but there wasn't enough room for ears

In the mornings
My head weighs heavy with
All the reasons why
You’re not by my side.

The ancient words
Fall down on deaf ears
“You did your best
That’s all that counts”
My best saw full suitcases
Empty rooms
My best never kept you here.

I was drowning in you
Eyes closed in comfort
You held my world
Before me
In my arms,
But now it lies discarded
In pieces,
Now I’m drowning in tears
My everything was never enough.

imnotcuteimadorabloodthirsty  asked:

@ He could still feel her sometimes, when the nights are cold and the only light that the room and the young Gemini had seen for days was the glow of a computer monitor. He could still feel her breath in the crook of his neck and smell the dust that clung to her from numerous archeological digs. He hears her whispering his name in his ear, murmuring about how her death wasn't his fault. And if he believes hard enough, he can almost forgive himself for what he did to Aradia. Almost.


This Wasn't in the Manual {closed}

There were several areas that Tony excelled in.  He could fix almost any machine on the planet and make several that few other people could even think of.  He understood machines, they made sense to him.  People were complicated and when it came to talking with Pepper about something important that had to be handled right then his genius didn’t really come into play.

Tony had been trying to figure out how to broach the subject for a few weeks now.  He’d given it lots of thought.  He was thinking about it again which meant the best thing to do was work on a car at the same time.  When he was faced with things he didn’t understand, he grounded himself in what he knew.

Does the one knee thing really need to happen, does that really matter?  I don’t want to do it in public, that’s not something she’d particularly enjoy and way too much pressure on her to say ‘yes’.  She might not even want to get married in general.  That’s probably something I should figure out.  How do I even ask that?  'What are your thoughts on marriage, Pepper, for or against?  I’m not asking for any particular reason.’  Yeah, that’s good make her think you don’t want to, Tony, that’s a great thing to do.  Is it too soon?  Is there an established time frame on this?  Maybe I’m way past when I should have asked.  Shit.  I need some sort of manual for this.  Tony’s mind raced as his hands automatically the necessary tasks to change the oil on the Audi that was technically his, but he thought of as Pepper’s.  He had the front tires raised up enough that he had enough room to work while laying on the creeper.  Loud heavy metal music blared through the speakers in the work shop at an ear splitting volume to help him concentrate.

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consider the following: Mary dies during childbirth. John falls to depression and goes back to 221b where he hoped crime solving with Sherlock can give him the distraction. Sherlock is beyond happy to take John back. But turns out the distraction wasn't enough, and John poisoned himself to death. The next morning Sherlock finds John's lifeless body in the living room beside spilt coffee. No pulse. Sherlock heads to the drug den. He was later found unconscious due to drug overdose.

And consider this: 

Mycroft manages to get Sherlock to hospital where he slowly, so very slowly wakes up, his heartbeat weak. At first he doesn’t remember a thing. He feels a hand in his hair and hears John’s voice in his ears. But when he opens his eyes, he sees only his brother. Then it all comes crushing in. And Sherlock says: “Why? My heart isn’t beating anymore. Why am I still here? Why’d you be so cruel?”

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