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How would react the Mukamis if they are madly in love ( I saw this ask for the Sakamakis btw your blog is amazing xD )

-Ruki: Because he is all pride as usual, I think he would be all denial at first, but later on he can be the most gentle person of all with the girl he likes, or well, loves.

-Kou: He would try to convince himself about that it’s only because she is only a bit cuter than other girls, but when he discovers the truth, maybe his two-faced nature could fade a bit with her.

-Yuuma: This guy would be the most romantic boy ever, leaving her flowers or baskets with fruits in her seat or in her house, cooking for her, being just the dork he is.

-Azusa: Maybe this dude would be troubled, and mostly because his chest hurts when he sees her with another person that isn’t him, and maybe he would enjoy something more than he enjoys pain.

まだ途中だけど試作品よりかわいくなった!長い触手2本もつけた。もう寝る! It’s still work-in-progress but she looks better and cuter than the prototype! #wip #squid #handmade #craft

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Dammit Hinami stopped calling Kaneki oni chan, and big brother instead. Oni chan sounds much cuter

She still calls him that btw. o: Onii-chan means big brother and it says onii-chan in the JP raws.

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Top 5 sleeping anime characters

Bonnie first cause she’s the cutest

With Serena its even cuter

Clemont’s adorable af

Dento even sleeps formally

and then there’s Shouma


She’s even fucking cuter in this one. Which basically just features her licking her paws and rolling around a bit. You can hear the licking noises, as well as the noises of me dying.

Why is Karlie Kloss Girlfriend Goals?

- she will call u “my girl” in her IG post

- she’s cuter than the kid she’s running with in a photo

- she’s so hot no wonder global warming has worsen

- she’s hygienic. she makes sure she cuts her nails when you’re hanging out together

- she will skip a photoshoot ( e.i victoria’s secret swimwear) just to be able to    attend to your birthday party

- she will carry u on her back and let your head hit the ceiling but she’ll repeatedly kiss the top of your head a hundred times so it’s fine u’r good

- if you’re a pop star, she will lend u her costume for your concert and gossip about it to ur fans

- u don’t have to worry if it’s dark, u can always use her shiny abs as ur source of light

- she will fly thousands of miles just to kick u on the face and then make out with u later

- if you’re drunk in a concert u can always hang on all over her like a koala

- she’ll insist u sit on her lap while you’re both guesting for a show and tells the world it’s what normal american gal pals do

- she will rub your back and hip like it’s her job

- she’s proud to say you’re fiercely loyal 

- there’s not a dark day with her cos she’s literally sunshine

- she’ll fly from london to milan for a fitting then fly back again to london in a day just so she can steal a moment (when she’s supposed to be presenting somebody else’s award) to congratulate u for winning your own award

- she will low key tell the world u have matching blow dryers for your pets

- she flies to ny to paris to ny then paris again (with occasional trips to LA) on a daily basis like she’s just going to school NO.BIG.DEAL

- when u forget to mention and thank her on your acceptance speech she doesn’t get mad at u even when the entire world is. instead she showers u with compliments on her next interview which melts everybody’s hearts

- she literally turns 😍 whenever she hears your name being mentioned within a 250m radius or more

- but most of all, when you’re not looking at her, she stares at u like you’re the only precious thing that matters in this vast mysterious universe

– Homura’s Ideal Madoka

Being able to cut off everything you don’t like and freeze everything in its ideal shape is the scariest thing about romantic feelings. And to actually call those actions “love”… is pretty scary.

~ Chiwa Saito (Homura’s VA) and her thoughts on Homura’s love.

In a previous post of mine, we went over Shinbo’s wording of what Madoka felt in the flower field scene. Today, I want to bring attention to comments by Madoka’s VA and how she was asked to play out a ‘cuter’ Madoka – along with a peculiar wording of Urobuchi in a quote I had brought up in my post. First, we’re gonna bring it back here again.

“Madoka is in a special position in this movie too.”

Urobuchi: This time, Madoka appears as a character fabricated by Homura. (…)

Well, we already know the Madoka within Homura’s barrier was the real one, of course. We’re told in the movie and following interviews. She’s just Madoka after regressing all her development and memories. However, was that everything to it? If we focus on Urobuchi’s wording, it seems to point out that Madoka has been molded in some way to fit into this dream world. I believe I might have noted this in a part in the tags…

“It seems as though the script was divided into two acts. Please tell us your opinions of the first act.”

Yuuki: (…) But personally, I was just happy that we got to see normal Madoka again. Although she’s not quite ‘normal’ here.

She talks about how we’re seeing ‘normal’ Madoka again, but goes on to note that she isn’t. How so?

Madoka, as we see her in the barrier, is an idealized version of who she was.

“So Madoka is very special to her.”

Yuuki: For Madoka, who spent so much time crying in the anime, to just smile and be happy all the time should be one of the things that feels very wrong about this movie. That’s because Madoka as she appears here is “Homura-chan’s ideal Madoka”. And this world is “Homura-chan’s ideal world, where she thinks Madoka can live in peace and comfort”.

Saitou: This time, Madoka is kind of like a princess.

Yuuki: Yeah. She’s light and fluffy, has the least idea of what’s going on, and is protected by the others. But she’s always there for Homura-chan whenever Homura-chan gets lonely. [Effects Director] Tsuruoka-san told me that I should act as “Homura-chan’s Best Of Madoka”. 

The dream world is a sweet dream, a place where everything was created in a way that fit what Homura wanted deep inside. Urobuchi and the others note how it’s made to be idealized. There’s nothing bad or wrong within it except for the Nightmares, that are there to act like ‘standard’ magical enemies that they save aside from defeating. It’s also interesting to note how by warding them off, they’re evading souring the dream and reveal it’s worst parts.

All the characters (except for Nagisa and Sayaka who are not affected) within it have been idealized or affected to at least a small point, but the particular case is Madoka as noted by the comments. She’s put in a position that we can see Homura wanted: an ever smiling Madoka who can’t be sad and is endlessly protected by others despite being a magical girl herself, along with having no idea of what’s going on in order to fit Homura’s ideals.

It is interesting to note that this is reinforced later on in the ending by Homura doing the same thing once again, only on a conscious scale, as well. She molds Madoka to be how she wants her to be, in the position she explicitly puts her in. To say she is controlling or that her feelings are just a bit twisted would be an understatement, in my opinion.

This makes the words of Madoka in the flower field fall a little more flat, knowing how much influence Homura probably had over her. While I don’t doubt normal Madoka wanted that, Homura wanted her to stay like that. It’s wishful thinking, so to say, and one could say she used that as justification for how she turned into a Demon later. But, in the end it’s not what series Madoka – known as Ultimate Madoka before being ripped apart – truly feels.

Other tidbits from the interviews that should be read:

tipping the velvet!cartinelli au

where angie is a famous performer in victorian england london and made her career out of crossdressing for entertainment

at several of her performances she sees peggy in the audience and by the end of each performance she picks a single rose from a bouqet of flowers and throws it at peggy