but these are the ones that went best with this set

The Danger of Falling Down


It had been a long day at Nyx’s self-run hospital and shelter. There were several ill monsters from all the… Dust that lingered around. The children who had lost their parents were always the hardest to care for, but she did her best to help them. This world was a cruel place, and someone had to look after the weaker ones. They all knew… That if the other monsters weren’t so afraid of an angry Nyx that they would be dust at this point. That being said, no one dared to set foot into Nyx’s home/workplace will ill intentions. Only a fool would do so, as everyone knows that they’d get a dagger in the back for so much as attempting to lay a single finger on any of the monsters in her care.

Nyx decided to take a walk to clear her head and relax a little, smoking a dog treat as she went. The calming affect of those always helped take the edge of as well, especially on days like these. In the middle of her patrol for those in need of her help she spotted something unfamiliar. ‘Is that a human? They must be. This is very bad news for them; I’m so glad I found them… Her I think? First.’

“Hello there human.” Nyx speaks in an obviously hushed tone. “It’s very dangerous for you to be alone down here. Are you alright? Any injuries?” Her expression had morphed into pure concern. “My name is Nyx, what is yours? And if I may suggest it… Could I take you somewhere safer for us to talk?”

My P!ATD Experience

So I went to the P!ATD concert Wednesday and it was crazy start to finish. As my mom, two friends, and I were walking to wait outside the venue there were anti-gay protesters shouting to the large crown of fans. It was hot (one girl passed out) and people had been waiting for awhile, the last thing they needed was some idiots trying to force their beliefs on their good time. The gates opened and there was an overall sigh of relief. The merch was nice but a lot was already being sold online ( with the exception of location specific items that were very small in quantity.) Hanging around the snack area and booths was an amazing atmosphere. Everyone was so nice and carefree! After getting a few things to eat we make our way to our seats and the view was great. But the best thing was our seats were RIGHT NEXT TO the doors to the stage. Andrew MacMahon in the Wilderness has a great set and was very lively with the crowd (consisting of a giant parachute!) After they played a miracle occurred. My mom spotted an adorable figure coming from the stage doors. That figure was one Sarah Urie. SARAH URIE. She was being escorted to a special place for Brendon’s friends to sit. But on the way she passed by our seats and I exclaimed, “We love you Sarah!” You know what she did? She turned around and smiled at me!!!! But that wasn’t all that happened that night. Anyway P!ATD started to play and all I can describe the performance as is simply amazing. Brendon was full of energy and loving the crowd. His vocals were stunning and I tired myself out from dancing to every song ( I even was dancing with a total stranger??? I’m never like that??) But best of all Brendon addressed those protesters from earlier and gave a passionate speech before singing Girls/Girls/Boys (video will be posted.) Here comes a big event: When Brendon was taking a short moment to talk he says “Hey we are Panic! At the Disco!” And I kid you not, my friend and I scream in a dead quiet venue “OH THANKS WE DIDN’T KNOW THAT!” (Now realizing this was a dumb thing to say) Brendon just starts laughing at our excited, sarcastic remark. Save me I don’t think I’ll return to Earth. Between songs @jakechams walks by me and he was so kind! I told him he has great photographs and he smiled then told me thank you! After P!ATD ended with a bang I went with my friend to get a drink. While getting said drink we met a huge, burly man covered in tattoos and leather who had no shame in air guitaring along to Weezer while giggling at us. A beautiful moment in a beautiful atmosphere. While on the way back to our seats I spot a wild Sarah Urie chilling by a wall. I stop dead in my tracks and shyly wave at her. And this little goddess waves back at me, MY GOD. Then being me I shout over to her, “You’re beautiful!” You know what? She has the audacity to tell “Thank you!” ITS LIKE SHE WASN’T AWARE SHE WOULD RUIN ME. Anyway Weezer was just so much fun to be in the presence of and I continued to dance even more. After the concert we drove home, still shocked and filled with adrenaline. I feel the need I write a huge sappy thing on Sarah’s Instagram and to top it all off she responds with a blessed “awwwwwww♥️”

I am deceased.

Everyone. Go. To. A. P!ATD. Concert. Please

I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything

Anthony- Tony Stark One Shot

Pairing: Tony Stark X Reader

Prompt: You have been Tony’s best friend since childhood. The Avengers are shocked that the billionaire allows you to call him by his full name, ‘Anthony’. They realize that you and Tony have romantic feelings for each other, and they try to set you up in three days.

Word Count: 1500


You had been best friends with Tony Stark all throughout your childhood. Although during high school you developed romantic feelings for him, you two were still platonically stuck together like glue. You could never admit your feelings to him, in fear that he didn’t reciprocate them. Unfortunately, you two were forced to journey separate ways when Tony went one way for college and you went the other. He became Iron-Man and you became a part of Doctors Without Borders, traveling the world to help others. With your separate lives, you eventually lost communication with each other. A year after your last contact, you were back in New York for the week and had decided it was time to pay an old friend a visit.

You walked into the Tower and notified JARVIS of who you were. The AI allowed you into the elevator and took you to the main floor. You stepped off the elevator and were met by five pairs of curious eyes that belonged to Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, and Clint Barton. The five were sitting on couches, watching something on the TV. When they heard the elevator ding, they looked to investigate.

“Who are you?” Clint asked, bluntly.

“I’m Y/N. Is Anthony here?” You replied with a smile. You felt a bit self-conscious about being in front of five complete strangers in their own home.

“Anthony? You mean Tony?” Steve asked.

“Yes. Is he here? JARVIS told me he was.”

“I’m sorry, but how do we know we can trust you?” Natasha questioned, “After all, you are a stranger here.”

“Romanoff, it’s fine.” Tony interrupted stepping into the room, “Y/N! Long time no see.”

“Anthony!” You smiled as he pulled you into a tight hug, “I’ve missed you so much. How have you been?”

“Busy saving the world, but then again so are you.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily call it that. I mean I am helping others with illnesses, but it’s nothing compared to you.” He let go of you and turned to your friends.

“Avengers, this is Y/N. Y/N, these are the Avengers. I’m so sorry about them. I had no idea you were here until JARVIS alerted me.” Tony explained.

“How exactly do you two know each other?” Clint asked, clearly confused at the exchange.

“We grew up together, practically inseparable.” He turned to you, “Do you want a drink? Or do you want to see my lab? Bruce is currently down there.”

“Lab, definitely.” You smiled and he lead you away to the lab.

“That was very strange.” Steve said.

“I’ve never seen Tony talk to a girl that much without hitting on her.” Natasha stated.

“She must really mean a lot to him. He never cringed when she used his full name. He hates it when we do that.” Thor replied and the others simply nodded their heads in agreement.


“It feels great to have my best friend back.” Tony said to you that night. You two were sitting together, eating pizza for dinner. The rest of the Avengers were all around you.

“So Y/N, what do you do for a living?” Steve asked.

“I’m a doctor. I’m in the Doctors Without Borders program so I travel to various countries and help vaccinate the citizens.” You explained.

“See? She’s a superhero all on her own.” Tony said.

“Anthony always joked about me having healing powers. I would always nurse him back to health whenever he got sick.” You added.

“That’s nice.” Natasha replied.

“Which country did you just return from?” Clint asked.

“Bolivia. Thursday, I leave for Mozambique.”

“Thursday? But that’s only three days from now? I thought you said you were staying for a week.” Tony asked. Sadness was present in his voice.

“Well it was technically six days. I spent three of them with my family. I thought I’d spend the other three with you. I haven’t seen you in a while and I’ve really missed my best friend.” You replied.

“How long are you going to be in Mozambique?”

“At least six months. AIDS and other STDs are extremely bad in sub-Saharan Africa. The death and illness rates are continuing to rise.”

“I say we have a party. You’re not leaving New York for God knows how long without attending a classic Stark party.” Tony said.

“You know how I am with parties, Anthony.”

“It will be fine. They’re loads of fun.” He begged with his best puppy dog eyes until you eventually gave in.


Over the next few days, the Avengers were able to observe you and Tony as you two continued to interact with each other. Bruce witnessed the two of you geeking out in the lab. Clint interrupted an intense tickle fight over the remote. Natasha overheard you explaining how antibodies worked to Tony, although she was positive he already knew. Thor saw you two cuddled up underneath a blanket, asleep on the couch at 3 AM. Steve was in the room while you were throwing grapes at Tony, trying to make it in his mouth. Wanda walked in on you cutting his hair cautiously. The team, except for Tony of course, decided that it was more than friendship between you two. They noticed how you would admire him when you thought no one was looking. They also took note of how different the billionaire was around you. He was happier and dialed back on his flirtatious nature.

On your last night, Tony held a party, as he promised. You didn’t fully grasp why he was hosting an event, but went along with your party animal friend anyway. Tony was standing off to the side, searching for you. With the crowd in his living room, it made it quite difficult to spot you.

“Looking for Y/N?” Steve asked, coming up to him.

“Yes.” He replied, “Have you seen her?”

“She was over by the bar the last I saw her. But before you go searching for her, I gotta know, Tony, do you love her? More than a friend?”

“I have no clue what the hell you are talking about.” Tony lied.

“Come on. We all see the way you look at her and the way you treat her. You’re a completely different man around Y/N. You also allow her to call you Anthony.”

“She’s the only person, other than my parents, who has ever called me my full name and gotten away with it. Don’t expect that since she can call me it, you can too, Spangles.”

“Fine, fine. I won’t call you by your full name. You didn’t answer me-do you love her as more than a friend?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I do. I have since senior year of high school. I could never say anything to her about it.”

“Why don’t you tell her tonight?” Steve asked.

“I can’t tell her. She’s leaving for Africa tomorrow.”

“And this chance won’t come around for at least another five months. Tony, you’ve got to tell her. She feels the same. We can all see it.” Steve explained.

“In order for me to say it to her, I’ll need more booze.”

“Anthony, don’t get completely wasted tonight.” You said, coming up behind him. Both men jumped and you laughed.

“How much of that did you hear?” Tony asked.

“Just you wishing for more alcohol. Typical you.” You smiled.

“I’m going to go find Nat.” Steve said, walking away. Behind your back, he gave Tony a thumbs up.

“You look lovely as ever, Y/N.” Tony complimented you. You looked down at your red dress and shrugged.

“It’s not everyday I get to attend a Stark party.” You laughed, “Thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself, Anthony.” You reached up to straight out his tie.

“Will you come with me outside for a moment?” He asked. You could tell that his normal confidence was gone. He was a little bit shaky and nervous.

“Of course.” You replied. He lead you out onto the empty balcony. It overlooked the city. You admired the view in awe.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you something. It’s been on my mind for quite a while now.” Tony said and you nodded your head to tell him 'go ahead’. He sighed and you turned to face him, “Y/N, I love you as more than a friend. I don’t want you going to Mozambique tomorrow not knowing how much I care about you.”

“Oh, Anthony.” You laughed lightly, “You don’t know how long I’ve been dying to hear you say those words to me.”

“Are you saying that you feel the same?” He asked. You watched as his nervousness was beginning to leave. You smiled and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling his lips to yours. After the initial shock wore off, Tony wrapped his arms around you and proceeded to kiss back.

“Do you have to leave tomorrow?” He mumbled when you pulled away.

“I can push it back by a few weeks.” You replied.

“Good.” Tony said, pulling you in again.

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Pls talk about star trek beyond 😭😭😭

idk if u have seen it yet so i’m gonna try to keep it spoiler free

  • the whole set up i just love it, how it’s basically an away mission gone wrong and really it was done really well.
  • personally i loved the look of the new starbase bc it was so freaking cool and, how should i put it, fascinating
  • spock and mccoy bonding oh my god
  • the first scene with jim was just perfection lol
  • HIKARU SULU. we get to see more of him and i’m just so happy.
  • and his family aww
  • seriously tho spock and mccoy’s conversations were just the best. there was one after which i went like did this really happen oMG
Caught in the Act || Quamcedes

Who: Mercedes Jones, Sam Evans and Quinn Fabray

What: After fooling around for months Sam and Mercedes are finally caught by Quinn and need to come clean about their relationship

Notes: Some Smut 

Mercedes stepped out of the shower in her bedroom of the three bedroom apartment she shared with her two best friends and walked over to her drawer finding something to wear. After working 12 hours at the hospital all she had wanted to do when she got home was shower and relax. And that is exactly what she planned on doing. Grabbing one of Sam’s old high school shirts that ended up in her drawer she threw it on with a pair of her boy shorts and set off to the kitchen in search for something to drink.

She met Sam and Quinn in middle school and the three of them had formed a bond that many tried to break but none could succeed. After graduating High School they went in on an apartment and have been living together ever since. There was nothing they didn’t know about each other, which is why living together worked. They worked better together than apart and on many occasions they proved just that. “Is anyone home?” She called out as she let her hair fall over her shoulders. No one was there when she arrived home but that was about 30 minutes ago.

#Repost @givemeink ・・・
A year ago today, I went to Rock the Park in London, and brought this giant sign that I’d made, and on one side I had drawn the heartfist and written “Rise Against, thank you for everything!” and on the other side, I had written “Let me play Hero of War!!” Due to an amazing set of coincidences, such as a barricade in the festival breaking (resulting in the show having to slow down), and Tim coming out to entertain the crowd until it was fixed, he ended up seeing my sign, and when Joe backed me up, Tim brought me onstage and we played the song after a slight mishap with tuning.
This was without a doubt the best day of my life. I got to meet my favourite band in the world, and play one of my favourite songs with the man who wrote it. @riseagainst, thank you for everything. You guys are the best. http://ift.tt/2abTimb


It’s just SO GOOD. Non-stop laughs and absolutely perfect casting for everyone. Why parents and I went in the middle of the day in a very beach-centric town so there were only 31 people in the theater (yes I counted) but the best part was this little girl who kept giggling behind me and she was so happy the whole time it made my heart burst. I’m not going to post spoilers but I will say one cameo is saved for the during credits scene so make sure to stay. And there’s that post-credit 30 second clip as well that may or may not set it up for a SEQUEL!!! I am in an absolutely euphoric state right now. It was a perfect movie, I have no complaints. I am obviously biased but I know how to be objective and this movie earned an A+. It never lulled or got boring and it’s truly a beautiful story about the power of friendship even though that sounds wicked corny, it’s true. I can’t wait to see it again and again.

Blind Date

AU Prompt: I walked into this restaurant and you thought I was your blind date and I just kind of went with it because I don’t want to eat alone.

Dan sat at the table checking his phone. Thirty-one minutes late now. Maybe he wouldn’t be coming after all. That’s what he gets for letting his best friend, Dennis, set him up on a blind date with his cousin’s friend’s brother’s neighbor, or whatever their relationship was. Thinking about it now, Dan figures he should have asked for a picture or phone number because all he knew about his date was that he was tall and had blue eyes. They were supposed to meet for lunch though now it was more mid-afternoon and all Dan had was a glass of water and a feeling of pathetic loneliness in his stomach. He stopped picking his head up every time the café shop door opened figuring it wasn’t worth his time. Taking out his phone, Dan stood up to leave and texted Dennis telling him that the date is off and that he would owe Dan lunch.

“Oh, sorry,” a voice said interrupted Dan’s thoughts.

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It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me || DISHONORED || carvedwhalebones

Summary: Emily has her heart set on being a pirate.


Emily is busy standing on top of her desk, using a closed parasol as a makeshift sword, swinging it enthusiastically into the air. She even went as far as to undo the ribbon keeping her growing hair up and wrapped it around her forehead, giving out her best pirate cry. Emily is staging a “mutiny” on the idea of having a tutor. It scared off the first two nobles who sought out the opportunity, the third one is busy stammering out in disbelief and outrage at the scene. He’s busy looking at the Lord Protector for some sort of aid or hint, but Corvo Attano provides none. The Serkonan is busy sitting in one of the chairs, carefully drinking his tea, giving a rather expectant look at the applicant.

With a disgruntled sound, the noble gives a curt bow to the Empress and attempts to relay his apologies that this may not be the position for him over the sound of Emily using what, suspiciously, sounds like Havelock’s creative curses. Corvo fixes the young Empress with a look, the two of them missing the noble’s rapid exit.



Polaroid, pt 10
a short Johnson and Coulson story by Skyson

“Would you care to account for where you’ve been the past week?” May demanded, her arms folded across her chest.

Coulson sat calmly across from her, his hands folded together atop the table. He even had a small smile on his face, though he tried his best to keep that hidden.

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i kinda tried to base this off of “Oh, Ms Believer” by Twenty One Pilots, since it’s our song.. hence the snowy setting.. idk how that turned out..?
and there are so many things wrong with this art but i hope you like it anyway
happy one month anniversary, angel! it went by so quickly.. time flies when you’re having fun, right?
i love you sm and i always will. you’re the best girlfriend in the world.

(Don’t tag Mikan as kin/id/me/etc. and don’t tag Ibuki as kin/id/me/etc. unless you’re @tylers–joseph thank you)

                                        — @venommines

     -So this was Talons best? A Frenchie in a skin tight suit who went a little too hard with the facepaint? Shame, he expected more to be honest. 

“So you’re the one I’ve heard so much about. I though the deadliest sniper this side of the world would be a little bit more intimidating. I guess I set my expectations a little too high.”

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I'm in another country for a cultural exchange program and as much as i try my best to suppress my traits, they still pop up :( help pls

Oh geez, that’s rough. I’ve actually been in a similar situation when I went abroad for an internship three years ago where I didn’t realize that in France people are even shittier about autism than they are in the US, and disclosing that I was autistic to the host at my first accommodation (who, to make matters worse, was a psychiatrist — I expected much better of her!) made her kick me out, and I was in a hostel for a few days before I found a different one, and I didn’t say anything about my brain to the landlord. I needed to tell my supervisor at my internship about being autistic though since she kept expecting me to self-start and since I need a set routine I got so stuck and anxious that I came close to crying. Thankfully she, having some mental health history herself, was much more understanding and helped me through. The fact that people are so behind on mental health in France makes me really sad since the French language and culture are probably my biggest special interest. :(

Not knowing what country you’re in I can’t give you specific advice but I think if you try consciously to help accommodate some of the expectations of the culture you’re in people will be more forgiving of your personal traits. Like for me for example, I unfortunately learned the hard way that in France you’re expected to greet strangers in supermarkets and restaurants when you’re in close proximity to them or else you’re considered rude, which in the US would be considered very weird and invasive in most circumstances. Do you have any friends who are native to the country you’re in at the moment whom you feel comfortable talking to about this? That’d probably be your best bet if it’s possible. Best of luck!! <3

Boy Scouts

When I was 10, I joined the Boy Scouts in my small town. The scoutmasters were two big, burly brothers. First troop camping trip came and I was the only one who showed up so the three of went to this remote lake. After setting up camp we all went swimming and they eventually convinced me that we should all go nude. The water was cold and when we got out, they said the best way to warm up was all of us getting under the sleeping bags and using our body heat. I proceeded to learn all about the male body, and was taught how to suck their cocks and get fucked. For the next 5 years I was basically their sex slave as I sucked them off and they took turns fucking me at every troop meeting and every camping trip.

I am married with kids now but have a thing for older, dominant men. I am half Asian and have a smooth hairless body. Currently have two retired, married guys who like me to dress in in lingerie and use me as their “girl”. They go home happy with empty balls and I go home happy with a stomach full of cum and a worn out ass.

a note of the Emperors of Lux Contri:

I’ve mentioned this before, but they are very small in comparison to what the Emperors of Olde were like. They’re made of 3 Imperials each, and each Emperor is aligned with only one elemental affinity. Hope is Ice, Forgiveness is Plague, and Mercy is Shadow. Their handlers were chosen partially based off of that alignment, Cerev being Fire, Rosalyn being Ice, and Emiri being Light.

The Emperors are also relatively well-formed, too: three heads, three necks connecting to the body, one “dominant” pair of wings with two smaller sets closer to the body, 3 sets of forelegs, and 1 tail and 1 set of hind legs. This strangely “correct” formation is due to the small number of Imperials and the unity of element that went into each Emperor.

Now, being undead and all, they looked like a nasty rotting hot mess when they attacked Lux Contri. The reason they don’t look nasty and tattered and, for all intents and purposes, dead now is because in an early experimentation on them, Ulli and her Paladins managed to “heal” them to an extent. This is where the line between “undeath” and “maybe alive?” became kind of blurred, because they managed to heal them to a point where they look whole. There aren’t limbs missing, there aren’t bones exposed, their hides are intact, and their bodies function as if they were still living. They can eat, drink, and become restless if not properly maintained or exercised regularly.

One of Ulli’s driving hopes and arguments in wanting to try to “restore” them is specifically because 1) they’re small, young, and manageable to a point, 2) they act like living creatures, and 3) they’ve shown small glimpses of what might be sentience.

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I really need advice and I'm hoping someone can help me. I started an askblog half a year ago, but I been in an accident and went on hiatus ever since. I really want to keep running the askblog, but I set the quality standard high(and changed the style a couple times bc better resources), but I know I can't put as much effort as I used to in it anymore, due to the pain I'm in.. It had gathered 500+ followers and I'm scared changing the style suddenly again will upset them. Any advice what to do?

I think one of the best things to do is to be honest with your followers about your predicament. Keep updating if you want to because if they were worth having around in the first place, they’d understand. Life throws stuff at us all of the time and we’re mostly tripping when we get back up, but if you continue to trudge on, then they should be happy that you continued your story! It’s better than no story at all, right? And you can always go back and edit panels if you feel like you can manage it!

I really have no idea what your situation must be like and how to cope, heck… I don’t even have an askblog worth mentioning! So my answer may not be what you’re looking for. In the end, it all depends on what you WANT to do! Either way, I support your decision. Just take care of yourself and don’t exert yourself too much to produce high quality stuff, okay?

~ PunMun, who wants to be helpful

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while on the subject of accessibility/readability in the rp community... tell me all your thoughts about gif icons with borders that make the gif even smaller than the already tiny 100x100 and then the horizontal line texture stuff...

SHITTY. I think I mentioned that before or answered an ask about it or something. Makes the pictures even harder to see. Sometimes the textures are alright but other times the opacity is up way too high or the blending mode is just wrong and it kind of distorts the image. And a lot of the time it’s accompanied by these really harsh contrasts/gradient maps that look so posterized that you almost can’t tell what’s going on in the icon kinda like

These may not even be the best examples??? Some people do icons of hands or make semi- faceless ones where it’s really straining on the eyes and the only person who knows what’s happening is probably the one who made them like

When it gets to this point, I usually glaze over what the icon looks like and just pay attention to the writing because it starts to feel like I’m reading a Magic Eye or some shit.

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The kiss was hot but we all know Gillian does the best movie and tv kisses and the kiss was so middle school, just their lips pressed together and like hello no tongue?!! (I only count the second one since that was done with Reed agreeing to it). I wish she had kissed her the way she kissed Olsen, that would have been hot for real. I prefer real kisses to pecks with closed mouths. Just my 00,2 cents.

A French kiss between these two would probably have made all our TV sets and laptops explode. Could be why they didn’t go for it. Too many law suits. ;-) 

(Actually, it is possible that such kiss did happen during rehearsal, when Archie “went for it” as she put it.)

And what I found the most hot wasn’t the kiss per say, it was the way they looked at each other *after*. This is when I spontaneously combusted. 

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8 years ago I failed out of university due to health issues, 3 years ago I went back, and now I'm one term away from my masters in astrophysics with first class honours, with my eyes set on a PhD programme. I know first hand how hard and devestating it can be to struggle and fail, but I also know that 1. we have time, 2. sometimes the time just isn't right, and 3. everything have a tendency to work out for the best in the end!

Thank you for this message. It helped me a lot to read this <3

xx Munira