but there was the elephant


top five II my favorite ao no exorcist characters

no.4: okumura rin

THIS WORLD WAS NOT MADE FOR YOU || A Rin Okumura Fanmix || listen here {x}


001. Woodkid- Run Boy Run

Run boy run! This world is not made for you/ They’re trying to catch you/ Running is a victory/ Beauty lays behind the hills

002. Imagine Dragons- Believer

I’m fired up and tired of the way that things have been/ The way that things have been/I was broken from a young age/Taking my sulking to the masses

003. Kaleo- Way Down We Go

Father tell me, we get what we deserve/Do you dare to look him right in the eyes/cause they will run you down, down til the dark/ down til you fall

004. Halsey- Control

I can’t help this awful energy/ you should be scared of me/ Who is in control?/ I couldn’t stand the person inside me

005. Ruelle- Fear on Fire

Hold on for dear life/ Until it’s all gone, we’ll come alive/ Awaken in the dark with me/ We’re taking over

006. Cage The Elephant- Come A Little Closer

Earthquakes shake the dust behind you/ This world at times will blind you/ Still I know I’ll see you there

007. Aurora- Running With The Wolves

My heart still beats and my skin still feels/ My lungs still breathe, my mind still fears/But we’re running out of time/ For the echo’s in my mind, cry

008. The Weeknd- Devil May Cry

It won’t be in vain/To swallow all your pain/ And learn to love what burns/ And gather courage to return

Pandas and Elephants

“I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self-respect. And it’s these things I’d believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn’t all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything.”

 F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The bantha was played by a 22-year-old female Asian elephant named Mardji. At the time she was a resident of Marine World Africa U.S.A. (currently known as Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and in a new location), where she was trained to perform tricks like waterskiing. It took six crew members to make Mardji a costume that would fit her and that she would tolerate. The base of this costume was a howdah (an elephant saddle) with added palm fronds to create the shaggy coat of a bantha. They then added a special head mask that was molded from chicken wire and then sprayed with foam to give it shape. The beard was made from horse hair, while flexible home ventilation tubing was the base for the curving horns. While the weight of the head mask caused some concern, it was actually the shaggy tail that was made from wood and covered with thick thistles that took some getting used to for Mardji.

It was the first time that Mardji came outside in the wild, and she apparently loved it there in Death Valley and played in a creek during shooting breaks. To make the shoot less unpleasant, one of her usual trainers was dressed as one of the two Tusken Raiders and she was fed many apples as a reward. Her trunk would pop out of her costume from time to time despite her training, but the cast and crew (George Lucas among them) loved the elephant too much to get impatient. To get the shot of the two banthas that Luke spots, they used optical compositing.

I guess it’s really obvious but I never realized the banthas were played by an elephant

My new baby needs a name! If you have any suggestions, leave a comment or reblog! He’s still a baby so he’s super tiny compared to my other bettas. He’s impossible to photograph because he hates my camera, so this crappy phone video of him trying to hide from me will have to do. (Please excuse my gross substrate. I moved some things around and it kicked up dead plant matter everywhere. :p)