but there can never be too many gifs of this moment

Fushimi Saruhiko - Episode 1

OKAY, SO THIS IS rather mindblowing, if i’m being COMPLETELY honest. i’ve had jace for ONE YEAR NOW, && it’s just c r a z y to me to sit back && think that i’ve had him for SO LONG, yet i’m still finding new things to EXPLORE with him, or new things to get EXCITED about. there’s so many of you that have JOINED me for this journey, too, which is ??? something i’ve NEVER expected. it’s rare that a muse lasts so LONG for me, && i’ve NEVER hit so big a milestone. i just want to take a MOMENT to thank EVERYONE who’s come along for the ride. honestly, i wouldn’t still be on this blog, EXPLORING everything there is to explore, without your SUPPORT && GOOD VIBES. i honestly think you’re all so amazing, && i have so much LOVE for you all. so THANK YOU for joining me in seeing how much jace can BECOME. now, i do want to take a moment to thank some specific people, though, who’ve REALLY made a difference in this blog, && who’ve significantly impacted me as a PERSON. 

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