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my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy


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about mutsuki’s power

With Mutsuki’s sudden strength (especially in comparison to his weaker state), the fact that his permanent kakugan is gone doesn’t seem to significant

However,the kakugan is used to symbolize ghoul/the ghoul side of half-ghouls. So it’s pretty ironic that he manages to fight on the same level as Seidou without it.

Except that it makes sense. Because for him, the human side is the savage part of him.The incidents in which he was vicious and cruel–all of those were while he was a human.

And the only reason why his kakugan was “permanent” was because he feared and “forgot” his bloodthirsty personality (usually blaming it on ghouls).

But now he’s finally faced his past. He’s embraced the sadistic, human part of him that he’s been denying his entire life-allowing him to reach his maximum strength.

He’s finally accepted that it was the human in him that was the monster.

Based on this beautiful photo (x)


Describe yourself with three fictional characters

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I drew a little something to go with the post~ Hope you enjoy it!
(Well actually it got quite long so I’m attaching the thumbnail art first so that you can TL;DR it xD;;)

1. Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
I see myself in her for many reasons.
First of all, she likes tea and desserts (I’m all about those if you know me), and likes to have people over and treat them with a good tea time, like I love to.
She is also the ‘dependable elder sister’ position in PMMM. Though I was born an only child, I’ve had many friends and younger girls seek advise in me, asking for my opinion for their worries and troubles. Mami also has a calm personality, which is what you will see when you’ve just met me. (What happens if you’ve been around me long enough is a whole different story. xD)
Then she is lonely. I think loneliness is one of her keywords: a trait I share deeply with her. I was sick as a kid, so I didn’t have many friends. Ever since I moved to the States, it’s been a different kind of loneliness. (Don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of good people with me, but those who feel me would understand that it’s not something that really goes away.) I think she seeks comfort in having the ‘elder sister’ position, and I think I do so too sometimes. Also, she is without a family and I have a rather complicated relationship with my family, so.

2. Lissa from Fire Emblem Awakening
She was the first one that came to my mind, and apparently also the one lots of people see the resemblance with me!
I guess I thought of her because we both have a bright personality yet are not without our shadows. On top of everything she has to go through in the game *coughsEMMERYNcoughs*, Lissa is self-conscious about her not being princess-like, especially not having a visible brand. When she sees Owain, she is relieved that he has a brand because she always doubted how legitimate her lineage was, afraid of not fitting into the royal family.
I can totally relate to that feeling of self-doubt (also the pressure of family), and even to how she hides it so well. Lissa and I both have been through so much, but instead of letting it get to us and ruining our good traits, we remained bright and kind. (I…I hope at least. xD;;)
Lissa is also honest with herself and cares for others, which is also something I relate to. She might seem weak if you judge her based only on her initial reaction to things, but she always overcomes it and grows from it. This is what I really appreciate about her, that she is not this perfect person who’s always strong, but rather is a human being who does get hurt but never truly gives up on hoping and believing. I think I am very much like that as well.

3. Maya Fey / Mayoi Ayasato from Ace Attorney
This might be surprising, but I do think we’re alike. xDD I think Maya might be the mischievous side of me. *coughs*
She’s spontaneous, quirky and imaginative. You don’t know what she’s gonna come up with next. She is also playful, but her pranks are usually harmless because she means good. She comes up with the most random ideas, and when people tell her those won’t work, she doesn’t get too discouraged and keeps on coming up with more.
When her mind is fixed on something, she’s REALLY fixed on it, like how I am. (Let’s start with food cravings) When I’m into/resolved to do something, I simply have to take care of that first. and no one can stop me RAWR~!
Maya is also rather naive, and I used to be so (still somewhat am). Though she may talk about her contributions, it is only in a playful manner and she is actually quite humble. Also, when she came back for the newest AA game, we saw that she got mature but is still the same playful person inside, which is similar to how I’m aging, and how I’d like to age in the future. Does this mean I’m like a child even though I’m 27 years old? Yes. Yes I am.

That’s enough “about me” talk to torture you guys for the day.
Thanks for reading this painfully long post! xDD;; You all deserve a hug. *hugs* *is rejected* *cries*

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