but theres nothing wrong with that

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I've been seeing alot of posts around tumblr about how bad school is and such. It's weird for me because I never really had a problem with school. (I get stressed out sometimes but nothing extreme) I understand that everyone's different, but those posts make me feel... Guilty for some reason? I'm not sure how to describe the feeling. Is that normal?

Oh dear no need to feel guilty about it!

We all work different, and for some reason the education system we use actually works!

The problem is that schools don’t think of people who learn differently and the notes system, but theres nothing wrong if it works for you!!

At this point in my life I think to myself how much I’ve grown, how much things have changed. I used to worry a lot about the way I looked, the way I spoke with other people, the way I walked into a room, I would try to not buy expensive things so I wouldn’t “offend” people who couldn’t afford them, trying not to talk about god with an atheist, or about Justin Bieber with a Metallica fan. I was doing things the wrong way. Now, things are different I see beauty in everything, myself included and thats a big deal. I don’t mind much for people who always have something negative to say, my biggest fear is having to go back to the way it was before where I would sacrifice a lot for nothing. Im like the rebel saying hello to the rebel community, saying hello to the ones that are not afraid to say 🖕🏼fuck you🖕🏼 saying hey! To the people who know that theres only one life to live. Cheers fuckers!! 🍻

❤️shoutout to gay people who used to think they were bi
💛shoutout to bi people who used to think they were gay
💚sexuality is complicated, there’s nothing wrong with taking time to figure yourself out
💙you aren’t “adhering to stereotypes” or anything like that.
💜there is nothing wrong with your identity!

You know who doesn’t get enough love? Ace boys. So here’s to the demi or grey-ace or ace boys. Here’s to the boys who get told by society that they should be all about sex but who don’t feel the same way. Here’s to the aro boys who get told they’re jerks for not wanting a relationship. It’s ok, you’re ok! You and your feelings are valid.

things i understand: people not liking youtubers
things i do not understand: people finding it necessary to put posts stating they do not like youtubers in these youtubers’ tags

trans men are allowed to be feminine, it doesnt make them less of a man & it doesnt mean theyre lying about being trans.

theres nothing wrong with femininity in trans men, especially same gender attracted trans men