but there she was cuter

Shes Likes GirlsHer best friend is so much cuter than the boy next door. 

                                                                                 [[ listen ]]

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Going on the a ride by yourself and the cast member asking for another single rider to fill the seat. You hear a hear a chorus of "c'mon don't ditch us you dick" while a very colorful headed guy heads toward the front of the line yelling back to his friends "She's cuter than you guys and I'm not letting my possible Disney Princess go!" with a huge grin.

OH MY GOD THIS IS SO CUTE like if it was California Screamin I can just SEE michael taking his seat next to you and trying to extend his hand next to you like, “hi, I’m mikey” and starting some lame pick up line and completely IGNORING the countdown so right when he gets to his punchline the roller coaster takes off and his head is like slammed against the back and you’re laughing the whole fucking ride at his stupidity but then decide to give him your number anyway because hey, he’s cute

EXO-M as dads!! {KyungMi}
  • Xuimin:Jagi~ I think the baby needs more to eat! She looks a bit too thin...
  • You:She's had enough to eat. If she eats more then she'll get a bit too chubby~
  • Xuimin:but but
  • Xuimin:Chubby is cute! I mean, look at me!
  • You:I-
  • ~
  • Luhan:[playing with the baby]
  • Luhan:Our baby is pretty cute, yeah?
  • You:[nods]
  • You:Yeah, she is~
  • Luhan:but i'm cuter
  • You:
  • Luhan:
  • You:
  • ~
  • Kris:and this one is named Ace.
  • Kris:He's Dads best friend.
  • Kris:[leans in]
  • Kris:He's more special than mommy.
  • You:
  • You:kris, what're you doing?
  • Kris:I'm introducing the baby to our other kids.
  • Baby:[hugs ace]
  • Kris:[smiles]
  • Kris:That's right~ he's your big brother!!
  • Kris:hey jagi. I think i'll teach him to draw too.
  • You:oh dear-
  • You:I think you're going to loose your "cold city guy" image very soon kris~
  • Kris:i already have so why not
  • You:I-
  • ~
  • Lay:[asleep]
  • Baby:[asleep]
  • You:[asleep]
  • (a beautiful family indeed)
  • ~
  • Chen:You're going to grow up with strong vocals like you dad, right~?
  • Baby:[giggles]
  • Chen:And when you get older, I'll teach you how to properly troll people!
  • Baby:[cooes and claps]
  • Chen:[laughs]
  • Chen:We'll be the perfect team!!
  • Chen:and when your mom isn't looking, we'll hide all of her makeup in a special place only we know, ok??
  • Baby:[giggles and jumps]
  • Chen:I like your enthusiasm kid~!!
  • You:escuji me-
  • ~
  • Tao:Jagi~ I'm taking our baby out shopping we'll be right back, ok?
  • You:Huang Zitao!! Didn't i already tell you that our baby will not be wearing that gucci crap?
  • Tao:[gasps]
  • Tao:I feel very offended right now
  • Tao:how dare you
  • Tao:gucci is mi life
  • Tao:mi tru luv
  • Tao:I'm still taking (baby's name) to go shopping nO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY-
  • Tao:fight the man
  • Tao:fight the power
  • ~
  • - KyungMi