but these are the ones that went best with this set


During GMK shooting one of the staff guys brought his kid to the set. Many people do and so it was no big deal. However, this kid… He was like a Geiger counter. The closer he got to Godzilla the more he went off. Pull him back and he’d calm down, bring him close and he was screaming and kicking. His dad held him long enough to get a photo, while the entire staff howled with laughter. But the best was, when it was over and the kid was far enough away from Godzilla to calm down he said while gasping for air, ‘Mothra’s more agreeable.’” (x)

The signs as types of actors on a film set

Aries: The actor who knows their stuff. This actor probably has a degree in film and went to film school, knows everything there is to know about film making. Most likely to be found debating with the director over the best angle to take a shot

Taurus: The foodie actor. Constantly surrounded by everyone on sets as they have the best lunchbox and the biggest heart. Food party everyday. 

Gemini: The actor who experiments with a huge number of roles. One day they’re Raj from DDLJ the next day they’re Raghu from Badlapur. Very versatile.

Cancer: The cutie on the set. Constantly looking out for their co-stars and makes it their ultimate goal to make the director happy with the shot

Leo: The actor who insists on doing their own stunts. Fitness freak, probably working out before each shot and probably has a whole supply of healthy food in their van. 

Virgo: The actor with the coolest wardrobe. You probably have Manish Malhotra on speed dial and are designing your own fashion line soon, your style is idolized. On set probably spends the most time in hair and make-up

Libra: Coolest actor, ready to go with the flow and rarely fights with their director. Most likely to be found cheering people up on set when their not filming

Scorpio:  The actor who only needs one take for a romantic scene. Can make the oddest dialogue sound sexy. Constantly being hitting on their co-star, just for jokes ;)

Sagittarius: The actor who knows everyone on set and is constantly pulling pranks on everyone. Always eager for shooting schedules in new places. 

Capricorn: The actor who preps ages beforehand and not only memorizes their own dialogues but knows everyone else’s dialogues. Arrives on set before everyone.

Aquarius: The actor who analyzes their scenes more than the director and already has a vision of what they imagine the film to be like

Pisces: The actor who oozes creativity and can pull off the most quirky outfits, most likely to turn up late at the film set. Most likely to love chilling out with the music directors on set. 

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Warped! :Hayley got this tattoo in July 2009, shortly after Paramore played a surprise set at the Cleveland Warped Tour 2009 show. During the Cleveland show in 2007 a huge storm occurred right before Paramore’s set. The tattoo is a cloud and lightning bolt with “Warped!” written above it as a reminder of that experience.

Hayley writes this tattoo represents “My <3 for warped tour. (minus all the horrific bands on this year). 2 years ago in Cleveland we almost died in the storm on Warped!!! and our fans stuck around and waited for us for at least an hour. We went on anyways and played one of the most fun sets of the whole tour. So memorable. Then this year, we got to surprise Warped in Cleveland. The weather was perfect. I wanted something to remind me of some of my best Warped memories. No more “tour/bro” tats for me after that one!”

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‘Hayley’s Tattoos’ was requested by anon

Meeting The Winchesters!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: None

Word count:  1534

Authors Note: Hello everyone! This is my first imagine so It might not be the best one you have seen before. Please feel free to tell me how I did and give me a few request! Let me know if I should do a second part! Thanks.

I was sitting at the crappy Motel table in Toledo, Ohio, scrolling through News articles online when something caught my eye.

“ Man kills three people and claims to no know nothing about it! Justin Smith local saint went on a killing spear late last even. Justin was found laying next to the bodies with the murder weapon in hand early this morning. Police say that Justin has no memory of killing those three people and claims that something possessed him.” 

I sigh and run my hands over my face. Demons maybe? I close my laptop and put it in my bag. I walk over to my bed and grab my duffel bag, setting it on to the bed. I packed up all of my gear and check the room one last time to make sure I didn’t leave anything behind. I walk out to my beautiful 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 and toss my duffel in the back. I start the car up and look in to the mirror. “Off to Iowa I go..” I whisper and drive off.


I walk in to the local police station wearing a fancy black suit and dress shoes.I walk up to the front desk and show the officer my fake badge. “Hi, I’m Agent Ross, FBI” I smile and the officer studies the badge. “I’m guessing you are hear on behalf of the Smith case?” He asks as I put my badge away. “Yes I am actually, I can I please get a copy of the report and may I have a we few words with the suspect?” I asked and the officer lead me into the interrogation room. I sit and wait until they finally bring me my copy of the report and the suspect. I study Justin before I ask him thing anything “So Justin? Would you like to tell me what happen the nights of the murders?” I ask softly and lean back against the chair. “Well I was sitting at home making dinner for my wife before she got home from work. Then I smelled something weird and then I saw this black smoke and it was all  around me, Then all I can remember is waking up in a jail cell.” I he told me as a tear slipped from his eye. “I know this is hard for you and I’m sorry, But that weird smell? Did It smell like rotten eggs?” I asked studying him once again and he nods. I sigh and smile at him softly. “Well thank you for your time.” I say quickly as I stand up. I walk out the door of the interrogation room and see two men standing at the front desk. I see the officer point at me and I gulp. The two men stare at me then walk up to me. “Looks like we need to have a little chat..” The short one of the two said.


I sat across from the two men at the diner across the street from the police station. “Who are you?” The short one asked me, studying me. I shift uncomfortable. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N.. And Who might you two be?” I ask, biting down on the inside of my cheek. “I’m Dean Winchester and This is my little brother Sam.” The short one of the two says. My eyes go wide and my jawline drops slightly. “Winchester?” I whisper. I laugh softly and run my fingers throw my hair. “I’ve heard a lot about you boys. Bobby never shuts up about you sometimes.” They look at me confused. “Wait? You know Bobby?” Dean asked. I nod softly and take a drink of the coffee I had order. I pull out my phone and dial Bobby’s number, putting it on speaker and laying the phone on the table in front of me. “Hello?” Bobby’s voice rang through the phone. “Hey! Bobby!” I said happily. “Well if it isn’t Y/N? I haven’t talked to you in weeks!” Bobby laughed. “Yeah I know I need to call more. But right now I’m doing a job out in Iowa and you’re never going to believe who I ran into! Say hello boys!” I looked at Sam and Dean as they say Hello. I just hear Bobby laugh. “Well! i will you three get to it!” Bobby says as he hangs up the phone. I look up from the phone and  I lock eyes with Dean. His eyes were so beautiful. They were like this emerald green and how the sun had been hitting his eyes made them sparkle. I had to admit he was very attractive. I mean have you seen his jawline! I hear someone clear their throat and I blush a little pink. “Huh? What?” I hear Dean say. “Well Y/N , would you like to tell us about the case?” Sam asked.


After I had filled them in on what was going on, They thought it would be a good idea to head back to their Motel to some research, which happens to be the same Motel I am staying at.. I walk out of the diner and spot a 1967 Chevy Impala. My mouth drops as I see Dean start walking towards it. “That’s your car?” I ask him. He looked at the Impala with a big gin on his face and then back at me. “Sure is. You like her?” he asked and laughed a bit. I nod and smirk. “She got nothing on my baby.” I laugh and point to the 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396. I look at him and his eyes almost pop out of his head. I just laugh and pat him on the shoulder walking off to my car. “I will see you at the Motel!” I call out to the boys.

————————————Three months later——————————

The Winchester boy and I have became very good friends after that hunt. I figured out that we all work very well together. “Dean! Where the hell are my keys?!” I yell at Dean from the living area of the motel that we have been staying at. “How should I know?!” Dean yelled from the bathroom. I roll my eyes and run outside to see if I had left them in the car and I did. I sigh happily and run back in to the Motel room. “Dean! I found Th-” I was cut off as I only see Dean in a towel. I admire his boy for a second and blush, closing my eyes. “I’m so sorry!” I laugh nervously and rush out of his room and into mine. I press my back against the door and bite my lip. I have developing feelings for Dean over these last few months. He has always been so sweet to me. He always makes me laugh and He’s just so easy to talk too. I know that doesn’t really sound like Dean but that’s the whole other side he doesn’t really show people. KNOCK KNOCK! I jump a bit and open the door to see Sam smiling down at me. “Y/N? I need to ask you something.” He says softly. “Yes what is it Sam?” I ask confused. “Well I know We haven’t know each other long and you already feel like a little sister to me. I know you have no where to actually go to after every hunt and call home. What I’m trying to say is.. Would you to move it to the bunker and live with me and dean?” He asked softly. I was shocked and I felt a tear roll down my eye and I nod, hugging him. 

————————————Six months later——————————

“Y/N!! Come here please!” I hear Dean yell from his bedroom. I sigh and put my book down on my bed. I climb out of bed and walk to his room. I lean against the door frame and look at him. “Yes?” I asked him. He just smile at me and I felt my heart flutter. He was laying down in his bed and patted the spot next to him. I smile softly and sit next to him and look down at him.”Is there something you need Dean? I was in the middle of reading?” I sigh. “Honestly I just wanted to see your beautiful face.” he smirked and sat up. I felt my cheeks heat up and I look down at his bed. “But No I did want to talk to you. Y/N you mean the world to me. Every time I see you look at me and smile my skips a beat. You are the most beautiful I’ve have ever seen before. Y/N I love you…” He said staring in my eyes. I Blush a bright pink. I had no idea what to say. So I just leaned in and kissed him. He didn’t kiss back at first but then I felt his arms wrap around my waist. I smile in to the kiss and close my eyes, wrapping my arms around his neck. I felt my lips just melt in to his. He pulls away and rests his forehead against mine. “I love you too Dean.” I whispered


Catalina Island: Parsons Landing

Without a doubt one of the best camping experiences we’ve had. The conditions were perfect and a beautiful storm rolled in right around the time we went to sleep. The lighting, the scenery, the seclusion was lovely. I’m so completely amazed that one of the coolest trips we’ve done is just a one hour boat ride from one of the biggest cities in the world.

Birth Mother Story for Mother’s Day

From underwearparade :)

My story is a bit unconventional. I was 22 when I decided to place my baby for adoption.  It hasn’t been easy but I wouldn’t change a thing.

It all started when I first met my boyfriend Seth. We had instant chemistry and due to one mistake, I got pregnant. We were only together for a few months when we saw those two pink lines. I took the test days before his college graduation and had horrible sickness while his family was in town to celebrate! Ugh. I felt like I ruined his life even though no one knew yet.

I told Seth and we talked about our options. We ruled out abortion and discussed parenting. We went to the same park all summer long and sat on the swing set, smelling the warm air, thinking about the gravity of our situation, pondering what God wanted for us. We thought up every possible future as best we could. The pros, the cons, the in-betweens. We were a new couple. We hardly knew each other, and what would the do if we brought a baby into the equation? We had seen it go both ways with friends.

When I had gotten into my 3rd trimester, we decided on adoption for sure. We looked through many profiles, decided on one and met our baby’s family! I know lots of people in a crisis pregnancy don’t get to think things through with their partner/meet the perspective parents, so we were totally, totally blessed.

I had a fairly long but smooth birth and we cried as we handed our baby over to her new parents. However, now I get to see our little girl having a wonderful, healthy, love-filled life!  We have a semi-open adoption which works for Seth and I (we got married after all this!!) but our families have struggled with it. This was not our family’s decision. It was ours. We were able to make a wonderful woman a mother when she was not able before. And now I am sort of a mother, too. A birth mother. :)

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best songs to listen to when trying to move on after a break up? currently going through a break up and i need to constantly listen to music to get my mind off of everything...

ok so on my soundcloud i have playlists for just about everything. the three i would recommend in this situation kinda depend on the gory details of the break up

1. https://soundcloud.com/maadds-1/sets/dang-you-to-heck

this one is called ‘the one that got away’ and it’s for a regretful relationship. i made it with a specific person in mind because it seemed like everything went wrong for us and there was a lot of miscommunication. there’s a lot of fuck you songs but there’s also a lot of you could have been the one songs. it was a pretty intense relationship so it was a roller coaster of emotions and this kinda sums it up. sometimes it’s good to listen to stuff that makes you feel sad and brings up some of the bad memories and feelings. i personally don’t like to keep all that in because it just builds up.

2. https://soundcloud.com/maadds-1/sets/ur-a-shitty-person

this one is called ‘go to hell’ and it’s strictly fuck you kind of songs. pretty self explanatory haha

3. https://soundcloud.com/maadds-1/sets/lifted

this one is called ‘you are more’ and it’s a very self-love focused playlist. lots of music that empowers me and makes me feel lifted up and independent. it does a good job to keep my emotions in check and remind me that i’m worth more than and asshole that makes me feel any less.



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which au is this set in? is it in one at all? it is a mystery

just go with it m8

Word Count: 1797

Warnings: platonic hatsome– though not everyone sees it that way

below the break!

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Comfort (J-Hope Fluff)

You had had one of the longest weeks of your life. From school to work to having to study, you were more than ready to just drop into your warm bed and sleep for the entire weekend. What you weren’t expecting however was someone already in your bed.

“Not now Hobi.” you grumbled at your best friend, ignoring the smile he sent you as he set his phone down.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked, the smile falling off of his face.

“I’m tired and I want to go to bed and you’re laying on my side.”

By the time you’d gotten done with your shower, you’d thought he had left. The small apartment was so quiet and you honestly couldn’t wait to jump into your bed now that you were warm from your shower.

However, when you went back into your room, the same person still occupied, only now Hoseok had your favorite drink and snacks waiting for you. He’d also switch sides since he knew you preferred your side and you didn’t sleep as well if you didn’t sleep where you wanted to.

You only smiled and got into the bed, happily taking the drink from him as he turned on some calming, slow music.

“Go on then.” he encouraged, turning to face you completely.


“Tell me everything. Tell me why you were upset.”

Without hesitation, you launched into the story of your exhausting week. He never interrupted you, only making sounds that told you he understood or that he was shocked or that he felt bad you had to go through something. It was comforting in a way only he was, balancing quietly listening to you talk while also telling you his opinion.

You hadn’t realized you had fallen asleep until you felt the bed shift. Your eyes opened again in time to see Hoseok’s fall shut. He was still turned towards you, his hair messed up from when he’d run his hands through it. You weren’t awake enough to make him leave or even to push him away so he wasn’t so close. You only fell back asleep, your head somehow ending up on his chest.

It wasn’t the first time you two had slept in the same bed, being friends for so long you’d slept near other, on each other, anything. There had been many nights where he had come over after a long practice and ended up falling asleep in your lap. So when you woke up the next morning wrapped in his arms, you didn’t think much of it.

“Hobi?” you checked, not willing to lift your head to see if he was awake.

You got a hum in response, more of a groan of protest at being woken up.


My freaking history teacher is literally the best human being on the planet I swear.

So STORY TIME MOTHERFUCKERS!! Today half of my class was giving presentations and how it worked was they all set up their little stations and the other half of the class went around and spent 5 min at each station talking one on one with each person and took notes on what they were presenting and after the 5 min was up, we switch and so on.

So after going through 4 stations, I began to have a panic attack. I knew this was probably going to happen because presentations and talking one on one with peers makes me really nervous. I tried to force myself through however but once tears sprung to my eyes and my knuckles turned white from gripping my chair so hard, that was it. I couldn’t take it.

So after the 5 min was over I walked straight up to my teacher and upon seeing the look on my face she said, “are you alright?” And I said, “I…I don’t think I can do this…I just don’t feel comfortable with everyone…” And my AMAZING TEACHER LOOKS AT ME AND GOES, “That’s alright. That’s fine. Why don’t you just hang out on the side and jump in if you feel like it”

I nodded and moved to the side of the room while everyone else continued.

I never got through any more of the presentations but my teacher decided not to penalize me for it because she was able to recognize the fact that I was so uncomfortable with the situation that I was beginning to have a panic attack.

She also told me that I do not have to present in front of the class tomorrow and can do it separately with her so I don’t have to suffer through another possible panic attack.


Well, I got feedback on the 3 projects I did in class this week…
For one of them, my teacher used it as an example and posted it up to the announcement page and wants the students to look at is so they know how to properly set up their papers/projects and use it as a reference.

To another one, she said it is one of the best projects she’s ever received and that my analysis of development and gender went above what she was even asking for.

Eh, I guess I accidentally set high standards for myself lol but I was so happy 

But, I’ve been nervous about today. I have an exam in the class (I have all week to do it before it is due, but once I actually start it, I only have 45 mins to do it.. )

And pretty soon here I am off to give another research and paper formatting presentation to a college skills class that we writing fellows do for some. We are all also assigned to help students write papers in an online course, so it looks like I better go take a look at the students’ drafts I’m assigned to and give my feedback..

Drabbles for IchiRuki Month

I set a challenge to myself for these drabbles. I promised myself I would complete each in one sitting, so they may not be as polished as a published story. Also, I wanted each of them to be unique and not what was expected. I loosely used the prompts but I did not go with the obvious. Also, any warnings pertaining to the drabble (language, sexual content, etc.) will be posted with the prompt title and word count.

18. How we were before it all went wrong (415 words)

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Coliver - Ice cream and condoms, solid grocery store trip

Oliver was having one of his off days and Connor, being the best boyfriend he could be, stopped at the store for a tub of Oliver’s favorite ice cream before coming home. He set the grocery bag down on the counter and went into the bedroom where his boyfriend had wrapped himself up in the blankets. Connor kicked off his shoes and climbed onto the bed, gently pulling the covers away from Oliver’s face to see him playing a game on his phone.

“Hey, Ollie.”

Oliver turned towards Connor who kissed him softly. “You’re home.”

Connor nodded. “I’m home, and I brought you your favorite ice cream.”

There was a hint of a smile on Oliver’s face. “You didn’t have to do that.”

“I didn’t have to, but then I wouldn’t be the best boyfriend ever,” He pressed a kiss to Oliver’s forehead before getting off the bed. “I’ll bring a bowl back for you.”

Oliver sat up, keeping the covers wrapped around his shoulders and waited for Connor to return. When he did, he had two bowls in his hands and a box of something else. Oliver took one of the bowls from him and watched as Connor set a box of condoms down on the nightstand and raised an eyebrow. “Ice cream and condoms? That must have raised a few questions.”

Connor laughed and sat down next to Oliver, taking a bite of his ice cream. “We used them up last time and so I thought I’d pick them up since I was already there.” He leaned over, pressing another kiss to Oliver’s cheek before nuzzling him gently with his nose. “We don’t have to use them tonight. In fact, I was thinking about bringing the lap top in here and snuggling up to a good movie.”

Oliver smiled and turned his head for a kiss. “Thank you, Connor. You really are the best boyfriend.”


Rumlow wasn’t particularly surprised that she hadn’t broken yet. Especially not looking over her case file. Even he, the Elite that he was, could commend her for having one hell of a gut. It’d been a few months now. It may not have been all that long a time, but in hindsight, she’d spent quite the amount of time here. Just not while he was around. 

A loud, harsh clang would reverberate throughout the cell in which Von Strucker order she be put. Pleasant, compared to the rooms downstairs. At least this place tried to resemble a bedroom. “You. Up. There’s food waiting.” Rumlow crossed his arms, blocking the doorway as another agent set out a tray and left. Truth be told, Brock couldn’t bear the better part of Strucker’s idealistics. Back in the day, a conniving little witch like Wanda Maximoff would be offered no luxury. Hell, not even Captain America’s best pal got anything better than the next guy. 

Not that he really minded prodding at her every day. 

6 rules for Improving your Fitness

Cowley here,

While our bread and butter is food (groan), here at StudentChow we care about all kind of things Student Lifestyle. For some people that can be learning how to clean your first living places properly. For some that can be budgeting. Others may take the opportunity to take a subscription out to the University Gym. 4 years ago (yes, I’m one of the older ones) that was the decision I made. It was only until last year I took that seriously though around the time I decided to set up the blog, and around the time I decided that I wabnted to try out for the fire service once I left Uni.

In all honesty the decision was probably one of the best I’ve made. I went from an unhappy 13st 3lbs to a happy 11st 3Ibs. feel healthier, my endurance and stamina have improved. I feel much more confident in the ability of my body through the training itself, and while my attitude to food hasn’t changed (much) my cooking game has gotten so much better because now I’m thinking about what goes with what rather than eating a pizza everyday. This is to the point where I’m now training for Tough Mudder (a 12 mile Obstacle Course) for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (You can donate here). For a while I’ve been thinking about what tips I’d offer to newcomers, and I’ve boiled it down to 5 Rules applicable to the gym, a club you may join, or just if you decide to pick running/ pushups in your room.

I want to be clear on this one as well. None of these tips are about shaming yourself. Weight does not tell you how intelligent, funny, caring, talented you are. Some people are happy to eat whatever they want and do nothing, and as some one who did that I know how awesome that lifestyle is. These are just some rules for a safe and healthy way of engaging in exercise for if you’re looking to take up a project to keep you busy during the summer, or just fancy getting fitter, improving your abilities, and your confidence.

1.) Set yourself goals.

Exercise and performance becomes second nature once you start to enjoy yourself. I call it “gym high” where my stress and fatigue go because I’m doing something that takes my mind off my assignments/ job/ finance. To get to that point requires motivation and to do that you have to set 3 goals. Short, mid, and long term. I go with the format of

Short: A (realistic) weight goal (either coming off me, or going on the barbell)

Medium: A performance goal/ appearance goal (only if you want to tone up) Whether it’s running a route in a shorter time, doing more weight on your max reps, or improving your recovery time.

Long term: An achievement goal. This can be completing Tough Mudder, Passing a fitness test for a job or some other event.

Don’t be disheartened if you can’t do well at the beginning. Everyone starts somewhere. Which reminds me:

2.) Don’t be intimidated.

This one can be particularly daunting if you join a gym. There’s a real image that the gym is just a place for Meatheads to congregate and compete. The key thing to remember here is that everyone else is ulltimately just like you. They’re there to do their own thing. The only time you’ll ever come into contact with some one else is if they want the equipment you’re working with/ on, and come to ask if you can rotate between sets or how long you have left. The gym is honestly not as judgemental as people make it out to be. It’s basically an adult playground with a bunch of toddlers running round it. You get more props for making an effort than if you don’t try at all. In return you can be offered comradary and solidarity. Same if you decide to join a club or go running/ workout on outdoor play equipment. If people know what you’re there to do you tend to be left alone.

The only time you should only have hassle is if your technique is wrong (which you can take as pointers) on weights you can’t handle, or if you’re hogging equipment whilst checking your phone. Big no-nos.

3.) Find a buddy to do stuff with.

You will perform better at anything you do if you do it with encouragement/ a little competition from mates. You both want to see each other improve, and it’ll make gym time measurably more enjoyable, bringing that gym high period nearer.

Swapping workouts and trying each others lets you be taught/ be a teacher too. It can help improve your techniques and ultimately your performance.

4.) You don’t need to shell out loads of cash.

Having said that about Gym, the best workouts I’ve ever had have been routes I’ve run along; stopping at empty playgrounds to do dips, pull ups, push ups, and squats off of the equipment. It meant I was able to combine cardio with bodyweight exercises. This does need a bigger reliance on rule 2, but it saves you money and can be better for your performance.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re a newbie, you don’t need to shell out for anything you’re not comfortable with until you know it would improve your performance (when you plateau). No protein, no pre-workout, no expensive base layer/ under armour, or breathing masks. Workout gear should be shorts/ sweatpants, a T Shirt, and a pair of trainers/ running shoes. It’s all about comfort.

5.) Take Rest/ Cheat Days

It’s no good, and ultimately counter productive if you don’t give yourself recovery days/ a cheat day to enjoy yourself. It won’t effect your performance, and it will allow you to have something else to look forward to in a slow and safe progress. Be flexible. Exams stressing you out? Cheat day/ Workout day (whatever works best).

6.) Take music and enjoy yourself.

Be honest. If you were running and “Be a Man” from Mulan came on your Ipod, you’d run faster, right? A workout’s no good if you don’t have the right music. It can pump you up way more than any supplement. 

So that’s it really. Keep these rules in mind when you start your exercising and you’ll be well on your way to having a more productive, enjoyable workout. Any rules you think we should know? Tell us on Tumblr,Twitter,Facebook, Instagram and Sorted Food.  


Went birthday shopping with dad, ended up with one of the best hauls of anything ever. I originally wanted a new phone and new running shoes. Ended up getting those, a phone case, a USMNT Waldo jersey, an Indian Cricket club’s jersey for 6 dollars, some compression shorts, and a new wallet.

Also Elizabeth, my phone was disconnected for a few hours while I was out and I’m transferring stuff to the new phone and then will be set


Hey friends, I know I don’t post much personal stuff on here but I’m feeling pretty good and thought I’d brag. I just went to a strongman gym and hit a PR on deadlifts of 405 for 2 reps and 425 for one rep! I pushed through and had one of the best workouts of my life. Followed it up with deficit deadlifts of 225 for 10 reps and 3 sets, some one arm dumbbell rows with 100 per to 12 reps and 4 sets, lat pull downs, banded good mornings and 5 sets of farmers carries for 5 reps with 112 pounds per hand. I know I won’t get allot of reboots or likes on this but I feel pretty proud of myself. Work hard and always keep your head up!

On Monday my coworker asked if I wanted to go to the Cummer Art Museum because some of her old college friends were going to play classical music in the gardens. We had just gone to a concert last week together so I said sure!
She told me it was a fancy event and that I should dress up. So I did and went to pick her up the next day and we headed to the museum.
She lead me out to the gardens and said she didn’t think they were set up yet and then I spotted Bill. I looked at her and I was like “whaaaaat is happening?!” And she just smiled and said “I don’t know!” He was walking towards me in this big field and when I finally stopped being shocked, I met him halfway and he got down on one knee and proposed. I was so surprised Best moment ever.