but there are so many videos of them cuddling with kitties

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Favorite authors??

this is a very hard question to answer because there are LOTS of incredible writers out there, so we’ve decided to name the ones we like but also feel are new and/ or super underrappreciated/underrated! this is not to mean the authors not on this list don’t deserve love and recognition because everyone does! 

Admin I:

  • hanjoooo (purple macarons) - i’m speechless? the writing is so emotive and raw, the build up of tension in the fics is just stunning. i highly recommend this author!
  • kaisoochateau (Heart on Your Sleeve, Running Home) - screams one of my favourite new writers!! i love the creativity, the descriptions and just, everything! guaranteed feels :>
  • hojichadust (The Third Path) - if hojichadust seNPAI doesn’t end up writing actual novels, then the sky isn’t fucking blue. suuuuuper underrated and underappreciated! 
  • xiseoks (Point Zero, Dust to Dust) - definitely the most underrated writer in all of ficdom imo, her talent is really unparalleled! some people are born to write, and xiseoks is one of those people c:
  • alicelittle (a rose by any name) - gorgeous writing like whoa, my jaw drops every time! the ongoing royal!au is just.. incredible 
  • minty-pixie (Mirrors) - another really amazing writer who deserves so much more love ;; more fun and lighthearted writing :>
  • at1stsight (Waxing and Waning: Two Moons) - relatively new writer, with super witty writing. the actual queen of non-au!
  • _ksps_ (The Good the Bad and the Fluffy) - really, really good fluff writer! just something i personally like, their kissing scenes? wow? i actually feel my toes curl!
  • whisperlucifer (Cosmic Fire) - so talented! the worldbuilding is so amazing!
  • crownjules (The Apocalypse Killed the Video Star) - THE QUEEN OF FLUFF!! every single one of her fics are amazing, and i treasure them a lot. GUARANTEED TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR DAY and make you DIE bc of the tooth-rotting fluff. 
  • nignojmik (Dianthus Boy, priceless) - QUEEN OF FLUFF 2.0 also just, really gorgeous writing that will genuinely move you 
  • aistehtik (Goodbye to a World) - another super underrated author! her writing style is very unique, and it just flows like water (mixed with a lil magic glitter). truly insane talent *cries*

Admin O:  

  • indigomini - so creative but also that versatile kaisoo + everyone has a thing for kyungsoo’s bum help [also size queen!soo is snuck into every thing istg yessss]
  • at1stsight - the wit, i can’t. she’s also mini’s beta and i just, can i be the little sister who follows them around everywhere? THEY’RE WRITING A FIC TOGETHER DREAMS DO COME TRUE.
  • kaisoochateau - i love writing like this, it’s so comfortable and tangible, like i could reach out and touch sometimes. 
  • dokyan - the cute. help. i want to die drowning in this cute. bearnini and penguinsoo are my life.
  • hanjoooo - everything. all of it. this is what i live for. the feels. ㅠㅠ
  • Copperkitty359 - i feel like she should count, i know she has tons of subscribers now but i feel she’s still relatively new? or, am i just trying to find an excuse to tell everyone how much i love her. hmm. is she the first in this list i did that for? probably not.
  • jongdaesang - I JUST FOUND YOU AND I NEED YOU TO LET ME LOVE YOU FOREVER. oh god. every single fic. the characterization is so sweet, so precious. from the cute fluff, to the sexy strippers, to the beautiful gods, someone please help me i am in love. speaking of, anyone know where i can take a crash course on tagalog?
  • fanserviced - you. writer of Juice Pouch. where are you. let me write you love letters. let. me. i think the other admins know lots about you but you are new to me and i just asdfghjkl.
  • [also i’d marry flowergirl if 1. she’d have me and 2. ma chéri[e] wouldn’t kill me for it. 

i got progressively more wordy i’m so sorry. ㅠㅠ the longer we have this ask the longer my list gets asdfghjkl.

Admin R:  

  • Supervium - praise kink fic ended me and omg such amazing writing
  • johnwick - one of the best writers of our generation, tunnel vision is such a beautiful fic I highly rec. Also funny and cute and precious everyone needs to cuddle johnwick. 
  • kyungception -  has great fluffy and smutty fics, the perfect balance 
  • kairousels - I’ve read their space au like 50 times someone help me ;; such a quality author
  • Dyominateyou - topsoo central, what more could you need
  • InariChi - ok I literally love them so much?? all of their fics are amazing I want to cry. They’re not super underrated because SENPAI but they just need all the love and appreciation in the world ok everyone go read their fics please.
  • kaisoochateau - they’re everyones new fav author but omg it’s super well deserved. I love their Catfish fic so much I think about it all the time asnjnrfuthr also they seem like just the cutest person? I want to snuggle them ;;
  • _ksps_ - literally have the ability to suck you into a story and keep you there omg their writing is so addicting. Literally dying over the good the bad and the fluffy for days, one of my current fav fics.
  • unfinishedpages - omg ok admist antenuptials and elevator kisses took over my life ;; I pulled an all nighter reading it I couldn’t stop reading, it was everything I could ever want in a fic. I can’t wait for them to keep writing and growing and getting all the appreciation they deserve
  • CopperKitty359 - omg their kitty hybrid au is also one of my recent fav fics, like, I love it so much. Also the way they write is so perfect like how?? And they’re kinky hello let me love you.

Admin J:   

also look here for our favourite authors! we looooove them all very much ;u;

Good Girl Ch 26: Birthday Pt 1

“Where are we going?” I ask yet again as Chanyeol drags me behind him.

“It’s a surprise,” He gives me that big beautiful grin of his that makes my heart flutter. I say nothing more as he keeps a tight grip on my hand, we walk threw the busy city streets until we’re standing in front of a little shop. Shopping has never been something I really enjoyed, not to mention I never had the money to do so. My daddies have been buying me everything I’ve needed, I don’t even question it anymore when there is another row of clothes in my already massive closet. But to my surprise it isn’t a clothing store. He leads me into the empty store, we are greeted by barking and meows of the many animals in cages that line the small shops walls.

“Oh my god!” I scream as I run up to the cages to stick my hand threw to pet the fluff balls. Chanyeol is laughing behind me, enjoying the sight of my sudden cuteness. “Daddy look!” I coo when I find a puppy with big, round eyes that seem very familiar. He comes up behind me to see the cute dog, but he grimaces, “What’s that face for? It looks like Soo.”

“No thinking of those idiots for a whole hour, you are mine for now,” He gives me a warm back hug, his face finds its way to the crook in my neck, someplace he enjoys being, regardless of the fact that he has to bend down so far to reach it. We both jump when the cute pup starts barking at the giant. I laugh at the pout on his face as he grumbles, “It’s just like Kyungsoo.”

“Oh look! This one looks like Xiuxiu!” I rush to the cat side to pet the caramel colored kitty.

“What did I just say?”

“Sorry,” I look up at him with a pout, “If I see something that even remotely makes me think of any of you, I get excited.”

That makes the giant smile, “Fine!”

“Good because I see one that reminds me of Baekie,” He follows me eager to see a dog that looks like his favorite brother.

“So cute!” We both scream at the little beagle pup, we accidently scare it with our excitement.

“Can I hold it?” I wonder, scanning the cage I see that it’s unlocked.

He nods, “I had them take the locks off all of the cages so you can play with any animal you want.”

“Yay!” I let the little pup out, setting it on the ground it automatically starts jumping on Chanyeol. “It really is like Baekhyun, he loves you!”

The giant crouches down to pick up the pup, “Hyung would love you!”

“Let me send him a picture! Can I see your phone? I left mine at home,” I hold out my hand expectantly.

He nibbles on his lip for a minute before pulling his phone out of his pocket to hand to me, “No judging, okay?”

I’m confused until I look down at the unlocked screen. A smile spreads across my face at the sight of his wallpaper, there is a picture of Chanyeol cuddling with me while I sleep. “You should send this to me,” I request, he nods sheepishly, embarrassed to be caught with such a cheesy picture. Holding up his phone I take a few pictures, when I’m done I open his gallery to look at the pictures to make sure they aren’t blurry but end up finding dozens of pictures of me and Chanyeol.

“Ya! No looking threw my pictures!” He snatches his phone away, a bright pink blush spreads across his face. We play with all the puppies and kitties until we are covered in fur. We found dogs, or in Xiumin’s case a kitty, that remind us of the others, making sure to send them the pictures of their puppy doppelgangers. After our hour is up Chen comes to the store to get me, his face full of disgust at the sight of my hair-covered clothes.

“You are so lucky I need her to change anyway,” Chen sighs holding out his hand expectantly. I give Chanyeol a quick kiss.

“Happy birthday baby,” He mumbles against my lips, kissing me once more.

“Enough of that, she’s mine now,” Chen scolds. He pulls me into the small bathroom in the back of the store. “I can’t believe Xiumin dressed you in that,” He grumbles to himself as he takes off the cute skirt and stockings I was wearing.

“Tao did it, Xiu had to do stuff for work so he let Tao dress me,” I explain.

Chen nods in understanding, “I should have guessed, Xiumin is pretty good at dressing you for the weather.” He pulls out a pair of black jeans and a thick dark blue sweater. “Better.”

“What are we going to be doing?” I ask as he helps me with my winter jacket, even adding a scarf, gloves, and ear muffs.

“We’re going on a walk threw the near by park.”

Chanyeol is already gone when we come back from the bathroom, a older woman is cleaning and locking all the cages. As soon as we step outside the cold nips at my cheeks, but the rest of me is warm, thanks to all the layers Chen put on me. The walk to the park isn’t far, even covered in snow and ice the view is still beautiful. With our arms locked together we begin our walk in silence for the first few minutes. It’s not an awkward silence, more like peaceful.

“Did you have fun with Chanyeol?” He finally asks after a while.

I nod, “I love animals.”

“I could tell from all the videos Yeol was sending us.”

“How many did he send?”

He chuckles, “At least ten.” We laugh together before falling back into comfortable silence.

“Thank you for being so nice to Jihyo yesterday.”

“She isn’t so bad when Kai and the others aren’t around to start a fight with her. Plus I enjoyed talking with her.”

“Really? What did you talk about?”



“And your family,” He adds quietly.

“I told her not to talk about them.”

“Don’t be mad at her, we begged. It was a very interesting argument,” He chuckles at the thought. “She swore a lot, she knows a very long list of cuss words I didn’t even know existed.”

I nod, “I expect nothing less from her.”

“She told me about you getting kicked out.”

I sigh, figuring this would be brought up at some point, “Which time?”

“The week before you came to live with us.”

“Aw yes, the very exciting, I’m an ungrateful bitch, fight.”

“Is that why you didn’t put up a fight when you had to come live with us?”

“Kind of, I didn’t have anything or anyone worth staying there for. I figured if things got worse there is always running away and marrying Jihyo.” I laugh at promise Jihyo and I made to each other when we were younger.

“I heard about that as well, the running-away-to-Paris back up plan.”

“Wow, Ji must like you guys to tell you about that.”

He smiles, “I feel honored.”

“You really should. She has never really approved of guys who liked me.”

“Understandable, especially since I don’t like you. I love you.”

I scoff, “So cheesy.”

“Only for you,” He pulls me into a warm hug. I giggle like an idiot as he spins us around, we loose our balance and end up toppling into the snow still holding each other. He pulls me so I’m laying on top of him, my cold nose makes it’s way to the crook in his neck, like Yeol did to me.

“You’re so warm,” He whispers in my ear. “How can anyone ever be so cold hearted to you?”

“I deserved it.”

“You didn’t deserve to be kicked out of your home,” He almost snarls.

“That place isn’t my home. With you guys is my home. It’s one of the few places I feel like I’m wanted. I have never been so grateful to my sister for kicking me out, if she hadn’t I may have never met you guys.”

He hums a yes, still upset. Laying there is comfortable, regardless of the all the passers by staring at us. After a few minutes he lets out a loud sigh as he shifts us into a sitting position. “We should get something to warm you up. We don’t want you getting sick.”

I shake my head, “That would be a mess.”

He pulls me up with a confused look, “Why?”

Nibbling on my lip I debate on whether or not I should tell him more, but when he refuses to even move I sigh, “When I was younger I got really sick and Jihyo was freaking out because I hadn’t gone to the hospital. She took me to her house where one of her servants took care of me but that didn’t really help. I had to go to the hospital for a while, ever since then she freaks out when I even get a cold. She’s afraid it could get as bad as that time and I could die or something.”

Without a word he drags me along to a coffee shop across the street. The smell of coffee fills me nose, warming me without even drinking any. He walks up to the counter, completely bitch facing the nice looking man at the register as he orders coffee for him and hot chocolate for me. After sitting me down at one of the tables he waits by the counter for our drinks.

“You should have told me,” He grumbles once he returns with two steaming mugs, not even giving me mine until he blows on it a couple times.

I accept the warm mug, sipping the hot drink slowly, “Thank you. I didn’t tell you because it would only make you guys worry.”

“We spent the last thirty minutes wandering around in the cold, you could get sick.” He puts my scarf back on that I had taken off while he was ordering the drinks.

“I haven’t gotten that sick for a while.”

“Drink some more, but not too quickly, you don’t want to get sick.”

I can’t help but laugh at the older man’s worries. We talk some more about school, he has to intern that the company this summer that he is not excited about. All of them have to start going to the company to follow their older brothers around work. I can’t wait to hear the grumbling and groaning about that from Sehun, who is the least excited apparently.

Tao appears at my side a little later, “My turn!”

“Be careful with her Tao, Lay is next and if he sees a mark on her, he will tear you to pieces,” Chen warns.

The taller boy nods, “I know Hyung, I promise to be gentle.”

“What are we doing that you guys are so worried about?” I question as I’m pulled out of my seat. They help me bundle back up before Tao leads me out of the café and down the street. Only a block away we find a little dojo, my brow goes up at the thought of me fighting. I know some self-defense but only from experience and things I saw on TV, so when Tao changes me into work out clothes and stands in front of me telling me to hit him, I’m beyond nervous.

“Come baby, it’s fine,” He holds up his hands expectantly.

“I’ve never fought a fair fight, I don’t hit very hard. So I have to fight dirty.”

I expect him to be insulted as a fighter that I would use dirty moves but he smiles, “That’s great. You do what you have to, even if that means fighting dirty. But now I’m going to teach you what else you can do in bad situations.”

“Are you sure I can hit you?”

He chuckles, “Trust me baby, you won’t hurt me. Now come on, hit my hands, I need to see where you are in strength.”

I nod before attempting to get into a fighting stance with my fists up, he chuckles at my brave face. He enjoys it too much when I epically fail at my weak punches.

“Don’t laugh!” I whine, swinging again in hopes of knocking some sense into him. But like he said, I have no chance at hitting him. He catches both of my hands and pulls me in for a kiss.

“You are just so cute,” He coos.

“Daddy,” I pout.

“I’m sorry baby, I thought I would be able to take this seriously but now that you are actually here, all I want to do is just look at you.”

A blush spreads across my cheeks, “At least teach me one trick.”

“Fine, lets try a kick. First we need to stretch,” There is a mischievous look in his eyes that I try to ignore, even when he lays me down on my back and pulls one of my legs up to my chest. “Wow, you’re a lot more flexible than I thought you were.” His face is only inches away as he press my leg up straight. He switches to the other leg, getting just as close so I can feel his breath on my face. We sit across from each other, our feet touching, we pull each other back and forth, making small talk about school and other nonsense. After a lot more stretches, sexual innuendos about my flexibility, and lingering hands he finally lets me try.

“Higher,” I demand when he hold out his hand at his waist, requesting that I kick it.

“Start here,” He says firmly. I obey, kicking his hand easily. He lifts his hand only a little higher, and we repeat this until he reaches his shoulder.

“Come on,” I whine once more.

“That’s high enough.”

“I can go higher!”

He huffs before holding his hand out higher than my head. I take a step back to prepare myself, thinking if I can get a little jump in my step I can do it. Boy was I wrong, my foot flies up and I loose my balance. I tip back, fully expecting to hit the ground but instead I’m caught from behind, a growl of disapproval echoes threw out the work out room.

“Tao,” The older man glares.

The latter automatically has his hands up in surrender, “She asked me to go higher.” It surprises me to see the marital arts expert freeze up under the normally sweet man’s gaze.

“It’s not his fault! I take the blame!” I turn around in his hold to stare up at Lay. His switch has been flipped and he is the gangster, not my cute Lay.

“Tao, I told you teaching her martial arts was a bad idea.”

“We had fun,” I snap back.

His eyes shift to me, softening slightly, “You could have gotten hurt.”

“But I’m fine.”

He huffs cutely, slowly turning back into his normal self, “I’m sorry, I’m just feeling very over protective of you right now.”

“You are busting in on my time Sir, we still have ten minutes!” Tao whines cutely.

“Daddy Lay, do you fight?”

They share a look at the question, a silent conversation between the two, “Why do you ask?”

“You scared Tao and he told me he was the best fighter.”

Lay scoffs giving the latter another glare, “He did?”

“I was just trying to show off hyung,” Tao takes a few steps back.

“Daddy, you can fight that good?”

He hesitates nodding, “A little.”

“That’s bull! Tao looks like he’s going to pee his pants, you must be so good!”

“Would you like a demonstration?” Lay offers.

I nod eagerly.

“Hyung no!” Tao takes a few more steps back.

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aaa yes! another imagines blog ^o^ headcanons for the RFA members and what they'd do with the MC on a rainy day! thanks so much ♥

thanks so much, anon! I’ve honestly always wanted to do these headcanons :> These are quite lengthy so i put them under the cut~ 

♥ Complains about the rain at first (cause he’s a lil ray of SUNSHINE), but soon realizes that he gets to spend more time with you because of it!
♥ Probably would play LOLOL and invite you to join him. He even offers to teach you how to play while you sit on his lap. His hands rest on top of yours while he guides you through the mechanics.
♥ Kisses your shoulders a lot while you sit on his lap and play video games with him. He thinks you’re super cute and showers you with love when you get pouty after you lose a PvP battle.
♥ Would offer to watch a movie and cuddle afterward!
♥ If you were getting sleepy he’d just hold you in his arms and hum a lullaby in your ear as the rain fell.
“I thought it was so cute how your eyes lit up when you defeated that boss, I really think everything about you is so cute~”

“Hey babe, do you want to help me practice my lines?”
♥ He often serenades you and writes really quirky songs about how beautiful he is you are.
♥ Lights a fire for you both to rest by, he’ll let you rest against his chest while he whispers about all the things he loves about you.
♥ Plays the piano while you sleep near the fire.
♥ If you’re not tired, he’ll also suggest ‘unleashing the thunder in his pants’. it’s fucking dorky but u love him

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*opens a bottle of fine wine* Greetings to fellow Jumin Han trash~ May Elizabeth 3rd's blessing be forever with this blog! So if you are accepting requests, could you please do some headcanons about MC who has a cat and loves her very much? For RFA and V + Saeran, if it's not too much trouble. Thank you (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

*pours wine into glasses and gives you cat headcanons to go along with that* ok my first attempt at doing this, hope you enjoy ^_^


  • “All kittens are cute”
  • Jumin is happy, the more cats the better
  • He gets even more inspiration for cat projects
  • At first he’s worried that she and Elizabeth 3rd might not get along
  • But turns out Elly got a new friend
  • Jumin buys matching collars for them
  • MC’s cat only eats gourmet cat food now, no more Whiskas
  • She also gets a lot of brand-new toys 
  • The four of them often cuddle together
  • The corporate heir now has 3 kittens to spoil rotten


  • “MC I love you, but get this furball away from me” - “she has a name, you know”
  • Zen is not allowed to speak badly of the cat
  • His allergies are acting up, poor thing
  • The cat, however, is very fond of the actor and constantly tries to rub against him
  • The kitty has to be kept in a separate room when Zen visits


  • Yoosung loves all animals, although he’s more of a dog person
  • Keeps the kitty’s health in check(he’s a vet after all)
  • There have been a couple of incidents when he lost on LOLOL because the cat jumped on the keyboard
  • Can’t stay mad at her though, she’s adorable
  • Yoosung is often late for work when the cat decides to take a nap in his lap


  • When MC told her they had a cat, she shuddered at the mere thought of c-hair
  • But it turns out MC has a sphynx cat
  • No lint rollers and no cat hair all over furniture and clothes
  • Jaehee even realized that she kind of likes cats if she doesn’t have to babysit them
  • The kitty helps with her stress overload immensely
  • Jaehee also learnt how to make cat latte art
  • It’s MC’s favourite


  • He now has almost unrestricted access to a cat to torture cuddle
  • MC doesn’t let him go overboard, of course
  • Obsessed with her, constantly takes photos and records videos of her
  • So. many. cat. puns.
  • Can’t pass her by without squealing at her
  • MC is a little bit jealous of her cat because it seems the hacker pays her more attention


  • Loves petting her
  • Stroking the fur is very calming to him
  • Says she’s the prettiest non-human creature in the world(the human is MC, obviously)
  • Artistic photos of MC with the cat


  • Communicating with kitty reduces his anxiety
  • He goes for walks with her and cloudgazes
  • Got her a leather collar with spikes edgelord af
  • Doesn’t openly express his affection to her but still loves her very much

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hiya! if its not a bother, can you please do headcanons on how the rfa(plus saeran and v bc i adore them) helps mc out of a really bad slump. i've been out of it lately and it would really help, thanks!

Oh man, I feel you buddy. I’m sorry this is so late. I reeeeally feel you lolol ^^;;


  • You have never been pampered like this boy will pamper you
  • Two words: Spa day.
  • Whether that means going to an actual spa together or sitting at home and letting him pamper you himself is up to you. He’s fine with either option.
  • Spa day, makeup day, hairstyle day, he can and will do it all for you.
  • After all, how can you be upset if you’re busy feeling beautiful?
  • The fact is that you’re always beautiful of course, but he understands if you’re not feeling it. And even if you are, it never hurts to pile more beauty on.
  • He’ll do your face, your nails, your hair, you’ll look like a mythical deity when he’s done with you.
  • Or, you know, exactly like you but with colorful eyes and nails.
  • He’ll even let you paint his nails too, if it makes you feel better. 
  • You can braid each other’s hair~
  • Once you’re all beauty-ed out, he’ll offer to take you on a scenic ride on his motorcycle too as long as you wear all the proper protective equipmentSafety first
  • Or he’ll take you on a relaxing walk around the city, maybe even on a picnic.
  • You’re not sure how but Zen knows all the best spots
  • Of course, your outing will take you through at least some crowded areas. Nothing boosts your confidence like having people halt to a stop to stare at you with awed eyes and slack jaws.
  • When you finally get home you’ll definitely get some massages from Zen.
  • He looked up a how to video online
  • You two sit together on the couch while he puts on whatever you want to watch
  • (Preferrably something he can sing along to. Bonus if you’ll sing with him~ <3)
  • And you can plop whatever body part is most in need of de-stressing right into his waiting hands
  • Take that as PG or R as you’d like


  • Oh boy. He gets it.
  • You’re talking to a depressed university student here, he totally understands what it’s like to be in a slump. 
  • He decides that you need to take your mind off things for a little while.
  • And the best way to do that? Video game day!
  • It’s the closest a poor university student can get to taking a vacation hahaha
  • On our menu today we have a light appetizer of some Mario Party, followed by your choice of Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros depending on what you want him to kick your ass in
  • Honestly he’ll play whatever game you want. He’ll probably even try and go easy on you.
  • Key word: try. He may or may not be a little bit competitive. He’ll do it for you though.
  • Unless you notice and are offended. Then he’ll stop.
  • He just wants you to have fun. 
  • He’ll even let you be player one in all the games, because you’re player one in his heart E>
  • Yoosung stop that’s cheesy
  • Once you’re all gamed out and refreshed he’ll hold you and play with your hair
  • And he tells you that he knows you can do anything you put your mind to 
  • So don’t worry
  • This’ll pass
  • And he’ll be by your side through all the ups and downs to support and encourage you
  • He’ll make you dinner too, to energize and refresh you with his love. Every night. Whatever you want. Pick your favourite food, he can look up a recipe for it if he doesn’t know how to make it.
  • He’ll let you help if you want. Cooking together is a great mood fix!
  • He’ll even find a way to arrange your food in smiley faces and decorate it with hearts to try and cheer you up because he’s a dork like that


  • This woman lived in a permanent slump for years when she worked at C&R.
  • A slump formed of endless exhaustion and over-exertion 
  • And yet even when she’s at her absolute worst she’s still the hardest worker you know
  • So obviously she’s the best one to go to for this.
  • Step One: Coffee.
  • (Most of Jaehee’s plans start with coffee, to be honest.)
  • She’ll use all the fancy tricks she’s learned from running her coffee shop to make you the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Some days she’ll change it up and make you a latte instead
  • Because she’s been practicing latte art
  • And how can you not feel energized after drinking beautiful art that’s filled with caffeine?
  • She also has a ton of little tips and tricks on how to make it through the day when all you want to do is scream into a pillow and go to bed
  • One of them happens to be scream into a pillow when you first wake up. Let all the frustration out so you don’t end up snapping and blowing up right in the face of your rich ass slave driver of a–
  • …Jaehee are you okay?
  • Ahem. As she was saying, stress release is very important.
  • She’s also an advocate for exercise as a form of stress relief. 
  • She invites you to go for a run with her (she won’t even invite Zen unless you request it, which is super flattering. She wants to run with just you~)
  • Even if you’re not feeling up for it the sight of her in a tank top and shorts with her recently grown out hair tied back in a short adorable ponytail and her bangs held out of her face by a golden yellow hairband that brings out the soft, gold glow of her eyes is a sight that would brighten anyone’s day
  • You tell her as much and her responding blush double-brightens your day
  • If you’re not, she’ll encourage you do to some kind of exercise around the house.Preferably while listening to one of Zen’s musicals, but she’ll put on whatever you want. She only suggests it because she knows one that’s particularly inspiring.
  • If you are feeling up for it she’ll make sure she matches whatever pace you’re up for going, even if that means not going above a brisk walk.
  • This outing is for you, after all. 
  • She’ll reassure you that wherever you’re at right now, you’ll be back on your feet eventually.
  • Until then, she’s more than happy to take care of you, whatever that may entail.
  • Jaehee wins girlfriend of the year.
  • Every year.


  • Slump? What’s that?
  • “Slump” is not in this man’s dictionary.
  • (Which is kind of a lie, although it’s very rare for him. If there is work to be done he always feels like doing it, since not doing it would bother him more than most other problems do.)
  • You tell him you’re just feeling really low, and that you’re having trouble doing the things you need to get done.
  • Why don’t you just… do the things?
  • Forgive him he’s trying
  • He’s honestly not quite sure what to do?
  • First of all, if he can, he’ll do the things for you or hire someone else to do them. He certainly understands the frustration of things not being done when they need to be done
  • Outside of that, though… he’s not sure. 
  • Tell him what you want and it’s yours?
  • He’ll make you strawberry pancakes even if it is dinnertime.
  • And wine, because, well. Wine. It’s a cure all.
  • Pancakes and wine, the finest of fine dining
  • At night he’ll hold you close and whisper reassurances in your ear until you fall asleep.
  • He’ll basically do anything and everything he can to fix the problem
  • (He’ll even rub your clothes with catnip while you’re asleep so that you get extra cuddles from Elizabeth the 3rd the next day. Kitty cuddles are another cure all.)
  • He might back down slightly if you tell him that it’s not something that needs to be fixed so much as it is a time you need to work through
  • Then he’ll switch from speedy problem solving mode to unconditional love and support mode.
  • There will still be wine and kitty cuddles though.


  • ~*~*Defender of Justice 707*~*~ will pull out all the stops to make you smile
  • “What do you call it when Batman doesn’t go to church? Christian Bale!”
  • “How many ears does Spock have? Three! A left ear, a right ear, and a final frontier~”
  • Yeah, that’s right, he’s bringing out the big guns.
  • Seriously he’s spent his life fighting off constant slumps using humour and damn if he’s not gonna use his leet memer skillz to help you through yours
  • He also decides he’s going to make you dinner
  • Oh God please no
  • Don’t worry, it doesn’t take him long to realize that he does not, in fact, know how to make dinner.
  • He does, however, make a kickass mac and cheese.
  • He knows all the tricks to make it perfect.
  • Adding just the right amount of milk, and putting real melted cheese on top.
  • Yeah, that’s right, he even has real food in the house. Look at him, it’s like he’s a real adult.
  • Except that it’s only there because you bought it.
  • He garnishes each bowl with a couple Honey Buddha chips. (You know, like fancy restaurants use those leafy things? Except it’s a sprinkle of crumbs and one single chip sticking up in the middle.)
  • Also he built you a small robot watch that generates one (1) meme per hour. 
  • (It looks kind of like the Apple watch except the screen is shaped like a pop-tart/cat it’s nyan cat okay and the band is a rainbow.)
  • It’s called the iMeme
  • He also builds you a cat robot that’s sole purpose is to compliment and encourage you
  • (Well, “built”. He just reprogrammed one of his old projects and taped a picture of his face on the front).
  • It’s called the iSaeyoung
  • And he also–
  • For serious though, he’ll support you through it. Whatever you need, he’ll get it for you. If you need a day off, he’ll arrange it so you’re both free to lounge around and watch or do whatever you want. If you need a shoulder to cry on, what a coincidence, he has two. If you need encouragement, he has tons for you.
  • If you need someone murdered–
  • Saeyoung stop


  • V notices that you’re not feeling your usual self.
  • He almost immediately arranges a nice sit down conversation about it over tea
  • (V has the best tea. You don’t know how he can make tea taste so good but he does? Maybe it’s because he has fancy rich people tea?)
  • He expresses his concern for you.
  • He tells you he’s here for you, whatever you need.
  • He tells you he understands. He’s been there.
  • Which is a little surprising to hear, since you can’t imagine the man before you flopping down on the couch and whining the way you are. 
  • (He casually does not mention that hes done exactly that before. Just ask Jumin.) 
  • But he’s had artists block before
  • Another surprising one, considering how great literally every picture you’ve ever seen of his turns out
  • Seriously even his selfies are goddamn art.
  • You ask him how he gets past things like that
  • He smiles and tells you to that you just have to step away from the situation for a while and approach it from a different angle
  • And sometimes it’s easier to do with a cup of tea in one hand and the hand of someone you love in the other
  • V how do you take pictures if your hands are full, huh? You’re full of shit V.
  • …It’s a metaphor.
  • When you’re done your talk, you’re surprised by a sudden flash of light.
  • You briefly wonder where the camera came from, but it’s V. He always has a camera within reach.
  • At your confused look he’ll give you a smile (you know, the one that looks like angels painted it on his face themselves)
  • And explain that it’s a “before” picture. He’ll take a matching one “after” you find your way back out of the slump into the sunlight. To show you how far you’ve come.
  • Hopefully his cheesiness and ever present faith in you will lift you up. 
  • If not, then he’ll just be there for you to fall down on. 
  • (You’re working on him not feeling responsible (and guilty) for all of your problems. He’s trying his best.)


  • Oh god you’re upset what is he supposed to do
  • When he’s upset he usually smokes but he’s certainly not going to suggest something so dangerous and unhealthy to you
  • He’s a hypocrite that way
  • What do normal people do when someone they care about is upset???
  • Saeyoung would probably make you laugh
  • (Although he’s not sure Saeyoung is the best example of a “normal person”)(It’s all he’s got to go on, he’s not exactly Mr. Popular)
  • “Uh, hey.”
  • Okay, so he’s got your attention. Now quick, think of something funny.
  • “Imagine if clouds could like… fall on people.”
  • …what the fuck Saeran
  • “I mean like, if blankets of cotton just fell from the sky and squished people.”
  • Oh my god stop talking, quick, think of a joke
  • “I-I mean… How do you make seven an even number?”
  • abort abort why is that the first joke that came to his mind goddamnit Saeyoung oh my god he needs to leave right now immediately before you respond–
  • “…I don’t know, why?”
  • great. no escape now saeran, you have to answer. well, having friends was nice while it lasted.
  • His response is quiet, muttered out like he had to forcefully drag it out of his increasingly flushed stupid face with a tow truck.
  • “…you take off the S.”
  • He tried, okay? And it’s not his fault. He has a good memory and his idiot brother keeps filling it with trash. He hates that his brain has a database of shitty 707 jokes more than you could possibly know.
  • But then you laugh.
  • And he turns even more red because he’s still embarrassed and holy shit you are godsend how could his shitty attempts cause such a wonderful sound?
  • You realize that this is his way of trying to cheer you up and the fact that he cares enough to tell you such an embarrassingly bad joke
  • Saeyoung is offended
  • is enough to lift your spirits even if only slightly
  • This is your chance to explain to him that you’re fine, you’re just… down lately. 
  • Which gives him an opportunity to awkwardly ask what he can do to help, since he obviously doesn’t know. And he’s still working on this whole communication thing.
  • You tell him to just… be there. 
  • And he nods. He can do that. He’d love to do that.
  • “And watch my back in case of falling clouds, okay Chicken Little?”
  • He doesn’t even get the reference but he is so red
  • It becomes an inside joke, which eventually leads to a day of Saeran sitting out of sight somewhere and throwing cotton balls at people while you point and scream “the sky is falling!”
  • (Please refer to my go-to “evidence Saeran is a troll” story here if you don’t believe he would)
  • Saeyoung is super proud


  • Vanderwood would notice immediately that something is up with you
  • They are a secret intelligence agent after all
  • And 707′s babysitter
  • So they’re used to recognizing the changes in someone’s behaviour
  • (Not that they’re overly focused on you or anything
  • You’re just.
  • You know.
  • You’re there.
  • So.
  • Of course they noticed.)
  • …now what
  • They’re good at the noticing part. They’re not so good at the doing emotions thing.
  • They’ll just spend more time around you.
  • They show up at your door muttering some story about how they were bored or needed somewhere to stay or whatever 
  • They bring you their favourite books (which is saying a lot like they only own like two books and they’re giving them to you???)
  • They kind of… awkwardly drop (read: neatly stack) the books on the nearest table with some excuse about how they’re a pain to move around from place to place so you should just have them 
  • and then they just
  • Stand there.
  • Which leads to them cleaning the nearest cleanable thing
  • (One upside, no matter how down you’re feeling your house will always be clean. Cleaning is Vanderwood’s thing.)
  • While they’re cleaning they would talk without looking at you because that makes it less awkward
  • “This’ll pass, you know.”
  • Their voice is just the slightest hint softer than usual.
  • “You just have to keep on going and it’ll pass. Everything does. Just ride it out and things will get better.”
  • “And, uh. Remember that you’ve got people who can help you. Like the RFA. And you have m–…”
  • They’re red now. Their voice raises as they continue, as though the volume can hide their embarrassment.
  • “A-And clean your goddamn house once in a while! Geez, anyone would be upset in this mess. I guess I’ll keep doing it, if you won’t.”
  • They don’t mind, really. If you look guilty or anything they’ll quickly tell you that. They like cleaning. And it gives them an excuse to come check on/hang out with you. 
  • They will not tell you that last part.
  • Also, while they suck at talking about feelings they’ve actually gotten pretty good at listening to them so if you ever need someone to talk to, Vanderwood is your person.
  • They even give good advice, Sometimes.
  • They have lots of life experience. Although their life experience is, uh. Not always transferable to the average everyday person.
  • It’s occasionally slightly illegal advice. But still pretty good.
GOT7 playing with puppies

Anon said “Playing with Puppy reaction for got7 please" 


Mark would be so in love with each and every puppy he saw that day. We know how much he loves coco, and his fight with Jaebum over cats or dogs, yeah he’d love it. He’d pick up as many as he could, cuddling them into him before laying on the floor and letting the puppies climb all over him, licking him while he kissed all their little heads, laughing his little adorable Mark laugh while he was surrounded by puppies. (Also if you left him unsupervised he’d sneak 5 into each pocket,3 in his hood and 7 under his jumper to take them home)

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Jaebum is a cat person, he loves nothing as much as cats, we know this. If you were at a rescue centre, you’d have lost him halfway to the dog kennels because he got distracted by the cats meowing on the other side of the courtyard. After prying his hands from the kitties, he’d come and turn into the soft gooey jaebum and try and teach the puppies new tricks, his blinding smile clear for anyone and everyone to see. But… Don’t be surprised when you leave with not only one puppy but a kitty too

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Jackson is a puppy. You’re literally putting a puppy with a puppy - chaos will ensue. He will probably be jumping and running all over your apartment with the new pup, chasing it around and letting him do what he wants. He’ll try and teach the lil doggy tricks with treats, but when the dog does anything remotely cute, Jackson will just squeal and feed the treats regardless. I feel Jackson would be the eager one to wake up early in the morning to take his baby on his walk, and would just love to play with him as much as he could. Wang puppy would also imitate actual puppy when he’s being cute.

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Out of all the boys, I think Jinyoung will be the strictest, maybe because of his motherly personality. He’d have a strict routine with the puppy, food and walks at a certain time, must be house trained and will be obedience trained as well as he could. But don’t worry. That pup will be one of the most loved dogs in the world, he’d make sure to spend so much time with it, especially if he’d been away for an extended period of time, like a tour, to make sure it felt loved constantly. (One of the first things that pup was taught was to nip Yugyeom’s ankles on Jinyoung command~)

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As the co-parent of Coco, Youngjae also loves dogs - however he also does have his allergies. As much as he would love big dogs, he’d have to have a small lap dog, like Coco is now, who doesn’t shed much fur. And god, he’d love his dog to pieces. Expect his Instagram to be 90% dog pictures and videos, especially when he’s away and I’m 110% he’d Skype the dog to tell her bow much he loves her and misses her (you’d joke he misses the puppy more than he misses you) he would spend much of his time at home cuddling the dog. And I could totally see the dog curled up asleep on his lap while Youngjae plays games

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Have you seen this boy with his precious Gumiho?! He’d adore puppies! Just like with Gumiho, he’d spend so much of his free time playing with the pup, playing tug-of-war and fetch (until he broke Jinyoungs vase from his mother and got banned from playing inside the house) and keeping the dog as active as possible. I feel like bam would spend so much on his dog too, expect to walk into the house to step on multiple toys discarded everywhere - just like a real child. Also, if the dog was small enough I could totally see Bam buying him the designer doggy clothes for when they go on walks out together, possibly teaching him how to dab.

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This giant baby would get along so well with a new puppy simply because Yugyeom is a puppy himself. His dogs happy, friendly personality would be a carbon copy of Yugyeom’s bubbly, laughing personality, and they’d be inseparable, so much so Bam and Jungkook would start getting jealous. He’d take the dog down to the dance practice rooms late at night while he Create a new dance for his newest song (listen to No Way on SoundCloud~) while the pup slept in the couch, tired after Yugyeom spent the day trying to teach the dog the choreography to GOT7’s newest song.

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Playing With Death [Adrientte]

Writing Prompt: “You can’t just sit there all day.”

It was a beautiful day, with blue skies and white clouds hovering above Paris. The sun shone brightly, and the city brimmed with life. This meant that the Dupain-Cheng bakery was hectic with countless of customers. Many orders were placed, and the sound of the check opening and shutting was heard constantly. While Sabine was busy at the counter, Tom was preoccupied with placing the correct orders. With how busy they were, the bakery’s food was selling out quickly which meant someone had to make them again, so they would not sell out.

This is where Marinette came in; a pink apron tied around her waist, a baker hat worn on her head, and bits of flour decorating her face, and clothes here and there.

Prior to her current situation, she had been beating at the dough with ferocity like her parents had asked her to do so.

Everything was going well, until Adrien’s arrival. The blond haired male had decided to visit her so they could ‘hang out’ by playing video games and indulge in snacks. However, that did not happen for Marinette was needed in the bakery.  

He still wanted to ‘hang out’ with her. So, being the nice and polite gentleman that he was, he offered to help her with the baking. The Dupains had gladly accepted the offer, which had caused him to beam in joy like a puppy not only because he was excited to learn how to bake, but also because they had promised to give him treats for volunteering.

Except that, the baking had not gone according to plan. He had burnt all the cookies which Marinette had told him to keep an eye on. Subsequently, he had spilt all the mixed icing sugar on the counter, rather than putting it in the icing sugar piping bag.

So, presently, Marinette was wiping the counter with ferocity to clean up the mess that Adrien had made, while the offender had made himself comfortable in an empty box that was discarded in the corner of the room.

Like a cat, he sat in the box, with only half of his face being visible as he observed Marinette clean after him, and glare at him from the corner of her eyes.

If looks could kill, he would be a cat-astrophe  by now.

He had really bugged her.

“You can’t just sit there all day,” Marinette voiced, tightening the grip on her towel. “Help me clean your crap up,” She hissed, annoyance written all over her face.

Adrien gave her his best model smile that he knew would melt her heart. He formed his hand into a fist cutely like a neko-chan in an anime, and then brought it to his face. He brushed his hand against his cheek as if he was cutely petting himself, and he purred.

Then, as if he hadn’t worsen the situation already, he had definitely crossed the line this time.

“Meowch,” He began, fluttering his eyelashes at Marinette, and raising his voice to be high-pitched.

“I am purrfectly comfortable here. Besides, cleaning the crap comes with the job of adopting a cat. It’s worth all the cuddles you’ll get later, Mariboo,” He blabbered, closing his eyes and charismatically blowing a kiss her way.

Marinette was anything but impressed. Her eyebrow began to twitch in annoyance.

“It comes with the job, huh?” Marinette said, settling down her cleaning towel on the counter, and picking up a knife and a water bottle. Then, she began to walk towards Adrien, who had no idea what was coming at him, for his eyes were shut.

“Yes, my baby boo- w-whaT ARE THOSE?!” Adrien screeched, as he opened his eyes and looked at the humongous kitchen knife in Marinette’s hand. The bluenette now stood before him, and hovered above him with a cunning smile on her face.

She smiled sickeningly sweet.

“This? Oh, don’t worry, I was just thinking of skinning a certain cat I’ve recently adopted with this… It comes with the job,” She began, shrugging as she spun the knife in her hands.

Adrien gulped.


“Do you know what else comes with the job, kitty cat~?” Marinette asked in a sing-sang voice, and leaned down so her nose slightly brushed against Adrien’s. He shivered at the contact as his emerald eyes flickered to Marinette’s bluebell eyes. Then, for a moment they flickered down to her lips, and then back to her eyes.

He lifted his neck slightly so his entire face popped out of the box. In doing so, his lips brushed slightly against hers.

“What?” He asked sensually, his breath fanning her face.

This, in return, caused a shiver to run down Marinette’s spine, and she almost gave into the temptation to gently kiss Adrien’s lips.

Keyword: Almost.

“This,” She said, leaning closer to him. She pecked his lips and stepped away.

Adrien, who was going all in, had leaned a bit too much in his cardboard box because when Marinette moved a few steps back, he ended up kissing the air and falling face first.

“Ow,” The male muttered as his face hit the ground. Then, moments later, he lifted his face to pout at Marinette only to see his worst enemy: water.

“The spray bottle– Well, a water bottle also comes with the job,” Marinette announced, and she smirked.

Adrien’s eyes widened in horror.

“My lady don-”

“BAD KITTIES WITH BAD PUNS GET PUN-ISHED!” She bellowed, squirting the water at Adrien, who screamed and hissed at her as if he had just lost one of his nine lives.


Five Things to Do After Cleansing and Energy Work

Cleansing, and energy work such as reiki, are popular ways to help yourself get past issues, shed old skin, and generally freshen up. They can definitely have advantageous results and, on the outset, seem like they’d be great to do at any opportunity. However, there are a couple precautions and aftercare steps you should take to make sure that the work is as effective as possible, and that complications don’t result from it.

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Imagine watching Pixar movies with RFA + V & Saeran


¤ You two were watching all three movies of Toy Story cause why not
¤ At least you get to cuddle with him and eat popcorn and cry together, right?
¤ Everything was a-okay until you got to Toy Story 2
¤ You know that part where Jessie’s owner abandons her
¤ When she loved me
¤ Right. In. The. Feels.
¤ You were crying. He was holding his tears in
¤ Conceal don’t feel. Don’t let them know
¤ And that part where they found out that Stinky Pete is a traitor?
¤ Lets skip to Toy Story 3
¤ The “So long, partner” scene
¤ It was a very short scene
¤ Both of you are crying by then
¤ You were sitting on his lap and you leaned on him
¤ Baby buried his face on your neck
¤ RIP MC and Yoosung
¤ Cause of death: too much feels


¤ You wanted to watch a Pixar movie
¤ So he agreed
¤ You borrowed the dvd from Saeyoung
¤ Whenever Sullivan’s scare face is shown,
¤ “Zenny, look, its the beast.”
¤ MC no you are too pure and innocent
¤ He will not cry he said
¤ Guess who cried during the “Kitty has to go” line
¤ Uhhh well not him but
¤ MC
¤ “MC, was it that sad?”
¤ wtfzenwhereareyoyrfeelings???


¤ I honestly don’t know how to write this
¤ You begged asked Jumin to give Jaehee a break
¤ And
¤ He
¤ Did
¤ !!!!!!
¤ Live updates in twitter from you
¤ It wasn’t bad
¤ And also
¤ Both of you haven’t tasted ratatouille yet
¤ One day, she prepares one for both of you ♡


¤ [cracks knuckles]
¤ lezdothis
¤ You know those videos where the reactions are shown on the upper left side of the screen
¤ Well the Mistah Trust Fund Kid hasnt seend the movie yet
¤ I cried during the part when EVE was trying to fix Wall•E
¤ The big question is: DID Mistah Trust Fund Kid cry?
¤ No but there were tears
¤ They werent falling *yet*
¤ Also probably couldnt keep his eyes off the screen


¤ Look at the trailers and posters for this
¤ Its so happy and colorful right?
¤ A flying house with colorful balloons
¤ You two watched it in the cinema
¤ Awww
¤ AWWWWW ♡♡♡
¤ And its so cute???
¤ Two childhood friends and
¤ Their decorating their child’s rooms [insert heart eyes here]
¤ Wait
¤ She cant have children?
¤ Uhhmmmm
¤ Serious Faces™
¤ You were gripping Saeyoung’s hand
¤ the music just keeps getting sadder
¤ Elly noooo :’(
¤ Even after the Married Life part, you havent gotten over it yet
¤ Whereas Saeyoung was like
¤ Saeyoung no


¤ He didn’t have a good childhood
¤ Boi don’t know the good childhood movies
¤ So you dragged him to watch Inside Out with you
¤ Brother Saeyoung approves
¤ Its new so you havent watched it yet
¤ Its also your first time seeing this
¤ [cue Disgust]
¤ “Look Saeran, she’s as sassy as you are”
¤ you know those cliche scenes where one of them pretends tp stretch then their arm is around the other person?
¤ boi is as red as a tomato
¤ you pretend you didnt notice so he wont get too embarrassed
¤ Remember that part where Bing Bong died?
¤ Tears were streaming down Saeran’s face
¤ Boi cried harder when Riley ran away from home and came back
¤ Looots of hand holding with Edgy McEdgeLord
¤ Ate Ice Cream afterwards
¤ stress eating? Ahahahaha
¤ I forgot to mention that he was probably very confused afterwards because
¤ This movie is for kids???
¤ Is it supposed to make you cry hard???


¤ Probably wasnt even watching the movie
¤ Cause he blind
¤ Im joking
¤ He was too focused on your face
¤ And your hair
¤ He liked how soft it is
¤ And how your face shows so much emotion when they kidnapped Nemo
¤ Lets just say that he is very in love with you
Single Father!Jimin

And now it is time for the first half of the Busan line, an actual angel with a voice that fits the title, it’s so soothing when he sings and even when he’s just talking there’s this lil melodic tone in his voice and it’s so nice, he has such a good voice to fall asleep and I mean that in the best way it’s just so calming and it makes you feel like cuddling something, Park Jimin aka chim chim

  • For all of the father related posts, click here
  • This is gonna feature a bit of young!Jimin (here)
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!chim post, he has one daughter who is the cutest lil bub ever
  • Like just think about that for a solid second, think about a teeny tiny chim with lil pigtails that is always in these really cute lil dresses bc she’d be all girly and she always has to have a bow on her, in her hair on her dress on her socks anywhere she can
  • And she has this really cute giggle that can make any o ne smile so Jimin’s cheeks are pretty much a goner, they’re so sore every single night bc from the time he gets up to the time he goes to sleep, he’s smiling and giggling bc of her
  • He and his ex have more of a mutual break up, two weeks before she finds out she’s pregnant, they agree that they’re both too busy, Jimin’s an idol, she has work and college and they don’t get much time together so they call it off
  • So I have this head canon, I’ve mentioned it quite a few times but I think that when Jimin falls in love, he falls quick and he falls head over heels and is ready to spend the rest of his life with that person, that person is his everything
  • So he’s not super thrilled about the breakup but he knows it’s what best for the both of them but then they find out they’re gonna have a bby together so they get back together and try it again for the bby’s sake but it just doesn’t work out so they break up for the second time a lil less than a month after bby girl is born
  • It does Jimin a good chunk of time to heal bc like I said, he was ready to spend the rest of his life with his ex, he wasn’t expecting any breakup or anything like that so he does need some time to just focus on him and his bby girl and their new kitten
  • She’s s u c h a help for him when it comes to the healing process, she keeps him happy, she keeps him excited for what she’s gonna do next like is she gonna start talking crawling when can he start introducing more food to her there are so many things to look forward to and she really just helps keep him positive
  • Jimin and bby girl (plus kitty) would move back into the dorm with the other boys bc he needs their help and they’re totally ready to help, all of the boys help with the late night crying and the diapers and the toys so many toys why does something so smol have so many toys bc Jimin likes to spoil her that’s why she doesn’t really need five versions of the same toy but what if she doesn’t wanna play with the pink one what if she wants the purple one
  • Side note, Jimin sucks at saying no when it comes to her like even before she can talk, she’s convincing him to buy her everything and anything her lil heart desires all she’s gotta do is point and look at him with those bby brown eyes and the cute dimples and he’s sold he’ll take twenty of whatever the fuck she wants
  • The boys are also there for Jimin when he needs a shoulder to cry on or people to talk to like they’ve said in the past that he’s really comforting and is always there for them for they’re gonna do the same and he really really appreciates it
  • He does pause the comebacks for a while bc he’s gotta spend time with his munchkin and he already knows that he wouldn’t be able to spend much time with her if he was worrying about rehearsing and recording and performing and he doesn’t want that
  • He does take her to a lot of his photo shoots bc he can keep an eye on her while also doing his job and in his smiling photos, you can always see this fondness in his eyes and his smile is wider than usual and his eyes are in full on eye smile mode and it’s all bc he’s watching Hobi play around with bby girl
  • He would wait until bby girl is around two to start dating
  • You two had grown up together, you were his best friend all throughout his life and you’d really helped a lot throughout the breakup and Jimin trusts you with all of his heart
  • He ends up kissing you one night bc you two are having one of those more serious talks where he’s telling you about how he’s feeling (he’s finally completely and totally over the breakup) and how it is being a father and if he’s ready to date again
  • “Would you ever wanna date again?”
  • “Only if it’s you”
  • There isn’t any introduction needed bc you’ve known bby girl her entire life, you were there for her birth but Jimin does try to ease her into the whole relationship aspect bc she’s only ever seen you with Jimin as friends so obviously daddy kissing someone may confuse her a bit
  • But then once he realizes she doesn’t really have much of a reaction to you two dating and being more affectionate, he just gives in and goes for all of the child friendly PDA like hand holding and hugs and cuddles and bby girl will whine if she’s not included in the cuddling sessions and she will be v v sad and tear up a bit but she never gets to that point bc Jimin’s already smothering her in kisses after that first whimper
  • If it felt like a family before, it definitely feels like one now, you and Jimin get a lil house and you move in together along with kitty who is now a lil bit more grown up and mornings are super cute bc Jimin seems like a morning person from what I’ve seen 
  • He’s almost always awake before you are, he starts to coffee pot and does all the morning stuff like maybe a shower, some shaving, getting ready for the day and then he wakes bby girl up bc she takes a l o t longer to get up
  • She’s hard to keep awake, she keeps falling back asleep like he’ll wake her up, go to her closet to get her something to wear and by the time he gets back, she’s asleep again but once she’s awake, she’s a w a k e and everyone in the neighborhood knows that bby Park is now up for the day
  • She has (emphasis on has) to have her morning kisses and cuddles or she’ll be pouty and teary eyed for the rest of the day, there was this one that Jimin has to leave early for rehearsals so he doesn’t get the usual hour he lounges around in bed with her watching Sesame Street or Clifford the Big Red Dog or maybe even some Cailou or Between the Lions (depending on what time it is)
  • For the rest of the day, until he gets home and gives her her cuddles, she’s crying more than usual, she’s normally really really calm and rarely cries but she’s a sensitive lil bub and she needs that affection (even though she gets affection all day everyday, she holds daddy daughter cuddle time very near and dear to her heart) and she’s just really genuinely upset over something and you can’t figure it out at first until you see her clinging onto Jimin and refusing to let him put her down for a solid three hours
  • Jimin is forever uploading pictures and videos of the three of you (plus the occasional glance at bby kitty) onto every social media he can
  • You know those Snow filters that the boys just lo v e, he loves doing videos with those and having bby girl try the filters out bc if she was cute before, she’s definitely gonna be cute with filters like lil bunny!bby Park sign Jimin the fuCK UP
  • OkaY so this head canon kinda hurts my heart a bit bc the cuteness is too much for me but I have this head canon that he does a lot of V lives with bby girl in his lap and you in the background (you’re more than welcome to join if you want to but he’s totally understanding if you don’t)
  • So remember that one V live he did with the whole coloring book situation well just imagine if he had bby girl in his lap helping him color and she’s so giggly and she’s got her lil pacifier and her lil pigtails that lowkey keep hitting Jimin in the face but he doesn’t care bc he’s been a father long enough to not even notice that shit and she’s got these cute bows to tie her hair up and she basically looks like a mini Jimin
  • “Let’s color the picture daddy drew!!”
  • “No I wanna color uncle kookie’s”
  • “Oh my god the betrayal”

anonymous asked:

For the "The way you said I Love You" prompts, could you please do Ladynoir or Adrinette, #16


16. Over and over again, till it’s nothing but a senseless babble.

I am physically incapable of writing drabbles. What are those anyway. Less than 100 words? Pshaw

If he didn’t stop talking, they were dead.

“Chat, seriously,” Marinette attempted to pull a serious expression, made more difficult by the blanket that smacked her in the face as the black-clad superhero squirmed around in her bed. Chat Noir muttered to himself as she spat out a mouthful of fleece. “You need to keep quiet. Papa asked me yesterday if I watch videos at night because he keeps hearing noises from my room. We aren’t being very discreet.”

“Well, sorry, but you just have so many blankets. It’s so cozy.” He shoved some more blankets out of the way and burrowed into a corner of the bed. Marinette watched him from the safety of the stairs leading up to the bunk. Finally, he stilled, blankets cushioned around him like a cocoon from which only tuft of golden hair was visible. “Are you coming or what?” came his muffled voice.

“I hate cuddling against the leather,” Marinette reminded him in a whisper as she crawled up from her seat on the steps with a grunt. She settled herself on her side next to the blanket cocoon. A warm wave of energy washed over her, and out of the cocoon flitted a black kwami. “Cheese?” Plagg asked loudly, and Marinette shushed him, unable to hide her fond smile as the kwami sailed past her face and brushed by her cheek in greeting. “On the shelf next to Tikki.”

“Do you ever think of anything but your stomach?” Tikki questioned from her spot on the bookshelf above them. Plagg flew up to join her, grumbling to himself all the while. Marinette turned back to the form huddled in the blankets and reached a hand out to brush back a piece of blonde hair that fell across now human eyes. 

Adrien shuffled forward to press himself against Marinette, leaning into her hand with a soft sigh. He tugged the blanket down away from his face to look at her, a soft smile on his face. “You spoil him, you know.”

Marinette laughed quietly. “That’s why he likes me better.”

 Adrien rolled his eyes but didn’t deny it. He flung the blanket from his cocoon off of him and over them, wriggled around a bit more, then wrapped an arm around her torso and settled his head underneath her chin. Instinctively, she stroked his hair and back.  

“Silly kitty.” She breathed out fondly, and ran a finger down the slope of his nose. He smiled against her, turning his head to press his lips against her collar bone. “I love you,” he mumbled against her skin. She shivered at the feeling, letting out a giggle at the tickling sensation. 

She felt his smile widen and he tilted his head, lips against her neck now. “I love you,” he muttered, and she squirmed. 

I love you,  he whispered against her jaw, I love you, against her cheek, against her forehead, her temple. She accepted those with happy sighs. He passed his lips teasingly over hers, but before she could catch his mouth with hers, he had moved on. 

“I love you,” he said into her wrist, green eyes locked on blue. She flushed. He leaned down and pressed his lips to her belly. “I love you,” he mumbled, and she giggled again, twitching at the tickling. He chuckled too. He pressed another kiss to another spot on her stomach, repeating the words with each touch of his lips. She wriggled at each one, stifling a laugh. 

“S-stop,” Marinette struggled to keep her voice down as she fidgeted, but Adrien just sniggered and held her arms away while he continued to murmur against the cloth that covered her stomach, faster and faster until he was no longer kissing her, just mumbling against her unintelligibly. Marinette fought him weakly, laughing into a pillow to stifle the noise, and he blew a raspberry into her belly. 

“Y-you’re awful!” She snorted and he sat up, grinning cattishly above her. When she finally caught her breath she bopped him on the nose. “You won’t be laughing when I tickle you.”

Adrien leaned down and kissed her, catching her mid-laugh. She up sighed against him, fingers weaving up into his hair and tugging him down closer to her. He ran a hand up her arm and cupped the back of her head as he deepened the kiss. 

When they broke apart, he pecked her nose and settled his head on her chest, listening to the rapid beat of her heart. He felt her kiss his hair, and he smiled as he heard her whisper, “I love you too.”

aph-kitty  asked:

Hey I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog so far, and keep doing what you're doing! ❤️❤️ Could I request what the Allies +Canada would do if their s/o got sick?

(Omg thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying it :D! I hope you like this post too lol! Sorry it took a little while I’ve  had to study for so many tests lately :/) 

Alfred (America)-As soon as he figured out his s/o was sick, Alfred would drop everything to take care of them. Even if they just had a small cold, he’d still be pretty worried about them, but he’d hide it well and just focus on trying to take good care of his s/o so they could get better fast. He’d try to keep them company for the entire time they were sick, so it would be hard to get him to leave their side for very long. To pass the time he would suggest going on a movie marathon or watching or playing his s/o’s favorite video game with them.  He’s usually almost always a very energetic and excitable person, but he’d try and tone it down a little bit so his s/o could get some rest while they’re sick. 

Arthur (England)-Arthur likes to know that he feels needed by his s/o, so when they get sick he helps them any way he can. He tends to always think of the worst case scenario, so he tends to fuss and worry over his s/o a lot too. He’ll end up asking if he could read to his s/o if they’re bored, and to keep them hydrated he would make loads of tea. Although he does make good tea, if he offers to cook it would most likely lead to some sort of a small fire, so it’s in his s/o’s best interest to try and talk him out of that. 

Francis (France)-Francis is the the type of sweet person that showers his s/o in kisses and cuddles until they get better. Most of the time because of this he gets sick right after them. Whenever his s/o isn’t feeling that too great he almost always makes them breakfast in bed or their favorite meal and when they’re sick it’s certainly no exception. When his s/o is sick, he usually tries to persuade them into staying in bed with him for most of the day so that they can focus on relaxing and getting better above anything else. 

Ivan (Russia)- Before his s/o came into his life, Ivan was accustomed to being by himself, so he doesn’t really have that much experience in taking care of others. Regardless, if his s/o was sick, he would be very sweet and just simply ask them if there was anything he could do or get for them to make them more comfortable. He’d also tend to treat them more fragile than usual, and if they let him, he would happily carry them around everywhere so he wouldn’t worry about them getting too exhausted. (In reality he just really loves carrying them around everywhere.) 

Yao (China)-Yao is pretty well versed in helping his s/o get better , as he’s come up with tons of ways to help sick people get well over the years. He’d make them lots of warm drinks and maybe if his s/o is feeling completely awful, a massage, which he is always exceptional at giving. If his s/o just had a simple small cold he’d be sort of adverse to an excess amount of cuddling or touching, because he wouldn’t want to get sick and then not be able to help his s/o. 

Matthew (Canada)-Like Francis, if Matthew’s s/o is sick he spends a much time as he can snuggling with them to try and make them feel better, although he would be much more hesitant and shy about it at first, because he wouldn’t want to do anything that would make them uncomfortable. After his s/o gave him the okay, he would be all over them, wrapping them up in his arms and gently talking to them for most of the day. He’s another worrier, so he’ll almost constantly ask his s/o if they need anything. 

Social Media (Yoongi)

And now it is time for my highkey spirit animal, the first half of the Daegu line, an actual sweetheart with the cutest smile like his eyes do the things and he’s got the gummy smile and it’s just so fucking cute, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • This is going to build off of youtuber!Yoongi (here) there is also the youtuber proposal post which is right here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original post, he has a music channel
  • He posts covers and original songs and very rarely does a Q&A or some sort of talking video where he isn’t just rapping or playing an instrument
  • He occasionally (like literally only a couple times a year) does streams where he just plays the piano and takes song requests and chats with the viewers
  • But those are the moments they treasure bc they get to know the man behind the lyrics, they get hints on what inspired said lyrics, they get stories of his relationship with you, of his life, of his goals
  • Plus super rarely they may actually get a glimpse of you, he tries to keep you as private as he can bc he just seems like a private person in general with stuff like relationships when it comes to such a huge crowd of people
  • V v rarely will he actually show your face, it’s almost always your back and his hand over your face or anything like that to keep things private and it’s not bc he’s ashamed of the relationship or anything of that sort, he’s actually really really proud of the relationship and you but he just doesn’t want the entirety of the internet knowing every lil detail of your relationship
  • But he does post a few pictures of you two here and there on his Instagram
  • His insta is mainly selfies, sneak peeks at lyrics/sons and pictures of the kitty but there are a few pictures with you
  • He gets creative about it most of the time, like it’ll be a picture of his new shoes but then your shoe will also be in frame or it’ll be a picture of your shadows
  • There are only a handful of pictures with your actual face in them and one of them is the day you two first got the kitty and it’s adorable for so many reasons, I mean there’s a bby kitten that can fit in Yoongi’s hand but also how happy you two look is pre ci ous
  • Like despite not being able to physically see you two together super often, everyone just knows how in love he is bc they can see the soft lil look in his eyes when he has a lyric that reminds him of you and they can see the photo frame with a picture of you and kitty cuddling and they hear all of the songs he writes for you and it’s just v v clear
  • So to be able to have confirmation of that in photo form is like !!!
  • There’s also this other picture of right after you two got engaged and it doesn’t have either of your faces in it technically bc it’s a picture of your hand in his but he does have his mouth in frame bc he’s kissing your hand, right next to the new ring
  • It’s got the simple caption of “guess I have to go buy a suit now”
  • Everyone just about loses their shit when they see it bc wow their smol bub is getting married but also he’s being cuTE
  • He goes on Twitter pretty often
  • He jokes around on there a lot and uploads lil snippets of music he’s working on and he just enjoys being able to see everyone’s reactions and actually talk to them one on one
  • “Min Yoongi how dare you release a song rn I’m in class”
  • “Idk man seemed like a good time to me”
  • He’d have such a sarcastic relationship with his viewers like he calls them his lil shits and they’re forever bickering about shit and it’s just so light hearted and fun and cute
  • He probably doesn’t even have a snapchat but he makes frequent appearances on yours
  • “And here we have a wild Min Yoongi in his natural habitat, not at movie night even though I told him like ten minutes ago, it was all set up”
  • “And here we have a wild Min Yoongi trying to take a nap”
  • “It’s 7 pm you can’t take a nap rn”
  • “Join me and watch how easily I do the impossible and take a nap rn”
  • Movie night just turns into cuddle night and lowkey nap night
Pocket Sized!Hoseok

And now it is time for our hope, our angel with a smile that could light up a city bc it’s just so bright and it makes his eyes light up and his entire face just goes :D, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • Visuals first bc I love imagining what they’d look like
  • He has brown hair most of the time
  • He does dye his hair black this one time just for fun bc he’s curious
  • He sits on the edge of your laptop this one night and just looks up how to dye his hair so he doesn’t go in having zero clue what to do
  • He lays his lil tiny chin in his lil tiny hands and watches with so much concentration bc he doesn’t wanna miss anything
  • Like what if he blinks and misses the part where they put the dye on?? What if he coughs and can’t hear them explaining what to do?? What if he doesn’t hear how long he has to leave it in bc he’s too busy giggling at a cat video??
  • He didn’t mean to click on the cat video he doesn’t even remember moving the mouse over to it
  • All he knows is that kitty just fell asleep and its lil head just dropped so quick and it’s fucking hilarious and so cute and adorable he now wants a kitty friend
  • And oh look there’s a compilation of funny cat videos hE HAS TO WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY
  • The next thing he knows it’s two in the morning, he’s barely awake and he only got through the first two minutes of the hair dye video oops??
  • But he did see some really fucking cute cats so like who really won here
  • But after a long night of so many cat videos and one single how to dye your hair video, he wakes up the next day feeling pretty good and ready for the new hair color
  • You help him out with the stirring and all of that bc he’s tiny he can’t stir it
  • But he does the rest, he’s the one massaging it in, he washes it out he does all the things
  • He gets so :D for the next couple of weeks bc look at me MY HAIR IS BLACK
  • He l ov e s wearing his lil sweatpants, they’re so comfy and he can dance around and climb up onto things bc he’s tiny he’s gotta climb a lot if he doesn’t want to have to be calling you in every two seconds to help him up
  • It’s so fucking cute to wash his clothes though like he likes to help out with the laundry as much as he can but when you’re dropping the tiny pants and the tiny shirts into the washer, you have to hold squeals back bc they’re literally so smol how is it so cute to see these teeny tiny lil pairs of socks
  • Okay but he is literally a ball of sunshine just imagine carrying him around all day
  • “Hi you look nice today”
  • “We’ve seen each other day?? Where’s this coming from??”
  • “Idk you just look nice”
  • He gets you to smile and laugh as much as he possibly can bc that’s what hobi loves to do, he likes making people happy and that’s just one of the many reason he is a precious human bean
  • He likes sitting on your shoulder the most bc he likes talking to people and he likes being to see all the things and he just likes being able to lean against your cheek and chill out
  • He does love cats but have you ever seen hobi with his lil puppy he lo ves his pup so much
  • “Oh my goD”
  • “What’s wrong??”
  • “My pup, he just came over to sit next to me, I’m the chosen one”
  • “Oh my god”
  • He sits on your shoulder while you study and holds your hair out of your phone while he listens to his music and just relaxes
  • He also has this habit of absentmindedly braiding your hair like they’re just tiny lil braids
  • You wake up in the morning and your hair is braided in random spots and some have lil clips
  • Normal hobi likes to have his hair played when he’s sleepy and pocket sized!hobi is no different
  • You just have to be su p e r careful bc he’s a tiny bby bub you can’t be too rough with him he’s smol
  • He has a nightly routine
  • Every night, he brushes his lil teeth, puts on his tiny pajamas and climbs up onto your pillow
  • Then you play with his hair and maybe there’s some pillow talk but normally he falls asleep pretty fast bc he’s a tired bub he’s been skipping around and running all over the place all day long and he’s been playing with the pup and it’s just he’s tired
  • He falls asleep and cuddles your hand to his chest bc he’s a cuddly lil bby normal sized or pocket sized, he wants cuddles
  • “You’re the best”
Future ft Michael

michael kills me so like you’d be lying in bed one night and it’s not late but your apartment is quiet save for the street noise outside in the city and you’d just be cuddled up in the sheets giggling and sassing each other because your relationship is just so fun and simple like he’s not just your boyfriend but your best friend too and you guys can just do nothing and still have fun. 

at some point the conversation would switch to the future and michael brings out a list he’s made from his bedside table of everything he thinks about when he’s gone and he can’t sleep which only makes him ten times more excitable and so it doesn’t even help his brain to rest at night.

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certified non-gmo

a small organic rinmaki. to @drifblm for listening to my suffering :’0
(words: 1825)

For no special occasion or any very compelling reason, other than reasons of affection and dumb love, Rin presents Maki with a plain white envelope before class starts and while people are still settling down at their desks. Rin, of course, will probably be one of the last to sit, since she has to bug Maki as part of her daily morning routine.

Maki only offers a half-hearted thanks and moves to tuck it away somewhere in her bag. Rin excitedly grabs her wrist. “Open it!”

“Right now?”

“Yeah! It’s gotta be now!”

This is Rin, so Maki knows the danger could range from glitter that will explode all over her once she opens it to a sloppy doodle of a cat with a cheesy “I <3 you!!” note. She’d rather take the glitter. The embarrassment wouldn’t be as potent.

But it’s not glitter, and there’s a suspicious lack of cat doodles, and Maki confusedly pulls out a little packet from the envelope. It rattles when she shakes it. It’s so innocuous she can’t help but be vaguely suspicious.

“Rin, why are you giving me this?”

“Because,” Rin leans over Maki’s desk and sticks her tongue out. “I thought you’d like it, duh! Oh, but you don’t eat the seeds. You plant them.”

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