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Bad girls don’t get to cum

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Pairing: IvarxReader
Rating: Explicit
Words: 4415
Warning: Smut, light chocking, orgasm denial

Notes: Hello everyone! I’ve been reading (stalking) everything about Vikings lately(well mostly Ivar because let’s face it I’m Ivar trash right now) and you guys made me want to write something of my own. So there it is! My first one-shot. English is not my native language so I’m sorry if there is any mistakes. This is my first smut as well so please bear with me! Feedback are always welcomed. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Becoming a skilled shieldmaiden was the only thing you ever dreamed of since you were a child. But your parents did not like the idea of you risking your life so they never wanted you to learn. They always said that you would become a farmer like them and take over the family’s farm, like they did. When you turned thirteen, you did not listen any longer and escaped every morning to go train all by yourself with a sword you found one day near the river. Without any experience, your training was not helpful at all; all you did was swinging your sword, desperately trying to gain some skills. One afternoon, while you were practicing, you heard laughs behind you. The Ragnarssons, princes of Kattegat, were watching you. Since that day, they helped you training and fast you became really good at this. Ubbe, Hvitserk and Sigurd treated you like a close friend and you saw in them the brothers you never had. As for Ivar, it was deadly complicated. At the beginning, he did not like you at all, always mocking you, telling you how bad you were or how your body was not fitted to be a warrior. He was hurting your feeling but you had never showed it. One day, you had enough and challenged him. Unfortunately, you lost the fight but it was enough to show him that you were not just a poor girl trying desperately to become a fighter. Since that day, he was more careful with his words; he even helped you and showed you some tricks. With time, you both fell for each other.

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before you start a war (you better know what you’re fighting for)

Percy had been expecting pizza.

He was right in the middle of two shifts and starving beyond belief, so excuse him for not being friendlier when he opened the door and two disgruntled looking strangers were staring back at him instead of cheese and pepperoni.

Strange people bothering you at inconvenient times was a staple of New York life, but he wasn’t in the mood for a lecture about the true faith or the endless benefits to being vegan.

The wheelchair ridden man and blond girl in front of him were not people he’d met before and the intensity of the man’s gaze was unsettling

“Uh―” he fixated on the graying face directly in front of him, grasping for the easiest way to end this interaction. “Jehovah’s Witnesses usually have more success next door,” he said, before pushing the door shut with his hand.

Usually, this signalled that he could go on with his day, but a hand jetted out and stopped his door from fully closing, and even the accompanying thud sounded foul tempered. He groaned and considered going for his mother’s stash of pepper spray until he saw the man’s well meaning smile. His face was fraught with the type of wrinkles people get from smiling, and retrospectively he probably shouldn’t have slammed the door in the face of an old guy in a wheelchair.

“Percy Jackson?” he ventured “My name is Chiron, and I’d like you on my team.”

That was not something he had been expecting. Part of him wanted to shove the door shut again and move on, but something about the earnest expression on Chiron’s face was hard to avoid.

“You know, there are more efficient ways of inducting people into your cults. Maybe try for a shiny brochure next time.”

A disbelieving scoff cut through the bemused silence Chiron offered him. Percy’s gaze moved to the girl leaning against the bannister opposite him. She was wearing massive sunglasses with some college sweatshirt his dyslexia prevented him from recognizing, and was looking at him with thinly veiled disgust.

“Chiron, I told you this was a waste of―” her voice cut off as Chiron placed his hand on her shoulder. Something about the way she shook her golden curls out in irritation seemed inexplicably familiar. Her face was still furrowed at him like he was something she found on the bottom of her shoe. He had been dealing with being looked down upon all his life, but for her to march up to his door in order to recruit him for whatever and still maintain her self-righteous attitude was beyond grating. Perhaps Chiron was more observant than Percy gave him credit for, because his interruption was the only thing that stopped Percy from offering a few choice words about where she could stick her superiority complex.

“Contrary to popular belief, Olympus University isn’t a cult. Neither is our exy team.”

Maybe this was some cruel dream, because there was no way in hell someone showed up at his apartment to talk about an Ivy League college. He took a gap year and was working two jobs just to save up for tuition at community college. Olympus University was legendary. It was the type of place someone like him would never enter, unless he was hired to clean it. Their exy team, the Spartans, had been plastered across every major sports channel for the last couple months. They were a consistent team, who rose consistently in the rankings for the last couple of years, and the addition of two first draft strikers last year was supposed to guarantee them a spot in the championship. There had been some drama that he hadn’t cared enough to pay attention to that derailed their chances, and they were disqualified. Not a single sportscaster thought that they’d be able to recover, neither did most fans. Some people even thought that they would be demoted to Class II. Showing up here and asking him to join their team was proof of exactly how desperate they were.

“How did you even find me?” he asked “I’m pretty sure my high school exy coach didn’t send tapes to colleges.”

“He didn’t have to. Your statistics speak for themselves.”

Percy would be lying if he pretended he wasn’t flattered. There was a point during high school where exy was the centerpoint of his life. Some of his friends even thought he was good enough to go pro one day. His subpar inner city school switched coaches right before his senior year, and Mrs. Dodds was quick to remind him that professional athletes didn’t have learning disabilities or struggle to pay rent. He knew that no colleges received letters of recommendation or tapes of him playing, and an athletic scholarship would have been his only shot at continuing his education.

“Blondie’s right.” he admitted “You’re wasting your time. College isn’t something I can afford.”

Chiron raised an eyebrow at that and took a thick enrollment packet out of his leather bag. Even its glossy pages looked too high class for Percy.

“We’re offering you a full scholarship. All you have to do to qualify is sign on with the Spartans as a striker through graduation.”

Percy almost choked. “You’re not serious.”

“Unfortunately, we are.” the blonde girl’s voice was clear and defiant and it was startling how easily the sound of it filled him with irritation. “And that’s not all you have to do. If you’re playing with me, you aren’t going to half ass this.”

“Annabeth, enough,” Chiron scolded, “Try to refrain from scaring him off, please.”

“Wait. You’re Annabeth Chase?” his voice sounded incredulous even to his own ears and if the flush that began to spread across her face was anything to go by, that wasn’t a good sign. He probably should have surmised this sooner, but the girl in front of him was wearing ratty clothes and looked like she hadn’t slept in a month. Annabeth Chase was a legend. The Princess of Exy. In interviews she always was dressed to perfection and was so confident he always imagined her with a tiara. The Annabeth Chase in front of him had all the bravado that was always advertised, but she seemed broken and exhausted.

He didn’t miss the way her fists clenched after that comment, and the smile she shot him as she pushed her sunglasses up to her hairline was downright terrifying.

“This season is more important than you can comprehend,” she ground out, “If you’re on my court you play by my rules. Don’t sign on just because it’s an out.”

Her eyes met his in a silent challenge, and he swore to himself that he would do this, just to wipe that condescending look off her face.

“Trust me, princess. I can handle anything you throw at me.” Perhaps it was the inner six year old in him, but he swore he heard cheering when she flicked her eyes away from his.

He grabbed the enrollment packet from Chiron’s outstretched hands.

“When can I start?”

AN: i wrote something!! and it’s messy and gross and i now realize that im horrible at writing anything more than 200 words, but it’d be super cool if you left me constructive criticism i think i might want to stick with this au??

+ thank you so much to @hauntedmonmouth @fykxs and @dademigods for prereading this


Nothing lasts forever, it’s just a matter of time.

Word Count: 1113
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

His tall figure used to make you feel protected.

His board shoulders used to make you feel safe.

His smile used to ease you from your anxiety.

His warm hug used to make you feel loved.

His kisses used to make you feel special.

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You’re Mine | Wanda Maximoff |

Anonymous requested: Ayyyy your smut is soooo Good…!!!!! ❤️❤️ More wanda x Girl reader? Like someone flirts with reader and Wanda gets all possessive and dominant and is like ‘you are only mine to touch’ and 'I’m in control baby girl’ and ‘you belong to me’ Like holy shit Dom!wanda got me hnggg 😫
Same bby, Dom!Wanda is my new religion i s2g. So some more smutty Wanda coming (puns, I love ‘em) your way

Summary: Parties weren’t really your scene, you were very awkward. So when people start flirting with you it makes you more uncomfortable and your girlfriend very jealous.

Warnings: SMUT! Dom!Wanda, dirty talk, orgasm denial, face-sitting/ riding, fingering, Wanda using her powers in both a sexual manner (hng) and a threatening one. That’s about it.

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Parties really weren’t your type of thing. If you were to be honest, you tried to avoid them as much as possible. It wasn’t that you didn’t like people or the atmosphere, but you were a very socially awkward person. So parties, by nature, made you very uncomfortable. Even more so when the drunk man next to you kept trying to get you to go home with him.

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“A Normal Life” (Part 1) - Raphael/Jace Wayland

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(not my gif)

REQUEST: (Y/N) is Raphael’s lil sis and she meets the shadowhunters for the first time when they break into the Hotel, she’s Nothing but nice to them but vampires Attack them and she tries to stop them and is hurt by one of the vampires. When Raphael comes, she is the one going into trouble, even if it wasn’t her fault, and she storms out. Later, (Y/N) is captured by werewolves and Raphael allies with shadowhunters to save her. And in all this, Jace starts to like her. (PART 2) (PART 3)

(Y/N) always wondered what it would be like to be a mundane. She always wondered what it would be like to go to high school, to grab a hot chocolate with her friends during free period. She always wondered what it would be like to have a normal life, because her life was far from being normal or mundane. (Y/N) was a vampire. She was raised by her older brother, Raphael, when their parents’ life was abruptly ended a few years ago. (Y/N)’s life was Nothing more than feeding on fresh blood and avoiding daylight. She would spend her days wandering around the Hotel Dumort and her nights wandering around the city, watching mundanes go on with their normal and peaceful lives.

One night, as the sun finally went to sleep, (Y/N) hurried down the stairs and towards the exit of the Hotel Dumort, eager to observe mundanes once more, and to breathe some fresh air.
‘Ironic’, she thought, as she was a vampire, which meant that she was dead and breathing didn’t mean anything to her anymore.
But while she was quickly making her way across the large hall, the door slowly opened before she could even reach the door handle and four silhouettes stood before her. The only source of light in the Hotel Dumort was coming from several torches lined on the walls, but it was enough for (Y/N) to notice that these people weren’t her fellows vampires. Actually, she had no idea who these people were, but she was hoping they were mundanes who got curious and entered the gloomy-looking place that was the Hotel Dumort.

“Hello.” (Y/N) said, grinning and excited at the idea of having a conversation with mundanes.
But all her hopes vanished when the two boys pointed their weapons at her. She came to realize that the four teenagers were shadowhunters, although she had never met one before. Her brother, Raphael, warned her about their kind and always made sure that she would never come across one of them.
But (Y/N) didn’t think these people looked as bad as her brother described, even if one of the boys was pointing a sharp blade at her and the other one was aiming an arrow to her head. Even then, she didn’t stop smiling gently at them.
“There is no need to point your weapons at me. I’m not going to hurt any of you.” (Y/N) declared. Then she walked closer to the four teenagers, she paused a second to examine their faces before speaking again.
“I’m (Y/N).” She held out a hand for them to shake, but as expected, none of them did. They didn’t take their eyes off her and (Y/N) sighed before dropping her hand back to her side.
“We know you have the mundane.” One of the boy said. His blonde, almost gold, hair shone in the faint light and his beautiful eyes were set on her as he looked at her rather coldly.
“I beg your pardon?” (Y/N) asked politely, frowning at the boy’s words.
“The mundane-” He started again.
“Simon.” The red-headed girl corrected him.
“Simon.” The blonde one –also known as Jace Wayland, repeated as his jaw clenched in anger.”We know you have him, and we’re here to get him back.” He finished.
“I’m sorry but I really don’tt know what you’re talking about.” (Y/N) explained, confused at why a bunch of shadowhunters would think a mundane had been brought into the vampires’ household.
“Where is he?” The red-headed girl, Clary, asked.
“I assure you, there is no mundane here. Kidnapping a mundane is against the Accords, I-”
But before (Y/N) could finish, a cold metal was pressed against her neck and Jace had stepped closer to her.
“Where is he? Tell us and we won’t kill you.” He said, his voice cold and threatening.
(Y/N) held her hands in the air, as a sign of surrender.
“I told you. I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I wish I could help you, I really do, but I think you made a mistake.” (Y/N) declared. She didn’t look scared because she wasn’t, she was just confused.
“He is my best friend!” Clary said behind the blonde boy. “Just tell us where he is and we will leave.” She added desperately.
“I’m gonna ask you one more time. Where is the mundane?” Jace said through gritted teeth.
“I don’t-”
“Let her go!” A voice shouted from the shadows, cutting her off in her attempt to tell the boy one more time that she didn’t know anything about a mundane being held captive in the Hotel Dumort.

The five heads shot in the direction where the person had spoken. (Y/N) recognised her brother’s voice and she saw the angry look on his face as he took a step forward. He was followed by the rest of the vampire clan.
When Raphael noticed that Jace didn’t put his weapon away from his little sister’s throat, he spoke again, getting impatient.
“I said, let her go. She doesn’t know anything about the mundane.”
Jace slowly lowered his blade and quickly glanced at (Y/N) before setting his blue eyes back on the angry-looking vampire.
“(Y/N), go to your room.” Raphael ordered.
“I’m not six anymore, Raphael.” (Y/N) spat. She was getting tired of being treated like a child by her brother. She was the youngest vampire of the clan, but she wasn’t a baby.
Raphael stared at her with furious eyes and was about to reprimand her when Clary cut him off.
“Where is Simon?” The short girl asked one more, she sounded both determined and concerned.
“Ah, Simon. You must be talking about the fidgety and chatty mundane who just ruined my new jacket by throwing a knife at me. Yeah, he is upstairs.” Raphael declared with a malicious grin on his pale face.
(Y/N), who was still standing next to the four shadowhunters, looked surprised and angry all at once.
“So, what they said is true? You kidnapped a mundane?” (Y/N) asked furiously.
“Calm down, hermana. I didn’t kidnap anyone, Camille did.”
(Y/N) got angrier at the mention of Camille’s name. She never liked the woman, but she was the Head of the vampire clan, so even if she was an annoying bitch, (Y/N) had to consider her like family. But (Y/N)’s only family was and will always be Raphael. Although Raphael could also be an annoying bitch sometimes, (Y/N) was always going to be there for him, because he was her brother,he raised her and protected her, and she loved him.
“Just let them have their friend back, Raphael.” (Y/N) said, more calmly.
“I can’t. Camille said she wanted him to be there when she gets back.” The vampire declared. “Camille gave an order, the mundane is not going anywhere.” He added.
(Y/N) walked towards her brother, as if to reason with him, but he held a hand in the air to let her know that she should stay out of it. She stopped in the middle of the hall, standing between the shadowhunters and the vampires.
“I advise you to leave my home now, shadowhunters.” Raphael said.
“We’re not going anywhere without Simon.” The other girl spoke for the first time since she got here.
Raphael frowned and turned around to look at his fellow vampires, who have been standing behind the boy since he walked into the room.
“Get rid of them.”

(Y/N)’s eyes widened at her brother’s last words. She didn’t have time to react before the herd of vampires jumped at the shadowhunters’ throats.
(Y/N)’s eyes glanced around the room but couldn’t find her brother. As she tried to make her way back upstairs to release the mundane, she was knocked down by a vampire. She stood back up immediately, and instead of rushing up the stairs, she ran into the fight.
“Guys! Stop!” (Y/N) shouted but her words were ignored, and the fight got more intense.
“Stop! They are not the enemy! Let them go!” (Y/N) shouted again, but her voice was muffled by angry groans.
Then, her eyes found the red-headed girl who was trying to defend herself, but she wasn’t doing a very good job at it. Then, (Y/N) spotted the blonde boy who was violently pinned against the wall by two vampires. The blade which he had been threatening (Y/N) with was now lying on the floor.

(Y/N) refused to watch people getting hurt and getting killed without doing anything to help, even if it meant she had to disobey her brother and go against her people. She ran towards Clary first and helped her, punching a vampire in the jaw. The red-headed girl didn’t have time to thank her because (Y/N) was already heading towards Jace. She grabbed one of the vampire by his shirt and pushed him hard, which made him stumbled backwards and fell onto the floor. Then, (Y/N) kicked the other vampire in the knee which caused him to crash on the floor too. (Y/N) picked up the shadowhunter’s blade and handed it to him. The boy looked very surprised, thinking that the vampire girl was going to use his own weapon to kill him. But after a few seconds of astonishment, Jace took his seraph blade from (Y/N)’s cold hand and instead of thanking her, the words which coming out of his mouth were:
“Watch out!”
(Y/N) frowned and turned around. The vampire she had thrown onto the ground was back on his feet, and he was looking furiously at the young girl. She knew she hadn’t been fast enough when she felt defeaning pain on the side of her face. The vampire had hit her in the face, scratching her skin with his long and sharp nails. (Y/N) lost her balance and fell onto the floor. She winced as she pressed her hand against her already-bruised cheek.
(Y/N) heard her name leaving the blonde’s mouth but before she could look up at him, a hand lifted her off the floor.
“Everybody stop!” Raphael shouted.
The vampire was not only holding his sister’s arm but he was also holding the arm of an unfamiliar boy. Raphael stood in the middle of the crowd, he looked furiously at the shadowhunters.
“Here. Take your stupid mundane and get the hell out of here before I suck you all dry.” He spat.
The mundane was released and was in Clary’s arms in no time. (Y/N) wondered what it was like to have a best friend, someone you love so much that you are willing to risk your life in a vampire’s den in order to save theirs.

The hunters exited the Hotel Dumort and Jace was the last one to leave. But before he did, he looked back at (Y/N), who was still holding her cheek in pain. She was surprised to see the expression on his face. He looked as though he felt bad about her getting hurt and getting into trouble, which was most likely going to happen. But Jace didn’t say a word and left the Hotel Dumort to get back to his friends.
(Y/N) wondered what it would be like to have friends. She wondered what it would be like to be alive again, to be able to breathe again. She wondered what it would be like to have a normal life.

//highly requested: Part two to the Kol breakup. //tagged list: @thegingerthatwaited //

//warnings: swearing. near smut, not all the way. HELLA long. if you want happy, don’t go after the big warning sign //

Part One

Las Vegas was always fun, carefree fun that helped when things back home got intense. I had decided to spend a few weeks there every once in a while to escape the constant epicness of Mystic Falls. As fun as fighting the bad guys was, a girl needed a break. Plus, Vegas was constantly an all you could eat buffet. There were a lot of men out there that came out looking like a full course meal. Some actually became the meal.

Often times, I brought someone with me either for damage control or a partner in crime. Sometimes Caroline or Elena, sometimes Bonnie or Enzo, and even Damon a few times. Once I brought Stefan and it was… Well it was definitely memorable but not something I would repeat in this century, considering he’s banned from many casinos and an Applebee’s…

But this time, I decided to travel alone. Everyone was thriving in their own lives, I didn’t want to interrupt. Caroline and Stefan were living happily ever after as a married couple. Damon was reunited with Elena. Bonnie and Enzo were travelling Europe. Hayley was watching over Hope. The Mikaelsons were living their lives on their own for the first time in centuries.

They were well from the letters and phone calls I often received. Rebekah was happy in New York with Marcel. Elijah was living it up in France. Long lost Freya had come into their lives and was with a beautiful werewolf girl named Keelin. Klaus was here and there, not settling down anywhere yet. And as for Kol, well last I heard he was in San Francisco with Davina and on his way to being married. Good for him.

I no longer despised Kol. I did not feel the way I used to about him, but I did miss him. He was a huge part of my life and suddenly he was gone but I knew that a part of me would always belong to him, always want to be with him. I did not forgive him for attempting to compel me simply for the fact that he broke his word. He swore to never compel me, and yet he stood before me with the audacity to try it. I wasn’t sure I would be able to forgive him let alone love him again, but I wished him well. I didn’t have it in me to wish harm on anyone except my enemies. And while Kol pissed me off and hurt me, he was not my enemy.

Luckily, my daylight necklace also served as a vervain container. I wore vervain not to protect myself from his compulsion, but from Klaus when I started wearing it. Yet Klaus never tried to compel me.

Everything reminded me of Kol. The white rose bushes reminded of the times he brought me those same flowers, just because he felt like it. The local baseball teams reminded of when Kol took me to the game on a date, how excited he was and the way he invested himself in every second. The people walking their dogs reminded me of the months I would beg Kol to buy me a dog and the day he came back with a dog instead of a carton of milk. Some of the men walking by smelled of his cologne, some wore his favorite color. The posters for the Spiderman: Homecoming film reminded me of the nights we spent watching every Marvel movie we could get.

I walked down the Strip, pushing my sunglasses up my nose and admiring the scenery as I spoke to Rebekah on the phone. Las Vegas was beautiful in its modern glory and I loved being there. It was brilliant in the day and even brighter at night. The walks in the day were my favorite. There was less people, less to be distracted by. I could walk without a care in the world.

“How is my dearest Y/N?” She asked cheerfully.

“I am fantastic.” I smiled. “Taking some time in Vegas.”

“Enjoying the dancers, I assume.” She teased.

“Well of course, Honey.” I laughed. “That’s one of the best parts of Vegas.”

“Who’s your companion this time around?”

“Flying solo, actually.”

“What about that boy you met, Parker? No wait, Pedro. No, Porter.”

“Peter.” I corrected. “But no, he would’ve been more a hindrance honestly.”

I had nearly walked past him, nearly made it by without speaking to him as I hoped it would’ve gone. He nearly didn’t recognize me, but once it clicked behind his eyes, he spoke on it. I had only registered him as an extremely handsome face and a lean body that I wouldn’t mind bring under or on top of. Never had I thought I’d see him here, on the streets of my favorite vacation spot. Just my luck.

“My apologies.” I said politely after I accidentally bumped into the handsome man. “Sorry, Bekah. Ran into someone, anyways-”

“Y/N?” He asked, causing every cell I’m my body to freeze. I slowly turned and saw him staring at me in disbelief… Oh no. “Y/N Y/L/N, is that you, Darling?” 

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A Little Bit of Poison

Pairing: Pietro x fem!reader

Summary: you were the girl who could freeze hell over from just a glance but it didn’t stop Pietro from exploring your soft side. You became good friends and even ended up developing feelings for each other. It only took some venom to confess them.

Request: Anon: Hey can you do a peitro imagine where the reader has the power to change into any animal.

Author’s Note: I wanted to concentrate on writing better fight scene and this one was pretty helpful. So, the reader can turn into any animal and is a good fighter. Sorry, I am not very active in writing imagines, I have a whole lot going on. Hope you like it!

Warnings: violence, blood and weapons.

Word Count: 1721

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You were walking to your room from the gym after some intense training. You were humming with your bag of weapons dangling in one hand until you noticed tony with two people you had never seen before. You noticed a boy and a girl roughly about your age. Tony had decided to show them around but he wasn’t looking like he wanted to do the task.

‘who’s that if I may know?’ Pietro asked when his eyes landed on you.

‘that’s (y/n), she is new just like the two of you.’ tony explained. ‘hey (y/n)! come over here!’ he shouted and you obeyed.

‘Maximoffs, this is (y/n) a.k.a the hunter.’ Tony introduced you to the duo.

‘that’s a new alias.’ Pietro quirked his brow and folded his arms. Tony knew what was coming and smirked.

‘the person named “quicksilver” said what?’ you turned your head in his direction and he unfolded his arms.

‘well, I-um, that’s my alias because I am quick and- ‘

  ‘and silver.’ The girl said in a teasing tone and he glared at her. ‘please ignore my stupid brother, my name is Wanda, nice to meet you.’ she smiled and shook hands with you.

‘I like you.’ You shook hands with her.

‘well as for my alias,’ you turned to him and took out your knife. ‘I am called the hunter because no matter how small or big my target is I hunt them down with ease. My target never gets away.’ You stood awfully close to him as you snarled with your fangs out. ‘so get this, blue ken doll,’ you toyed with your knife and turned your eyes to that like of a beast’s. ‘I can kill anyone in a million ways, anything that can harm, I, can use.’ You took a step back and he gulped.

‘better be careful than sorry.’ You stated simply and put your knife back in your pocket. You turned to Wanda who looked like a scared bunny.

‘aww, did I scare you?’ you grinned and turned to your normal self. ‘don’t worry I won’t hurt you, until the time demands it. Come with me I’ll show you around.’ You took her hand and she followed you, too scared to do anything.

‘blue ken doll’ tony snickered.

‘you let something like her walk around free?’ Pietro turned to him.

‘hell yeah, who needs security when you have her and Nat?’ he said. ‘oh, and one more thing, she can turn into any animal of her choice, so, don’t piss her off. Her bites are pretty damn vicious.’ He started walking away leaving Pietro with wide eyes.

It was the next day and Pietro had just finished training with Steve. He was getting himself a bottle of water when he saw you sitting there all by yourself. Your hair were down and you looked peaceful. You were nothing like that girl who was about to rip his throat yesterday. You just sat there cleaning something shiny and sipping your drink. He decided to approach you.

‘hey (y/n), what are you do- ‘he noticed what you were cleaning; a gun.

‘hi Pietro.’ You smiled at him. ‘what’s wrong?’

‘uh, nothing.’ He tore his eyes away from the scattered knives and guns. ‘Can I sit?’ he asked and you nodded. ‘you are not mad at me now, are you?’

‘of course not, I just get a little angry when people criticize me that’s all.’ You chuckled.

‘great,’ he smiled. ‘so, that’s the first thing you do in the morning?’ he pointed at the table.

‘no, not really. They just needed some cleaning and I was free today.’ You kept a cleaned knife aside. ‘what about you? liking it here?’

  ‘yeah, its nice being around good people.’ He looked at you and you nodded. ‘tony told me you can turn into any animal. Is it true? Any animal?’ he tilted his head.

‘yeah. Didn’t you get a glimpse yesterday?’ you took a sip of your drink.

‘how can I forget; I couldn’t sleep at night.’ He said and you laughed. ‘so, people call you the sexy beast?’ he grinned.

‘not twice.’ You looked at him and his eyes narrowed. ‘can’t take a joke Maximoff?’ you grinned.

‘not when they scream murder, no.’ he said and you both laughed.

After that day, you became good friends. He would irritate you sometimes but he was great company to have. He too loved being around you. In his opinion, you maintained a scary exterior but you were cuter than a damn bunny once you were close to someone. He realized that his feelings were changing towards you, not in the bad way but in a way, he feared. Little did he know you were going through the same. He was looking at you as you read a book. Your expressions changing every time a drastic event took place in the book. He loved seeing you lost in your own world, it was the only place you could truly be yourself.

‘you like her?!’ Wanda whisper shouted behind him causing him to jump.

‘are you crazy? You can’t just sneak up behind people and read people’s mind! She could’ve heard you!’ he faced her.

‘that doesn’t answer my question.’ She folded her arms.

  ‘yeah, alright, I like her.’ He messaged his temples. ‘But if you tell her anything I’m going to kill you.’ he pointed a finger at her.

‘she likes you too, idiot.’ She grinned.

‘Shu-, what!?’ he said aloud.

‘is there a problem?’ you looked up from your book.

‘no, I was just asking him not to take my stuff.’ Wanda looked at you.

‘alright kids.’ You muttered and resumed reading.

‘how can you be sure?’ he lowered his voice.

‘I can read minds, remember? You’re so fucking dumb.’ She said in an irritated tone.

‘I am not dumb.’ He glared at her. ‘how do I tell her?’

‘that’s the task.’ She patted his shoulder.

Tony suddenly walked in the common room everyone else were quick to follow.

‘what is it?’ you kept your book aside and straightened up.

‘hydra’s enhanced this person and he is a major threat. We need to wipe out the base and get him.’ Steve explained.

‘does he have a name?’ Natasha asked.

‘all records of his past are were wiped.’ Steve said.

‘what kind of powers does he have?’ Clint asked.

‘the guy’s venomous and has enhanced healing. They call him viper.’ Tony looked up from the file. ‘nails and teeth only. He’s kinda like you (y/n). you are immune to poison, right?’ he looked at you.

‘yeah.’ You folded your arms.

‘you will have to take care of the guy if he gets out of hand.’ Steve said and you nodded. ‘everyone suit up. We have to get there as quick as possible.’ He said and everyone left.

You reached the base, it was located deep in a forest and was surrounded by tall trees and wild animals.

‘finally home,beasty?’ Pietro zapped too your side and smirked. You rolled your eyes.

‘flirt all you want after this, kids.’ Tony said. ‘(y/n) I need you to fly above the base and give me some details.’ You nodded and turned into an eagle.

You flew above the base and examined it properly. You came back and changed to your normal self.

‘armed guards at the gate, enhanced in the cell. More agents near the centre.’ You informed them.

Everyone soon scattered after discussing a strategy. Tony and Steve took out the guards while Clint, Natasha and Wanda took care of the agents. You and Pietro were looking for the cell.

You were checking the last cell until you heard faint footsteps behind you. you turned to see viper standing in front of you with his fangs out to attacks. He had bright blue veins running on his face and arms. His face showed no emotion.

‘we found him.’ Pietro said in his com.

He lunged forwards and you attacked him with your knife. To your surprise, the wound you had created healed instantly. He gave you a sinister smiled and threw you backwards. Pietro pinned him to the wall, but he sunk his fangs in his neck. Pietro let out a scream before the man threw him in a corner.

now you were enraged.

‘Wanda come here quick and look after Pietro.’ You said through gritted teeth.

You turned into a large wolf and aimed for the man’s neck. Wanda reached there and kneeled beside Pietro with teary eyes. You growled and licked your muzzle. The man hissed and you charged at him. you got hold of his neck. You separated his head from his body and threw it in a corner.

You turned to yourself again and wiped the blood from your face. You sat beside Pietro, his breathing was getting shallower every second. his face and lips were turning blue.

‘it’ll be okay.’ You assured them and sat beside him. You looked for the wound and placed his head in your lap when you found it.

‘it’s gonna sting a little.’ You extended your fangs and bit into the wound. He pursed his lips to muffle a scream. Wanda held his hand. You then sucked out the venom. He sat up slowly. Everyone had reached there by then.

‘what just happened.’ Natasha breathed after witnessing everything.

‘she took ‘biting someone’s head off’ quite literally.’ Clint said with wide eyes.

‘that was some real strong venom.’ You got up. ‘you’re okay, right?’ your gaze softened when you turned to Pietro. Steve helped him up.

 ‘yeah, thanks.’ He smiled weakly.

  ‘I couldn’t have forgiven myself if something would have happened to you. you mean a lot to me.’ You moved towards him and hugged him tightly.

‘it took you me being poisoned to realize you like me?’ he pulled back and smirked. ‘I would have kissed you if you weren’t covered in blood.’ he ran his thumb on your cheekbone you scrunched your nose but smiled.

‘back to the jet love birds.’ Steve said.

‘oh, and (y/n), please shower as soon as we reach there.’ Tony pointed at your face.

 ‘I’ll help you with it.’ Pietro whispered in your ear as everyone started walking.

‘I would love that.’ You grinned.

Tonight’s the Night

Summary: You and Jackson have been dating for a while, but he hasn’t made the move. Impatiently, you try to make the move on him and discover that it’s his first time.

Genre: Smut

Length: 2251

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You and Jackson had been dating for a while now, and you were really starting to fall for him. How could you not? He was handsome and sweet and funny. The only problem was he still hadn’t made the move. You were dating long enough, so it wasn’t like he would be disrespectful or moving too fast. You had kissed and even made out a little, but he always stopped it before it went any farther. You had given him plenty of hints, and there were countless night you wore your special underwear, only to end up disappointed. Tonight that was going to change.

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Forget that first kiss, the first sex, the first tears of misunderstanding, the first fight. Forget the first amazing gift from them that says they thought long and hard about what you love. This gift is physical proof they tried their best to get you something concrete, in-the-hand wonderful to show the intensity of their feeling for you.
Forget it. Forget it all.
The first great real intimacy between two people begins when secrets are told. The time you stole money from the candy drive when you were a Girl Scout. The time you slept with your ex-sister in law after their marriage dissolved. That one shitty self-serving lie you told your boss which changed everything and ended up burning every bridge you had at the time. To this day you cringe whenever you think about having told that lie. And finally that secret about your parents you thought you would never, ever tell anyone.
But one day you do—you tell your new partner. No matter what happens to the two of you after that, they know the truth now and you can never take it back. They have the goods on you and you on them; your life together shifts permanently on its axis. It is impossible to predict whether that is good or bad.
—  Jonathan Carroll
The Gang Gets Protective

You and the gang were heading out to the Dingo for a quick bite. You all piled into Dally’s, well, Buck’s car, and sped off to the diner. Ponyboy was pulling at Two-Bit’s sideburns as Two cracked jokes about how Dally drives.

“You think you can drive any better, huh smartass?” Dally snapped, swerving from lane to lane to catch everyone off guard.

“Stay on the road!” you shouted at him, grabbing the steering wheel, only to have him slap your hands away.

“Relax. I know what I’m doin’.” He growled, stepping harder on the gas.

Everyone was laughing a talking about Elvis’s new album, until Dallas pulled into the parking lot. The first out was Dally, then Darry, then the boys in the back.

“Someone pop the trunk for Steve!” you called over the ruckus.

Darry went over to the trunk of the car, and popped it open, revealing a squished up Steve. He quickly hopped out of the back and sprinted forward to join us. As you were about to step into the resturaunt, something, or someone, blocked your path.

“Hey sweet cheeks.” a tall Soc slurred, caressing your neck and letting his finger trail down to your shoulder.

He was handsome with curly brown locks, and piercing blue eyes, but his breath reeked strongly of alcohol.

Dally quickly stepped in front of you threateningly, while Darry flexed his muscles and the others looked tuff.

“You’re outta line shit-face.” growled Dally menacingly. “I suggest you back off.”

“Oh really, Grease?” he asked mockingly, signalling for some of his friends. He grabbed the collars of Dally’s leather jacket, “Who’s gonna make me?”

Sodapop stepped forward, “Well bud, it looks like we are.”

There was a long intense silence, as Dally barred his teeth at the Soc and everyone prepared for a fight.

“Look,” one of the Socs said, “how about we make a trade.”

“What kind of trade?” Ponyboy asked curiously.

“We get the girl for… a night,” he smirked wickedly, winking at you, “and we’ll leave you alone for the moment.”

“How about you eat shit and die.” Two-Bit shouted, throwing a punch at one of the Socs. “In case I wasn’t clear enough, that means ‘Hell no.’”

That was when everything broke loose. Punches were being thrown everywhere, and you didn’t even realize that someone was dragging you outside. You’ve hugged everyone in the gang before, and you knew it wasn’t anyone from your group.

“Get off!” you shouted, thrashing back and forth in his tight grip.

“Nuh-uh,” he whispered in your ear, “I don’t think so.”

Just as you gave up struggling a voice called from behind you.

“Get the Hell off of her!” Johnny bellowed angrily, running over and freeing you from the sick bastard’s grasp.

The drunk Soc punched and struggled, but he wasn’t a match for a furious Johnny. When that fight was over, Johnny gently guided you back to the diner.

“You alright, y/n?” he asked quietly.

“Yeah, fine, just shook up that’s all.” was all you said for the rest of the night as the gang told dramatic retellings of the big fight.

They constantly checked up on you that night, making sure you were feeling okay. They took turns lying next to you so you wouldn’t get scared. You honestly weren’t scared anymore, but it was nice getting to spend some time with the gang.

Eisuke x MC Jealousy ft Baba (His PoV)

On the balcony at the most recently held auction, Jess sat looking at nothing in particular. I know she’s uncomfortable with the idea but she has to get used to it. I can’t have her leaving my side alone while the auction takes place. Some of the guests that participate are insane. She pouts in boredom and rummages through her clutch bag to fish out her phone.
“Put it away.”
“Oh come on. I’m broke so it’s not like I’ll be placing a bid. Please, just let me. Just this once. There’s something I want to check.”
“Fine.” She smiles slightly in relief and unlocks her phone. I look over because it’s my business to know what she’s up to, and who she converses with. What I see was not what I was expecting. A colourful web-page sprung up with a black box labelled episode 20. Is she watching anime?
“Whacha doing, pretty lady?” Baba leaned over from the seat on her left to stare at her phone and from the type of dress she chose I think he’s staring at much more than the bastard needs to see.
“Oh…I just wanted to check this page. You see, they release a new episode of the series I watch every week. I was just checking if the new episodes been released yet.”
She’s ignoring my auctions for anime?
“Cool! What show?”
“It’s called assassination classroom. This creature threatens to destroy the world so a class of students have the job of killing this creature as he poses as their teacher.”
How ridiculous.
“How cool!” Typical response from Baba. Despite his age, he acts like a five year old.
“So this series of yours, how can I watch it?”
“You really want to watch it? Okay, sure! I can send you the link to the website.”
“You can text it to me. Here’s my phone number.” And now they’re exchanging numbers? What the hell is going on?

A few days later in the lounge, Baba comes over and sits so close to Jess he might as well be sitting on her. Maybe I should consider carrying around a gun like Soryu since everyone reacts to him when he pulls it out. Not a terrible idea.
“I watched it. I’m on episode 20 of season 2.”
“Huh! Really? Did you like it!?”
“It’s so good! Nagisa is so good.”
“Not as good as Karma!”
“You can argue. That fight they had in episode 18.”
“Yeah! I freaked out! I was like ‘MY BABIES! NOO!!’ It was SO intense!” How old do you have to be before you stop fangirling over frictional characters? Whatever it is, it has to be before their age. This is ridiculous!
“Can the two of you stop squealing like a pair of teenage girls?”
“Huh?” Both of them look at me like they were oblivious to their conversation from two seconds earlier. Do they not realise how weird they looked?
“Oh lighten up, Eisuke. If Jess and I want to have a conversation about her interests, who are you to stop her?” Stupid Baba. Don’t make me seem like the bad guy.
“Eisuke, it’s not like you’d want to talk to me about it.” What Baba does next really pisses me off.
“Come on, Jessie. If Eisuke doesn’t like it lets go elsewhere.” Baba wraps an arm around her shoulder and escorts her out of the lounge. That prick.

Where is she? It’s eleven o'clock now. She’s been gone for nine hours. What the hell has she been up to? In that moment, the door opens and Jess walks in with a grin on her face and tons of carrier bags.
“Hi, Eisuke. Why aren’t you in bed?”
“I was waiting for you.”
“Aww… Thank you, sweetie.” She kisses me on the cheek and goes into the bedroom to get changed. I have to ask,
“What did you do today?”
“Baba took me to this cute cafe and just sat and chatted for a while. Then we went shopping and then had afternoon tea before going bowling.”
“Jess, stay away from that thief.”
“… What?”
“Just stay away from him.”
“… This is so unfair.”
“You get to talk to anyone you want and now you’re stopping me from talking to people I want to talk to. Look, Eisuke. You don’t watch the shows I watch. You don’t listen to the music I listen to. You don’t like the clothes I used to wear before we started going out. Now I have someone to talk to about all of that. Please, understand that I’m happy about having someone to talk to.” She pulls a face that’s a mixture of sadness and disappointment. Ah baby please don’t make that face.
“You can talk to me about it.” She looks up at me but the look on her face doesn’t change.
“So I rewatched this episode of assassination classroom the other day. It was the first one where they introduce Asano Gakushu.”
“… When I was out earlier, this song came on from Fall Out Boy.”
“Fall out what?”
“… I saw this dress in the shop window. It was mostly black with a purple plaid neckline and buckles.”
“Sounds hideous.”
“…… It’s late. Let’s just go to bed.” Now is she upset with me? Now I understand what it must be like when she hears me talk about the hotel or business. I get it now. Maybe I’m being unreasonable.
“Jess, I’m sorry. You can talk to him if you want.” She rolls over from her side of the bed so now she’s facing me and her body’s pressed against mine.
“Thank you, Eisuke. And thanks for trying.” This girl. We may not have a lot in common but she’ll still listen to my interests. She really is amazing.

“Hey, Jess! Want to go shopping again today?”
“Okay!” I take back what I said. I want this thief gone. When I said she could still talk to him, I didn’t have these feelings of irritation at the time. Now I want Baba to be wiped off the face of the earth.
“Eisuke, I’m going out with Baba for a little while.”
“No you’re not.”
“Argh… Not again Eisuke. Give me one reason why I can’t.”
“Because I said so.”
“No, this is bullshit! I never complain to you when girls are all ov- Oh!… That’s what it is. You’re jealous.”
“Of Baba? Unlikely.”
“Oh Eisuke. You worry over nothing. Baba’s like a best friend of mine. Like a sister.”
“Pfft!” I couldn’t contain my laughter. Baba just got friend-zoned and from the look on his face, he’s really disappointed.
“Can I go out now?”
“Oh you can go alright… Heh.” Jess goes upstairs to retrieve her handbag and Baba trots over dejected.
“How does it feel to be called a sister, Baba?” God, this is too amusing to me.
“Just you remember, Eisuke. Sisters are comfortable seeing each other naked when they get changed.”
“Baba, you ready to go? I want to see if I can try on that dress I saw yesterday.”
“On second thought, Jess, you’re not going out with Baba ever again.”

Halloween Surprise

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A/N: Happy Halloween, y’all!  Last year, I got to go to Disneyland for Halloween with my mom (coincidentally aka not really, our costumes were the same as reader and her mom in the story) and I loved it.  Wish I was there tonight!  Also, I couldn’t write a story about Disneyland Halloween and not include a character kind of similar to my awesome, Disney-loving mom, so yeah.  The ending’s a little rushed, so sorry for that.  I have one more story that’s a Bucky x Reader Halloween story that I’ll try to publish tonight…?  We’ll see.  Anyway, hope you guys like it!

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Your phone rings just as you’re putting on the finishing touches to your makeup.  You look down at the caller ID to see Steve smiling up at you.  You immediately pick it up and answer.


“Hey, (Y/N).”  Relief floods through you at the sound of his voice.

“Steve.  Good to hear your voice.  You’re okay?  You’re safe?”

“Yes,” he says.  “Mission’s over.”  You smile and hold back tears.  It’s been a couple weeks since you’d seen Steve.  He’d been sent on an undercover assignment, meaning he couldn’t contact you like on normal missions.  You had spent the better part of the last two weeks worrying, imagining the worst.

“Are you on your way home?”

“Yes,” he said.  “Just finished the debrief with Fury and I’m on my way to you right now.”

“Oh,” you say, realizing the problem.  “Steve, honey, do you know what day it is?”

“Monday,” he answers and you nod.

“Yes,” you reply.  “Monday, October 31st.  It’s Halloween.”

“Yeah,” Steve says, seemingly unfazed.  “I know.”  You sigh.

“I don’t know if you remember,” you say, biting your lip.  “I was talking about flying to California to go to-”

“Disneyland for Halloween night,” Steve finishes.  “I remember.”

It’s then that you hear a knock at your hotel room door.  Your eyes widen, but you take a deep breath, not wanting to get your hopes up.  You walk over to the door and open it cautiously.

It’s Steve.

You throw yourself forward, into his arms, wrapping him in a giant hug.  You move your arms up behind his neck and pull him to you, planting a gentle kiss on his lips.  You lean back, resting your forehead against his.

“Hey,” you say softly, smiling.

“Hey,” he replies.  “Happy Halloween.”

“It certainly is now,” you reply.  “How did you get here?”

“Flew out of New York right after the mission briefing,” he said.

“You poor thing, you must be exhausted,” you say, taking his hands in yours.

“A little bit,” he admits.  “But I know how much you love Halloween and how disappointed you were that I was gonna be gone, so…”

“You’re the best,” you say, pecking him on the lips again.  “Although I am now going to have to redo my makeup, so thanks very much for that.”

“You’re the one who launched yourself at me,” he protests.  You shrug, knowing you can’t argue with that.  

Just then, there’s another knock at the door.  Steve furrows his brow and looks at you.  

“Are you expecting someone else?” he asks and you laugh.

“So, because I obviously thought that you weren’t coming,” you explain.  “I invited my mom to come with me.”

“Your mom?” Steve repeats, disbelieving.  

“Yep,” you smile.  “Brace yourself.”  You open the door with a smile.  “Hey Mom!”

“I left my key on the night stand,” she says, brushing past you.  “Are you almost ready to go?  We should-”  She stops short as she catches sight of Steve.  

“Mom, this is my boyfriend, Steve,” you say.  “He was able to make it after all.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, ma’am,” Steve says, reaching forward to shake your mom’s hand.  She pulls him forward into a hug, her face breaking out into a smile.  

“Well, I’m glad you could join us, Steve,” she says.  “(Y/N) was worried sick for the past few days, constantly checking her phone for updates about you, terrible company really.”  

Steve looks at you, his eyes widening.  You never tell him how much you worry for him when he goes, mainly because you know he’s Captain America.  He’ll be fine.

“Guilty as charged,” you smile.  “All right, I’m going to go put on my costume and then we can go!”

“Wait, we’re going in costume?” Steve asks, finally seeming to realize that your mother’s wearing a fully Minnie Mouse costume, complete with ears.  “I didn’t bring anything.”

“Oh, I thought that was your costume,” your mom says.  “I thought you were going as Captain America.”

“Mom, he is Captain America,” you say.  “You knew that right?”

“Oh…” your mom says, her eyes widening.  “That makes sense.”

“Mom, did you not realize I was dating Captain America?”

“Not until this moment, no.”

“Ok,” you say.  “While I gave Tony so much shit for being ‘Iron Man’ for Halloween yesterday, I will give you a free pass.  Plus, it kind of matches my costume.”

“What’s your costume?”

You duck into the bathroom to fix your makeup and slip into your costume.  You reemerge dressed in a USO girl uniform.  

“Wow,” Steve says, taking your hand.  “You look beautiful.”  You blush in spite of yourself.  

“All right, shall we go?”


The park is already pretty busy by the time you get there.  You love coming to Disneyland at Halloween because there’s so many cool and unique costumes.  You point out all the cool costumes to your mom and Steve, asking to take pictures of all the little kids dressed as your fellow Avengers.

Surprisingly, no one seems to recognize that Steve is actually Captain America. A couple people compliment him on how accurate his costume is, one even asking where he got it.  You can’t help but laugh as he awkwardly says that his friend made it for him.

It’s when you’re in line for the Haunted Mansion that you feel a small hand tug on your skirt.  You turn around to see a boy and a girl, both dressed as Captain America.  You smile and kneel down so you’re at their level.

“Excuse me,” the little boy says.  “Is that really Captain America?  The real Captain America?”

“Can you keep a secret?” you reply and the kids both nod.  “It is him.”

“I knew it!” the little girl says.  “I thought it was him!”

“Do you want to meet him?” you ask and the kids immediately shrink back.  “Don’t worry, I promise he’s really nice.”  The kids nod and you turn around.  “Hey Steve, there’s someone who wants to meet you.”

Steve turns around and spots the kids dressed as Captain America.  He kneels down next to you.

“Hey guys,” he says, smiling.  “Those are some cool costumes you’ve got there.  What are your names?”

“I’m Lily,” the girl says.

“I’m Ryan.  Captain America, what was it like when you were fighting in the Battle of New York?” the boy asks immediately.

“It was pretty intense,” Steve says.  “I never thought I’d be fighting aliens one day.”

“What’s Black Widow like?” the girl asks.  “She seems so cool.”

“Black Widow is pretty amazing,” Steve answers.  “I wouldn’t want to mess with her in a fight.  Or ever.”

“Was it weird when they woke you up from the ice?” the boy asks, the two kids keeping a relentless pace of questioning.  Steve doesn’t miss a beat in his answers.  

“It was a shock,” he says.  “I missed a lot of things, and a lot of people.”

“Do you ever get tired from holding your shield?” the girl asks.  “I bet it’s really heavy.”

“Sometimes,” Steve says with a smile.

“Can we get a picture with you?” the boy asks, handing you a camera.  You nod and the two kids wrap Steve in a big hug.

“Say cheese!” you smile, snapping a couple pictures.  “Is it okay if I take a photo too so I can show the other Avengers?”  

“Yeah!” the girl says.  “Make sure you show Black Widow!”

“I will,” you say, snapping a few more shots with your phone before handing the camera back to the kids.  “Ok, where are your parents?”

The kids turn around, scanning the crowd.

“Oh no,” the boy says.  “I don’t see them.”  His mouth turns to a frown and you see tears start to appear in his eyes.

“Don’t worry,” the girl says, taking the little boy’s hand.  “Don’t cry.  We’re with Captain America.  He’s going to help us.”

“That’s right,” Steve says.  “Don’t worry about it!  We’ll find your parents!”  He takes both of the kids’ hands and starts to walk away.

“Wait, Steve!” you call.

“You go ahead and ride the ride,” he says.  “I’ll meet you at the exit, okay?”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come with?” you ask and he shakes his head.

“I know this is your favorite ride,” he says.  “Don’t worry, I’ll meet you after.”  With that, he exits the line and approaches one of the cast members, kids in tow.  You smile and turn back to your mom.

“He really is something else,” she says and you nod.  “I think he’s the first of your boyfriends that actually deserves you.”  You smile and take her hand.

“He’s a good one, Mom,” you say.  “I really love him.”

“I can see that,” your mom says.  “So can I expect a wedding and grandchildren soon?” 

“Oh my gosh, Mom,” you say, shaking your head.  “Way to go from 0 to 100.”

As promised, you find Steve at the exit for the ride, just in time as the firework show starts.  The three of you watch the spooky, villains-themed show in awe, clapping as the fireworks come to a close.  You all follow the rest of the crowd out of the park, you and Steve hand-in-hand.

“You ended up finding the kids’ parents?” you ask.  

“Yeah,” Steve says.  “They were relieved.  I also kind of invited them to New York, to come meet the rest of the Avengers.”

“I’m sure Lily’s excited to meet Black Widow,” you smile.  “Nat will love her.”

“I bet,” Steve says.

“Well, those parents were lucky you were there,” you say, squeezing his hand.  “Captain America, there to save the day.”

“I’m just glad I could make it,” Steve says.

“Me too,” you say, leaning in to plant another kiss on his lips.  Right before your lips meet, a flash goes off.  You turn around to find your mom holding up her phone, clearly trying to take a picture.

“Mom!” you say, half-joking, half-exasperated.

“Sorry,” she says sheepishly.  “I didn’t realize the flash was on.”

sorta-sil-deactivated20170611  asked:

You play D&D? What edition/s and what's your favorite class?

I used to!   Back in college I ran with a SUPER AMAZING crew and we did 3.5 exclusively.

Rather than favorite class, I think my favorite character I played was my very first character– she was a human fighter, neutral good, who wielded a scythe named Armanda:


(Warning!  OLD art!!!!)

When my DM saw I wanted to use a scythe, she said I had to come up with a reason for it and had explained that really only necromancers and evil characters used them.

I had ended up integrating a backstory in which my character’s father was a necromancer and had left that scythe to his daughter hidden in a secret part of the house which she discovered after he left (no one knew he was a necromancer, obviously, until she discovered the scythe)– and the scythe was cursed and she couldn’t get rid of it (when she would try to destroy it, it would reappear next to her bed or behind her).  She saw a  priest of Pelor that night who worked to bless the scythe and had ended up taking away MOST of the negative effects (minus the scythe-haunting stuff she was suffering from).  She wore a symbol of Pelor on her chest to show people NO I AM NOT A NECROMANCER I CAN’T EVEN DO MAGIC OK?

She also hated magic-users because her mother was a brilliant wandsmith and her younger brother was talented at magic and her father we already heard about– and then there she was, a magicless kid in a magic-talented family.  She started bullying local kids who could use magic and became a grumpy, bitter girl who used her fists and death stares to get what she wanted (her intimidate and strength were SUPER HIGH by the end, haha).

Several favorite moments:

My DM would take a copy of everyone’s backstories and work them into the plot.  Armanda’s dad ended up being the big bad and I landed two criticals on him (one killing him the first time, the other killing him for good).  She had made it a SUPER INTENSE fight and I had such an adrenaline rush after it was over, haha.

Our DM had us fight a naval battle– we had a ship owned by our swashbuckler vs a ship by his arch nemesis who was a sorceror/swashbuckler with a raven familiar.  As we see the ship approach, full of dudes, our mage said “…..I have an idea.”  We ended up greasing the main deck of the ship and waited for them to board– our DM rolled to check who made it– only 3 dudes out of 20.  She ended up giving us a HUGE deathglare and said “HANG ON A MINUTE, I’M BUFFING THE BIG BAD.” (she had wanted the fight to be hard since it was a “miniboss” for the campaign).

We visited our mage’s mother, who would NOT let us leave and tried to feed us really disgusting casseroles (she was a super doting parent who was worried about her daughter who never visited).  While she was doling out some sort of nasty green goop, our ranger (who was a dwarf and also an engineer) pulled out a trap he had constructed and filled it with the goop he was served to make it look like he ate it.  The way this trap worked was it was a sphere that you could either fill with shrapnel, misc goo or oils or you could load with bolts/arrows.  You would roll it into an area and it would detonate, sending the insides everywhere.  As we tried to make our escape, he yelled “EVERYONE DUCK!” and rolled the sphere in between us and her mom– we all made checks to dodge the gross casserole and I crit failed.  My character got EXCLUSIVELY covered in goop and as everyone stood there frozen, she turned to the ranger, wiped it off her face to uncover the most INTENSE deathglare.  We managed to get away from mom only because my character’s intimidate roll was so high on that deathglare she was like WELL TIME FOR YOU TO GO, BYE!

And my top two favorite moments:

We were fighting a lich dragon at the end, who was the big big bad (my character’s dad’s boss, basically) and it’s about to crush my character via a well-placed stomp.  I panicked and said i would attempt to grapple the dragon and my DM was like “You WHAT?  There’s no way you’re going to survive it!  You sure you don’t want to dodge??” and I was determined because my character would have instinctively tried to stop being stomped by grabbing the foot as it went to crush her.  My DM sighed and said to roll for it– nat 20 with a 20 to confirm.  I FLIPPED THE DRAGON WITH MY BARE HANDS, oh it was glorious.  My party was in STITCHES.

And favorite favorite moment:

Our party was sleeping in an inn and was on the alert since we had already been pursued by baddies before and so on.  My character had intimidated everyone into giving her the actual bed and bedroom and so was shut up in there while everyone else slept in the common room portion.  As the night wore on, our ranger ended up detecting noises which turned out to be the campaign’s equivalent to ninjas.  I had to keep making listen checks because I was in another room and the fighting had to wake my character up.  I kept failing them so Armanda was sleeping through all of the ruckus.  FINALLY after like, 6 turns I made a roll that landed.  Armanda jumped awake and grabbed her scythe.  I made a strength check to kick down the door, got an 18 so she kicked it off the hinges, which caused everyone to look.  I then rolled and intimidate check at the ninjas because she was PISSED.  Nat 20.  She glares at them and yells “WHO WOKE ME UP??” One ninja fainted after peeing himself, the other ended up taking poison.  My fighter ended the fight in one swift move without even doing physical damage.

Wow, this post got rambly.  SORRY FOLKS!

Sometimes I’ll see a stranger on the street and I’ll sit there and try to decipher their entire life. Like for example, today I saw a young man with dark brown hair that looked so soft, walking down the street with a large bouquet of flowers in his hands. He looked so jolly and was walking at a quick pace. I wondered who he was going to see. His love? His friend? His parents? Whichever one it was, I hoped he was successful at it. Then I saw an old woman sitting on a park bench in a children’s playground, with two small children. A little girl and a little boy, who were both arguing. The little girl wanted to go on the swing set first, but the boy said that it wasn’t fair because she always got to go first. The old woman just listened intensely with an amused smile on her face to both of her grandkids(I presumed) fighting until she got up herself and said that she’ll get them ice cream instead. So they’ll both equally win. It made me laugh, and I wondered how old the two children were and how many other times they’ve annoyed the poor old woman. It made me come to a conclusion, however. Seeing random strangers engage into their lives, just reminds me how beautiful it is to be alive. That how much little moments count and how sometimes our little moments mean everything. The world is so massive and made up of so many infinite possibilities and destines and each and every one of us is following our own.
—  Cherish life even in the little moments.

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Can you write one that's like they're living in different cities after graduation and they don't see each other until Christmas when Beca finds out that Chloe was serious about the experimenting thing and was dating a girl. Becs gets mad bc 1. Chloe didn't tell her even though they talk all the time 2. She realizes she's jealous but missed her chance. Angstyyy. Ily

Beca was in the middle of an intense battle between her fight instinct and her flight instinct. There were garlic breadsticks involved, though, so she bit down any urge to run and slip out of the bathroom window, deciding instead to throw an eager and entirely fake smile towards the two women currently walking into the restaurant. 

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