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Guardian angel Herc protecting the reader from a perv as they're walking home and he feels something is wrong and is having none of that!?

Hercules walked next to you, still playing with the sleeves. Even after countless times of you telling him to stop, he couldn’t help himself. But he was sure to stop the act if you ever put your gaze on him.

“Guardian?” You asked, and he quickly put his hands down, looking at you. You were walking slow for a human, and he wasn’t quite sure why. He could have read your mind, but you insisted on him not doing so. But it did put him at quite a disadvantage. How could he protect you without knowing what you were thinking?

“Yes, Y/N?” He said. You kicked a rock to the side.

“Well, this whole angel thing…” You began to ramble on, and his ears perked up, focusing his gaze behind you. With human eyes, you wouldn’t be able to see, but he saw.

Two men were in the shadows, saying deep, disturbing thoughts about you. He looked down at you, seeing that you were still speaking quickly. They emerged from the darkness, pervasive thoughts on their minds. You noticed the tension on his shoulders, and looked back, seeing the men. 

“Guardian, it’s fine. They’re just some creepy dudes. No worries.” 

But worry he felt. He pulled you closer to him, staring at the men approaching. You didn’t know what they carried. A metal weapon, a gun, a terrible invention created to cause chaos. They knew what they wanted from you, and they were sure they were going to get it. Hercules closed his eyes, fading from your side.

“Guardian? Guardian!” You looked at the men approaching. Did he, did he just leave you in danger?

“What’s a pretty thing like you doing out here? Alone?” One said, twirling a gun between his fingers. You felt your heart pound until you saw your Guardian behind them. His eyes were still closed, and he held up his hands over the men’s heads.

The guns flew up, dissipating in a cloud of dust. The men panicked, looking back at your Guardian. He opened his eyes, staring down at the two men. You never saw him so… angry before. He was hiding his strengths from you, and you didn’t even realize it.

“Leave, now.” He said, and they quickly scrambled, never looking back at you. Hercules watched them go, until they were a speck on the Earth. He turned back to you. “Are you alright, Y/N?”

You didn’t say anything, but instead, ran towards him, wrapping your arms around his waist. He stood rigid, not knowing what to do. Hugs, his wings whispered underneath his skin, Give Y/N a hug. Hercules hesitated, but put his arms around you as well.

“Thank you,” You whispered, “Thank you, Hercules.”

His wings fluttered, trying to escape. You called him his name. For the first time, you called him his name. He felt a slight pain in his chest and looking down at it. It… it was throbbing profusely. Why?

A scan of Mishima Yukio’s novel Spring Snow, page 15.

This page hit me like a ton of bricks. I think anyone who is a black sheep in their family would feel like this, especially if your interests and talents are what your family considers too elegant, refined, or artsy. In my family they get together to barbecue at the cabin on the mountain, talk about their construction business, and watch football. Of course explaining that I’m reading Japanese literature goes way over their heads, let alone why it appeals to me. Anyone who feels like they are the outcast in their own home just know that you are not alone. Don’t let it get to you.

Royal Cast Bonding part 2

~~~~~~~~~~Royal Cast: me~~~~~~~~~~

Lucy sat in the back of the carriage currently looking out in the terrain with her head in the clouds. V and Curse was arguing about his jokes while Cherry brought books. Blu decided to walk along side the carriage while Angel sat next to Anrez at the reins.

“Yo, Luce, what are ya thinking about?” Curse asked moving seats now next to Lucy. Lucy snapped out of her thoughts at being addressed.

“Just some stuff. Mainly about why Hecros would want the necklace.” Lucy responded to the skeleton, catching an apple that CTK threw at her from the side of the carriage.

“The necklace was precious and you know how demons are with precious things. Like you.” Curse said with a flirty wink. Another apple hit him over the head and he looked over at his brother.

“You gotta stop flirting, Curse.” CTK said as he puts his hand in his pockets.

“It’s my identity! Well that and being sexy.” Curse said.

“Sure it is.” CTK said with an eye roll.

“Idiots, shut up.” V said in an annoyed tone of voice as she sharpened her bone sword. Lucy laughed at their conversation a bit.

“You tryin to start a fight sis?” Curse asked as he rolled up a sleeves.

“Curse, stop trying to start fights.” Angel said as she looked behind at them.

“Yes mom.” Curse said as he rolled his eyes. Yet another apple collided into his head from CTK.

Cherry and CTK made eye contact and grinned.

“Lucy and Curse sitting in a tree.” They both started before hearing a loud thud and it was Lucy falling out of the carriage. She was laughing and couldn’t seem to stop. V and Blu started as the carriage stopped and V jumped down, landing on her feet. She grabbed Lucy’s hand and pulled her to her feet.

“Are you guys ok back there?” Angel asked while Senkiller and Mel was up ahead.

“We’re okay.” V said as they both got up and onto the carriage.

~~~~~~~~A few hours later~~~~~~~~~

Lucy was gathering wood for the fire when she noticed a familiar dagger zoom past her face. She turned around to see a group of past bullies, all with weapons, walking towards her.

“You think ya can just do that crap and disappear?” The leader said getting closer and closer. He swung a spare dagger and it created a wound on her arm. Lucy quickly grabbed a spare rag in her purple and black cover up and held it against it.

“I…I didn’t do that.” Lucy said as her eyes are widen and tears formed in them. She quickly dropped her wood and ran into the woods.

The group of teenagers ran after the girl as she tried to avoid the trees and keep running. Her legs couldn’t carry her anymore and she noticed a cliff only a few feet away from her. Blood ran down her arm as she held the rag to her arm.

Lucy turned around just in time to see their crooked grins before pushing her off the cliff. She fell deep into the darkness beneath her as she saw V reach out to her.

“Lucy!” V screamed loudly, her voice fading from Lucys ears.

~~~~~~~~~Royal Cast: me~~~~~~~~~~~

V: @vzearia

Curse and CTK: @perfectshadow06 / @ask-ctk

Cherry: @domino-doodles

Mel: @golzy

Senkiller and Anrez: @anrez-op-skele

Blu: @blutheboo

Angel: @armyaangel

Royal Cast, Lucy, bullies: @me

Original au Undercast: @anrez-op-skele and @perfectshadow06

it’s no secret that mishima sees akira as some sort of savior. while the whole kamoshida arc was going on and he gave up hope that he would ever be rescued, akira comes in - despite being fiercely judged by all his peers - and helps save him with the phantom thieves. it’s something the others probably oversee as a feat and a means to defeat kamoshida to save the others from his abuse, but it leaves mishima with a ‘oh wow, he saved me’ and newborn enthusiasm he didn’t think he would ever get back.

he spends most of the game putting akira on a pedestal whether he likes it or not. the first interaction with them has a sheepish mishima, but the other instances are mostly professional even though mishima finds pleasure from speaking to someone he looks up to. he overworks himself constantly on the phansite and gives akira loads of information and… what does he get in return? a little praise for the first time in his life since he’s usually put down. 

because of this desperate need for approval from someone he finds absolutely amazing and with how he’s used to be treated badly by the people around him, he ends up in a lot of situations where it’s unclear where he’s a friend or just a fanboy.

and sometimes he’s gets upset about not being acknowledged as a friend

but other times even he acknowledges that he’s more of a fanboy than a friend.


Tfw you’re casually enjoying your evening and an angel falls through your ceiling and is super hot oh no

I’m calling this one the Angelfall AU! Keith has to learn how to live with an angel who is way too egotistic about his one (1) wing and angelic powers even though he has no memories whoops



Welcome to the Losers’ Club

A boy should be spending his summer outside with friends. Don’t you have any friends? Can I have the book now?



Canon Boris: I’ll let you leave if I can have some soup, my dude.


Sammy “not very popular with the cool kids” Lawrence


Please love me, I beg you.