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Do everything by hand, even when using the computer. If [hand-drawn animation] is a dying craft, we can’t do anything about it. Civilization moves on. Where are all the fresco painters now? Where are the landscape artists? What are they doing now? The world is changing. I have been very fortunate to be able to do the same job for 40 years. That’s rare in any era. —  Hayao Miyazaki 


Emma: because parcour

Jules: me, a single parent trying desperetaly to raise 27 fictional characters and 4 dead revolutionaries

Cristina: sometimes I feel like telling people they contribute about as much to society as a bag of shit. But I don’t because I’m a good person

Mark: how does one technology? Seriously help. I’m a 70 year old lady stuck in the body of a teenager

Kieran: I feel like blue is just the best haircolor… it’s just so blue you know…

Livvy: I could be sociable if I would get a damn opportunity for once

Ty: if you keep pineapple in your mouth without eating it, it will start eating you

Kit: but is it in any way related to food???

Dru: people just don’t appreciate me enough… (or ‘my enemies all seem to die for some odd reason’)

Tavvy: Lirp sounds fun. It’s a word now. Okay?

Zara: most people think I’m annoying. Tbh most people are probably right

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don't know if you've answered this, but when do you think Dean gave Cas the mixtape? 12x01? before?

Ahh, well, of course we can’t know, but I speculate it was after the “I love you” debacle of 12x12.

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My personal interpretation:

Dean knew what Cas meant. Heck even Sam and Mary knew. It’s written all over Dean and Sam’s faces after the second clarification. They know.

Dean then gives Cas a mixtape, which is his way of trying to say it back but still sublimating, cos, well, he still is at this point.

Then the NEXT SCENE we get of them actually together in the same room, is the “worried wife” scene of 12x19 and the very next scene of them in the same room WITHOUT A CHAPERONE and without one of them under the influence of something terrible, which hasn’t happened since…. THE BURGER DATE????  

We get confirmation of a mixtape and basically a “are we breaking up?” “no I still love you you idiot” scene.

So… what you’re telling me SPN is, looking, just since season 8,  

Dean / Cas only scenes :

We went from: 

“I’m not leaving here without you” 
to “I did everything I could to get you out, EVERYTHING” 
to “talk to me” 
to “I need you” 
to the wonder of 9x06
to hunter husbands in 12x01-02 
to Dean being Cas’ human weakness, longing for him enough that he picked up on it, worrying over him on the couch in 12x10 (let’s not forget the actual chaperoned scenes in the diners of 12x10 and 12x22 either which were was SO romantically framed)
to “I love you” 
to a mixtape and a MASSIVELY romantically coded potential break up / not a break up scene 
to Cas’ death and Dean’s grieving.

*Incoherent screeching*.

I read an old ghost post from season 9 saying they just can’t write Dean and Cas in the same room without a chaperone anymore without it being romantic and… well, they’re not wrong. 

It’s just gone from strength to strength.

what she says: im fine

what she means: the beastie boys band canonically exists in the star trek reboot universe and jim kirk canonically enjoys the song “sabotage” (if nothing else from their discography). however, theres a conflict here since the song “intergalactic” (by the same band) references star trek and more specifically spock not once, but twice, with the lyrics “like a pinch on the neck of mr spock” and “super educated im smarter than spock”. if the beastie boys exist in the rebootverse, does “intergalactic” exist also? and if so, are the aforementioned lyrics simply omitted or transformed into a seperate in-universe scifi reference to maintain the song’s theme?


I’ve wanted to draw me and some of my friends in Heathers style for a while now, and then i noticed that there’s literally nothing stopping me

First one is me as one of the heathers, then @cha-ray as a quarterback, then @dexvampire as something similar to Jason uvu