but there are other ways to art

this is my fav jenny holzer piece/quote and one of my fav pieces of art ever its just . its one simple sentence yet it provokes so much emotion in me and makes me feel so melancholic and i dont think any other piece of art has made me feel this way. it has some dream like quality to it (other than the fact it references a dream) and its just so impactful for me i love it so much

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Also consider: Hope/Foeslayer’s girlfriend is a trans Rainwing and the other Rainwings mistake her for Peacemaker’s biological 2nd mom. She doesn’t correct them because she knows talking about Peacemaker’s father makes Hope stressed and this stops dragons from asking. Also: her name is Strawberry and they met because Peacemaker got WAY too excited when he met her


Time for an unpopular opinion ™ with the rat!

Taking insp from another artist’s work is not the same as reposting or tracing.

I don’t own my style, it’s a slow burning stew of inspirations from other artists and I’m always adding ingredients. 

 The idea that someone owns a style to an extent that another artist using similar colors/shapes/aesthetics/animals is seen as a personal attack…is beyond incomprehensible. We all got here taking from others, art is not a one person development. 

Seeing discourse on my dashboard right now, vilifying an artist for taking that inspiration from a very popular artist….scares the hell out of me. It raises the question of who owns the way a line is drawn? Who owns brushes we can make and customize on a second by second basis?

If you’re so terrified of your style being copied to the point of actively discouraging others from learning from it, perhaps it was never that unique to begin with.

This is not an attack, it is a defense of artistic freedom. 

Thiam Movie AU Fest: January 7 - January 13, 2018!

It’s official! Thanks to everyone who replied to our discussion post! The Thiam Movie AU Fest will be coming to your screen the second week in January, as a week-long celebration of Theo and Liam existing in any alternative movie/tv show universe. Our goal is to explore how their friendship/relationship fits any situation, while also producing even more fanworks for them. 

We hope to bring together fiction, art, movie posters, gifsets, videos, soundtracks, and any other creative fanwork that highlights the wonders of Thiam. 

Some House-Keeping:

During the week, please tag all posts #thiammovieaufest within your first five tags. This way everyone can revel in your amazingness. (We’ll also reblog and categorize posts here, on the @officialthiamlibrary.)

Two reminders for the event will be placed in the Thiam/TeenWolf tag: one on Sunday, December 10, 2018 and on Monday, January 1, 2018.

Thiam Movie AU Fest Themes: 

 We’ve given each day a theme based on movie genres, if you’d like to participate and want ideas for where to start.

Sunday, Jan 7: Romantic/Comedy || Examples:  Love Actually, Friends with Benefits, Crazy Stupid Love, 21st Jump Street, etc. 

Monday, Jan 8: Horror/Thriller || Examples: The Roommate, Get Out, Cruel Intentions, etc.

Tuesday, Jan 9: Action || Examples: Mad Max, Mission Impossible, Spartacus, etc. 

Wednesday, Jan 10: Tear Jerker || Examples: Dear John, A Walk to Remember, Me Before You, Grey’s Anatomy, etc.

Thursday, Jan 11: Sy-fy/Fantasy || Examples: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Killjoys, etc. 

Friday, Jan 12: Book to Film/Show Adaptation || Examples: Fight Club, The Great Gatsby, ‘Midnight,Texas,’ The 100, etc. 

Saturday, Jan 13: Supernatural/Superhero ||  Examples: Avengers, X-Men, Arrow, etc. 

These are only suggestions for anyone who would like a starting point. Feel free to post any universe/genre on any day. Remember, you can go completely AU or stick closer to Canon; it’s all up to your imagination. 

If you have any questions or want someone to bounce ideas around with, the library’s ask box is open, as well as our personal inboxes. We’re so excited to experience this week with you! And…let the creating begin :P

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Cover done by my amazing friend @queenofbuttercups
She was super nice to draw me a cover while I finished the last page. Please check out her amazing art👌👌👌

She also inspired me to do this comic. She introduced me to the hanahaki disease, and it’s been in my head all day w/ kiibo so I thought of an au and drew it.

Lemme point things out. I completely gave up on shading on the other three pages, but some have told me it looked fine that way, so I left it be.
Second of all, I completely gave up on this and gave it a terrible ending. I had no idea of a happy ending right away, so I just was like “okay that’s a bad ending let’s do it”
Consider it a introduction. If you really wanna see more- let me know! (Some suggestions would be hella nice.)
Third of all, it was suppose to be a Shuichi X kiibo comic but, If you wanna consider it also Iruma X Kiibo, go ahead
Fourth, I have my mom look through my sketchbook (with permission) so I couldn’t make Iruma, cuss,,, sorRY-

But, please enjoy this comic. I worked extremely hard on this!!
So please enjoy! ^^



Izuocha Week Day 6- Loss/Nightmare

They almost lost each other, but at the same time, they couldn’t save someone else. Nighteye was left in Ochako’s care, so I am guessing she must feel horrible. Plus, this mission… Oof, it was way too tough for those kids. 

I hope they get some time together next chapter.

whatsnew-lgbtq’s Holiday Gift Exchange

Looking to make someone feel good this holiday season? Thinking about making some friends who are also LGBTQ+? For those of you who like creating things and are willing to share them with others, look no further than the @whatsnew-lgbtq Holiday Gift Exchange.

You can make anything: art, a mood/aesthetic board, a song or poem, a story, or even a physical thing you made that you can take a picture of and send to them. All you gotta do is make something, anything, using their blog as inspiration. And on the last week of December (Dec. 24-31), you submit it to their blog or send it to them via Tumblr Messenger (or whatever way you’re most comfortable with), and finally, meet your present giver and your present receiver.

Here is the survey link– it is necessary to take it if you’d like to be matched. It will close on December the 1st and you shall get your person’s url and name on December 2nd.

Have fun, and when entering PLEASE be conscious that you’re entering an agreement to get the person you got a gift. Just like you would be disappointed if you expected something and didn’t receive it, the same with the person you’ll be assigned to. If you are unable to give them their gift on the 21st, give it a few days in advance or submit it to us @whatsnew-lgbtq so we can pass it along.

Following our blog is not a requirement to enter. :)

Woke Zine is a Boston based zine, curated by and for marginalized people and their allies. Our mission is to amplify voices and experiences that are often unheard.

Our first issue is planned to come out in the summer of 2018. The issue will be titled “Femininity is Not Fragility.”

If you are any of the following:
• person of color
• lgbtq
• woman
• disabled (mentally/physically)
• low income
• terminally/chronically ill
• single parent
• marginalized in some other way
• an ally to people of these categories
then we are looking for submissions from you!

We want your poetry, short fiction, photography, etc… whatever form of art you create that encapsulates the perspectives and experiences of marginalized people and touches of the topic of femininity!

Submissions are due March 31st, 2018!


Drew some tiny gift art for one of my favorite YouTubers, DashieGames/DashieXP! I love the guy so much, he always has a way of making me laugh even on stressful days! Give him a watch sometime, he’s a great guy. ♥️

I try do little doodle gifts for my other YouTube faves too! So many deserve more love than they get, even if it’s a silly little art scribble from me.

And of course he’d be an “orenge” Yoshi who wears a Legend of Zelda shirt. X’D

This is an OC I actually recently came up with, so I don’t have all that much detail about him yet.

Silver Inkwell (Aka Mr. Inkwell)
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Specie: Earth pony
Likes: Tea/Coffee, Books, Stories, Nature, Libraries, Calm, Helping others, Being alone, Working alone and cute things (He’ll never admit that tho)
Dislikes: Loud noises, Dirtyness, Obnoxious people, Not being able to find ideas for his stories, Getting an Art Block,
Story: Inkwell is a writer that goes unnoticed. He tries his hardest to write good fantasy stories, but always end up writing romantic ones. He thinks fantasy novels will sell more and wants to be noticed. He works alone tho, and likes it that way. He’s a lonewolf, but he’s still always nice to people. Very gentleman like, always ready to help those in need. He also has a secret love for cute things, and especially cute mares. If one stands near him, he turns into a massive blushing mess. He will NEVER admit that tho, as he finds it embarassing.

Another askable character, and possible shippable too! c:

     Sorry for just dumping and diving off the radar like I did. Happens sometimes that something gets me really pissy and I have to go subterranean for a bit to get it off my think-pan. Prolly be another couple of days before I get back to posting, but I wanted to thank folks for their well-wishes.

     Anyway, I did a doodle of my WildStar babby during my stream today. I want to play her again in the worst damn way but I don’t know what to do with her.

[pwease no webwoggy]

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Hey, I really need some advice! I just found out my long term girlfriend is Satanic. Although I am utterly in-love with her, it's kinda against everything I've ever believed in. We are suppose to be moving in together soon and I feel as if our practices are going to get in the way of each other. I mean, I'll probably be using sage constantly; messing up her flow. I love her so much but I don't want our kids to have the power of the dark arts in their blood. What should I do?

Honestly I think this is something only you too can decide. I would talk to her and ask her how she feels about it and you guys can come up with compromises that won’t greatly effects either of your beliefs.

symbolism in Killing Stalking’s style change

I was talking to a friend about the art style change in Killing Stalking the other day, and it occurred to me–

what if it’s not so much just Koogi’s style changing because she’s progressing quickly, but a purposeful element meant to shift our perceptions of the characters the way Bum’s perception shifts? Like I’ve been noticing Sangwoo’s neck is getting broader, his muscles getting larger, doesn’t show as many weird quirks, and becoming a more violent and menacing character overall. Meanwhile, Bum’s neck has been shrinking and he looks like a 13 year old female child at this point. Would be interesting if this was purposeful and reflects the way Bum is feeling about Sangwoo–more like an insurmountable obstacle now than a human being–as well as how he’s perceiving himself: weaker, smaller, and inconsequential to this being that is just growing bigger and stronger. 


the little SHADOW NECKS!!!! this was the first drawing i ever did with them after seeing someone [i cannot for the LIFE of me remember who it was but shoutout to them] draw lil shadow necks

i STILL do the fine black diagonal shadow necks to this day!! and it started w/ this totally uncompleted doodle of the signature gays

and i was SUPER proud of this like. unbelievably overjoyed about the shadow necks i was like ‘wow! this is…….what i need to do from now on’ and i did!

+ vvv recent doodle examples w/ shadow necks

Character and Art: @rkdvanguard
Writer: Aye me/

Hiscyra sighed, hand against her cheek as she listened to her party drone on about how to progress through the dungeon they stood stuck outside. The tiefling was sat on a rock, her pack sitting on her lap so it didn’t scratch against the gravel ground. Her eyes darting between her party yelling at each other, arguing endlessly.

The alchemist pushed up her glasses and stood up, she spent a few more moments staring at her party before pushing her way in between the two arguing the loudest. “You need to stop.” She pointed her finger at one member before turning on her heel and turning towards the other. “You two are getting on my last nerves. We will go in now.” She turned towards the dungeon entrance and entered, her party grumbling as they followed her.