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I swear the In a heartbeat fandom is split into four sections

¼th: “Look at these homophobic comments on the video wow I can’t believe Christians what the-”
¼th: super cute fan art and redraws and I saw a few adorable comics in there that made my heart grow three sizes.
¼th: *giggles* “Dorian Gay”

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Unpopular opinion about David

He wouldn’t settle for Daniel romantically and he probably wouldn’t be super forgiving if/when he learned that Daniel had really been part of a cult and had actually been trying to hurt the kids.

LOOK I’M SORRY BUT HE WOULDN’T. Sure, he’s a sweetheart, but David is not perfect. He has his limits, and even when he DIDN’T know Daniel was part of a cult, he was super passive-aggressive towards him at the mere THOUGHT of Daniel taking his spot at camp. Hell, he had an entire song dedicated to proving he was better than Daniel.

I just can’t imagine that he’d be as cheerful or friendly towards Daniel as he used to be if he learned the truth. But honestly??? That just opens the door for fun possibilities involving them snarking at each other. Sure, David can be NICE, but with added sass.

…Maybe I really don’t like the idea of them being together romantically? Mostly because it involves erasing so much of what makes them interacting FUN. Also again, David may be a hopeless romantic, but he wouldn’t settle for GARBAGE. Especially not after dating the beautiful and strong Bonquisha, let’s be fucking real. I mean, going from that beautiful lady to the human version of a Hostess Twinkie with about as much nutritional value? Yeah RIGHT. He can do better.

I’m making this a series of some short now, I guess xD. Another small doodle (this one slightly bigger) of Gajeel. I really enjoy making these tiny colourless portraits, it’s pretty relaxing, especially during finals season. It kinda takes the stress out. I may do some more, they’re pretty fun^^

This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.


The first think I want to make clear is that he was not perfect.

Regulus was a person full of prejudices. That’s something we know from Sirius’ words in Order of the Phoenix (“my parents, with their pure-blood mania, convinced that to be a Black made you practically royal… my idiot brother, soft enough to believe them…”) and more importantly we know from Kreacher’s words in Deathly Hallows (“For years he talked of the Dark Lord, who was going to bring the wizards out of hiding to rule the Muggles and the Muggle-borns… and when he was sixteen years old, Master Regulus joined the Dark Lord. So proud, so proud, so happy to serve…”).

Does that mean he was a bad person? No. Unfortunately, in my opinion all of us have prejudices. Slughorn himself in Half-Blood Prince makes comments like “Your mother was Muggleborn, of course. Couldn’t believe it when I found out. Thought she must have been pureblood, she was so good”, comments that of course Harry didn’t like at all. But Slughorn, with all his flaws and his fears, was a good person. I think it’s the same with Regulus.

This takes me again to Sirius’ quote (the one about being soft) and to explain, not excuse, Regulus’ behaviour. Regulus died at eighteen years old. When I was his age I felt more as a kid than an adult. My brother is eighteen now, and I still see a lot of a kid in him (which is not bad!).

What I mean is that Regulus died being almost a child, and grew up being fed upon his parents prejudices, and believing them. It takes a lot of strength, a lot of bravery, and a lot of hardness to oppose one’s family, or that’s how I see it, and Regulus was soft, and so he believed his parents. When Sirius tells his story, my interpretation of his words is that he’s bitter precisely because Regulus was too soft, and that softness is what made him believe their parents. Regulus wasn’t nor strong nor brave nor hard enough to oppose… or so thought Sirius. I’ll come back to this later.

I think it’s understandable what Regulus did (understandable, not justifiable). Regulus had prejudices against the Muggleborns from the education his parents gave him, and he was soft and believed them. But Kreacher states that he talked for years about Voldemort, the power the Pureblood would have, how they wouldn’t have to hide anymore, and also talked about how proud Regulus was when he took the mark.

Okay, here’s my point. Obviously Regulus made his parents’ ideas his own, and that is understandable. Regulus took the mark when he was sixteen, and still he spent years talking about Voldemort (also in Deathly Hallows Hermione notices the collage under the Toujours Pur motto, a collage made up from newspaper cuttings about Voldemort, and she says that “Regulus seems to have been a fan for a few years before he joined the Death Eaters”; I’ll make a comment about this later). For a boy, barely a teenager, who has lived the break of his family and the abandon of his brother (and I will talk about this later as well), who lives in a world hidden from the world, Voldemort’s way had to be certainly attractive.

Voldemort promised freedom. Voldemort promised power for the Purebloods to rule upon the Muggle and Muggleborns, Purebloods like the Black family, so pure they were practically royal (and everyone inside royalty loves being royalty, let’s be honest here). Voldemort promised to rule upon them, to be over them, or at least Kreacher said those were Regulus’ words. Regulus talked about ruling and stop hiding, not erradication; about that and fulfill the ideals whose un-fulfillment had separated his family. Was it a good thing? No, but it had to be very tempting for a boy barely a teenager who had to live hiding and who had lost his brother. So at sixteen Regulus was brave enough to join Voldemort (and it took bravery; when Harry asks Sirius in Order of the Phoenix if his parents were Death Eaters his godfather answers: “they got cold feet when they saw what he was prepared to do to get power, though. But I bet my parents thought Regulus was a right little hero for joining up first”).

Regulus died at eighteen and took the mark at sixteen. I don’t know what happened in-between, before Voldemort asked for an elf. When I read the books I have the feeling that Regulus was still delighted with Voldemort. But one may wonder about his intention when he volunteered to let Kreacher to Voldemort. Was it because he hadn’t done anything still (as Sirius said, Regulus was never that important: “he was murdered by Voldemort. Or on Voldemort’s orders, more likely; I doubt Regulus was ever important enough to be killed by Voldemort in person”) and wanted to help Voldemort, making also a “compliment” to Kreacher, who Regulus trusted extremely? Did he send Kreacher to spy on Voldemort, precisely because he trusted Kreacher, and that’s the reason of the explicit order to come home (that Kreacher complied and was ultimately what saved his life: “It was an honor, said Master Regulus, an honor for him and for Kreacher, who must be sure to do whatever the Dark Lord ordered him to do… and then to c-come home”)? Both interpretations are possible, which often happens with interpretations, but I lean for the former.

Kreacher seems to know Regulus very well, and it looks like he was able to read him, his concerns and emotions, but he talks about Regulus being strange and disturbed only once the cavern episode takes place, when Kreacher turns back home from there after Voldemort left him to die (“Master Regulus was very worried, very worried. Master Regulus told Kreacher to stay hidden and not to leave the house. And then… it was a little while later… Master Regulus came to find Kreacher in his cupboard one night, and Master Regulus was strange, not as he usually was, disturbed in his mind, Kreacher could tell…”). So that’s why I think Regulus considered, like Kreacher, an honour to serve Voldemort and give him his elf. But Kreacher comes back, because his beloved master ordered him to, and tells a worried Regulus about what happened in the cave. Attending to Kreacher’s words, Regulus is not the same again.

Time goes by, but not much, and Regulus asks Kreacher to take him to the cave. From what Kreacher says I’m inclined to think it’s a matter of weeks maybe, even though maybe it was months because after around fifteen years the perception of time is different. Is it possible that in that time, besides thinking about Voldemort’s intentions, coming to the conclussion it was about Horcruxes, and making a copy of the locket, Regulus was investigating Voldemort himself? It’s possible. Maybe Regulus’ collage of newspaper was consequence of this research, and the dates were only from before him taking the mark because he took the care and time to look for and collect them; maybe it was all research and it opened his eyes. I must say I like this theory, but to be honest I lean towards another theory where Regulus isn’t that good. I think it’s more probably that, if he admired Voldemort that much, he simply collected newspaper cuttings with remarkable dates or events, and that after Kreacher’s story he saw them and read them in a different light (have you ever seen a film or read a text a thousand times but one day you look at it and it’s suddenly new, and you wonder how you never understood it like this before? That’s the feeling I’m talking about). To be honest as stupid as it may seem the question about Regulus’ collage being from before his Death Eater days or product of his attempt to figure Voldemort out is probably the first question I’d ask Rowling.

Anyway, the fact is that Regulus spends some time uncomfortable, thinking, and comes to Kreacher. He calls the elf and we all know what happens later. I’m pretty sure that, apart from not being able to comply the order of destroying the locket, Kreacher’s greatest pain was complying the order of abandoning his master in that cave.

There are still two things about what I said I’d come back and still haven’t, and I think they’re intertwined: I said I’d talk about Regulus’ softness and Sirius’ bitterness about it, and about the fact that he left his younger brother.

First of all I want to state that I think it’s pretty clear that Sirius was strong, rough even maybe. He was reckless, passionate and probably impulsive; he was hard (unyielding, troublesome, firm, difficult to deal with or manage; not soft). Sirius confronted his family directly, yelling and swearing, and finally he left. I’ve got two siblings, and maybe it’s because of the way we understand family here, but you don’t abandon a sibling. I find incredible and horrible what Sirius did; not that he left, but that he left his younger brother with that kind of parents like he did. Regulus was so young then, since he was younger than Sirius and he left when he was sixteen. I don’t know, but I find very hard to abandon a sibling as young as Regulus because the ideals they had. When you’re that young you can still see through and see more and change. Regulus’ ideals didn’t have to be forever. What even, Sirius? Couldn’t you help your brother a little in spite of all the rage, or use the rage to overcome Regulus’ possible reluctance? Besides, leaving like he did? Leaving to find himself another brother in James? That must have hurt Regulus more than death. I at least like to think the Black brothers loved each other once, or always, in spite of Sirius’ words (“I hated the whole lot of them”). After all, I think it fits for someone as familiar and as soft as Regulus was, and Sirius himself said that he tried to find information about Regulus’ death (“From what I found out after he died, he got in so far, then panicked about what he was being asked to do and tried to back out”), and even though he said he hated them all, it’s clear that he hates his parents, but I feel it’s more like bitterness what he feels for Regulus. However, this is all speculation.

My point is that the fact that Sirius left and found himself another brother, and after the family disowned him and cut all bonds with him, in my opinion seems to be one of the reasons why Regulus took the mark: remaining the heir of the Black family, he had to do what would have been Sirius’ job. And to be honest I think Sirius hardness, his character in general, would have made a very valuable pawn for Voldemort, much more suitable than Regulus was, and would have probably made himself more important than his brother ever did. But again this goes beyond interpretation and is more like speculation.

I’ve said a lot of times that Regulus was soft, but I’ve not said in what sense he was (or at least in what sense I understood he was). When Sirius tells his story, he seems bitter about it. I think he reproaches Regulus that very softness, because he wasn’t strong enough or hard enough to oppose their parents. Regulus is, of course, soft in that sense; but he’s soft in general (yielding, easily penetrated, smooth, not rough, pleasant, gentle, easily influenced, not strong, conciliatory; not hard). My point is that Regulus was soft in all senses, almost the “idea” of softness; his body, his character, his manners,… all of it screamed (or whispered) softness. Regulus was the youngest. Regulus was so much like Sirius, but he was also thinner and smallest (“Harry could visualize them quite clearly, the frightened old elf and the thin, dark Seeker who had so resembled Sirius…”). I dare say Regulus was also the kindest and most compassionate.

Kreacher loved Regulus and hated Sirius. That’s because Regulus treated Kreached good, while Sirius didn’t at all. In fact, that cost Sirius his own life. In Deathly Hallows Hermione states clearly “Sirius was horrible to Kreacher, Harry, and it’s no good looking like that, you know it’s true. Kreacher had been alone for such a long time when Sirius came to live here, and he was probably starving for a bit of affection. (…) I’ve said all along that wizards would pay for how they treat house-elves. Well, Voldemort did… and so did Sirius”. I love that, I particularly love how she says “and so did Sirius”. I also love what Harry thinks after her words: “Harry had no retort. As he watched Kreacher sobbing on the floor, he remembered what Dumbledore had said to him, mere hours after Sirius’ death: I do not think Sirius ever saw Kreacher as a being with feelings as acute as a human’s…”.

I love that because I think it gives a fairly good point of view of how things were, to help determine the extent to Sirius’ hardness and Regulus’ softness and kindness. But also it provides us of another point of view of the same people, and tells us how having or not having a prejudice doesn’t necessarily makes you a good person or prevents you from having or not having another prejudice as repulsive as the first one.

Regulus was attracted to liberty, to not having to hide, to power, and was attached to his family, so he was prejudiced against the muggleborns. Besides, magic does seem superior in some sense to the lack of magic, so one needs education about the muggles to know they are not stupid. Arthur Weasley has an education about it, wrong in some senses, but he does have it, and I’m sure that’s part of the reason why the Weasleys haven’t prejudices against the Muggle or Muggleborns. The prejudice against the elves and the disregard towards them is something equally inserted in the wizarding world; even the Weasleys have it.

But people can educate themselves. They can learn and come to see things differently. Slughorn and Regulus did (Hermione said so explicitly echoing Harry’s thoughts: “Regulus changed his mind”), as Ron did with the elves, so they chose the right thing. Sirius never came to treat Kreacher in a kind way, and as I said that cost him his life.

Basically what I wanted to illustrate with that is that Sirius was hard, so he left; Regulus was soft, and so he stayed. But I think both acts required a lot of bravery.

Regulus did what he did because the world in which he had thrust himself into had hurt someone he loved (Kreacher). I like to think that when he came to know Voldemort’s real intentions his very softness and compassion made him see things differently, changed his mind and made him do the right thing in the end (unsuccessfully, but still). And as he was soft the way he did it was soft. Because Sirius would have done it like he did, with screams and noise and swearing. But Regulus was soft, so he told Kreacher to leave and left a note and a secret and died alone in silence.

Because Gryffindor’s way is usually like Sirius’, a bang, but Slytherin’s way is often more like Regulus’, more like a whimper.

So in brief, I think Regulus was a kind soft compassionate boy who was flawed, like we all are, made mistakes, like we all do, but came to his senses and was brave enough to make the right thing, which is something not all of us do.

He loved fondly, though his passion had a very special way of showing: by not showing, not being clearly acknowledged, keeping the secret so that those who were loved would be granted safety if all his deeds came up to nothing. He was brave, and I think he was good, and a Slytherin. I find him very interesting. And I love him very much.

So that’s it! I’ve tried to be explanatory and parcial, focusing on the books rather than my headcanons as much as possible. I hope I have been true.

I also want to say that everyone interested enough in Regulus to read this post (thank you for your patience, honestly) should message @alasseablack She is brilliant and kind, and the conversations I’ve had with her have been very helpful to write this.

Finally I want to say I’m really sorry for the delay! I wanted to say too many things and didn’t know how to start. I’ve probably exaggerated, though. I should have just cried.

It’s Stupid

Request:  Would you be able to do one with Sean where you’re some how affiliated with other youtubers he knows, so you’ve gotten to know eachother and theres been some flirting going between them. You’ve gotten really tired & sad because you’ve been working so hard & drama has been coming out about you thats not true. He tries to talk but that doesn’t really work so he starts touching her and saying he can look after her tonight, so like kinda fluffy but hot? SORRY IF ITS TOO MUCH YOU CAN LEAVE SOME OUT

A/N I really hope this is what you were looking for, I had a hard time writing it.

Jacksepticeye x reader

word count: 371

Warnings: Drama

               Being friends with Felix, better known as PewDiePie, wasn’t easy. He was a lovely person, but it was hard to avoid the drama that surrounded him. When all the news about Felix being anti-Semitic and a Nazi started spreading, your friends decided you were too. Soon the only friends who would talk to you were the ones who personally knew Felix and knew it wasn’t true.

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I really don't understand why Louis feels like that. Does he not know how much we love and appreciate him? It breaks my heart to know that a large part of him has been broken and there's nothing we can do about it.. :(

We’ve gotta show him all the love and support in the world going forward. I know we did our best in the past, but…..yeah, I’m going to another level now.

Can we talk about NU’EST for a second?!

I’m literally . .. I don’t even know how to feel LMAO

Months ago, the loves here on tumblr who made be obsessed with nu’est in the first place, these guys perfectly predicted that nu’est w would do all this THIS.

The continuation of Love paint, all the compass references, adapting the story to fit Minhyun’s absence, references to him being missing and being incomplete without MH, DAMN NU’BOYS AND THEIR TEAM ARE REALLY DOING EVERY SINGLE THING I THOUGHT THEY WOULD AND WANTED/NEEDED THEM TO DO AND IM FEELING OVERWHELMED.

I’m in awe at how clever they are, I can’t even think of ONE trilogy (and theres a lot lately cos its a trend) that relates to a groups personal real life situation SO MUCH. Infact “if you” is the only song I’ve listened to in which I know exactly who it is about- their music and concepts are so PERSONAL, their bond is so genuine, but they’ve been through so much pain, which you can hear in their performances, which is why loves spend all day friggin crying. God these boys turned such a shitty situation (Min gone) into a story to make it more bearable for themselves and for us AND I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH

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coloring (more like editing) process

gonna use this mob to finally explain my COLORING PROCESS.. and how i go from these base colors to the final product .. 

i always start with my base colors, which are almost always the same, so i keep a color palette to choose from. I usually pick the skin tone first and then change the hue for diff colors (I sometimes change the saturation and brightness too) The example below is the skin tone i use almost Always.. and of course it can be changed later on

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Sans: ey, Tori. how about comin’ with me to Grillby’s? they got great grub.

Toriel: *smiles* Oh, with an old woman like me? Dear, you really are too kind.

Sans: c'mon, don’t be so hard on yourself. you can’t be that old. i mean, at the ripe age of my late twenties, i’m practically dust by now. after all, you look pretty young. how much older can you be?

Toriel: I’m 457 years old.

Sans: what the fuck?

Toriel: Thought so.

Sans: wait, so does this mean we can get a senior discount?

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aaaaa so i made an animatic on lifeboat amd people are accusing me of copying you.. i dont remember fully of your lifeboat animatic amd yes, i had some inspiration from you since youre the one that inspired me to do animatics but?? im nervous and anxious if people end up calling me a copycat of you ://

yeah i think ik who u are(i hope? this is the video im referring to and if it’s not you then im rlly sorry abhjdf) . someone tweeted to me about this and i saw a comment of someone harassing you and i’m really sorry about that. and?? our animatics literally only have 2 things in common: the lightning and the shadow figures– which of course i obviously don’t mind at all??? seriously what is wrong with people. they shouldn’t exaggerate so much to say that it’s “an exact copy” when theres literally just 2 things in common.

yknow those friends/ppl who are always like “you’re not too much to handle!!! you’re not a burden at all!!!” and you want to believe them you really do
but how can i when i cant even handle myself, when my literal existence is a burden to myself. when eventually everyone just ignores most of the things i say and tbh it’d be better for everyone if they just forgot about me

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hey kiana i wanna start selling prints but i feel like im going in pretty blindly, do you think there's anything i should know going in, or any tips??

hmmm lemme think

if you’re using a service like red bubble or society6 you can pretty much make whatever you want without worrying. they are printed by order and the company takes care of the shipping and printing, so you dont lose any money, but you also don’t get paid much

so if you really want to make money, i’d suggest printing stuff yourself and selling it on a site like storenvy, tictail, or etsy. you get the most profit that way but you also have to worry about expenses. there are many places you can get stuff printed including a few online shops; catprint is a pretty popular one but lately i’ve seen them be very lazy with packing and that ends up ruining prints, and apparently they aren’t good with refunds either, so i wouldn’t recommend. i’m sure theres some local print shops, but depending where you are those can get spendy. 

i think the best way to guarantee quality and low price is to invest in your own good printer. i have a canon pro-100, it cost about $300 when i bought it. its on the lower price scale of the nice printers. then i bought an ink refill kit from Precision Colors which is like bootleg ink so i dont have to buy new cartridges. my paper is Red River Paper, i buy the kind called 68lb. UltraPro Satin.

but if you’re just getting started, thats a lot of money to dump into something so i would defo recommend looking in to print shops, either local or online, first.

As for content, make your BEST STUFF large prints. (11x17 or 11x14 usually. if you dont have access to a paper cutter, stick to 11x17) research what people are buying; idk if you’re making fanart but there might be a show you really like and you think is popular, but it sells like crap. i’ve had my one punch man prints for like 2 years now and theres nothing worse than the feeling of a print that doesn’t move. i charge $15 for my large prints, thats considered kind of standard. if you go too low, you undermine fellow artists and yourself, and customers will start to expect that low low price as standard 

medium prints (8.5x11) and small prints (5x7) are more flexible, you can play around more with those and experiment. maybe if you want to test if a large print will do well, make a small or medium print first and see if that moves. people are also more willing to buy smaller, cheaper prints, so i like to have most of my stock be small and medium prints. i charge medium prints as $10 and small prints as $5. if you have a small print that doesn’t sell, its not a big deal because they’re cheap to make. also, if you’re using a print shop: a lot of them don’t print in 5x7, so format your mini prints to be 2 on one letter size page. 

its also a good idea to buy some cellophane bags for them too; clearbags is a big brand you can use, but just searching the print size and “cellophane bag” on amazon could get you some cheaper options. buy the kind with the fold down adhesive top. put the print in it, along with your business card in the back, and it just makes for a really nice, professional look that also protects the print and shows the customer you value their business. 

if you’re selling them online, packing/shipping can be a puzzle. personally i purchase those foam core boards from the dollar tree along with kraft postal paper. i cut the foam core to be slightly larger than the print, sandwich it between 2 pieces, tape them together, then wrap it with postal paper and put the address on it. they can be expensive to ship, especially large prints and international orders; make sure you adjust your shipping prices accordingly. 

also, dont get discouraged if things dont start selling right from the start! a lot of it is just branding yourself properly and getting popular. start with a low stock and just a few prints so you’re not spending a whole lot of money right from the get go. 

soooo i think thats about it! sorry for the text wall, i hope this helps!

Why Wincest? : An Honest Answer.

Like most Wincest shippers, I get asked a lot of different questions about why it is so appealing to me. Fortunately, I havent received any hate regarding it (yet) just mostly curiosity, and to be honest, I ask myself all the same questions.

To be clear, I am only answering for myself, since everyone’s experience is different, but I know there are people who feel the same way. I’ll start by saying, I don’t have a brother kink, or any interest in m/m sex, but something about Sam and Dean specifically, intrigued me very early on. I’d say somewhere around “Woooaaah easy tiger” (Dean grins) “Dean!?” (Sam answers breathlessly) I thought, “Oh yeah, these 2 wanna bang each other!” and that was literally the first scene we ever saw of Sam and Dean together. 

There is a reason why the writers/producers gave us a scene like this as our first introduction to the brothers’s relationship, it’s because they want us to sense sexual tension between them. This is the type of scene that TV shows and movies use to plant such thoughts between characters. For whatever reason 2 characters suddenly have physical contact, or maybe just long eye contact. The trope we’ve seen a million times, the “oops our bodies are touching and we made eye contact” that has started almost every love story ever. Since this is the very first scene between the brothers, the writers wanted to establish this immediately. 

So, like so many people, I noticed this, and then thought “well thats kinda gross, they’re brothers” and moved on. However, it didnt stop there. The writers threw in text mixed with subtext to keep it going. From standing/sitting too close together, unnecessary touching, grabbing, pinning each other against the wall, and so on, mixed with spoken text about how much one needs the other, or how theres nothing they wouldnt do for each other, established in concrete, that these 2 are not normal brothers. 

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If you're still taking prompts, I'd really love to see Prompto suffering from nightmares after the events of "Memories of the Past", and Ignis recalling the calming effect that hair petting had on child Prompto. Poor Prom is too exhausted to be embarrassed, though there's nothing to worry about as Ignis cares so much for his wellbeing. It's really, really soothing. (Those tender, bittersweet moments between the two just slayed me, I love that fic so much!)

What a sweet prompt! This one was really fun to do. Thank you for sending it my way, and I’m glad to hear you liked MotP. <3


A Soothing Touch


It’s been scarcely a week, but already most of the obvious signs have faded.

Prompto no longer starts when someone approaches without warning from behind. At meals, he’s stopped taking seconds and thirds, just to prove that he can. His aimless chatter has returned: frequent, and optimistic, and full of humor.

Perhaps Gladio and Noctis are taken in by the thin veneer of normality.

Ignis, however, does not have that luxury. By habit, he wakes early, to drink his first cup of coffee in peace and begin the preparations for breakfast. He sees Prompto’s face, unguarded in sleep, twisted with pain and terror, and he knows that, though the physical changes have faded, some lingering ill effects from his brush with the time daemon yet remain.

It cannot be easy, these memories of a past Prompto’s struggled so hard to leave behind. 

This morning’s nightmare, it seems, is particularly unpleasant. Prompto shifts and jerks in his sleeping bag, as though trying to escape some nameless foe. He makes a sound, low in his throat, like a wounded animal. His face is paper-pale in the early morning light, and Ignis can just make out the tears tracking slowly down his cheeks.

All at once, Ignis decides his coffee can wait.

He takes care not to wake Gladio or Noct, moving with careful steps over their sleeping forms until he stands beside Prompto. Then he lowers himself to the tent’s floor.

He still remembers the way Prompto felt in his arms, when he was so much smaller. He recalls the way that fragile frame trembled against him, and how readily a gentle touch calmed him into contentment.

Carefully, Ignis reaches out to smooth his fingers through Prompto’s hair. 

He sets a steady rhythm, the one that became habitual in the few days Prompto was reverted to a younger self. It’s the way he would stroke a frightened animal: soft, and gentle, with infinite care.

Perhaps Prompto can feel it, even in sleep. His restless motion stills, and he makes another sound, quieter this time: almost pleased.

Ignis stays that way for perhaps ten minutes, nothing but the feel of Prompto’s hair between his fingers and against his palm. He stays until the nightmare, whatever it was, has been soothed away. Then he moves to rise. 

Breakfast won’t cook itself, after all.

“Iggy?” says a quiet voice beside him.

When he looks, he sees that Prompto’s awake, peering up at him with eyes that are still red from crying.

“Yes, Prompto?”

There’s a pause that lasts so long Ignis is certain Prompto won’t say anything.

Then, finally: “Could you keep doing that? Just for a little bit.”

“Of course,” says Ignis. “For as long as you like.”

Perhaps breakfast can wait, after all.

Hello!! Its me with an update!!

Im currently on holiday, enjoying a bit of peace away from work. Ive had a lot on my mind lately and theres a lot of shit that I need to sort out.

Just wanted to let you all know that im doing well. My mental health hasnt been too great, but ive been dealing with it the best I can with the small amount of time I have to myself. In a lot of ways… Im the happiest ive been. But equally, I’m also the most miserable. Its a feeling ive never really dealt with.

I know ill get better, and I dont ever want you guys to worry much about me. Im a strong gal and can certainly handle myself 😜

I hope to come back to this blog soon. Work hours should be calming down so ill be able to get back into this community properly!!

Love you all so fucking much. Hope you are all doing well!

I hesitated a lot about this and how to put what I wanted to say…

The most important thing is that he has people who care, are there and will stay until he gets better.

It’s hard when one doesn’t have the perspective or could I say is more “sensitive and understanding”? About those subjects. And some would say “get better soon” “smile” and things like that. I don’t want to sound rude or negative, just trying to help from my personal perspective too, these kind of comments often come off as a burden.
I have so much I want to say but it’s hard to put it in words.
First, if anyone reading this is going through a hard time, struggling, with mental health, know that you’re not alone. Yes, that cliche phrase, I know, but I mean it. You aren’t. You really aren’t alone in how you’re feeling, in what you’re going through.
It is okay to feel that way, to feel sad, to feel all of that so deep and intense… I know, it must be overwhelming, but it’s okay. You’ll be okay. You will.
Take your time, to feel, to understand, to heal. Allow yourself to heal. You deserve it. You are important and you deserve to get better.
Even a little spark in the dark, even a little step you make, it may seem like nothing? But it’s huge. It’s important. Always, always take your time. Don’t rush your healing. You are human, we aren’t perfect. But you deserve to keep living, to keep loving, being loved, cared.
The first step is always the hardest but you can do it. At your own time, always remember. It’s going to be okay. You’ll be okay.

I’m not a professional counselor or anything like that and I do struggle myself, I have anxiety and depression and yes, it’s not easy. But I sincerely wrote from my perspective and I mean it. I really hope all of you are okay.

I recommend the blog twloha to understand a bit more about this subject. It’s the only blog I read that I find helpful, informative and not triggering. (But this is a personal opinion). And if you’re struggling the best recommendation is to go to counseling or a doctor or talk with someone, anyone! I know it’s hard but you can do it! Take your time.

hey everyone text RESIST to 50409. it’ll connect you to a textbot that will contact your state representative. we all need to send letters to let them know to #DefendDACA

this Twitter thread (https://twitter.com/00ult/status/904552151262756864) has a lot of useful information. i never really talk about politics but this takes five minutes and it’s actually really important. 800,000 people’s lives are on the line and we can all help.

im not an expert on the topic but DACA essentially helps immigrants and their children get social security numbers, jobs, enrolled in school, among a lot of other important things. taking this away would hurt so many people, and trump WILL do it in 6 month’s time.

texting that number will walk you through sending a letter to your state’s senator, and it will send it for you. all you have to do is state that you want them to fight against trump taking DACA away. please, just take a few minutes to do this. the twitter thread I linked before has a sample letter you can copypaste.

thanks for reading, and please spread the word.

if i put aside half of my paycheck each week i should? have enough for a new laptop in about four weeks??? i think, depending how big the hit to my pay is with how much theyre cutting hours,,, but atleast this gives me a chance to practice traditional art for awhile? or maybe develop jacques’ story better and get to writing that,, work on homework.

Rowan Blanchard: "Fashion is political."
  • Interviewer: Do you think that fashion can be honestly political?
  • Rowan: Absolutely. I think fashion is political. I feel like the way women dress is political. It's used against us or for us. You can't really involve a woman in something without it being political. There's a lot a talk about gender in fashion right now... And fashion can have so much power in fighting a binary concept of gender. So much influence. A bunch of teenagers wouldn't otherwise think: "ok, it's ok for me to wear a suit, and it's ok for my brother to wear a skirt !"