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Concept: Virgil and Logan in a little book club together.

This is such a cute idea! Especially if it’s their own personal little book club, cause it lets them share things they love with each other. And that’s so cute. 

Like Virgil

- He loves reading about mythology. Greek Gods and Goddesses are a big yes. And Egyptian Mythology is just so cool like “Have you read about Osiris Logan??? Cause you really  need to.” And he can go on for hours. 

- Virgil also likes to read scary stories. He’s read a lot of Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe, and yea, it freaks him out but Logan reminds him that they’re just stories and it fits his aesthetic. He’ll torture himself to an extent for the aesthetic (and he gets cuddles from Lo when he gets too scared, so there’s an added bonus but shhhh Logan doesn’t know about that)

- Virgil has a secret soft spot for love stories and YA romance because it can be sweet and silly and sometimes there’s vampires or other monsters. He started reading it before he was accepted, because it gave him some hope of being accepted by the others and getting some love. No one knows and he hasn’t found a way to tell Logan (but Logan sees the browser history at night when he’s up late, Virgil isn’t as sneaky as he thinks, though buying and reading them online was a good attempt (Logan goes and reads them too so he can see what kinds of romance thing Virgil likes)) 

- Virgil will go on forever about the books he likes. He has theories about why things that weren’t explained happened or how the middle was better than another part or vice versa. He knows fan theories and he can go into detail on the universe and how it might look in real life (”It’s called world building Logan, it’s important”).

- If Virgil thinks the ending was terrible then Logan knows he’s in for a rant, but he loves seeing Virgil get passionate and he would listen to it any day of the week. 

and Logan

- Logan loves Sci-fi stories. They’re so fun and there’s fact mixed in with the fiction and it’s like going on a hunt for the things he loves to see and read. There’s so much in them that could one day true and he just “can you imagine being able to just go to Mars anytime you wanted to Virgil?!? It would be amazing!”

- Logan also loves reading fantasy, something you would think is left to Roman, but it’s a “guilty pleasure” for him. He loves the worlds and how illogical they can be. That’s what draws him in. (“But YOU’RE Logic!” “Shut up Virgil.”)

- Biographies are his jam. He could go on and on about his favorite historians and the reason he loves them. He could talk forever about the life of different scientists and their discoveries. He just gets so lost in it and he can’t stop himself (not that Virgil wants him to, excited Logan is so cute)

- He has an appreciation for poetry. And by appreciation I mean that Logan can find a poem he (or that he knows Virgil will) loves and read it over and over until he has it memorized. And then he’ll recite it. And it’s so beautiful and mesmerizing and Virgil loves it. It’s something Logan will do at random when they’re sitting together or when he’s holding Virgil because he “scared” himself while reading one of his horror stories. It’s soft and precious and they both love it without admitting it. 

They’ll both start it by accident too. One will be ranting about a book, and the other hasn’t read it, so they trade and let the other read it and come back and do it all over again. Patton thinks it’s adorable bonding time and it let’s Roman come up with new ideas without being shut down right away. 

Michael Langdon and Gallant

So, I’ve been thinking since I reblogged this post earlier this morning. I may be putting too much thought into things, but that’s what I do, so I guess that’s par for the course. 

I think the interactions between Michael and Gallant at the Outpost were even more important than we thought they were. 

Think about it, Gallant is now a grown man living with his grandmother with no real path in life. He’s seeking validation from anywhere he can get it. Deep down, he hates his grandmother. 

He’s Michael and he’s everything Michael is rejecting about himself. That’s why Gallant was never going to make it to the sanctuary, with or without poison apples. 

What was the biggest thing that Michael did not like about Gallant? His neediness. The void he needed filled. 

You’re not going to find anyone needier than Michael Langdon. 

He had to destroy Gallant and the best way to do that is to do the same thing to Gallant that happened to Michael his whole life: lead him to believe someone cared and then rip that away as harshly as he could. Then he took a step further and drove Gallant far enough to kill his grandmother. 

We know what Michael’s grandmother did to him. Anyone even remotely reminding him of Constance had to go too, and what better way to do that than to have a reflection of himself do it?

so. today has quite literally been one of the worst days of my life. i had to say goodbye to my best friend of twelve years, my beautiful pup. i’m not okay and it hurts a lot but i’m grateful i had her in my life for so long. bringing her home from the rescue centre was the best decision my family made. we gave her a second chance, and in return she gave us happiness every single day. please give your pets extra love and kisses for me today.


listen the two things i hate drawing the most are a) men and b) specific resemblances, but sometimes you’ve got to spend several weeks working on weird portraits of the queer eye boys as dnd characters i guess?? i loved working on these so much even though i did the thing i always did where i start with the one i’m most excited about first and then that turns out the shittiest since i improve as i go (sorry karamo).

jonathan was nearly a bard but given that he’s a radiant angel of healing light in real life, i finally chose cleric. antoni is shirtless because antoni, BUT all the flowers in his flower crown are edible! tan is a rogue bc a) titties out, the true rogue experience and b) i love that slytherin bitch and i’m 100% sure he’s the only member of the fab five who would absolutely stab someone. you know i’m right.

Mental Health Awarness

Mental health awareness is very important. Not enough people talk about this to care. Your actions affect other people’s feelings and decisions, and it’s up to you whether that’s good or bad. Be aware that any one around you could need help, but are scared to ask.


There’s a YouTuber (@therealjacksepticeye) who uses the phrase, PMA. This stands for positive mental attitude. It’s important that if you you feel unstable in your life to stay positive, and take your problems one day at a time. There are people out there who can help you, and all you need to do is take one step and reach out.

You are not alone

To those out there who struggle with anxiety and or bipolar disorder like myself, you can get through this. Things like depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, and so much more are real in this world, but people don’t seem to know how big it really is. But you are never alone in the fight. You have the strength to keep going. One day at a time, crawling, taking baby steps, until you are strong enough to walk. Seek help, professional or otherwise. There is always counselors, therapists, family, and friends who you can lean on and trust. You can keep fighting, even if you feel to weak to do so.

Wow that was a long one! Thanks for your time!!! Click for better quality on the picture. I’m not very good with words sometimes but I hope this has touched someone out there! ✌

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Like full offence but wtf did we do to deserve anything and everything that Rick Riordan ever wrote???

Not only does it encourage kids to learn about mythologies and shit and other cultures (which children in specifically America definitely need more of) The amount of representation in his books is crazy and amazing. I mean he’s got gays, mental illness, disabilities, gender fluid characters, and a whole host of healthy platonic and romantic relationships that as a kid reading fantasy books I didn’t see a lot of. 

I mean every romance mainsub-plot that was in a fantasy YA novel was like “girl meets boy, girl hates boy, boy is hot, boy doesn’t respect girls boundaries, then girl falls for boy” it was creepy and was waaay too normal. Then Rick comes in with healthy relationships and a variety of not only romantic but also platonic ones. it’s amazing. 

That’s not even me starting on the character diversity. IT’S FANTASTIC. Oh my gods I could go on and on about it, but the whole deal with Nico and his coming out and the inner turmoil he faced, it was so real and I related with it way too much and it helped me get through shit in my life. 

TD;LR Rick Riordan is amazing and anything and everything he’s written should be read and loved because it’s amazing. Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk

#inktober day 13 prompt is guarded. I’m reminded of my middle school and high school days when I was constantly bullied for being a nerd, a different race (Chinese in America), and for dressing poorly (didn’t have trendy clothes). It made me very guarded and I didn’t trust most people even when they appeared friendly because I couldn’t tell if they were faking it to make fun of me later or not.

What happened with my parents at home definitely didn’t help either. I did have very few but very close friends and things got much better in college where everyone was more mature. Even though I was very open with my art on the internet because it was my only source of outlet, it took a long time in real life before I became less guarded. To other kids who are going through the same, I’m sorry some people can be so shitty but it gets better. Hang in there!

“100 ways to crush your soul”

Kinda felt the need to do this again. Feel free to reblog✨🌸

  1. “ She’s not yours. “
  2. “ It wasn’t meant to go this far. I swear. “
  3. “ Please, not now.”
  4. “ You were ready to leave me for her. “
  5. “ There is no us, there never was. “
  6. “ Why didn’t you tell me? “
  7. “ If lies keep spewing from those lips then i’ m walking out that door. “
  8. “ Shut up. “
  9. “ Are you ever going to listen? “
  10. “ Don’t leave me. Don’t you dare leave me. “
  11. “ You know for a fucking fact that wasn’t supposed to happen. “
  12. “ Sort yourself out first. “
  13. “ Shhh. I know. “
  14. “ Tell me a story. “
  15. “ Leave. Before we wake up regretting what we’ve done. “
  16. “ All he ever did was use you. Why can’t you see that? “
  17. “ You think this will make me stay? “
  18. “ You thought this was real? “
  19. “ My mum asked about you again. “
  20. “ Alcohol’s the only constant in my life. “
  21. “ Sirf tum hi ho “
  22. “ He already knows. “
  23. “ I was doing fine. Really, and then you waltz back in like you didn’t break my heart. “
  24. “ You’re married!! “
  25. “ You deserve so much better. “
  26. “ He’s a fuckboy and he’s never going to treat you better than this. “
  27. “ H-how long? “
  28. “ We need to understand that we did love each other but that wasn’t enough. “
  29. “ I’m Sorry. “
  30. “ You left. What did you expect me to do? “
  31. “ You still wear my hoodie? “
  32. “ I’m too sober for this bullshit. “
  33. “ How did you imagine our future together? “
  34. “ That was supposed to be me, not him. “
  35. “ I didn’t have a choice. “
  36. “ Compromise. “
  37. “ His finger was right on the trigger but he wasn’t fast enough. “
  38. “ Tu hali iyk zaalim hai “
  39. “ Leave him and marry me. “
  40. “ It’s okay if you have to go. “
  41. “ I needed closure. “
  42. “ Always and forever. “
  43. “ The last thing i said was for him to never come back. “
  44. “ You always cared more about her than you ever did about me. “
  45. “ You had a kid and decided to walk out. You don’t get to call the shots round here. “
  46. “ Kasam se mein tuki mardal sa. “
  47. “ I screwed up. “
  48. “ I fell for you. “
  49. “ You changed. “
  50. “ They’re your best friend before anything else. “
  51. “ Daddy, how did you and mommy fall in love? “
  52. “ I‘m never going to be good enough for you, am i? “
  53. “ He already boarded the plane. We’re too late. “
  54. “ Do you two still talk? “
  55. “ That look in his eyes. That was enough to tell me he didn’t feel the same anymore. “
  56. “ Who the hell abandons someone they ‘love’? “
  57. “ The moment you saw me as a bet was the moment you fucked up. “
  58. “ Meet me upstairs in 10. “
  59. “ One more chance. “
  60. “ It doesn’t have to be that way. Come with me. “
  61. “ W- er, we’re gonna get you out. “
  62. “ I don’t love you. “
  63. “ Let it all out babe, just let it all out. “
  64. “ We need to talk. “
  65. “ Do you treat all your hookups like this? “
  66. “ You were my everything. “
  67. “ It was my fault. I know it was my fault. “
  68. “ I thought things were good but how delusional was i? “
  69. “ Why now? “
  70. “ You’re never seeing either of us again. “
  71. “ Trust you? You don’t know the meaning of the word. “
  72. “ You made me feel loved and wanted and for that, I’ll always love you.”
  73. “ Hamisha sab meri galti hai. “
  74. “ Please don’t forget me. “
  75. “ We got away with it. “
  76. “ She’s lost without you. “
  77. “ Don’t you get it? I’m in love with you and it scares the hell out of me. “
  78. “ I want to be alone. “
  79. “ D-did i ever tell you how beautiful your eyes are? “
  80. “ Mein tumse pyar karti ho “
  81. “ Why’ve you always gotta send me mixed signals. “
  82. “ The world was too cruel for us. “
  83. “ Of course he’s yours! Who else was there? “
  84. “ Step out that door and i swear we’re done. “
  85. “ What right did you have keeping it from me?  “
  86. “ Running seems to be all you’re good at. “
  87. “ What the fuck is it that’s so funny? “
  88. “ She always burned so brightly. “
  89. “ It’s not your fault. “
  90. “ Meri baat sunleh “
  91. “ I-i left my stuff here. “
  92.  “ We aren’t even in the same book, let alone the same page. “
  93. “ I don’t want to live in a world where I’m not with you. “
  94. “ Your hair still looks so good. “
  95. “ Waste the day and spend the night. “
  96. “ You’re rich and waste your money on that nasty shit. “
  97. “ You say this is what you want but your eyes ares telling me a different story. “
  98. “ Murder was apart of the agenda for today. “
  99. “ What if i just break his nose a lil’? “
  100. “ Hury up, before we regret it. “

Friend asks: Are you alright

Me: Yeah sure 

What I really mean: Peter Parker is just a kid who just wanted to help others and make the world a better place. All he ever wanted to be was a hero like his hero Tony Stark. He just wanted to prove that he was more then just some kid from Queens and that he can help save the world too. When Thanos snapped his fingers and everyone was dying right before his eyes Peter began to realize the stakes are real and he became scared. Then Peter realized that he too was beginning to fade away just as he watched the guardians fade away. He was terrified because he’s realizing probably he won’t see Aunt May again, or his friends, graduate, go to college and grow old and live a happy life. Peter doesn’t want to go not yet because he has so much left to do. The only person their to comfort him was Tony who Peter thought of as a father figure. Right before the battle of Thanos Tony had a dream of having a kid with Pepper. As Peter was fading away Tony realized that he vowed to protect Peter. Tony also realized that Peter is like a son to him. Tony already felt guilt and felt as if he had failed when Strange and the Guardians faded away. When Peter faded away it broke Tony’s heart. Because he feel’s as if he let Peter down. Tony had to comfort Peter and hold him in his arms as he faded away. Then tony was left alone in tears losing his son. 

Friend: Alright then


Million Lanterns

After Eraqus saves his young pupils from the dangers of going to a different world, he takes a moment to teach them an important lesson.

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i know all of this is obvious but like… key is going to have solo teasers… promotions… music show appearances… behind the scenes footage… photoshoots… interviews… mostly likely a lot of influence on the songs and direction of this album… i’m going to be able to buy this solo album and hold it in my hands and flip through the photobook and it’s going to be SPIRITUAL. you probably don’t understand how much i’ve wanted this and how amazing it’s going to be. key has an incredible voice and vocal range, is beyond proficient in both singing and rapping, is an AMAZING dancer, and has a stage presence that is one of the most immersive and mesmerizing i’ve ever seen in kpop, or perhaps even in the music industry period. he is so unapologetically himself and he’s about to showcase that… if it seems like i’m being dramatic it’s because i am. i can’t believe this is real life

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I've heard that black cats have better personalities than your average cat. Not that it makes a difference since my next cats are going to be black anyway (because they tend to be under-adopted), but do you know how much truth there is to this? Enough to make any real difference? (And what's a "better" personality anyway?) Also, question tax: Came for the water selkie octopus, stayed for the real life stories and humour.

The following is purely speculation based on a lifetime spent with cats, and the last decade or so of being consumed by veterinary medicine.

There are, as I’m sure you all know, way, way more cats born into the world each year than will end up getting homes. Of the cats that do get homes, the majority get them for either one of two reasons:

  • They look cool
  • They have a good personality.

Consequently the cats that are most pretty - interesting purebreds and colours, tortoiseshells, blue cats - pretty reliably get homes regardless of what their personality is like. The ‘broken’ cats - the ones people decide are too ugly or damaged so nobody else would ever give them a home - are also adopted pretty fast.

It’s the ordinary looking cats that have the hardest time being adopted - blacks and tabbys. Particularly when people are browsing websites for their next pet, it’s the eye-catching ones that earn the most attention. The ordinary looking ones only have their personality to fall back on to win them a home.

Hence tortoiseshells get a reputation for attitude, because they’re pretty enough to be adopted regardless of their personality, but black and tabby cats don’t get adopted unless their personality stands out and so are seen as having ‘better’ personalities.

That’s my theory, anyway. All colours of cats are capable of being lovely or a menace, but gees it always seems like it’s the tortoiseshells and gingers that get adopted first out of a litter.

Things from the GOTG2 Commentary that Hurt Me:

1. GOTG2 takes place only 2 months after GOTG1 (later in 2014), which gives you a lot of perspective about just how much more the Guardians must have bonded by Infinity War, since Gunn also confirms teen Groot is 4-5 years later and this so is Infinity War.

2. Rocket’s harassment of Taserface is an intentional effort to distract him from killing Yondu. Could Taserface kill him instead? Yeah. Does he really care that much. No, because he still hasn’t realized that anybody genuinely cares about him. 

3. To quote Gunn “I don’t even know it Rocket cares much about dying. He’s a sad and lonely character. I think we get to see more in this movie that he’s deeply a injured, damaged soul who has never known tenderness. He’s never known love. He’s never known affection. So when he starts to become friends with the Guardians he’s not able to deal with the intimacy of friendship.” Ouch.

4. Gunn considers Rocket’s character arc to have equal footing to Quill’s arc in terms of importance in the film.

5. Nebula hates Thanos more than Gamora does.

6. The score has a motif that plays for Quill and Ego as a sort of “fatherhood” theme, but it doesn’t play at its fullest until Yondu sacrifices himself since Yondu is the REAL dad of the story.

7. Mantis was originally going to comment on how much love Drax feels for the other Guardians, but it was cut out because Gunn felt it was better to show it than tell it.

8. Nebula is the more sensitive of the two sisters and has become so hard because it’s the only way she can deal with how horrible her life is.

9. Gunn thinks it’s a shame that Nebula and Yondu didn’t get to interact more. He feels they would have become good friends. 

10. When Gamora hears Quill say “Maybe what you’ve been looking for was right by your side all along” she thinks of Nebula.

11. Nebula is “probably even more damaged that Rocket if that’s possible.”

12. Quill considers Groot a son and sharing the earbud with him during the funeral sequence is meant to be symbolic of passing his music along to the next generation like his mother did for him.

13. They decided to end on the shot of Rocket because it was the first time Rocket was seeing a hint of a purpose to his life - up until this he hasn’t believed he had a reason for existing other than being an experiment.

So after seeing a few “hot takes” regarding a mass appreciation for Peter Kavinsky’s character, I took some time to really think about why it is that his portrayal had such a significant impact that goes beyond just “having low standards” (which, while at the core a valid point, is a whole other topic). And I think I’ve figured out at least one main reasons why: Peter is, in terms of his relationship with Lara Jean, a female-coded character.

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I’m pretty nonchalant about thirteen reasons why, like I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either. I just wanted to voice my opinion on the whole “glorifying and promoting suicide” aspect people claim the show has. I’m currently watching the second season, and have watched four episodes so far, and I think that the idea that it glorifies/promotes suicide is ridiculous, to me personally, at least. The fact this season is showing the mum a lot, and how much heartache she is going through at the death of her daughter, is a real eye-opener. 

As someone who has been suicidal for almost half their life, and had a handful of attempts, and still considers it to this very day, watching these episodes that are showing how distraught the mum is really drills into me how much I don’t want to put my mum through that kind of pain. If anything, this show is making me not want to kill myself, I know now I could never do that to my mum. 

Just my thoughts on it, everyone is free to agree/disagree. 

I always believed that Black Sails is about Flint’s tragedy. But the more I think about it and the more I recapitulate the whole series, I come to realization that it’s actually about Silver’s tragedy.