it’s what the writers originally intended and was probably drafted out when they first pitched the TV Bible. Not because they suddenly decided halfway through season 3 that adding it in would please fans. And honestly, I feel a lot more comfortable about that. Because you know it’s not something that just got shoehorned in and was an intentional part of the narrative that the writers are invested in. 

Which is again why, if anything, sheith makes the most sense to me, as that’s the dynamic that’s been by far the most fleshed out and well developed. It just feels like if any relationship was built up as something romantic, sheith already has all the groundwork in place there

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I don't know what came to my mind. But... can you please do a THREESOME? Y/N with Suga and Jimin. They're College Students and Roommates. They're childhood bestfriends,Suga and Jimin has a crush on Y/N. And then Y/N is innocent,she know that sex is bad. And then the SMUT begins.😂 LOL.! I'M REALLY EMBARRASSED for requesting this. (Pardon my English.)😂 I really don't know what came to me for asking this kind of FANFIC.😂

Title : It’s bad…

Genre : Smut/Threesome

Paring : Yoonmin x Reader

Summary : You’ve always been the good, sweet and perfect girl everybody likes. The problem is : you’re in love with your two best friends who happens to be the complete opposites of you.

Soundtrack : FIRE WATER (feat. G.Soul & TABLO) []

Warning : English is not my mother tongue so please forgive all my lacks of conjugation / spelling mistakes ♡

You always have been a model of perfection since you were a child. A graceful baby, a curious little girl, a very easy to live teenager to finally become the cute and tender girl that you are today. On top of that, you’ve always been a brilliant and conscientious student. No, really, a delicious girl, almost perfect if the adage didn’t say that perfection doesn’t exist.

How did you find yourself having two best friends so different from you ? How, from early childhood, were you directly attached to these two turbulent idiots ? Sometimes there are enigmas in life that can’t be solved, and your trio is a good example. Yoongi is a provocative, rough and sometimes cold dude. Jimin is a little demon hidden under an angel’s face. They have always been the most popular boys, loved as much as hated. They respect nothing and prefer to have fun rather than thinking about their future. But curiously, you’ve never fought in ten years of friendship, and remain the closest friends of the world. Proof is that you’re now roommates.

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Do you do prompts? Like, I literally just read the series and then the whole of Tumblr was like, pointing their collective fingers at you as The Fanfic Author. If not, I'm happy to read everything you write. If so, Andrew realizes he can tolerate the cats more than he thought because they try, in a cat way, to protect Neil maybe when he's sick or something or a stranger is over? And he's like, "Same, cat, same."

i don’t take fic prompts anymore sorry, but i made you a little nerdy headcanon because you’re the sweetest (also, hit up my ao3 for most of my fics too, if you haven’t :D )

little ways andrew learns to appreciate the cats:

  • king is quite gentle and cuddly, but sir only allows physical affection from humans on his own terms, very rarely. it’s not like andrew is surprised by the careful way neil deals with sir when he makes it clear he’s not interested today, but it’s kind of nice. besides, you know, how he’s kind of comparing himself to a skinny moggy with a penchant for sending people to hospital for antibiotics
  • they’re really picky about who they like, and it’s amusing that nicky and kevin are both beyond terrified of two tiny animals that are quite happy to spend time with neil and andrew both
  • neil is much more inclined to be tidy when there’s a chance one of them might have hidden half the corpse of a small animal in the mess of his apartment
  • he’s also much more likely to go grocery shopping when the cats get low on food than when he is, so it’s less likely that andrew will come back one day and find neil has starved to death
  • both cats sleep on the bed when andrew isn’t there. the cat hair on his side of the bed when he returns is irritating, but he knows neil sleeps better with a weight on the other side of the mattress these days
  • they seem to have a sixth sense for when neil isn’t having a good day, inserting themselves into his lap or winding around his legs, filling space on the couch and purring gently against his ribs when neil might spend a long time staring at the ceiling blanked out. they help
  • they’re an anchor, when neil might want to run or when he’s lost inside his own head. for a start, they insist on being fed twice a day. loudly. neil’s obligations to them are good, and different from his sense of obligation to andrew, because the cats need care just like neil needs, sometimes, to care about something
  • also, andrew is warming to them, too. hard not to, considering how insistent they are about worming their way into his…affections. rather like neil, he supposes
Tell me I'm not the only one who's realized this

In “Say Goodbye”, Anti seemed rather happy and cheeky, almost proud. Sure, at times, he may have acted furious, but that was only because we had kept him waiting inside for so long. Otherwise, he was proud of what he’d done and he was showing us that; he was a giggly overly-happy demon.

In “Always Watching”, again, he seemed rather happy and awfully lively and animated…However, something seemed off. To me, it almost felt like the smiles were fake, like it was all being forced. He’d have a smile on his face, but he was seething his words through his teeth. It was like he was masking some anger beneath, starting to boil over and barely being able to keep it at bay.

And then there’s “Kill Jacksepticeye”. There was no more “Mr. Nice Guy”. Anti has dropped the act and finally shown the hate and rage he’s been holding inside. He’s sick and tired of not being taken seriously and how we, the community, can’t make up our damn minds on what we really want. He gave us one last chance to change our ways - he was getting our attention with his rant in hopes we’d smarten up, and we have only made things worse. And the worst part? In the video, even though he was beyond pissed, every few seconds he’d suddenly smile or laugh.

Don’t you see what’s happened? He’s reached the point of being so furious that he’s started smiling and laughing. And I don’t know about anyone else, but when someone gets so overwhelmed by anger to the point of smiling and laughing like a lunatic, you automaticcally KNOW you have lost the fight. There’s no turning back, there’s no way of undoing what you’ve done. And it’s SCARY. You literally have absolutely NO IDEA what is going through that person’s head. Rage is a drug, it corrupts you and sometimes, if it gets the better of you, you’ll end up doing something you’ll regret. And this is exactly what has happened with Anti. We’ve pushed him beyond the brink of no return. Love and forgiveness are no longer an option. And this is EXACTLY the reason why I’m truly honest-to-God terrified to know what’ll happen when October comes around. I was already frightened of him, but after August 3rd, I’m legit terrified of our own creation.

At the end of “Kill Jacksepticeye”, he addressed us, making a threat about who he’ll be going after next. He blatantly threatened us, and he was so beyond furious that he was taking sadistic delight out of threatening us, now changing tactics and trying to strike fear into us all - which is admittedly working for me. He’s done fooling around. And if my theory is right about how “no strings are on him” and that we no longer hold the power, that gives us all the more reason to be afraid. He’s already furious, and he’s always been unhinged and unstable. If we keep feeding the fire….oh God, what’ll happen the next time he shows his face?

Whose blood will be on our hands next?