but these are the most important imo

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Hello, I agree with your stance on many issues, but one thing that "bugs" me is this whole "what being POC means" being applied to fanworks for the DA universe. Afaik in Thedas being POC just means you are of certain lineage or from a certain region. There is no apparent "racism" based on the color of one's skin, not to mention "being POC" means different things to different individuals irl, such as me, who isn't white or black and are often excluded from the POC discourse.

Just because the game doesn’t portray racism with skin color, it doesn’t mean the racism isn’t there. It really is, but is shown otherwise. 

The game was made by (mostly) white people and there are some stereotypes imo?

Like how most important characters are white and humans?

When characters of color are forgotten or die soon or have little impact in the story? Like how in the concept art elves are supposed to be POC and then in the game they are white?

Then you see Bioware favoring white characters because they are “fandom favorite” and brilliant characters like Vivianne are watered down. Do you see Devs talking about Vivianne, Zevran, Isabela etc? I dont.

We have important POC characters, yes. But not enough? :/

When it comes to fanworks, it’s how the fandom treats people. 

“Hey I have this X headcanon (that’s usually made by someone who’s POC, LGBTQA) What you think?”

and then they are ignored or someone will come up with “Look it isn’t canon because X character is this way. So, you are not allowed to have this headcanon because it goes against the story/universe”.

As I said sometimes it isn’t just about skin color but other forms of racism. I was talking about POC, but it also applies to LGBTQA.


On their way here, Tseng and Elena too had heard people criticising the Shinra Company. There were even people who threw stones at them the moment they saw their Turks uniform.

“It’s kind of hard to go about our job. Why don’t we change our clothes?”

They found a store and chose some more appropriate clothing— Tseng wore a flashy t-shirt resembling those from Costa Del Sol and Elena wore a petite one piece dress.


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how do i consistently draw monolid eyes? sometimes i can get them right, but, most times the person ends up looking like they *could* be east asian. (which means white peoples will probably assume that it is a white character)

imo the brow/contour area is more important than the eyelid fold for e.asian eyes. there’s not much of a shadow cast by the brow bone on e.asian faces, the area’s kind of flat if that makes sense?

in addition i think noses are a pretty definitive feature for e.asian faces.  generally a wider and more rounded/soft looking nose, not very tall/projected.

other than that using reference is super good… diversify ur media, follow some blogs that post photos of poc, watch some foreign films, etc (i feel just seeing more diverse faces even in passing improves ur intuition for this kinda thing)

Possible April 9th Premiere for #Outlander Season 2?

We still have no idea when Starz is airing Outlander Season 2 BUT looking at the Official Schedule over their site we can notice a rerun on April 2-3 of Season 1 which could mean that Season 2 Premiere is scheduled for April 9th (Starz’s most important shows air on Saturdays). Let’s wait and see and hopefully we’ll know something very soon! (this is taking way too long IMO)


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JP: What suggestions do you have to help parents deal with challenging behaviors like biting, hitting, screaming, and self-injury? Are many of these linked to communication frustrations? (I know they are for my son.)

JB: We know that people with challenging behaviors have reasons. Evidence shows that, most often, those reasons are linked to either limited communication, or underlying medical problems. Ultimately, addressing those underlying reasons yields the greatest net results—not just in terms of outward behavior, but in other long-term investments in someone’s communication ability, health, anxiety, or other needs and abilities.


ASAN Deputy Executive Director, Julia Bascom || 

Is ABA Therapy the Best Choice for Kids with Autism? by Jamie Pacton

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I was wondering if I could get your opinion on something. So I read an atricle about piercing your newborn babies ears and me I am totally against all body modification on children under the age to either ask for it or 18 in the case of circumcision

But I was seeing a lot of people say it was a cultural thing in latin countries and some african countries and I was wondering some people heres opinions on the line between respecting their culture and respecting a childs body as their own

A lot of people where saying white ppl got to worked up about something ingrained into their culture but I thought respecting children unable to consent was the most important thing but from my privileged position I am not sure what to think?

it’s extremely common in many different cultures. imo, i don’t think it’s that big of a deal. it’s much so a cultural thing. all the women in my family had their ears pierced as a child, it’s a normal thing for us. i think the fact that people call it child abuse is a little ridiculous tbh.

- mod n

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hey boo what's your favorite thing about each of the sidemen? and what is an underrated thing about each one that people should appreciate more?


Okay sooooo lemme think

JJ- I like how he really enjoys life a lot- he seems like he tries to get the most fun out of anything. I thin that people should appreciate that he’s trying to reform and get rid of his old misogynistic image (like the rape face and stuff), and not keep bring it up. (Yeah ik thats not really an underrated thing but its important imo)

Harry- I like how he’s always up for trying anything, and he takes dares and bets without a second thought. I think people should appreciate that he actually does put a lot of effort into his videos and not just make fun of him for never uploading

Ethan- Ethan is so happy. He just finds the best in every situation and laughs about it, and he’s able to take any situation and make it funny <3. People should appreciate the fact that he’s hot as HELL instead of making fun of his body, which is really unnecessary and unjustified and needs to stop.

Vik- Vik is incredibly persistent. Whenever people make fun of him, he kinda just brushes it off and finds a way to beat them (cough cough GTA cough cough). I think people should appreciate the really cute little things he does, such as covering his face with his hand when laughing really hard.

Tobi- Tobi is such a nice person. He is the epitome of generosity and postivitiy, and I actually aspire to be more like him. People should appreciate his puns (which, while they do get attention, they don’t get nearly the amount of attention they deserve).

Simon- Simon is so goofy and enthusiastic in videos, and that quality is probably what compels me to always watch his videos. He makes anything interesting, and that’s exactly why his channel is blowing up now. People should appreciate his personality more, instead of just his looks. (I’m not saying that I don’t like the hot af Simon edits, but I just think that with those we should have more goofy ones like we have for other people like Josh and JJ.)

Josh- I like Josh’s humor, especially in collabs with other Sidemen. He sometimes makes the best (and most savage) jokes, and he is able to take the daddy jokes and use them to his advantage, so the other Sidemen can’t really use that against him anymore. I think Josh’s random singing is underrated- it’s the funniest thing ever and I wish there were more videos of it on tumblr.

omg thx Jialynn that was in-depth af  XD

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geez you're really making me pretty fucking excited. But Im really not up to a love triangle or some shit if Bellamy realizes that he loves Clarke even though he is dating Gina. Although imo Bellarke is a bit one sided rn bc Clarke has so much going on, I dont think she had time to analyze her feeling for a certain freckled guy with curls lol

i don’t think gina is a threat to bellarke at all actually! bellamy has repeatedly shown that clarke is the most important person to him (alongside octavia).

as for clarke, she knows she loves bellamy, but i don’t think she’s taken the time to think about how she loves him. at least not yet :)

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I love how you constantly work on your art/ story. Amazing! I'm an aspiring comic artist and want to make a comic. I have a question. Do I need to make a company and then trademark or copyright my books titles? Or should I just make them and sell them at conventions? I would like to not be sued or something for having a title that may be similar or the same as someones elses work and I would like to protect them. What should I do? What do you do? I also live in Toronto. That is all. Thank you!

Hi! :D It’s cool that you’re starting a comic, anon, good luck!

I started to type a long response and then my browser glitched and I lost it T_T So I’ll try to recap:

The most important thing for getting started in comics nowadays IMO is to just…. start making the comics. Making a company is a huge, stressful process that involves a ton of paperwork. and in general would probably be a massive distraction from the act of actually making the comic, so I wouldn’t advise that.

If you’re worried that your title or story might be similar to something else out there right now, maybe try doing some research ahead of time to see if there’s anything you might be getting yourself into. Checking to see if the title you want is already registered to something should be pretty straightforward, for instance! Other than that I wouldn’t worry too much about that. You actually cannot copyright premises or story concepts that haven’t been incorporated into a finished work (a comic, movie, novel etc), so focus on making it first before you worry about registering things.

IMO taking a relaxed approach to comics, when you’re just starting out, is just fine! Step 1 is to Just Do It. See what kind of process you enjoy; experiment with different techniques, script ahead, etc. After your first few pages, you may find that you don’t like them; that’s ok though! There’s nothing stopping you from doing them over again but better, until you’ve settled on a working method you like. And you’ll still be further ahead than you were before you started, because now you’ve learned more about the story you want to tell.

When I started I had no plans to take Chirault to print or sell it or really make it be anything besides a webcomic. It wasn’t until I installed comments on the site for the first time that I realized people besides a handful of friends were actually reading it! From there everything else happened a little bit at a time; making prints and selling them at conventions, making little minicomics and bringing them to conventions, launching a Kickstarter to print the comic itself… every time I do something new I learn a little more about the industry, and I also learn more about my own goals. (For instance, I have learned that I am not very good at marketing, and that I don’t think I’m cut out for starting a company and would much rather either keep going independently or eventually find a publisher to work with for my next project)

Anyway, good luck! (And heeeeyyyyyy fellow Torontonian! Maybe we’ll bump into each other at a con sometime :D)

((LOL the new reply ended up being super long anyway!!!))

scandal: season 5, episode 1, Olivia Pope

time slot:  Thursday, 9PM, ET
broadcast date:  September 24, 2015

ratings results:  10.25 million
review written by:  redorkulous

character commentary:   Olivia Pope is afraid.   yeah, i said it.   in the Season 5 premier, Olivia is afraid.   she’s afraid of becoming an object for the people to ogle and the media to scrutinize.   she’s afraid the constant flash of paparazzi will destroy the most important relationship in her life.

and it’s OK to be afraid.   but IMO, she should communicate those fears to the man she loves.   help Fitz understand all the reasons why she’s not ready to go public with their love.

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is there more kabby? i watched the 100 way back in when it premiered because of henry ian cusick and he had hardly any scenes! i stopped watcging after season 1


also season 2 is WAY better than season 1 imo and season 3 is already amazing! kane definitely has a good chunk of scenes and from what i’ve read about this season he will continue to have more. i mean ya know there are a LOT of characters on the show but he’s definitely v. important to the plot. PLUS he has such an amazing redemption arc happening as well and i live for redemption arcs i am dead

I’ve been more open irl about my adhd a d also the fact that I was horribly depressed to the point of being suicidal for the first time in my life last year (I’m okay now for the most part) and it feels really good…like I don’t make it a habit to over share anymore like I used to but to be able to casually mention this shit and for it to be accepted is pretty important, I think. Because it helps me to feel less ashamed/embarrassed about these things and that period in my life and that helps a lot imo.

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What is the bestvway to go about learning latin? Buying a grammar book and going through that first? Auxilium!

Ja! That is the best/only way to start learning any language!
I’d recommend Wheelock’s Latin and supplementing it with the Learn to Read Latin workbook. With the Wheelock book there is a book called “38 Latin Stories” which is helpful while you are learning. Then start with some intermediate texts: Augustine, Cicero’s letters, Catullus, etc. You can buy annotated texts online or use Perseus. Imo reading is most important – if you do only the textbook you know the textbook not the language. 

Good luck and have fun! :) 

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I honestly have a bad feeling Lexa will die. When Lexa was fighting with that boy (forgot his name), and she mentioned that he was ready for a conclave. I don't know if that was intentional foreshadowing or intentionally put in to make us doubt her fate but I am scared.

PLS STOP IT. i think we’re all a bit nervous that she’ll die, but tbh remember everyone was just as nervous last season and she survived. imo she’s too strong a character for the writers to consider killing her off - at least this early in the series - because she’s so interesting she can help drive the story so many different ways. also, perhaps most important, I WANT HER TO STAY ALIVE OKAY SO SHE WILL

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There are a lot of things that Val didn't know. A normal reaction to finding out the child was special needs would be to apologize and Val didn't. That's why you don't post candid pics of kids to shame them. You don't know other peoples lives and what they are going through. Val could have made his point without the picture and he could have apologized.

He wasn’t shaming the child. He wasn’t even talking specifically about the picture. He was saying how child obesity is a problem and it boils down to parenting.

And hey, had people not been coming at him sideways, maybe he’d have apologized publically.

I’d be okay cool, if he was one of many people being sued…but he’s not. He’s being sued, not because the family is offended (not the most important to them imo) they want money from him.

And this is not me excusing Val. I’m simply saying the lawsuit is sus as fuck.