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Ichigo is indeed the best idol 👌

Yeah she is, I have more reasons to explain “why she is” but as you know… I suck at writing really detailed explanations. Despite falling under the usual Main Idol personality of being “cute, clumsy, an air head, and determined” out of all the Main Idols I have seen she’s the most intriguing out of all of them. Even if she is the “moe idol version of Goku” she’s way much cuter and she’s the only character worthy of the “red bunny ears head ribbon.”

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Headcanons​ for if the Matsus had a little sister who's cute and sweet and smol and very pure but can sometimes be a bit mischievous depending on her mood. (Bonus points for if you can think of a cute name for the sister and also maybe some headcanons for what would happen if the sister was introduced to Totoko, Chibita, and Iyami. For the name, I was thinking maybe 'Sukimatsu' because of the word 'Daisuki'. Do you like that name? If not, you can probably come up with something better.)

My first thought was “Usamatsu”, but your idea is cuter!!


-Loves her for being so much cuter than his younger brothers! She looks nothing like them and calls him “Oni-chan”?? Perfection.


-LOVES HER, His number one karamatsu girl. She comes first, unless he has a daughter.


-Tries hard to not fall for the puppy dog eyes, but they work everytime. Good news he can somewhat talk to girls more with her in this world.


-Nap buds. If she gets sick, she gets a regular treatment.


-Plays rough with her, but makes sure she’s all right! Picking her up and throwing her up high, and catching her is fun. No matter how old she is.


-Teaches her how to throw shade and dress nice. 


-loves Sukimatsu, affectionately calling her “Suki-chan”. 

-You bet Sukimatsu rubs it in her older brothers faces that she’s besties with Totoko. 

-One of the only matsus to not get beaten up.


- Was worried for a bit about another matsu, but she’s too good.

-Still doesn’t pay her tab, but like she’s cute and smol.

-If Chibita kidnapped her, the matsus would notice pretty fast so definitely not on the kidnap list.


-Another matsu no matter what is bad, she’s just worst cause he would feel bad for tricking her.

-Also mischievous? too much for them, now its at 7 children after him in his mind.

-Plotting to seem like a doctor when she’s sick, just so the matsuno’s dad can slap a death god in the face and for him to fail miserably.


GRIMM | 6.11

Adalind warns Diana before she woges.

“Mount Fuji.” Harry answers smugly – he was the one who named him, and Y/N looks over to him with the fondest eyes he’s ever seen.

“Mount Fuji? That just made him even cuter!” She all but whines, looking down at the dog seriously, “I will give all my love to you.”

Harry slides off the barstool, walking over and crouching down besides the two of them, “Y'know usually he doesn’t like strangers. Think you might be some sorta dog whisperer.”

Y/N looks over to him, but there’s no witty quips at her mouth, only smiling at him with the softest gaze he’s ever seen her have, eyes filled with so much unadulterated love for this Pug and it makes his heart swell with warmth.

Harry vows that one day, he’s going to get her to look at him like that.


Harry is on the football team and Y/N steals a dog

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when u gotta smile despite the Ls