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Do you really think Jungkook is in love with Jimin and vice versa? I want your honest opinion. 🌚

Well actually I think there’s something going on between them. We saw a lot of moments that normal friends wouldn’t do but jikook did. They always care about each other, look towards each other directions (heart eyes😍), are very comfortable with each other, spend their free time together, always want to be together, have fun together, are memes together, but also are flirty with each other… there’s a lot things going on 😉 

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But I’m not sure if they are together. Love is between them for sure but I don’t know if they are a couple right now.
On the other hand we have a lot of proofs. One of my favorite is that v live when Tae went to Jungkook’s hotel room. Kookmin world did this analys. I watched and later read it a lot of times. If it’s true then well… they are close for sure 😉 
It’s very complicated. We can’t say that they are a couple but we can’t also say that they hate each other. But one thing is certain:  

Kookie loves Mochi 😍

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And Mochi loves Kookie😍

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thank you for ask! ❤️

also I can’t wait for new bv, I want to see them cuddling while they are sleeping ❤️ 

The best part of “Dear John” is how Taylor subtly changes the lyric from “I should’ve know” to “you should’ve known” at the end of the song as she realises it was his fault not hers, and nobody can tell me any different.

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I just needed to post this somewhere but hetalia au where America ate a disgusting moldy orange and now the filth of it takes main control of his mind and so he acts like a fricking douchebag jerk but a lot of him is like "no america, you know better. Love yourself for all that you are." So he's v conflicted bc most of him knows the right things to do but the rotten orange germs are fricking with the good morals.

anon i’m sorry i honestly don’t know what to say

Yuu ;;

{–Though very seemingly one-sided and it can easily be seen that Lavi has much more mutual friendships with others such as Allen, Krory, or Lenalee, Lavi probably feels closer and more comfortable with Kanda than anyone else among the Exorcists. His obnoxious, prodding behavior may be mistaken as mere disrespect or even veiled guile, but this would be a wildly incorrect assumption to make.

Lavi’s tendency to gravitate towards Kanda, wanted or unwanted as his presence may be, is very methodical, and broken down, makes the most sense from a strategic standpoint.

The biggest and most obvious one is that Kanda is unlikely to die. Not through injury and being a casualty of battle, at least. Even were Kanda to lose entire parts of his body, or take blows guaranteed to be fatal in anyone else, Kanda will not only survive, but recover good as new, given time. Kanda is the one and only exception in any war Lavi’s ever recorded that he doesn’t have to worry about not coming back through sheer bad luck or unfair odds. Everyone else, from the strongest General Exorcist to the weakest Finder, is only a matter of time, and a heartbreak waiting to happen.

The reasons don’t begin and end there, however.

Both Lavi and Kanda have been deeply involved and raised in war, years longer than others like Allen or Lenalee, and their involvement has been more brutal from earlier on. War more or less defines the entirety of who each of them are, having nothing else outside of that. Though they each have mentors (Bookman and Teidol respectively), and each has a greater goal outside of the Order’s goals (to succeed Bookman, and to find “that person” (before the Alma Karma arc)), they lack other things like family or other homes to return to.

Both also have a certain level of distance they put up between themselves and others as well, for largely similar reasons: the people around them die. Constantly. While time and again, they survive and keep doing what is required of them. The difference is that Kanda is more blatant about pushing others away with an unpleasant attitude, while Lavi puts up an act of closeness and friendliness to achieve distance more underhandedly.

They also share another key event, that being that each has had to destroy one of their first real friends because of the Holy War, because they had in some way lost their humanity and turned deadly. For Kanda, it was Alma Karma. For Lavi, it was Doug becoming an Akuma. Both destroyed their first friends by their own hand, given little other alternative.

Overall, Lavi relates on a personal level much stronger with Kanda than others.

He can’t relate to Allen’s martyrdom, or the experience of being abandoned and abused, then losing the only person that mattered in life, and being so devastated emotionally as to bring them back as an Akuma.

He can’t relate to Lenalee’s dependence on her brother, or on being kidnapped and imprisoned, or the way she views the Order and her comrades as her “entire world”, and being so deeply committed to her compassion for others.

He can’t relate to Krory’s existence sheltered inside a castle away from the rest of the world, or Miranda’s experience as feeling useless and without wanted skills, or many other stories within the Order.

He can, however, relate to much of Kanda and the swordsman’s particular brand of jadedness towards people overall, and he doesn’t have to worry at all that Kanda is someone who needs “protecting”. Likewise, Kanda is a capable fighter, and someone he doesn’t worry about not being able to back him up in battle. He trusts in the strength Kanda possesses to see them victorious in any fight.

Though he often goads Kanda into bordering-violent annoyance, and pretends fear often, he finds Kanda’s presence comforting because of all these factors, as well as because Kanda holds little interest in him, meaning that when he leaves the Order – and it absolutely is a matter of when, not if – he likewise won’t need to worry about it being difficult to break ties.

He has very little concern for Kanda becoming attached to him as others will, and considers him “safe” territory to get close to because of this, as his disappearance will be brushed off far more easily. That he so strongly annoys Kanda only further insures such outcome, as far as he sees, which is largely why he makes no effort to tone down his childish antics or refrain from calling Kanda “Yuu”.–}

guys help me out what is the difference between gen iv and the collective at dancerpalooza because they sound like the same thing 

similar faculty (majority contemp), they take classes in the morning from all the faculty, then in the evenings they have rehearsal for a piece with one faculty member which sounds exactly like the collective?? 

Turning anon off.

Recently there’s been a considerable increase in anonymous asks submitted to this blog, and while I did say that I’m not averse to requests despite my lack of time to draw them, that does NOT mean you get to shout requests at me several times a day. I’ve been keeping my askbox open to anonymous requests because I wanted to hear out any well-thought-out headcanons or lovely ideas my followers may have; it’s not a place for you to beg me for art masked behind a grey face with sunglasses, and because that’s been happening a lot lately, I’ve simply turned anon off

I would like to very kindly remind you that I am a nurse working 12+ hours a day, and I barely have time to draw my own ideas during my off days. Shouting and ‘PLZ’ing random characters/ships at me over and over again won’t ensure that it’ll be drawn - on the contrary, it will make me want to draw them less and less. Anon is now off for this reason: please be responsible for what and how often you submit stuff to me.

While I do read everything that comes into my inbox, I will most likely not be able to draw it due to reasons stated above. If you’re cool with that anyway, feel free to send me stuff! I’d just like for you to keep in mind that I’m a busy person with a job - I hope you understand. Thanks always for your love for my art and all the support, I’ll keep doing my best to produce art for everyone to enjoy <3

I would just like to point out that my INTP-doesn’t-do-feelings-self displayed remarkable restraint in NOT ending Lick Your Wounds with Hideyoshi dropping by to tell the lovebirds to get dressed before the whole castle stampedes them, and collecting his winnings on a bet with Sakon while Katsuie cried MANLY TEARS OF JOY in the background.

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HEY GERMANY! Why won't you let me be my own nation!! --BAvaria

Oh no… I knew it was only a matter of time before you’d ask me this.


Listen Bavaria, you can’t just split yourself off the rest of us. You’re a state not a country! It just doesn’t work that way anymore. BESIDES, you decided to join Prussia and the rest in the fight against the French back in the 19th century, which uh, created me and therefore you agreed to be part of Germany. 

So, it’s your own fault really. 

Random Questions Tag!

Hey guys! I was tagged to do this by @kae-popx and @yooncheoly thanks ya beans! 

relationship status: I’m in a three way relationship with Brian and Johnny. its fine.

favorite color: lately I’ve been liking green! I like all colors though!

lipstick or chapstick: I’ve answered this before I don’t wear either so chapstick!

last song you listened to: Im listening to Red Velvets Would U as I type this and it just switched to ioi’s Hold On!

last movie you watched:  ??? I rarely watch movies tbh but I think the last thing that I sat down and watched was game of thrones which is tv but its fine. OMG I think the last movie I watched was Howls Movie Castle with @s-lay-ing and @sambashua how fucking cursed that was at least a month ago!

top 3 characters: Im gonna try and go for a few that I’ve never mentioned on this tag before.    I’m gonna go got cause I already mentioned that! so my top 3 are Sansa, Brienne, and Jamie (Imatrashcan)

top 3 ships: I like all soft ppl x soft ppl ships 

books you are currently reading: I’m not reading anything physically but I am relistening to The Raven Boys on audiobook rn I’m dying tbh its such a great series!

top 5 musicals:  Across The Universe,  and I like most Disney movies! also all of hsm cause yes.

I forgot to tag cause I am dildo but @spasticstars @sambashua @s-lay-ing @king-hao @godkimsamuel @hobikwan @8boo @citruseungkwan (I’m guessing most of you have probs done this before but whatever oops!)