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This is my number one favorite YouTube video of all time. 8 seconds long, and in that brief span, gives you minutes of laughter and HOURS of stuff to discuss. What is this competition? Who is this guy in the rafters? How did he get there? Why is he WAKING UP there? The title implies that the sleeping man is the video uploader… is he still trying to piece together how he materialized there? The greatest part of this video is the dangling carrot of mystery that will never truly be solved. Short and sweet- the best YouTube video of all time.

Thank you very much for checking out this whole list of videos. It was fun putting them together! I’ll have to do another list like this sometime. But until that day- don’t forget to do the skit!


Comic book legend Jack Kirby’s concept art for an unmade film version of my favorite science fiction novel of all time, Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light

The twist is that the Lord of Light movie this art was created for was all a cover story, a fake movie production to allow US agents into Iran in order to rescue the hostages at the embassy. Kirby’s art was a part of this cover story. The movie Argo was based on this particularly insane chapter in CIA history. 

Shame it was just a cover story. Lord of Light is maybe the most influential novel in Jack Kirby’s post-Marvel comics output, and while Kirby may have created some memorable concepts, all of his “space god” comics lacked the creative power and humor of the Zelazny novel that inspired them. 

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Tags: muggle au, coffee shop au, Hermione is a great wingman, Pansy is a tolerant wingman, crosswords, the smoothest pickup line of all time.

“This is my favorite new coffee shop,” Hermione said, the bell over the door chiming softly as they stepped into the bright, high-ceilinged shop. “Go sit down,” Hermione pointed to an empty table near the counter, “I’ll order for you. I promise you’ll love it.”

Harry made his way over to the table and slid into a seat. It was the only empty table in the busy store, through everyone seated already had their drinks so of the two baristas only one was actually working, a young woman with her short black hair cut into a blunt bob.

The other employee was bent over a newspaper, folded in half at the crossword. He was tall and lean with impossibly white blond hair that would fall over his eyes whenever he bent over to fill in an answer. He rolled a blue pen in his long fingers, his brow creasing faintly in thought. Harry watched spellbound as the gorgeous blond tapped the pen on his mouth and then bit the end absentmindedly, his eye teeth sinking into the plastic.


Harry started and flushed, “Y-yeah?”

Hermione followed where Harry had been looking and grinned, “He’s cute.”

Harry groaned, “Please, no, ‘Mione.”

She rolled her eyes, “You’re no fun.” She dug around in her massive shoulder bag and pulled out a book, settling back in her chair and opening it to her place, “Don’t mind me.” she shooed at him with one hand, her eyes already glued to her book, “Go back to your staring.”

Harry felt himself flush, but despite his embarrassment, found his eyes pinned on the blond again. He had paused from chewing on the pen to press his lips together into a thin line and slowly relax them, tracing the shape of his bottom lip with the end of the pen.

The blond looked over at the black haired girl, “Hey, Pansy, what’s a ten letter word for 'smitten’?”

Pansy had her back to him, finishing their drinks, and shrugged dismissively.

“You’re absolutely no help whatsoever,” he retorted with airy dismay.

“Says the one doing the crossword instead of working,” Pansy muttered just loud enough to carry.

Harry bit his bottom lip and impulsively blurted out, “Captivated.”

Harry didn’t think the blond could be any more attractive until he looked over at Harry with the most amazing pale grey-blue eyes, framed by pale lashes only a little darker than his hair.

Harry swallowed hard, “A ten letter word for smitten, captivated.”

“Hmm…” the blond looked down at the paper and shook his head, “No. The 'ed’ at the end is right through,” he leaned over on the counter, “any other ideas?”

“Fascinated?” Harry said, his mind already winging ahead for other words that might fit, his hand under the table counting out letters of words.

The blond glanced down and then back up, a smirking smile on his mouth, “Nope.”

“How about….” Harry’s brow furrowed and he chewed his bottom lip, “…Infatuated?”

He glanced down and smiled triumphantly, “That’s it!” the pen scratched across the newspaper filling in the missing word.

Pansy bumped the blond with her hip and pushed two cups into his hands, “Be useful Draco,” she nodded at their table.

“Your name is Draco?” Harry asked as the blond walked around the counter carrying the two cups.

Draco nodded with a grimace, “Constellation names are somewhat of a tradition in my family.”

“Um, I’m Harry,” Harry said hurriedly as Draco slid the cups onto the table.

“Nice to meet you, Harry,” Draco smiled.

Hermione pulled out her phone, which absolutely hadn’t gone off, and said, “Well, would you look at that, it’s Ron. Sorry, Harry, I have to get going. Wouldn’t want to keep my boyfriend waiting.” She pulled her bag over her shoulder and put her book away in one smooth movement. She was was out the door before Harry could say a word. 

He finally managed a groan and glanced over at Draco, his cheek feeling hot.

Draco was looking faintly flushed himself, “Well. That wasn’t subtle at all.”

“No, it wasn’t,” Harry agreed.

Draco went back to the counter leaning over and grabbing his crossword and pen. “I’m going on break, Pansy.”

“You’re an arsehole, Draco Malfoy,” Pansy retorted without looking up.

Draco came back to Harry’s table, “Is this seat taken?” he asked.

“No, not at all,” Harry said.

Draco sat down across from him, sitting the crossword down in front of himself and helping himself to Hermione’s abandoned latte, “A ten letter word for hopeful starting with P.” He tapped his mouth with the pen and then carefully wrote in, “P-e-r-s-u-a-s-i-v-e.”

“You do a lot of crosswords?” Harry asked.

“There’s a lot of downtime working here,” Draco said, one side of his mouth quirking up in a smile. He barely glanced down at the paper and said, “I need a four letter word for dinner and a movie.”

“A date?” Harry said after a half a seconds thought.

“I’d love to,” Draco said.

Harry let out a startled laugh.

“Too cheesy?” Draco asked.

Harry shook his head with a grin, “How about tomorrow?”

Draco smiled, “I get off at seven.”

Press junket Day 2

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Asked this guy who his favorite Hip Hop artist of all time is and he pulled out his phone and showed me 3 different Jurassic 5 tracks. We were dancing instead of interviewing! Nicest, most genuine person I have EVER met. #TomHiddleston (aka Loki), it was an honor. @kongskullislandmovie out March 10th, guys! 🌴🐵🌴

A post shared by Brooke. (@brookemorre) on Feb 18, 2017 at 3:51pm PST

Got to interview Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Jason Mitchell, Toby Kebbell, and fellow St. Louisan John Goodman for @hiphopdx today. Not bad for my first press junket on my own! Still Shaking. The future is here. 🎬✨

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Hi everyone! I just reached over 6,000 followers recently and felt like making my first Follow Forever! I’d like to thank you all for following and supporting me for so many years whether you’ve been following me ever since I started using Tumblr or you just now found my blog. It really means a lot to me. If you would ever like to chat feel free to send me a message, although I’m pretty shy and busy at times so I’ll try my best to respond. I’m not too sure how these things work but I guess I’m supposed to tag all of my favorite mutuals or something lol. I love all of my sweet followers and mutuals, especially those porn bots jk. Anyways here’s to more cute anime girls and shitposting~

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Ahh! I just love reading your stuff because it is so! good! every! time! You take all these prompts and respond to them in a way that I just never expect! Especially your latest one about the powers that favours hold! How are you able to respond to these prompts in such an abstract (is that even the right word) way? I always seem to take a literal route

Ah thank you! I love taking stories into unexpected directions, so it’s wonderful to know that I’m succeeding!

One of my favorite English teachers, shout out to Mrs. Ladd, told us a quote from Hemingway. “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

That’s what I always try to do! 

In that particular prompt, the word that struck me most was “powerful.” In my experience, favors are what create and give power. It’s what politicians bank on and nepotism thrives on.

Thus, my one true sentence became “You know now (not then) that power comes through and from favors.” (X)

I tend to pick out one word and use whatever pops into my head as the backbone of the piece.

Or like one of my older posts, Devil Deals (X)! The word that stuck out to me there was “contract.” I’d just read that story about a dude who won a court case against a credit card company because he changed the contract to be no interest on his policy! And then I thought about that song Devil Went Down to Georgia and knew I wanted that tone in the prompt fill. Hence the true line:

“You know,” her grandmother says, “your grandpa was a fiddler. It’s no surprise he passed it on to you.”

So my advice is to not be afraid to dissect and pick apart a prompt! You don’t have to use all of it (never mention when you don’t, most people don’t mind!), just the parts that fit with what you find interesting. Whether that be the setting, a word, a color, or a name!

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i started listening to mariana's trench and? i'm dead? ever after is a masterpiece?

yesssssss. mt is so good! ever after and masterpiece theatre are like my favorite albums of any band of all time!! 😭

northeast-artist98  asked:

Ooh! Have you tried quotes from Rise of the Guardians? That's a rather underrated movie, and I can definitely say that movie is amazing and full of amazing quotes.

I’ve done one so far! But I also did a screencap edit with it a while ago; I’m still really happy with how that Septiceye Sam turned out, tbh. :3

RotG is one of my all-time favorite movies, and I’d say it ties with Road to El Dorado as my second-favorite Dreamworks movie. :3 I’ll make a note to try to use some more quotes from it!

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please talk about your gf because i need some cuteness in my life

Oh man okay cute things

- my girlfriend can’t blow hair outta her face for the life of her. She always tries but it never works and it’s so cute because she gets all pouty and kinda grumpy and I just wanna push the hair outta her face and kiss her.
- when I say I’m needy she replies with “which kind? I gotta know which track to be on” (bc sometimes im horny and other times Im snuggly)
- whenever we do sexual stuff we call it sexy time
- I love watching her do her makeup
- she stans James Paxton and Jared Padalecki and I’m scared she’s gonna dumb me bc my initials aren’t JP
- she’s really soft and precious and I want to wrap her up in a blanket and protect her (she calls it baerito)
- she says booty
- She actually despises reading but she’d let me read to her and she let’s me rant about all my favorite and least favorite books
- she’s gonna marathon anime with me when we meet
- she stans me and I stan her
- she loves the game fun run even tho its literally from like 2010
- she’s obsessed with me being small
- when we were still friends she’d make edits and send me videos of her singing to try and show off so I’d like her
- we’re both really codependent and obsessed with each other and if we could live in a bubble with just us we would
- we iterally talk about everything and we’re super honest and healthy
- she wants like 5 kids
- she doesn’t like dogs but she loves cats even tho her cat Ringo hates her (he’s terrified of everything it’s really cute)
- one time she almost outed herself bc they were getting groceries from the car and her mom said it was hot outside and she said “yeah but it’s not as hot as my girlfriend”
- her favorite restaurant is subway or some Chinese restaurant
- when she picked out our promise rings she chose the “gayest ones”

I could go on for hours just ask

Austin Carlile.

I’m still really sad that he left Of mice & men but also very happy because his health is far more important. I’ve been saying for years that he needs to take a break. He pushed himself so hard for his fans, he was so dedicated to us, he was even sick and not feeling good the last time I saw him and still put on an amazing show, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see him live twice. Of mice & men will always have a special place in my heart, will always be one of my favorite bands, and will always be missed. Austin I hope that by taking a break and focusing on your health that it makes it easier and less painful on you. To all the fans, thank you for being so kind and understanding, because I have seen some messed up things being said about this and that’s absolutely ridiculous, you can really tell who the real fans are. Thanks for giving us great music all these years! Definitely a band to remember! 

I’m honestly so happy that jacksepticeye spoke out against pewdiepie despite them being friends. All the people saying Jack is a backstabber to Felix for the video he made saying that Felix was wrong and his jokes were bad are awful. I was really scared when I saw him making a video about it because I was like… afraid it’d be another support video but it wasn’t and I’m glad I can stay subscribed to him in good conscience. Jack has always been my favorite YouTube gamer and so far it seems he’ll probably remain in that spot for a long time.

fangirl-smiles  asked:

Shadowhunters 😊

    My all time fave character: Raphael Santiago

a character I didn’t used to like but now I do: Lydia 

a character I used to like but now I don’t: none

a character im indifferent about: Valentine

a character that deserves better: Jocelyn

a ship I’ve never been able to get into: clace

a ship I’ve never been able to get over: Saphael, malec

a cute low-key ship: sizzy

an unpopular ship I still enjoyed it: sizzy

a ship that was totally wrong and should’ve never happened: clace

favorite story line/moment: malec kiss

A story line that should’ve never happened: simon betraying Raphael

First thought’s on the show: where’s the gay one?

my thoughts now: damn this is gay!

anonymous asked:

U SHOULD DO UR HOMEWORK but what are your thoughts on steven's reaction to knowing how his mom wasn't the goddess everyone thought she was? also who do you think rose quartz really is?

I’M DOING IT I’M JUST TAKING A BREAK RIGHT NOW (i have so many papers to grade rip)

I absolutely love it.

When I have some free time I’d love to go back and catalog Steven’s changing opinion of Rose because it’s just so fascinating and my god Steven’s character development has been so well written… But here’s a shorter version of my thoughts:

Steven Universe is a fantastic case of unreliable narrator, which is one of my favorite storytelling techniques.

The audience only ever knows as much as Steven knows. So when we’re first introduced to Rose, it’s the same way Steven is: she’s this wonderful woman, we all miss her, she was great, she lead the rebellion but we don’t necessarily know what that entails…

Steven has a complicated reaction to this. He knows how everyone feels about her but… he has never met her. He can only base what he thinks based on what he’s told.

Then Lion 3: Straight to Video happened. Steven gets to hear her talk to him for the first time. She told him that she loves him. That video has so strongly affected him… it’s his only physical piece of love from her. 

Then he learns more. The ugly parts of running a war. The Earth is endangered. Thousands of gems were shattered in the fight. She bubbled Bismuth and didn’t tell Garnet or Pearl. She shattered Pink Diamond.

Steven saw, first hand, how much Yellow and Blue Diamond are hurting from that.

Nobody wants to tell Steven the whole story because nobody wants him to have to deal with it. But Steven is so much more mature now and he needs to know. He is carrying on Rose’s legacy and needs to know what that means, good and bad.

Storm in the Room is so good for the viewer because Steven vocalizes exactly what we’ve been struggling with. We don’t know what to think of Rose, because Steven doesn’t know what to think of Rose. Steven tries to imagine her: the Rose that appears is sort of an amalgam of TV show mothers and the few direct things Steven knows (her videotape speech, she floats a lot, pets his hair like Garnet does…) Then Steven thinks of all the bad things… and then he goes back to the video tape.

Steven doesn’t know who Rose is, and we don’t either. She’s much more complicated than “good” or “evil”… she did some terrible things, but it was all for a good cause. She learned and changed. She loved.

Steven finally admitted all this out loud to himself, that he doesn’t know and that it scares and upsets him. But by admitting it, he’s also giving himself some closure.

I’m interested to see where Steven is left thinking after this episode, whether he will finally settle on an emotion for how he feels about Rose.

I want him to be able to talk to her because I think that’s the only way he’ll be able to finally realize how he feels. 

anonymous asked:

Ok so my favorite character is Ruby, she's just so great! I love the way she looks and talks, and she's so nice! ... wow, i had never written about her before, I got so many things to say. But anyway, my favorite episodes are all of the ones that Ruby or any other ruby is in. They are just my fave type of gem.

How can you NOT love these gems?? I’m totally biased but they’re so expressive and adorable and so much fun and I’M DYING REBECCA BRING MY CHILDREN BACK

But honestly, HTD is my all-time fav episode, so I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about! Rubies are the best!!

Constantin Brâncuși, Romanian artist was born on this day in 1876.

My all time favorite anecdote about Brâncuși, is when American billionaire David Rockefeller visited him at his atelier, he asked him how could he support the artist (meaning materially), and Brâncuși simply replied, that if he wants to help him “take a broom, and sweep up my atelier” 

anonymous asked:

Hoenn was a great region ❤❤ my fave is Johto 👍👍 it had some of the best story-line and it's Pokémon are some of my faves. Tho my all time favorite Pokémon is from Kanto (Dragonite)

johto and kanto are both so good too!!!