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When they play Slender. [2]
  • China: Narrating his way through the whole thing. A certain someone is capturing it on video and uploading it as a "let's play".
  • Japan: High-strung and trying to hide behind something while not wanting to give up at the same time. Stubborn old man. And stop looking back every time you hear something, you're wasting precious time.
  • Korea: Might get scared the first time he sees Slendy, but is excited about the rest. Complains every time Slendy gets him and doesn't give up until he gets all items. Wants to complete every version.
  • Taiwan: Pretty nervous about it and might not wanna finish it, but she's still a trooper.
  • Vietnam: Doesn't really scream and bosses it after a few tries. Then does the same with other versions.
  • Hong Kong: Does get scared, but doesn't really show it. Seems to get bored after a little while but will try out the different versions anyway.
  • Macau: Remains calm until Slendy appears. At that point, he's just frozen and doesn't know what to do. In a very calm manner, will ask never to make him play it ever again.
  • Thailand: Will attempt to boss through it and utterly fail, but that doesn't stop him or his spirits. He'll address Slendy as a friend as if it's going to keep him from being killed.