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Druid Shiro Theory Part 2: Shiro’s Arm

Following on from this post about how Shiro is probably a part-Altean Druid who can do magic and make wormholes, let’s talk about Shiro’s arm for a sec. Specifically: why did Haggar give him the arm, and what is it intended to do?

First up… let’s talk about Haggar. She was the one who gave Shiro his Galra arm. We know she loves combining magic and technology, as evidenced by all the robeasts. Perhaps the most dramatic example is the Komar Experiment:

It’s got that weird black smoke surrounded by the purple glow (obviously magic) and the purple lines running across the metal supports (the technology element). Here’s another, wider view of the whole rig:

And now here’s Shiro’s arm, the first time it activates:

Pretty similar, right? And a moment later, he gets that black smoke and purple glow around the hand, right before he overpowers it and then hacks up a bunch of Galra sentries.

{TBH I just wanted an excuse to include this screenshot}

Of course, the revelation that Shiro’s arm is Galra magi-tech is a surprise to precisely no one at this point, but here’s the thing: the Komar Experiment was powered by a bunch of druids. The black smoke and purple glow all came from them. What’s powering Shiro’s arm?

Now, imagine for a minute that you’re Haggar. You find out one of your captive test subjects is part-Altean and has the dormant ability to do magic. You want to turn him into a powerful magical weapon: a Druid completely under your control, trained to fight and do magic. Do you (a) sit in his cell and spend hours walking him through Sorcery 101 until he learns to control his powers, or (b) fit him with some kind of device - say, a prosthetic arm - that activates his magic for him, against his will if necessary.

Option (b) is really more Haggar’s style, right? And the Komar Experiment is proof that Haggar has zero chill and will happily rip the quintessence out of an entire planet if she wants to, because she’s the real Chaotic Evil of this show.

Now let’s take a look at this picture. This is Shiro’s hand right before he brings the arm under his control:

This looks like Shiro is about to do some druid magic. He looks like he’s about to fling some purple lightening or some of that weird black smoke - but he doesn’t. Instead, he overpowers the arm, brings it under his control, and uses it as a weapon.

So here’s an idea: what if Shiro’s arm is a mechanism that forcibly activates his Druid abilities? It would be powered by his own magic, if that were the case. And the reason why it looks like Shiro’s about to do druid magic is because… well… he is. But it’s being forced out of him, and it’s painful and harmful (like forcing the crystals out of the Balmera is painful and harmful). And now that Shiro is free of Haggar’s influence and control, he reins it in and reduces the magic to a level that doesn’t physically hurt him.

What if every time Shiro activates his Galra arm, he’s actually doing magic?

I mean… that arm LOOKS pretty magical. It has multiple functions that Shiro can apparently activate at will, and it gets that cool purple glow every time he uses it, and it leaves a trail of purple light when he wields it as a weapon.

Does that purple glow remind you of anything?

That’s Allura, right before she throws a bunch of magic back at Haggar and the Druids.

Shiro obviously isn’t consciously doing magic - but I think he might be subconsciously doing it. Just enough to make the arm do whatever he needs it to do. After he uses the arm in the Pilot, Pidge asks him: “Where did you learn to fight with that?” and Shiro says: “No idea.” He clearly knows how to use the arm, and we see him use it multiple times, but he doesn’t remember learning how to use it. His {procedural memory} is intact, but his {episodic memory} is damaged. He’s just working on instinct, intuitively channelling quintessence into the arm to power it up and make it work for him.

We’ve seen Shiro’s Galra arm do multiple cool things throughout the series, and whenever we see it, we just assume it’s the arm that’s doing it. But what if it’s not? What if it’s Shiro? The arm is just a tool - like a magic wand - that helps him activate his Druid powers, but all the functions we see are actually Shiro doing a bunch of low-level magic without fully realising what he’s doing or how he’s doing it. We’ve been crediting the arm, when we should have been crediting Shiro and his ability to manipulate quintessence.

Shiro is a Druid, and he’s been doing magic right in front of us this whole time.

So With Everyone Freaking Out Over the SvtFoE finale, I gotta wonder:

Since Toffee’s appeared to have absorbed the souls/life forces of the entire Magic High Commission, does that mean he’s absorbed their powers too?

Because if Toffee now has Hekapoo’s ability to craft dimensional scissors

And Rhombulu’s ‘ power to control crystals

Then what if part of Toffee’s endgame is to get to the crystal dimension

and release all the monsters (and Eclipsa) that have been imprisoned there?

Even without factoring everyone’s particular strengths and weaknesses, there is a 4.16 percent chance of victory. And in the beginning, with everyone rushing toward the horn-shaped, weapon-filled “Cornucopia” building, those chances become totally random. What if you’ve trained for the past month to grab the spiked mace, only to watch the jerk from District 7 run away with it? And if you’re trained with any kind of long range weapon, those first few minutes are going to be the most dangerous, because bows work way better when you’re twenty feet away from someone than knee deep in their personal space.

Those first few minutes are going to be a bunch of people swinging wildly with weapons possibly not built for swinging wildly. Your odds of winning, or at least not being decapitated by multiple ubiquitous swords become way better if you can train in something long range, and immediately leave the frenzy. If you try to do your dystopian warrior-slaying in the big melee, your chances are basically randomized. Learn how to use a bow and get the hell outta dodge. Then pick people off as they try to figure out what to do with a little dagger in a massive jungle. If it helps, repeat “I’m Jennifer Lawrence. I’m Jennifer Lawrence” to yourself.

5 Ways To Survive Any Deadly Movie Scenario With Game Theory

  • Caroline Bingley: I'm a Sagittarius, which probably tells you way more than you need to know...
  • Mary Bennet: Yes... It tells us that you participate in the mass cultural delusion that the sun's apparent position relative to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of your birth somehow affects your personality.
  • Caroline Bingley: Participate in the what?
  • Jane Bennet: What she means is that wouldn't be her first guess.
  • Caroline Bingley: Yeah, a lot of people think I'm a water sign.

i found this theory on Lucas Wiki, but at first, this is not a desperate try to let him look innocent, it just seems really interesting.

I talked with @six-eyed-disaster about it and we expanded the theory a bit. :D

like the person above already said, we just got one mention of Oliver and that was from his journal entry. never we’ve seen something by Jack or Marguerite. Or a newpaper article about a little boy who was missing and later found dead on his classmates attic.
Or something mentioned by Zoe. they shared a room at this time and I doubt that Oliver was quite the whole time. He would have screamed.
So one reason where that thr Bakers where all involved and covered it up what would be pretty disturbing, even for that game.
OR the theory that Oliver was just, in fact, a imaginary friend.
Or Olivers Parents where the worst parents alive who never looked for their son. Oliver had mentioned it that he will be at Lucas Birthdayparty, if he hadn’t come home the Bakers where the first they had checked to. so far can’t he have starved.

I KNOW that the game is not about Lucas, but the Oliver entry was… kind of random? It was just thrown in and never mentioned again. Not even by Lucas who is actually really proud of his kills. He had mentioned it ‘You know Ethan, I killed already before all that.’. But we haven’t heared something like that.

And Jacks hesitation at mention that Lucas is no Killer could have also been because, maybe this Jack knew that Lucas was cured, but he knows about his sons mentality. that he’s still, even cured, not still sane.

It’s still just a theory.

what do you guys think? :)

butterflygon  asked:

Hey, something interesting just happened to me. After a few months of not playing Undertale I did a true reset to start a new Pacifist run, and when I faced Undyne I got the "you told Undyne you just want to be friends/she remembers someone" flavor text. Which is weird because I thought this one only appeared with an Undyne hangout in a previous run and then doing a normal reset. Then again, she killed me once and the text only appeared after the reload...

(undertale spoilers)

After some testing and delving into the code, I have found that this flavor text is dependent on a variable that changes during the battle. It is not dependent on having befriended Undyne in a previous run! 

It seems strange that she “remembers someone” if this is not due to befriending Frisk in a previous timeline. However, “someone” doesn’t have to be Frisk. Perhaps, Undyne is thinking about Papyrus. 

In the pacifist neutral route, Frisk can hang out with Undyne after their battle. While they are drinking tea, Undyne tells Frisk how Papyrus “is too innocent and nice” to send to battle, considering how Papyrus befriended Frisk instead of capturing them. This makes it very likely that Undyne thought about Papyrus during the battle when Frisk chose to say they “want to be friends.”

Update: Examples of how much Papyrus desires friendship are included in this follow up ask.

It’s Time To Talk About Darkiplier Part 1

The concept of his character is so fascinating and the lengths you could go to whether in video form or game form are endless.

Before we start this off let me list the facts as told to us by @markiplier himself really quick before we continue.

@rubies-and-oaktrees posted a transcript of the livestream here

  • Darkiplier is an entirely different person/separate entity from Mark.
  • He doesn’t obey the laws of physics. 
  • He exists in another world entirely and bleeds through into this one.
  • Admires what Mark has accomplished. 
  • Darkiplier is a social manipulator.
  • He leads you into a false sense of security.
  • He wants you to trust him because he wants to take advantage of you.
  • Darkiplier is unstable in a very literal sense and not entirely kept together.
  • Darkiplier resides within a physical human suit.
  • Darkiplier casts no shadow

@littlemissmitsukihorenake posted THIS

I implore you to read it because a lot of what I’m going to talk about is in agreeance with what @littlemissmitsukihorenake posted.

The thing I love most about A Date With Markiplier is that it can be considered a ‘one time thing’ but at the same time if they wanted to Mark & the team could easily use this universe to continue from where they left off and create continuity if they were to ever choose to do so.

I want to talk about my favorite route in A Date With Markiplier and it’s what I like to call the “Stuck With Darkiplier” route

To get this route quickly you must choose:

  • PAY
  • LEFT

In this route a lot of interesting things happen.


It is HEAVILY implied that you fall into a multidimensional trap and therefore Darkiplier gains control over this reality and traps Mark somewhere.

As you can see reality begins to separate and Mark is nowhere to be seen and this version of yourself is officially under the influence of Darkiplier.

Ok I know things are starting to get weird but stay with me here guys

Now Mark disappearing could mean anything from Dark throwing him into a broom closet to trapping him inside of another reality or something else entirely.

I’ll talk more about that theory at a later date.

At one point during the FREEDOM! video Darkiplier places you both right outside of the warehouse/prison and then the REAL Mark attacks him.

Now clearly Darkiplier is surprised by this turn of events because he says

“What the hell?! Where’d you come from? How did you get out of there?!”

That’s actually a great question Dark!

Where the hell DID Mark actually come from?

I do believe I know the answer to this question!

What ACTUALLY happened is a different Mark appeared from a different reality.

The version of yourself that chooses a COMPLETELY different route leads a different version of the REAL Mark right to you.

Confusing right?

Bear with me because if you choose the following route:

  • EXIT

Darkiplier traps you in a time loop.

Now originally I assumed he did this just to be a dick and while that might be part of it there’s another more important reason he did this and that was to eliminate creating a paradox.

Because you can’t be in two places at once.

Unfortunately for Dark this is the moment he probably realizes he has fucked up because Mark from the “Stuck with Darkiplier” reality ISN’T IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE.

We actually don’t know for sure what Darkiplier actually did with your version of Mark so what happens then?

This causes Time Loop You to disappear back into the time loop leaving behind a most likely very confused Time Loop Mark to exit the warehouse/prison and realize you’re gone and turn to see…

You guessed it!

Darkiplier and a different version of you.

So all comedy aside with Tyler showing up with a picture of Mark over his face

Is Time Loop Mark.

He exits the time loop; sees Darkiplier and attacks him but then you have to choose which one to shoot.

Shooting RIGHT Mark kills Darkiplier’s physical human suit and you continue your date with Time Loop Mark instead and he asks you out again and the video ends.

Now we can dive deeper into the theory that when you look down at the table and reality starts to become distorted and you look back up you don’t see Darkiplier but this can either be written off as nothing for the sake of comedic effect


Darkiplier still has influence over that reality but his physical form is dead.

Maybe he’s trying to get you to let him in?

Maybe Mark isn’t as innocent as we think he is, maybe he knows more than he’s letting on?

Who knows.

Regardless, moving on!

If you shoot Mark on the LEFT the Darkiplier storyline continues and Darkiplier continues to exist in his physical human suit within this reality and you get stuck with him.


Time Loop Mark dies and you assume you’re screwed because Mark can’t save you now.

Or can he?

If the Mark that attacks Darkiplier is from a different reality…

Where did the Mark from your reality go?

That’s a question to be answered for another time.

hello yes, it is i the most extra stan alive here with my theories of the entire flight log trilogy. i would like to remind everyone that these theories are my own interpretation and for you guys to take it with a pinch of salt. also, i would like to say i’m only running on 2 hours of sleep so if this post is messy rip please don’t blame me so let’s go!

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anonymous asked:

What is it about the Diamond Authority that intrigues you so much?

I really like exploring the kind of Archetypal Final Boss Figure characters, because they’re very polarizing and dramatic, but, at the same time, in most black-and-white narratives, so many questions are left unanswered about them and so much goes unexplored because they’re suspended in a context where they can’t be humanized.

SU as a show has a track record of taking concepts and deconstructing them. The random monster encounter (Centipeetle and the corrupted Gems), the unholy, unnatural abomination/the “too far gone to be saved” (Cluster), the unsympathetic zealot for the enemy’s cause (Peridot), the sealed enemy whose entrapment was clearly justified because they’re just so dangerous and scary (Lapis).

So even before we saw a bit of where SU was going with the Diamonds, I was super interested to see where they would take this concept. And so far, they haven’t disappointed.

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Ch 125: The Blue Sect’s Age and New Questions?

In the latest chapter we’ve gotten some possible information on how long the sect might have already been operating which raises more questions.

We now know that the main sponsors of the cult were all suffering from renal failure and that they were all supposed to die sooner because of that illness. But since Bravat performed a blood dialysis on them their dates of death were delayed and they lived longer than they should have according to the original to-die list. 

Othello is showing Ciel the original time of death for one of the old guys which is March 27th, 1888.

So that means that Bravat must have started to replace the old guys’ blood before that date at the latest and therefore he must have been collecting blood for that purpose for at least one and a half years. The beginning of his activities must have started even earlier or at least around the time when when the story of the manga begins.

However, the popularity of the cult has only recently begun to get greater and the P4/S4 only joined the cult after they’ve been expelled from Weston, so after June in 1889 (more than one year after the latest possible beginning of Bravat’s work). The purpose of the Blue Cult is to attract visitors in order to get their blood. But if the cult has only recently gained attention, where has Bravat gotten the needed blood from before that?

Bravat even said to the sponsors that they’ve only ever gotten the leftovers. So it seems like his true purpose was to get blood for the Lords of the Stars all that time, meaning that the Lords must have existed already when Bravat started with the dialysis of the old guys’ blood (i.e. March, 1888 at the latest). 

So somehow Bravat must have had access to a blood source even before the cult was created or at least before the cult became popular. And something must have changed for him to make new plans on getting so many visitors to draw blood from. What could it be?

Possibility 1: He suddenly needed a lot more blood.

If he only had limited access to blood before and suddenly needed a lot more, this would explain why he changed plans. His old blood source might have not been enough anymore. However, it’s not clear why Bravat would suddenly need more blood. If the Lords have already existed before (which is likely as I’ve said above) why would their blood demand increase all of a sudden? Unless something in their ‘treatment’ (or whatever the reason why they’re needing blood in the first place is) changed. There are already many theories about the Lords being Bizarre Dolls and we know that Undertaker’s methods of creating them have improved lately. So maybe one of these improvements for getting the perfect Bizarre Dolls requires a lot more blood than before which could explain a sudden increase in the demand for blood and therefore Bravat’s plans on creating a cult where he can draw blood from the visitors.

Possibility 2: His old blood source didn’t work anymore.

If the amount of blood Bravat needs for his purposes has stayed the same something must have happened to his earlier blood source so that he couldn’t have access to it anymore. In that regard it would really be interesting to know what his old blood source was because it now seems like he needs quite a huge amount of blood and you don’t just get your hands on so much fresh blood easily.

Again, since it’s likely that Undertaker is involved in this sect there might be a connection to him. Maybe Bravat obtained the blood from Undertaker before the cult became popular. As a mortician UT might have had access to blood, his connections to hospitals or even the Aurora Society and maybe the Osiris Company might have been helpful for that purpose, as well. But after the Campania arc this might have become more difficult and after the Weston arc Undertaker even left England for some time to visit France and Germany. So Bravat might have been left in charge at that time and was forced to search for a different way to get the blood needed for the Lords.

So, in summary, the cult or at least Bravat’s treatment of the old guys and therefore the Lords’ presence must have existed for much longer than the public is aware of the cult’s existence. And since the amount of visitors only recently increased Bravat must have had a different blood source before. But something must have happened that made it necessary for him to gain another or a different blood source (i.e. the visitors) now. So that raises the questions:

  • Where did Bravat get the blood from before the cult became popular?
  • Why did he suddenly need a new blood source?
  • Could this be connected to Undertaker?…
The Future of Voltron: Legendary Defender

I have been re-watching Voltron a lot lately and I’ve noticed a good bunch of small dialogues and quickly passed scenes that might connect into a bigger plotline in the upcoming seasons. 

There is going to be spoilers for the two seasons that are currently available on Netflix, so if you aren’t caught up yet you shouldn’t continue reading. 

First up I’d like to quickly talk about Voltron and foreshadowing. The show has already within the first two seasons foreshadowed major events happening later in the show. Examples of this include Keith’s and Zarkon’s battle in the final episode of season 1 where Zarkon says: “You fight like a Galra soldier.” 
And as we know Galra!Keith was confirmed in the second season. 

Another character known for foreshadowing major events is Coran. In the first season episode 5 ‘Tears of the Balmera’ this conversation happens between Coran and Hunk: 

Hunk: “So this crystal is basically the hardest thing in the universe to get?”
Coran: “I don’t know about the hardest, there is the scaultrite found only in the stomaches of the giant weblums.”

And what happens in season 2? Keith and Hunk have an entire episode dedicated to them obtaining the scaultrite from the weblums. 

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