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where are you watching the other eyewitness?

it’s on youtube! the subtitles are so bad so if you’re not norwegian you’ll definitely have a problem understanding things :/// idk if it’s possible to edit subtitles on youtube because then i would definitely do it

every girl is so beautiful. i mean this in a gay way as well as a self deprecating way as in u see ugly to normal looking guys with normal to pretty looking girls but not the other way around so theres always going 2 be a better option than me so critikal voice i guess ill just go fuck myself

Me: Pedophilia is bad.

Tumblr: Yeah!! It shouldn’t exist. It hurts so many people.

Me: Pedophilic ships are bad.

Tumblr: Wait……….. no.. stop. Too far… What are you doing? No…… That’s… no… Just no. Stop… It isn’t real. It’s just fiction. Drawings can’t hurt anyone……. You’re overreacting… Stop…


the pines making big and small sacrifices for their family


Beth & Daryl + differences


critical role | fave percy one-liners (1/?)

credit to @critrolestats for the list, and @somethingveryodd for the suggestion over on my twitter


i got two requests for the bellarke reunion after mount weather SO!

(this little comic is full of wishful thinking and not what i actually think will happen but a girl can dream)

pls ignore the inconsistency of bellamy’s face.



This sale is still going on, it wasn’t just Saturday! According to lyrium-tattoo​ this will be continuing until the 17th!!

ALSO for all non-pc gamers:

Dragon Age: Inquisition is $20 off at Walmart! I know I saw a lot of people complaining that they can’t get this because they don’t have a strong enough computer (me included), so there ya go, friends!!