but these are the ones that went best with this set

I had a dream that I was out at karaoke one night and I was this super good singer and some people asked me to be in a band with them

And then I was in a sort of choir practice?? It ended and I went to the cafeteria to get pizza but a lot of people were already there and the pizza ladies wouldn’t give some of us any food so we waited in line but right as I got to the front of the line the pizza lady, despite having an almost full box of pizza, said that they were out and they couldn’t give anymore to us. Luckily I’d stolen a piece from another less attentive lady earlier, but I was still hungry and when I went to sit down by my friends they just said hi and then ignored me, before they all finished and went outside.

And then all of a sudden I was on a dark stage after the funeral of my best friend who was named Collin or smth and I had a shoebox of red high heels by me and I was painting a sign that said like “goodbye Collin” or some shit wtf and then I went to a play and sat in the front row and it was super cool

That was a weird-ass dream

but seriously
  • lifelong super close best friends who have hidden their romantic feelings for each other since puberty
  • plagued by bad timing in that he went into a coma before he could tell her how he felt and she got into her first serious relationship due to his unavailability
  • other relationships troubled by their closeness and chemistry or just can’t get off the ground at all due to the love between them
  • dealing with a massive betrayal of their relationship and trying to get back to the absolute trust they used to have as confidantes
  • overwhelmed by the revelation that they end up together in the future
  • faced with guilt and grief because her boyfriend died saving them both and she’d already had other feelings when he was alive
  • working together to save the city and be generally heroic because she powers his superpowers!!!11

i could legit write a book using ANY ONE of these things as set up


and they go with


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like if y’all are that hard up just hire me

hire me and i will write you a full season romance arc involving zero other love interests that still manages to be engaging and sexy and fun and emotional and that develops the characters at the same time

i can get at least one bestselling romance author to vouch for me and my knowledge of How Good Romance Works

i don’t work cheap but it’s worth it

think about it

  • Stranger
  • Ed Sheeran
  • unreleased

It’s too cold in this downtown apartment,
no furniture, so we sit on the carpet.
Heating is gone so you fill the bath
with boiling water from the kettle.
What a beautiful way to start this.

I just met you today for the first time.
All I know is your name and your birth sign.
I’ve not got any curtains to draw, only the electric set on the floor,
won’t you lay with me, darling, all night?

I’ve got a movie, we can watch
and we’ll eat popcorn from a coffee cup.
Not the fanciest place, but it’s home.
Down in this downtown apartment
is where two broken hearts went
to see what it feels like to fall for a stranger.
Caught in a landslide of something,
darling oh I’m asking one thing:
Is this what it feels like to fall for a stranger?

I feel love in this new founden flat
only God knows where I found it at.
Maybe fate pulled me into the pub
just to meet someone who’d give me their love.
I just liked how you kissed me like that.
Never thought I’d be taking you home.
I assumed I’d be sleeping alone.
Apologies for the mess that I’ve made,
I wasn’t expecting you’d stay at my place.
What a beautiful way to start this.

And I’ve got a t-shirt you can wear,
Just a blanket that we both can share.
not the fanciest place, but it’s home

Down in this downtown apartment
is where two broken hearts went
to see what it feels like to fall for a stranger.
Caught in a landslide of something,
darling oh I’m asking one thing:
Is this what it feels to fall for a stranger?

And I’ve got no way to see
what’s meant for you and me
but all along I’ve been falling for a stranger.

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YO did u hear that jurassic world set the Global Record for most made in opening weekend with $511.8 million !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah and i think that’s great because i really enjoyed jurassic world but i kinda just wished some of that went to mad max because mad max was definitely one of the best actions films in years and it deserved more imo tbh imo. but go jurassic world!

Ubisoft really needs to make an Assassin’s Creed game set during the American Civil War. This would offer a lot of cool historical points and could teach many people the truth behind the war. Many feel that the battle was fought over slavery, when in reality Yankees went to battle in order to hold the united government together while Confederates fought for rights of the states and strived for smaller independent governments. It would be fantastic to play as a Confederate Assassin battling against the tyranny of Abraham Lincoln and his Union Templars. With allies such as Robert E. Lee or Joseph Wheeler, it would make as one of the best games in the series.

image: The Peacemakers (1869 painting by George P. A. Healy)


One day you meet the Doctor. And of course, it’s the best day ever. It’s just the best day of your life. Because, because he’s brilliant, and he’s funny, and mad, and best of all, he really needs you. The trick is, don’t fall in love. I do that trick quite a lot, sometimes twice a day. And once you start running, you start to forget, slowly. After a while, you just stop asking. Who are you? Where are you from? What set you on your way and where are you going? Oh, and what is your name? You get used to not knowing. I thought I never would. I was wrong. I know who he is. I know how he began and I know where he’s going. I know the truth about the Doctor and his greatest secret. The day we went to Trenzalore.”

Worrywart - (Steve x Reader)

“Do not tell me to calm down, Natasha! She’s my sister!” Tony yelled as he shoved the red head into the hospitals brick wall. Wanda immediately stepped forward ready to attack but Natasha shook her head. The last thing they needed was to be on the news for setting a hospital on fire while fighting. “She’s my best friend, Tony. Try and sit like Steve. Wanda and I will go get you two something to eat” She said brushing herself off. “I can’t believe I let this happen” Steve groaned, resting his head in his hands, “I’m sorry, Tony. I was supposed to protect her, I promised you I would…” He sniffled, trying his best not to break down into tears. You were currently in surgery, a bullet had went through your chest, clean shot. It wasn’t anything too big for the doctors, but it was a big thing to Steve and Tony. Tony was your big brother so of course he ran to your side as soon as you fell to your knees along with your long time boyfriend Steve. The rest of the team had finished the mission while Steve and Tony rushed to the hospital. You were immediately sent into surgery. “Anyone here for Y/L/N?” Tony and Steve jumped up practically tackling the young nurse, “She lost a lot of blood, but they successfully removed the bullet, nothing too bad. She’s in room 212 getting a blood transfusion so she’ll be out for a while.” They nodded not bothering to wait for the elevator and instead ran up the two flights of stairs to your room. When they walked in you were wide awake, a bright smile on your face. “Did I worry you?” You asked noticing how the two men were covered in sweat, “Not funny, Y/N. We were worried!” Steve grumbled, walking over to grab you hand, pressing a kiss to the back of it. “Yeah, Steve almost passed out.” Tony joked pressing a kiss to your forehead. “You two worry too much, I’m fine.” You said stating the obvious. “We worry because we love you” Steve added and your brother nodded in agreement “I love you too, but seriously, I’m fine. Although I am hungry.” You smirked earning yourself a giggle from your boyfriend. The two men stayed in the hospital with you until you were finally discharged.

A/N - hope you enjoyed! I didn’t know how minor you wanted so I just kinda did something in between the two.


Imagine: Interrupted (requested by anon)

Peter and I were together for almost a week now. The day he admitted that he loved me was the best day in my life. It was that one night I couldn’t find any sleep so I went out of my hut only to find Peter sitting on one of the logs. I sat down besides him and asked him what he was thinking about. He looked kind of worried. Finally he admitted that it was me. As always he added. He also told me that he couldn’t find any sleep because of me and honestly? So was I. Peter Pan was the Person I had a crush on since I first set foot on the island. I told him that I was often thinking about him either and that I was also sleepless because the thought of him just drove me crazy. All that lead to an incredible kiss and made me the happiest girl on earth. From that day on we were a couple. There had always been something between us. Since I arrived on the island a week ago I noticed that Peter was treating me different. He made a couple of exceptions for me. Giving me more food, letting me sleep in a hut instead of a tent and showing me all the special and dangerous places in Neverland nobody has ever seen before. At first I thought that he was only trying to be nice. I was the first girl arriving in Neverland and maybe he thought that I needed a special treatment because of my gender but everytime I talked to other boys he had this furious look on his face and when I was around he always acted somehow nervous. At first I pushed the thought away that Peter could actually like me that way. Maybe he really just tried to be charming to make me feel accepted or something like that. I mean I was just a normal girl. Dark brown hair which showed its brighter highlights in the sunlight and (Y/EC) eyes. I had some freckles spread on my nose and cheeks and I only wore functional clothes so I could go out in the woods hunting and things like that. Nothing special. But this thought proved to be wrong. We used to spend a lot of time together and when we were alone he sometimes took my hand or put a hand on my knee which made me also very nervous. In the end I gave in and accepted that Peter was obviously in love with me eventhough I couldn’t really believe it. I knew that it was just a matter of time until something would happen but someone had to take the first step. Gladly he took it that one night. That was a week ago. Still nobody had even the slightest idea that we were together. We always left together into the woods so we could at least have a little privacy. The boys started to wonder what we would do there every day so they sent someone after us. Nick was his name. He was one of the younger lost boys but he was very skinny and light so they chose him. He should follow us and find out about what we were doing. Maybe a secret that Pan was keeping away from them? Actually yes, it was something like that but our relationship was nothing dangerous or harmful for the boys. But because they didn’t know about it followed us. Deep in the woods, far away from camp Peter stopped in front of a tree. He backed me up against it and put one hand on the trunk right beside my head. The other rested on my waist. I was literally melting because of his touch. “You know why I brought you here?” He asked with a seductive smirk. “No idea.” I said smiling. “Well since we have so little privacy back at the camp and since the lost boys are at our backs all day I thought we could need a little time for the important things.” He said coming closer. I could hear my heart beating when I saw his face only an inch away from mine. “Which are?” I asked pretending to be totally clueless about his intentions. Peter was taller than I was so he had to look down at me. He leaned in to kiss me (as I thought) but stopped right before our lips could touch. “What do you think?” He said with a mischievous smile on his face. I tried to kiss him but he held me back. “What’s? Not strong enough?” He asked teasing. “Just kiss me already.” I said rolling my eyes at him. “Alright alright.” When I thought I finally won he stopped again. “But..” he continued having to smile at my reaction. “No Peter! No more games.” I said pulling him closer finally kissing him. We continued for a while and our kisses got more intensive and passionate. When we broke apart we were smiling at each other. I was so happy with this guy and it seemed like he was happy too. He was just about to continue when he heard leaves cracking. He stopped right in front of my face and smiled at the dumbness of the lost boy. He turned his head backwards without moving from the tree. “You can come out now Nick.” He said. Then he looked at me again smiling. Finally he pulled back from the tree and looked the lost boy in the eyes. “What is it Nick? Never seen people kissing?” He said raising an eyebrow at the reaction of the boy. His look was bug-eyed and he looked very nervous about having been caught by us. “Uhm.. I was just.. I.. I wanted to say that..” He stuttered. Peter was enjoying his helplessness. “So?” He said sneeringly. “I just wanted to say that everything’s alright back in camp.” the boy tried to save himself. “Really? Since you have forgotten Nick.. I feel it when something’s wrong with anyone on the island. But thanks anyways for that little report of yours. Now come on go back and spread the news already.” He said finally letting the boy go. He turned around on the spot and ran away glad that Peter didn’t punish him for following us. “Where were we?” He said turning back to me. “I don’t know.. I think we were just kissing.” I said smiling at him seductively. “Really?” He asked his head titled to one side. He came back to the tree where I was standing and put both of his hands on my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him cutely. The kiss was delicate and soft and I felt so comfortable in his arms. When we broke apart this time we decided to go back to camp again. Arriving there the lost boys were already welcoming us with congratulations and a very big dinner. Afterwards we were dancing around the fire for hours. Everyone seemed very happy about the fact that Peter finally found someone to be happy with because we all know villains usually don’t get happy endings. But his destiny was different because Peter was not a bad person. I knew that. Peter was the most tender and cute boy anyone could have imagined. And that’s why he deserved to be happy. When the fire finally expired and everyone went to sleep Peter took my hand and lead me to his tent as he always did. We lay down in his bed and he wrapped his arms around me tightly, caressing my back until I fell asleep. When he was sure that I was sleeping he gave me one last kiss on the head and fell asleep himself.


Hey everyone! I really enjoyed writing this one because it’s a great idea. Thanks anon for the request! Hope you guys liked it too. I’m still taking requests just feel free to ask! I wanted to finish it today because yesterday I didn’t post this damn imagine haha.. Hope you have a nice day guys!

Much much love ➳ Blue Suit Strawberry™✓

Real talk. Honest talk. Insecurities.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on fitness and that part of my life, but I’m struggling this week. My confidence and self esteem took a dive downward these past few days.

With my new move and apartment and all the expenses that go along with a move, Crossfit has been put on the back burner for me until money is better… So, I joined the YMCA this week, and I already regret it. Firstly, I associate all of my fitness transformations with Crossfit and not toward a regular gym setting, therefore, my trust in the regular gym is not very strong for the results I want to see again.

Yesterday, I went to the gym with one of my best friends, who I appreciate so very much for putting up with me during this transition, and I felt like a lost puppy. I have no desire to get on the treadmill or an elliptical machine, hate working out on the weights machines, and felt too intimidated to go over to the free weights side of the gym, which is so stupid because I know I’m a good lifter. I have to set up some sort of a plan for when I go, so I don’t feel like that anymore.

After leaving the gym, Lauren and I decided to take our “before” pictures for the Bootcamp I just signed up for, and I was utterly disappointed with my pictures. Blah. So, on top of feeling like crap and a lacking of confidence due to the way the Y felt, I added on a-whole-nother set of insecurities through those pictures.

However, I need to stop doting on the way I feel like I should look and remember how much progress I’ve made over the past couple of years of my life! It’s so easy for us to get so mixed up in the negative and the feelings of insecurity that we forget to give ourselves credit for where we have come from.

I put together this collage of pictures to remind myself or where I was compared to where I am now. This is when I have to remind myself, “CRYSTAL, YOU HAVE DONE AMAZING AND SHOULD BE PROUD!” Instead of sitting over here feeling down about myself. Life gets in the way sometimes. That doesn’t mean I need to get upset with myself. I just need to pick up where I left off and step up my game.

Well, that’s the end of my breakdown on my insecurities. I’m hoping that this little self-talk will help me to not be so hard on myself. If any of you are feeling this way as well, just remind yourself of where you were and where you’ve come. A little bit of progress is still progress and it’s a step in the right direction.

Good night, my dear tumblr friends! Thanks for letting me rant. ❤️

“I knew I’d find you here,” a familiar sultry voice says just behind him. Hawke doesn’t even have to turn around to know it’s Isabela, who has come to seek him out in The Hanged Man. “You’ve made a mess of it all, haven’t you?”

Hawke sets his mug down on the table but doesn’t offer an answer. He doesn’t have one. She’s completely right.

“He’s quite upset, you know.” She steps forwards, standing beside him with a hand on her hip for a moment before sitting with him. Reaching across the table, Isabela snatches his mug and takes a quick swig of it and places it back where it was. She lets out a sigh, wistful but annoyed. “When I went there, he was drinking. Quite a lot. Smashed bottles littered all over the floor, I thought there had been an attack on the mansion until I saw him.”

Though he hasn’t seen Fenris since their disagreement–no, he shouldn’t delude himself anymore, it was a fight, plain and true–Hawke had his suspicions that the elf would deal this way. Still, Hawke hangs his head at the news.

“Listen, I don’t know what happened for whose fault it is, and it’s not at all my business, but the both of you are…. brooding. And not the good, smouldering kind of brooding.” Isabela huffs out an irked breath, muttering something to herself and reaches for his drink again before continuing. “Either way, it’s gone on long enough. It seems like it would be best for the both of you–and in turn the rest of us–if you worked whatever this is out.”

He ultimately agrees, but the words come out differently. “You know, you could just order one for yourself.”

“I know, but it’s more fun to drink from yours,” she quips, lips curving up as she takes another drink from his mug, one eye opens and narrows at him. “Besides, shouldn’t a certain someone start walking?”

Happy Blogiversary!

It has been one whole year since I’ve opened my Tumblr account and started this blog. it went through a few urls before setting on this one (which I am so thankful that no one took!) I am grateful for the Disney fandom and how lovely each and everyone one of you all are. So I wanted to give a few thank yous!

Blogs that inspired me to create my Disney blog. These ladies are the standard I strive to be when being a Disney blogger. They are sweet, sassy, and just lovely wonderful people. I stalked these blogs before creating my own, they are that amazing! (I probably just creep them out by saying that…sorry!!!)

dailylifeofadisneyfreak, hecallsmepineappleprincess, disneyismyescape, pixiedust-paycheck

Blog Besties: I have gotten to see these people so much on my dash and talk to them, I do consider us friends!

miss-glinda: Chloe, I consider you one of my best friends despite never meeting you in person. You are so beautiful and cool! I love seeing your beautiful face, whether that is on Tumblr or on Snapchat or texting you! You are so funny and I love that we are friends!

disneydreamsariel:We just became friends and I am so glad! I am glad you started your Disney blog and I hope to get to know you better! But you are like one of the nicest people I’ve met!!

carriethestorymaker: Carrie is the reason I am such a Heathers nut! She is so sweet and wonderful and gah! I can’t say enough of how great she is!

flounderyoureallyareaguppy: HANNAH BEAR IS A DISNEY PRINCESS! But I love Hannah so much! Hannah is just a all-around A+ person and yeah I love her lots!

lettingdowncurls: one of the first Tumblr people I met irl (before I followed her blog, lol) she is so geniune and caring and lovely!

Blogs everyone needs to follow because they are lovely and fabulous and everything I wish to be and more.

freshprinceofmaldonia, dapperzack, spoonfulofchurrodust, s0meimagination, revolting-phantom97, tiafoundlove, tianamulan, eventheslightestrayofsunshine disneyinspirations sailordisneyballerina, zip-adee-doo-da matterhorn-and-dolewhips disneydazzles mickey-mouseketeers missdisneydreamer disneydoughnuts hirosjourney hopelesshoneyxo disney-translations disneysnewgroove deserving-a-tiara

But thank you all for a wonderful year! And to next year: may it be just as wonderful to everyone!

phantom review

ok so this was a “new” production meaning the staging and sets were different (the costumes were p much the same) and it was REALLY COOL i really liked most of the changes

  • at the overture Raul was onstage and the company started appearing around him like it was going into a flashback idk it was cool
  • Meg as usual was the best like whenever I see it the girl playing meg is always gr9 and Meg is just underappreciated
  • the journey to the lair was really cool like intesated of the never-ending staircase they had this revolving set that looked like actual old-ass stairs leading to an underground lake and then that opened up to reveal the lair
  • in “music of the night” they took out the phantom’s creepy fucking doll of christine and i’m so thankful. she just went to bed instead she literally just fell asleep like “this song is great bye”
  • also during that song he put a fucking blindfold over her i legit thought it was about to go into 50 shades of phantom
  • Christine wasn’t the one to unmask him in “stranger than you dreamt it” he just took off his mask while she was sleeping and then she kinda snuck up on him, idk I liked it
  • the guy playing Andre was hot???? whatever yeah Andre was hot
  • he shot the chandelier with his dumbass flare gun instead of cutting it and the whole audience was like “WOAH” i’m like chill
  • “masquerade” had this mirror on the ceiling so you could see the dancing but all i could thinking of was springtime for hitler
  • also Meg’s costume during masquerade was the best bc Meg is the best
  • the girl playing christine acted the shit out of this role and you could really see Christine’s growth and how she starts to stand up for herself more and more
  • the other huuuuge difference was the final lair scene when chrisitine comes back and in this version he doesn’t even know she’s there, he’s just doing his own thing and being sad and looking at the music he wrote for her and sings “christine i love you” to nothing and she’s like “HECK” and lays the ring down 
  • and then when he sees the ring is when he goes into “YOU ALOOONE CAN MAKE MY SONG TAKE FLIGHT”
  • instead of sitting on a chair when the people come in to arrest him meg seizes him and he pulls an obi-wan and vanishes
  • good stuff would recommend
hang you up.

                                    It’s hard to see you, 
                                                       we are older now

     She wasn’t too sure what compelled her to go back to that high school in the hometown she left many moons ago. High School wasn’t the best years of her life, nothing monumental of that sort. It was a little eerie to see familiar faces with such new distinguishing characteristics. Everyone seemed to be a little wiser, a little older.. but all the while happy to see one another. Must be the free booze. That’s what she was enjoying the most. Just as she went to grab herself a new beer that the bartender set out, it was soon snatched up by someone else. “Hey,” she chuckled playfully, “I had dibs on that one.” But when she looked up, she didn’t know whether to smile or run. Because lo and behold, it was Joey O’Connor in all his glory. And just like High School, she found herself tongue tied.

So…. 2 months ago I barely believed I would be able to finish my university bachelor… and I did finish that a month ago. After that I was so unsure about what to do next year: a masters degree? or an internship? or maybe trying to find a job? 
I went for the second option but didn’t actually believe I’d easily find one. But this morning I had an interview for an internship and little over 2 hours later I got a call: I HAVE GOTTEN IT! 
ITS SOOOOOO COOOOOOOOL!!! This internship is literally the best one I’ve ever heard of, and I freaking got it!!!    I’ll be in a production team of a very cool dutch tv program and I will be needed both in the office and on set! This is the best thing that could happen:D IM SO HAPPY

freaky friday | nina feat. jeremiah

Over the course of nearly three weeks, Nina has managed to tease her best friend on a daily basis, in multiple ways. Creatively too, it wasn’t just about sending him inappropriate texts; her Instagram account got provocative too (though in a tasty way considering she was partially a public figure), her outfits turned more form-fitting and she would always dress in crop tops or bras and tight shorts when working at the gym. Not to even mention what she was like when Jeremiah would call late at night while his girlfriend was asleep… 

Although terribly sexually frustrated, Nina was having fun with this. The guy that one of the Dodgers players set her up with served only as a playtoy though he couldn’t erase the young woman’s deep-rooted craving for the other male. She didn’t let that be known though, especially not in front of Jeremiah. 

As far as the inappropriate times with him went, they still had fun of their own as well. Sure, the “69” happened between them awhile ago after a party, but ever since then, Nina did not allow the same to repeat. He was still dating Julia so he didn’t deserve her like that – “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”. And that’s why the tension between the two friends rose to sky highs. Like teenagers though, they would dry hump a few times here and there, yet in Nina’s case it was always dripping wet humping considering how drenched her pussy was whenever Jeremy touched her.

Another Friday rolled around and once the brunette got home after the team’s practice, she first played with her cat for awhile and fed it before heading off to a much deserved hot shower. With nothing but a large white towel wrapped around her tiny body she sat on her balcony, going through her phone once finished with pampering herself. The playtoy Marcus was already texting her for a hookup that night, social media was filled with info about parties and with the entire team of Dodgers having the weekend off, invitations to different things were flooding the young therapist. However, the biggest question remained: Would she continue her unfair torture? How would she follow up from the raunchy texts the other night about getting her mouth fucked by the one and only?

Oh she knew how.

For some reason, the star player had a thing for her tummy that she recently got a piercing for so it was easy to figure out the next tease. Nina got herself on her bed, laying on the now opened towel and cupped her pussy before taking a nude that had her perky tits, tummy and a part of her hand in it. Just enough for the male to figure out where the hand was. 

“Takeout & movies tonight? 😊😊😊”

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Luke 6

Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” Luke asked, smirking at me as he walked through his bedroom door. “God, took you long enough to get home,” I rolled my eyes playfully. “What’s the occasion?” Luke set his bag down on floor, making his way towards me. “Someone’s birthday is today and I thought I might be a good girlfriend and treat you,” I sat up on my knees, wrapping my arms around his neck. “Oh really?” Luke looked down at me, already getting worked up. “Mhmm, how does that sound baby?” I pressed kisses down his neck. “Great idea, one of the best yet,” he let his head fall back as I went to work. 

I went camping this weekend with three of my closest friends. We went to Craftsbury, Vermont where my roommate is from and just went into the middle of the woods and set up a tent, built a fire, drank and relaxed. We had no cell service too so there was nothing to take us away from the reality of the nature in front of us. Sleeping under the stars and waking up to just a bunch of pine trees above you was one of the best experiences. Madeleine Madigan took this photo. ⛺️

notomys asked:

Just for the record, I always thought Stannis' arc would end in his death, not on the wall. He killed his brother. Narratively, I see no way he'll get out of this one alive. Dying heroically is the best option he has. That aside, since they cut away at the last second - I don't think he's dead on the show. Something happens that stops her, or they would have shown the lights go out from his eyes. Mel, though, huh? Has she lost faith now, what do you think?

I’m pretty deeply agnostic on Stannis’s survival rate here – I saw an interview with Gwendoline Christie that set him up as really definitely dead, but she didn’t say anything to indicate this, and it’s clear many of the brokered interviews that went up immediately post-airing were obligated to keep kayfabe as a condition of conducting them. 

As for Melisandre, I didn’t get a chance to say this in my review, but one of my favorite moments of the episode was when Stannis shouldered her aside and bumped her in the face prior to the battle. Carice Van Houten played that so beautifully: For the first time in the character’s history, she showed normal human discomfort. That was all the sign you needed that something had gone horribly wrong. Beautifully done.

I can’t help but love Theon on this season’s finale. Don’t get me wrong, I extremely loathed him long before I cursed Joffrey enough. I thought he was such a cunt for everything he did to the Starks, but now I am loving the character development. I honestly am quite rooting for him and Sansa! Odd pair, but I don’t care because I felt my heart jump with that holding hands and jumping together scene! He deserved what he went through and I believe that it’s actually a necessary prerequisite for what his character will transpire into. Reek stays stronger and longer as Reek so when time comes that his “Theon” wakes up, it’ll be one of the best fucking moments I will be looking forward to.

Nine months are enough for me to build and set sail my Theon x Sansa ship.