but there is no such thing as too much gayness

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lmao she's doing it in her apartment too. compare her gayness from when she got hurt in preseason to now rip. we've received so much good content since she got hurt

her being bored enough to use insta story is one of the best things to come out from her broken back

i rly hate when ppl are like ‘hello this is my character bob he is trans, gay, and has PTSD’ like way to make transness, gayness, and mental health into ‘character traits’ instead of like, uh, actually thinking about how that character is as a human. meanwhile cis characters are ‘blake is a straight-edge straight-A guy with brown eyes and hair that won’t stay flat’ which says way more cuz it has… personality traits there. 

like instead maybe ‘this is my character bob! he is a happy-go-lucky goofball who likes pizza and sleeps too much, but keeps his phone volume loud so he never misses a call from a friend.’ 

and then if you really want to explain gayness or transness or PTSDness maybe remember the humanity and how different those things can be for diff people? ‘he has a crush on his best friend blake, but has accepted it won’t be requited, and abashedly accepts blakes help to ‘find a new hot thing’ even though blake being around makes it decidedly harder to notice any other boys. he has a massive fear of needles and has his roommate jolene give him his T-shots, in return he makes her jello shots, with little gummy bears in them, which he calls ‘lil rainbow hot tubs’. Bob avoids anything with loud noises since they, especially screams, can set off flashbacks. He doesn’t like to talk about this and will usuaully babble incoherently and then run off somewhere quiet until they pass. he keeps a folder of cute dog photos for these events, but has broken his phone multiple times throwing it at someone coming to check on him, mistaking them for danger in that mental state. Bob wants a dog more than anything, but has accepted that for now, with his 3 jobs, he would not be a good dog dad. He hopes, if he can’t marry blake, he can at least marry some rich hollywood superstar, and does tiger beat quizzes on the daily’.

ok, there, see. I just made bob up but there I explained some of the background of his ‘traits’ in a way that you understand bob WAY better because saying bob is trans is like saying bob is blonde and you aren’t going to learn much starting with that

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I know I'm legit only at the bit where Steve goes to save bucky that's it and I swear if screamed gay in my head so much anyway like I'm barely even to the gayness yet it's still super gay like??? Just kiss assholes (also one connection my brain made when Steve looks at the soldier thing that he's too short for just before him a guy was nudged down by his gf I assume and then immediately after bucky does the exact same thing like)

Oh yeah, for real. Like I totally believe he loved Peggy, but he defied the army to secretly fly behind German lines and jumped out of a plane to sneak into enemy territory all by himself without ANY actual combat experience all on the thin hope that Bucky might still be alive, like??? His pivotal motivation for all three movies is “I would die for Bucky Barnes” and if that’s not love I don’t know what is.

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Seriously? He took a pic of a sign that was at his home earlier n order to send CC "supporters" a secret message to prove how gay he really is? Because it is SO important to him that YOU know? His entire life revolves not around his family, friends, music, career & things that matter but rather his concern is sending YOU a gayness message? Did that sound better in your head? Darren Criss has too much integrity to do the things you say he does-nobody makes their friends lie to that extent.

Oh dear anon you sound upset?  I assume you are referring to the comment I made on this picture X that I thought Darren was snapping a pic of the gay sex sign behind him.  Well I’ve changed my mind and I’ll actually amend that to Darren is snapping a selfie of Nick, himself and the sign, as that’s clear to see on the pic, but Nonnie the secret gayness (REALLY!) message is in your head not mine, because Darren’s pretty open about his thoughts on gayness and LGBTQ issues, for example, the God Save the Queer T-Shirt he wore yesterday at the Women’s March and at Hedwig in San Francisco.

Then there’s the god made me perfect badge he wore standing on a Pride Float in NYC in 2015 during Hedwig.

Oh…and what about the HRC dinner in March 2016 where he wore Kurt Hummel proposal colours, pretty sure that was intentional on his part.

I could go on, but you see Darren doesn’t need to secret message me or anyone else.  He’s pretty explicit where his support is on this and what he stands for and as for friends, family covering up peoples sexuality - I think you should research people like, NPH, Jodie Foster, Colton Haynes, Kristen Stewart, Wentworth Miller and Matt Bomer to name but a few.

On first watch I really liked 505. Some great dialogue and great Olitz moments. Little gutted we didnt see the date but oh well. Im gunna watch again later to take more in, but im guessing a fair few of you on here wont be happy. I am loving S5 so far!!

Obsessed with the Olitz residence scene to Marvin Gaye. It was so Dom/Sub and sexy and playful and interesting all at the same time. There was a parellel for me with this scene with 411, when Fitz has to secretly tell Mellie about the corruption in the White House and the kidnapping, but the level of intimacy and chemistry in 505 was on another level, but both related to west angola. On another note… Tony Goldwyns abs are a work of art, and Kerry in that nightie had me feeling all kinds of things, the two of them together are too much!!!

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The little snippet of them in the residence watching Edison on TV had me all in my fanfic feels. So domesticated and casual and in a weird way normal. It wasnt a heated quick moment, just them together. I love it sooooo much!!

A few people I was here for this week:

Leo Burgen - I LOVE HIM. He is such a great character, and I don’t know if  it is because Paul Adlestein plays him so well, but he was great this week.

The thing 1 and thing 2 comment had me weeing!

Patty Snell - she was hilarious, she had no fucks to give and put every one in their place. 

Marcus - For a second I thought he would be all about justice and go behind Olivia’s back but then I was like nah, not after last week he wouldnt. Im liking Marcus.

Cyrus was an absolute PSYCHO this week. He was a man possessed almost, it was kind of weird to watch. I find his character very frustrating but Jeff Perry does it so well I cant help but always be captivated by it at the same time. 

That scene at the end with Tony was phenomenal, both of them brought it and I loved the detail in what they said and the reality that they are family to each other in a sense. Obviously though this all came about because of the West Angola video so Fitz didn’t have a choice but I think Cyrus when he is on the inside will ALWAYS be there for him, more so than Elizabeth. Fitz noticing the detail from the book Liv got Cyrus was so special. The little intricacies in this scene made it so so special. Fitz all tearful had me clutching my heart.

The thing that worries me about this is how much leverage Cyrus now has. He holds Olitz in the palm of his hand essentially, with that video. If that is vouched for then they are done with. Cyrus has always loved to be the master controller but this will be a new sense of power and it is terrifying. A slightly comforting thought is that Olivia and Fitz know him very well, know his ways of doing things and as a team they are strong enough to hold him off. So ye, Cyrus has me on edge.

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Loved how this situation has back fired on Mellie and she has been shafted in a sense. She needs to be told where to go and be brought back down to whatever semblance of reality her brain is able to comprehend. Her slipping the ring is just another petty attempt to ruin them but she should know the brilliance of Olivia Pope and her team and understand that something like that would never hurt them. So ye, Mellie can keep trying and keep getting knocked back, Im here for it.

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Cyrus apologising to Mellie for bringing Olivia to the campaign. I was like?

If Olivia hadnt have come along you wouldn’t have even stood a chance at winning the election, regardless of defiance. So please stop. No FLOTUS, no COF. NOTHING. So im not buying that.

Side Note: Is Ella at some boarding school in Switzerland?

Edison Davis

I had been wondering when we would see him again, especially once the affair came out. It was a great political ploy to have him speak like that about her, but obviously behind the scenes he was anything but pleased. There was the obvious parallel with 211 and I am loving this from the writers. All these season 2 throwbacks.

He has a right to feel a bit peeved as he obviously did but back then, in the situation Olivia was in, telling the truth was never going to be the option. What did he expect. I do think she loved him at one point, or at least tried to. He was the only one I could stand her being with besides Fitz.

I also thought it was very brave of Olivia to go to him given she knew what he must’ve been thinking. She is ballsy this season and not holding back and I like it. She is also vulnerable at the same time which is endearing.

It was never going to be a happy reunion was it really.

Olivias Interview

Now I know a lot of you on here are gonna be mad like why did she say she never met him, its horrible writing for Olivia blah blah blah…

I actually thought it was very honest, truthful, emotional and vulnerable. Olivia has grown so much already in S5 it is huge. She is openly talking about her feelings and she is committing to her love. This just shows how willing she is to go with this and I am so proud of Olivia.

The way I see what she was saying is this; their love has had such a huge effect on other people that if she could have protected them from it or prevented them from it then she would have, but she couldnt, she couldnt help but fall in love with him. She has always been about saving people and being responsible for them and she carries the weight of her relationship with Fitz with that, but she isnt apologising for loving him. She is sorry for the surrounding destruction.

Im not so sure about her comment of her wearing the ring as being weak? Is she saying she couldnt fend off the strength of his love for her, or she was too far gone to try and stop it?

Anyway, I thought she spoke with enough emotion to connect with people without being melodramatic and with enough composure to speak with such candor.

Were people really expecting for Olivia Pope to be all fairytales, romace, oh he is my prince? That is not Olivia Pope. She has never been in to fantasy.

No comments on Joke or Elise this episode, did nothing for me or too me. They need to give Fooley some screen time. Im not even caring that Olivia keeps going to him, she needs someone outside of the immediate OPA and WH circle to talk to, so whatever. He is essentially her shrink and her delievery boy.

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Thats it really off the top of my head after one watch at 6am. Im sure Ill have some more thoughts about it during the week but all in all I thought it was really good.

Now onto next week:

Not sure how I feel about a proposal/marraige next week. I know it should have us all going fangirl mad but I dont want their love to be cheapened and brought down to the same level as Cyrus and Michael, his whore. I want it to be when they were ready and on their terms. A proposal from Fitzgerald will be a thing of beauty though, and if they get engaged and then dont get married then maybe that’ll sit better with me. But Fitz is not divorced and it doesn’t look like Mellie is signing any time soon, so is that even legal?

Anyway its a promo, so it probs wont happen but Im interested to see how it pans out for sure!!.

I will finish with some Olitz dom/sub:

And last but certainly not least……. Their bodies, their hair, their outfits (or lack of), their positions… and lack of boundaries.

Your Royal Gayness - The making of a developer’s video for Kickstarter

Hello from Lizard Hazard Games! I am Verna, one of the writers and game designers working on a game called Your royal gayness. We recently successfully finished our first kickstarter campaign and I am here to talk about the how’s and why’s of having a video on your campaign page.

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Patrick [ENTP]

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Patrick is a highly creative individual whose interests lie outside school rather than inside it, so he uses his immense talent for impersonating people and other shenanigans to the great amusement of his fellow students. He’d much rather be out having fun and making a mockery of something with wit, sarcasm, and general hilarity, than attending to his homework, which results in his persistently low grades. However, Patrick can always talk himself in and out of just about anything, even with his teachers. Ideas and stories interest him most, and he is good at telling them as well as demanding good ones from other people.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Despite his cavalier attitude toward life, Patrick is actually quite smart. He sizes up situations in silence and then reacts to them through his emotional side. He prefers not to be too serious, but instead to keep things light. He has a rapier wit, able to spot inconsistencies in things people say, and irrational statements, and use them to slingshot back a joke or an insult. He can be very sarcastic and somewhat blunt if he puts his mind to it, but…

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): … he often softens his criticisms with a twinkle in his eye and a smile. Patrick cares very much about his friends and family, and would fight to the death for them; though he sluffs off the insults of classmates who don’t like his gayness, Patrick is actually quite hurt by them. He’s devastated when his boyfriend denies their relationship and lets the other boys beat him up. He is aware of the emotional tones in the room and likes to diffuse them whenever he can; he’s also willing to share his feelings, although he is slow to talk about them at first.

Introverted Sensing (Si): He has a sense of sentimentality for the past, as is shown in his gift of a suit to Charlie for Christmas (because all the greatest old writers wore classy suits). Like Sam, he loves old songs and also does the same part in the same play for months on end, without it ever getting old. But his lack of attention in class and his general disinterest in details makes him a “flunkie.”

what i want
  • steve completely losing his shit and bawling his eyes out when he finally sees bucky after two long years searching and apologizing. bucky telling him over and over that it wasn’t his fault
  • bucky recalling an embarrassing memory for steve and steve being like ‘of all the things to remember…why that’
  • sensory memories - the smell of the gym where bucky trained steve so he could attempt to enlist again, the feel of a warm hand on the small of his back (steve), the smell of pencil shavings and dirt (steve), baby blue eyes drawing him back to a much simpler time, the sound of steves name bringing memories of sleepovers and steves ma making them sandwiches
  • steve finding out exactly what happened to bucky and going after everyone who is still alive who is responsible for it
  • crossbones recalling things bucky told him - steves face crumbling (what? I live for angst) and steve doesn’t believe him when he says that bucky is still alive (he tries to convince him that he forced the memories out of him and left him for dead) (I realize that I’m satan) but he doesn’t give up
  • flashbacks to fill in the blanks
  • crossbones backstory
  • steve to go against anyone he has to - even friends - to protect bucky because he was there first 
  • jealous bucky
  • howling commandos flashbacks
  • sam and bucky making nice and being buddies
  • sam kicking ass with his new suit - running into battle with steve and bucky and on his own when needed
  • steve having one last conversation with peggy and he confides in her that he finally found bucky but the world is falling apart and she calms him down as she always does and tells him to “go get him” (bucky)
  • sharon carter being a stand alone bamf character who doesn’t exist solely as a potential romantic interest
  • clint and natasha making nice after the dust settles
  • tony and pepper - domestic spats that end with kisses
  • tonys mental health issues finally being addressed
  • more of natasha’s past - flashbacks maybe?
  • rhodey + tony bonding
  • sam sharing more about riley because steve is struggling
  • scarlet witch in general - childhood memories?
  • bruce cameo- trying to keep the peace amongst them and failing to do so
  • steves life after winter soldier and before age of ultron
  • sam’s past
  • steve and bucky clinging to one another for dear life - hugging so hard that they can barely breathe in the midst of chaos and as they break apart steve grabs bucky by the neck gently and puts their foreheads together - is interrupted by someone trying to kill them but bucky has it handled - uses the sniper skills that have only been sharped with age
  • bucky as an independent character who can stand alone
  • bucky seeing memories and flashbacks through a whole new lens and seeing things crystal clear - wondering how he ever missed the signs and taking that second chance in stride
  • buckys hair in a messy ponytail
  • bucky wearing the baseball hat with the white star on it
  • the team making nice and finally meeting bucky peacefully - seeing what steve had always saw in him
  • steve smiling and meaning it for the first time in too long and everyone knows exactly what (who) brought that about
  • steve insisting on bucky moving in with him in an apt in brooklyn
  • protective bucky who still tries to keep steve safe
  • seeing the two of them from sam’s perspective
  • flashbacks in regards to clint and how he came to live on a farm
  • the gov captures bucky so steve goes against everything he once fought for in order to free him - the price of freedom is high and it once caused him to lose bucky - he won’t let it happen again
  • more 1940-ish songs with meaningful lyrics
  • someone calling fury ‘eyepatch’
  • steve googling buckys name before he finds him and coming across articles that deem both of them heroes - his eyes get soft and he turns off the computer because it’s all too much
  • more sam/steve running scenes and playful bantering
  • pepper complaining about tony’s cooking and bringing up that one time (’Pepper that was years ago can you drop it?) he brought her strawberries - the one thing shes allergic to
  • panther chasing after bucky - steve chasing after both of them
  • black panthers bad ass claws
  • a peek into bucky’s backpack
  • bucky rebelling against the superhero act and going on the run - steve angerly searching everywhere for him while also fighting
  • steve putting on a certain record and bucky remembers things that went with it - flashes of steve stepping on his toes while they danced in a ramshackle apartment with a creaking floor and no windows but it’s home
  • steve/bucky childhood flashbacks
  • sam steve and bucky going on the run - anything to protect bucky
  • a comment from bucky along the lines of  ‘always was a fan of that [caps] suit’ being purposely vague
  • bucky bringing out the passionate side of steve
  • steve drawing
  • vision being an overall nice person who desperately wants peace
  • old letters that bucky and steve had written to one another when they were separated
  • bucky using caps shield
  • sam saying ‘ON YOUR LEFT’ as steve is nearly ambushed because he was too damn caught up at staring at bucky who is helping them
  • finding out if fury has any memories that include bucky as the winter soldier
  • bucky allowing himself to cry for the second time in seventy years
  • steve calling tony ‘anthony’ as they’re fighting and making childish comments about how great howard was 
  • flashbacks to the train incident and how steve coped (or didn’t, moreso) after buckys death
  • peggy having a conversation with bucky (flashback) about steve and bonding over ranting about how he jumps head first into things without a plan and how hes always been that reckless and how one time bucky had to drag him out of a dumpster because he took on someone twice his size
  • steve nearly dying and bucky loses his mind because he’d only just got him back
  • tony emotionally struggling over the events of the avengers + having to fight his friends + nearly killing steve + dealing with the UN and this new law
  • bucky getting onto steve for the whole jet/ice deal
  • steve finally getting to dance with peggy as an old record plays a sweet tragic song
  • flashbacks to what peggy was up to after steves death (I could just watch her show but still)
  • more howard stark scenes and his relationship with tony
  • sarah rogers in general
  • steve and bucky playing together as kids
  • possibly a tracking device in buckys arm that scott lang is small enough to remove
  • someone calling tony ‘anthony’ and scott quietly says ‘I knew a guy by that name once - good friend of mine’
  • flashback of peggy visiting steves makeshift grave and it’s alongside buckys because they’ve always been inseparable
  • tony talking about food in general because he loves his shawarma
  • steve telling bucky that its been him all along - his reason for fighting, for sticking up for the little guy, his reason for dying (jet)
  • steve gently putting a hand on buckys face
  • vague comment about the end of the line and how they’d been there and back
  • bisexual steve rogers in general
  • sam watching steve and bucky together and feeling invisible but he doesn’t say anything (a parallel)
  • someone introducing bucky to marvin gaye
  • crossbones using bucky as bait (’you want your bucky? come get him’ and all hell breaks loose when he shows up because it was a trap and steve suspected as much but dammit bucky needed him)
  • going to the smithsonian together
  • steve still seeing bucky as the same person who fell off the train all those yrs ago despite the horrible things hydra made him do
  • more details on how the starks died
  • the howling commandos trying to comfort steve after bucky falls but hes too full of pain to reach out and hes always preferred crying in private and he leaves and drinks alone
  • steve + bucky + I love you
  • hints about the red hulk
  • steve being all badass and ‘I’m not leaving without YOU!’ like he is in planet hulk
  • dream flashbacks - nightmares maybe 
  • Happy - I want to see him
  • bucky speaking in another language
  • non verbal communication that’s spot on
  • lines straight out of romance tropes between sam/steve and bucky/steve
  • spidey being sassy and sarcastic
  • steve being less of a death seeker after bucky comes back and remembers him
  • more emotional bucky eyes
  • bucky getting a letter saying hes drafted - hiding it from steve and steve finds out and is righteously angry and it only serves to make him more determined to join the military because somebody has to keep bucky safe
  • peaceful flashbacks to bucky and steve living together and making promises to one another
  • bucky getting onto steve for being so damn reckless (’Still gotta save your neck after all this time’)
  • steve trying to be cap for bucky and bucky yells ‘I DON’T WANT CAPTAIN AMERICA I WANT STEVE ROGERS!’
  • hawkeye kicking ass and taking names
  • bucky + knives
  • *ahem* bucky/steve kisses

fanfic. I want fanfic and I want too much. I got carried away. marvel can you feel my pain? 

let’s be real here. I know everyone likes to think Sirius had long hair to piss off his mother but that’s not it at all?

I dunno, but we have repetitive proof that in the wizarding world long hair isn’t against any pureblood fashion code. The purest purist pureblood to ever pureblood, Lucius Malfoy, has extremely long hair. Regulus Black is briefly shown with shoulder-length hair - but still, he’s described to look quite alike Sirius, except for his ‘natural beauty’ (omg Harry so gay). This could just as much say that Regulus has his hair in a fashion similar to Sirius’. 

Not to mention that many non-pureblood do too. Dumbledore wears long hair, Snape does too. Hagrid. The wizard with Bellatrix/Hermione has long-ish hair.

The only character that seems to be reprimanded for his long hair is Bill Weasley, and only by his mother, whom I wouldn’t consider an indication that pureblood families condemned the practice altogether.

Also no one seems to think any less of him (Bill clearly says no one except Molly cares about his hair and earring as long as he does his work).

Also Harry says he’s hot (so gay harry, SO much GAYness)

So, I sort of came out to my parents. It did not go well.

In the past I’ve discussed my bisexuality with my dad. He’s always been a little more tolerant than my mom. (I’m actually pansexual, but even I know better than to try telling either of my parents that I’m capable of finding people of any biological gender, gender identity, androgynous or intersex, sexually attractive. They would have me committed.) The point is, my dad made it seem like he was reluctantly okay with it. He was hoping it was a phase I’d grow out of, but he still loved me.

Last Friday evening, I went on a date with a lady. We had drinks, pizza, and dessert at an Italian restaurant, then went to the pub next door for more drinks and dancing. To make a very long story short, my dad came looking for me, and I was honest with him about the fact that I was on a date with a woman. He left without a fuss. My date went wonderfully, she dropped me off at home and kissed me, and I walked in the door with a wide grin and a happy blush. That was when it all went to hell.

My dad had told mom about my date. He outed me to her without my knowledge or permission. They proceeded to give me a lecture in Homophobia 101. It was pure poison.

Dad: Why are you doing this to me?

Me: I’m not doing this to anyone. It has nothing to do with you.

Dad: I don’t care if gay marriage is legal now, you can’t tell me that it’s natural. It doesn’t take a genius to know that two pegs don’t go together, and two holes don’t go together.

Me: We’re not puzzle pieces, we’re people!

Dad: Exactly, you should know better! We raised you to know better! God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!

(At this point hysteria was kicking in. In the back of my mind I tried to remember one of the awesome comebacks I’ve seen on this site over the years, but my mind was coming up blank. I was in too much shock to think clearly.)

Mom: It’s a matter of intelligence. You know, years ago they said that this sort of brainwashing was going to happen, making people think that this sort of thing was acceptable when it isn’t.

Me: I’m not brainwashed, and intelligence has nothing to do with it.

Mom: Of course it does!

(It was only much later that I thought of Alan Turing.)

Me: There’s nothing wrong with gayness, it’s not hurting anyone.

Dad: It’s hurting me!

Me: How can it be hurting you?

Dad: It’s selfish, that’s what it is. You’re so ungrateful. After everything we’ve done for you, given you. Your laptop, smartphone, university. I feel like taking all of those things away from you, locking you in your empty room, and just passing your medication through the door every day. You don’t do anything to help your mother, you just lay in bed all day in your pajamas doing nothing!

(I have depression and general anxiety. They know this. Just because I’m medicated now doesn’t mean I’m no longer capable of having episodes. They don’t believe in mental health problems. They believe that all neurological evidence of these disorders was made up by scientists so they could sell more pharmaceuticals. They regularly encourage my bipolar sister to stop taking her medication.)

Dad: And you want me to take you to Singapore, so you can embarrass me?

Me: I’m not going to embarrass you.

Dad: You will if you go on dates with women.

Me: Fine, I won’t then if it’s such a problem for you.

(I hated myself for saying that, later.)

Mom: It’s a problem for everyone!

I just… I felt betrayed. I was in shock. I’d been ambushed, and I was outnumbered. I was on the brink of having a panic attack, or bursting into tears, but I was just a little too shock-numb to quite do either. I sat there, stroking the dog on my lap more to comfort myself than to comfort her. I had to focus on my breathing, focus on keeping it deep and slow. My breaths were as shaky as my hands.

I stopped answering back, and just waited for it to be over so I could escape to my room. After a few minutes of lull, mom started telling me about the TV show they’d been watching, as though nothing had happened. Something about British nannies. As if I wasn’t pale and hunched into myself, trembling and avoiding eye contact. I mumbled something non-committal and fled.

I lay awake all night, numbly trying to process what I’d just been through. Their poison sat like a thick, putrid sludge on my brain, refusing to go away. I was confused. Cold. Ashamed. So angry. So sad. Indignant. Physically sick to my stomach. I felt unclean, and hated them for making me feel that way about myself. Eventually I gave up and browsed tumblr for a while. It was 2am, so I couldn’t call a friend or anything, and nothing else calms me down when I’m that upset like tumblr does. 

I still couldn’t shake the sludge though. I wanted to fucking claw at it. Normally I would write it all down straight away, that has always helped to wash away the filth. But this time, I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to spread their poison, to inflict it on anybody else. Instead I let it cling to me, festering. I just couldn’t do that to myself anymore. I couldn’t give their poison that kind of power over me.

Kate Jenner, previously Bruce Jenner, was in a magazine I was reading recently. I tried to discuss her with mom. She called Kate “it”, instead of using actual pronouns. When I called her out on it, she thought it was funny. She thought that her dehumanizing language, that an extreme form of psychological abuse, was funny. When I told her that people like her were the reason gay people committed suicide, she said “Good, they should all just die.”

My parents are bigots. They talk the same way the Nazis used to. They carry the same hatred and disgust that the congregation of the Westboro Baptist Church have. I’m ashamed of them. They disgust me. I want to rage at them, to find every counter-argument the vast might of tumblr has to offer, print them out, and stick them everywhere inside the house. But I know that nothing I could say or do would ever change their minds, or remove the sickness from their hearts. 

They still love me, as long as I pretend to be straight. I will always love them, because they’re my parents. I wouldn’t know how to truly hate them. But they are lost to me now, forever. I can’t change who or what I am. I wouldn’t even if I could. I love who I am. I can’t stay, and subject myself to their poison. It would kill me. I’ve signed up with a website where I can earn a salary teaching English. As soon as I’ve saved up enough money, I’m moving to another country. I’m going to cut off all ties with them. 

I have a girlfriend. We’ve been best friends for years, I’ve known her since high school. Right now we’re in an open relationship, but someday I want to marry her, and I think she might just let me. God knows I love her, like I’ve never loved anybody else. She’s a part of who I am. She’s my safe harbor in every storm. She’s my cherished spun-glass angel, to be protected at any cost. I can’t imagine growing old without her by my side. I wouldn’t want to even try. 

I’ve never pictured getting married without my parents there. I’m grieving for them, and they’re not even dead, but I’ve still lost them. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to come to terms with that. They’re not even old yet, they’re not even retired, or grandparents. I was supposed to have so much more time with them. I’m not ready to be parent-less, not even close. I feel so lost. I still haven’t been able to really cry yet. It hasn’t sunk in yet. It doesn’t feel like reality. When the tears do come, I hope to God I’m not alone for it.

They say that me being not-straight hurts them, but it can’t possibly hurt them as much as their bigotry has hurt me.

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Hey, could I have the evidence that Tsukiyama, Uta, Nutcracker, Hsiao, and Shousei are LGBT? I want to let my friends know. They'll be really excited!

(this is for all anons in my inbox with this question)

Tsukiyama and Uta: please reread the manga (so many people have asked for a specific instance for Uta (besides eating dick lollies, even though he was literally sucking on a dick; how much clearer can you even get) that I’ll remind y’all about Uta flirting with both Shirazu and Urie).

Mayu (Nutcracker): remember her French-kissing that female investigator? Before that Mayu was like “you’re really pretty”. Usually complimenting someone and then kissing them implies attraction (and then Mayu ate her tongue, oh well).

Hsiao: please refer to this ask.

Shousei: please refer to this post.

As for people who want “100% confirmation”: we won’t have it. We definitely don’t have 100% confirmation that anyone is straight, either, but that doesn’t stop anyone from assuming so. On the same basis we shouldn’t dismiss those words and actions as “joking” (since Ishida doesn’t joke about LGBT matters in a harmful or demeaning way; among other things, he used to read yaoi, so I don’t think he would).

I don't understand....

So many gay people absolutely hate bisexuals that are in so called “hetro” relationships or anyone in a “hetro” relationship (demisexuals, polysexuals, pansexuals, etc.) . They tell us we can’t go to pride, that we don’t belong and we shouldn’t kiss there either. Sometimes, they tell us such sexualities don’t exist. I just don’t understand when they say we are pushing heteronormativity in their faces. Don’t they hear it when homophobes say “ stop putting your gayness in my face”? You guys are almost saying the same thing just in different context. It doesn’t make you any better.

Another thing I’d like to touch on, why are bisexuals always accused of cheating? It’s stupid and downright upsetting that you can’t trust someone because of their sexuality. Why are bisexuals usually excluded? Why do gay people hate us so much? Why do they say we have privileges when we get hurt with the same slurs as they do?We get harassed by the straight community and the gay community because one thinks we’re too gay and the other thinks we’re too straight. Here’s the thing bisexuals aren’t split in half. Some of us like one gender more than the other and that’s ok.

We can hardly stand up for ourselves. If we stand up for ourselves to a gay person all of a sudden, we’re homophobic. Hell, we’re not even welcome on TV. This thinking is so very confusing. Why should we have conflict in our own community? Why not just get along? Is it really so hard to sit back and look at things from a different perspective?

See, the thing with this “Elsa needs to be gay” shit is that people care way too much about a character’s sexuality that it won’t come off as natural if implemented. It will feel forced and pandery, and that’s not good for stories. There’s a lot of heterosexual Disney characters, yes, but no one was ever overconcerned with their sexuality; were you constantly thinking about the sexuality of the characters in classic Disney movies instead of the story? As a bisexual man, animation fan, and writer, I don’t want forced, pandering gayness in Disney movies. I want natural stuff, like the dude in ParaNorman. Stop trying to force LGBT shit instead of letting it happen naturally.

The gayness is not all in my head.

While there’s plenty of ships that people read too much into, I’m gonna say that Kirk and Spock isn’t one. I’ve watched the Star Trek films and all of my friends and family can point out the parts where they went, “that was kind of gay”.

No we’re not talking about when they touch each others shoulders, but things like when Spock tells Kirk, “I have been and always shall be yours,” I gotta say, that’s pretty homoerotic. God damn it, Time magazine even said it was homoerotic in their “Best Couples” issue.


They’re not even trying.

while pearl’s gayness made me happy because WOW GAY….ONE SIDED ROSEPEARL CONFIRMED

her nasty, spiteful and possessive jealousy wasn’t a good thing, like she literally called greg a “phase” and a “novelty” IM NOT SAYING PEARL IS A BAD CHARACTER BECAUSE OF THIS i’m just saying don’t glorify her thirst in this ep too much, cause it Wasn’t Cool that she used fusion to try and make greg feel bad

and you know, it shows a lot about how she’s evolved as a character too because she’s a lot better in present canon and her sentiment towards humans has improved, and it also kind of shows how much more growing she needs to do? pearl is probably the realist character i’ve witnessed

btw Garnet being supportive of Greg was great and when she WINKED  i died omg

btw rainbow quartz is hot and im gay


You know, the part of TGG where Jim from I.T. blatantly flirts with Sherlock shows us so much more about John than i think we realize. Jim is so stereotypically gay and flirtatious with Sherlock that it would take a person in love not to see it. Like Molly, for example. And like John. “I put product in my hair!” isn’t just the writers going *wink wink nudge nudge* at us about how both characters are gay (John isn’t gay, he’s bi) so what’s that all about? John refuses to admit Jim’s obvious gayness and attraction to Sherlock because he’s in love. Because Jim would be a romantic obstacle. John is almost as upset as Molly when Sherlock shows that Jim left him his phone number. John saying “I put product in my hair!” is equal to “Jim’s not gay because I’m not gay” which is then equal to “You’re talking too much about someone who isn’t me… talk about me, think about me, deduce me” and also “What could he possibly have that I don’t have? Good thing we’re both not gay.”