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idk man, i just kinda need some ethan fluff. like where he's kinda out of it?? drunk or like how he was during the wisdom teeth video and he just says super cheesy things that he wouldnt normally say to y/n. pleaseeee, love your writing by the way


The broth swishing within the ceramic bowl you held splashed over the rim as you turned to the voice, searing hot liquid to the tense joint in your thumb. You cursed under your breath, passing the bowl back to the kitchen counter as you wrapped your uninjured hand completely around your throbbing digit. Mouth partly ajar, you glanced up to the original source of your jerking movement. 

“Yeah, E, what’s wrong?”

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The tomorrow that we’re trying to grab for ourselves… is no the tomorrow you’ve set out for us! It’s the tomorrow that we chose for ourselves: a tomorrow that we choose out of all the infinite universes! We’ll fight our way through. We’ll keep fighting and protect the universe!

There’s this weird sensation you get (or at least I got) when you’re kind of figuring out your place in the world that whatever thing you are bad at is going to be the absolute most important thing you need to succeed. Like, I don’t even remember the train of thought it took me to get there but I remember in high school, despite getting top grades I had myself completely convinced that because I was bad at phys ed I wasn’t gonna get anywhere in life, as though my lackluster dodgeball skills were shooting my chances at a future career in the foot.

When I was at Sheridan I felt like they were always pushing illustrative painting skills and lifedrawing, and because I had no patience or aptitude for painterly rendering and didn’t have a good grasp of that buttery smooth Sheridan Life Drawing Style™ I would never get hired anywhere. I was sincerely convinced by some combination of my own neuroses and a handful of profs who taught as though their chosen path to success was The Only Way To Find Work that being a decent sequential artist who could write reasonably funny jokes and make people laugh was a worthless industry skill next to stellar painting and life drawing.

But then I get out there and find out the guy who paints really well worries that all the jobs are going to sequential artists, the guy who animates really well worries they aren’t a contender for high profile jobs if they can’t prove their writing skills, the one who has those top tier life drawing worries that skill doesn’t obviously translate into any part of the production pipeline. Everyone is convincing themselves that the set of skills that come the most naturally to them are easy for everyone else to get a handle on as well, and focus on their failings and insecurities while disregarding the honest, sincere assets they bring to the table. 

It’s like a barbarian getting down on themselves for not being able to cast healing magic. Bro, you’re a barbarian, the clerics can’t hit things really hard a bunch of times as good as you can, their Cure Light Wounds spells don’t diminish your value to the group.

I guess I’m just saying, to all the kids graduating college and going out to look for jobs now, it’s scary but you have skills that are unique to you and the best thing you can do for yourself is embrace what makes you an asset and avoid getting too hung up and the parts of your stat tree that you didn’t fill out, no one gets enough points to fill the whole thing, that’s why it takes a team to do a job.