but there will be mocking


NEW VIDEO: “Learning How To Be A Better Trans Ally- this one was so much fun! i hung out with my friend Janet Mock, & she graciously spent some time sharing some easy tips on how to be a better ally to the transgender community!! go give it some love & reblog to share with your followers.

but also can we talk about how you can’t go 20 minutes this season of Bojack without some reference to misogyny and how patriarchy fucks women up?? especially so in episode 11 and with all the insight we gain into Beatrice, how sexist expectations and men trapped her in an unloving and unsatisfactory life. and Honey was straight up lobotomized because she was grieving her son and received no support from her cheating and callous husband. and the way Princess Caroline is treated so callously by her doctors when she has her fifth miscarriage. even the gun episode was made into a gendered issue. the writers pulled no punches this season when being raw and honest about the damage of being a woman under patriarchy

I know everyones drawn this scene but I can’t get over it….This whole scene is in my top faves……..ugh