but there's a ~party~ next door

I’m surprised no one’s writing a fic or done an art piece of Marinette’s birthday party where they play spin the bottle and it lands on Adrien and they have to make out in the living room. Alone. With Candles because of Alya

do it

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whats is like living in california?


i go shopping in LA every day, when i’m not filming my next movie also were all instagram FAMOUS. it’s chill af my school is on the beach and we surf and tan instead of going to class. we hang out in smoothie bars and party all the time gettin high as fuck on cali kush, and it’s summer year long bro! also you’ll never see a guy without a snapback and a skateboard and we all walk around in bikinis. my mansion is next door to like 600 celebrities but its chill! i guess theres a couple earthquakes here and there but otherwise it’s pretty sick bruh! hang loose!