but there are so many real light skinned mexicans


RANT: I am light skinned, but I am Puerto Rican with curly hair. So I grew up wearing braids and cornrows at times, I grew up in east Harlem and started living in the Bronx later on, it was a hairstyle many of us in the community enjoyed wearing. We all know cornrows and dreads work best and make more sense on the original folks who introduced the hairstyle to all of us, which is why we must credit those from the African roots. Example: Taco Bell doesn’t compete with the real deal, actual tacos from Mexicans. Therefore dreads and cornrows naturally look best on the real deals. However, I do respect freedom when it comes to our hair. As long as religions are not being disrespected too. However, hair is hair. It’s great to see how much other cultures admire our culture, we should be flattered but also its good we keep them in check on who started a majority of these things.

In regards to this cornrows and dreads rant, let me just remind everyone that not every white person is horrible. Stop attacking people as a whole. We have bad people in every culture the same way we have good people in every culture. Privileges Exist! We all know that , but it sucks to add more hate.