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Trans Alteans theory

In season one when we only knew three Alteans (Allura, Coran and Alfor) I sort of assumed that their cheekbones markings are defined by their gender in some stupid oldfashioned way: pink for ladies, blue for men. 

Later in series we saw Allura’s mom (pink markings), also saw this dude:

(blue markings) and it seems like it really is this way except:

Honerva’s markings are red not pink. We can say that it’s still warm colour, close enough to pink, but the lady above? I would say it’s…aquamarine. So a cold colour. But we know this is a woman. 

And here is where my theory about trans Aletans come in:

Two alteans in front are clearly female on the left and male on the right. They both have some other facial markings but the cheekbones ones are opposite of the usual scheme. 

We know that Alteans can shapeshift so if someone was born in the wrong body it would be easy for them to correct nature’s failure but we also saw in this scene that shapeshifting doesn’t affect markings.

So in conclusion: Being trans Altean kinda sucks because they literally have it written on their faces.

Why Doesn’t Keith Remember Pidge from the Kerberos Launch?


Keith you were literally in the background of some of those pics, how are you so oblivious?

Unless he did remember and was playing along to keep her secret, but I kinda doubt that Keith has that kind of acting ability…though it seems like he and Matt know each other so you’d think he’d recognize Matt at least? Idk man I hope we get some good pre-Kerberos exposition sometime soon, this is confusing af

Something isn’t right:

Look at this image from the “drunk” montage;

This always bugged me..

Damien doesn’t look like a concerned friend in this frame

He looks desperate.

He  almost looks like he’s scared, and he’s trying to get us up to either help him or acknowledge that something is not right.

But we don’t because we’re tripping balls and we’re physically moved from the floor to our room, where we promptly pass out til morning.

the problem i have with this person being our Damien?

we never fucking see who puts us in our room.

I know, i know, this could be because of camera angle, story designed etc, etc.


Isn’t it a little odd that we never see Damien pick us up and try to take us upstairs.

I mean, seeing how hammered we were, there is no fucking way we got up their ourselves.

So who’s to say this wasn’t the night Damien died, and Mark took his body.

Seeing how angry Damien was the last time we saw him, i think it’s safe to assume he was dead for quite some time.

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The Cult of Bulshar

I’ve been watching the last season of Wynonna Earp for days now and while I was watching the last episode with the fight between the widows and Wynonna I noticed this.

The way that the frozen bodies were put in the ground. The form, reminded me to this.

And how Nicole (and Jeremy) was involved in that form too.

To me, that wasn’t a coincidence. I’ve seen theories about Nicole’s parents that they could been involved in the cult, and Nicole left and that’s why she doesn’t talk with her parents.
I consider very plausible that if Waverly is the “sacrifice” to Bulshar instead of Alice, and Nicole’s parents were there, that also is not a coincidence. Everything is connected and I think without a doubt that Nicole knows more about it that we saw in the last season.
I don’t know. I think that Wynonna was wrong and Nicole really is Waverly’s keeper. (And Wynonna and Alice too).

And was the motive of Nicole to be so interested in Waverly and the Earp family. ( more beyond that she loves Waverly of course).

Those kind of cults are creepy as hell and the clothes of Widow Mercedes have that motive too.

To be weird.

Evan Theory

You know what? Maybe Evan has a personlity disorder. (double personality). I did some research and I found out that you can have a double personality when you’ve lost someone close to you in your childhood. 

Remember Armin and Alexy lost their parents when they were only babies. Evan is ten years older which means that his parents death hit him hard (he was only 9/10). Plus, he lost his two brothers in someway. He was probably send by his foster parents in a military camp because of his behavior, which fucked me up even harder. 

Like Kentin, he was probably bullied that why he helped him.

A gender studies professor said something which I never realized I needed to hear, but it’s been stuck in my mind for a week now and maybe it’ a concept that others would enjoy adding to their toolbox.

She said that sociologists prefer to discuss masculinity in terms of oppression and systems (see: male gaze, toxic masculinity, etc); the field is very focused on the harmful aspects of masculinity. However in (her defense of) gender studies, masculinity is treated as an identity, and multiple masculinities–some of which are very positive not only to the individuals who embody them, but also to society–co-exist.

I think this answers a couple peoples’ recent questions about how to parse an understanding of gendered oppression with the existence of transmasculine and male-aligned (gender)queer people. I mean, the obvious answer is always to support people, but this is a little bit of ideological food for thought.

Intersectionality as a starting point was a great way to unify critical race/class/gender theory with postmodern theory. And yet despite the growing consciousness of false binaries in the prior field, so many earnest discussions of identity remain untouchable. As it is, we could do better.

I absolutely think there’s room in sociology–and in feminism–to discuss positive expressions of masculinity and other socially privileged identities. Because having these conversations only creates a better-rounded reflection of the human experience and not everything has to be about righteous indignation.

Theory on Clary

  • I don’t think Clary will die in Qoaad because they’re gonna need her potential powers for the bigger battle in the wicked powers.
  • And also because if de does, her death will be the bigger focus of the book.
  • And we’ve also been hinted that the end is good, so I barely think that Clary dying will be a good end.

Now for the dream, I really think that her dream was for the wicked powers because I think CC might be giving hints for the next series and it also feels like a strong and powerful act happening in twp.

She also says that she sees Emma with Cortana in her hands, so if the above theory is correct, then Emma is surviving qoaad. That gives me hope. But what about Julian?


Only the one’s in the thumbnail!

The Colonel was the first, that’s why he was acting suspiciously weird, avoiding Damien, and he said he was going to get the golf clubs but then said he was doing target practice in the house

Then Celine, but because she was a Seer, she had a different reaction to Mark possessing her

And then, of course, Damien…

-Insert some clever title-

I disagree that all 3 entities are conscious in Dark. The way I see it is like a car. Damien is the driver, Celine is the engine (powers everything), and we the viewers, are the car. However, all of our main personality traits have melded together, hence Dark’s unstable behavior. We know Damien’s the dominant trait because when we reach for the cane, our hands change to his.

Continuing, Y/N AKA the car is the most important object. Without the car, there wouldn’t be a driver or power. We’re the starting point in this video. Also, Y/N is a DA, why is that crucial? An attorney sifts through every detail to help his case, going to great lengths and even stretching the truth to prove it. That sounds pretty familiar… to the fan-theorists. We are intricate to Dark. He didn’t exist before us. However we are guided and led by him, and our theories couldn’t function without him. Again, like a car.

About the house/dark entity, whatever… I don’t think plays an active role in Darkiplier, rather it is the thing that corrupted all of us. As much as Damien despises Mark now, it’s not in his nature to act like Dark. Since there’s less of Celine shown in WKM, I can’t vouch for her, but she even CALMS Damien’s rage towards Mark. In chapter 3, she feels that the house itself has dark forces surrounding it. (Also the last thing she says to you before you trip begins is keep your enemies close. Is anybody talking about this??) Also, all the groundskeeper said. Something happened to all of us either in the void or once we were brought back.

WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS SCENE IN CHAPTER 4???? It starts at the 1:17 mark. This is obviously something big. Not only do we get future lines, a creepy monochrome overlay, but also different characters’ POV!!! And IT leads us to the detective’s room?!!? This is too good to be true. This occurrence wasn’t even triggered by anything like Celine’s witchcraft. You know what’s also monochrome? Dark. So I think we were led by the house to discover the detective’s room because after that, that’s where all the S hits the fan.

Back to the car. This would also explain how the colors work in the other videos. In almost every instance, we see Dark with blue, Damien’s color. Blue is associated with trust, loyalty, intelligence, and truth. I’m just rehashing what others have said, but we all think about Damien in this way. Who wouldn’t trust such a pure, innocent boi? What these color theorists leave out is blue creates a calming effect. Whenever we see Damien, we feel safe. And when people feel safe, calm, and comfortable, that is when a manipulator, like Dark, strikes.

Red represents Celine. Across the board, the appearance of red is almost as consistent as blue, BUT red’s nature is more volatile. What does red mean? A quick Google search says it means power, danger, desire, malice, the most intimidating, and is considered the most manipulative. In ADWM and AvD (Anti v Dark), there are erratic moments where red either overtakes the screen, or barely present. Specifically, in the AvD video, he has huge red backdrop, meaning that in this void, he is way more powerful or not able to control his power as well. When Anti and Dark bicker, Dark’s red is “glitched” ;) out, meaning his power is being contested. This instance doesn’t happen in any other video with Dark (I checked). As more Egos file in, he tries to exert the red again to mostly be intimidating, but it fails. When Dark Chica arrives, he’s completely monochrome, meaning he has almost no power in this situation.

Both of these colors have been addressed by the other AMAZING Theorists, BUT they forget a third, less prominent color. Green.

            Green is rarely seen in any video with Dark, and Damien and Celine weren’t green. That leaves us with one option: the viewer’s color was green. Not only are we the least functioning part of Darkiplier, our color too is the last. Green represents life. We the viewers, essentially gave life back to the trio by giving our body, and the birth of Dark with our theorizing. We might be the least prominent one, but we are still there.

            The final nail in the coffin against the popular “all 3 are conscious and fight for control” is: it doesn’t match Dark. His personality is consistent in every video, and we never see any evidence to internal arguing that someone with 3 would. Some would argue that his twitchiness (when we see 2 Darks: one screaming and one not) in the void in ADWM portrays it. I think it’s because we, the viewer, are still alive and therefore the void gets distorted. Also, it doesn’t even look like the two versions are arguing; Dark’s just freaking frustrated! If you’re not convinced with the twitches, in WKM where everyone is dead in the void, there is not a single twitch. Although, it could be argued that since they weren’t joined yet, there would be no need to glitch. For those who’d say that, I’d reply “Good eye!” But in AvD, we again don’t witness any twitches at all, and there’s no human person alive in there.

The Big picture is WKM is a “perspective” of Dark and Warf’s origin story, told from Dark’s point of view. Based on what we know about Dark’s personality by Mark, it’s easy to connect the dots that he’d make Mark look like a jerk to turn us to his side. Y’all spent an entire post describing how WKM is filmed to make us like Damien (brilliant btw!). The best lies are always half-truths. While I’m not defending Mark, he is more of a jerk (in ADWM and WKM) in this universe, I doubt that he’d want such specific revenge against the Colonel as many theorize. Also, many pointed out that Mark wasn’t stabbed 30 times, drowned, etc. it’s just impossible because there’s no blood on him. This was all embellished… by someone who would profit from it.

Now, you may be wondering how the HECK WKM even works with all the rest of the lore. Especially ADWM. Mark’s still alive in ADWM, but he died in WKM which is an origin story?? Rest assured, there’s an explanation, but here’s the twist: Mark didn’t die in the first place. Damien is the one on the floor, dressed as Mark.

            To those that immediately scoff at the idea, hear me out. Mark in this universe is an actor, which is shown in ADWM. If Mark and Damien were besties since childhood, he would know Damien’s little quirks. Even enough to throw off the Colonel! When Damien claims that Mark is walking around in his body, he’s doing so in a figurative sense. This would fix the plot-hole of where did “Mark’s” body go and why “Damien” was never found. Also, this would fix the relationship between ADWM & WKM.

Finishing off, I’d like to leave the only comment Mark has written about Dark on Tumblr:

“For the people picking Darkiplier as their favorite character of mine… I don’t know who Darkiplier is. He is not a “character” I play. I don’t even know when you all started calling him by that name. You made him real. And now he knows who you are. Why did you do this…”

But hey, that’s just a theory…A DARK THEORY! Thanks for reading- Car Anon.

(P.S.) Y'all are doing an amazing job with this tumblr page! 

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Not an ask but I really like how Francis and Tanaka are on the same side in all your theories :)

Hi! Sorry for the slight delay but thanks a lot for reading Anon. ^_^ 

Actually, sorry if that makes me sound biased somehow, but the thing is, ever since this scene from the side story “With Father”:

and this post translated by @akumadeenglish:

There’s that old saying “One’s foster parents have more influence on the child than one’s real parents.”: Ciel became an extreme sadist due to Sebastian’s education in the last three years and it seems like the evil blood in him [*the evil side of his personality] was completely awakened [by Sebastian].

But if we consider the possibility that Vincent might have been brought up by Tanaka-san, that old guy must be quite…… oh I’d rather stop here.

…I’ve been thinking that Tanaka and Frances must have been close for a long time, because he’s the one who stepped up after Claudia died. I mean, looking at the timeline…

their mother died when Vincent was 15, which means Frances must have been 13 years old or younger at the time, but Vincent kept going at Weston until he graduated…

…meaning that, for the following two years after her mother died, Frances was all alone at home with Tanaka (and other servants). So, personally, I think that’s why…

they probably get along very well, if I don’t mention all the headcanons I have about how he might have trained her and how they might definitely be in cahoots, watching over how our!Ciel is doing as the Watchdog. 

I’m glad if you like this idea though. :) Thanks again for reading Anon and have a nice weekend!