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SnapChat Mishaps -Pt 2

 { I didn’t plan on writing a second part to any of the one shots but this one seems to be one of the favorites so I figured I’d turn it into a mini series. Please message me or comment or something to let me know if I should keep going with it ! Otherwise i might not ,xoxoxo}

Snapchat Mishaps One shot       { Master List}

    WHY?! why would Bucky come to my room? did he think this was a serious invitation?! Fuck.  Rapid knocks on your door startle you out of your thoughts, making your body freeze with panic. Maybe if I don’t answer-

“ Doll, I know youre in there.” Damn It.  You quickly roll off your bed to slid your robe over your bare body . You slowly open your door, and he is right there . His cheeks are slightly flushed, and his eyes are lust blown, the usual blue almost fully over taken with black. Fuck .

“Is there something you need Barnes?” you ask , crossing your arms over your chest as you speak .

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“ Oh I think you know the answer to that Doll.” his voice is dripping with want, theres no denying that.  You raise an eyebrow at him, a dirty smirk spreading across your face. I’m so going to have fun with this. 

Bucky is a little shit on a daily basis , making fun of you ,  annoying the shit of you constantly & then the next second he’s a flirty little jackass. Who thinks like that ? Let me just annoy this shit out of this girl,  then try to flirt my way into her pants . What a fucking ass.

“ Arent you going to invite me in ?” he asks when you don’t answer him .

“ No , I’m not. “you simply answer, making his eyes widen as you add ,” The snaps weren’t an invitation Barnes, and frankly, I don’t think  you’ve earned the right to come in just yet. So no , I’m not inviting in your room . But you know what I am going to do?“ you ask, stepping closer to him , you slowly run your hands up his chest,

” I’m going to go back in my room, drop this robe , and fuck myself . Over and over again . And you know what? Maybe , just maybe, ill think of you while I do it. Maybe ill imagine your hands, running down my body , rolling my nipples between your metal fingers, or maybe ill think about what it would feel like having your fingers fucking my tight, wet pussy . Mmm, ill probably imagine how good it would feel to ride your- “

 ” jesus Christ Y/n.“ Bucky half moans, half growls out . You glide one of your hands down his body , until it lands over his hard bulge  .Holy Fucking Hell .

” Good night Bucky.“ you lean up, gently kissing his cheek  .  He doesn’t move as you step back into your room ,his eyes never leaving you . 

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Before closing your door, you drop your robe, watching as his eyes drink in the sight of your bare body . He releases another growl, sending a new shock of heat straight to your core. You send him a wink before closing the door. You know it was a dick move to be that much of a tease, but God, was it fucking worth it to see the look on his face .

 You crawl back into your bed, immediately opening your snap, Time for the real fun.

  The First Snap : you start recording as you move your free hand to your chest, tugging and rolling your hard nipples between your fingers , letting out breathy moans as you do .  When the video cuts, you send it Bucky without hesitation.

 The Second. : You don’t wait, and start recording the next snap, your hand moving down to your clit, rubbing tight, hard circles around it . you don’t hold in the moans, letting them fall from your lips  . Send.

The Last One: you wait a couple minutes, building yourself up until youre near your finish . When you feel the knot in you tighten , you start the snap . You angle the camera so your mouth , and bare chest are in view as you plunge your fingers in and out of your pussy . You don’t want to show him every part of you , well not yet atleast. The sounds from your movements are obscene , and very audible ,  right as the video is about to end, you finish , Buckys name escaping your lips in moan as you cum all over your fingers. You can see your body arching, as you come undone, and its oddly satisfying when you rewatch it before you send it.  Happy with the outcome, you send to it Bucky . And wait for his response

 He didn’t reply for a few minutes, & it drove you insane. When your notifications finally went off your pulse picked up . you let out a deep breath as you open his video . It was of him, fucking himself with his hand, and moaning your name as he finishs, his cum shooting out over his chest .  They way he moans your name ignites a new fire in you  .  As torturous as this is for him, its just as bad for you now; and you didn’t plan on that. Sure, you always thought he was attractive, but his annoying  habits were difficult to ignore.  You didn’t think watching him do that to himself, would turn you on so much .  I really need to think of the outcomes of things before I do shit like this.

Its been a week, and everyday , you and Bucky would send dirty snaps back and forth . You’ve never been so sexually frustrated in your life, even when you get yourself off , its not enough  . You cant get the image of Bucky fucking you out of your head, and its all you want now . But is that a step you really want to take? Once its done , theres no going back .  I have to work with him, see him everyday , can I do that if I give in? If I let him fuck me, if I let him do whatever he wants to me? Will I be able to look him in the eyes without feeling awkward?  The flirting was limited only to snaps, besides his normal everyday flirting.  Its clear neither of you wanted to let people in on what game the two of you are playing. 

Its finally your day off, which means you sleep in until noon . When you finally wake up, you drag yourself out of your room , deciding against pants . When you walk into the kitchen , you aren’t surprised that its empty, everyone always does their own things in the afternoon, whether its training, a mission or just relaxing.  

 Youre facing the coffee pot, finally taking your first sip of your morning cup of crack when two hands appear on either side on you on the counter . One metal , one flesh . WTF?

” I thought you were going to sleep the entire day away doll.“ Buckys lips are right next to your ear, barely grazing them as he speaks. His lips glide down your neck, barely touching but just enough to make you squirm.

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” well you thought wrong . “  you have to hold in a whimper when he moves closer and his body presses tightly against your back. You can feel his bulge against your ass, making your body want to move back against him. Hes taking this to a new level,  shit. Its been a silent understandment, whoever caves first loses . And by caves, you mean whoever jumps the other one for sex first ,loses. And you aren’t about to give him the satisfaction  of winning .

 You decide to go with  it, moving your ass back against him. His hand jump from the counter to your waist, his grip tight enough that you know youll have bruises; but you don’t care .  He holds you against him, light moans leaving his lips as you grind yourself back against him . Its affecting you as much as it is him, you can feel a wetspot forming on your underwear , and are regretting not wearing pants now .

” Did you think about me Bucky? While you fucked yourself did you think about how tight my pussy would feel, wrapped around you dick as you fuck into me?  “

” Of course I did doll, fuck,  I haven’t been able to think about anything else. did you- did you think of me baby?“ he admits, and you know you have him.  You turn in his arms and lean up , hovering your lips over his.

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” Oh James, I thought of you taking me in every possible way . “ he moves to connect your lips but you back up . You place your hands behind you , lifting yourself up to sit on the counter . He steps forward to place himself between your legs, but you stick your hand up stopping him . He raises an eyebrow in question , but it drops as soon as your hand moves to your pussy . You lift your legs onto the counter, spreading yourself infront of him . His eyes fly to between your legs, watching as your finger draws circles into your clothed clit.  His metal hand moves to his crotch , palming at himself as he watches.

” Doll, please -“

” Do you want to see Bucky ? See how I’m dripping for you?’ you purr .  He still hasn’t actually seen you do it yourself , that was your one rule you had for youself . You never sent him a snap of your fingers in you, so hes really only seen your clit.  But at this moment, you want him to see everything. You want him to cave, to fuck you . You want Bucky Barnes to fuck you so badly , you even consider caving first ; but then snap out of your horny daze to realize you can win this without having to give; there’s no way he’ll be able to keep this up that much longer . He frantically nods ‘yes’ to your question , widening the smirk on your face as he does. As you go to pull your panties to the side, the sound of footsteps echoe from the hall . Of fucking course. You quickly hop off the counter, and away from Bucky .

 Steve and Sam walk in, their conversation stopping when they see you .

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“ look who finally woke - whoa whats going on in here?” sam asks . You let out an awkward laugh in response, grabbing your cup of coffee as you go to leave. It feels as if theres a puddle in your underwear, and its extremely uncomfortable , you need to get out here asap .

“ Ill see you boys later . ”

You hear them call their goodbyes as you step onto the elevator, before the  doors close Bucky runs down the hall, stopping infront of the doors as they begin closing. he doesn’t step in , just says,

“ This isn’t over doll .”

“ Oh sweetheart, you wont last much longer.“

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‘More boys being yandere? Maybe if their s/o got killed in the killing game, and/or if they confessed they had a crush on someone (like if they were a yandere Bois crush?) ‘

Ok 2 things,A: I’m not sure if I understood this correctly so I’m sorry if this isn’t how you wanted it to be like. And B: THIS IS 7444 WORDS LONG HOLY

Some boys are reacting to their s/o’s death, others are reacting to their s/o having feelings (or possible feelings for other people

Warning: Nudity, suggested sex, violence and swearing under the cut 

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This is Not a Love Story: part 2

Check out or refresh with Part 1 here.

To tell a good love story on screen, scenes, dialogue, camera angles and shots are important. Usually you have lots of quiet “get to know you” moments. Or single shots showing one of the love interests reactions. You need to give obvious and believable reasons for them to be falling in love. Television caters to the lowest common denominator for exposition. Usually its the big plot twists and mastermind moments that are subtle little easter egg hints.

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Secrets- Riverdale X Reader Chapter 3- Body Double

Fandom: Riverdale

Warnings: none

notes: sorry for the clusterfuck of confusion on the uploading time of this. my editor was busy and then I had no wifi for 2 days and ughhh. anyways its here!

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You were sitting on the couch sketching when your phone started binging like crazy, you set down your pencil and picked your phone up to see about 16 texts from Kevin. You unlocked your phone to check your texts but before you could even open the messages app Kevin’s face filled your screen and his obnoxious custom set ringtone stopped you. With a sigh you hit the green ‘answer’ button.

“hey Kev wha-” You started but Kevin cut you off mid sentence.

“Holy crap (y/n) you will not believe* what just happened! where are you?”

“Home? I didn’t feel like going to school…though, if anyone asks I’m grievously ill.”

“Well you better recover ASAP, and get over here!” Without waiting for a response Kevin ended the call.

You put your sketchbook on the couch next to you with a dramatic sigh and stood up, throwing everything in a bag and tugging your shoes on as you stumbled out the door towards the school. You quickly covered the two blocks to Riverdale high, and when you got there pretty much all of your friends were waiting out front looking like they had seen a ghost.

“(Y/N)! FINALLY!” Kevin grabbed your arm and dragged you back towards the rest of the group. “While you were sitting around at home being a recluse- something I do not endorse by the way, we already have Jughead for that- Cheryl dropped probably one of the biggest bombs since July 4th! In bio she totally confessed!”  Kevin looked like he was about to explode.

Betty stopped him before he could go into further detail. “All Cheryl said was that she was guilty, Kev, she didn’t say of what.” Kevin Rolled his eyes with a dramatic sigh, “Well theres not alot of other things it could be!”

You waved your hands signalling them to slow down, “Hold on, what happened exactly?”

“The Sheriff’s department came into class, and Cheryl stood up and said they were here for her, because she was guilty.” Veronica summed up for you.

“I– wow. Really?” you were stunned. sure Cheryl was a mythic Bitch, but you didn’t think she could kill Jason. Or anyone really.

Later that day you were all chatting in the student lounge.

“So are you a suspect now?” Veronica asked Kevin.

“My dad says we all are, including me.”

“Not me girl. I don’t know these people. neither does (y/n).”

You nodded silently and looked at the ground. You did, actually know these people but nobody needed to know that, and it didn’t even matter you sure as hell weren’t the one that killed Jason.

Kevin fiddled with a piece of licorice and looked at the rest of your group with a grin. “Guys, should we maybe rebinge making a murderer on netflix tonight?”

Betty laughed, “Sorry can’t, gotta stay late to work on the paper.”

“Count me out too. I’ve got a date tonight.” Veronica added.

“You do?” Archie asked.

Kevin smiled, “Which Riverdale Hottie made the cut?”

Veronica tilted her head towards the door with a cryptic smile, towards one of the jocks “Hey V-Lo, I’ll swing by the pembrooke to pick you up at 8?”

“I’ll be waiting.” she smiled at him.

“Cool.” The boy grinned while putting on his jacket before walking out the door.

Betty and Kevin both had immediate reactions.

“Chuck clayton?” Betty looked extremely concerned.

“You’re going on a date with chuck?!” Kevin looked weirdly excited.

“Wait whos Chuck Clayton? You wondered out loud.

The rest of the group semi-ignored you, opting to keep talking about Chuck. "He’s kind of a player…” Betty leaned back into the couch.

“Who cares? hes the hottest of Hot! And he’s the football coach’s son. in Riverdale that’s like dating a Kennedy!”  Kevin was grinning.

Veronica smiled and raised her eyebrows mischievously. Betty sighed and stood up, “I have to go, I have a newspaper meeting.” You shot up out of your seat and grabbed your bag. “Can I walk with you? I have something to ask you.” Betty nodded and you both walked into the hallway.

“So I was wondering if you had any openings in the school paper. weatherbee is actually still on my case about extracurriculars. And I think it’d be really cool.”

“Well since it’s just me, I think we have room for you.” Betty replied as you turned the corner to the old dusty newspaper offices.

“Wow these computers are ancient…” You laughed lightly, “I wonder if we could sell them on Ebay as antiques.”

“I don’t think anybody would buy these things.” Jughead leaned against the doorframe, his lips turned up into a faint smirk.

He turned his attention to Betty.“If print journalism is dead, what am I doing here?”

The Blue and Gold isn’t dead, Juggy It’s just dormant. but waking up.“ Betty swiped some of the dust off of one of the ancient monitors. "You’re writing a novel right? About Jason Blossoms murder?”

Jughead picked up a magnifying glass. “I am. Riverdales very own In Cold Blood.” He held up the magnifying glass and peered through.

“Which started out as a series of articles! I’m hoping you’ll come write for the Blue and Gold.” Betty grinned nervously, stretching her arms out like a magician after pulling off some amazing trick.

“I just don’t think the school papers the right fit for my voice.” Jughead said hesitantly.

“Truman Capote worked at the New Yorker for 2 years before he wrote in Cold Blood.” You added. Betty and Jugheads gazes both snapped to you with questioning looks. “What? I know stuff and it’s kind of relevant the new yorker is a newspaper.” you muttered defensively. Betty shook her head and turned back to Jughead.

“Juggy, Jason’s death changed Riverdale. People don’t wanna admit that but it’s true we all feel it.” Betty walked closer to Jughead. “Nothing this bad* was ever supposed to happen here, but it did. I wanna know why.”

Jughead glanced away his gaze softening. “Would I get complete freedom?”

“I’ll help and edit and suggest…but it’s your story, it’s your voice.” Jughead looked less and less convinced with each word out of Betty’s mouth.

Jughead rolled his eyes with a grin, “Doesn’t sound* like complete freedom…But- I’m in.”

Bettys face lit up and she clapped her hands together. “Okay great! um, in that case I have your first assignment. There’s one person who was at the river on July 4th that no one’s talking about.”

“Dilton Doiley and his scouts.”


Jughead smirked and flicked his nose with his thumb as he turned to walk out. But Betty called after him. “(y/n)s coming with you Juggy!” You both stopped dead.

“Wait I am?”

“She is?”

“Yes, she is. (y/n) doesn’t have a lot of journalism experience so…I thought you could show her the ropes.” Betty explained, with an almost pleading smile.

Jughead rolled his eyes. “Fine. come on.”

You grabbed your bag and walked out after him. “You know, I think Betty is just worried about you scaring the crap out of a bunch of 11 year olds.”

Jughead rolled his eyes again, but there was that familiar spark of amusement. “Meet me at the adventure scout hall tomorrow. Don’t be late.”

“This is gonna be fun, Jones it’ll be like Sherlock with a way prettier Watson!”

The next day you got to the field outside the adventure scouts building and he was standing near the kids all lined up while Dilton Doiley lectured them. You walked over and smiled in greeting. Jughead nodded, and held up a hand for you to be quiet. Dilton was lectureing his troops about dying, or something. You didn’t really catch it.

Jughead approached him, “At ease Doily we’re writing an article for the Blue and Gold, hoping you can help.”

Dismissed! but stay close.” Dilton ordered the kids.

“Cheryl and Archie say they heard a gunshot July 4th, but they don’t know who fired.”

Dilton immediately got defensive, his posture shifted and his face hardened. “Sheriff Keller already asked me about this, like I told him, my scouts and I…we didn’t hear anything weird.”

You narrowed your eyes in suspicion, this kid was definitely hiding something.

Jughead took a step closer to Dilton, his eyes were filled with the same suspicion as yours,“Well, did you see anything weird?” his tone was a little more accusatory than it had been, it was clear Jughead believed Doily about as much as you did.

Dilton straightened his back and crossed his arms. he glared at jughead. “A white winged crossbill, A long eared owl…oh. And Cheryl, sitting by the river soaking wet.”

Jugheads expression was hard and unreadable as he stared at Dilton. You grabbed Jugheads arm and dragged him away from the other boy. “C'mon we’re not going to get anything more out of Doily. He’s on the defensive now.”

“That’s alright. I have another lead.”

Later that night you met Jughead at Pops. “I’m always up for food, but how is pops a lead?”

Jughead gave you a deadpan look, “It’s not the diner it’s what’s inside, one of Doily’s scouts was looking at us like he wanted to say something, and we’re gonna find out what.”

“Or maybe he was checking you out?” you joked. Which earned you a fairly impressive bitch face from Jughead.

You walked through the door with Jughead a few steps ahead, the boy from earlier was in a booth chatting with someone, who you assumed was the kid’s father. The dad got up and left the table and Jughead crouched on the empty booth seat while the kid was looking away Jughead grabbed the cherry off the kids sundae and ate it. You ran a hand through your hair, immediately regretting being there.

The kid dropped his spoon and threw up his hands as the metal utensil clattered on the table. “What the hell man.” his face was full of confusion, and maybe a little fear.

“I saw the way you looked at me.-”

You rolled your eyes. “Cause that didn’t sound creepy Jug.” you muttered under your breath.

Jughead slid the kids sundae towards himself,“-during grizzly training. you’re hiding something.”

The kid leaned in, “It’s scoutmaster Doiley, he’s lying.”

“About what?” Jughead kept eating the scouts sundae, and watched the boy with a weird expression, a mix of curious and suspicious.

“The gunshot, It was him. He was teaching us how to shoot targets.”

“Dilton Doiley shot the Gun on July 4th?”

“What the hell is with this town?” You blurted out.

“He’s a hardcore survivalist. He says if we don’t protect ourselves, no one will.”

Jughead and you exchanged a look, this was big.

The day after your confrontation with sundae boy, you were sitting in the student lounge eating a muffin and reading the article on Chuck Claytons class A douchebag status being exposed. When your phone chimed with a text from Betty telling you to get to the Blue and Gold office ASAP.

You shoved your phone in your pocket and threw the rest of your muffin away before dashing out the door and down the hall to the Blue and Gold offices.

Betty and Jughead were waiting for you when you arrived but before you had a chance to greet them or ask what was wrong Dilton Doiley walked in.

“Have a seat Doiley.” Jughead said, while kicking a chair towards the space in front of the desk. Dilton straightened it and sat down, facing the three of you. Jughead jerked his chin up at him as a signal to start speaking.

“If you publish a story saying I fired that gun, my life will be ruined. I’ll be banished from the adventure scouts and charged with a misdemeanor. So, what if I have a better story?”

Jughead glanced back at you and Betty and you both shrugged and shook your heads, none of you had any idea what Dilton had to offer.

“If I tell you what I know, promise me the gunshot stays between us.”

Betty walked out from behind the desk and came to stand next to you and jughead. “You have our word. as journalists.”

Dilton leaned towards the three of you and dropped his voice so if anybody had been listening there was no way they would hear it. “I saw something at Sweetwater river. Something nobody else saw–Ms. Grundy’s car, by the rivers edge. She was there.”

“Well. shit.” You said quietly.

Dilton Doiley had just opened pandora’s box

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Anon: Hey! Can i pls have one where warren and the reader pretend to hate each other and theres a lot of teasing and sarcasm. But then one day, one of them ends up confessing? 

A/N: Tysm for this request! I live for love/hate relationships omg


“Are we seriously playing this?”

The group gathered around in a circle in the common room of the mansion, disregarding the derisive comments made by Warren. Everyone else seemed to want to partake in the game, while the only one to share the exact same sentiment as the winged mutant was you. It took what felt like hours of Scott’s relentless begging until you finally gave in, agreeing to play the stupid game.

“Alright, Y/N.” Scott blurted, eyebrows raised in amusement. “Since you were so eager to play, why don’t you go first?”

You rolled your eyes, mentally cursing him, but you knew there was no point in resisting since you were bound to pull out someone’s name out of the red solo cup at some point that night. All eyes were on you when you reached out a hand to grab a piece of paper from the cup that was placed in the middle of your group of friends. Your face grimaced in disgust as you read the name on your paper.

“It’s Warren, isn’t it?” Peter laughed.

You nodded, groaning into the palm of your hand. ‘Great,’ you thought, ‘Just your luck.’ Everyone in the school should’ve known about your little rivalry with Warren by now. Given that you both shared countless altercations and squabbles throughout the campus, it was easy to see that you hated each other. Warren’s scowl only deepened from where he was leaning against the wall behind you.

“No. There is no way I am spending seven minutes alone with her.”

“Come on, Worthington!” Scott exclaimed. “Don’t be a pu- Ow!”

He was cut off by Jean roughly nudging him in his side. Scott rubbed his arm and cleared his throat before gesturing to the blue mutant to his right, “Kurt, if you will.”

Kurt stood up from his spot on the floor and made his way over to you and Warren, placing both his hands on either of your shoulders and teleporting the both of you to some random closet in the mansion.

“Good luck.” He whispered quietly so that only you would hear. All he could do was give you a sympathetic look before he locked the closet door and teleported away.

“Kurt, wai- Dammit. Wagner, get back in here right now!” You yelled, banging on the closet door. “When I get out of here, you guys are all dead!”

“Cute.” Warren muttered sarcastically a few feet behind you. “We both know they’re not coming back anytime soon. Just shut up, and let’s get this over with.”

“Fine.” You shot him a glare but complied anyway.

You leaned against the wall opposite of Warren, crossing your arms and refusing to look at him. The closet was small and dark, but there was enough light coming from outside for the two of you to see each other. If anything, the silence only made it more awkward. It was weird, but things were so much easier when the two of you were arguing. One always had something to say to the other. Although you would never admit it, you actually enjoyed his hot-headed and arrogant antics. He had quick wit, and he was always able to counter your sardonic remarks. You felt him sigh and adjust his wings into a more comfortable position. Only a minute passed before you decided you couldn’t bare the silence anymore.

“Out of all the people, it just had to be you, didn’t it?” You shot, hoping to strike up a not-so-pleasant conversation.

“Believe me.” He scoffed. “I don’t wanna be here any more than you do.”

“You know, it’s funny.” You say, turning to face him. “I’m playing seven minutes in heaven with an actual angel, but he’s making it feel like hell.”

He shot you a glare, then slowly started inching towards you, like a predator approaching its prey. You stayed completely still, eyebrow raised in curiosity. He was dangerously close to you now, your faces inches apart, breaths mingling. With your bodies as close as they were, hardly any distance left between them, you felt your heart beat wildly against your chest. He placed his hands against the wall on either side of you and brought his lips to your ear.

“Is that a challenge?” He whispered, his lips so close you could feel him smirk.

What happened next was all too sudden. Deciding he couldn’t hold back anymore, Warren roughly pressed his lips to yours, catching you off guard. It took you a moment to process what was happening, but when you finally did, you reacted quickly. You kissed back fiercely, tangling your fingers in the strands of his hair, tugging gently at the nape of his neck. You tilted your face to better mold to his as he brought himself closer. His hands dropped to your waist, gripping them tightly. Oh, this definitely felt like heaven. Your eyes remained closed when he parted his lips from yours, trying to catch his breath.

“Wow.” He gasped out. “I’ve been wanting to do that for ages.”

It was getting harder and harder for him every day, trying to fight the arousal of these feelings. But in that moment, he realized there was no use in denying it any longer. And so did you.

“I would say the feeling’s mutual,” You looked up at him, a teasing look in your eye. “But the only reason I joined this game was because I had a chance of kissing Kurt.”

He rolled his eyes before pulling you into him again. This time, he boldly grazed his tongue along your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You obliged, parting your lips slightly for him. You tugged on his hair even more roughly, his groan audible even when his lips were occupied against your mouth. He started trailing sloppy, wet kisses along your jaw, working his way down your neck.

Before the heavy makeout session could escalate any further, you were interrupted by Jean’s loud voice coming from another room.

“Aha! I called it! Pay up, Scott!”

anonymous asked:


This ask was so pure I’m blessed… T/W for mentions of self harm

Lazy Saturday mornings were always Tendou’s favorite. It wasn’t that he was necessarily lazy himself, but the euphoric feeling of not having to wake up, take four shots of espresso, and finish three reports he had procrastinated on for two weeks on was an amazing change. Well, maybe Tendou was a bit lazy.

Tendou didn’t even feel like moving from his small space on the bed. He took lethargic interest with the way the sun cast through the blinds and how Mourning Doves vied for attention. He could roll over and fall back asleep, if he wanted to. Though, he was right on the edge of the bed and his girlfriend was still asleep on his chest, and he’d rather take a bullet than risk waking her up. He yawned, then noticed her stir for a moment before nuzzling back into him. At this point, Tendou was willing to stop breathing. She looked so peaceful, and Tendou couldn’t quite remember the last time he had actually seen __ with her eyes closed. She still harbored remarkable purple eye bags, though, to which Tendou made a mental note to tease her about later.

After about twenty minutes or so, Tendou didn’t oppose the idea of waking her up so much any longer. His mind wandered to places he’d rather not go when he wasn’t occupied with something. He figured he could just leave the bed and do something in the living room, but he knew for a fact the rest of the apartment would be absolutely freezing; February did not treat them nice. He slowly turned to his side instead, cupping her head in his hand and placing her down on the pillow next to him. She whined and burrowed herself in the duvet, still asleep, but gaining conscious. Tendou smirked, tugged the duvet out of her loosened hands and flipped her onto her back. He sat up and positioned himself above her and threw one leg over her side. He leaned down and pressed his lips against her neck softly, going in for a kiss, but decided against it. Instead he blew, hard, right against the part of her neck he knew was the most sensitive.

Almost immediately, she was up and screaming, her hands on his shoulders attempting to pull him away. He smirked and continued blowing raspberries, effortlessly grabbing her arms and pinning them above her head. She writhed underneath him, giggling incomprehensible words and attempting to kick him off of her. Usually, she’d have him flat on his ass in the matter of thirty seconds, but catching him at her most delirious gave him a definite advantage. After a while, he figured he had tortured her enough, her chest still heaving and a long, drawled out cuss spilling from her lips. He cut himself off with a wet smack to the red spot on her neck, which instantaneously quieted her down, too. She was completely awake, now, and able to rip her arms away from his and sit up. She merely looked him in the eyes, saying nothing. She used the fabric of the duvet to wipe his saliva from her neck, to which she grimaced, not noticeably, but Tendou noticed.

“You know, Satori, sweetheart…” __ sniffled in a broken voice. “For someone who pays all your damn rent, that was sure a lovely way to thank me.” Tendou smiled sheepishly, looking down at her from his seat between her legs.

“Not gonna say anything? Okay…” She shook her head and smiled, stretching her arms behind her head and cracking her back before snaking them around Tendou’s neck. “You’re so lucky I love you.”

“I know I am.” Tendou hummed, cupping her chin. She flinched, making sure he wasn’t going back for her neck again, before leaning into his touch.

“Now you’ve got something to say, huh?” She chuckled. She grabbed his hips and guided him off of her, leaving him laying on his back as she sat cross legged, rubbing her eyes. “If this thing is still here when I go to work on Monday and my boss asks me what it is, I dunno if I tell him the truth or make up a much more believable lie.”

“What’s so unbelievable about raspberries?” Tendou laughed.

“We’re twenty, that’s what.”

She finished rubbing her eyes and rolled herself on top of him, straddling his waist as he had hers seconds ago. Absentmindedly, she traced the skin on his bare chest, and Tendou thought she was either incredibly amused with how his skin felt or she was still in a sleepy haze. He didn’t mind though, watching her with a lovestruck grin on his face. He watched her as she slid her hand across his chest to his shoulders, and her fingertips taking sudden interest with his freckles.

“You know what I’ve always found odd?” She said, her pointer finger drawing triangles into his skin, presumably a shape his freckles had made.


“You’ve got freckles everywhere, except your face.”

“Oh please, don’t say that’s odd.” Tendou snorted. The way her fingertips were running across his shoulders and chest made him sigh, suddenly. “Do you know how much more shit I would’ve gotten from people?”

“Aw darling, don’t say that.” __ cooed, scooting herself back on his lap to kiss at his shoulders.

“I kno-ow.”

“Anyways, I dunno about you, but I think the freckles are gorgeous. They add to your dorky charm.” Tendou shook his head, the silly smile on his face growing wider. He had to bite his lip to contain it. She traced the freckles on his chest and stomach next, drawing shapes and what he could only presume were constellations. The only time she stopped was to mutter, “that looks like a jellyfish”, as she traced a cluster of freckles on his stomach. Tendou didn’t really care what his freckles looked like, all he could focus on was her. Every time she ran her fingertips across his skin a jolt ran up his spine, because even after years of her touch, he was still starved for it. He found himself absentmindedly closing his eyes, even if he was trying so hard to focus on the beautiful little amused smile on her face. Tendou gave into the heaviness of his eyes and chuckled, he was absolutely living. His eyes fluttered back open when __ started fingering with the elastic of his boxers, pulling them down slightly to reveal his hips.

“Satori, darling.” Her fingertips traced gently over the puffy lines on his hip. “How did you get these?” With anyone else, Tendou would’ve been a nervous wreck discussing the scars on his body, but with her, he couldn’t feel more sane.

“I put ‘em there myself.”

She frowned, but didn’t stop brushing her fingers over them.

“How come I’ve never noticed these?” She frowned, taking the other side of his boxers and pulling them down completely, sliding them off his legs and throwing it to the edge of the bed. “You’ve got a lot, huh?”

Her fingertips moved from his hips to his upper thighs, rubbing at similar puffy scars. Tendou just watched her stare at them, the admiration her eyes once held, gone. The love hadn’t fled, though. In fact, Tendou swore he could see it more.

“I never really pointed them out ‘cause there was no need to.” Tendou shrugged, meeting her eyes. “It’s all in the past. I really don’t feel like that anymore, you know.”

“I know.” Her eyes flickered from his back down to the scars on his thighs. “Can I? Can I, uh…” She shifted himself so that she was face level with his thighs, and ever so softly, pressed a gentle kiss against the scarred areas. He gasped, not out of fear or disgust, but out of pure and utter shock.

Ba-abe.” Tendou whined, throwing his hands up to his cheeks. “My heart’s gonna explode.”

She looked up at him, mouth agape, before pouting, and pecking another series of kisses along his right thigh. Although Tendou was used to the proximity between her and him, this entire gesture made his heart beat rapidly in his chest. When she shifted her weight and nuzzled into his other thigh, Tendou swore he giggled. He covered his mouth and cheeks with his hand, the latter burning furiously. He did this until she traced a trail of kisses up his stomach and pulled herself up completely, moving his hand away from his mouth herself. She then kissed his lips, short and sweet, before pulling him into a hug.

“I love you.” Tendou muttered into the tresses of her hair in his face.

“I love you too, my perfect angel.”

She gave him one last squeeze before sliding back on the bed. She sat cross legged by his knees, patting on her legs to signal him to kick his up onto hers. He did, careful not to force his weight on her too hard. She then took one of his legs in her hands, running her fingertips up his calves.

“I love how even your leg hair is ginger, wow.” She chuckled, sarcastically. “Makes it easy to see your pale ass skin, though.”

“It’s hard to imagine just two fucking seconds ago you called me your perfect angel, wow.” Tendou mocked her, lightly kicking her in the chest. She laughed, tightening her grip on his calf. He laughed with her.

She continued with her soft touches for a while, sending Tendou back into a relaxed state. After a while though, she stopped, pressing her finger over a certain part on his leg.

“How’d you get this?” __ asked. Tendou sat up and looked at the scar she was pointing at, a dark brown one sitting above his ankle. “It’s the only scar on your legs.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” Tendou shook his head. “In my last year of elementary school, my class took a field trip to a petting zoo, and since I was actually ten years old, I thought it would be hysterical to chase after a bunch of chickens-”

“Tendou Satori don’t you dare tell me you got a permanent scar from a flock of chickens.”

Oh yeah I did. Don’t regret it one bit.” Tendou laughed at the way she shook her head, muttering something about, “I can’t believe I fell in love with you.” After that, she decided to leave his legs alone. She had him flip on his stomach, next, which Tendou had no complaints about. He loved the feeling of nails on his back, and if she took her time there like she did everywhere else, Tendou swore he would fall back to sleep in an instant.

The moment her fingertips brushed against his shoulder blades, Tendou had already melted. He audibly sighed, nuzzing his face into the pillow. He could hear her giggle from behind him, continuing to touch him.

“What are all the scars up by your shoulders from?” She asked him, running the palm of her hand across the nape of his neck to the small of his back.

“Acne scars, babe.”

“Oh.” She peeped. “Sorry.” She leaned in, her palm flat on his back, and kissed his nape gently.

“For what?” He laughed, flopping back down into the pillow. “This is literally the best day of my li-ife.”

Tendou swore he had reached Nirvana in those next five or so minutes. She traced all the freckles on his back, from where his hairline stopped to where his tail bone lay. He’d sigh every so often, the only indication he was giving her that he was awake. There was a point where she was doing nothing in particular, just scratching up and down his back softly, making his eyelids droop. He swore he was on the brink of passing out once more, just one more gentle touch, but she paused, her hand leaving his skin for a moment before it came in sharp contact with his bum. He whined in protest, but that was covered by her booming laughter.

“Wha’ was that for?” He mumbled, lifting his head up from the pillow to look at her.

“You have freckles on your bum. I thought it was cute.”

“So you slapped me-e?”

“Well, all’s fair in love and war.” She smiled fictitiously. “That wasn’t half as bad as the raspberry.”

Tendou shook his head, leaning across the bed to grab her in his arms. He held her there for a moment before throwing himself back onto the bed. She squealed, although she was silenced by Tendou pressing his lips against hers. She broke away then kissed him again, starting a cycle of soft lips moving against each other while hands roamed. Tendou parted away after a while, resting his forehead against hers.

“I love you…” Was all he said before kissing her again.

Times like these were just his absolute favorite.

Issues- Part Seventeen


Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.


Death, violence, and of course swearing! 

Word count-2,308

Read previous parts- HERE

Part Seventeen

Before I could open the door my body froze which caused Negan to almost knock into me from behind. Not that I would be complaining about that if he did.

Turning around to face him I opened my mouth but quickly shut it again. 

Unable to form the words spinning in my mind. How can I explain that I don’t want him to gloat at what was about to happen. Just because I wasn’t fighting him on it didn’t mean that I agreed with it, that I wanted him to to do it. 

Truth be told I don’t think he really wanted to do it either. I think he just did it because he had to, if he didn’t he wouldn’t be in charge for long and he wouldn’t be protected, he wouldn’t be able to protect all of the people who he does. Including me.

“What is it doll?” His face softened while I was stuck in thought “Just spit it out y/n” he always knows.

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Happiness is a Warm Gun

Joker x Reader

Masterlist | Requests

Prompt: Hey, I just wanted to say I ABSOLUTLY ADORE your writing and I was wondering if you could do a piece were Puddin captures the reader and gets her to strip for him? Very kinky, very dirty smutty smutty smutty smut.

{A/N} I had fun with this, honestly, thank you haha. More of your requests are coming! Thank you for being patient, I’m doing them in the order I receive them!
xo Harley

Warnings: Some violence/abuse, cursing, very kinky, very dirty smutty smutty smutty smut. Also gun play, sorta, so theres that.

The rain seemed to spill from buckets onto the windows of your small apartment. A {F/B} LP spins on your record player as it clashes with the sounds outside. A warm cup of tea keeps your left hand occupied as your right one holds the novel Lolita. As gloomy as the day was, you enjoyed this every time the rain fell, and took solace in the company of your favorite band, a book, a cup of tea and your cat.

Your life was never very eventful, and you have no set direction or calling, but you always valued the little things in life. After all, it’s the little things that add up to the grand scheme of things, and you take solace in it. Reading and tea is good enough for you, and you knew that much about yourself. 

You’re not the girl who goes out and parties, or subdues herself with violent or dangerous vices. After seeing how old friends turned out from just that, you were okay with your vanilla habits. 

 You take a sip from your {F/T} tea and run your hand along your cats tail as {he/she} hops off of the plush bench in the alcove and runs into the other room. Strange.. you think, putting your tea down and setting the open book on the cushion before you get up and walk to your room to grab a cat toy to entertain {her/him}. As you push the door open further, your eyes land on a man standing in front of your large, full length mirror, checking himself out, startling you to say the least as your eyes pop open and your hand grips onto the door. 

“This jacket, it’s new. But I think it really looks good on a guy.. What do you think?” He says, keeping his eyes on his own reflection. 

You’re unsure if he can see you in the mirror, but your eyes stay glued to his shoes, almost burning holes into them as your mind hastily runs through files of information that you may have come across in your years that could possibly help you in a situation like this. Your first thought is to quickly run back into the kitchen and grab a knife, but what if he’s got a gun? 

Trying to quietly swallow hard, your eyes move upwards. He’s slender, built and so, very cocky. His stance is that of a man who knows exactly what he’s worth and who he is, and something about it is almost attractive as you carry on, now more curious, to his face in the mirror. He was pale, and the dark purple trench coat only brought out the green in his hair. His face has tattoos and his icy gaze could mesmerize you without question. Quickly and completely by accident, your eyes now catch each other’s in the mirror, and the smile that slides across his face is nothing short of devilish.

A mixture of emotions course through your tense body as he turns slowly, a mock frown turning on his lips. 

“Don’t be scared, sweetie pie, daddy just wants to play with you a little..”

“Daddy?” You ask. 

It wasn’t really in your repertoire to call someone daddy. You haven’t been quite a sexual person with anyone else, and it wasn’t that you haven’t had experience, you just weren’t sure you ever found someone who really made your heart jump from your chest enough. 

“Oh,” a long laugh emits from his ruby red stained lips, and you can make out every “ha ha” as he does so. “I’m gonna teach you a few things, baby doll.”

Your shoulders slide back, and you turn your cheek slightly. Now would be the time to grab a knife, you think. But something in you pulls at the thought of him. Pulls at the thought of calling him daddy. You’re unsure of the feeling between your thighs as he slowly turns around to face you now, revealing his bare torso riddled with tattoos. 

“Joker..” you read out loud, still rather quietly as your eyes fixate on the lettering above his naval. 

“That’s my name, doll, don’t wear it out,” he says, his voice gravely as takes a step in your direction. “And you, {Y/N}, are one sizzlin’ lady." 

His eyes fall on your exposed shoulder from the oversized sweater you had on before he walks towards your closet, shaking his head. 

I want you to show it off for me…“ 

 Still in shock, you’re watching as he starts thumbing through hangers in your closet, completely making himself at home. How does he know my name? I’ve never seen him before in my life but… Your mind recalls the television broadcasts and news articles about him. They all seem to run through your head like an old film reel and your heart begins to quicken all over again. 

"You’re gonna kill me.” You say, your voice hollow. 

The words seemed to slow down the world, and you could only think of your cat who’d miss you terribly. 

“Oh I’m not gonna kill ya… I’m gonna hurt ya, and you might like it.” He says, yanking a little {F/C} dress from a hanger, breaking it in the process. “Put this on.” He says, throwing it at you. 

You instinctively catch the dress in your hands, flustered and confused. 


You move to the bathroom, removing your clothes and slipping into the dress. Even you couldn’t help but like what you saw when you looked in the mirror, but you’d only bought that dress on impulse, and you remembered that as you pulled off the tag. 

You emerge from the bathroom, and he coincidently chucks the pair of black heels you bought to pair with the dress. 

"Be a good little girl, put on your shoes, and lets go." 

You begin to panic now, afraid of going anywhere. 

"I’m not going anywhere with you!” You say, throwing your shoes back at him. “Go away!" 

 The trembling starts in your fingers and makes its way to the rest of your body as his cold stare meets your terrified one. In what feels like only seconds, he pulls a sash from his pocket, grabs your wrists and ties them together. Trying to fight him was the only thing you could think to do, but as soon as he let go, the bones in your wrists were pressing together, and the sash was digging into your flesh, feeling like it could cut off your circulation. 

“Fucker!” You manage to say as he pushes you onto the floor, taking your shoes and angrily putting them on for you.

“If you don’t wanna take the easy route, kitten, I have no problems with it,” he spits as he finished putting your shoes on, yanking you back up by your arm and dragging you through your apartment and out of the door. You whimper, wondering if you should take the chance in the empty street and call for help. You were on the bottom floor, and your door lead right outside, surely someone would hear you.

“Help! Somebody! Please, help m-”

Before you know it, you’re slammed against the wall, and theres a stinging on your cheek. Blinking a few times, your slowly turn your head back to face him. The hues of blue in his eyes up close look almost clear as you try to compose yourself. His expression is stern, and you feel compelled to listen to him now, and the feeling between your thighs is back, stronger now.

“What did I say about being a good little girl for daddy? I don’t want to ruin that pretty little face before I get to devour that, hot little body..”

His hand slides to the inside of your thigh, running his fingers up and down slowly, and you can almost see his expression change in just the least as he teases himself with the warmth of your skin in such a place. Your chest rises as falls, and as horrified as you were at the thought of something so gruesome, some, strange man kidnapping you and attempting at having you the way he wants, you couldn’t help but be aroused.

A jagged laugh leaves his lips as his eyes fall on your chest, noticing your erect, pierced nipples under the thin fabric of your dress. 

“Oh, you are a little freak, too. That’s okay… Just, like, me.”

Your piercings were a small show of rebellion for yourself. Just because you don’t do drugs or party every night, doesn’t mean you can’t do things that seem taboo to other people in other ways. 

He peels you off of the wall and pulls you to his purple Lamborghini, which stood out at your building to begin with. You wondered for a moment how you didn’t hear it earlier, once he threw you inside and turned on the car himself. The music was loud, thudding through the entire area, and he steps on the gas and speeds off, while you inwardly panic, planning an escape as soon as you get to where every you’re going.

“Hey honey, I gotta ask a big favor,” his voice roars, cocky and thick with a smile above the engines own roar and the musics loudness. “Maybe I’m wrong, but does this smell like chloroform to you?” 

He holds a rag to your nose and mouth, and you begin to scream, trying to wriggle away from it. The last thing you hear is his laughter as everything goes black and quiet around you. Oh his laughter.. When he pulled his little joke on you, it sounded like he was the happiest man on earth. 

Everything is hazy, blurry and fading either in or out- you can’t tell- as your eyes blink. The light around you is dim, and you try to move away, panic setting in slowly again as you come to. As you struggle to open your eyes more, praying it was all a bad dream, you see a blurry figure, sitting on a couch in front of you. The figure has green hair, no shirt, and pale skin. You want to cry, scream for help, but you’re too weak. 

Little by little, adrenaline kicks in, causing you to wake up more.

“Look at that mascara, running down those cheeks for me. God, you’re so pretty..” 

“I’m not doing anything for you!” You cry out, noticing you’re in the VIP area of a club as you scream over the music. You knew you were done for now, everyone was drunk, no one cared or paid any attention. No one would help.

“Now, now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” he says, bringing his tattooed hand over his mouth as he watches you struggle to sit up. 

You notice the grin tattooed on his hand and you can’t help but be curious about it for only a second as you stare back at him once you’ve finally managed to sit up.

“What to do with you, my doll.. What to do..”

You stay quiet. It couldn’t be that bad, right? Surely not in a public place would he do something drastic to you. 

“Hey boss, we have a-”

“Shut up and get out,” Joker replies to his goon, pulling a gun and aiming it at him. You squeak and jump at the sight of the gun, tears welling up in your eyes again as the man holds his hands up and leaves. 

Fuck. He owns the place.

“Get up,” he tell you, pointing the gun at you now. 

This is it. I’m fish food when he’s done. 

You stand up, trembling just slightly again as you try to gain balance after being drugged and scared in your high heels. He stands up now, and steps closer to you. Your eyes stay on whats going on on the other side of the beaded curtain that separates you from the rest of the club. Trying to find an escape, if only in your mind, you concentrate on the people, the music, everything but what’s happening to you.

Suddenly, you feel your hands fall apart and your wrists gaining more feeling. Your initial thought is to run, but knowing (or thinking) that you can get away, you stay put. His hand reaches out for your face, trailing it to your {H/C} hair, and sliding his fingers through it. His fingertips graze the back of your neck, and your skin crawls. There’s that feeling again.

His hand continues to slide down your back, cupping your ass just slightly as he slides it back up, quickly bringing the gun to your back with his other hand as he whispers in your ear, his voice sultry and dark.

Strip for me..”

The gun on your back leaves as he slides it around to your side and walks back to the couch. Sitting down, Joker leans back into the plush leather, gun in one hand as he gestures towards you to start.

“Do not, keep daddy waiting.”

The gun in his hand was terrifying and yet sexy, and you exhale as you bring your hands back to your own body, sliding your fingers along your hips. You’ve never stripped for anyone before, and this was not your ideal first time.. But catching sight of the arousal in his pants already may have changed your mind as you slide your fingers up to the straps of your dress. Your body begins to sway softly to the music thudding in the club as your slide the straps off of your shoulders one by one, letting your fingers caress every curve and divot of your figure again.

Wanting to tease him, your hands go for the bottom of your short dress as you turn around, sliding it up slowly to expose your {B/T} thighs more. You roll your head back, your {H/L} hair falling over your shoulders as you spread your legs just a bit more, exposing one cheek and cupping your own ass before bending over to show it all to him. You catch him shifting in his seat, leaning forward on his knees now as you roll your body back up slowly, turning around to face him again and lifting your dress slowly as you walk closer towards him, standing between his legs now.

You were already wet at the mere fact that you were doing this for him, especially in a sea of people, and his eyes were still only on you. His hands reach out and grip into your thighs as you slide your dress up further, exposing your glistening essence to him. He leans in and kisses your thigh, tingling every bit of skin his lips grace. You push him back slightly, sudden confidence coursing through you, and he lifts a brow, his expression almost screaming ‘oh really now?’ 

A smile slides across his features as your hands slide back up, your fingers sliding between your breasts. Your hands glide over the fabric again before they cut your breasts. You let your fingers run over your nipples as you bite your lip, pulling on one of them. A soft groan escapes you as you find yourself doing this more for you at the moment, and he’s salivating just watching. His hands move along your legs as you pull at the top of your dress now, just barely exposing your nipples him. The look in his eyes is almost pained as you stop. A smirk slides across your features as you make eye contact with him now. 

“That’s my good girl.. I knew you had it in ya..”

Your hair is a mess, your skin is almost damp from the heat of the room and of the moment, and you giggle just slightly through lowered eyelids as you slide the rest of your dress down slowly. Bringing it over your hips, you let it fall around your heels. 

“Do I get to have you in me, daddy?” You ask, a big grin on your face now as you look at him. It almost feels like something in you snapped, and you just want to act on instinct. 

“Oh baby doll..” he groans, unbuttoning his pants and leaning in to kiss your thighs. You could tell he was proud of you and something in that gave you butterflies. His kisses led from your thigh up to your hip, his mouth trailing only inches away from your folds. He breathes against you before delving in, his tongue sliding along your slit. You moan, a hand playing with his green hair as the other pulls on your nipple. His tongue darts over your clit over and over and you almost laugh at the pleasure coursing through you.

He pulls back, grabbing your shoulders and turning your around, bending you over the table in front of the couch. He takes a long, clean cloth napkin and wrings it up, slapping your ass with it before pulling it back over your mouth and gagging you as your hands grip onto the table. His hand drags over the napkin and trails back to your hair, gripping into it and yanking it back. He grabs his gun with the other hand and glides the the end of the barrel over your back, the cold metal giving you chills. 

You can feel it sliding over your ass, stopping as he holds it at your sweet spot. 

“Happiness is a warm gun, ain’t it?” He growls, sliding it up and down your core again as you moan under the gag. You hang your head before he pulls it back by your hair. Instinctively, you move your hips to press further into his gun, letting it glide against your wetness now as he slips it between your folds further.

“Ask daddy nicely, and maybe I’ll give you want you want..” He coos, still gliding the gun agonizingly slow along your core.

Please daddy..you beg through the makeshift gag. In a rush, you feel his torso on your back and see the gun next to your face. He couldn’t wait any longer, torturing himself at the sight of you like this for him. What he had only seen around town as a sweet, innocent girl, being so dirty, so naughty just for him. His game was corruption, and everyone knew it. He uses a few fingers to pull the gag down from your mouth as he pushes himself into your core, sending a wave of pleasure from your essence to your head and your toes. A loud moan leaves you as he grunts, sliding in and out of your wetness.

“Lemme hear you moan for daddy, huh kitten?”

Almost on cue, you moan for him, unable to take the heat between your thighs now as you buck your hips to meet his thrusts. He presses his wet gun against your lips, leaning down further to watch as you take the now warm gun into your mouth, sucking on it as he continues to throw you both into ecstasy. 

A loud, satisfied hoot leaves him as he continues to push into you, growing sloppier by the second. You can hear him laugh as he bites into your shoulder, trailing down your back with bruises until he stands up straight.


“More, daddy..” you beg with a grin as his hand makes contact with your ass again and again. His hands reach for your hips and he pulls you back into him roughly as he reaches his climax, the feeling only guiding you into yours. 

One more slap stings your ass as he pulls out of you, a sort of “job well done” one this time as you pant, leaning down further on the table and loosening your grip on the edge. He squeezes your ass before turning around, buttoning his pants again and sliding a hand back through his emerald hair. The dress lands next to you as he tosses it back, looking around the room back on his guard as he wards off any stares that they may have attracted with his own icy glare as you stand back up, sliding into your {F/C} dress again. You smooth it out, and attempt to smooth out your hair while you turn back to him, half sitting on the table as you kick a leg up, leaning back on your arms and biting your lip.

“You’re gonna do just nicely at my side..” he says as he turns around, admiring a bruise already surfacing on your clavicle. 

gomustanggirl16  asked:

Oh God there's so many! I saw a few I thought would be good but #14 Darcy/Bucky please! I'll let you decide who does the supposed killing 😉

Pairing:  Bucky Barnes/Darcy Lewis
Prompt:  #14 “Okay, I swear I’m not normally this creepy, but I broke my leg and have been spying on all the people across the street from me, and I could have SWORN I saw you kill a man.  Care to explain?”  (Rear Window AU/Disturbia AU)

A/N:  SHIELD Agent: Darcy Lewis.  Happens slightly before the events of CA:CW.

Darcy was seriously just minding her own business when it happened.  

Okay.  That was an outright lie.  

She was literally doing the opposite of minding her own business, but it sounded better than to say she was spying on her across the alley neighbor with a pair of binoculars.  

Because that sounded REALLY bad.  

In her defense.  She was supposed to be staking out an international drug cartel kingpin in Russia with her S.H.I.E.L.D partner, but she’d broken her leg while they were chasing him through Romania.  So, she was currently laid up in a random safe house until she was cleared to go back in the field.  

Which would be six to eight weeks, according to her physician.  Her physician who wouldn’t budge no matter the amount of money Darcy offered him.

And so now, she had all this chasing-a-drug-cartel-kingpin-adrenaline and nowhere to get rid of it.  

Plus, she couldn’t even leave the safe house or her cover might be blown.  The physician dropped off enough MRE meals, toiletry supplies, and a water filtration system when he came to put the cast on her leg.  

So she was effectively stuck here until her stupid leg healed completely.  

Which didn’t excuse her actual-facts spying on her neighbors, but she was an adult.  And she owned her flaws like one.  

Besides, if she hadn’t been spying, she would have TOTALLY missed the murder that was definitely going down in the quiet guy’s apartment.  

Quiet guy, who walked to the market daily and wrote in what looked like notebooks every morning.  Quiet guy, who carried a backpack with everything he owned inside like some kind of hobo, even though he had a teeny apartment. Quiet guy, who definitely did not see the guy sneaking out of his bathroom.  

Darcy pressed the binoculars to her eyes, grumbling under her breath as she watched the events unfold.  "No…no, no, no…Quiet guy…turn around!“  

The bathroom intruder got the jump on Quiet guy.  And Darcy was helpless, watching it happen.  

But then….  

Quiet guy reached back behind him, pulled the would-be-attacker off his back and strangled him.  With one arm.  

It was CRAZY TOWN.  

And before Darcy knew it, she was hobbling down to the street.  And climbing the stairs was no easy feat.  Going up, or going down.  

But she just KNEW this was something worth looking into.  Whether she was on forced rehabilitation or now.  

She had one hand on her taser, her gun was hidden beneath her jacket as she hesitated outside Quiet guy’s apartment.  

Because of course, once again, she’d run in half cocked and had no plan as to how the hell she was going to confront a man who could indispose and strangle a man single-handed.  (Literally!)  

Luckily, she didn’t have to think.  Because Quiet guy opened the door, backpack on his back and looking as if he was ready to bolt.  

She almost yelped.  Because apparently her S.H.I.E.L.D-issue binoculars weren’t all they were cracked up to be.  Once she got up close, she could tell.  

Quiet guy was actually The Winter Soldier.  AKA James Buchanan Barnes.  AKA Steve’s pal Bucky.  AKA, Someone who was definitely a person of interest.  

"Hold it right there,” she said, shifting both crutches to one side as she reached for her taser.  "I broke my leg, and might have been spying on all my neighbors through my back window…but I could have SWORN I saw you kill a man…care to explain?“  She tried to keep the waiver out of her voice.  He was a stone-cold assassin.  But she was trained to deal with him, right?  

Wrong, this guy shot the Black Widow.  Darcy was no slouch, but geez, she wasn’t any match for him.  Especially with her broken leg.    

His eyes looked cold and unfeeling.  He sniffed once and shook his head.  "Nope.”  

She pulled out her taser.  "It’d be really cool if you would.“  

He glanced down at her weapon.  "That a taser?”  

Shrugging, she nodded. “Yeah. It’s my weapon of choice.”  

“If I was you, I’d ‘choose’ the handgun you have in your back waistband,” he countered.  And Darcy could have sworn she saw the inkling of a smile.  

“I can help you,” she countered, jerking her head over her shoulder.  "I won’t blow your cover if you won’t blow mine.  Capiche?“  

"Pretty sure both of them are already blown, Doll.”  

“Look,” she said, arching an eyebrow.  "I pride myself on reading people.  That dude was a home invader.  I think if you look, you’ll find an illegal firearm with the serial numbers sanded off.  You’re not going to find any tech or recording devices.  He was probably after cash and would have shot you to get it.“  

Bucky shrugged.  "Better safe than sorry.”  

“Let me help you dump the body and you can hang in your apartment for a little while longer.  You like it here, right?”  

“I’d like it better if there wasn’t someone peeping on me through my window,” he replied, his tone dry and deadpan.  

Darcy rolled her eyes.  "You say peeping like I’m getting some kind of sexual enjoyment out of watching you and your boring life.  Did you buy anymore apples today?  Mama likes the apples, babe.“  She winked and reached for her crutches.  "C'mon, Quiet guy.  Let’s go dump your body.”

“They weren’t apples.  They were plums,” he corrected her.  And this time, there was definite smirkage going on.  

“I have GOT to get better binoculars.”  

For My Own

chapter instagrams

Where we left off:

Everyone stared at me in awe, except Kash. She pursed her lips, tapping her cheek as she thought of a way to make it better. An idea hit her, and she came toward me, carefully pulling the elastic tie out from my hair and fluffing out my locks.

“Much better,” she winked. Catching sight of myself in the reflective walls and just the right lighting, she was right. The diamonds glittered prettily over my pale skin, the emeralds sparkling brighter with the addition of my deep red hair. Tom took me by the hand and assisted me up onto the platform behind the sofa. All eyes were on me in the club and I drank it in, body humming with pleasure as everyone projected their fantasies on to me.

The rest of the night was spent drinking way too much, dancing on far too many tables and errant poles spread throughout the club, and more than enough sexy poses for unfamiliar phones. But there was one phone I was sure to give special attention to—biting my lip a bit harder, rounding my hips a bit more, accentuating my cleavage a bit further—because I knew exactly who was on the receiving end of those photos.

And his attention was all I craved.

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Imagine #18 Charles Xavier - Part 3 (Request)

Requested by Anon: hi! so can i request a charles x reader one shot that ive been thinking of? ok so first of all y/n and charles were super close as teens but y/n died at around 19(got mixed up in smth), charles was devastated and hes still not 100% over it as an adult so when the xmen find a mutant who can control time he ends up asking them to go back and try to save y/n? and they try and they have to convince her to stay safe bcs ‘theres some1 who needs her’ or some cute shit like that?..but if u do this thx!

Not my gif

Words: 1893

Warnings: fem!reader, time travel (?), typos

A/N: Sooo, this is part 3 of 3, I hope you like it!

Part 1 - Part 2

Jean had insisted on paying for the tiny motel room for the night instead of, as Peter had suggested, breaking into someone’s house and hoping not to get caught. “Buzzkill.”, Peter had growled. “Criminal!”, Jean had replied. The bed had been old and way too small for two people, but Peter had refused to sleep on the admittedly slightly disgusting looking couch, so they had shared anyway. It was only the one night after all.

“My back!”, Peter groaned for the about hundredth time in the past few minutes and Jean knew that, by now, it was only to annoy her. “Stop complaining and lead the way.”

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You’d Won

Prompt; “I’ve been fighting in this revolution before it could even be called that!” —  so basically this is mostly just reader (you), and how you made your way through the ages as a bad ass ;)

Pairing(s); Washington’s x reader , hamilsquad x reader (platonic) , Ben Tallmadge x reader (platonic)

Warning(s); canon era , mostly just historical moments, fluff, angst at the end 

A/N; this is maaaad old lol, but I finished it up? MOSTLY JUST READER , posted it because its the 444444thththththt

Originally posted by winchestheart

okay so if you haven’t seen Turn; Washington Spies , do it because that show is highkey the shiiiit 

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Collect Call Part 3

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Part One   Part Two

“Hey pumpkin.” He said as a small smile spread across his lips.
He couldn’t stop his eyes from studying you.
Your hair fell in simple curls around your shoulders. Your lips gleamed from where you had licked them and your cheeks were blushed. Your eyes watched him through your long lashes and his eyes followed your body.
He looked at the curve of your breasts beneath your shirt and felt himself harden slightly.
“You look good.” He husked and you blushed.
“How are things with you?” You asked nervously.
Happy raised is eyebrows and smirked at you.
“Im in prison, (y/n).” He said and you smirked too.
“Im sorry about your husband, and your baby.” He said quietly and your face fell.
You nodded and looked at your hands, fighting the urge to cry.
“Hows your mom?” You asked him.
“Shes doing okay. Up and down.” You both nodded and fell silent again as you watched each other.
“Fuck.” You said and laughed.
The sound of your laugh lit the darkest corners of Happys soul and he watched you intensely, hypnotised by the curves of your lips.
“Are we just gonna make small talk?” You asked with a smirk on your face, your eyes glowing.
Happy smirked at you and shook his head.
You had planned to play it cool. Planned to make sure he knew how hurt you were. But the moment you saw him all of that was out the window.
You felt like a teenager again, sitting on the river bank and in love with your best friend.
“Ive missed you, pumpkin.” Happy said, his voice barely a whisper.
You nodded and smiled.
“So why now?” You asked and leant your elbows on the table.
Happy shrugged and gazed into your eyes.
“Ive done a lot of bad things, (y/n). Im a criminal. Ive stolen, vandalised, I run guns for a living and Ive killed people. A lot of people. Ive done a lot of bad things but the worst thing I ever did was let you go.”

His dark eyes studied your features and you stared back at him, unsure of what to say.
“Happy, I-“
“Let me say something.” He interrupted you.
“Im sorry, pumpkin. Im sorry I left you. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have put the club before our.. friendship. Dammit, (y/n), I was so in love with you!” He said.
Your eye brows shot up and your mouth opened slightly.
“You loved me?” You asked quietly.
Happy rolled his eyes.
“Of course I was. Everyone knew it. Your parents knew it. My ma knew it. Everyone but you.”
“Why didn’t you say anything?” You whispered.
“All you used to talk about was how you wanted to get out of that town. See the world. I couldn’t follow you, and I couldn’t hold you back.”
You laughed loudly and he looked at you with furrowed brows.
“Jesus, we were so stupid, Hap.” You laughed again.
He turned his head to the side, confusion on his face.
“I was in love with you, Happy. Ya know why I wanted to leave so badly? To travel? Cause I was trying to run away from my feelings. I thought that you would never love me the way i loved you. Thats why I wanted to leave.”
Happy closed his eyes as he smirked and shook his head.
“I guess mom was right when she said smoking weed with you would make me dumb.” You said and he chuckled lightly.
You both stared at each other, your eyes glowing and smiles on your faces.
“So where does that leave us now?” Happy asked.
“I dunno, Hap. All I know is I still feel the same.” Happy smiled at you and you continued.
“I loved my husband. I really did, I still do. He was a good guy and he deserved so much better.”
Happy opened his mouth to argue with you but you held a finger up, silencing him.
“He deserved more. I loved him with a heart that belongs to someone else. Its always been you, Happy.”
You watched as his smile spread and his dark eyes lit up, like a fire was burning inside him.
“Youve always been my pumpkin pie.” Happy smirked and you laughed, both of you grinning at each other like the high teenagers you used to be.

Two weeks had passed since you’d first gone to see Happy, and you slowly felt joy and hope creeping back into your life.
He called you every few nights and you would talk for as long as you could, catching up on lost time and reminiscing. He told you about his club and his mom and you soaked in the sound of his voice, hanging on to every word he spoke. But he hadn’t called for the last four nights and you were nervous, scared that maybe he had changed his mind.
Your foot tapped against the carpet and you clutched the phone tightly in your hands.
Any minute now he would call, and you couldn’t keep still. It felt nice, to have something to look forward to again and you realised how miserable you had been.
The tv was humming on the background but you couldn’t focus on it, your eyes were glued to the phone, waiting to hear the shrill sound as it rang and the raspy voice on the other end.
You heard a knock on the door and you jumped. You weren’t expecting anyone, you never had visitors.
You looked at the phone in your hands again and decided to ignore whoever it was outside. The phone might ring while you spoke to them and you didn’t want to waste any of your precious time.
You sat on the couch and chewed your lip, your knees bouncing as you waited for the phone to ring.
Another knock.
You glanced between the phone and the door and sighed, leaping out of your seat and practically running for the door.
“Yeah?” You yelled as you opened it.
Your heart stopped as you looked into the familiar dark eyes.
Happy stood in the doorway, leaning casually against the house.

He wore a white t-shirt and his clubs kutte and your jaw dropped as you took in every inch of him.
“Thats no way to greet your guests, (y/n).” He smirked at you.
The sound of his voice bought you back to reality and you flung your body towards him.
“Happy!” You yelled as you wrapped your arms around his neck.
His strong arms wrapped around your waist and he lifted you off your feet.
You buried your face in his neck, breathing in the scent of him. He still smelt the same as he did when you were growing up, weed and beer mixed with his natural smell.
You pulled your head back and he placed you on the ground, but his arms stayed wrapped around your waist.
“You stage a prison break, Lowman?” You asked with your eye brows raised and a mischievous smirk on your lips.
Happy grinned down at you.
“Somethin like that.” He said and you watched as he licked his lips.
Butterflies fluttered in your belly and you felt every inch of your skin tingle.
“You know, theres something I shoulda done along time ago.” He said, his voice playful and you hung on every word, his voice like honey and you bit your lip as he leant in closer to you.
“Whats that?” You whispered, suddenly feeling weak as you felt his hot breath on your lips.
“This.” Happy whispered and he moved his lips forward and pressed them against yours.
You could have sworn the rest of the world fell away the moment your lips touched, and it was just you and Happy left, kissing on your front porch.
Every inch of your skin burnt with a hunger for more, and your fingers clutched desperately at his shoulders.
His lips moved in perfect harmony with yours, like the most beautiful song in the world was being written in that moment.
Happy arms held you tightly to his body, the sweet taste of your lips filling his mouth. He had dreamt about this moment for years, and none of his imaginations did it any justice.
Suddenly everything in your lives clicked into place, like pieces of a puzzle that had been lost, but were now found, and now the puzzle was complete.
You knew Happy was your soulmate, you had no doubt about it, and your body was bursting with love for him.
He kissed you deeply, hungrily, desperate to make up for lost time.
You had finally got your best friend back, and Happy had got his pumpkin pie.

CRASH- vi.

Summary: It was supposed to be an easy job.In and out. Steal one of Tony Stark’s cars and sell it to get better medical care for her dying mother.Of course, it’s never that easy. He caught her instantly, but instead of calling the cops, he simply offered her a job. With her past catching up to her and her heart on the line, how could she ever learn to love a man like Stark?

I’m here! Late, but here! I hope you guys enjoy this chapter 💕

“Alisa,” Tony sings, waltzing into the kitchen.

“Yes, Tony?” I ask, taking a drink of coffee and not looking up from the newspaper- well, tablet. News tablet?

“We have company coming tonight,” He says, leaning on the table so he’s closer to my face.

“Oh, great. Where am I picking the food up from?” I ask, still not looking up.

“Not for business,” He says, snatching my tablet. I try to grab it, but he moves it out of my grip, making me glare at him. “A couple of Avengers are coming.”

I blink. “Who?”

“Steve and Natasha. I think you’d like Natasha; she’s a lot like you.”

“That could be good or bad,” I say dryly.

He doesn’t answer that one. “Can you make something?”

I shrug. “Sure. When are they coming.”

“In about five minutes.”

“Tony,” I snap irritably, jumping up from my seat and opening the fridge. “Can they just eat lunch?”

“Whatever you feel like doing.” Tony says, watching me run around like a crazy person.

I ignore him. “I have no idea what these people like,” I mutter, popping back up with some meat.

He smiles almost gently, though that could just be my imagination. “They’ll be happy either way. Trust me, they aren’t picky.”

“Stark!” A woman calls sharply. “Where are you?”

“Uh oh,” Tony darts over to the hallway, making me shake my head and fight a smile. “Over here!”

“Nice place,” A man says, and suddenly Captain America is standing in the kitchen.

“Uh,” I manage, staring at him.

Tony appears at his side, along with a beautiful woman with dark red hair and blue eyes. “Steve, Natasha, this is my new assistant, Alisa Matthews.”

“I can introduce myself, Tony.” I walk over and offer my hand. “Nice to meet you. I don’t know if you’re hungry or not, but I haven’t made anything yet since Tony told me you were coming about five minutes ago.”

“Sounds like him,” Natasha says dryly, looking at me in a way that makes me cringe. “What’s your name again?”

I look at her like she has two heads. “Alisa.”

She goes still, and Steve grips her hand. “Did your parents die in a fire?”

I blink slowly. “Yeah…” I trail off.

Her eyes suddenly tear up, and to my luck it’s not just me who’s thrown off. “Alisa,” She whispers. Suddenly I realize why she throws me off.

“You’re Natalia,” I whisper, feeling my own eyes tear up. “They told me you were dead.”

“I almost was. They told me you were safe, but I never…” She steps closer, and I try to force slow deep breaths. “I can’t believe it’s you.”

“Someone want to tell me what’s going on?” Ton demands irritably, crossing his arms.

I finally look away from her and meet his eyes, and I can tell right away he doesn’t like tears. “I was told I was the only one that survived the fire. I had a sister…” I trail off, looking at Natasha. “A twin. Her name was Natalia.”

Tony’s head whips between me and Natasha almost comically, but I can’t make myself laugh. “No way,”

Natalia moves forwards and squeezes me in a hug.

“They’ve found each other.”

The man sighs, his back to them. “They did,”

“Yes, sir,” The guard says, looking uncomfortable. “Mr. Stark invited Natalia over, and now they are aware of each other.”

“What do you suggest?” The man asks lightly, though the weight of the test hangs in the air.

The guard hesitates. “I suggest waiting a few more weeks, to allow the relationships with Stark and Natalia to grow, and then bring her in. Both should follow, and then we’ll have another asset.”

“Interesting,” The man muses, finally turning around. “You might prove to be useful.”

The guard nods once, his body tense.

“Remind me again what our plan is for Alisa,” The man says, leaning back.

The guard looks nervous. “We will introduce her to the Black Widow program.”

The man nods. “And what use will Tony Stark be to our goal?”

The guard hesitates. “Perhaps he could be rewired to help us, but if he is uncooperative, we can eliminate an obstacle.”

The man nods, almost impressed. “You are not as stupid as the others.” The guard shifts awkwardly, and the man says, “Go ahead. I need to be alone.”

“So she’s your sister,” Tony deadpans, looking between us.

Steve smiles, offering a hand. “I’m her husband, Steve.”

I force a smile and shake his hand. “Nice to meet you.” My nerves are still shot. Completely shot.

Natalia smiles, squeezing his hand briefly. “How did you start working for Tony?” She asks.

I wince, and Tony takes over. “I caught her trying to steal a car.”

Natalia clears her throat, trying not to laugh. “Why?”

I get quiet. “My adoptive mother is dying in the hospital. I needed to pay the bills. It turns out he needed an assistant, so he moved my mom and pays me enough to take care of her.”

Natalia smiles. “At least she’s being taken care of.”

“Sir, you have a visitor,” JARVIS announces.

Tony frowns. “I didn’t invite anyone.”

Pepper struts into the room casually. “Tony, we need to talk about-” She cuts herself off, staring at Steve and my sister. “Steve? Nat? What are you doing here?”

“Natasha and her star spangled man wanted to hang out, and it turns out I found her long-lost sister.”

I frown. “Natasha?”

Nat smiles. “Either one is fine.”

I nod once, and Pepper sends me a death glare. “Not only are you trying to ruin my relationship with Tony, but now you’re pretending to be her sister?” Pepper demands.

Natasha turns to me. “Она правду?” Is she telling the truth?

“Нет. Она думает, что я пытаюсь разорить ее шансы получить Тони обратно.” No. She thinks I’m trying to ruin her chances to get Tony back.

Nat nods once and turns to Pepper. “I’m very good at telling when people are lying, and I know you are.”

“I’m not,” Pepper protests. “You’re just confused because she’s speaking Russian.”

“My adoptive mother taught me Russian because she didn’t want to me pretend it never happened.” I say quietly.

“Get out,” Tony says suddenly.

Everyone freezes, staring at him.

“Excuse me?” Pepper asks, staring at him incredulously.

“Get out,” He repeats, stepping closer to me. “I won’t let you bully my assistant.”

“She’s manipulating you,” Pepper snaps.

“And I’m supposed to believe you? After what you did to me?” Tony steps closer, and Pepper actually steps back a little. “Get out. And by the way, you’re fired. I’m taking over as the CEO again.”

She stares at him, stunned, before sending me a death glare and marching away.

“Well that was interesting,” Nat says calmly.

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hi!! first off, just wanna say i love this blog! i think i remember something about monster stuff a while back? how about a scenario w a witch reader getting hunted down by witch hunter mccree who has been after then for a while? either sfw or nsfw are fine (ps, not super well versed w cryptids, but apparently there's a black demon shark somewhere near baja california)

Thank you, and that’s cool as shit.


Your body was aching as though you hadn’t sleep all your 300 years. Everything hurt, and despite living through some of the most horrid tortures you could imagine, you couldn’t find a moment in your life where you had wanted to die more than now. A fire trap, in your own home. Centuries of work lost. You wanted to scream.

You pressed your hands on your arms, wincing at the light first degree burns you suffered, and on the better parts of your body. Some of you looked to be nearly charred. You tried to call to mind a healing spell, something that didn’t require any of the thousands of ingredients that just got destroyed, but your brain was fried along with the rest of you. You were lucky you got out as you did.

You sat on the forest floor, staring at the burning remains of your hut. You had to calm yourself down and figure out what step to take next. The fire was by no means an accident, a trap set up from someone who was very likely hunting you down and knew exactly what you were. In the era, witchcraft was dismissed as fantasy, and you could see the dwindling number of hunters reach next to zero. Only the extremely wealthy or extremely eccentric could resist the expense of modern life and bugger off to hunt witches.

You had apparently found one of the only ones that were left.

It was terrifying, after so many years of not worrying about the law breathing down your neck. You had lost your edge in combat, focusing more on a quiet hermit lifestyle. No trouble for years; you had been entirely off the grid. How could you possibly be located when the last evidence of your existence in the Hunter circles died off some 70 odd years ago?

The last of the embers from your home began to sizzle out, leaving you out in the late-night darkness. You pulled yourself to your feet, wincing at the rough burns that littered your skin, and began to make your way through the trees and down to the little town at the foot of the mountain to get help.

After a last, longing look at your home, you found the dirt path and began to follow it, staying along the trees in case whatever had set the fire was coming to get rid of any survivors. The more you walked, the more your senses came back to you and fresh air filled your lungs. When the first glimpse of the town peeked from between the leaves, you even smiled. It was not the end. You could rebuild, could start over, and you’d rely on the people’s goodwill to do it.

It was when you saw the flickers of firelight through the buildings that you paused. Someone was shouting, angrily, and there was a chorus of cheers in response. It certainly didn’t seem a time to celebrate. Memories from centuries ago—angry mobs with rusted pitchforks—slowed you to a stop, and you could only watch on in despondent horror.

“We will not tolerate it!” a man was shouting from his crate soapbox. You realized with a sinking gut that what he held in his hand (the one that wasn’t holding his baseball bat, the new apparent weapon of choice for angry mobs) was the limp body of your sparrow familiar, streetlight glittering off the blood dripping from her throat. She had disappeared before the fire. “A witch in our woods? We should’ve wiped out scum like that in the medieval times!”

You scoffed at his obvious lack of expertise, but it didn’t surprise you. After all, who was an expert in witches these days?

“At least one person,” you remind yourself.

After all, there had to be someone, who tipped off the town, who set your house ablaze. You pulled as close as the shadows would hold you, pale at the number of guns among the crowds shaking hands. At least it would be less painful than a rusty pitchfork.

“Let’s go and kill this thing so that we can sleep soundly at night!” You rolled your eyes; the idiot had been sleeping safe for the last 40 years with you two miles away. Riling the crowd into an enraged agreement, the man lead the mob off in a marching parade up the dirt path you had almost followed right to them. You ducked further away, watching them loop around the gate and begin their ascent up the shallow mountain.

“So much for getting help here,” you mumbled under your breath. In the lit street, the body of your familiar lay on the ground, and you couldn’t help but want to get her. It was dangerous, you didn’t know how many people were still in the town, but she was owed the respect. You’d only be in the light for a quick second, and that thought convinced you to take one step out of the darkness and lean—

A gun fired. A thick bullet ripped through the tenderly burned fibers of your arm and scraped against your bone. You cried out in pain and alarm, drawing back into the shadows and turning to run In all your shock, you hadn’t even seen what had shot you.

The tail end of the villager’s mob in the distance was visible from the end of the alley, but you got no further before another fat bullet pierced the flesh of your shin, right through your charred skin. A thin line of dust cut through and severed what was left of your leg from the shin down, making you fall face-first on the ground. You cried. It wasn’t less painful. Not at all.

“That’s one thing about witches.” Immediately it was obvious from his accent that the stranger wasn’t from the town, which could only mean one thing. You turned your head to get a look at him, see the man who had ruined your entire life and would probably kill you too, and you could feel your entire nervous system shudder in full-blown fear.

Jesse McCree. A man who hunted witches and other magic beings in exchange for his own immortality. You’d had a few run-ins with him in centuries past, before he became the skilled menace he was now.

You’d been lucky enough to forget he existed.

“What’s that?” you coughed, unable to muster the confidence you needed. He shrugged and pulled back the hammer on his revolver.

“They’re always sneaky.” He smiled, and it’s just as cocky and sure as it was back in the 1800s. He gestures the gun towards your busted leg, lining up his shot with your other kneecap. “That’s why I don’t let ‘em run. Especially not one like you.”

“Like me?” you repeated, eyes staring off to black space to avoid looking him in the eye. He chuckled and knelt, pressing one of his knees against your back.

“Pretty ones,” he elaborated, metal fingers curling in your hair. “I could have a lot of fun with a lil’ somethin’ like you.”

She Boss | Part 3

Summery: She’s her own boss and theres nothing that can’t stop her from ruling the world. Except for the soft heart she sprouts from the young, handsome Korean Leader.
Pairing: Kwon Jiyong x Reader
Rating: Drama, Angst, Smut, Fluff
WARNINGS: Language, light|heavy Violence, light|heavy Smut

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Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

“Your host tonight, G Dragon and the lovely Valentina Cappucio.” It said as all eyes were turned towards you two.

“So that’s what Val is short for.” He said giving you a wicked smile as he led you down the six steps it took to get to where everyone stood.

The two of you made your way to the center of the dance floor where Ji spun you once before pulling you in tightly to start the first dance. With everyone clapping you could hardly hear the music, this made you glad Ji was leading.

“What is a big bad man like yourself doing taking the first dance?” You tease raising an eyebrow at him.

“Tradition.” He said trying to hold his boss face.

“Tradition.” You repeat as he spun you once again.

Promising you a dance later Ji pulled you from the center of the crowd and off to the side where he led you to a section that was closed off with exception of a few people. Carlo and Ule were sitting in there along with the men that had accompanied Ji to the meeting. In the center of the two groups sat a crippling old man in a wheelchair and an aged, but never the less gorgeous woman.

“Mom, dad, meet Valentina Cappucio.” He said and instantly you reached your hand to shake his mothers hand. She just chuckled at you and stood pulling you into a hug.

“You’re even more beautiful than he described. Such elegance to you.” She smiled as her eyes flicked from yours to the necklace, warming at the sight.

“And a hell of a shot from when I’ve heard.”  The old man grumbled now holding out his hand.  Just just the first time you reached for Ji’s hand you expected him to shake it but he flipped your hand to kiss the ring on your pinky.

You curtsied in respect to the two before Ji directed your attention to the four men sitting to your right.

“These are my best men, Yongbae, Daesung, Seungri, and my right hand Seunghyun..” he said and you nodded to the boys in front of you, making a mental note it was Yongbae and Seunghyun that your brothers were getting friendly with.

“We’ve set up rooms for you all here, so please feel free to eat and drink all your heart desires. Your safe and more than welcome in our home.” Ji’s father said raising his glass of what looked like grapefruit juice towards you and then your men.

“If I’m lucky you’ll stay with me.” Ji whispered into your ear causing a stern look from you. He chuckled and held the hand that how lightly clung to a champagne flute, his other being too busy resting itself on your lower back to move.

The 11 of you sat in the closed off area talking about business for close to a hour. It wasn’t until Ji’s mother rose her hands in frustration while scolding Ji’s name did the two of you disperse.

“Enough with this, go dance, drink, make a baby I don’t care! Anything but this.” She whined. Your cheeks flushed and you started to silently thank Mina for the blush she already set on your cheeks.

You curtsied once more while bowing your head to his parents before letting his hand lead you back towards the dance floor you had to admit, all the talk about work made you loose count of the flutes you had so as Ji spun you around the dance floor, only one hand holding onto you as his other constantly brought champagne to his lips, you could t help but giggle.

“Why are you laughing?” He said, a playful grin tugging at his lips. You rose a finger in between the two of you and wiggled it telling him to lean in closer.

“I think I’m drunk.” You said biting your lip as Ji continued to sway you.

“Is that so? He smiled looking down to you before laughing at how much darker your cheeks had gotten. “How about we take a walk.” He said placing his half empty flute on a passing tray.

He intertwined his fingers with yours this time, not caring who saw the informality. He led you gently through the passing bodies and out one of the large back doors. The cold air hit you harder than you expected and you instantly shivered. Feeling your discomfort he shrugged his jacket off and placed it around your shoulders. You thanked him and wrapped your free hand around his bicep as the two of you walked silently in the dark.

“Are you having fun?” He said slightly bumping into you.

“A lot more fun than usual.” You smiled.

“You don have fun like this in Italy?” He asked looking down at you.

“Shooting people can only be so much fun.” You shrugged. “Honestly since daddy died I don’t think I’ve had any fun.” You said as he sat the two of you down on a bench.

“The life of a boss. I’m luckily my mom is still with me, if she wasn’t I don’t know if things like this would still happen.

You nodded and looked around, spotting Seunghyun and Carlo strolling around.

"I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get away from my brothers either.” You said sighing as the two older boys made eye contact.

“This struggles we live with.” He smiled sweetly.

“You should smile all the time, you have a nice one.” You said before you realized what exactly it was you said. “Sorry, drunk.” You said pointing at yourself.

“I do have to say it is hard for me to keep a straight face around you.” He confessed rolling his eyes at his own cringe words. You laugh at this and shake your head.

“Look at us. Two mighty heads turning into children.” You said making him chuckle beside you.

“Another reason why I hate these stupid parties.”

“I don’t know, I could get used to a little fun every once and a while.” You said looking back over to the light pouring through the windows.

“Stay in Korea then. I know I wouldn’t mind seeing you more often.” He said leaning forward slightly to catch your gaze.

“Ive already decided on staying.” You say causing a smile to tug at his lips.

“That’s good news.” He smiled giving your hand a squeeze.

You looked at him and smiled, not being able to help it when you let your eyes flick to his lips and back up quickly. He seemed to think the same thing but before he could lean in any further you reached into your clutch to hold your cigarette case out to him. He smiled lightly and took one before you pulled the gold gun out and flicked it on.

“That thing is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.” He said pointing at it.

“It was my dads. I learned the whole pound flick thing from him.” You chuckled while running your thumb over his initials that had been carved a line over yours.

The two of you decided it was time to go back into the warmth after stepping out the cigarettes. He helped you stand before placing an arm around your waist and leading you back inside, Seunghyun and Carlo following closely behind.

“Mr. Kwon, may I steal my sister for a dance?” Carlo called from behind the two of you.

“As long as you give her back.” He said handing your arm back to your brother and removing his jacket from your shoulders. “Come back to me.” He whispered kissing your cheek gently before twirling the jacket back on and walking over to where his parent sat. You eyed Carlo as he gave you his infamous big brother ‘I told you so’ look.

“Do you even know how good it feels to be right for once?” He laughed as he spun you to the faster beat of music.

“Shut it.” You said still blushing from the small act of affection. “Do you think he knows?”

“What that you’ve never seen a man? Probably not with the way you introduced yourself yesterday.”

"So he thinks I’m easy.” You say nodding your head slowly and looking back over to see him watching you.

“No. I actually think he’s more impressed with you than your not spoken about sex habits.” He chuckled.

“Or lack thereof.” You scoff.

“Val, you are literally the definition of intimidating females. Cut the guy some slack.” He said cocking his head as Ji stood and made his way back over to the two of you. Without even having to ask Carlo held you at arms length and bowed as Ji replaced him in leading you.

“What were you two talking about?” He asked with a soft smile.


“Good things I hope?”

“He’s very impressed with you.” You say earning that smile that makes your heart jump.

“Good, I’ve never had good luck with big brothers.” He said rolling his eyes dramatically.

“Oh and whys that?” You laugh.

“I don’t know things like ‘he’s to dangerous.’ 'Did you see who he hangs around?’ Blah blah blah.” He said waving his hand before reconnecting it with his other behind your back.

“You are kind of dangerous, huh.” You said tilting you head.

“Says you, miss 'I’m not your sweetheart!’” You laughed and shook your head before removing your arms around his neck to take two flutes off a passing tray.

“To our empires.” He said clinking his class to yours before the two of you took a sip.

The rest of the night was spent with Ji spinning you around, the two of you completely forgetting who you are in the eyes of the public. The two of you ran around hand in hand while downing champagne to the point where Seunghyun had to carry you up the steep staircase after you tried to out ran your guards.

“I’m going to kill all of them.” You said bracing yourself against Ji who wrapped his arms around your waist. “Buona Notte!” You called after Seunghyun as he walked away laughing at the two of you.

“Stay with me.” Ji says looking at you with needy eyes. You bite your lip before nodding, your giggling starting right back up as he took your hand and pulled you down the hall opposite to the way Seunghyun walked.

“Ji you’re going to fast I’m stepping on my dress!” You laughed.

You’re giggles turned to playful screams as he bent to catch your waist against his shoulder and turned walking swiftly once again down the hall with you over his shoulder.

You couldn’t help but smile at how over the top his bedroom was. The walls were a deep red and in the corner was a large wrought iorn bed frame with dark blankets. There was a desk and lamps and more books that anyone could ever have time to read. The bathroom was open and just like the rest of the rooms down stairs; white marble that seemed to have a gold glisten to it.

“Here.” Ji said tossing you a long dress shirt.

In your drunken state you struggled to get a grasp on the zipper that rested just out of reach. You sighed and turned to Ji who was just only walking out of his closet in a pair of sleeping pants and nothing else. You blushed at the sight of the tattoos that covered his body and frustrated you turned your back to him.

“Can you unzip me?” You say.

You could hear him chuckle from behind you and soon his hands were brushing against your skin, sending a chill down your spine. You felt the dress loosen around your torso leaving your back completely exposed to the point where you were positive the top of the lacy red underwear you wore was visible. His fingers traced back up your back as if to push the sleeves off your shoulders but since they were never there to begin with he just ran his fingers back down your back and over your own long snake tattoo that curled over itself with its head risen to peek into your back. You didn’t even realize you had let your head roll to the side until he pressed his bare chest to your back and placed a deep, sweet kiss on your neck.

You sighed blissfully a his hands continued to tease the nerves on your arms and his lips continued to move the length of your neck. The second time he hit the soft spot right behind your ear your head you turned, forgetting all about holding your dress up. He looked down to you with heavy eyes and pulled you in closer. Gaining your usual confidence back, you hooked your arms around his neck and pulled him down till your lips were hardly apart. His hands snaked tightly around your waist which pulled you in closer causing your lips to meet. It was slow at first as you tried to recover from the light feeling that exploded through your body, and you could tell he was feeling it too as the moment you both caught up to real time the kiss grew heavy, needy almost. With both of you pulling one another closer there was no telling how the two of you were actually breathing. One hand still hooked richly around your bare waist he let his other hold onto your cheek as he started to walk you back to the bed, neither of you caring that you were still in your heels and heavy jewelry.

He laid you back with such care you could only pull him even closer to you. He deepened the kiss by licking your bottom lip, which you immediately submitted too. It didn’t last long though as you put up a fight to gain dominance through a kiss. He crawled over you while pushing you further back into the large bed, your hands not being able to hide any shame as you ran them up and down his back and across his sides finding every scar that’s ever interrupted his perfect skin.

It wasn’t until his lips left your so he could kiss down the length of your body while his hands began to slowly remove the bit of clothing that kept you from him did you realize how far things had actually gone. You’re eyes snapped open as he start to kiss past your navel and as if by instinct you shot up and slipped off the bed reaching for the shirt he had handed you.

“Val what’s wrong?” He asked, eyes widening with worry.

“I’m sorry, I can’t… I mean I don’t… I mean I haven’t… I’m sorry I’ll leave.” You said trying to find the right words but nothing came out. You reached down to scoop up the dress and was just about to leave the room when Jiyong stepped forward and took a light hold of your wrist.

“Don’t leave.” He said sternly before taking the dress out of your hands and dropping it back to the floor. He saw the million things running though your head which tugged a smile from the corner of his mouth. “Breath.”

You let your eyes close as he placed a kiss on your forehead before letting his rest on yours.

“I’m sorry I got carried away.” He said with a small smile, pushing back the hair that had pulled their way out of your now very messy bun.

“Ji, I…”

“You don’t have to explain anything to me. I meant it what I said don’t leave though. I want to sleep next to you.”

You smiled gently at his words and sat on the closest chair to take the heels off before he helped you remove the mass of pins that were holding your hair up.

“You’re more beautiful like this than the other things I’ve seen you in.” He said eyeing how his shirt rested against the tops of your thighs.

He took your hand and walked you to the light to turn it off then back over to the bed where he let you climb up first. Before making you look at him.

“Can I kiss you one more time?” He asked bringing his thumb up to stroke your cheek.

“Of course.” You said still looking at your intertwined fingers.

His finger hooked under your chin to make you look up and when you did he slowly bent his lips down to yours causing the same feeling as before to erupt throughout you.

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70 with bullymagnet and possibly something that accidentally catches on fire

Nobody caught on fire and for that, I sincerely apollo-gize.

“You’re warm”

“You’re warm,” Max paused, rethinking his word choices, “Well, warmer than normal, anyway.”

There was a quiet, delirious laugh, “So you’re saying I’m hot?” Johnny asked, a stupid grin on his face.

Max rolled his eyes and pulled his hand off of Johnny’s sweaty forehead, trying to ignore the way it tried to stick. “Don’t go putting those kinds of lies in my mouth,” he said, moving back to sit on the ground next to the red head. Johnny wasn’t lying too far from him, though there wasn’t a lot of space in this place to begin with. Dirt and mud stuck to both of them like a second, itchy skin. Their clothes dripped excess water.

Johnny was bleeding.

The air outside the cave they’d hidden in hissed with rain.

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Let Me Tell You About You

I was dancing. My feet were pounding against the floor in time with the beat of the loud music that blared from the clubs speakers. My clothes were sticking to me like a jolly rancher to its wrapper after sitting in someone’s warm pocket for too long. My head was buzzing slightly from the alcohol and my heart was tapping against my chest from adrenalin.
I was having the best time of my life from dancing in a club with about a hundred people that I didn’t know whose bodies were just as buzzed and sweaty as my own. My friends were sitting down at a booth, downing shots and kissing men whose names they hadn’t bothered to find out. I on the other hand wasn’t interested in that, I came to places like this to lose my mind to the music and allow my body to move in any way it felt like it should. That was my release. As my body jumped and swayed to the music a smiled spread across my face due to the high that I was feeling. So high off of nothing but the music.
1 hour later:
I had taken a break to get a drink but I couldn’t stay away from the dance floor for too long. When I heard another song start up I made my way to the floor and slid in where I could. I began dancing again, in my own world, until I heard someone whistle lowly. My body didn’t will itself to stop moving, but I did look up to see who was whistling at whom. My eyes focused in on a guy. His shirt was off and tattoos decorated his defined body. I licked my lips still moving and watched as he carefully took off his dark sun glasses. Although the club was dark, I could identify that he was more than a looker. This boy was gorgeous and every hormone in my body sprung to action as I registered this. His eyes caught mine and my throat caught my breath. Any other time I would have felt inferior with a guy so spectacularly attractive even glancing at me but I don’t think that I was really myself in that moment. I watched as this boy walked through the crowd to where I stood moving less now, but still moving. He didn’t stop walking until he was inches away from my face and my heart was beating so rapidly that I feared I’d go into cardiac arrest. He snaked his arm around my waist and placed his hand on the small of my back. My hormones were jumping again and I wanted to scream or cry or run, however, I couldn’t do anything but stare into his eyes. A pool of soft brown and caramel that made my knees weak. “Keep dancing” he said into my ear as he pulled my body against his. Oh God, he smelt amazing, like lavender and axe. I listened to him and moved my body against him, allowing his other arm to trap me against his body. I had no idea who this guy was but he somehow managed to cast a spell on me in the time that he whistled and made eye contact with me until now. Normally I wasn’t this type of girl, I had fun on my own and my conscience tried profusely to remind me of that, but I ignored it. I let the music tell me what to do and avoided thinking about consequences. “Damn baby,” the guy muttered as his hands ran over ever dip and curve that my body possessed. I did my very best to suppress the shudder that crept on me. I pulled away from him some, so that I could get another good look at him, but he wasn’t having that. He took that moment as an opportunity to turn me around and get my back to his chest. “You’re not like these other girls,” he muttered as he guided my hips to the music. I opened my mouth to say nothing, staring at the people intertwining their bodies with others. “Don’t ask me how I know because I just do. I go from club to club and see all types of girls. They throw themselves at me; basically crawl on their hands and knees over to me for what? A quick fuck or feel up,” he chuckled lowly. “It amazes me, but I don’t have many objections. I benefit either way. Yet here I am dancing with you. You’re the type of girl who steers clear of guys like me, but not for the reason that most people think,” he went on. My throat felt dry and I had to remind myself to keep moving. The boy continued to amaze me. From his looks to the strange way he told me about my own self. “You steer clear of guys like me, not because you think we’re bad news but because you’re not confident. You lack self assurance therefor you think that a guy like me wouldn’t take a second glance at you, but you’re wrong. You’re so wrong that it pains me sweetheart. I like girls like you; girls who bury themselves in books or writing maybe,” he smirked against my neck and then placed a small kiss on my jaw line. I closed my eyes briefly to steady my irregular breathing. “Yeah, you keep to yourself most times, but theres a side of you that only your friends really know about. Like how you were dancing not too long ago. The way you move your body is dangerous girl, if only you knew. If only you knew that not all girls like you can shy away from guys like me which might explain how you and I ended up here right now. Crazy how things work huh? Well I just want you to know that I’d take more than one glance at you, I’d devour every inch of your being with my eyes. I’d take you home right now and fuck you senseless. I swear I’d make you forget your own damn name,” he whispered. I gripped his muscular arms, hopping that I’d gain some sort of support before I collapsed into a pile of pitiful on the floor. “But you’re not that type of girl. You’re delicate and pure and as much as I’d love to corrupt that and ruin you, I can’t,” he said causing your heart to drop a little. He pulled away, not before squeezing your sides an pecking your neck again. You blinked a few times, trying to bring yourself back to reality. By the time you turned around to try and make sense of what had just occurred, he was already a few feet away. You watched in awe as his back flexed while he walked back over to his friends, only once did he turn around to flash you a weakening smile.

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Dreaming about a Reality

“Are you ready?”
I looked up to see Shane staring at me, his eyes filled with excitement and a grin you couldn’t even slap off his face. Looking at me as though these are the last hours we have to breathe and this was our last shot to go out with a bang.
“Yeah!” I said with fake excitement and a forced smile, but even I could still hear my voice shake. I haven’t been able to sleep a wink the past two nights. Hoping that when the reality of this moment finally set in my sleep deprivation would hit me like a bunch of bricks so Shane and everyone else would notice early enough to not make me go on. But it was though all the blood in body was replaced with caffeine and espresso shots, I felt as though I could run around the block about thirty times and then another thirty more. My mind was on high alert, noticing every little detail within feet of me and my focus too high strung. Recollecting the second we walked through the door and I noticed he was here. Sitting in the middle of the crowd with his friends… and her. His new prized girlfriend, or side piece, or slam piece, whoever she was he paraded her around as though she was the greatest thing to walk this earth. That’s who he was though. If you were going to be affiliated with him you needed to benefit his image. In shorter terms you were an accessory. Everything you did had to be perfect. Everywhere you went you had to look perfect. Because there was no Mr.Perfect without Mrs.Perfect. After a while it seems so “perfect” you actually convince yourself it is. Until of course you wake up and realize that “perfect fantasy” is actually a living fucking nightmare. The fake imitation starts to fade and all the lies hit you like a speed train, sending you into a total loss of identity, confusion, and sadness. When people tell you theres no such thing as perfect, head their words, because they are completely right.
“We’re all set up Leighton, they’re announcing us now”
All of the sudden my heart dropped and my feet were tied to the floor. What am I doing? Why would I ever think I could do this? Is it too late to run? It was too late.
“And next we have Leighton Masters and Bringing Back Today!”
Shit. Why was my name separate? Oh yeah that’s right I was the idiot that volunteered myself to tryout for this stupid spot and of course I got it. I didn’t even think I was that good. I did Chorus in high school and a few Acapella performances but it was either that or drama, never have I thought years later I would chose to throw myself on stage to have a crowd nitpick at my no experience entertainer skills. They’re going to rip me apart…
Luckily Rae helped me look the part. My confidently edgy, smart mouthed, vicious, beautiful best friend turning me into one of her pinterest masterpieces. Dark black skinny jeans with rips and holes down the front, black and maroon combat boots folded down around my mid-calf, a bright magenta sleeveless halter with the classic black leather jacket over top. My hair was lightly curled towards the ends in order to compliment the new dark to platinum ombre on the freshly chopped shoulder length hair. Who knew how much of a difference 10 inches can make you look. I was the complete alternative rocker. Only thing missing…the fact I was nowhere near in personality or in spirit a rocker chick. When I started to walk towards the mic the faces looking back at me gave a reassuring look. My style must of convinced them that I knew what I was doing, and they were ready for a show. And oh a show it was going to be…
I kept walking slowly towards the mic, looking down at the floor praying at this moment that the world would spontaneously combust, or just me. Unfortunately neither happened. When I reached the front of the stage I put my hands on the stand and looked up at the crowd. Of course the first pair of eyes I lock with are his. It was such a confused stare, as though he was asking me what the fuck I was doing up there and why the hell did I look like that. Mr. Perfect had no idea. But that’s not a surprise, he never did. For years he acted as though he knew who I was when I was still searching for myself. Hovering over my decisions, lecturing me on what was right and what was wrong, when he was only a couple years older than I. His friends all stared in disbelief, as though I died and was reincarnated by a taller, blonde, Avril Lavigne look alike. None of them had any idea either. Funny thing is if I was still enclosed in that cult none of them still would have known, no matter how many years would have passed. Because in there, its all about image, how you looked, agreeing with all of them, disbanding anything they didn’t agree with, even if it was apart of who you are, you had to get rid of it for them. And that fueled my fire. All the lies, all the rumors, all the shit talking. And I never retaliated. I sat back receiving every cruel word and sentence that came out of their mouths. But tonight I’m fighting back, tonight is my response to every time consuming breath they have spent talking shit about me. I stared back into all their faces, meeting with every single pair of baffled eyes with a stiff rigid look that basically said You guys can go fuck yourself.
“Hey everybody and thank you for having us and I especially want to thank Shane for letting me be a guest with his band in performing tonight. Before we play I just want to express the value of this song to me.“ I took a breath, my heart was beating so hard it was ringing through my ears. I felt as though if I didn’t slow down or just stop talking overall I would be face down into the bottom of the stage floor. I looked up and met those eyes again. It was as though he was commanding me to not dare say one word about him or what he did. How childish he has been for such a “man” and that the pedestal he puts himself on is actually not that high up from the ground. I wasn’t going to say his name, exactly what he did, or how awful of a person he has been. But every sentence that is going to be said from my mouth will be referencing to the inferior Mr.Perfect. Hopefully he isn’t too stupid to be able to put that together.
“Not too long ago I hit rock bottom. I thought I had everything planned out, everything set for me, and worst of all I convinced myself I was happy when I was not. When I realized the life I was living was not what I wanted I did a complete 360. Yes I cut off all my hair, I colored it a different way, I changed all my clothes, and I know about none of you here knew I even could sing.“ Most of the crowd went into a loud giggling. Whispering to one another and looking back up at me, analyzing head to toe my newfound image. “But that’s not the best part” I created a pause. It seemed as though the past 4 years of my life played back over and over in my head. The girl who I used to call myself was standing in front of me, staring in complete disbelief. Never did she think that I am her and she was me. Her stare scared me but then she broke into a smile. A tear rolled down from her eye to her cheek and she whispered two words before she turned away. Thank you.
“The best part is that I found myself, I found my happiness”.
I looked over to the right of the stage by the bar to see Brysen and Rae standing up clapping for me. The ones who not only picked me up but physically pushed me up onto this stage. And as much as I hated them for it I couldn’t help but love them more than anything. Brysen pointed at me and flashed his perfect smile he knew I loved so much. I met him when I was at my worst and he has brought me to my best. Making me his princess regardless of how I broken I was, how imperfect I am, and how weak I felt. We were two imperfectly perfect souls intertwined with one another within the short amount of time we have fallen into each others lives. But not only was he special but he was mine. I smiled and blew them both a kiss. Then the lights dimmed and my heart dropped, Shane started strumming and the track began to play.
Here we go.
I open my eyes looking down onto the treadmill. I regained the feeling of reality as the sweat on my t-shirt was cooling down my stomach and the beads of sweat running down my face were seeping into my headphones. 5 miles and 35 minutes. My legs were a little shaky as I slowed the speed to a walking pace but the adrenaline still coursing through my body could push me for another 3 miles. Not today. I hopped off and made my way towards the fountain, remembering what happened the last time I ran too far into my thoughts. Literally. I looked down at my phone pausing the song halfway through and I smiled.
“One day” I thought. One day