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alexander hamilton and alex hirsch have the same initials gASP

EXO REACTION: their best friend says they should date

I really liked your BTS reaction to their bff being single. Could I request a BTS and/or Exo (whichever you have the most inspiration for, or both if you have tons of it) reaction to their bff having been complaining about that and then randomly saying (jokingly or otherwise) that the two of them should date? Up to you if the member likes their bff or not. Sorry if it sucks!!

a/n: these were all done as them all having interest in you bc i can’t bring myself to write rejection ;v;


Minseok sipped at his coffee while you complained about your relationship status. “Enjoy it. When you settle down with somebody you won’t be able to walk around in your underwear,“ he chuckled, settling his mug down. “You don’t care when you come over and I’m in my underwear,” you mumbled, folding your arms over your chest. “I don’t,” he smiled. “Maybe I should date you,” you winked, making him nod. “Maybe you should.”


“What’re you doing?” Junmyeon asked when he saw you laid upside down on the sofa. “Trying to figure out what makes me so undateable,” you grumbled, making him laugh. “Don’t laugh at my misery,” you screwed up your face. He sat next to you and floded his arms over his chest.

 “You’re not undateable…” 

“Date me, then,”



“How’s the filming coming along?” you asked as you handed the mug over to Yixing. “Tomorrow should be the last day,” he informed happily, setting the cup down. “From what you’ve sent me, it looks good,” you praised, making him smile. 

“The pictures you uploaded looked just as good. I hope it went well,” he raised a brow. “It was another fail,” you shrugged, sitting next to him. “I’m coming to the conclusion that I was born to be single forever,” you took a sip of your tea. 

“The right one is out there,”

“He’s sat next to me,”

“What was that?”

“I’d really like to take you on a date… After you’re done filming.”

“I would love that.”


Another spoonful of soup was held up to your mouth, which you happily took. “You look like Rudolf,” Baekhyun laughed before blowing over the soup to cool it. “Stop,” you pouted, leaning your head forward. “The world’s cutest Reindeer,” he held up the spoon again.

 “I bet this is what it’s like to have a partner,” you finished the soup and gave him a thankful smile. “I’m better than anybody you’ve ever been with,” he set the bowl on the floor and flopped next to you. “I should make you my boyfriend,” you giggled as he cupped your cheeks.

“Can I kiss you?”

“You’ll get sick…”

“I don’t care.”


“I’m going to be single forever,” you whined as you leaned back onto the bench. “Was it really that bad?” he asked, glancing to you. “They were impossible to talk to…” your head lolled back. “It’s okay,” he patted your knee. “I’ll be here to keep things exciting in your life,” he promised, making you giggle. “We should date. We’d make a good match,” you hummed, making him gasp. “You can read my mind?”


The sound of the guitar filled Chanyeol’s cozy studio. He’d invited you over to try and cheer up your mood after your rant on being single. When his fingers stopped against the strings of the guitar and you continued to stare at him, he waved his hand in front of your face. “You alright?” he asked. 


“You’re staring.”

“Sorry, I was just thinking what you’d be like as a boyfriend.”

“I’d be okay?”
“Can I test that out? I really want to take you on a date.”

His cheeks tinted red, so he lowered his head “Of course you can.”


Kyungsoo agreed to act as your partner at a family dinner, saving you from another ‘you should be settling down’ lecture. His hand rested on your back as he conversed with your family, speaking of his job, and praising the food. They seemed to believe it, as they all fussed over you. 

As the evening winded down, your family moves to sit around the house to make small talk with eachother. He lead you outside, the cold air felt amazing against your warm skin. “They’re fun. Not bad at cooking either,” he spoke softly. “Be my partner for real, then. Come with me to every dinner,” you chuckled. “I’d be honoured,” he whispered, arm wrapping around your waist.


Jongin has spammed you with texts, informing you that the members were going out, so the two of you could have a movie night. He picked you up and took you to the store, filling up the cart with as many snacks and goodies as possible. “You’re forgetting these. No movie night is complete without these,” he grinned, dropping your favourite sweets into the cart. “Why can’t everyone I go on dates with be like yoou. Why can’t you be my boyfriend?” you groaned, piling the snacks into his arms for him to approve of. “Because you haven’t asked me yet.” 


The room spun as you and Sehun finished the last of your drinks. “We have so much fun together,” he slurred with a grin. “I know…” you laid next to him, trying to cool your blushing cheeks. “We should start dating.”

“You want to date me?” he asked, eyes widening. “Is that a bad thing?” you frowned, only to be cut off by his laughing. “I thought the day would never come!” he exclaimed, pulling you into him.

Na hora me pareceu uma boa saída, deixar você respirar um pouco, ir ser sozinho um tempo. Não que o amor houvesse acabado. Só estava escondido sob a pilha de defeitos que tínhamos e as promessas quebradas. A vontade de dar certo estava enterrada, e eu estava cansado demais para continuar cavando.
—  You need to go back, Isaac.
3 Years - Pt. 2 (F/A(?))

Genre: Fluff and Angst(???????)

Length: 2,000+ words 

Originally posted by kthmyg


You nodded, and a small thankful smile appeared on your face. You waved bye once more and the moment you exited, Yoongi closed the door behind you. A sigh of pure relief escaping him. “God that was weird..” He nervously laughed, rubbing the back of his head.

“Definitely, oh my gosh..” Nodding in a agreement. “Let’s just get home already babe.” You smiled up at him, closing your eyes as he bent down and kissed your forehead.

Yoongi giggled, still feeling the butterflies in his stomach he got everytime he looked at you, even after being with you for so long. He gripped your hand tighter, and led you to your car. “Let’s go babygirl.”

A little over a month had passed since then, things between Yoongi and you were better than ever. You two were constantly going on little random dates; he’d bring you flowers at least once a week, he’d always write cute little notes and leave them around the house for you to find. He was a romantic dork, and you adored it. 

It was about 9:30 p.m., you were to lazy to shower just yet so you plopped down onto your bed and waited for Yoongi to come over. You laid there wrapping yourself like a  ‘burrito’ - as Yoongi and Namjoon called it - in your silky, steel colored blanket while still wearing the sweats you’ve been in all day, you hair up in a messy half ponytail when your phone vibrated underneath you. 

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Aaa I'm happy you opened requests :'DD I love your writing and aaaa I cant believe its open! May I request the scm gang discovering MC's criminal past?? Like how she fought gangs and/or stole from the rich and gabe to the poor?

Thank yoou ♡♡ aaa that’s so sweet *hugs* ~ ♡ Here we go ~I’m so sorry I didn’t add Krioff in this one, my brain was struggling to come up with something for him, but I ended up coming with nothing at all, I’m very veey sorry for that, but I added a Suprise Bonus at the end, and I dearly hope you enjoy and that it makes it up for the lack of Krioff. However, if you still want something for the God of Aries, just tell me and I will try to come up with something different for him dear ~ Enjoy ♡!

♡ Game: Star Crossed Myth (SCM).

♡ Pairing: Gods x MC.

♡  Genre: Fluffy with a bit of angst.

♡  Warnings: Few mentions of some sexy times, nothing explicit though ~ ♡.


♡ It happened when he was nearly falling asleep on your lap;

♡ You two were on his room, more precisely on his bed, surrounded by many of his fluffy pillows;

♡ Your fingers running through his hair, gently rubbing his scalp;

♡ You heard him hum in approval, snuggling closer to you, eyes closed but he was still quite awake;

♡ That’s when he asked you to tell more about yourself, your job, your friends, your life, everything, right from when you were born;

♡ It’s not like he was truly interested, maybe a little bit curious, but mostly he just wanted to listen to your voice lulling him to sleep; 

♡ He loved the sound of your voice, almost as much as he loved how comfy and soft you were to sleep on;

♡ So you started telling the story of your life, how was your childhood, your friends back then;

♡ The more you spoken, the more you could feel his body relaxing under you, his breathing softening to a low and calm snore;

♡ You smiled at the sight, your fingers still combing through his glossy strands; 

♡ God, did you loved that man; 

♡ He stopped you halfway of your telling, more than a surprise to you, his eyes slowly opening up, a small, almost imperceptible frown forming on his face;

♡ His beautiful chocolate irises sparkled with a silent curiosity, questioning you; 

♡ He looked breath-taking, and yet, cutely sleepy; 

♡ You wanted to squish his cheeks;

♡ Not that you’d let him know that;

♡ “Who have you stolen from?”

♡ Despite the meaning of the question, his voice still sounded calm, gentle, dragged out from sleepiness; 

♡ You blinked in confusion;

♡ “What?”

♡ “You said you’d stolen from someone… To give for others. Who have you stolen from?”

♡ You blushed. Hard.

♡ “I-I thought you weren’t listening.“ 

♡ He tilted his head in confusion on your lap, his eyes still glinting with that gentle, yet questioning gaze;

♡ You sighed.

♡ “I… I was a teenager ok? I was a little reckless with a edgy sense of justice. I used to think true justice could only be made by your own hands, mix that with a little bit of disgust over rich people, and you’ll get me, some years ago.”

♡ As you spoke, there was not a moment his eyes left your face, he didn’t even blink, paying total and plenty attention to you, so much he was almost scaring you out;

♡ You cleaned your throat;

♡ “I did stole from some rich dudes, but never have I ever kept any of that money to myself, I used to give it to orphanages, suburban families struggling to make it to the other day, really poor people, people who needed it more than those rich bastards would ever need." 

♡ You sounded more sad than upset, and you continued aftee a low sigh;

♡ "I stopped it after sometime, though, after almost get caught, and realize that… No matter how many times I did that, rich people kept getting more and mlre rich, while the poor people… Well, they’d still be poor the next morning." 

♡ Aigo’s eyes were still fixed on you, watching the emotion crossing your face, until he finally lift up a hand to wipe a single tear from your face away;

♡ Your eyes widened with the small, simple and so gentle act, but soon the surprised on your face was replaced by a genuine smile as you looked down at him, taking his hand on yours, and kissing his palm;

♡ He gave you one of his lovingly smiles, a silent reassurance that he was there, supporting you, his eyes almost closing as he snuggled closer to you, his head pressig softly against your tummy;

♡ You couldn’t help but smile as you watched him slowly falling asleep, your fingers soothing his hair, his mere presence was relaxing, feeling like a daydream;

♡ You swore you could hear him whispering something, before finally fall into unconsciousness, but his calm, soft expression, gave not in. You just smiled, leaning in to kiss the top of his head; 

♡ "Weirdo." 

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Okay, so can you do one where the reader has been dating george for a while, but the reader is asexual (ace pride whoop whoop) and the most she's ever really comfortable with is kissing, and even then she kinda loses interest. and george reassures her that she's not being annoying and that she never has to go any farther if she doesn't want to. thank yoou so so so much :)

Finally finished one, yay! Hope you like this one, I’m aware of the fact that there are many types of asexuality, hope you’re alright with how I interpreted your request and I hope it’s not too short!! thank you for your patience and have fun reading x

It seemed to be one of the coldest days of the month yet, but still, quite a few students had decided to go to Hogsmeade instead of staying in the castle, especially because it was the first weekend that wasn’t filled with studying for most. George had seized his chance immediately; on Monday he had asked you whether you wanted to go with him, whereupon you had agreed without further ado. Especially when going out you felt something warm inside your stomach whenever he was around, and it brought immense joy to you to have a date that made you feel so at ease. When the sky was taking up a shade of dark blue you were heading back to the castle, shaking slightly due to the cold, but George took your hand very softly to make it warm up. “So what’re you plans for later?” he smirked. “What d’you mean?” – “Well, back in the castle. I’m going to get a nice cup of tea, that’s for sure. Might take a shower as well” – You returned his smirk as he spoke, watching him as the lights leading to the castle shone upon his face in the softest way, but he did not seem to realize that you looked at him in appreciation rather than something else. “What’re you staring at? There’s nothing wrong with my face, right?” he asked theatrically, but you just shook your head and laughed. “No”, you mumbled, blushing slightly, “You’re just nice to look at, that’s all” – “Seriously, (Y/N), you can just tell me I’m handsome, I do get that a lot to be honest-“ – “Sure, call it what you want” George seemed to be really eager to tease you about your comment all the way to the castle until he had you laughing so hard you almost cried, but as a Ravenclaw prefect shushed you as soon as you walked down the corridor, you calmed down again and soon decided that the Gryffindor Common Room would be the best place to go. George still had his warm hand wrapped around yours, even when you were entering the room itself; it looked especially cozy to you at the moment since you had spent your entire afternoon in the cold, and pulling George with you, you sat down on one of the big couches with a sigh escaping your mouth. George’s gaze was fixed upon you when you started taking off your coat and your scarf; a moment later, you confronted him, smirking, and pushed your clothes aside. “What’re you staring at?” you asked teasingly, whereupon he just raised his eyebrows. “Nothing. You’re just nice to look at” – “Charmer” – He once again took your hand and squeezed it lightly, and as he started leaning forward, you suddenly felt rather irritated.

Why was it that you didn’t really want to lean forward as well? Something inside you made you incapable of showing the same type of affection he did; you had already experienced it a few times with him, each time pulling away quite soon. While you worked out amazingly as a couple in terms of understanding and communication, you did not seem to show the same amount of interest in physical affection. Holding hands was something you quite enjoyed, such as hugs and cuddling here and there, but too much kissing was rather uninteresting to you, and even though you felt ashamed of it sometimes, you couldn’t deny that you didn’t seem to be fond of any kind of intercourse. As his lips finally met yours, you swallowed your thoughts and kissed back quite fiercely, but as seconds passed, you let go of him and blushed. For a moment, neither of you said anything; your hand was still in his and your faces were just inches away from each other, and thus he kissed you once again, but it felt rather wooden to you after a while. “S-Sorry, George” you mumbled as you parted once again, looking down on the floor in shame. George, on the contrary, smirked and squeezed your hand. “What’re you sorry for? I think it was very good-“ – “No, George… I mean- that’s sweet, thank you. But it’s just that I can’t really seem to… I-I… how do I say this? I just can’t develop the same craving for affection as you do” you finally said, your face heating up until even your ears took up a bright shade of red. “You mean like kissing and snogging and all this kind of stuff?” – “Exactly” You felt rather awkward when he remained silent for a moment, but as he seemed to notice your insecurity concerning the issue, he raised his eyebrows and hastily tried to explain you what he thought. “Don’t worry, (Y/N), really. It’s all fine… I was kind of wondering why you always part that quickly, but it’s really nothing to be ashamed of, right?” – “Thank you, George. I mean, it’s not like I don’t want any physical affection at all, it’s all fine until I reach a certain point” – you moved your hands rather nervously now, but George’s eyes were still fixed on you, “It does not necessarily mean it’s something revolting to me. I’m just not interested in much more than holding hands and a little kiss, maybe… but even that makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes, to be honest… S-Sorry for jumping at you like this, but it just happened-“ – “Blimey, no need to apologize for that. Kind enough of you for letting me know and being so honest with me, I wouldn’t have wanted you to force yourself to go further, (Y/N)” – He looked almost concerned for a moment, but then he smirked trustfully, “You don’t need to be sorry if you have any sort of preference, really. It’s completely fine”  You were blushing so hard you almost turned away, whereas George visibly tried his best to make you feel comfortable again. “Okay, (Y/N), relax. Listen to me. All I want you to do is to tell me whenever you’re uncomfortable, okay? Everything’s fine, believe me” – “Thank you so much, but- we’re obviously not feeling the same craving? I don’t want to disappoint you” – “You’re not disappointing anyone! Don’t be ridiculous, we definitely aren’t a couple that snogs around all day, but there’s nothing wrong with that, if you ask me. I still consider myself really lucky to date you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N). No matter what you’re into” – “You’re very sweet, George. Thank you very much. I-I hope it’s going to be fine” – “I’m sure it’ll be fine, (Y/N). You never have to do anything you’re not comfortable with, and should I ever go too far just give me a nice slap in the face, alright?” You chuckled now, whereupon George put his arm around you; it must’ve looked like you were wrestling, but when you looked at him with a laugh on your face, his glimpse got soft again. “Are you okay?” – “Yes, George. I am very much okay” you mumbled, your ears still slightly reddish.

Let my love in - Chapter 3

Kim Taehyung (V)

Words: 919

C1 C2 C3

Masterlist: [X]

Taehyung pushed the laptop to the floor, it was her boss, it had to be. He searched his name to find his adress as he ran to his car. 

A few minutes later drove onto the high way. He knew exactly where he lived and he was going to get this bastard.

Nobody touches my girl.

Taehyung didn’t want to figure out what he meant by “pleasure” in his e-mail, the only thing coming up in his mind was sexual.

Speeding he drove off the high way, shortly entering a neighbourhood. He stepped out of the car. It was pitch black outside.

Originally posted by taetaejams

He ran up the street, searching for the right number. He found it and ran into the complex, up the stairs and to his apartment. 

He smashed his fist into the wall over and over again, before the door openend. Taehyung quickly pulled it open, pushing him back into the hallway closing the door behind him. 

“Where is she?”

“That is information you don’t need to know.” he hissed.

He yelled het name out loud.

“She doesn’t need you!” He yelled pushing Taehyung against the door.

“Get out of my way.” Taehyung roared oushing him back and storming into the apartment, him running after. 

Taehyung ran futher in to his apartment, eventually he founf a locked door, bashing it open. She was sitting on the floor, dried blood on her upper lip, tears in her eyes. 

Forgetting about the man he ran into the room to her. Placing his hands on her arms. “Are you ok?” He asked worried. She didn’t reply she just stared behind him. He felt the cold metal at the back of his head, the sound of a trigger going off.

He swallowed and stood up.

“Get out.” He said.

“Call the police and she takes her last breathe” aiming the gun a her.

Taehyung turned around facing him, the gun between his eyebrows.

“Shoot me.”

The sentance making her let out a cry from behind him.

“Shoot me and let her go.”

“Come on! What are yoou waiting for!?” Taehyung yelled.

“Taehyung no…” She cried.

“Please don’t shoot him!” She cried, standing up.

“Please!” She begged hugging Taehyung from behind.

“What does he offer you that I don’t? More money?” He yelled.

“I would never!” Taehyung hissed.

“What are you using her for huh? What is he giving you!?”

“Love.” She sniffed.

“Why would I use her? She is a blessing to my life!” Taehyung yelled.

“So where is my blessing!?” He yelled pushing the gun harder against his forehead.

“Not with her, that’s for sure, you freak!” Taehyung yelled.

He lowered the gun from his forehead. “Who are you calling freak!?” He asked as he pushed him back. Taehyung said nothing and just punched him in the face hard, grabbing his girl’s wrist pushing her out of the room. The man swinged back and hit Taehyung in the jaw. He felt the taste of his own blood in his mouth before aiming a punch at his lower abdomen making him hunch over. He ran out of the room, grabbing her wrist hard on the way. Running through the hallway, a shot was heared…

“The shot missed her head by an inch.”

Originally posted by btskimtaehyung

“Where is she now?” The police asked.

“I don’t know.”

“His second shot hit me and I fell, he took her and he left.”

“We, took a closer look at her laptop and we find some deleted conversations between the two…”

The police handed a sheet of paper to Taehyung, the e-mails printed on it.

There were more threats, but the message at the bottom of the page catched his eye.

“-Bring him to me or I’ll kill him.

-Stop sending messages to me!

-You work for me! You do as I say! I want you to bring him here, I’ll even take you hostage if that’s what I need to do.

-What do you want with him!? Stop it! I quit!”

“It seem’s like he wasn’t after your girlfriend, but you.” The police explained.

“What?” Taehyung asked confused

“We think he was planning on murdering you.” He explained.

“Also, we have tracked the gps signal from her phone. We know where she is, Taehyung.”

Taehyung hid his face in his hands, crying from relief.

“A patrol just left for the location, we’ll get her back safe for you.” He comforted, patting his shoulder.

Taehyung sat on the sofa in the police office’s staff room. Minutes ticked by, an hour passed. Suddenly the police man from earlier entered the room and asked him to come along. He took him with him to a room, he opened the door for him and inside she was, wrapped in a blanket, her face and hair wet.

Taehyung walked into the room and she stood up as she saw him. He wrapped his arms around her and pressed her against him. “I’ll leave you two alone* the police said and shut the door.

“Are you ok?” Taehyung asked, she nodded against his chest. He placed a kiss on her head. “You’re living with me from now on.” Taehyung said, she nodded against his chest again, not willing to leave the safe feeling when he hugged her. Eventually she looked up to meet his tear filled eyes. “I thought he was going to kill you.” She began, but Taehyung silenced her with a kiss. He pulled away, “I love you”, he said pressing her head against his chest.

Então eu mandei os meus sinais desesperados logo de cara, tudo para não precisar te dizer. Eu ensaiei fazer trezentos e oitenta polichinelos para você perceber o quanto eu sou medrosa e louca. Eu não quero admitir, ninguém nunca viu assim tão limpa, eu nunca me senti assim tão de alguém. Eu confesso, você venceu. Venceu! Estou completamente a-p-a-i-x-o-n-a-d-a por você.
—  You need to go back, Isaac.
EXO Reaction to you Getting Their Name Tattooed on Your Rib Cage

Guys if you still have requests make sure to leave them in my ask box thank yoou - Jasmine 

(none of these gifs are mine)


SEHUN: lets go celebrate!!!

 KAI:  Are you sure you want this jagi?

TAO: we should get matching tattoos instead

D.O: I like your edgy side y/n

CHANYEOL: wait, really???

CHEN: this kinda turns me on

BAEKHYUN: *saw it before you could even tell him*

SUHO: she actually did it *fangirling*

LAY: *not sure how he feels about it*

KRIS: its great jagi

LUHAN: why me!?!?!? (he likes it)

XIUMIN: interesting

Magcon preference : How you two spend your Halloween night ? (+clothes)

Cameron :

You decided to spend the night watching the classics of horror movies in Cam’s arms. That’s quite a good way to spend halloween night.

Nash :

He ask you to come with him and sky for the traditional trick or treat. Just looking at them having fun getting candy makes you feel good. You spend a great night making memories.

Carter :

He is invited to a big costume party and he wanted you to go with him. so you both dessed as skeleton and you go together at this party.

Jack J :

There was a Halloween party in the neigbourhood but since you aren’t fond of Halloween you wanted Jack to go with you. He couldn’t resist to your devilish charm so he agreed.

Jack G :

Of course It was his idea to make a horror movies marathon so that he could prove that his the man and he could reassure you. But at sometimes in the night you were asking yourself which one of you were the most affraid.

Taylor :

You were so not into it but you let yourself led in the board game with Tylor. Even if you were so scared this night was really thrilling and you will remember it probably for a long time.

Dillon :

As usually you party for Halloween but it was your first Halloween with Dillon so you had to meet his friends, and that was scared you the most about this halloween night. But finally everything was great.

Shawn :

The two of you agreed to spend Halloween night with only your closest friends. So that you cans play games or watch (horror) movies or eat as much candies as you want, and there is no one to judge your holloween costume. You both ended up having a really great time.

Matthew :

Yoou both decided to go for the traditional way to celebrate Halloween the famous trick or treat. Yes it’s a little bit Childish but it’s funny and you get candies. And it’s the only night you can pretend to be batgirl & batman without people thinking you’re crazy so perfect.

Aaron :

You both pretended that you didn’t want to celebrate Halloween just spend the night together, but you both had the same idea in mind: scared each other. Everytime he can he would throw at you some plastic spider and everytime you can you would screal that you have seen something. You will probably be more amused than really scared but it’s a great way to spend Halloween.

Jacob :

Even if you don’t need Halloween to watch horror movie you would still do it again with Jacob this time. You can sum up this night in a few words : He takes you in his arm because you’re affraid, you hug him because he’s affraid and all of that while eating popcorn = perfect.

Sammy :

That was your scariest night ever. You, Sammy and some friends had decided to go visited some house pretended to be haunted. At the end yuou don’t even know if you have seen something supernatural but even tho Sammy wouldn’t let go of your hand you were so scared.

Hayes :

There’s this event called “Halloween Horror nights at universal studios Hollywood” Both you and Hayes wanted to go there. This was probably one of your best night even tho it was scary as hell you could laugh to each other faces when you would look back to pictures you have taken this night.

Hey, here it is ! but first I would like to appologize for the mistakes but English is not my first language, that’s why usually I don’t write this much, but I tried my best. So I hope you enjoyed it because I spend so much time on it. :’)

Love you guys !

Não dá pra morrer de amor, mas a gente vai desistindo de viver aos poucos. Eis a frase da minha lápide “Viveu até cansar, e aí cansou de insistir”, o meu defeito é querer demais, lutar demais, esperar demais. Eu mandei logo de cara, todas as minhas luzes desesperadas de amor incondicional, eu fiquei no escuro. Esperando. Insistindo. Imóvel. Ouvindo o meu coração esperar. Não dá pra morrer de amor, eu continuo gostando de você. Mas eu morri semana passada, no meio do seu porre, tentando não ser incondicional. Tentando não te amar, o tanto que eu te amo agora. Querendo viver por nós dois.
—  You need to go back, Isaac.
Na sua vida, você vai conhecer pessoas. Algumas você nunca vai parar pra pensar. Outras, te farão querer saber o que aconteceu com elas em todo esse tempo. Existem pessoas que você vai querer saber se eles pensam em você. Mas existem aquelas que você vai querer esquecer para sempre. E vai continuar pensando, toda vez que o céu chorar.
—  You need to go back, Isaac.


Can’t really hide his happiness, a small smile appeared on his face, this is exactly why Love is dangerous. Not that he complaining– yet he will stay with his statement about dangerous love.

Hand reaching her face, holding her steady. Not going to lost his chance to keep being close..

“What to do Mira? I’m just a guy who love being kissed by his girlfriend. And that was our first kiss this year. And I think I deserve more kisses. Don’t you think?”


She smiled slyly up at the blonde, wrapping one arm up towards his neck to cup the back of his head. 

“Well seeing as I was just about to head home for the night anyway, I don’t see the problem with that.”

The barmaid then slid her hand down his arm slowly until it reached his own, where she intertwined their fingers. 

“Shall I be your gallant knight for tonight and walk you home, Prince Dreyar?” She teased, winking at him playfully.

Não tenho mais certeza se o que eu sinto é amor, existem muitas outras coisas sobre nós que eu não tenho certeza. É claro que eu quero o seu bem, mas eu não tenho tolerância alta, dá pra entender? Só quero a sua felicidade se for comigo.
—  You need to go back, Isaac.