but there's something about it that is so relevant

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A friend and I were discussing the names of Beyoncé's children and it was suggested that a future child (ours, hers, whoever) should be named Gem Apple (in Blue Ivy fashion) so as to fuck with them if they ever go to France. I don't know why you would find this relevant but there's at least two potential OMGCP references here so I thought I'd share

this is most excellent. i would, however, like to propose an alternate suggestion.

what if jack names a dog or something Gem Apple and bitty is like… okay honey, I guess you like my pie but what’s with the “gem” part? but he goes along with it and straight up does not notice for about two years and then he’s like… wait a second

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I've noticed you've dismissed people's requests to add trigger warnings to stories on multiple occasions and it's really starting to bother me. Even a small mention of something can have a big impact and it's just really rude to tell people their trigger isn't​ relevant enough to care about. I understand you wouldn't want to mislead your readers with a warning that doesn't have a big impact on the plot but there's nothing keeping you from putting a warning in the tags so they can blacklist it

First off, thanks for not going anon. That’s pretty cool. 

Secondly, I have actually edited some stories accordingly based on requests, but I can see where you’re coming from. Anyway I definitely do not dismiss anyone’s request for a trigger. I read and consider each and single one carefully before deciding to edit the story (which I have, several times). But obviously it’s the times where I’ve decided not to that have drawn the most attention. 

I’m sorry if I’ve come across as rude - I do try to be as nice as possible during my replies and perhaps my intentions were not translated well enough over words. The point I was trying to make in my previous replies is not that “their trigger isn’t relevant enough”, but that the theme in the story itself doesn’t occur significantly enough to warrant the warning. I have in fact used the “animal death and cruelty” trigger countless times.

But you do raise up an interesting point though - the adding of a warning in the tags when there is little need for a trigger warning at the start of a story. I’ve never thought of that, and I think I’ll incorporate that for future stories like #1211. 

Cheers for writing in! 

Me first time seeing The Force Awakens
  • Kylo: *is interested in Rey "the girl"*
  • Me: okay, whatever
  • Kylo: "so this is the girl I've heard so much about"
  • Me: okay... Idk why that statement is relevant but okay...
  • Kylo: *picks Rey up bridal style*
  • Me: oh.. Okay... This is making me feel something not sure what
  • Kylo: *stares @ Rey until she wakes up*
  • Rey: "...when you're being hunted by s creature in a mask"
  • Me: pftttt he's not gonna take his mask off... this is the first movie there's no way
  • Kylo: *takes his mask off*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ... Oh wow... This is... Not how I was expecting this to go
  • Kylo: "you know I can take whatever I want"
  • Me: wow I am just... I really have no idea what I'm feeling... I'm just gonna brush it off and pretend like I don't feel something stirring inside me
  • Kylo: "don't be afraid I feel it too"
  • Me: *deep in the back of my brain* kinda ship it, kinda don't know what to do with the feels I've just been dealt

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The only solid reason that i know Hides alive is because Ishida drew him for the liveaction promo,like if he is dead ,and a vv minor character whats the point? He didnt draw Yoriko so theres clearly something special about Hide.

Hmm, I’m not quite sure about that. He has drawn minor characters for the promo like Ogura, and Hide did have a large part in the first arc of TG, so it would make sense for him to do so regardless of whether or not Hide will be relevant now.

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I kind of suspected you'd be bi haha. It's just because you're a muslim that i wanted to be sure. Would you ever date a girl despite your religion ?

The topic of homosexuality in Islam is something I’m not well versed on so I can’t speak on behalf of my religion, however there are many LGBT Muslims on tumblr (theres even a gay imam rep in Canada with his opinions online) who can open open your eyes to a lot of misconceptions. I do say it’s not fair how certain things perceived as sins are put on a pedestal over other sins that people don’t talk about due to culture relevance. The only sin unforgivable in Islam is obviously any type of association with God, followed by I believe hypocrisy (Nifaq). But aside from Shirk, Allahu wase3 Al maghfira (God encompasses forgiveness). ‘Allah is ever pardoning-All powerful’ -surah Al Nisa, verse 149 Make allowances for people, command what is right, and turn away from the ignorant. -Surah Al Araf, verse 199 'Allah is all pardoning- ever forgiving’- Surah Al hajj, verse 60 This isn’t me inviting to a grey area where you might sin, this is me saying don’t judge people’s personal choices. It gives a bad name to our religion and it’s insulting to the God who among his 99 names has Al Rahman (The All Merciful), Al Raheem ( The most merciful) Al Ghafur (The All forgiving) Al Rauf ( The Compassionate) Al Saboor (The Forebearing). There’s a difference between open communication and attacking personal choices. I’m a convert still so I can’t speak as if I know everything, but for the second part of the question: I’m not even in the dating scene but if I were yeah I’d date a girl.

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Make sure to especially compliment little dark skinned black girls as they grow older!! Let them know that theyre gorgeous and innocent and worthy of everything good!! That them being added into something beautiful isnt just a political statement, theyre just as if not more stunning than their pale/light skinned counterparts!! So that when theyre my age they wont give half a fuck what niggas as relevant as iggy azealia’s ghost writer have to say about them!!

Theres no place on this earth where they wont be looked down on cause of their skin, so fucking kill these ideas in childhood!!!


Milo Ventimiglia as Sean Bennigan
the Whispers 1.12 “Traveller in the Dark”

The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth


When Cameron Post’s parents die suddenly in a car crash, her shocking first thought is relief. Relief they’ll never know that, hours earlier, she had been kissing a girl.

But that relief doesn’t last, and Cam is soon forced to move in with her conservative aunt Ruth and her well-intentioned but hopelessly old-fashioned grandmother. She knows that from this point on, her life will forever be different. Survival in Miles City, Montana, means blending in and leaving well enough alone (as her grandmother might say), and Cam becomes an expert at both.

Then Coley Taylor moves to town. Beautiful, pickup-driving Coley is a perfect cowgirl with the perfect boyfriend to match. She and Cam forge an unexpected and intense friendship–one that seems to leave room for something more to emerge. But just as that starts to seem like a real possibility, ultrareligious Aunt Ruth takes drastic action to “fix” her niece, bringing Cam face-to-face with the cost of denying her true self–even if she’s not exactly sure who that is.


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What does it mean, though, that the Doctor isn't allowed to love? Why isn't he allowed to love someone with all of his hearts? Is he only allowed to spread it about? To love everything equally but not love something more than anything else? Is the universe so cruel that there's a fundamental limit, like the speed of light, to how much you can care about something?

Hi! Thank you for willing to discuss this with me. This reply grew in its own free will when I was writing it, and it became a super long post, with some other thoughts I thought relevant. Hope you won’t find it too annoying or doesn’t answer your question straight away.  

The way I see it, when it comes to the Doctor’s life, regenerations, and his different incarnations, I always love to take that as a metaphor of life itself. Different stages or parts of identities/personalities are related in the pattern of a series of swirling, not necessarily linear yet relevant developments. It’s just like how our life evolves with our constantly changing selves in it.

When it comes to the Doctor’s relationship with others, and his love toward others, I also love to see it in the same way. In different stages of our life, sometimes we wanted a romantic relationship so bad, sometimes we cherished friendship more than any other relationships, sometimes we pleaded for a soulmate partnership. And sometimes, those people just happened and feelings happened, and we couldn’t label the relationship. We called it love, love in some way, love in every possible way, even love became a loose phrase. I believe how we interpret the Doctor’s relationship with a certain person should always link back to which incarnation he was and in what specific stage of his identities. Thus makes his relationships with different people can not be compared or ranked. They are all important for him in a way. They are someone he needed at that time.

However, I never liked to use the phrase “equally” when discussing the Doctor’s relationships with and affections toward his companions and wives, because I thought that’s too easy. First, this phrase usually makes me feel as if the Doctor is the sun with every other companion looking up for him, and he loves them all from a higher position, which I don’t like. To me, the Doctor is also an individual and has his own selfish needy and flaws in every relationship. And this should be linked back to the status of “who is the Doctor” at that time. Second, imo, one can never love their friends/partners/lovers/companions/spouses equally. Those relationships are not exclusive nor comparable, of course. But they are not equal. Especially if we discuss this without differentiating which incarnation we referring to. They are all the same man, I got it, but I have to say, a relationship and love between individuals is a dynamic field, and it can’t be understood without knowing the statuses of which stage those individuals are on within their own life stream. That’s the most interesting part when we look into the Doctor/companion relationship, when they entered each other’s life, they were individuals with their own many issues. Rose was the one 9th most needed at that time. 9th regenerated into 10th with her. 10th’s relationship with Martha and Donna can be viewed clearer in the Rose/10th/Martha/Donna dynamic (I didn’t differentiate romantic relationship or friendship here bc I think both fit) because 10th’s character arc was developed within an incarnation. Clara’s relationship with 12th can be viewed clearer in the 11th/Clara/12th dynamic especially in the first half of series 8. Because 11th and 12th are different incarnations/personalities/identities/perspectives of the Doctor. That’s what makes Clara/12th relationship deep imo, because they showed that development brilliantly. And that’s also what I want to see in the coming Christmas special because 12th is very different from 11th.

On the other hand, the question of how far the Doctor will go for his companions/wives is also unanswerable. Because that also involved the personality of a certain incarnation of the Doctor. Burning a sun to say goodbye was what 10th would do for Rose. Mourning Rose and sometimes overlooked Martha’s value was what 10th would do. Forgiving River for killing him was what 11th would do for River. Cheating Clara and sending her back without her consent was what 11th would to save her. Risking all of time and space and tearing himself again and again for a chance to save Clara was what 12th would do. Wanting to erase her memories but then choosing to respect what she had to say and her consent was what 12th would do for Clara Oswald. We can choose what kind of love we appreciate and want most in our own will. That usually involves our own ideal type about a relationship. But I don’t see the point to compare them between incarnations because the question of how far the Doctor would go partly depend on which personality was dominating this incarnation. What 12th did for Clara was what he would do for the woman he loves and depends on this much.

I think, it’s discussable If one try to compare his love and affection toward different companions/wives in a certain incarnation, but when it comes to which companions/wives the Doctor loves the most, I think that’s rather an invalid question, because when we argue about it, we ALWAYS argue it with a certain incarnation of the Doctor in our mind. And we also argue it with a certain projection of what we want in a relationship in our mind. That will take the discussion out of context of this show.

I ship Clara/12th so hard and I adore their love (in any way, in every possible way) relationship so much. I never find a love so intense and grab me so much in this show, and in any other story. It may just ruin my life. But I won’t compare their love with other Doctor/companion even with Doctor/wife love. Because like I said, the Doctor doesn’t love them equally, but to compare those love is also impossible. As for 12th, I would love to say he loves Clara Oswald the most, in every possible way. But I won’t compare that to other Doctor/companion relationship because 12th didn’t interact with them nor develop a relationship with them. He hadn’t been born yet. He was not there.

And finally I want to say what makes the temporary closure of Clara/12th relationship so beautiful and unique is the way Moffat dealing with memory wiping. Now I see the beauty in this writing choice. That’s not a way to end this relationship, it’s a way to froze this love story, between heartbeats. 12th can’t remember Clara Oswald, but he remembered there is a Clara-hole in his mind. He can’t remember their (love) confessions in the Cloister. 12th will have another companion in the future, he will meet River in the Christmas special. But all these won’t affect Clara/12th relationship slightly. This writing choice makes any attempt to compare 12th/others with 12th/Clara impossible. Because 12th doesn’t remember, especially the love confession part. It’s the same logic when I argued it’s impossible to compare the Doctor’s love toward different companions when he was his different incarnations. I think that’s the most genius and generous way that Moffat chose to “close” this relationship and this love (frozen in a single moment, between heartbeats, and is bigger inside). That doesn’t make this love superior to the others, but definitely makes it unique and incomparable in its own way. And that fits. That fits their character and their relationship nature. Brilliantly.

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sorry to keep bothering you, but now i'm curious. why do people think he's the grave digger?

It’s been a long time since I’ve talked or thought about this, so I’m probably forgetting some stuff, but:

  • the gravedigger’s size
  • the fact that he likes dogs (he bonded with Septon Meribald’s dog right away)
  • he limps (this is relevant because the last time we saw Sandor Clegane, he had a very serious leg wound)
  • Sandor’s horse, Stranger, is there on the Quiet Isle (only now he’s renamed…. Driftwood?  or something?)
  • the Elder Brother is really careful with his wording when he talks to Brienne about Sandor; he says that the Hound is dead, but he doesn’t say that Sandor is
  • - when something happens at SM -
  • Random Fans: They should pull a Shinhwa and get out like seriously!
  • Random Fans: They should set up their own companies like Shinhwa!
  • Random Fans: Shinhwa Shinhwa Shinhwa -inserts facts taken out of context-
  • - when nothing happens at SM -
  • Random Fans: Shinhwa? Who?
  • ...
  • Shinhwa is not responsible for your fandom. Shinhwa is not a shield you throw about whenever something happen to your bias group in SM, especially when you don't know much about their history. Shinhwa's circumstances are different from yours so it's not a fair statement to go 'pull a Shinhwa'.
  • I know it's a bomb on your fandom, and I'm sorry to hear that. If you want a hug, a consolation, a listening ear, we would lend it to you. But please, don't take and throw about 'Shinhwa' like a solution to all your SM frustrations and flood the tags with it, thank you.
asexual & aromantic spectrum mini-documentary

in case anyone forgot, i’m aromantic, and I’m making ^ that for my LGBTQIA+ studies seminar to raise awareness and teach my class about it (when someone asked the teachers about asexuality, they basically said there is very little info about it moved on. no bueno). so i’m interviewing a few people who are passionate advocates about ace/ aro awareness and who might have different intersectional perspectives than me!

how you can help!

  • if you’re an ally or someone who has questions about ace/ aro spectrum, send me a message so i can answer it in my video!
  • if you are on the aro/ ace spectrum, share your experiences with me in a message or send me your Skype info to set up an interview!
  • or you can just reblog this so i can find people who want to do those things! 

if you message me or even reblog, i’ll include your name or url in the credits.

if you agree to an interview, i’ll draw you something and write you a letter! the more people i am able to interview, the shorter the interview has to be (i need 2 hours of footage for the project)

also i procrastinated and this has to be done by next tuesday oops. the questions i’ve thought of so far are in the read more. thanks friends! 

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This so called fanservice scene was relevant to the plot (one of DE's best memories)! You're all so pressed because SE could never have a scene as exciting. DE is the only couple with this classic romantic scene. But I'm not surprised, because there's a reason we call SEr's the petty fandom after all lol, bye.

Lol, relevant to the plot? Dullena’s best memory wasn’t even canon. They literally had to invent a memory. JP said so herself: the writers sat down and tried to come up with something, because they couldn’t use canon material. Dullena doesn’t have an actual canon memory that they can call their best memory because all they did was bitch and whine about how they’re sooo bad and sooo toxic and about how he killed people. Again. And screwed up. Again. Don’t you see how incredibly sad that is? (Of course you don’t, if you did, you’d see how sad that entire ship is.) If Stelena were to take a walk down memory lane (which they actually did, by the way, and it’s needless to say SE’s episode got far better ratings than that Dullena suck fest) they didn’t have to invent anything. Everything Elena talked about was actually previously seen. There’s literal footage of Stelena building those memories. The writers didn’t have to pull anything out of their asses to “honor” the Stelena fandom. We were honored by every episode in the first three seasons. Nothing was invented for our ship. No, no, we actually saw Stefan swoop her up to the top of the ferris wheel so he could kiss his girlfriend. We actually saw him saving her life. We actually saw Elena look at his vamp face, we heard her tell him not to hide from her and we saw her kiss the veins away with her love for him.

You got a “classic romantic scene” that meant nothing, because what did they do? They stuck their tongues down each other’s throats while it was raining, and it was done by stunt doubles. Rain kisses are supposed to be iconic. Like Nathan and Haley’s kiss in the rain after they fought and he showed her he still loved her, because he followed her every concert and kept articles about it. Brooke and Lucas’s kiss in the rain was iconic, because they fought about something he wrote to her that he previously wrote to Peyton, and he told her that he loved her. The Notebook rain kiss was iconic because that entire movie is iconic. DE’s kiss was nothing but that: a kiss with wet hair. And it was accompanied by Damon literally saying: time to abandon ship. Now you tell me: why would I possibly be jealous of that? When I have a beautiful, consensual first time for Stelena? When I have her kissing his veins away? When I have her telling him it’s okay to feel, to care? When I have him swooping her up to the top of a ferris wheel so they can have a few normal moments? When I have both of them fighting compulsion for each other? When the one thing that is stronger than Stefan’s craving for blood is his love for Elena? Because your precious Dullena didn’t fight compulsion and if Stefan hadn’t been there, Damon would’ve torn off the “love of his life”’s head. There’s literally nothing about Dullena that I should be jealous of. Even the actors themselves loathe your ship.

And last but not least: Stelena is the petty fandom? That’s funny, because I’m not the one in some Dullena fan’s inbox rambling on anon, because that would be you. Have a drink, girl, the salt must be making you thirsty.

I mean, seriously, you ship a thing where one of them actually said: “time to abandon ship”. And you think I’m jealous? My god, girl, I’m laughing my ass off at your abusive sick excuse of a ship. 

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AAOOD3 part 2 is up. What do you think? I feel like there's subliminal messaging happening. XD

I think 1D being on a runaway train…

…with a bunch of kids…

…and a sketchy Conductor (who for some reason is huge)…

…that they eventually turn on…

…is hella relevant to their situation. And I saw Zayn was the first to notice something was up.

I have no idea if these parallels are intentional or not. But imo, they’re there. And I see them. I feel about AAOOD3 like I feel about Rainbow Bondage Bear. I reeaally don’t wanna be checking in with Teddy Bears and cartoons for “secret” messages. It feels very…tinhatty. And yet it’s happening. So here I am like…


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in response to previous anon: there must be something fun and right about splatoon, because there's talk of competitive splatoon. as in, tournaments. money. teams being formed like what TF2 has. so if that kind of thing is happening under everyone's noses... Nintendo is doing something right.

I agree. It’s not only the game that is fun, it’s also the fanbase around it. The game has such a unique and fun art style, lovable characters and as long as we get frequent updates and splatfests, it’s always relevant. You can enjoy the game, even if you don’t own it.

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Halsey needs all the attention she can get so she says things people want to hear so she can be even more relevant even though it's painfully obvious that she's just trying too hard to be noticed. There's really nothing special about the girl tbh.

She’s a bisexual, half black woman in the music industry. She stands up for LGBT+ rights because she knows how shitty it is to be rejected basic human rights. She stands up for racial and gender equality because she knows how shitty it is to be treated differently based on something you can’t control. She stands up for men and women of all sizes because she knows how shitty it is to be judged solely on how you look. She hasn’t gained much of a fanbase just because of what she’s said, she’s gained a fanbase because people like her music. She’s still a really small artist, that’s why she’s performing on the smallest stage at Lollapalooza this weekend. If she was doing this all for attention, don’t you think more people would notice? She has a lot to say so she’s saying it and if that’s why people like her, so be it. If you don’t like her, that’s fine, but saying she’s defending people for attention is a shitty move.

  • *phone rings*
  • Me: Hello?
  • Friend: So, you're going to do damage control?
  • Me: What damage control?
  • Friend: Metrolink attack.
  • Me: What's a metrolink? You mean Metrocard? They increased the price by 25 cents. The trains ain't-
  • Friend: No, no. In St. Louis, a White man was attacked by Black kids.
  • Me: So?
  • Friend: Ain't you going to say something about that?
  • Me: What? What you want me to say?
  • Friend: Well, you're a representative of racial relations. I feel that you should say something.
  • Me: What? A man gets attacked by stupid Black teens and I have to say something based on that?
  • Friend: The Black teens talked about Michael Brown.
  • Me: So? How is this relevant?
  • Friend: He gave the wrong answer, I guess?
  • Me: Okay. Let me tell you something. There's going to be idiots of all races, no matter what, wanting to cause trouble, starting doing chaos. What's next? Man is going to use the story to start a crowdfunding to never take the Metrolink again based on this experience?
  • Friend: Well... he did start a GoFundMe?
  • Friend: Seriously.
  • Me: So, he's using the story to get sponsorship for a car.
  • Friend: Motorcycle.
  • Me: Really? Motorcycle?
  • *me sighs*
  • Me: Alright. But why should I pay any attention to this?
  • Friend: Because White people are up in arms.
  • Me: They get up in arms about everything. The actions of a group of people doesn't equal the action of an entire race. No matter how many times I said that, people are going to complain.
  • Friend: But ain't you the one who can say the same thing?
  • Me: The difference is, White people got the power to oppress people. If it was White punksters, this wouldn't even be a story... *making a realization* wait... how did you know about this story?
  • Friend: I checked Facebook and saw an article from The Blaze.
  • Me: FUCK!

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Why do you think Pearl hasn't been shown shapeshifting in the show? Amethyst does it all the time and Garnet has shifted into Steven once and has done minor things like changing her arms, but despite being asked to shapeshift three times (cat fingers, keep beach city weird, secret team) Pearl never has. I feel like if it was just something she just didn't like (like eating) she would have said so. Do you think maybe there's a deeper reason for it? (maybe she can't?)

I did make a theory about that a long time ago! It’s kinda tied in with a bunch of things so here goes a long and slightly rambling post. I promise it will eventually be relevant re: Pearl and Shapeshifting.

To revisit the concept (as there were a few other theories I had at the time that are relevant, and a lot of new information has come in since then)- it’s highly conspicuous to me that unlike any other nonfusion Gem, Pearl has a bunch of unrelated colors in her palette: her gem is white and has a faint rosy tone to it, so her white skin and pink hair (and pink socks and leg warmers in other regenerations) make sense. But she’s also had green, blue, and yellow in her outfit. All other Gems we’ve seen have lighter and darker variations of their gem’s color, and additions of white, gray, or black. Even then, those monochrome shades tend to be tinted with their color, and in the case of the fusions, their components’ colors (Garnet’s second regeneration has blue and red even though she is a magenta-colored gem)

The only other Gem-related life we’ve seen with blocks of unrelated and disjointed colors? Are the microclusters. Now, Pearl is obviously not a microcluster but it should be noted she definitely seems to have an odd draw towards gem shards- in both Frybo and Secret Team she apparently took bubbles full of shards out of the burning room and were fiddling with them, and in Keeping It Together while Garnet threw the first shard fusion away from her in revulsion, Pearl picked up that same one and looked at it with interest.

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But don't you think there's more interesting and generally relevant stuff to reblog than just endless selfies?

Sure! And if I see something like that, I tend to reblog it. But I get busy (a job, two kids, two girlfriends… it adds up!) and don’t always have time to spend on my dash, so I don’t always see these interesting and relevant things. Feel free to submit ‘em if you think they’re missing and could use a boost.

So far, I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about my habitual liking/reblogging of selfies, and yours is the first complaint I’ve received. If it’s bothering you, would a tag to blacklist them help?