but there are so many interesting scenes!

it really bothers me a lot that the dark souls series is like, some of the worst examples of Gaming Culture™

like. the dark souls series is such a damn good series overall and it’s full of so many things i love about video games - fascinating lore that is left up to the player to seek out with you being rewarded for going out of your way to find it, some super interesting and complex characters (like just gwyn alone along with my girl gwyndolin are some of the most interesting characters ive seen in a game before), big open areas for you to explore, fantastic music that perfectly set the scene for every boss, memorable and challenging but fair bosses, and solid as hell gameplay

not only that but the entire series has this theme of like, overcoming adversity in even the most trying of times, where the games constantly feel oppressive and enemies constantly feel too big, too strong for you to actually defeat, but it has this theme where you keep going and despite the odds you eventually overcome whatever you were stuck on, and that theme of carrying on despite how bad everything is is directly highlighted in the story and characters

they’re such genuinely interesting & rewarding games that despite their darker nature have a lot of heart to them and there’s a lot of good messages to take from them and i just. i HATE how shitty gaming culture has taken such fascinating games and turned it into “haha these games are so HARD casuals get out these games are only for REAL gamers kek” because they make the games seem so unwelcoming and unapproachable and discourages people from playing a series that i really love

also i realize maybe a lot of this isn’t really That Deep but i have a deep emotional connection with this series and so many of my issues with gaming culture as a whole can be directly traced to this series

A teenage girl just feel out of the widow and crashed on his taxi. Someone else would think “What is happening?!” or “Is she alright?” (by the way, we know she is) or “Oh my God I almost died!”. Wintergreen thinks “I leave Slade alone for five minutes….”

Deathstroke #15 is an interesting one to unravel. First, let’s focus on Tanya Spears, Power Girl. I just love how this issue opens on her and Doctor Villain (who, for those who don’t remember, is a completely normal doctor with an unfortunate name who happens to be Slade’s personal doctor) discussing Slade’s condition. They drop so many medical terms and have a conversation like equals and two professionals and Villain is actually impressed by a 16-years old  being so smart. She even read his almost 1000-pages long book on a train. And I freaking love this scene and really enjoy how Christopher Priest writes Power Girl as a young girl, who remains truly a teenager at heart, while being a genius and an accomplished person members of the congress feel honored to have on their parties. She is an amazing haracter, if a bit naïve in that “Reed Richards can invent anything but doesn’t get people” manner, considering how easily she assumed Slade is some sort of superhero. This would be extremely stupid if it wasn’t for the fact that we know Deathstroke’s identity is secret (he outright sued people trying to prove Slade Wilson and Deathstroke are the same people after all) and she and her incarnation of Titans never interacted with the guy. And her optimism and good nature really make a great contrast with Slade’s cynicism.

Of course, this makes Slade being a colossal douchebag for preying on her trust and pretending to be a superhero until he can figure out what to do with his blindness. But then again, this is Slade, calling him a colossal douchebag is an understatement. Although you have to admire a bit of self-awareness in that here we have an old guy manipulating teenage girl for his own gain….and he chooses his superhero name to be Twilight.

One thing I’m torn on are the glasses that Tanya gives Slade, that supposedly gather information around him and take her directly into his brain. You know how I feel about Disability Superpowers and I need to question what’s the point taking Slade’s sight away if you’ll give it back to him this way. But in this case my opinion seems a bit improved by two facts – one that this does seem similar but more advanced take on technology that has been experimented on for at least a decade (I mean here is a video of a camera sending people image through the tongue from 2007) and I like the idea Tanya is trying to make some new breakdowns in that field. And two, that I have a hard time trying to form a serious complaint about development making disabled people less likely to emphasize with an unlikeable bastard of Slade’s caliber. Don’t get me wrong, if someone with sight disability of any kind was hoping to be able to emphasize with Deathstroke, they have full right to be upset. But myself I’d first have to be able to forget he planted a hit on his daughter and slept with his son’s girlfriend.

Speaking of which, we have some more developments on that field. Joe tries to save dying Dr. Ikon but is too late…unless Doctor Villain has anything to say about it. I mean, maybe I was wrong about him being so normal if he thinks he can bring a dead man back to life using SCIENCE. Meanwhile Rose sees visions of what I guess is Joey’s girlfriend being killed (which, considering she is on another continent, kinda clashes with Doctor Villain’s theory on how her powers work), which solicits showed us is going to happen. This prompt Rose to go back to the USA and try to stop it.

By the way, I need to ask something regarding Jericho. Is he actually out of the closet and trying to go back, or keeps his homosexuality as a secret? Because on the one had people around him keep acting like they don’t know, except one line in this issue that could be read as Rose alluding to it. And I don’t really know much of his history in New 52 except he was at some point evil, then he wasn’t, then he was a kid and New 52 Deathstroke was a trainwreck on top of a trainwreck. Had he ever actually came out in post-Flashopint continuity?

Yuri!!! on ICE Conclusion and Opening

Many have been theorizing lately about how Victor’s “Stay Close to me” may come into play again after it’s reference in episode 7.  So I wanted to address something that has been bothering me since the very first episode of Yuri!!! on Ice.  And it’s the VERY FIRST SCENE IN THE ANIME.  This.  If this is going where I think it is going, then this is FUCKING AMAZING.

It always struck me as interesting that before we even see the theme song, we see this:

A young Victor, skating alone in an ice rink.  Yuri’s voice begins: 

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funny story

in high school i truly wasn’t ever really interested in the party scene and drinking in general. so I was never really invited to many parties because they’d assume I wouldn’t go. keep in mind, i never knew what actually happened at these parties except the typical stereotype of what a high school party was depicted like in movies. well one day, an acquaintance of mine invited me to, in her own words: “a birthday thing at my place.” so I’m like oh my gosh this is my first real party!!! i’m extremely excited and i spend all day getting an outfit and picking the perfect gift for her. that night, i came dressed in heels and a brand new dress, hair curled with her present perfectly wrapped with a bow in my arms. i burst threw her front lawn gate when I realize …….
there’s no table for the gifts. there’s no tables of food or long tables for others to sit in. i just see everyone in the senior class wearing the normal clothes from earlier that school day, drinking coronas, all stopping to look at me.
it’s not an actually birthday “party”. it’s a kick back. 

i overly dressed … and brought a wrapped gift …. to a kickback……..

to this day, people still laugh when bringing it up and when they see me on the street. i still think it’s the most embarrassing/annoyingly innocent thing I’ve ever done.

I just finished watching Trollhunters on Netflix and I strongly suggest you all check it out, for a number of reasons:

  • Interesting character development for both protagonists and antagonists.
  • Fantastic fight scenes.
  • DreamWorks once again gives us an accurate portrayal of the struggles of single parenting (lookin’ at you HTTYD).
  • So many lovable bromances.
  • A Home Alone-esque booby trap scene that delivers. 
  • Great animation.
  • The mythical universe has interesting lore and a surprisingly small number of plot-holes. 
  • Lots of comedy.
  • Seriously, no one is allowed to say the word “crispy” around me ever again.
  • Ever wonder what it would be like if the hero and villain didn’t hide from one another behind secret identities and had to interact with one another for everyday activities? It’s a fantastic dynamic..
  • Tacos. 

Not So ‘Strange’ After All

Like many people, I saw the new Doctor Strange movie in theaters this weekend. I expected a fun, visually exciting film (which I got); but I wasn’t expecting a lot of library screen time, so needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised! Without spoiling anything, the library is the scene of some important plot developments, and features some very interesting set pieces, including books chained to a honeycomb-like sliding rack alongside the more traditional bookshelves.

While the sliding rack may not have been recognizable to librarians of old, the practice of chaining books certainly was. From the Middle Ages to the late 17th century, books were expensive and precious objects that weren’t allowed to be removed from the library willy-nilly. However, due to both their value as objects and as containers of knowledge, books were under a very real threat of being borrowed for reference and never returned. Initially, books were kept in large locking chests for security, but as libraries began to expand, the chests no longer provided enough room for storage and the books had to be moved onto open shelves. And so, much like dogs kept on a leash to prevent them from running off, the books were chained to the shelves.

It is unclear exactly when and where the first books were chained, but the practice caught on all over Europe.The chains were linked to a metal rod that ran the length of the shelf, which meant that in order to reference the books, readers were literally “chained” to the spot! To remedy this, desk areas were often placed in front of the chained shelves, such as these in the chained library of Hereford Cathedral.

There are some lovely examples of chained libraries that survive today, such as that of Hereford and a smaller one in Chetham’s Library in Manchester. If you get a chance, pay one a visit! It’s amazing to see a snapshot of what a medieval reader would’ve been faced with when entering a library. However, if you can’t make it to Europe, at least you can get a peek of the concept and feeling in Doctor Strange!

No Regrets (Part 2)

After what I can only describe as ridiculous amount of likes and comments I present you with Part 2. There’s more angst (you’re welcome) and a cheeky appearance from the Cap.

Summary: When the reader finally coughs up the courage to ask Bucky out it turns out he’s no that interested. Or is he?

Word count: 1.9k

Warnings: Angst.

Part 1

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You loved your job. It paid well, it was the right kind of challenging, you made an actual difference to the world and your co-workers were pretty cool. After all, how many people can say they work for the Avengers?

Granted, you were more of a ‘behind the scenes’ kind of person, you spend your days mostly in front of the computer screen, retrieving, decoding, and sifting through the intel gathered in the missions. You also provide maps, background checks on suspects, and encode all this data so it doesn’t fall into any wrong hands. So yup, you can say you’re one clever cookie.

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Upon second watching

The unreality of the whole thing is more obtrusive. There’s a lot of fuzziness about 221B, not to mention glowing Mr. Blue Skull’s alter self. There’s all of the way everyone is emotionally off…as though being envisioned by someone who doesn’t get nuanced emotions. The water bits are obvious. The scene where Sherlock zones on the Thatcher shrine really evokes the point in TAB when the real (modern) world jet landing physically rattled things in the Victorian story. Some of its ridiculous spycraft (honestly? stick drives for your identity that your life and your friends’ lives depend upon?). What’s with John looking like updating his blog when it’s just a picture (and that’s really obvious in the scene)? There are so many lines repeated from earlier eps, so much music (almost all of the music except for what I’m guessing will be Sherrinford’s theme…which has an interesting Downton Abbey feel to it) from earlier eps…it’s almost as though someone is populating a story half from old memories, using them to fill in the blanks where he doesn’t know what really happened. And Sherlock’s ego: really? It all. sounds. wrong.

Either there’s a whole ‘nother story that makes sense of this or they’ve indeed made some very strange and not all that enticing choices. And if it’s still more Sherlock brain hijinks, when will they let us in on it all? The problem with a rug pull is that the audience has to still care about what’s on the floor…and remember it. If they’re going to give us three series and in the last bit ask us to rewrite our understanding of everything since TEH, who exactly will care enough to bother? Maybe some of us fans; certainly not the general audience.

Spouse, who is the most casual of uninvolved watchers, watched with me and said three things: 1) Mary’s not dead; 2) Hell is a place; and 3) something is very off, just like TAB. Out of the mouths of innocents.


From SKayLanphear’s fanfic Serendipitous Fate, Chapter 22:

“As the water was pulled forcibly from her body, the skin around her eye began to pale. It turned a papery white, each centimeter of water that was drawn out only spurring the pallor to spread outward across the rest of her face. Until all the color was gone, leaving behind darkened, shriveled veins sprouting visibly beneath translucent flesh.”

I’m usually not that interested in drawing fanart of fanfics, but Skaylanphears writing is just SO fantastic, and this last chapter contained so many inspiring moments that I just had to draw something! Ended up drawing this scene with Volpina, which was both terrifying and awesome. I feel so bad for the poor girl behind the mask…

If you’re not already reading this fanfic, then I strongly recommend it!!!


MOST UNDERRATED KLANCE EPISODE TBH aaaa this is when they really start working well together as a team and its so precious for their development theres actually so many cute expressions they have towards each other in this scene but i thought this is particular was so SWEET LOOK AT THAT TEAMWORK THAT POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP BUILDING

I have many things to say about 12.12 but I’ve got to start somewhere. So why not with Cas! What follows is more stream of consciousness than analysis.

What’s interesting about the initial scene for the “Wounded angel” segment is that it starts with Castiel in his car, listening to a religious radio station. We can hear the following:

“Each of us has a time where the physical body dies. And we all face God’s judgement in the end. There’s not one of us alive, walking on this earthly plane that will not pay the consequences for their actions. The lord will hold us in the palm of his hand and he’ll weigh our souls, brothers and sisters-”

But while this foreshadows the fact that Castiel’s physical body is dying later on in the episode, nothing else is particularly new. Castiel is well aware that he has to pay for the consequences of his actions on earth (and in Heaven) and “Lily Sunders has some regrets” reminded us of his awareness of his guilt. (A side-thought: Do other angels feel guilt? Are they aware of the fact that they might make wrong decisions or are they so self-righteous that the thought has never crossed their minds? This is also what I mean by awareness.)

More important than the message is the medium. We get a divine message from a radio, which instantly evokes thoughts of angel radio in me. Heaven can speak through electronic devices and clearly Castiel sought out some connection to the divine by listening to the program. (He could as well have listened to pop music instead, but he didn’t.)

Now, we see this divine creature (a wounded angel, as the title reminded us), in a one-sided conversation with the divine. And then we have this shot.

It instantly reminded me of the Creation of Adam, which has Adam reaching out towards God, their fingers almost touching. Man reaching out toward the divine. Castiel reaching out towards the religious talk in the radio. In theory the positions are reversed: Castiel is a wounded angel looking for guidance. And his guidance appears in the form of radio waves, of a human reminding his brothers and sisters both of their mortality and of the weight of sins upon their souls.

But Cas is more human than angel at this point, he is part of the “family” of people that the speaker addresses; he’s a brother to the Winchesters. He is one of the humans.

I haven’t really put this scene into a greater context properly and it’s also more like an initial thought than it is good analysis. But I think in an episode where Cas’ physical body is dying (condemned by an angelic weapon, wielded by a demon) and where he clearly and finally choses his human family, this short scene is a nice addition to explain Castiel’s position.

Unpopular opinion: I hate when people in the fandom say that Victor fell in love with Yuuri during the dance scene when he wanted him to be his coach and danced with him. I don’t believe in love at first sight though, which I think develops as you get to know someone over time. He clearly developed a crush or an interest in Yuuri that night though. That’s obvious

My concern is that there is enormous pressure on young, even slightly nonfeminine afab people in LGBT communities to disidentify from womanhood either partially or fully, because of what are pretty obviously misogynist ideas of what women are supposed to be. I’ve experienced that pressure personally and know many, many other women who either transitioned medically or socially because they felt enormous pressure to, because remaining a woman who isn’t interested in femininity is so socially unacceptable in LGBT scenes, and continuing to identify as a woman is seen as less radical, less cool, and in some cases objectively incorrect- I’ve had many people tell me I’ll identify again as something other than a woman eventually. So no, I don’t think the idea that suddenly once you’re afab and identify as not a woman anymore your whole life history should be rewritren, misogyny magically never affects you (usually the reasoning given for this is some weak claim about how -affect- determines gender objectively), and now you’re a misogynist who oppresses real women. It’s for this reason that I’m wary of politics which lump “nonwomen” as a group in somehow with literal cis men as though they have anything in common on a material basis at all. They don’t.

I think it’s hogwash and as someone who’s -been- nb and seen that nothing about my material reality changed when I slapped a new gender label on myself, I’m skeptical of those politics, refuse to reenact them, etc. And when the number of women I know who’ve been harmed by those politics, who spent years thinking they weren’t allowed to be women and are trying to cope and reconcile grows steadily over the years (and it will keep growing- these politics are too unstable, cause too much pain, for them to hold out long) I’m increasingly opposed to them. Really the idea that there’s an inherent line between us and them (and I think this is true for literally any genders- cis men aren’t somehow fated to be terrible people from birth) is really just another kind of essentialism, rooted in self concept rather than the body. You can acknowledge shared experiences, certain shared realities, without going out of your way to misgender other people who don’t see themselves the way you see yourself. I think that’s very fair.

So Jeffrey Dean Morgan said something about Caryl that I found interesting.

“We all love that relationship, we all love Daryl and Carol, but it’s funny, you know, some scenes when you guys are together you look like brother and sister. In other scenes you reverse roles and one is the parent… and, in some others, there’s like a sexual tension and a great attraction and I think that’s interesting”

I think this is one the truest things I’ve heard about them, and there’s so much that could be read from that answer.

Daryl and Carol have so many different dynamics in their relationship, and people freak out when a non-romantic one is addressed, but I don’t see a reason to worry: they truly have all those aspects, like any other HEALTHY couple in love would.

When Carol kissed Daryl’s forehead, for example, the dynamic I felt wasn’t romantic.
Same when Daryl held Carol so she wouldn’t run to Sophia and get herself killed.
They were both protecting, or trying to nurture the other, because above any romantic interest they may have, there’s a pure love and care about each other’s well being.
NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT ROMANCE. And NOT EVERY MOTIVATION has to be about romance (in fact, it would be really sick if it were).

My parents love each other, but don’t always look romantic to me. Sometimes they are just friends. Sometimes my mom protects him like his mother used to (because my mom is a lioness in every sense of the word). And my dad (even being older than her), sometimes acts like a kid.
So what?
Daryl and Carol have all those aspects in their relationship: protectiveness of one another, like family would do; deep understanding like the best friends they are; and love, in every way love could be interpreted, in every meaning it could have.

And there’s nothing wrong with a relationship like this. It’s the opposite: those are the healthiest and the ones who truly last.
Nothing purely based on lust can stand for long: it fades, it vanishes, just as fast as it came.
Love is forgiving, love is understanding, love is accepting, love is tolerant. Healthy love is, above all else, respect: of ones weaknesses, mistakes, and even need for solitude sometimes.

So, yes, they are all those things combined. They mean so much to each other, people struggle to define.
The name of that feeling, where all those other feelings combine and happen at the same time, and you feel overwhelmed with caring and serenity, is love.



David’s words are similar, but what made the second scene so painful is the new context of their relationship.

In 3x05 David had many reasons to mistrust Killian, he barely knew him and he was showing interest in Emma. But Killian managed to keep an straight, almost cocky face despite David’s words

But now Killian couldn’t hide the hurt and the surprise at being called a pirate with such contempt; Killian never hide his identity as a pirate, but David, a man he considers a friend is pretty much dismissing him from being one (I understand the poor man, he is so stressed and sleep deprived)

David and Killian are such good friends now, and I am sure their friendship will be ever stronger after this episode

(Photo by Kevin Sonney)

When Kevin and I were in New Orleans a month or so ago, we were out birding and encountered this killdeer in a parking lot. It immediately set about convincing Kevin that its wing was broken. Really broken. SO BROKEN YOU GUYS.

Killdeer are, of course, justly famous for this trick. They do it to lure predators away from the nest. Kevin ambled after the bird with a camera and I watched them do a slow motion chase scene across the parking lot.

Eventually, having taken about a million photos, Kevin stopped. But the killdeer did not. There were four of us, but Kevin, rescuer of kittens, was clearly the menace. It was practically charging him waving its “broken” wing.

Kevin: No, I’m done, it’s okay.


Kevin: I have no interest in your nest.


Kevin: I’m starting to feel weird about this, bird.


Kevin: …


Kevin: I’m not going to chase you.


Kevin: This is just sad.


Kevin: You’re still going.


Kevin: Fine, if it’ll make you happy.

(Kevin ambles after Killdeer)


(Kevin, camera in hand, stumbles onto a group of King Rail chicks in the ditch)



Kevin: …that bird is a jerk.

Last Game Novel Translation? Yes or Meh?

So the novel version of Last Game came out yesterday. I took a quick skim at it and it’s literally the entire movie in book form, aka every single dialogue word for word and scene are in it. So basically it’s my spoilers post  with details x10. 

My question is, would you guys be interested in the English translation of it or not? Last Game follows roughly….eh….about 85% of the original manga and the scenes/dialogue are more or less the same as the manga as well. I’m not sure how many would be interested in it which is why I’d like to ask you guys first before I translate it because it would be a bit of work since it’s a novel. (School is in spring vacation right now so at work I’m mostly free). 

If you would like me to translate it please reply or leave an answer on this post or reblog with your answer. I’ll only translate it if there’s a decent amount of interest. I go back to work on Monday so I’ll see how the response is by then. Thank you!

And for those that missed it here’s a scan of the picture Fujimaki-sensei drew for the novel here!