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Just in case anyone wants to try me today.

This isn’t “overreacting” or “making a big deal out of nothing” this is a genuine problem and I’m tired of skinny people deciding what is and isn’t offensive to fat people. White people don’t get to declare what is racist, Straight people don’t get to decide what is homophobic, and Cis people don’t get to decide what is transphobic.

So, that being said, your skinny idealized-by-society selves do not get to decide when fat people are experiencing fatphobia.

My entire god damn life has been a fat joke, I would walk down halls and people would make jokes like “fatty want a donut” and while waiting outside the classroom for the teacher to show up would say “try not to eat us.”

I watch shows, listen to music, read comics and books to escape; not to see one of the very few characters representing me to be subjected to the same fucking stereotype placed upon me by society.

The stereotype that; because I’m fat my only motivation, my only goal, and my only desire in life, is food. That my only passion is to cook. That my only source of happiness comes from eating.

And it’s fucking upsetting, and even more so when it’s brushed off as not being an issue.

Skinny characters get multifacted personalities. The jokester who is self-conscious. The reserved loner who has a temper but is actually vulnerable and going through an identity crisis and experiences racism. The geek who is seen as calculated and a walking wikipedia but actually has feelings and is missing their loved ones and learns what true friendship is. The delicate princess that is so dainty and light yet embraces those things and learns to fight and kill a man with her bare hands if she so desired.

But what do fat people get?

Either tall hulking brute that is overly agressive and overpowered. Or the super soft and squishy fat guy that loves everyone and is obsessed with food. Maybe, just maybe, sometimes we will get the tolerable asshole who makes dick jokes and is overly cocky but secretly kind (90% of the time they’re gamers).

So to see a character that could also have a family he misses, or has lost. A character that could also relate with racial issues. A character motivated by his teamates, that used to be nauseous just riding in his lion that now blows up ships just for tailgaiting and is strong enough to probably carry multiple people by himself, that would sacrifice himself in a heartbeat to save a stranger let alone those he loves…

Boiled down to a shitty joke where he frantically chases the smell of a pie to get to the center of a maze as motivation.

Makes me want to fucking cry, because my one safe space, my one escape; is using the same type of shitty jokes that kids used while shoving me in locker rooms and snapping rubber bands against my skin in class.

Though I’m so sorry for “over reacting” and inconveniencing you.

I’m so sorry for speaking out about a character that you don’t care about.

But more than anything, I’m sorry that you’re truly that heartless to tell hundreds of people who are being genuinely hurt to basically “get over it.”

Rhetorical Ink Reviews: Thor Ragnarok


I will be the first to admit…Thor wasn’t my favorite Avenger – I have never watched the original 2011 Thor all the way through, and while I didn’t think Thor: The Dark World was bad, it wasn’t a movie I particularly remembered – well, at least he wasn’t my favorite Avenger until now.

My Top Ten Thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok:

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10. I think director’s finally have figured out what Joss Whedon was first to tap into with Cabin in the Woods: that Chris Hemsworth is a genuinely funny actor.

Thor’s character has certainly evolved the most over the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from being a stone-serious fish out of water Norse god, to a, dare I say, electric (there, I did the pun) personality that is narcissistic, self-aware, but still serious with a flare for bravado. I just hope they keep him a little more grounded and serious, which they seem to be doing, so he doesn’t turn into another Star Lord.

Maybe by Infinity Wars, we’ll see for sure!

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9. Tessa Thompson shone to me as Valkyrie. She took on the tropes given to most male sidekick characters – the survivor backstory, the depressing drinking, the scavenger role – but she also gets the redemption arc and becomes part of the “team.” I also like that she is strictly portrayed as a strong warrior – yes, there are a few moments where her and Thor share some chemistry (apparently he broke up with Jan so no more Natalie Portman and friends? I’m okay with this), but it’s never played up…she’s just a character, part of the team…and I love it.

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8. Speaking of part of the team, this gang is probably my favorite Avengers spin-off group: Thor, Loki, Valkyrie, The Hulk – even a brief cameo by Doctor Strange, which did seem like just an introduction scene for him so that he would make sense being in future films – everyone played their part well, even though:

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7. Bruce Banner was definitely “off” in this movie – similarly to Tony Stark in Iron Man 3. It’s not a bad thing, but poor Banner is completely out of his element. It took me a second to realize that this IS, in fact, his first visit off of Earth. We’re so used to seeing The Guardians of the Galaxy in space, it’s a little strange to see an Avenger we’re so used to only on earth have to get used to life in the outside universe. I love Ruffalo’s performance as Banner, and he’s SO sweet in this, even his little moment where he and Valkyrie realize who each other are. He may have been “off,” but it didn’t take away from the film!

Originally posted by wnnbdarklord

6. And neither did the side characters. Idris Elba is as good as ever, and Karl Urban was a welcome edition as the janitor-turned-executioner Scurge…but of course, Jeff Goldblum stole the show as the GrandMaster. There’s just something already “eternal” about Goldblum…him as a self-centered egomaniac just kind of…fits? Is that the right term? Still, a scene involving his star ship and “Birthday” theme had me ROLLING in the theater.

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5. If I had one complaint about the film – and I’ll justify that complaint below, just wait – it’s that there is a tonal “gap” in the film. At times, it can be serious (though not too serious), but for the most part it can be very light-hearted and comedic. Not all the jokes land, but there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. And helping to tie the serious parts together –

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4. Loki and Odin: Tom Hiddleston definitely knows this part and plays it SO well! For all the serious and aloof attitude Helmsworth projects as Thor, there’s a much more delicate and passionate performance by Hiddleston as Loki, even when he’s just making a facial expression or saying one line.

The same goes for Anthony Hopkins as Odin – spoilers, but Odin dies in the start of this film, which causes the release of Hela, who we find out is – spoilers again – Thor’s older sister, the first daughter of Odin, and goddess of death.

I really liked the message of a home not being a “place, but a people.” And the serious moments worked well – more on that comedy later, though.

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3. Cate Blanchett as Hela was just lovely – she was strong, powerful, and had a grounding with a purpose as Thor’s sister who just wants to keep conquering the universes as she did with her father. She is quite a foe to be reckoned with, as Thor finds out first hand – rather, with his own “eye” (sorry, I can’t resist the puns today)!

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As for her “end,” well, I of course don’t really think it’s an “ending.” I mean, come on – I love the end monster ex machina idea that Thor thought up, but with Thanos being literally “in love” with Hela in the comics – to my knowledge, anyway – I have a feeling we’ve not seen the last of her. And I’m so excited to see more, hopefully!

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2. Before my final point, I have to throw in the MVP award to The Hulk; Bruce Banner literally has been taken over by The Hulk for two years in the movie’s narrative – and it’s fun to see a culture in a film so in love with The Hulk. There are paper masks and green colors everywhere – it’s great to behold! And we get The Hulk fighting a giant Wolf! On. Board.

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1. So, about that comedy – yes, at times, it distracts from the seriousness of a scene. However, I will defend it for these reasons: First, the subject matter is Thor’s universe – a rainbow sky teleports a giant green monster, former space-amazon warrior, trickster, and thunder “lord” to an alien planet to fight the goddess of death…yeah, at some point, there’s a line where we can’t be too serious with our plot. And Thor: Ragnorak completely understands this. It’s one of the reasons it’s able to be a funny, light-hearted movie, and work as just that.

Second, my biggest complaint about Civil War is that it tried to be too serious – with too many stakes, too much cold emotion, and everyone ended up apart by the end. These are comic book movies – I want to care about these characters, but I’m also aware of the type of movie this is – Thor: Ragnarok does an excellent job of being a humorous, fun, zany romp that sets up future films without distracting from the story it’s telling.

…oh, and Thor loses and eye and now can control his thunderous power without a hammer. That is all.

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Once Upon a Time's Colin O'Donoghue on the mystery behind Hook's return

Once Upon a Time is undergoing a major overhaul heading into season 7, which means new characters, new locales, and even a new curse. To keep track of all the big changes, EW will bring you interviews with the cast — new and old — along with executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis over the next two weeks until the ABC fairy-tale drama’s return.

It’s been one of the big burning questions since Once Upon a Time‘s reboot was announced: How is Captain Hook returning, but Emma Swan is not?

OUAT fans will have to wait until the second hour, which features Jennifer Morrison’s “emotional curtain call,” to get a better sense of why Colin O’Donoghue is continuing on with the show, but here’s what you need to know in the meantime: Like Regina (Lana Parrilla), Hook is among those who answer Henry’s (Andrew J. West) call for help in the Enchanted Forest. However, we’ll find a very different Hook in Hyperion Heights — a despondent cop named Rogers. Just how different is he? EW turned to O’Donoghue to get the scoop.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What is Hook’s mindset when we pick back up with him? How different is this guy?
COLIN O’DONOGHUE: So, this is a whole different mindset than you will have seen Hook have before. There is a sense of loss there and a wonder of what that is for him without him realizing it, if that makes sense. Because of the curse, he doesn’t know a lot. He obviously doesn’t know who he is, he doesn’t know what’s gone on in his past, he doesn’t know any of that stuff, but there’s a thing there that is needling at him and that’s what’s making him who he is at the minute. This version of Hook, as the uniform cop, definitely wants to do the right thing. He wants to be the right person and do everything by the book. Through the course of things, we’ll see that it’s not as cut and dry as that in Hyperion Heights.

How different does it feel on set without so many returning faces? Is it refreshing a bit to have some new blood around?
Yeah, honestly, it’s not even just cast-wise, it’s like half of our crew are different now as well. It really is like we’re starting a whole new show, which is incredibly exciting. Also, because you know the pedigree of the writing and you know you already have the fans who are passionate about the show, so you have the security of knowing that’s there, starting basically what’s a new show. On set has been fantastic. I’ve gotten to work with Andy now quite a bit. To have people be so excited to be there, to be a part of what I do genuinely feel is a very special show, is really refreshing. Also Lana, Bobby, and I essentially are creating new characters and that’s always exciting and terrifying at the same time, which is great, which is what you need. That’s what actors need to be able to thrive. Bobby said this at Comic-Con, and I think it was such a great take on it, he said, “For the show to progress, it had to change in a drastic way.” For it to be able to progress into a seventh season, eighth season, ninth season, or whatever it’s going to be, you need to have those drastic moments. Also, what’s great is you see that Eddy [Kitsis] and Adam [Horowitz] and all the writers are really stoked to have incredibly talented actors coming onto the show who are really excited about where it’s going.

I mean we obviously miss, as actors and as friends, the cast who aren’t coming back, who aren’t here full-time. I know quite a few will be back in, which is great too. I’ve spent nearly every day working with Jen [Morrison] for the last five years, so you obviously are going to miss that, but for me it’s equally as important as remembering to look forward to what the show is about to become. Because, genuinely, the writing this season is some of the best I’ve read. Episode 4 is stellar, it’s incredible. For me, for the fans, I just think it’s really important to reiterate and reassure the fans that Eddy and Adam are super excited even more so because there’s so much enthusiasm about creating this new world. I’m super excited to come back and play a different version. It’s the same team that just want it to be even better than it can be or has been and it’s been great to this point.

Was there something the OUAT bosses said to you that was key in you wanting to return?
For me, if I’m completely honest, I’ve always loved playing Captain Hook, also because I’ve gotten a chance to play so many different variations of him, so I haven’t just been playing the same guy day in, day out. I’ve gone all over, all through the gamut of emotions, and one minute I’m a villain, next minute I’m a hero, next I’m a buffoon, drunk, and I’ve been so lucky. Every episode is different, and I was just excited to see — I spoke to Eddy and Adam they talked me through roughly where they wanted Hook to go, and I was super excited about it, and I was even just more excited to see where the show was going to go. I love working on the show. I love getting the scripts because we know about as much as the fans know up until we read the script. That’s the great thing is that every time we get a script, you learn something new about your character and it’s just a great show to work on.

How is this curse different from what we’ve seen on the show before?
Obviously it’s different because it’s hit us in a real place, it’s set in Seattle, whereas the previous curse created a whole town and place for these characters to live, which was independent of the rest of the world, where they couldn’t leave. This curse, they’re actually in the real world and there’s no magic. It’s similar in the sense that they don’t remember who they are. That’s the main difference, for me.

Talk about the dynamic that Rogers has with Henry.
Their characters, I would say, are very similar in Hyperion Heights. They’re obviously different, but they’re both, at the minute, at a bit of a loss. They recognize the same needling thing in each other.

Hook and Rumple have had a long-standing feud. What does their dynamic look like this season?
This season, you’re going to see a completely different dynamic between Hook and Gold. They have to work together at points and figure out how that will able to work, I guess is the way that I can put it.

Is there anything that surprised you about the Hook-centric episode, in which Emma returns for an “emotional curtain call”?
Yeah, it’s going to be a big surprise to a lot of people, a lot of what happens in the episode. You’ll see Emma and Hook, and it’ll address them. There are other things that happen that are quite surprising that I didn’t suspect, but was very, very happy to partake in. I have to be honest, it’s an episode that I really, really, really, really don’t want people to be spoiled on, because one thing we learn is essential to this character’s make-up, but also who we see is such a huge, huge part of who he is in Hyperion Heights that I’m hoping that it doesn’t, in any way, get spoiled. I think that a show like this thrives on the surprise for the fans. There are certain things you just kind of go, “Wait until you see, and you’ll get much as a surprise when I did when I read it.”



ART SCHOOL | Q&A w/ Mark Rogers (PDX)

Known for his oil paintings of extraterrestrial beings in Western backdrops, artist Mark Rogers creates quite literally some out-of-this-world artwork. Rogers’s pioneer and alien narratives started out as writings that would later evolve into his body of work, focusing on this idea that “aliens are [the] modern folklore creatures of our current time.” We’re excited to chat with this self taught artist and talk about various topics including his paintings, his sketchbook, and his sighting of a U.F.O in 2009! 

Photographs courtesy of the artist.

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MHA vs Modern Comics

I’ve sat on this for a bit, putting my thoughts together.  I think I have a cohesive concept comparing My Hero Academia and modern, western comics.  I’d like to caveat this by saying that I’m not talking about ALL comics put out by the Big Two.  There are good books put out by Marvel and DC, I’m sure, but this is about ideals and concepts.

I’m not a big anime fan, but a friend got me into My Hero Academia and I fell in love with it immediately.  And I realized why I did so, passionately.  The show captures something I felt has been missing from the modern comics industry for a while now, but for the longest time I couldn’t place my finger on it.

It hit me while rewatching episode 12 of the first season.  Boku no Hero Academia isn’t just good, it is sincere.  Everything is sincere.  From the characters to their motivations to plots and concepts, its all done from a place of genuine feeling.

The easiest example is, of course, All Might and Deku.  Both are written so honestly, earnestly, that you can believe that All Might not only believes in what he says, but that he could be what he says.  And Deku’s emotions, his beliefs, his fears and idolization of heroes all feel genuine, like somebody who could live in our world.

But you also have characters like Stain.  For all intents and purposes, he’s an Anti-Hero/Villain, like The Punisher.  But his convictions, his actions and his ideals are what stops him from being a cliche.  Again, you can believe that somebody like Stain could exist.  You can believe somebody could behave that way if pushed too far.  And he’s realistic, from his gear focusing expressly on what gives him an advantage but also the fact that he’s not unbeatable and that he actually loses.

The characters, good or bad, are written sincerely.  If they’re grim, they’re not grim for the sake of some gimmick or trend.  If they’re heroic, its not a subversion (and even subversions like Endeavor are shown to be nakedly in the wrong).

But in addition, you also have the writing being genuine.  These characters aren’t being written with an agenda or politics in mind.  They’re people, facing people’s problems like parental abuse, broken homes, egotism, family tragedy and striving to match your idols.

Izuku Midoriya is everything people liked about classic Spider-Man. He’s a kid, just a kid, given great power and has to struggle with that power to do good.  Sure, he doesn’t quip or hang on walls, but his journey is the same we followed Peter through decades ago.

The writing is focusing on these characters being heroes and nothing else.  And the show slowly opens up a greater lore, bringing it from the background to the foreground, I’m struck by the fact that the characters aren’t bogged down in decades of contradicting backstory, retcons and editorial demands.

It harkens back to shows I really loved even 7 years ago; Earth’s Mightest Heroes, Green Lantern the Animated Series and Spectacular Spider-Man.  All three of these were just about heroes being heroes, free of the politics of comic books.

I realized that My Hero Academia is what Marvel and DC comics should have been, and once were long ago.

In their waning relevance, the Big Two, have taken to constantly retconning, relaunching, rewriting their stories.  They’ve taken to interjecting politics almost constantly into their books.  They follow trends almost universally instead of standing on their own.

In short, that is what Marvel and DC lack, while My Hero Academia has it in spades:  Genuine Sincerity.

Final day to fund DESTINY, NY on Kickstarter!

We now have less than 24 hours left to fund Destiny, NY Volume Two on Kickstarter. I wanted to do one final post where I sort of dump out everything we’re working with in effort to show you the level of passion, artistry, and fun my collaborators and I are bringing to this book.


The Book

We successfully Kickstarted the first volume of Destiny, NY last year. We pitched it as a simple story of magical girls in love, and that is our focus… but beyond that, we’re telling a story about breaking free from the boxes that life and those around you try to create to limit you.

While writing the graphic novel, I feel deeply in love with the characters and world in a way I could’ve never anticipated. I’ve expanded it into an ongoing series of graphic novels with one book per year, and we’ve already surpassed our goal for the second volume.

If you missed Volume One, you can get both through Kickstarter.

The Story

What can sell our story better than the gorgeous art? This time, artist Rosi Kämpe joins us for the second volume. You may know her as @toherrys here on Tumblr, creator of Unknown Lands

Our lead character is Logan McBride. She has a prophecy made about her when she was young. At the age of 13, she completed her destiny. Now, she’s 30 years old trying to figure out what’s next in life.

Lilith Aberdine is Logan’s girlfriend. She’s the last surviving daughter of a mystical crime family, and she’s doing everything she can to not let her past ruin her current happiness.

Gia Espinosa is destined to “fell the most ancient evil on this plane,” but right now, she is on a downward spiral. Last year, she almost killed an innocent woman in pursuit of prophecy. Now, she has to find her way from scratch.

Gia’s best friend, a seer named Anthony Lily, is trying to pull Gia back from the brink of self-destruction… and to gain atonement for his role in last year’s events in the meantime, while trying and horribly failing at avoiding awkward situations.

Augusten Gaines is one of Logan’s best friends and co-worker at the Green Bean cafe, and his husband is Andre Hodge. They’ve hit a rough patch in their marriage, but are trying to work their way out. Things get complicated when a former nemesis of Lilith’s begins working at the Green Bean!

Back at Destiny University, where Gia still goes and where Logan has just dropped out of, we also follow the stories of some of the younger students. The London transplant Joe Rollins, heart-on-her-sleeve activist Mary-Bette Reynolds, and clever necromancer Cherry Gilbert are a trio whose story was super minor in Volume One who are coming to prominence this time around, along with new student Meadow, whose story begins here.

And so, so, so many more characters. We have Trinity the gangster barista, Ms. Davids the headmaster of Destiny University, Henley the cool professor, Henley’s partner Clay who will help Logan get her sculptures into an art gallery, Arvid the mystical mobster, and more and more and more. 

In addition to the main story by me and Rosi, we have EIGHT bonus comic book stories by a bunch of amazing creators like Jenny Owen Youngs, Kristin Russo, Megan Levens, Amy Shand, Lisa Sterle, Erica Schultz, Natasha Alterici, Vita Ayala, Fabian Lelay, Emily Ree, Lauren Reilly, Eve Mae, Manuel Preitano, Katie Kuffel, and more. It’s all edited by Shannon Lee and lettered by Jim Campbell

We have less than 24 hours left to go, and I want to see this book go to a LOT more homes.


the MJ/gwen debacle

“mary jane loved spider-man and gwen loved peter parker / gwen is the better character and love interest than mj.”

i’m sorry, i’m just tired. so i decided to make a master post once and for all bc i am over itttt.

anybody who has been following me longer than a week probably knows i despise gwen. not necessarily because of the character, but because of her fandom. BUT i am going to try my absolute best to remain professional and not let my hatred for the character seep into this. i mean… i am only human so i can’t promise i’ll be perfect, but let’s do this.

let me start this off by saying, i despise the mindset that if you don’t read the comics, you’re a lesser fan, and i despise the people who look down on people who only watch the movies. that is not what this is about. i am not trying to flex my comic book muscles at you. you’re entitled to your opinions and don’t have to justify them or be incredibly knowledgable in your opinions. but if you are only a movie fan, and find yourself spreading FALSE information about a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD inaccurate portrayal of MJ and a five year old portrayal of gwen stacy that is JUST as inaccurate (as her character in the TASM movies are heavily based off of MJ), that’s not cool. do not be that person.

so if you want to know how both relationships went down in the comics, feel free to read on. please be aware this looks like a long ass post, only because i included a lot of comic panels. if you want to just read the text then the post will move along a lot quicker.

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Jedi master Mark Hamill geeks out with Bill Hader

Interview Magazine Nov 9, 2017

From the time of the ancient Greeks, humanity has been fascinated by the struggle between good and evil, often led by an archetypal chosen one who blazes a path of glory by separating himself from the pack. As a young actor toiling between auditions, Mark Hamill’s moment of destiny came when he took a break from TV fare such as General Hospital to read for a role in a little sci-fi film helmed by a young director fresh off an Oscar-nominated hit called American Graffiti (1973). When Hamill was cast in the original 1977 Star Wars as Luke Skywalker, an orphaned farm boy growing up on a desert planet, no one—chief among them Hamill himself—knew that the film would become one of the most influential and profitable franchises ever made.

When the announcement came a few years back that Hamill would reprise his role as the Jedi Knight in J.J. Abrams’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), along with his original co-stars Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, fans went wild. But while Hamill’s screen time was relegated to a small appearance at the end of that film (Skywalker, in ascetic seclusion on a remote planet, is discovered by a young woman who exhibits strong signs of the Force), the second installment of the new trilogy, next month’s The Last Jedi, is squarely focused on Skywalker’s journey.

On a late September afternoon, the comedian, actor, and Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader (who was a vocal consultant for the droid BB-8 in The Force Awakens) called up Hamill from the Sony lot in Los Angeles to geek out about that iconic galaxy far, far away.


BILL HADER: Hey, man!

HAMILL: I’m a big fan of yours. My kids tell me that you came to my house before you were on SNL.

HADER: Yes! I was a PA on Empire of Dreams, the documentary about the Star Wars movies, and I came over to pick up some pictures of you. I sat in your living room, and I believe it was your wife who brought down the pictures, and I was like, “Oh my god, Mark Hamill’s so rad.”

HAMILL: Was I not there?

HADER: You weren’t. I didn’t want to touch anything, and the whole time I kept apologizing for my existence.

HAMILL: Were any of my kids there? Nathan or Griffin or Chelsea?

HADER: No, but when I first moved to L.A. in 1999, Nathan and I ran in the same circle for a bit. I had a friend who had a massive crush on him. I remember once we had to go to this bowling thing because Nathan was going to be there. [sirens wail in the background] Sorry, I’m robbing a bank right now. Hold on.

HAMILL: [laughs] I saw your tauntaun and Jabba the Hutt impersonations on YouTube. It’s a talent of yours I had never seen. I like that you keep alive the legacy of some of the actors that I love, like Vincent Price. I’ll be talking to people your age and younger, and I’ll mention Lee Marvin [Hamill’s co-star in The Big Red One, 1980] and a lot of them will go, “Who’s Lee Marvin?”

HADER: Oh, my god.

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So, I just got home from seeing Wonder Woman.

And let me tell you… actually I can’t, I’m fucking speechless. I love all things superhero, regardless of which company makes them, and I am dead serious when I say that I think WW has possibly surpassed CA:TWS as my favourite movie in the hero genre.

Everything about it was incredible. I continually got goosebumps throughout the entire first half of the movie and I cried at the end. I had the highest of hopes for WW and it exceeded them. I was expecting to love it, even if it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped, because it is a huge step for comic book movies, and female superheroes, and the fact it was an amazing movie made that all the sweeter.

But, I did not expect to be as deeply affected by the movie as I was/am. I’m not an emotional person, but when Diana stepped onto No Mans Land, in full costume, and transformed into Wonder Woman, I teared up. My eyes were glued to the screen, a huge smile plastered on my face, and tears welling in my eyes. My heart swelled as I watched a strong, independent, kind, beautiful female become the hero.

I’ve been a die hard superhero fan since I was around 7 or 8 years old (14-15 years ago) and I hadn’t even realised how badly I yearned from this kind of female empowerment. It makes me emotional just to think about how much WW means to me now.

So thank you, DC for green lighting this movie. Thank you Gal Gadot for doing a flawless job at portraying Diana. Thank you Patty Jenkins for having the passion to put Diana on the big screen in a way that changed my (and I’m sure a lot of other people’s) life. And (arguably most importantly) thank you Allan Heinberg for writing Diana in a way that isn’t sexist or offensive or written for the male gaze, but writing her true to character, and a character everyone can relate to and wholesomely enjoy.

Thank you to everyone involved with the making of this masterpiece, for understanding how much the world, and I, needed this film before we knew we needed it ourselves.

ISTJ Fictional Tropes

Like anything in fiction there are always tropes. This include characters based on their MBTI. Now not all characters that are ISTJ fit into these exact tropes and many fit into multiple as you will note in the examples. The following are major tropes these ISTJ characters have a pattern of falling into and I think they help define their type as a whole in the big picture. Hopefully, this can be almost a quick cheat sheet at times when typing characters. 

Traditional Leader

These characters are what we think of as your typical leader. They are the ones you trust because they stick to their center, what they feel is right. They’re usually fiercely loyal. These leaders are service oriented. They don’t see themselves as in control, but as serving a role, one that would exist without them. One they choose out of some sense of responsibility or duty to uphold. 

Examples: Commander Lexa (The 100), Captain Ray Holt (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Queen Elizabeth II (The Crown), Lord Eddard Stark (Game of Thrones), Stannis Baratheon (Game of Thrones), George Washington (Hamilton: An American Musical), Thorin (The Hobbit), Fergus (Pixar’s Brave), Theodon (The Lord of the Rings), Powhatan (Disney’s Pocahontas), Queen Catherine of Aragon (The Tudors), Kercheck (Disney’s Tarzan), King George (Once Upon a Time), Elsa (Disney’s Frozen and Once Upon a Time), and Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead).


Most of these character actually are cops, detectives, inspectors, but that is not exactly what this means. This trope for the ISTJ involves them being excited by their inferior Ne. They love to solve things methodically with Si-Te, but get excited by solving puzzles and investigating using their Ne. These types are interested in the truth and their duty to reveal the truth. They will often be willing to break the law/rules in order to uncover the truth. Their loyalty is to what their role upholds, not to people please. The ISTJ is self sacrificing and is okay being painted negatively if the result leads to the truth and justice. 

Examples: Quentin Lance (Arrow), Mako (Avatar: Legend of Korra), Captain Ray Hold (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle (DC Comics), Joe Swanson (Family Guy), Tina Goldstein (Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them), Chloe Decker (Lucifer), Inspector Chester Campbell (Peaky Blinders), James Gordon (Gotham and DC Comics), Bonnie Winterbottom (How To Get Away With Murder), Sara Lance (Arrow and Legend of Tomorrow), Javert (Les Miserables), Shikamaru Naru (Naruto Shippuden), Bartholomew Rusk (Penny Dreadful), Anderson (BBC’s Sherlock), Jim Hopper (Stranger Things), Sam Winchester (Supernatural), Sheriff Stalinski (Teen Wolf), Nobuchika Ginoza (Psycho-Pass), and Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead).

Dutiful Soldier

ISTJ characters that fit this trope are often soldiers, however, it isn’t a requirement to be part of this trope. These ISTJs are dedicated to a cause and remain personally connected and loyal to it. They are highly dependable in performing their duty, whatever that role may be. Their tertiary Fi, often influences them morally to be connected to a cause. They work hard and always follow through on a task. This isn’t about following rules created by a system blindly. These character follow a code and if that means breaking the rules to uphold a personal code, they will do it. 

Examples: Allison Argent (Teen Wolf), Takashi Morinozuka (Ouran High School Host Club), Mulan (Once Upon a Time), Norrington (Pirates of the Caribbean), Fujitora (One Piece), Bartholomew Rusk (Penny Dreadful), Yamato (Naruto Shippuden), Mako Mori (Pacific Rim), Athos (BBC’s The Musketeers), Ardeth Bay (The Mummy Film Series), Li Shang (Disney’s Mulan), Mike Wazowski (Monsters, Inc.), Mameha (Memoirs of a Geisha), Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Claire Temple (Netflix’s The Defenders Universe), Sebastian (Disney’s The Little Mermaid), Zazu (Disney’s The Lion King), Cogsworth (Disney’s Beauty and the Beast), Harry/Galahad (Kingsman: The Secret Service), Astrid (How To Train Your Dragon), Dr. Eric Foreman (House, MD), Legolas (The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings), Maximus (Gladiator), Brienne of Tarth (Game of Thrones), Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Zoe Washburne (Firefly), Danny Pink (Doctor Who), Katana/Tatsu Toro (DC Comics), Starfire (DC Comics), Melinda May (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Jack Thompson (Agent Carter), Indra (The 100), Maggie Greene (The Walking Dead), and Alex Danvers (Supergirl).

The Specialist

This ISTJ is a master of something. They are so focused and will know every fact about their specialization. Whatever they love is part of their identity, it is what defines them and the use of concrete sensing facts is what helps them relate to their interest. When an ISTJ character is dedicated to a passion, no one knows as much as they do about it. 

Examples: Hope Van Dyne (Ant-Man), Gray Fullbuster (Fairytail), Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory), Dr. Caitlin Snow (The Flash), Bob Belcher (Bob’s Burgers), Ross Gellar (Friends), Tatsu Toro/Katana (DC Comics), Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), The Swede (Hell on Wheels), Bill Weasley (Harry Potter Series), Doug Guggenheim (House of Lies), Hailey (Mozart in the Jungle), Ben Wyatt (Parks & Recreation), Homura Akemi (Madoka Magica), Uhura (Star Trek Film Series), Lt. Commander Data (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Edward Cullen (Twilight Saga), Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow), and Unalaq (Avatar: Legend of Korra).

Family-Oriented Center

These characters deeply care for their family (not necessarily genetic) and are often found as the grounding center. They may not seem caring like their ISFJ counterparts, but these ISTJ characters are harsh defenders of their families and are often the character others rely on as a steady constant in their lives. When this steady constant falls, many times the family does as well. They are the foundation of their family unit.

Examples: Alexei Alexandrovich Karenin (Anna Karenina), Quentin Lance (Arrow), Ross Geller (Friends), Bob Belcher (Bob’s Burgers), Ned Stark (Game of Thrones), Fergus (Pixar’s Brave), Dean Forester (Gilmore Girls), Mallory Hanson (Grace and Frankie), Maximus (Gladiator), Sophie (Howl’s Moving Castle), Bagheera (Disney’s The Jungle Book), Theodon (The Lord of the Rings), Chloe Decker (Lucifer), Powhatan (Disney’s Pocahontas), Sun Bak (Sense8), Elinor Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility), Fiona Gallagher (Shameless), Red Forman (The ‘70s Show), Edward Cullen (Twilight Saga), Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries), and Maggie Greene (The Walking Dead).


The Zealot ISTJ character is often being unwillingly controlled by their inferior Ne. They find the outer world with it’s constant change in meaning separate from their own deep, personal inner meaning is in conflict. They fear change and try to fight it with everything they have. If they admit that the world has this changing meaning outside of themselves they feel everything they believe in is threatened and are unable to cope with such conflict. They refer to their tertiary Fi for comfort and try to morally back their subjective perspective up with subjective judgement. Thereby fueling their own opinion and clinging to their personal identity, unchanging. Many ISTJ villains fall into this trope, but not all are villains. That is important to keep in mind.

Examples: Grinch (Ron Howard’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas), Alexei Alexandrovich Karenin (Anna Karenina), Claude Frollo (Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame), Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory), Javert (Les Miserables), Ross Geller (Friends), Sam Healy (Orange is the New Black), Angela Martin (The Office), Elsa (Disney’s Frozen), P.L. Travers (Saving Mr. Banks), Dean Forester (Gilmore Girls), Lord Voldemort/Tom Riddle (Harry Potter Series), The Swede (Hell on Wheels), Nessarose (Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Novel), Theo Galavan (Gotham), and Unalaq (Avatar: Legend of Korra).

The Cynic

The ISTJ cynics are often mistyped because they don’t really believe in anything. They are often misread as ISTP to be honest. But the Cynic ISTJ is indeed, very ISTJ. They are some of the most ultimate realists, not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. They usually have life experiences of pain that has formed their perception of reality. Their dominant Si seeing the facts, not fanciful ideals. Their tertiary Fi not seeing or growing up with that feeling that they or anyone else is a special snowflake. They often are lost, without a cause, not trusting those with big ideals. They see things as they are and nothing more. They are the bluntest ISTJ filled with some of the most ironic humor. They are usually disappointed with their lot in life.

Examples: John Murphy (The 100), Mai (Avatar: The Last Airbender), Chas Chandler (Constantine), Helga Katrina Sinclair (Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire), Phantom Stranger (DC Comics), Gwynne (Galavant), Mad-Eye Moody (Harry Potter Series), Suzana Ayuwaza (Maid-Sama), Shikamaru Naru (Naruto Shippuden), Dinesh (Silicon Valley), and Princess Kwenthrith (Vikings).

anonymous asked:

Your platitudes about defying harassment are great and all but none of you comic pros are listening to the real complaint that kicked all this up in the first place. The work is BAD. Characters with long histories are being awkwardly changed to fit a political agenda instead of servicing a good story. Marvel doesn't feel like Marvel so fans are fleeing. Sales are down. What are you going to do about it?

First off, they’re not “platitudes.” Either you believe other people should be treated with respect and be free to exist online without being stalked or fearful for their safety or you don’t. It’s cut and dry. Condoning that, whatever your end goals may be, camps you out with people who are disrespectful at the top end and downright criminal at the bottom. Decide if this is the hill you really want to die on with the “allies” you have on your side.

Okay, on to your other point-

The comic industry is going through upheaval, absolutely. If we have to be honest though, so is all of media. Piracy is slamming into instant access entertainment and that’s splintering our attention more than ever before. New comics (dozens every week) aren’t just competing with each other, they’re competing with streaming movies/TV, video games, craft beers, and newly accessible deep archives of the best (and worst) comics from the start of publishing through to now. That doesn’t even count foreign content like manga, also available for deep dives and also fighting for your dollar. I don’t think it’s fair to just say sales are low because the work is bad and not acknowledge that almost every media is going through similar rocky times. People are reassessing where their entertainment dollars go across the board and things are shaking up - period.

The single issue format does seem to be taking a beating as of late, it’s true. Corporate decisions made in the past in terms of format, distribution, sales outlets, and pricing seem to be coming to a head and I have no idea how that will shake out, especially in a world that’s understandably distracted with natural disasters and a political divide as bad as it’s ever been.

Marvel of the 70′s wasn’t Marvel of the 60′s.

Marvel of the 80′s wasn’t Marvel of the 70′s.

Marvel of the 90′s wasn’t Marvel of the 80′s.

You get the idea. We can’t trap this stuff in amber. The Marvel Universe is a dynamic creative sandbox that reflects the time we live in while also carrying decades of continuity on its back. It’s wonderful and ridiculous, and can’t be fully encompassed in one character, one series, or one time. The stories that inspired me color my work in the same way the stories that inspired you color your perception of what’s happening now. 

There are people reading Marvel Comics right now who are being inspired by these current stories. Whatever you may think of it, this is their Marvel. If that goes down a road where sales can’t sustain it and things need to change, then I expect that’s what you’ll see. It’s happened before. Implosions and new initiatives. Experiments. The best parts get carried forward, the bad bits become footnotes and the creative journey continues.

I don’t run Marvel. If I did it would reflect my creative ideas more intensely, but it would also need to incorporate other people, other ideas, and the twists and turns the world throws at it. Compromise and collaboration is how this stuff gets done. It’s how the world actually functions. Acknowledge that not every title needs to fit your personal sensibilities in order to be “worthy.” Variety is an important part of the search for quality. 

As one writer working with a team of skilled and passionate people, all I can promise is that I’ll write stories that I as a reader would enjoy. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Marvel fan who loves incorporating continuity while also moving stories forward with new ideas. That’s my jam.

I don’t know of a single creator who sets out to tell a bad story or wreck a character they’re tasked with working on. There are comics I read that I do not enjoy and would absolutely have done differently, but my first instinct isn’t to assume the people involved are on a mission to destroy it. I move on and look to other titles for my fix. I check back in every so often to see if things have improved.

Back in the day, I collected Amazing Spider-Man from issue #231 through to #363. I loved reading Spidey stories. He was (and generally is) my favorite Marvel character. I have so many memories of those stories and key moments are indelibly burned into my brain. Even still, by the time the book hit #350+, I wasn’t feeling it any more. The book had changed. I’d changed. I eked out collecting for another year and then realized I’d missed a couple months and wasn’t worried about it at all. It was time to walk away.

Many years later, I was reading about Dan Slott’s Big Time story arc starting with Amazing Spider-Man #648 and thought “What the heck. I’ll give it a try.” Just like that, I was back into reading Spidey. I’ve been enjoying it ever since. This stuff is cyclical. I could spin my life away obsessing over why the books weren’t “good” in that long gap, but I’d rather read comics I enjoy. I don’t want you to leave or stop collecting, but I do think it’s important to allow that to happen if necessary. Find other books that tick your tock.

I don’t know Marvel’s deepest/darkest future plans, but I do know that Marvel Legacy is an attempt to ratify the past and present. To keep what works from the past while moving things into the future. Will it work? I don’t know. Keep reading and we’ll find out together. 

I hope you stick around and boost up titles you feel hit the mark while letting other titles succeed or fail with the readerships they cultivate, even if they’re not the same as you.

Mista and Trish Romance, is it Canon? DEEP ANALYSIS AHEAD

While I was re-reading Vento Aureo (mostly to find some good Giorno and Mista stuff for my analysis on their relationship..still need to finish that eventually) I also wanted to explore Mista and Trish’s relationship, since a lot of Jojo fans assume they got together after the end of Vento Aureo.

I love and respect Trish’s character wholeheartedly, she is one of my favorite female characters in Jojo. As a confused 15 year old girl, she was able to develop her stand and contribute to the team, even though she was surrounded by violent criminals trying to kidnap her (and a father who wanted her dead). With that being said, a lot of Jojo fans assume she and Mista are a canon pairing, because of their interactions after they switched bodies, and because of that one image of Trish grinding on Mista in Jojo Agogo. In fact, when I read the shitty b&w scans of VA, I thought that too, especially when I kept seeing that Jojo Agogo cropped image of them dancing, being posted everywhere.

But when I saw the entire image, and looked through all the other Jojo Agogo poses (this book is a riot, there’s one scene of Killer Queen being groped and lifted up by The World), I realized right away that this was just a glamorous fan-service thing Araki made. I mean..there are Squadra members participating in this dance party (look at Fugo and Risotto, they are being so gay..despite having never met each other in the story) and though I’d like to think they all just randomly stopped fighting, invited Fugo back, and started a dance party (before the Squadra members got killed)..it’s safe to say this has no real basis in the canon story.

So what do we know about Mista and Trish’s relationship from the canon narrative? Well, he likes to check out her “goods” in the earlier chapters of the story…and that’s all we really know in terms of his attraction to her. Mista is a bit of a lech so that isn’t surprising at all, I mean he lets Giorno put his hand in his pants to help him “aim” his pistol, and the story notes that Mista, before joining Passione, called out to women.

After that….there’s barely any interaction between Mista and Trish. In fact, it seems like he just completely loses interest her. In that scene above, he is upset.while staring at Trish’s tatas..because he fears the boss will come after him for looking at his daughter like that. After the gang betrays the boss, he has free reign to pursue her without worrying about that anymore, but he chooses not to.

In fact, he decides to join Bruno because he wanted to be second in command after the boss is killed, and because he trusts Giorno’s judgement..he doesn’t want to do that for Trish’s sake (which is the opposite from Bruno’s motives, who acted in the heat of the moment by protecting her). By that point in the story, he seems to not care all that much about Trish in a “romantic” context, and focuses his attention on a certain blonde haired “protagonist” instead. If he truly was interested in her, he would try to talk to her more..but he never does…at all..until they switch bodies.

(after Notorious BIG fight from the group pose they do when the plane is landing, notice how Trish is just standing off to the side and these two are cuddling wtf lmao).

When they switch bodies because of Silver Chariot Requiem, everyone is freaking the fuck out because they aren’t in their original bodies. Trish has the most over the top reaction to this. Right away we learn that she doesn’t find Mista attractive at all. Also when Mista touches Trish’s boobs while he is in her body, his reaction is, “why the fuck do i have these!?” not “oh my god i have boobies hell yeah!!” Also poor Mista, he is upset that she thinks he is some hairy smelly freak of nature. And honestly, I would yell at Mista too and tell him to stop touching me, if I was in her position as well.

Here, the most important part, is Mista saying, “You think I really want to touch you?” He’s affirming that he’s not really interested in her that way by asking that rhetoric question. It could also be him just acting defensive, but Mista is a straightforward kind of guy, he says what is his on his mind and doesn’t think too hard about situations…in fact that is a huge aspect of his personality. Which is why when he said that, I believe he was being honest towards the way he felt about her in that point in the narrative.

Also when Trish runs to Giorno, who is in Narancia’s body, Mista says “Now you really want to die huh” and I busted out laughing. If that isn’t some kind of weird overprotective comment (implying he means: don’t you dare touch my giorno) I don’t know what is. I highly doubt that Mista is saying Giorno would harm her, because that is out of character for Giorno’s personality, he never hurts people, not even in a comical way, unless they are morally bad in his eyes. Both Trish and Mista know this about his personality. At that point Mista was getting sick of her criticisms, and when she runs to Giorno, that was the final straw for him haha.

But it’s not all bad between them! Once they get back to their original bodies, they have such a cute moment together omg. I loved these scenes, poor Mista was feeling self conscious about his body odor, and Trish tells him that she misses it! Now from that line alone, I definitely can understand why people assumed they may have gotten together after the story ended. However, Trish says his fingers are still freaky..which is basically her reaffirming that she isn’t attracted to him in that way (remember, she said his fingers were dirty and hairy earlier). And Mista doesn’t take that to heart, hence the super cute moment they have when they laugh (reminds me of the weird things me and my friends do when we laugh off awkward situations as well).

In fact, Hato and Joshu, who are brother and sister in Jojo part 8 (jojolion) have an exact same moment where they turn to each other and laugh, mimicking Mista and Trish’s pose in that final scene. (ugh I WISH I had that saved, it’s adorable).

(in the final cover pose, Trish turns away from the surviving members, while Giorno and Mista touch hands. The hand touching symbolizes their fates are tied together. Meanwhile, Trish’s pose follows the direction of Bruno’s extended leg, symbolizing she is going to listen to his advice for her: which is to restart her life after they defeat her father.)

Having looked through all of their interactions, I don’t think, by the end of Vento Aureo, that they were interested in each other romantically. However, I can see them becoming close friends. All we really know about Trish after the story is over, is that Bruno gives her his house to live in and wishes for her to go to school in that area. (imo Trish and Bruno have a much deeper meaningful connection with a potential romance, I can do a meta post on them if yall want that)

Also, in Purplehaze feedback (the novella about Fugo rejoining passione, which imo is canon because the jojo games think it is, the Japanese fans love it, and Araki gives it his seal of approval by adding his own illustrations on what the characters look like in the book) Trish is a popstar, that strays from passione. In a radio interview, she refers to them as “a group of friends” that she “owes a debt to.” Giorno then says the following to Fugo:

“In Venice, you said we didn’t even know what kind of music she liked. Now you do.”

He raised the glass to his lips, took a sip, and put it back on the table.

“We didn’t help her with this, you know. We don’t do that any more. She got the recording contract on her own merits.”

And with that, he moves on to talk about Fugo’s betrayal. If Trish were still very close to them, Giorno would have mentioned it right away, because he was trying to make Fugo feel guilty for abandoning them. However, it seems like she isn’t and to me, that is OKAY. Though Trish proved herself by fighting with the crew, at the end of the day, she isn’t a gangster, so why would she stay close to them? I’m sure she contacts them and maybe visits them from time to time, but passione is still a violent organization, despite Giorno’s good intentions. They are mobsters that violently pursue underground drug trafficking and dangerous stand users. For a popstar, that is not good publicity.

Now I’m not saying you can’t ship those two, please ship away! I love seeing fanarts of them, but in terms of canon, based on what we have so far, I highly doubt they get together romantically. 

If you guys want to see me do more meta posts on jojo characters/relationships, I’ll do it, give me some suggestions!

Hello all This is an update and somewhat a break regarding the tumblrs future and yes I am breaking away from the character description I started adding to each post.

As some of you who have followed the tumblr will know late last year I tried experimenting with a potential friendship problem adventure story that I had fun drawing with some of the scenariosI put book horse and apple horse in XD . But honestly since the beginning have struggled to come up with a humorous idea on how to warp it up. Not only that but in the recent months I have found myself losing interest or getting slightly stressed on what else I can do with Twi and AJ weekly This tumblr was inspired by Rarijack daily and I though Twijack would be a breeze but its not ,thats partly because I want to keep the images close to the cannon as possible and leave really shippy images to other twijack fans.

This is going to sound silly but I sort have lost my drive to make anything MLP at the moment, though considering I have been with the pony train since early 2011 you have to cut me some slack to essentially take a break from the world of Equestria and focus on other fandoms and personal projects which I have a lot of passion for right now )You can blame Anime for this ^^;). My new direction in my Life is to go in to Picture book / comics as a professional and I can not let side projects like Twijacky weekly eat up all my spare time then I desperately want to have something  unique original to do with jowybean. Now I am in no way shape or form saying I am leaving the fandom or going to become an antibrony I still find ideas popping in to my head for future  pony art and twijack images. I just find everything about MLP G4 kind of Meh at the moment.

Now regarding this information the tumblr is not stopping either its just not going to continue the friendship problem storyline or be updated weekly.  From now on it will be updated with cute sketches or illustrations of the duo only if I think they would make a great addition to the roster of Twijacky imagery I have previously made. I imagine when the new pony season and movie rolls around the inspiration will come rushing back to me and the enjoyment for the tumblr will be refilled :).

I apologise if this annoys/ disappoints you in anyway as i did the exact thing when I attempted luna comic in 2013-2014 and stopped that because well big fan projects for me are hard too keep on top of. I have been drawing way before G4 ponies was a thing guys and I have so many wonderful opportunities as a professional artist that I need to take advantage of before I regret missing them because of being a crony artist.

I feel more assured that I am sharing this with you now rather then letting it die slightly or press on and make it a chore that drains me. If i kept forcing the lacklustre twijack work guys, you would tell I was running dry on ideas soon enough. MLP just dose not have the same magic I felt for it in the early days and eventually it will in some way fade away for me. not ever die out just become another thing I enjoyed being a part of like any other geek thing in our life’s, trends come and go and its a natural response as time moves forward and we grow up in this crazy world.

Whatever happens with me and my love for MLP I applause the diehard fans that can enjoy everything pony to the fullest. And I am am very grateful for so many people taking the time and interest to follow this silly tumblr for two characters I really like.  

until next post which hopefully will not be too long Laters and bro hoof Jowybean

Speaking As a true fan

For those who are new fans, let me give you a few hints of who Lorna Dane is and her amazing history. Please know that one of the biggest points of personal ethical responsibility for me is that I don’t use assumptions nor speculations or expectations (or anything out of context) and act like everything Marvel does to Lorna is bad. Note that all Marvel’s characters have had their bad moments and worse. Everyone in Marvel has some area of their characteristics that needs to be improved. Lorna has improved significantly. She was explored by many amazing writers. As an educator, I try to cultivate a passion for learning about my Lorna Dane and pass it on to the community :)

if you are not familiar with Lorna, then you can catch up on her interesting X-Men history. The character debuted back in October 1968 in X-Men #49. Arnold Drake, Don Heck, Werner Roth, and Jim Steranko were the creative minds behind the character’s creation. When she first appeared she was introduced as the Queen of Mutants as well as Magneto’s daughter in X-Men #50 (way before we knew Anya and the the twins were his but since the twins are no longer his, they don’t count, sorry).

here is where Steranko redesigned the book’s original logo with a new 3-D masthead that virtually screamed excitement and energy. Beneath it was what has since become a classic Steranko Image:

Lorna Dane hovering in the air like a Green Goddess, her arm outstretched in regal command as energy crackles all around her. Beneath her, poised as if in fearful reverence, are the X-Men. A full-length shot of Lorna Dane in all her curvaceous grandeur is a knockout and the nice team profile of the X-men reacting to her is good too :)

The daughter of Magneto, Lorna Dane, aka Polaris, aka Mistress of Magnetism has been in tons of comic series and a key members of a number of superhero teams. Lorna’s characterization has been progressively getting better in every book I read with her starting from 1968 (and that’s including with Havok). She is instantly recognizable by her green hair. Lorna has spent most, if not all, of her time in the employ of the good guys. She’s been associated with the X-Men and some of their affiliated offshoot groups. Polaris originally served with X-Men and X-Factor, two groups centered around the composition of mutants. She has never lost her place as one of the X-Men. She has been in and out of X-Men lore. Polaris is really quite a simple girl who always been characterized as wanting to lead a normal life like most mutants. She went to school, college, earned a Master’s degree in geophysics (you can’t be “idiot” or “crazy” when you have a MASTER’S DEGREE). She enjoys leading a peaceful life and spending her time with the love of her life. Many times she wanted to wash her hands of the X-Men’s business, but every time they needed help she would definitely be there for them even if she had her reservations. She is a great helper and a valuable asset of the X-Men. She does believe in Professor-X’s cause for coexistence, which explains why she did work with the X-Men in the first place. I guess the never-ending fights have worn her out, but that has not stopped her from being the X-Man she is today. The only difference is that sometimes she needs to get away from the chaos and madness of the cruel reality. Has she been important to the X-Men mythos over the years?  Yes, she has. Is she a well-defined character?  Yes, she is.

Thanks to Len Wein, Lorna was instrumental in defeating Krakoa in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975). Polaris interacted with the Earth’s core and created a magnetic pulse so strong that she was able to launch Krakoa into outer space.

When Chris Claremont took over the X-Men after the relaunch in 1975, he was left with a team of six mutants (Polaris included). These were the original X-Men… The Silver Age. From 1975 to 1991, Claremont was the defining voice of the X-Men franchise (that’s about 16 years). As soon as Claremont took over, he gave Lorna Dane a code name. Because of Chris Claremont, Lorna Dane becomes Polaris, and the name stuck. He also gave her a new costume when she joined the Shi’Ar (while being brain washed by Eric The Red).

So there you go. Few good things to point out. Another good thing is that he made Polaris one of the Marauders’s new leaders with another new costume.

Malice was a very interesting concept during the Inferno arc. Using her as an antagonist in his story and separated her from (X-Men) Havok. During that time (aside from when she first appeared), Polaris became more valuable :) It was crystal clear Polaris didn’t need Havok in order to carry a story.

Because of Chris Claremont, Lorna developed the first recorded case when the concept of Secondary Mutation was first introduced. When she lost her original powers, she gained some new ones. Her body mass increased, along with her strength and resistance to injury. Also the ability to develop negative emotions in anyone around her. Lorna then regained her original powers and her secondary mutation vanished. It was good to know that out of the whole Marvel Universe, she was the first to experience this previously unknown stage. Claremont gave her another costume as well.

If I’m being perfectly honest, his (Claremont) old stuff wasn’t that great. I just think he did some memorable stories during a time when the X-Men weren’t getting a lot of memorable stories (but the actual credit should go to Len Wein and Dave Cockrum who revived the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby mutant team X-Men back in 1975. Claremont owes a lot to Len and to Dave certainly on the X-Men). Anyway, we’re not in the era of Claremont. We’re in the era of the Millennials. Therefore, only new readers will go to the new stuff and since Marvel announced a while ago that they will be relaunching everything anew (so there is no need to bring old stuff to make a point that doesn’t exist but in the mind of the OLD readers). While this is true, I hope Marvel brings back the X-Factor where Peter made Lorna Dane one of the main characters :)

Because of Peter David, Lorna became not only the predominant leader of the X-Factor, but also a predominant mother figure of the X-Factor for almost 8 straight years. Peter David wrote the perfect first issue with X-Factor #71.

Then Peter David brought them back and Polaris and Havok took the reins of X-Factor Investigations! There they led for almost 2 ½ years.

Some of the most memorable moments in this run were Lorna’s origins in X-Factor #243 (yeah, after decades, but she got it).

I personally thoroughly enjoyed her origins. Peter David finally puts an end to the speculation and ambiguity. He stated that an entire issue of “Breaking Points” will be dedicated to Polaris’s past, and not the question of whether or not Magneto is her father (he is, David says). Taking story elements that go all the way to 1968. When Polaris was introduced it was revealed that she was Magneto’s daughter, firstly by Mesmero in X-Men #50 (1968). I wouldn’t call it a “retcon” as she was introduced to comics being Magneto’s daughter, the retcon was that she wasn’t his daughter.

When the X-Factor came back as an All New X-Factor (2014), they were like never before and was led by mutant Mistress of Magnetism, Polaris.

This was the first and most important step for Lorna in the establishment of her stability. David’s still got a strong handle on Polaris-as-leader where she was on her own, leading a complicated and interesting team. The whole line-up was intriguing. Peter David has a knack for taking B-list mutant characters and turning them into A minus characters. He did it with his previous runs on X-Factor and all were a perfect choice in characterization and interaction. It has a great line-up for a team book, a mix-and-match of some of the most difficult mutants to get along with in the Marvel Universe. It also doesn’t hurt that David takes an opportunity to remind us that, despite the presence of three high-profile mutants (Polaris, Quicksilver and Gambit), Lorna is the team’s true powerhouse.

The fact that Peter David chose Polaris as the leader of the group alone sets up a myriad of story possibilities. Truly she gets her moment to shine throughout the series. I don’t have complaints about any of the series and to be honest, there were no problems with issue #2 - #6. This is where Lorna started to have her moments. How can I be mad when Lorna was such badass between issues #2 to #6 and on? Those of you who haven’t gotten to this book yet, buy it and I will let you be the judge. Entirely worth reading just for the amazing roster. I recommend it. I would also recommend the story of Vulcan (Havok and Cyclops’ long lost brother) written by Ed Brubaker.

This is where a brand-new era for Uncanny X-Men begins. Fresh off X-Men: Deadly Genesis, Ed Brubaker takes the helm of Marvel’s mighty mutants. A story that won’t just affect Earth, but will rock the foundations of the entire galaxy. Uncanny X-Men: Rise & Fall of the Shi'ar Empire #475-486. Here is when Polaris was recruited by her friends and vowed to joined the X-Men (for the hundredth time) to stop Havok’s brother from destroying the lives of billions. They ended up going to space and that’s where the adventure began.

After Brubaker left Uncanny X-Men, Christopher Yost took over as writer beginning with the X-Men: Emperor Vulcan mini-series #1-5. Here’s where the Uncanny X-Men stand leading into Emperor Vulcan: Vulcan has taken over as Emperor of the Shi’Ar and Polaris, Havok, and Rachel have joined the Starjammers (led by Polavok) to aid Lilandra’s resistance against Vulcan.

Specifically in issue #4-5, Lorna stood on her own leading the Starjammers when Havok went on a mission all on his own to face his Brother, Vulcan. Christopher Yost also took the opportunity to remind us that Lorna was the team’s true powerhouse. In this mini she shields the Starjammers’ ship against the attacks from the entire regiment of Shi'ar (soldiers) warbirds. With one single blast she blew up a HUGE starships.

Christopher Yost follow up X-Men: Kindbreaker and it’s set immediately after the conclusion of the mini-series Emperor Vulcan.

During the mini-series against Vulcan, Lorna was rather competent and strong. The fight scene pitting Polaris up against Vulcan was extremely awesome. She was even holding a whole ocean on her own. Brubaker and Yost provided us with a lot of good moments where Lorna was pretty much shining through the whole era of Vulcan’s Origins. They made her one of the most powerful mutants in space. Lorna clearly was their sources of influence and inspiration. I liked that we got to see the X-Men (Polaris) off planet :) After this event, War of Kings came along.

The six issue limited series crossover storyline written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning was another amazing book. This is an action-heavy event comic. This book is exciting, sure, but Abnett and Lanning seem to be aiming quite a bit higher than that. At lease to me when it comes to Lorna. Both Abnett and Lanning were glad to let’s us know that in their story, Lorna (still) is the powerful mutant who was able to summons her gifts.

Lorna looks gorgeous with her glowing eyes. The story is about a war between the Vulcan led Shi'ar empire and the Inhuman led Kree empire. Lorna and the Starjammers played a large role in the War of Kings storyline. She appeared throughout the crossover of War of Kings. Starting from War of kings main series #1-6, War of Kings: Ascension #3-4, War of Kings: Warriors #2, War of Kings: Who Will Rule (one shot), and War of Kings: Guardians of the Galaxy #13. Whooo, that’s a hell of a lot.

Let me remind you this is where we see Lorna interacting with her “niece” Luna and “sister in-law” Crystal. This was a very cool interaction that they have given Lorna and Crystal and were befitting both characters. They were talking about Crystal’s wedding, Lilandra, the new outlook the Inhuman race has taken, how fortunate would be if Crystal gets to join Polaris’s crew to help with the situation with Lilandra etc etc. While Lorna was playing with her “niece” and how cute they were. After the Accuser was hurt, Lorna plays an important role in regaining Kree popular support for the Inhumans by making sure that Crystal’s humanitarian acts towards the injured Kree civilians are broadcast all over the Kree networks. She stood by Crystal the whole time supporting her and advising her.

PS: I like the part where Lorna grabs the communicator away from Havok and announces to the Kree that she is Crystal Amaquelin Maximoff’s sister in-law attempting to attend her wedding. The kree Immediately open the shield. Funny because when Havok was trying to hail the kree to open the shield, they ignored him, lol.

Lorna is now under Cullen Bunn’s pen and I’m just glad she’s in good hands with Wells. When Magneto’s own book first debuted, we saw Polaris during Secret Wars (not to mention, through most of the Secret Wars books), trying to help her father stop the world from being destroyed.

Then she had a small significant appearance in Uncanny X-Men #12. Under Cullen Bunn’s pen, Lorna surprisingly appeared in Deadpool and the Mercs for Money #7-8. Not to mention, a menacing leader just like her father.

She then returned to X-Men Blue in full force and she immediately stood out ever since. She’s back not only as a member of the new X-Men but also as the (leader) teacher of the new X-Men and as the daughter of Magneto, of course.

What I’ve seen out of Lorna interacting with Magneto is that it highlights all the great qualities Lorna has to offer. Working with Magneto gives her an opportunity to learn new tricks with her powers, and often Magneto’s roles lead Lorna to chances she can be in real positions of power that truly test her intellect and skills. There are still more to come under Bunn’s pen.

Soon we will see Polaris on screen in the upcoming tv show called The Gifted. Be ready for this show because she’s going to be introduced as “a strong-willed, brave and loyal mutant who has the ability to manipulate magnetism.” and as Magneto’s daughter.

Polaris was given a lot more freedom than just being an X-Man. Her character was chosen as a nod to the passionate community of fans she has cultivated over the years. Christopher Yost , Chris Claremont, Peter David, Mike Carey, Cullen Bunn, Ed Brubaker, Chuck Austen, Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and so many others have given the fans what we wanted. There are few more of Lorna’s writers that I would like to talk about but I’ll leave it for some other time. Know this is part of the history of Lorna Dane. I will continue on another post :)

In my experience and achievement:

Speaking from my experience as a person involved for a long time and as a true fan (oh believe me), I have done more than those who are considered “valuable fans” Don’t think I’m sitting here faking my ass as a Polaris’s fan because I have done everything I can. Even yelled out LOUD to Marvel/writers to hear my prayers. Why do you think Polaris is becoming more popular now? Certainly not because of those who kept complaining and denigrating her for decades. Otherwise, she would have been famous a long ago. I feel though, that ever since I started making all those post, defending Lorna with all “those” who attacked me previously and trying to break me (little did they know… they made me stronger) so I can somehow give up my fight with my favorite character. You don’t see me complaining about my favorite characters and repeatedly stating  how bad Marvel/Claremont/etc are treating Lorna. You will always see me in the contrary. Stepping up for Lorna while others are trying to downgrade her. Check in here @bitchybeautyboy and see for yourself with the many “people” I had to face to defend Lorna. You’ll be surprised.

What I said about Marvel being involved in this upcoming new tv show, The Gifted, It’s true. Marvel is involved in this tv show and ever since, Lorna is emerging. Now she’s treated as on a high pedestal and (again) certainly not because of those who are “valuable fans”. More likely because of me and a few other people out there that I know… who care about Lorna DEEPLY. Now that Polaris is becoming more recognizable, I feel those “other fans” who tried to sabotage her relationship with many characters she interacted with and tried to destroy her repeatedly… now they want to take credit simply because they felt stupid their whole life. It’s kind of too late to say Marvel is going to or “might destroy” Polaris because she has been promoted more than any other character would have (on screen) for this show.

I had a great experience with some good people out there as well as with some bad ones. The bad ones are the ones that made me stronger. So, if you’re a new fan… take some notes and learn so when they come after you… doing the same thing everywhere you go… you’ll be prepared for then.

I love Lorna Dane and am proud to be a Polaris’s fan. Just remember this is not the end. You will see more from me and read a lot more from me. I will leave you guys here for now… until then.

(For those who starting liking and rebloging this, sorry this was not complete. I posted this last night at 3am and was going to continue today. I was extremely tired and didn’t have the time to correct a few mistakes and post some images. Now it is complete. My apologies)


Alex was recently interviewed by the Gold Derby (May 21, 2017) about his career, growing up in a family of actors and playing Perry in Big Little Lies.

Watch his interview below or on YouTube (x):

Excerpts from Alex’s interview:

On what drew him to play Perry:

Alex:  "What I was drawn to was the fact that he felt like a very conflicted character  and it felt like that friction was very interesting to me. It didn’t feel like the stereotypical abusive husband. You know? The wife beater. It felt very layered and I was very intrigued by the relationship between Perry and Celeste and the kind of volatility of that and the intensity of it. It was just something that I thought David E. Kelley, who wrote the script, had the way it was mapped out was very interesting. I love the idea that you first meet this family in this, you know, affluent neighborhood, with these cute kids and everything is perfect and it’s almost like you watch it and you think like that’s the dream life. They’ve been together for ten years and they’re still super passionate. I thought it was just fascinating the way it was structured and that fact that it doesn’t get super violent early on. It’s just like he grabs her at the end of the first episode and hopefully you’ll get this reaction from the audience like, ‘Whoa, I thought this was the dream couple. Something’s wrong.’

The fact that it escalates is quite interesting because in the beginning you don’t really know what goes on…what is that? Is that some weird game or is something sexual going on? The fact that it takes a while to realize that it’s really, really dark and very bad between the two.”

On doing True Blood:

Alex: “It was such a profound experience. It was seven years of my life and it kind of changed my career and changed my life. I miss it because it became like a family. When you freelance as an actor you form these bonds and these intense relationships but it’s usually for a few months and then you move on.

That was the only time that I had like a family I would return to. We would shoot seven months of the year and then we’d go off and do a movie or two and take some time off and see our families and then you come back and it’s kind of like that back-to-school feeling of being reunited. Not only the cast but we had the same crew for seven years.

That’s something that I miss as an actor. You don’t have colleagues that you grow up with in that sense. It’s usually for just a few months. So, it meant so much to me on many levels - obviously career-wise but personally as well.”

On his Big Little Lies character, Perry, being killed off:

Alex:  "I thought it was great. It’s so physical. It’s so intense, so primal the way it goes down. I love that. I love that all the ladies gang up on him and together like smaller predators taking on a larger predator, their combined strength will take him down. I love that it’s so physical and so intense. I thought it was a great way to end the show.“

On working with Nicole Kidman:

Alex:  "I think she’s okay. (laughter)

She’s extraordinary. She was already attached when I was sent the script.
I’ve been a fan for twenty years. My father worked with her on a Lars von Trier film, Dogville, about ten, twelve years ago and he had an amazing time and loved her. I worked with Lars on a movie and he spoke very highly of Nicole as well so I was very excited.

I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. It was a very, very tough shoot - it’s obviously very  emotionally and physically tough to portray these characters and go through this story but Nicole is such a sweet and generous human being and obviously an extraordinary actress. I think it was very important that we got along because it’s very difficult to shoot those scenes and I’m incredibly happy that I had her [as a scene partner] at the end of the day. To shoot those fight scenes for ten, twelve hours was emotionally draining and it’s very, very tough. Those were some of the toughest days on set that I’ve ever experienced.”

On whether he cares about playing likable or redeemable characters:

Alex:  "I don’t really care if he’s likable or redeemable, no. (laughter)
I want him to at least be conflicted. No matter how dark he is, you want to feel that there is some sort of inner struggle going on because that’s what makes it three-dimensional to me and what makes it feel real and interesting. If you’re going to play just like the traditional bad guy, it’s rarely interesting to me.“

On what he’s learned from coming from a family of artists and actors:

Alex:  "Well, my father…he’s always been very kinds of hands off when it comes to all the kids. He obviously loves being an actor but he never tried to kind of push us into it or convince us, you know, ‘You should really do this. This is a great job.’

I was a child actor and then I quit when I was thirteen because I didn’t think this was for me. And he was just…it was a three second conversation…Dad was like, 'If that doesn’t make you happy then do something else.’

That’s kind of been the core…He just wants all his kids to be happy…if that’s being a barista in Stockholm or working as an actor in Hollywood, he’s equally happy and it’s always been great to feel that…to feel like there’s zero pressure coming from Dad or Mom. They don’t care if we’re financially successful as long as we’re happy and that we’re doing things that we’re excited about…they’re happy.

I think that was important to me. When I left acting, I didn’t act for eight years because that gave me an opportunity to do other things and then find my own way back into it. It wasn’t like Dad steered me in that direction. It was my own choice and that was very important for me to feel.”

*Random facts from the interview:

~Alex read the Big Little Lies script first and then read the book a month before they started principle photography.

~He loves the format of doing a limited TV series (Big Little Lies, Generation Kill) over a long period of a time (“it’s a dream” for an actor…and “an opportunity to go a lot deeper and get to know [the character] a bit better”).

~His scene in the car with Nicole at the end of Big Little Lies was also shot toward the end of filming.

~He said he wasn’t invited to Comic-Con during the first year True Blood aired.

Interview Sources:  Video: GoldDerby YouTube (x) via KnowYourLeaker Twitter (x), Images: Our caps, Text: Our transcription.

For the sake of posterity

and also so I don’t forget, myself, I’m looking back to sort out my positions on all divergent Ford and Bill theories and when they changed. 

Something is fucky.

Something to do with Mister Triangle.

Stan is not what he seems, these are the ten people required to either summon or defeat Bill. Initially suspected Stan, Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Gideon, Robbie, and Thompson, plus four unknowns, with the hand referring either to the journals or their author.

Gideon refers to Stan as “Stanford”. My immediate response is that Gideon is being a pompous moron. I don’t know exactly when I first noticed the STNLYMBL license tag, but the only way this reaction makes sense is if it happened before that point. Regardless, I didn’t consider STNLYMBL to be important enough to be worth the mention. Even after this incident, I had basically zero doubt that Stan’s name was actually Stanley.

A certain Younger Stan makes his appearance at the Shack. I did not make any particular observation about the glasses at this time.

I did not take any note of the particular date on this book. Which sucks really, as a few episodes later I was casting about for any significance for the year 1982.

Real Stuff starts happening to change the status quo, and I embark on my Right For The Wrong Reasons path. There’s a hidden room in Stan’s house. He knows it’s there, and it clearly doesn’t contain anything that belongs to him, although it does have a bit more Cipher paraphernalia. 

Most important are the glasses though. The glasses that exactly match those on the Cipher zodiac, which are deliberately drawn in a distinct style from Stan’s glasses, and which, in retrospect, match Ford’s glasses from the time-travel segment. Stan knows exactly what they are, that much is clear, and he’s a little upset about whatever they signify. In my attempt to cast around for a theory I suggested that they might belong to his ex-wife, whose aim may or may not be getting better. The fact that the house was previously inhabited by a mad scientist of some sort becomes inescapable.

Stan continues to suppress anything remotely supernatural, and does as much damage control as he can to keep the secrets of the Shack safe. At this point I have him pegged as the likely leader of a pro-Cipher cult of some sort.

Alright. The episode where my interpretation and the general fandom’s differ most widely. But first, an uncontroversial observation. This is Young Stan, and he is not the man who opened the Shack door in the snow to investigate a strange noise. Cartoon tropes being what they are, though, he’s clearly a relative. 

In passing, these two incidents give a very interesting shade to Stan’s actions. He is not a prepper. He’s the scam artist selling the Brown Meat, not the rube buying it. His entire schtick is making peace with the supernatural and trying to ignore or hide it. 

He doesn’t do this.

I’ve been told that many of the off-key character moments in this episode were intended to be comic relief, but this is Gravity Falls. I wasn’t going to accept that answer then and I’m still a touch annoyed that I have to now.

The fact that Stan didn’t know anything consciously, despite this apparent smoking gun…yeah, I feel a little bit hung out to dry by the writers here.

A clear shot of STNLYMBL. There was no doubt in my mind, despite Gideon’s repeated exhortations to the contrary, that Stan’s name was Stanley.

The big one. I’d speculated for a long time that the Cipher eyes held some latent magical power, even without the triangle himself being present. It seems that the official Journal 3 release supports this idea to some extent, although to what degree is ambiguous. Numerous major conflicts had burst out in front of the one particular red-paned Cipher window in the attic, and this latest one felt inexplicable to me. Mabel doesn’t lash out at her BFFs. She just doesn’t. Even her temper tantrums take more of the form of creating Dippy Fresh than ripping down a poster and tearing it in half to signify the end of a friendship. And at the end of the incident, she openly admitted that she had no idea why she acted the way she did. Sure, it could be comic relief of some sort, or just an awkward off-character moment from the writers. But this is Gravity Falls. 

My theory that images of Cipher are able to inflame the passions of those around them, amplifying hostility and irrational behavior, remains intact and I stand by it. Especially given the echoes of this scene in the behavior of Stan and Ford during the zodiac scene of the finale, in the heart of Cipher’s temple to himself. I do not think Cipher can directly control people without their knowledge. But I think he clearly has some degree of subconscious passive influence, to bring certain chaotic responses to the forefront when they would be held in check otherwise.

Moving to the next episode, we finally get solid confirmation that Stan does, in fact, care about people other than himself. This was almost entirely up for debate for the first 17 episodes, and this was the beginning of the long road to me respecting Stan Pines as a person.

Dreamscaperers was a nuke. Everything changed, all at once. And it began with the confirmation that Stanford Pines is or was, in fact, a real person and not a figment of Gideon’s imagination. And that the Shack legally belonged, at one point, to him. I still had the strong feeling that Stan was duplicitous at heart, Stan is Not What He Seems on the brain, and with the Finders Keepers law clearly laid out, this document didn’t immediately sway me to the idea that Stan was Stanford. But it was on the radar screen.

This feels like the biggest fakeout of the entire show. This arrow and these three exclamation points cemented the idea that the author of the journals was also the owner of the glasses and the mystery room, who was the man at the door in The Time Traveler’s Pig. In light of the previous revelation that Stanford originally owned the shack, things started to fall into place. By the end of this episode, I would be set in the theory that the most likely explanation was that Stanford Pines was the missing author, and that Stan was an impostor of some sort.

The prepper stuff annoys me, sure. But this really was irritating. This was the missing piece to the puzzle, the thing that made everything else snap into place. What’s more, the canonical ending of the show makes this particular screenshot nonsense. Why would Ford care about these glasses, if they weren’t his goddamn glasses? Why wouldn’t he point out his six-fingered hand, for instance? I feel like something about the endgame was changed in a big way, not just after the introduction of the Zodiac in the first intro, but even in the time after the season 1 finale, because the line of clues involving the glasses just lead nowhere when that doesn’t make any sense at all.

This was the frame that cemented me in what ended up being the correct theory. And this one is pretty much on me. I looked at this image and saw glasses with an unevenly weighted frame, with a thick top bar. Those matched Ford’s glasses and the ones in the zodiac, but not Stan’s as they were drawn in season 1. Since I was on a kick of “The glasses are the key here”, the fact that Bill pulled up an image of what looked like the mystery room glasses in response to hearing the name “Stanford Pines” felt like ironclad confirmation to me. I was even willing to overlook the fez, as there was nothing suggesting at the time that it wasn’t Ford’s accessory before he disappeared. In hindsight, I was underestimating Bill’s familiarity with the situation. Much like Gideon, I might add.

The zodiac appears in canon for the first time. The glasses still are a fairly close match to the ones Ford’s been wearing.

Evidently this page contains a code that spells out that the machine is a portal and not a weapon. I had no such context, so the fandom was ahead of me at this point.

Stan’s big cliffhanger. I suspected something was up the instant I realized that Stan, not Dipper, had taken Gideon’s journal, although I still didn’t expect to see Stan pull out the missing first. This played into all of my conspiracy theories about Stan: he knows far more than he lets on, especially about Cipher; he’s deliberately trying to lead Dipper’s investigations astray; and he’s a doomsday cultist actively trying to bring about the end of the world. I still think this was a cynical but fair interpretation of the available evidence.

The six-fingered glove. Real evidence that wasn’t chasing phantoms, yet it went mostly unnoticed because it reinforced the theories I already had. 

The final piece of evidence before the big reveal. Stan’s monologue at the start of Not What He Seems, where he lapses into an almost verbatim Cipher quote, after Cipher had done the same to him regarding “Buy gold! Bye!” By this point I’d come to the realization as well that within 24 hours of Cipher being summoned by Gideon, Stan suddenly got his hands on both missing journals that had eluded him for thirty years to that point. At the time I still thought he was a willing participant. A dupe, maybe, but actively in league with Bill in one way or another. Now, I can’t help but see his actions as guided by Cipher and influenced by him. You don’t see characters repeating each other’s end-of-episode catchphrases without it being significant, especially not in Gravity Falls. I still stand behind this theory as well.

Anyway, for those of you still with me, that’s the recap of my theorycrafting for the unfolding Author mystery. It fell together very quickly at the end of season 1, based almost entirely on key pieces of evidence that ended up not being actual evidence at all. This series was…puzzling, that’s for sure.

anonymous asked:

"they were going to have Kαtααng, which they insist is in the “DNA” of the show, happen with a ten and twelve year old?" That's because Kataang was supposed to remain one-sided with Aang crushing on Katara but her not reciprocating. Them actually getting together was not planned out until later on. Even during Book 3, some of the writers wanted Katara to end up with Zuko. Zutara happening was not something that Bryke wanted but the other staff members and Aaron Ehasz wanted it to.

“I think you’re absolutely right about Mai being retconned to be paired off with Zuko. I have heard that Aaron Ehasz created Mai (and Ty Lee and Azula), and he doesnt like Maiko. If you look only at the eps that he or his wife wrote, Return to Omashu, Zuko Alone, The Awakening (life story comment) none of them suggest that they were “childhood sweethearts”. They only show Mai liking Zuko quite superficially and nothing from him. Bryke like Maiko, thats why its badly written like the LoK romance.” 

“about your ask for the airbender thing and ty lee, aaron ehasz originally was going to make ty lee a descendant of an airbender who escaped. zephyrita mentioned it once on their blog before they left. again, bryke fucked up and the ehasz duo needs to come back like aang and save us from bryke’s bullshit.” 

[Disclaimer: Araeph does not vouch for the validity of these asks, but merely wishes to demonstrate the context and frequency of these two names being mentioned.]

Who Are the Ehaszs, and Why Does Everyone Bring Them Up?

Aaron and Elizabeth Ehasz. You will hear these names often as guides for what disenchanted fans, particularly Zutara shippers and “Legend of Korra” antis, would have liked to have seen in the Avatar world, versus what we actually got once Bryke assumed more control. While A:TLA was such a collaborative effort that no one person or team could be the end-all-be-all of the series, often the balance shifts too far the other way, with people ascribing all of the series’ creative genius to Bryke. (The disappointing “Legend of Korra” and character-mangling comics helped fans take a second look at the process behind A:TLA’s creation.) There has been a subsequent pushback in recent years to give the other talents around A:TLA more credit for the story. So why were these two staff writers so important?

Keep reading

The Questionnaire for Aspiring Friendship (Open to Additional Questions)

1) Reason for your Tumblr username?

2) Who do you follow most and how did you find them?

3) Favorite season of the year?

4) Favorite weather?

5) Worst injury that your willing to speak about?

6) Most embarrassing moment you can laugh at now?

7a) What state(s) have you lived in?

7b) What countries have you lived in/visited?

7c) Where would you want to visit?

8) Choose your weapon!?

9) Current/Future Pets?

10a) If you could hangout with a fictional character for a day, whom and why?

10b) What would you do with said character?

11) Favorite mythological creature?

12) Favorite half-human hybrid creature?

13) League of Legends, favorite champion(s)?

14a) Do you believe in the paranormal? Ghosts, Aliens, Cryptids, etc.

14b) If you could, would you explore a reportedly haunted location? A reportedly recent crash? A recent sighting nearby?

15) What fiction world would you want to live in?

16) Favorite element of nature? Also, yes, you could bend it to your whim.

17) Favorite type of food from that good old fashion food pyramid?

18) If you’re into that sort of thing, what peaks your “interests”?

19) Robots/Androids/Cyborgs, which do you prefer?

20) Favorite creature in fiction that you would keep as a pet?

21) If you do drink alcohol, favorite?

22) Land/Air/Sea, which would you live in if able to without dying?

23) How do you prefer your potatoes? If you don’t like potatoes, why?

24) That show(s) you could sit down for and watch till its over?

25) Favorite Pokemon(s)/Digimon(s)/Monster Rancher(s) and why?

26) Pirates/Cowboys/Ninjas, who do you root for?

27) Favorite Sport(s) to play/watch?

28) That game you could play for hours/days at a time?

29a) Would you live in a world where furries/athros were cohabiting?

29b) If yes, would you stay human or change into one of the above?

30) Favorite suit in a traditional card deck?

31) Lucky number(s)/charms?

32) That cereal you’ve enjoyed to this day?


34) For those kinky people, those closeted thoughts? That “ideal” scenario?

35) That happy place, your safe haven? Location and people eligible.

36) Rock/Paper/Scissors?

37) Favorite gemstone?

38) That band(s)/soundtrack(s) you could listen to all day?

39) Those things that keep you up at night?

40) Your partner in crime?

41) Disney: movie, character, song?

42) What do you believe is the answer to life, the universe, everything?

43) What would you pilot? You also can have it be a mech or transformer, or both!

44) That Youtube/Twitch channel(s) you watch?

45) That book you could read in one sitting?

46) What do you collect?

47) Favorite actor/actress? Living or passed.

48) Zodiac Sign? Astrological and/or Chinese.

49) That BOARD game you break out when friends are over?

49b) That VIDEO game you break out when friends are over?

50) What would you do first if you won that lottery after paying those bills and debts off?

51) That thing that isn’t creepy to others but still creeps you out?

52) That thing that you enjoy that others tend not to?

53) That drink you could enjoy with every meal?

54) That meal you enjoy every time?

55) That article of clothing you enjoy wearing most?

56) That thing that people do that just makes you feel fuzzy inside?

57a) That smell you could breathe in forever?

57b) That smell that scrunches up your face?

58) That artist you follow on here?

59) That comic you read? Can be a strip like on Taptastic or Marvel/DC/other.

60) That person that ticks you off?

61) That special someone in your life, how did you meet? Best friend and/or beyond.

62) That color that catches your eye?

63) That stuffed animal/toy you’ve kept around since you were a kid?

64) That console that got you into gaming? PC denied, tis beyond in power.

65) That teacher you had? For better or worse.

66a) What traits in others do you tend to gravitate towards?

66b) What traits do you avoid?

67) Regrets?

68) The saddest moment(s) in your life?

69) For the “passionate” folk out there, you know the question already.

70) The happiest moment(s) in your life?

71) That small thing that is satisfying every time you do it?

72) Would you change anything about yourself?

72b) If yes, what and why? If no, please explain.

73) What would you ride into battle? Living, dead, mechanical, real or fictional.

74) Alright, what do you look like? Hair/eye/skin color. Shouldn’t matter all  that much, that’s why it’s so late on this list, but hey- it’s here.

75) Measurements? Break out the tape and scale.

76) That thing you do to show off to new friends?

77) How would you describe your personality?

78) What personalities do you look for in others?

79) What do you do to relax and unwind?

80) Favorite places to hang out? Outside of the home that is, because really, that should be the ideal place by default.

81) What RPG class would you be? Video games count too.

82a) Play any instruments?

82b) If no: would you want to? If you just said yes, what? If you said no again, why?

83) Waifu(s)/Husbando(s)? We don’t discriminate.

84) That band you listen to that hardly anyone else around you does?

85) Oversized/Perfect/or Tight apparel?

86) That thing you bought on online recently?

87) What do you bundle up with on a cold day?

88) Travel back in time or to the future?

89) Spirit animal? Be specific.

90) That fictional character you wish you could hug?

91a) That thing you bought that didn’t meet expectations?

91b) That thing you bought that you wish you bought sooner?

92) What word do you have trouble saying? We all have at least one.

93) Is there someone you hated that you are now friends with?

94) That show from your childhood?

95) That song that makes you want to dance? Even if you don’t dance.

96) Crushes you had/have?

97a) Best class subject you had/have in school?

97b) Worst class subject you had/have in school?

98) For those that move around: where would you revisit, if your friends were still there?

99) Magic vs. Technology, which would you side with?

100) Where do you see yourself in the future, ideally?

Feel free to add more if you see this. This is meant to break the ice if you ever get stumped in a conversation. Try to keep it clean people.

foxflightly  asked:

Finally watching season 4, is it just me or is it suddenly obvious that they’re being very specific about Gendering Pidge as a girl? It definitely wasn’t this obvious in previous seasons. (I’m only on episode 3)

First, before I start this conversation: for people who may not know or may not be as familiar with me personally, I am non-binary myself. For about the first twenty-two or so years of my life I was referred to exclusively by “she/her/hers” pronouns. So the whole concept of Pidge and her headcanoned non-binariness is something that touches pretty close to my personal life experiences. I just want to make this clear so that people don’t try to dismiss me as trying to wash away non-binary representation… I’m not, I relate hugely to Pidge, I want non-binary characters like none other in fiction, and I’m just saying what I think the writers have intended with Pidge’s character.

So the writers have always typed Pidge as a woman. At least, that’s how she canonically considers herself gender-wise now in the story. I think the reason why it feels that Pidge is suddenly feeling more gender-typed as female is because the moments in which we see her doing more societally female-coded things is in her past when she’s with her family. We didn’t get many family moments in S1-3. The fact we have more flashback scenes with her in S4, and the fact that she reunites with her brother in S4, means we’re going to get more of these female-coded incidences more frequently shown on screen.

Since the first season we’ve seen Pidge demonstrate some things that are coded in our society as female gender expression. One of the prime ways in which she shows female-coded behavior is through fashion. Consider the photograph she carries with her. While Matt is in his uniform, Pidge is dressed with long hair, a headband, and an adorable pink and white dress. Just a year ago, she was voluntarily wearing a pretty darned cute outfit that is societally associated with girls and women.

The flashbacks in S1E5 “Tears of the Balmera” do just show Pidge in her standard green shirt (how many of us don’t own simple unisex shirts though?). It’s to note she wears her hair in a side-ponytail, which isn’t exactly a societally prototypical male fashion. She’s also upset to cut her hair, muscles in her face notably tightening before she closes the scissors the first time. Pidge is attached to her long, female-coded hair.

But overall we don’t tend to see Pidge as markedly gender-coded female throughout the first three seasons because she’s not in the environment where the codes she relates to get brought up. Pidge starts VLD disguising as male to avoid suspicion when she enrolls in the Garrison. She wears clothes that she already owns, but intentionally picks the ones that are most gender-neutral and least revealing to her identity. And once we get on the Castle Ship, Pidge isn’t going to wear a lot of cute, girlie clothes when she’s only got that one pair of clothes she was wearing at the Garrison… and some awesome Paladin armor.

Because while it seems that Pidge enjoys wearing some feminine fashions from time-to-time, it’s not like she’s ever been a markedly “girly” personality in most of her interests, be it either here or in the flashbacks. Most of her personal passions are not societally coded as feminine… technology, video games, mathematics. So she doesn’t ring out as very gendery-wendery-feminine to us - we grow up in a societal culture where we might expect a female character to display a few more female coded things. So she gets translated to audiences as feeling more ambiguous…

…even though she herself makes it explicitly clear to the other Paladins: “I’m a girl.” Those are the words she uses. She thinks of herself as female, she tells the Paladins that, and it’s a pressing matter to her - she feels uncomfortable prior to the reveal, uncomfortable that she’s been disguising herself and being dishonest to them. She’s uncomfortable enough that even a common English figure of speech “man up” bothers her when it’s applied to her. Because it’s not who she is!

Pidge in the Castle of Lions just doesn’t have the proper context whereby we see the moments where she acts the most societally feminine, because the areas in which we see her act the most feminine are things like fashion, which she doesn’t have access to millions of lightyears from Earth.

But yes, even though we haven’t had as much context by which to highlight Pidge’s more feminine coded personal facets, she’s always had those codings in her character, down from the first episode in the first season.

Now S4 has rolled around. We see more flashbacks of Pidge, and with it, new outfits that also read as “feminine” to us. I absolutely love this little number with the leggings… she looks adorable:

And on top of that, in this very same scene with Matt, she tells him to call her “Katie,” not Pidge. She’s explicitly preferring a name that is for girls and women.

Of course we also get the pink dress again, giving audiences yet again more feelings of feminine coding.

Then there’s Matt parading around, calling Pidge “sister” constantly, so we get that “rubbed in” more.

This is all family stuff.

I believe that S4 is also one of the first seasons to use “she” pronouns in the actual script. Lots of times, characters have been speaking directly to Pidge, thus calling her “you,” which isn’t gendered, or mentioning her gender-neutral nickname, “Pidge,” instead of a pronoun. BUT. Even then… in the first comic book… which takes place during S1 times… Pidge is called “she” and “her” by her Paladin buddies:

This means in S1 material alone, Pidge has been called “she,” Pidge has called herself a “girl,” and Pidge has demonstrated some female-coded fashion sense. That’s the exact same material, in fact, as what we get in S4.

S4 just has that material happen a little more often. It feels Pidge is being more gendered as a woman this season mostly because we’re seeing her in the contexts where she’s the most feminine-coded. The flashback scenes with her clothing. The interactions with her brother, who is going to call her “she” and “sister.” It’s not that the writers are pulling out a harder “Pidge is a woman” card… there’s nothing new that they’ve introduced this season than they have shown in the past. Nothing new at all. We’re just in the context where we see the feminine side of Pidge a bit more frequently in 4.

I’ve personally never read Pidge as canonically non-binary. I’ve read her as “she has the potential to develop and realize she’s non-binary later” and “she is pleasantly easy to headcanon as non-binary.” But I do think that throughout the franchise, there has been nothing explicit to target her as non-binary. Please continue to read her how you read her, but this is my respectful perspective.

It’s sort of ironic in that people headcanon Pidge as non-binary largely in part because they use the same societal expectations of gender-coding that so many people across the same community are trying to destroy. Many people talk about how X shouldn’t be exclusive to women, but should be acceptable to all humans… but I do suspect lots of the reason so many people attach to Pidge as a potential non-binary representative is because she doesn’t scream those X gender-coded things. Gender expression isn’t the same as gender identity, so just because Pidge expresses herself in a certain way doesn’t mean she is one type of gender or another. I dress extremely feminine at times. Doesn’t make me a woman. Pidge has what society feels are gender-neutral interests. Doesn’t mean she’s not a woman.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a non-binary gender headcanon, and in fact those non-binary headcanons make me smile because it’s the feeling of people recognizing my own gender, my own identity. The headcanons resonate with me, too. I like them. Please, feel free to keep with your headcanons! There’s nothing wrong with them!

And there’s nothing saying the writers couldn’t develop Pidge canonically to reveal herself as non-binary! It’s totally feasible. Just because she liked long hair doesn’t mean anything about her actual identity, etc. etc. etc. Furthermore, I didn’t fully understand what it was to be non-binary until adulthood, where I discovered an identity that was always what I had felt about myself on the inside. Pidge could find that, too. This is something that often occurs later in life, so there’s certainly still time for that development to happen in a fifteen-year-old.

And if the writers ever did announce Pidge as canonically non-binary, you would bet I would stop the video, pump my fists in the air, and start screaming wildly “YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!” Because non-binary representation is beautiful and important and meaningful! I would love for Pidge to be non-binary, let’s be real!

But at the moment, we’ve gotten four seasons of Pidge demonstrating societally-aligned female coding. We’ve gotten Pidge referring to herself as a girl - which is much more importantly indicative. Pidge not having many feminine gender-coded interests, and being confused at alien bathroom signs, isn’t enough to be a foreshadowing of her announcing a non-binary identity. I don’t suspect that Pidge will come out as non-binary personally. I’m completely fine with that.

Anyway. TL;DR. Pidge is showing the same sorts of female-coded things in S4 as she has in previous seasons. S4 just might feel as though the writers are gendering her more apparently because Pidge is being shown in the contexts where this is the most noticeable about her.

anonymous asked:

Why do you think everyone fell so in love with Steve and Diana? Everyone loved them so much. Including me

Well that’s easy. It’s obvious as to why everyone fell in love with Diana, but I’m gonna talk about why Steve Trevor was so well received despite terrible past incarnations of the character and the booming popularity of Wondertrev because of the movie:

First of all, Steve Trevor was played by one of the charismatic and likable actors in our time, Chris Pine (easily in the top two Hollywood Chrises). Steve Trevor was also not given a few character traits that many people believe male characters should have: he wasn’t aggressive, he wasn’t intimidated by powerful women, he didn’t demand to always be in charge, and he didn’t belittle those around him for having emotions or personal issues. Those traits are often found in leading male roles, and while most of the audience will like these men if they’re attractive and in the lead roles just because, those hypermasculine character traits prevent the male character from being as loved as they could be. 

The bar for well rounded, emotionally in touch and respectful men is so low that when Steve Trevor showed up he blew us all away. Especially since he is a man from the early 20th century who originated from a comic book, two things that are usually not expected to have a lot of male feminist characters. Steve Trevor was so feminist, there were podcast after podcast saying that his character of respecting women was unrealistic

Now let’s head on to why Wondertrev is so beloved that entertainment journalists still ask Chris if his character will get resurrected (answer: he doesn’t know, but will happily reprise the role). I had to talk about why Steve was so well liked before Wondertrev, because no one would’ve liked Wondertrev if they didn’t like Steve. We have an iconic hero (who has stolen our hearts once again through Gal Gadot’s beautiful acting and Patty Jenkins’ storytelling), a lovable man who respects and is considerate of the female lead’s agency and feelings, and their relationship based on trust, companionship, and trying to understand why people are the way we are. What’s not to love?

I’ll say it again, we don’t see relationships like the one between Steve and Diana. Usually it’s simply “they’re attractive and of the opposite sex” and that’s it. In this case, it’s built up why these two characters are drawn to each other: Steve is a jaded man who still tries to do good (AKA, a good example of humanity to introduce Diana to Man’s World), and Diana is a naive ray of sunshine who wants to save the world (AKA, probably the only light in Steve’s life since the war began). And Steve doesn’t even believe in the whole Good vs Evil, God vs God stuff Diana talks about, and he goes along with her plans anyway! That’s remarkably different from the man saying his plan is better and that her beliefs are wrong and silly. They don’t just connect through the fact that their very character archetypes satisfy the other’s emotional needs, it’s through their own curiosity with each other. What is Paradise Island? What is Man’s World? And through each other they find out. 

And by the time they actually do have their night of passion in Veld, we are already enjoying the romance instead of passively watching it because we love them and love them together. We love them so much, that it was too easy for them to break our hearts