but there's a lot to it so that's cool

theres a small thing with dva thats consistent throughout her design thats really cool. all her abilities are player-activated by long presses, but she herself is actually doing a lot more work. her sidearm is actually semi-auto in design, but the player can hold to fire as if its automatic because she fires so quickly. her fusion cannons she fires in a constant rhythm. especially defense matrix, where you can actually see her deleting every single enemy bullet in the overlay.

So I got an internship for the next half year or so–it’s within the university, but in the medical rehabilitation area. I’ll be learning some data analysis and machine learning techniques and then applying them to data from research on VR as a diagnostic/treatment tool for stroke patients

Which tbh sounds p cool and I’m kinda stoked

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What do you think of Jewish! Pidge?

i think it’s awesome!!! especially because apparently bex taylor-klaus, pidge’s voice actress, is jewish too! so i think it’s cool how it can all connect :3c

you prolly won’t see any headcanons from me though, i’m not jewish and i don’t really know anyone who is so i’m completely out of my depth lol

sounds of thedas: NEVARRA

honour the dead; they are passed but they are not gone. glory to the living; the thrill of the hunt is worth more than gold. tradition, dynasty, magic – and the strength to drive dragons extinct.

featuring tracks from the legend of korra, marco polo, mulan, two steps from hell, jia peng fang, and the yoshida brothers


youtube recommendations for age regressors!

theres probably already one of these but i still wanted to make this! my favorites are italicized.

CookieSwirlC - toy unboxings!! super fun but theres a lot of stimuli and she can often talk fast and pitch up her voice making it very loud! be careful.

pstoyreviews - more toy unboxings! has two people and is a lot calmer but just as friendly and inviting! one of the people is an adult man though so be safe if that makes you uncomfortable

DisneyShorts - an official Disney channel with both Mickey Mouse cartoons and the new series + a few others! only warnings are for things like cartoon violence and romantic pda

Mother Goose Club - nursery rhymes! i cant think of any warnings for the videos but scopophobia warning for the header and icon!

SimpleKidsCrafts - easy, fun crafts made from stuff you can find around the house or buy for cheap! cant think of any warnings

Dollastic - more toys!! some anime merch as well though it isnt the main focus. havent watched her long enough to think of any specific warnings!

AwesomeRainbowToys - a toy channel aimed at younger audiences! it has a very small amount of talking but the person running it is an adult man.

WhatsUpMoms - this probably sounds really odd but its honestly great for kiddie diys! and the parental presence is comforting to me. Avoid the parodies as they can be iffy but the rest should be fine. Link leads to the “Play” playlist since thats what i mostly watch it for.

Houston Zoo - educational animal videos! i wasnt actually gonna add this but its been recommended on so many kids sites i thought i should, should be 100% safe but theres basically every kinda animal so id b careful if ur afraid of anything u might see at a zoo!! its kinda like a mobile trip to the zoo.

HooplaKidz How To - more diys!! lots of these are good for stimmy stuff too. no warnings i can think of. HooplaKidz has a lot of other channels too but this is the only one i watch.

Cool School - various videos but my favorite is story time where you’re read fun kid stories!! does get loud sometimes but i cant think of any other warnings.

So like how come we aren’t talking about how Matt Lanter is gonna be in Pitch Perfect 3? I know theres a lot going on right now in this fandom but Anakin Skywalker is litterally in Pitch Perfect

please like / reblog if you are anyone from fire emblem!

for rebloggers, please use the tags to state who you are as a kin / fictive / synpath / hearted / etc. and any specifics you are comfortable with divulging such as: age, age restrictions, doubles or no, who you are looking for, system, and anything else of note!

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I got a new job that means I'll be travelling lots to Seattle from Europe, and I'm doing my first site visit next week. I get like one day completely alone in the city not on the work campus, and I'm wondering... If someone had like just one day in Seattle what would be good to see? Especially stuff that's cool to do alone? Thanks so much, I hope this isn't intrusive, I know no one from Seattle !

mmm!! ok so like lets be real im Not That Creative or Exciting so like these are going to be very mellow things. im not here to make you trek across the city so ill try to split it up by location

capitol hill

  • go to melrose market if you wanna just see a lot of cool artisan shit thats super fucking yummy and pretty and stuff. theres this restaurant in there called sitka and spruce and its truly unreal 
  • molly moons is a local ice cream place that rules and theres one on the hill right across the street from cal anderson park and if its nice out u should walk around cal anderson or just lounge on the turf thats my favorite activity 
  • seattle is super into speakeasys and i know there are some in belltown and like fremont? but im never there so i dont know them lmao what i do know is uuum knee high stocking co and needle & thread are both on the hill and i havent been but ive heard nooothing but good things. n&t is reservation only but u go into an already cool and fancy restaurant and theres this fuckin bank vault door with a fancy vintage phone that you call up to its very neat
  • lotta good secondhand shopping on the hill as well
  • elliot bay book company rules and has a nice lil cafe as well

more northern stuff

  • kerry park has the sickest view of seattle
  • greenlake park is my fave place on the planet, especially if its sunny out. very good pokemon go here. it is also close to my favorite bar on the planet, little red hen. it is cowboy themed and they give you too much alcohol and also theres a squaredancing floor. embrace american culture
  • wallingford, fremont and ballard are all just generally like… very cute? like you can wander around and find good food and stuff veeeeery easily. musashi and tilth and kabul in wallingford are the best (all restaurants)
  • the space needle et all can choke but that area is actually really cute?? like the vera project rules and theres the siff cinema right there which plays a lot of really cool movies

downtown and etc

  • i mean go to pike place if u want. its fun i like it i still go all the time. good food nice folks. mee sum pastry rules and is so cheap. avoid storyville coffee they seem very fancy and cool but theyre affiliated with this really heinous and evil church.
  • the seattle art museum is cool and i love it but also if you just wander through pioneer square theres a billion galleries that are all really lovely and its like a generally cool place to be 
  • the seattle public library is SO fucking cool like for real its a piece of architectural genius and its just so cool to see
  • tsukushinbo is my fave restaurant check out their lunch specials know theres like always a line outside the door before they open and if you wanna go there for dinner you need a reservation
  • theres the panorama if youre into watching movies on huge ass screens!

this is all i do im a simple lad

 i did not get a gay/bi dude alien again :( why i honestly thought that was gonna happen?? i love vetra and all but my first playthrough is scott ryder and i wanna romance here w sara so :/

waaaay more disappointed by that than by any of the animations hahaha
like i thought jaal was gonna be a thing for both at least?? but nah i only get the female angara and those look so fucking creepy and weird BOO
i mean i already made peace that kallo was no option but none at all :< like what the fuck do i go into space for if i only get fucking humans again pff

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Any advice for someone wanting to avoid cosplay drama but still make friends? The community where I live seems to thrive on causing so much drama. I don't want to seem stand-offish or elitist as I fear I am. But just seeing it unfold again and again makes me just dread being around any of them. But they are huge gossipers I fear being made out as some snobby bitch.

This ones harder than you think. Drama exists in all communities everywhere. I don’t care if you are in a quilting circle, I guarantee you there’s drama there too. 

I can only give you our own personal policy, as we do not approve or partake in drama either. And that’s 100% DO NOT ENGAGE. 

No opinions, no vague posts, no replies, no answering hate mail, no rants on controversial issues, no standing up for one cosplayer over the other. 

It’s a tough policy at times. Especially in hate mail or call out posts, but its the only way for people to give up on wanting you to enage. we’eve learned over the years that ANY response what people want who like drama. Good or bad, curteous, intelligent, nice or trolly, ANY response at all feeds the people looking for drama so you gotta be RADIO silent. 

This counts for public, in person interaction. You gotta be the wall. “Did you hear about so and so doing so and so for that thing? So and so is so mad.” “Oh, haha nope, I dont know anything about that, but hey I love seeing you! What are you working on lately?”

“I can’t believe so and so said that stuff to me, I hate her she yad ayada yada.” “Oh man, I’m sorry to hear that. Hey lets do something to take your mind off of it, have you been to the dealers hall? Or theres some cool panels coming up today.”

100% no engagement. no sides. no conflict. move on, change topic, detour. 

And if the person refuses, and only ever talks about drama? Goodbye. You don’t hang out with that person anymore. We’ve dropped a LOT of potential friends because we realized all they did was shit talk other cosplayers, and thats not why we do this hobby. 

You can’t let someone distract you from why you do this crazy thing. For fun. 

hi im gonna take a few days off of tumblr maybe bc my mental health is rapidly declining and i dont wanna face the responsibility of this blog and i don’t wanna rant on here and get people worried so yeah see you later

(feel free to rb so that people know)

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okay so.. im sorry if this is a bad question that puts a burden on anyone but does anyone (mods or followers) have any ideas on what ""black/white magick"" can be called in a way that doesn't perpetuate racism? (sorry if this is bad i just know that i and lots of other people need descriptors and things to call things and if theres not a term you recommend thats okay but i wanted to know if theres any non-racist way to describe the concepts thats used or recomended by any number of other people)

Hey it’s cool this is a rlly good question that shows ur trying to get better with things even if they seem small

There’s like no real reason to label magic anyway cos magic isn’t intrinsically good or evil or dark or light or whatever in the first place and it’s rlly hard to group spells together like that cos binding could be considered negative magic and like right up there with cursing but what if ur using binding to stop an abuser from hurting people etc

If u must then positive/negative are good, blessed/cursed could be used, healing/baneful, day/night, harmless/harmful, like call it whatever u want as long as it makes sense to u but ye if anyone has ideas pls say



Hey so I stumbled across this app called primal paint (for android, not sure if they have it for iphones but they probably do) and it’s so much more than a normal painting app because it lets you control how thick the paint is and how easily it blends and so many other variables so it’s really great for people who are calmed by those paint mixing videos. The app itself is free but to get all the colors they have you have to pay $2, which I don’t think is bad at all. Just thought I would share because I feel like a lot of people who follow this blog can benefit from it =)

cloversdreams replied to your post: cloversdreams replied to your post: cloversdreams…

weird shit can be good XD yeah, i mean, i ship the popular pairings too and all but theres already so much content out there for them that i dont really see the point in adding more when i like the rarepairs A LOT MORE and they need the love. thats where my focus lies ^^ gladiator enji = oh my

i mean, tbh, its all about who does well with whom. rare or not it doesnt matter as long as the chemistry is there, you know? if they do well, they do well! and the better the writer the easier it is to believe they do well? thats what i think anyway 

(and gladiator enji,,,, gladiator katsuki,,, ruling class momo,,, lots of cool shit in that AU)


I ended up romancing Jaal, but Liam was giving him a real run for his money. Next Lady Ryder playthrough I have, I’m definitely romancing him. I liked Jaal’s romance, however, he’s no Garrus and I was kind of underwhelmed?

Underwhelmed is a good word for how I feel about a lot of the game?

I think it did a lot of cool things, but I also think there were a TON of missed opportunities. And the main story arc seemed really short? Like there was just too much focus on the open world stuff–that I didn’t hate near as much as I hated it in Inquisition, mind you–and less on the main story.

I still have SO many questions about the nuances of the plot and how things fit together. It’s all…very open ended, and not in a great way? Especially since this game wasn’t exactly well received, I have serious doubts that there are going to be sequels. 

Like, I didn’t HATE it or anything. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a lot of fun. I just feel like it’s a little too surface level.

They didn’t go near as far enough with certain things as I wanted them to, but alas…

I don’t write these games.

(I should, though. Give me a job, Bioware)

(Also, Liam and Vetra and Jaal are my favorites and I love them)

“I think this ones my favorite!”

“I think hes her favorite too”

Amethyst wasnt talking about the dance

The way Amethyst looks at him, thats more than just “Cool! A New playmate!”

My first theory, the one that really got me into Steven Universe, and I mean REALLY got me into it and had me started analyzing things was Maximum capacity and the implications between Greg and Amethyst

Now, back then I simply thought she was trying to get with Greg

And I still believe that, despite what others may have said, even the writers

You dont put stuff like this in the show and expect it to play it all off saying “She was just trying to mess with him”. That lie doesent work.

At first, I thought the writers were just covering their asses for the censors, and many people actually agree with me on that.

But NOW… I think they were lying to cover their asses from ruining the surprise. They didn’t want to ruin something that they may be building up to, and dint want people figuring things out too soon, and see coming!

“But the writers said it themselves! She was just trying to get back at Greg for taking Rose away!”

Why would she go so far out of her way to spend time with him?

Why was she trying so hard to keep his attention?

Why would she risk hurting Steven in this way?

Why would she desecrate someone’s image that she loved like this?

What exactly could she have possibly done to upset Greg to the point where he didnt want to be friends with Amethyst anymore?

Why would she blush like this?

The writers are not stupid. They could have easily made it seem like Amethyst wanted to hurt Greg, WITHOUT making it also seem like she was trying to get with him.

The way she looks and acts around him

They were more than just buds

Or at least, she might have seen herself as more than just his bud. Maybe she wanted a replacement for Rose, she probably wanted him to owe up to it.

Or maybe she wanted to be the replacement of Rose for Greg. Maybe she really did want his attentions in that way. That she wanted him to love her the way he loved Rose.

 I sincerely think that she wanted there to be something more between them.

I think she tried to get with him, and he rejected her. It doesent make a whole lot of sense otherwise to me.

If you think otherwise, thats cool, im saying this more for me, and those that may agree with me.

Im at the point where im almost certain this was done intentionally. Im certain theres gonna be another episode about Greg and Amethyst. And I think it will be pretty important, more so than most episodes, and most episodes are important.

Goostuck asked: It’d be super cool if you made the beta kids’ sprites to go with the alphas’? :D Of course theres a lot of variations of those so maybe thats not such a great suggestion? ;O;

Course! Here you go. A finished set of floating Jadesprite, Davesprite and Jaspersprite.

[[LINK]] to Fefetasprite/ARquiusprite/Erisolsprite set

Yay, I did Frisk now, this is super fun! The last part will be Asriel, but I’ll be taking a little break before I start on him. As much fun as this is you can only do something so much before it gets tiring, and I don’t want to be halfing Asriel’s. He deserves as much love as Frisk and Chara. As it was this one I took more breaks to ensure the quality didn’t drop, but it was still just as fun as Chara’s!

Anyways here’s my first one I did with Chara for anyone interested: https://crisy1001.tumblr.com/post/145003043019/

And the last one with Asriel: I haven’t started him yet, he’ll be here when I do finish tho.




Anyways, shorter, but still fairly long post ahead…

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Representation in the Homestuck Fandom
  • About a week ago: Jake is depressed and feels broken, and tries to search for a word that describes his lack of romantic attraction.
  • Half of #Upd8: I'm really sad that Jake is feeling depressed, but I'm so happy there's aromantic representation! That's really cool! (Aromantics proceed to talk about how they've felt just like this)
  • Other half of #Upd8: He's DEPRESSED, not aromantic! How could you even wish something so horrible on somebody?! Anyway here's all of this PROOF that he's not aromantic so stop headcanoning him that way!!! (proceeds to describe his *sexual* attractions to blue ladies)
  • Yesterday: Nepetasprite and Davesprite merge and become Davepetasprite^2, and Davepeta is so happy to be together, and also states confusion over their gender and start using them/their for themselves.
  • Half of #Upd8: I'm so happy that Davepeta is so happy that they exist! Plus, I'm so happy there's nonbinary representation! That's really cool! (Nonbinary people proceed to talk about they are basically Davepeta)
  • Other half of #Upd8: You only like them because they're nonbinary! God, Hussie. This is it. THIS IS WHY I'M QUITTING HOMESTUCK.
  • Today: Everybody is super happy about Davepeta, drawing lots of fanart, and the upd8 tag is clean of hate, with all of the mogaiphobic people presumably having left. It is a better day. A new day. A new era of peace and representation.