but these are the only ones i could find

i might be looking into things a bit too much, but i just thought i’d share some things i noticed. 

so in today’s upload, we’re met with this:

he’s been with us all along” ––– now, bare with me for a second on this… what if this is a subtle reference to dark? mark started playing scp containment in 2012 in the beginnings of his channel. and around that time was when the whole ‘darkiplier’ character started to spring up in the community as well.

now, mark has started playing scp again, and coincidentally enough, dark has returned as well (returning in ‘a date with mark’, and ‘don’t play this game’). which poses that question: has dark been here with all of us the entire time, but only now started to make his move?

looking into this video, i picked up a few things… there’s one scene where mark is in the elevator and becomes attacked by an unseen being. 

You can feel something near you, but you are unable to see it. Perhaps it’s time is now.” it reads.

hmmm… well, looking back on it all, dark has disappeared for a while from the channel (only appearing on rare occasions) and mark didn’t seem to notice. which brings me back to the idea that dark has been there all along, but he’s been waiting for the right moment to come back. which is where the “perhaps it’s time is now” ties in. and now is the moment that dark’s been waiting for.

but it can’t all be coincidence that dark started to come back with the fact that mark is playing an old game he used to play, right?

what about this, maybe?

ah, a slender game! we haven’t seen one of those on mark’s channel for a while either. but there’s only one character who was associated with slender and even got around so much as to get an interview with him…

this guy… wilford.

and mark has mentioned in one of his tumblr posts, saying to “buckle the fuckle up” when someone stated that they hope wilford will return. which this could pretty much only mean that the bubblegum bitch is going to reappear again.

wilford is definitely not who he says he is. there’s more to him. i mean, in a date with mark, the guy literally teleports you to the bathroom where you find out that you’re actually chica. so i hope it’s safe to assume that wilford, in one way or another, can deal with time and space. so, looking back at the title “a scare from the past”, perhaps wilford is the one who is bringing back all these old games? and because of this, dark is returning as well?

the egos are definitely up to something. there’s got to be more to it than just a big coincidence. do they have something planned?? are they plotting something??? i just???/

We Got Married || Kim Taehyung

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Word Count: 1.5k

Genre: Fluff

Filming had only been a couple, and it was sad when it came to an end. You had enjoyed it though, it was one of the most exciting times of your life. Sure everything was already planned from the start, but as you looked at Taehyung, shaking hands with the director and other staff, you couldn’t help but think there was something genuine about him.

You were used to having people act nice around you, it was your daily life. As an idol, you had become accustomed to the way people would smile at you, or laugh at your jokes because the only thing they wanted to do was make you happy. Their fear was that you wouldn’t like them, and it caused them to be someone they weren’t.

But with Taehyung it was different. There was never a point on the show where you felt like Taehyung had not been either completely serious with you or himself with you. Sure, he was following along, but there were parts that he didn’t do or said completely off script that only furthered your ideas.

You looked at him now, as he talked with the staff and your heart fluttered. It seemed silly to you that it only took a couple weeks for you to fall completely and utterly in love with him. And you were sure he felt the same, but there was a little voice in the back of your head that made you think otherwise.

Sure you were an idol as well, and you had a lot of fan who supported what you did, but there were some who weren’t happy with this season of We Got Married. There were fans who said you and Taehyung were disgusting together, people who said you either weren’t good enough for him or he wasn’t good enough for you.

And that was why you never said anything to him.

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"I need you, though." Chlonette or Maribee? If you can! Love your fics btw they just keep getting better!

Ok… I had an idea… and I ran with it… and… yeah…. that escalated quickly.

most of this will be under a read more because its about 3k words long… 

(Also some mention of unrequited Chloe/Adrien and Adrienette) Hope you like it.

“You’re probably wondering what I am doing here.” 

“Yeah!” Marinette said, clutching her covers to her chest as she tried to process the sight of the super heroine sitting cross legged on the edge of her bed. “How did you even-” 

“I came in through your skylight,” Queen bee said cutting off the question with a wave of her hand, “Chat mentioned a while back that you usually keep it unlocked and I needed to talk to you.” 

“I am going to kill that stupid cat,” she muttered under her breath. 


“Nothing,” Marinette said quickly. “So, what are you doing here?”  

“Well you see, the thing is… wait are you naked under there?” Bee gasped, her eyes going wide and her face flushing an obvious red even in the semi-darkness.

“No! Why would you say that?!” Marinette shot back, her own face coloring. 

“Well you are doing the whole, blanket clutchy thing!” 

“Because a stranger has shown up out of nowhere in my bedroom in the middle of the night and I am in my pajamas!” 

“But I’m not a stranger I am a superhero. And I know that Chat visits you.”

“He doesn’t come in when I am sleeping!” 

“Oh. I guess you have a point there,” Bee said looking thoughtful. “Anyways I need your help.” 

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Hi blue, do you happen to know where the video of Harry denying Larry and then crying is? Cause I've been trying to find it and show my friend but it's disappeared

The one Niall hugs him after? If it is, I could only find this gif :/ 

Daddy's Got This

This will probably be the last Roman fluff piece. Maybe. Don’t quote me 😂😂 Enjoy!


Roman followed his wife to the front door carrying their six month old baby girl, Haleigh, while their four year old, Koda walked alongside him. Usually when Roman had time off his wife stayed home so they could spend time together but this time she had gotten called into her bakery with a cake emergency.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to take the kids to my mom?”

“Tell your mama we got this, Koda.” Roman looked from the young boy to his wife smiling.

She threw her hands up in surrender before grabbing her car keys from the hook. Roman watched her bend down to hug and kiss Koda then kiss Haleigh’s forehead and cheek. He puckered his lips preparing to get his kiss instead he felt her finger against his lips.

“Before that,” she started, “Make sure you feed Hae seven ounces every three hours and use the A&D ointment every time you change her. Please don’t give her a lollipop like last time, she doesn’t need any sweets.” He chuckled watching his beautiful wife go on and on like this was his first time caring for any of their kids. It was memorizing to him to see how the sun peeking through the small windows by their front door shined upon her caramel skin. “No matter what Koda says he is to take a nap, a real nap longer than thirty minutes. He can have snacks but please don’t over do it,” she stressed eyeing them both, “Make sure he does at least an hour with his leapfrog tablet. No soda, tea or orange juice.”

Roman pulled her to him with his free hand and place a kiss on her forehead. “Aight, babe. We’ve got it,” He laughed lightly, “Go on and handle your business, Daddy’s got this.”

“I’m going, I’m going, Ro. Please don’t mess up my house and no cursing around them. I’ll be home no later than six.”

Roman and the kids stood in the doorway watching her pull out the driveway.

“Okay so how about we go change your sister then we can do whatever you want. Sound good, bud?” Roman grabbed his son’s hand bringing him up the stairs alongside him. Koda was quiet until they got to his sister’s room.

“Aight, princess. Let’s get this off you,” Roman cooed to his babygirl. Haleigh gave her daddy a toothless smile. She had no idea what he was saying all she knew is that he had smiled and used the tone she liked.

Koda climbed into the chair beside the changing table and watched Roman undo his sister’s onesie. “Call of Duty, dad?”

“Pass me the wipes, bud.” Roman could have gotten them himself but he needed to stall. His wife didn’t want Koda paying such violent games at all. She didn’t want him exposed to it but Roman thought otherwise. He figured that violence and explosions were things that every male needed.

Koda did what was asked of him and waited for an answer. “Dad, can we?”

“You know your mama doesn’t want you playin’ games like that,” He sighed applying the ointment to his babygirl.

“I won’t tell. Please, dad, please.”

“I dunno, Koda. You know she knows everything.”

Koda silently watched Roman put a new diaper on Haleigh and redress her. He never got to play fighting and shooting games with his dad, barely got to watch him play. He would always sneak into Roman’s man cave when he played with his uncles but as always his mama caught him, popped him and sent him back to his cartoons in the living room or to his play room.

Even when he stayed up late with his dad, his mama made sure they knew what they could and couldn’t do.

“I thought you said you’re alpha, dad. Mama’s Luna but alpha is in charge.”

Roman couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His son was trying to punk him. And what was worse was it was working. He lifted his babygirl up, kissing her nose before settling her against his chest.

“I am the alpha and I am in charge. But Luna, your mama, gets a say too.” Roman explained tossing the diaper out then beckoned for his young son to follow him.

“But you said what Alpha says goes,” Koda argued as they descended the stairs, “Mama say that to me that too.”

“And that’s true bu-,” Roman started before getting cut off.

“So I can play wif you if you say so, dad.”

“Fuck,” Roman mumbled before he could catch himself. He looked over to Koda taking notice in the smile on his face. “Don’t tell your mama I said that and don’t repeat it.”

“I won’t, dad. You let me play wif you now,” Koda asked giving his best puppy dog face.

A hard sigh passed his lips. “Go on while I get your sister’s blanket.” He couldn’t believe his four year old had punked him.


“Got his ass,” Roman yelled out making his kids laugh.

“Aahhh Yessir!” Koda added using his father’s adlib.

“You see that, princess?” Roman asked Haleigh, who was smiling and sucking on a blow pop. “Any boys mess with you and I’ll shoot them in the peepee too. Pew, pew!”

“Daddy, look! It’s another one!” Koda bounced around in front of the television holding his controller. He bounced from excitement and from all the sweets he had been allowed to have.

“Don’t worry, bud. Your old man’s got this.”

“Fuck! Get ‘em, dad! Blow his ass back to hell! Get eeeeeeem!”

Roman made his kill despite his uncontrollable laughter. He knew if his wife had heard their son she would whoop both of their asses.

“Who’s the guy? It’s your old man! Ain’t that right, Koda?”

“Hell yeah, dad!”

Roman and Koda both went to high five each other after Roman had gotten the final kill of the match. However, a voice that they hadn’t thought about in hours stopped them.

“Koda Makai Reigns! Get here, now!”

“Fuck,” both males uttered. They both quickly regretted it though.

“You are in so much trouble! You better hope you can taste your dinner after all the soap that’s going in your mouth, Koda!”

She snatched her young son up by his ear pulling him out of the room. Koda called out to his dad for help. “Listen to your mama, bud.” Was all he said.

“Take your little grown behind to your room and do not come out until I come get you. Do you understand, Koda?” Koda dropped his head as he made his way out of the man cave. If he was being honest though, he enjoyed the time he got to spend with his dad.

Roman rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “You’re uh back early.”

“It’s 5:30, Roman.”

To say she was pissed would be an understatement. Her body language read all types of anger. He realized that he would be in the dog house for a long time

“Guess we lost track of time,” He shrugged.

“By all the trash in here, I take it that you let him overdo it with the snacks and let him have soda. Did he even take a nap,” she asked folding her arms across her chest. With each step she made, Roman could feel more and more of the anger radiating off of her.

“We were so caught up in the game, baby. I’m sorry. We fed and kept princess clean though.” He gave her a smile hoping to lessen her anger a bit.

“You found time to feed and change her. But no time to give Koda a real meal or to make him take a nap. Not only that but you’ve got him in here cursing like a fucking sailor, Roman.”

“Swear,” He mumbled getting up off the floor.

“Roman, don’t you dare.”

“You look beautiful, baby. Did I tell you how radiant your melanin is lookin’ today?”

“You’re not getting out of this with your charm. I gave you clear instructions, Roman.”

Taking a chance, he wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her into his chest. She resisted a little, giving in once she realized he was not letting go until she did.

“I’m sorry, doll. I won’t let it happen again,” He sighed looking down at her. “I’ll even talk to Koda about the cursing.”

“Mmhmm, go talk to him now. And none of that buddy buddy stuff either. Use your daddy voice.”

“Yes ma'am.”

Once Roman let her go, she moved to get in the floor beside Haleigh. “At least daddy did rig-.” Her eyes narrowed once again. “I told you no lollipops, Roman! Fucking hell!”

Roman smirked and shrugged his shoulder. There was only one thing he could say to her at this point.

“Swear, doll.”

Once she started to scream at him, he jogged or if the room laughing to himself. He did love upsetting her.


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Hey in your Manon and Amren theory, you say that on sjm's Pinterest board, Amren is associated with bird like things. This could also tie her with Manon with her "last name", Blackbeak. What's your view on that?? I'm so excited for answers in the last book!!!!

So I didn’t write that theory post. @aelin-and-feyre did! (find here!) I just commented that I always thought that Amren could possibly be the original Abraxos (the one Manon named her Abraxos after. HoF: “Manon named her wyvern Abraxos, after the ancient serpent who held the world between his coils at the behest of the Three-Faced Goddess.”) (But “serpent” doesn’t indicate feathers to me…so that’s a knock to that idea.)

I say this only because maybe when the gods walked into the Erilea universe, Abraxos stayed behind to guard the world, or OG Abraxos walked into a different dimension on accident. 

The black feathers could be anything. But it could also be a connection to the Mother part of the Three-Faced Goddess. Which could fit because the Blackbeaks are the symbolic Mothers. 

I should say I’m not a huge fan of the crossover thing (not yet anyways). BUT I WILL SAY In ToG Maas spends a lot of time referring to Manon and Abraxos as looking like shooting stars. And if Starfall is a night of things that cross the sky that look like shooting stars….then if Amren is Manon and/or Abraxos (Manon’s Abraxos not the OG Abraxos) or someone who knew Manon and thought she and Brax looked like shooting stars…..than Starfall would be something that made me sad and I’d choose not to participate as well.

But I’m more into thinking that Maas was inspired by certain things and then split them up to use them in two different series. So we could draw connections, but we’re not necessarily meant to. So maybe whatever Amren is, at one point in time, was the inspiration or the Blackbeak witch clan’s name. 

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Seventeen and bts mtl to like a girl who's more ofa bookworm than anything? Thank you and good luck on ur blog!

Seventeen MTL Likely to Like a Bookworm
















Wonwoo, Joshua and Woozi would fall head over heels in love with a bookworm, especially one that enjoys the presence of books near her and reads not to pass time, but more so for pleasure. I can see the three of them being the biggest book dorks in all of Seventeen; they would love someone that they could talk to about books, books, and more books.

Jeonghan, Vernon, The8, Jun and Dino would find the girl extremely interesting, and would adore the idea of their crush sitting by the windowside, tucking her hair behind her ear and gently flipping the pages to a novel. I can see them having an idealistic way of thinking, and that would definitely be one.

Mingyu, Seungkwan, S.Coups, DK and Hoshi are only at the bottom of the list because they might prefer a rowdier, sportier kind of girl, and they’re quite loud themselves; so their s/o wouldn’t have a moment of peace to read her book. Nevertheless, don’t be discouraged! None of them would refuse a booklover. 

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remember the canada interview where she was given some gift including the unicorn hat for cats and she looked so unbelievably pleased? do you have a link to that video?

You mean this iconic piece of art? It’s super LQ but it’s the only one I could find on youtube:

I only want the Truth (Reaper76)

Guess who’s back with a brand new fic!


Chapter One has just been uploaded and I hope y’all are gonna like it because I am having fun writing it yo!


In a dingy apartment 300 miles from civilization that could only really be described as Gabriel Reyes’ last chance at life, he discovers two things. One is a disconcerting number of insects in his shower, and the other is a revelation which threatens to change everything he knows about the world.

AU where Gabriel finds himself in a strange desert town that nobody in their right minds would visit willingly, and Jack Morrison is the strange and cryptic man who lives next-door.

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I'm not even gonna hide anonymously anymore, I fully admit that I am trash for this blog. Could I please request best friend headcanons with Switzerland? So sorry if this has been done before, I couldn't find one with Switzerland though! Much love, and I hope you enjoy/enjoyed your holiday<3

Thank you so much! My blog is (good) garbage and it makes me so happy to hear people are enjoying it. 💕 the trip was loads of fun, thanks!

Also, I don’t know how well known this is about Switzerland but he’s only around 5'6" and he’s 18! I thought that was really cool and aaaa

Switzerland (Vasch Zwingli)
- Consider it a privilege to be even a friend of his! He prefers to isolate himself and tries to distance himself from people.
- He doesn’t mind spending some money on them or lending a few bucks for them!
- However he may ask for them to pay for a bit of his meal if they ever go out to lunch together. He’s still cheap.
- Just like with an S/O, he gets very, VERY protective. Possessive, even. People don’t seem to like him too much so to have someone who likes him even through his harsh exterior is really big for him.
- You bet your ass that if you’re in trouble, he’ll be right there at your side to defend you.
- He won’t attack his friend if they run across his property. However for him it’s still an instinct to pull out a weapon(gun), but he wouldn’t fire.
- Invites his best friend for Lillie’s tea parties. Lillie loves it too!
- HUGS!!! He will begrudgingly hug them. He still begrudgingly hugs Lillie, but she knows he likes hugs.
- He’s not the best with his feelings but he tries. Have you seen Ludwig with Feli? He’d probably escalate real quick.

Nothing Is Sacred

It was beautiful
In a sad desperate sort of way
Like someone who searches for something
Something they know they will never find
But also knows they could never live with themselves
If they never at least tried to find it
And in that search is where I met them
A cold and fierce demeanor
Staring blankly at television screens
Drinking whisky on ice
A room of mirrors
Barely reflecting anything past the pot lights
Almost seeming to have no reflection

It was only later
When they took me to a park
A statue garden of sorts
That I began to understand
Or to accept what it exactly was
Where this tunnel was leading

Filled with dread
A peaceful dread
Like the acceptance of one’s own death
And yet having to live with the reality
The reality that one day
Maybe sooner than you think
You will die.

Old notes
On old love
An overwhelming urge to burn it all

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Swap an evil scientist wouldn't need to come see you. They'd have spy devices do that.

“that’s the thing! there were a ton of us working at that lab! and for the most part that was the only way we could get resources for our research! after they bombed the royal labs trying to kill me because i quit, i told the queen enough to find their base and get them all arrested! they wouldn’t have the resources to spy on me like that!”

“let me tell ya, everyone working there deserved what they got. i skipped past the punishment because of some stroke of luck. but if any of them are still out there and find out i was the one that t-turned them in, i’m a goner! they are ruthless! there’s a reason they all got the death sentence! the things w-we did there…the people that we experimented on…you couldn’t imagine how horrible it was.”

“y-you keep telling yourself that you’re doing it for the good of the kingdom. f-for greater good of the people! b-but before you know it you start enjoying it! you become numb to y-your own actions!”

“y-you just keep sinking lower a-and lower! e-everyone telling you what a good job you’re doing! h-how your research w-will save hundreds! t-the screams w-won’t stop b-but you keep moving, keep testing, k-keep killing!”

“and before you know it there’s only anger. anger at yourself, at your actions, at others for pushing you to this point. it doesn’t matter. you don’t have anything left but your work. you push your anger out on your test subjects. on your friends. on your family. on those closest to you.”

“and then someone comes along and shows you just how far you’ve fallen….and she tells you straight up how much you’ve ruined yourself…and she offers to help you. tells you that you can be saved and how she believes in you. and you regret so much it hurts….”

“…..sorry. i’ve rambled haven’t i?…what were we talking about?” 

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any with tyler or josh as a lifeguard?

these are the only two that i could find -Madi

The Lifeguard by Kiskillingit (11/? | 28692 | Mature)

“If Tyler wasn’t in Twenty One Pilots, um, I feel pretty confident to say that he would be a lifeguard at, um, at a beach.“- Josh Dun
“If Josh wasn’t in the band Twenty One Pilots, uh I bet he, he’d probably be, um, at a beach, uh, swimming when you’re not supposed to be swimming.”- Tyler Joseph

Inspired by this interview Tyler is a lifeguard, and Josh swims when he’s not supposed to.

Won’t you drag the lake and bring me home again by Pollarize (1/1 | 729 | Mature)

That moment of peace where your lungs are filled with water and your vision is dark 

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Dude, don't think like that. I'm sure friends are alright with you being here. I mean, you may be kinda ethereal and may or may not have supernatural powers now, but you are still you, y'know? Still, hitting the books might help a bit, or even just finding some fictional ghosts and seeing if you can do what they do. I mean, all fiction has a seed of truth at the center, right? It could give you a starting point.

The books have kinda not been a lotta help, man. There’s too many and they all say different things. The only way to find out what’s right is trial and error. Which is the same we were doing without the books

As for the other thing, I don’t think they DON’T want me here. And, like I know if I asked them, they’d be freaked out I even said anything but…

Like no one’s said a word, man. But no one has to. I can sorta feel it. They think it’s their fault, you know, what happened to me. and I’m afraid…

I’m afraid my not moving on is stopping them from getting over it too.

anonymous asked:

jake x amy PROPOSAL PLEZ

i got u fam even tho i dont actually have a grasp on any of these characters lol

Amy’s heart jumped into her throat in a way only Jake could make it as she watched him drop to one knee.

“Amy Santiago,” he started, pulling a ring box from his pocket, “I was waiting for the perfect moment, but I can’t kid myself anymore- any moment spent with you is a perfect one to me.” He opened the box and revealed a silly ring one would find on a cupcake and continued, “I didn’t have the money to afford the ring I wanted to get you, so I was hoping you’d accept this placeholder and… marry me?”

Her hands had flown to her face as tears started to prick at the corners of her eyes, and she laughed. “Yes- yes, of course I’ll marry you, Jake,” she told him, bringing the smile she had fallen in love with to his face. He held out a hand for hers, which she gave him eagerly. He slid the plastic ring onto her finger and she laughed again when he kissed it and came up with frosting on his lips.

“You’ve got a little something- right there,” she said, pointing at his mouth.

“Help me get it?” he asked, rising to his feet.

Her answer came in the form of a kiss far sweeter than any cupcake frosting.

This was longer than 3 sentences but i couldn’t help it sorry B^)

anonymous asked:

For some reason I don't feel like it's jughead who gets hurt. For some reason I'm leaning towards Betty. What do you think?

Hey Nonnie! I think it’s either of Betty or Juggie because the couple whose fate is in question looks to be Bughead and it’s less painful to believe that that could be because one of their lives is in danger than to believe they’re splitting up due to other factors. Also the “unexpected situation” Jughead finds himself in that leaves everyone scrambling could mean he’s the one who’s in danger. But that situation could be something entirely different. Again, one of the main character’s life hangs in balance - could relate to the couple whose fate is in question, or it could be the second death that’s been teased or even someone else whose life is in danger that the core four are scrambling to save in that scene where they’re running on the ice. So yeah - I have no concrete answers. Only probable scenarios. Wouldn’t we all love it if Bughead was going all the way and Varchie is the couple whose fate is in question, which we know they overcome because KJ already spoiled that Archie ends the season with the girl he’s supposed to be with? Sigh! Why is the life of a shipper so damn hard?

oneofthemillionarmy  asked:

I've been so busy for the past two days, but now I can get down to this! When i think of you as a writer, you are one of those amazing writers who can really paint a word picture. For example, my current favorite is the drunk confessions tae where you wrote how he has "a smile that can grow flowers". Like 😍🙄😏😶😉😭😢😄😃🤔, I feel all of that, whereas you just seem all 😎. I envy the way that you can capture a certain feeling by finding the perfect scenario that we are all familiar with to

compare it to so we know exactly what you’re talking about. Other than your style, I think of your humor. You manage to make me smile or laugh, even if it’s just about your family chat posts. And you amplify your humor in your writing. I enjoy just about every word, even in the angst. One of your anons reminded me that you are one whose never sacrificed your quality and that’s hella inspiring, and takes up half of my respect for you. You take time for yourself, as every writer should, and I

Anticipate it because I know, as the self-aware-that-i-can-be-selfish reader that i am, what I get at the end of the tunnel. In addition to style, humor, and quality, I also think about how you run this blog. I’ve told you this before. Tbh, I really like that your requests aren’t open, and you do which ever idea we throw at you inspires you the most. Idk why, but i feel like it’s the authentic integrity of a writer and the fact that you are the only one on tumblr that I see does this (maybe

Because you actually have so many anonswho actually yalk to you, and like to give you so much ideas. I cant find so active anons anywhere else in this way; and hey, with all that quality I just talked about, or course they’re going to find you) makes you stand out above the rest. You are my favorite writer on tumblr. And you are real and firm with how you deal with asks that down align with how you set things up around here. There goes your writer’s integrity again. It’s awesome

I don’t see that often, and I absolutely love it. I aspire to have a blog that runs in the way yours does. Like Missy is #writergoals. I love you Missy!

i’m just gonna express how i feel with one sentence below and a gif.

i am now crying, thank you.

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thoughts about me?

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Wait, misread. Original Innistrad set, black.

Compared with other colors, I was surprised to find how few black cards from Innistrad set were things I could consider to be “favorites”

I eventually settled on Village Cannibals for similar reasons to why I chose Champion of the Parish for the other one. The human tribal points still stand, but in this these people, through desperation or what, have become the “other”. They haven’t grown fangs or claws or become something otherworldly, but they have distinctly crossed into the monster territory because humans only have each other there. The only bulwark against the monsters is faith and solidarity, but then there’s this betrayal of that contract. These are normal folk who have become predators and prey. They can’t readily belong to either anymore. That precise retention of humanity and monstrosity makes them terrifying.

This art really gets me. It’s positively chilling once you get what’s going on here and virtually no other magic art has given me this sort of reaction. The decision to make the painting from the point of view of the victim really drives home that horror element.

In terms of card design, its a very solid limited card that takes that normal tribal synergy and twists it. This card mechanically showcases everything I love about Innistrad design.