but there are no posters of him

the losers’ club, but fanfiction writers

Eddie; the one shotter

[Eddie writes all that fluff shit, from cuddles while watching The Notebook To innocent tickling. Little do you know, this boy can write some good smut, those eyes tell a different story]

Richie; the shitposter

[Richie makes the most absurd shit, remember that Spongebob orgy fanfic? That was him. How about the Pepe/Gangster Dora atrocity? Hell yeah. And…. I don’t know.. A PUTIN/DONALD TRUMP/BERNIE SMUT..that was him..]

Bev; the wattpad zodiac/rant/etc.. poster

[This girl can fuckin rant, she pours her hearts on the rants and she feels so much better when she sees her followers supporting and helping her through her experiences at home. She also makes occasional zodiac sign things where you see if any of those posts are relatable]

Mike; the reviewer

[My boy Mike is ruthless, he reviews books/movies/even fanfics, just name it! He gets in a lot of beef with other fanfictors but he keeps his identity anonymous]


[MY BABY CAN WRITE. He makes amazing and heartbreaking fanfics that just make you wanna sob but at the same time thrash around with overwhelming happiness. He’s very popular throughout the community but still so humble and shy, he also posts very regularly and on schedule, what a saint]

Stan; the poemster

[ahh Stan, he posts his fanfics very aesthetically, in organized stanzas that just compliment the blank screen, and he puts such big meanings into little spaces. He’s super angsty and can make you emotional with a single word]

Bill; texter

[Bill always puts his characters in a texting conversation and makes sure to add funny undertones to the memey chats. He finds inspiration from his friends insane group chat, some of his chapter are actual discussions]



We love Ji Hansol here, but unfortunately, he is no longer part of SMRookies and our blog is dedicated solely to NCT & Rookies-
It’s been a fun ride with our boy and you can bet you’ll see more of him on our side blog, so don’t worry!

《Anyway, I had no idea there would be a 200 day Yukhei poster or a Chenle bday one there as well, but here they all are~ I can’t believe I stood where boy stood- And pls ignore my friend’s reflection in the Chenle pic-》

anonymous asked:

Trust Archie Andrews to immediately fall for a mysterious girl in a cape. I am sad he never witnessed the majesty of Nick's beatdown, he's literally dating a girl who stops crime in six inch heels and cat ears. Like tell me little Archie didn't fantasize about that growing up when he was staying up late reading comic books under the covers??

you’re totally right!!

Archie has comic posters all over his room (and i’m sure there has been scenes w/ the Nightwing comic scattered around his room too) so he definitely stayed up late reading comic books. He’s such a dork, I love him. 

Reaction to the new FB poster
  • Me: Credence is standing with a girl! He is finally happy! That makes ME happy! I can probably cry right now!
  • Also me: Wasn't he gay?
  • Me: But he looks happy! Somebody hugged him for the first time! And it was a genuine hug!
  • Also me: But wasn't he gay tho?
  • Me: Isn't it more important for him to be happy?
  • Also me:
  • Me: He may me bi?
  • Also me: Bi?
  • Me: Definitely.
  • Also me: Bi.

🎶 Guess who got an art commission??? 🎶

My mum has apparently been showing my Inktober stuff to everyone she knows, and one of her colleagues has commissioned me to draw the JL line-up from the movie for him. They have horribly complicated costumes and there’s six of them, which is four more people than I’ve ever drawn in the one image, but go big or go home I guess!

This is all very exciting.

So to recap, Adrien “Just a Friend” Agreste;

- Thinks Marinette is a really talented artist 
- Thinks Marinette is a really talented designer
- Thinks Marinette is a great gamer
- Thinks Marinette is a great dancer
- Thinks Marinette is a great baker
- Thinks Marinette is awesome and wishes he could be just as awesome
- Supported her through his father’s design competition
- Supported her when she ran for student council
- Supported and gave his spot in the gaming competition to her
- Didn’t deny when shown a picture of Marinette and asked “She’s cute, right?”
- Fumbled when asked if Marinette was cute
- Calls her “Princess” and “Little Lady”
- Cares what she thinks about Chat Noir
- Admired her for standing up to Chloe and her antics
- Admired her for defending Mylène 
- Admired her for trying hard to include Juleka in their class photo
- Was down with kissing her for a scene that just had to be in a low-budget, high school film project.
- Was annoyed when said kiss was cock-blocked by Chloé. 
- Because you know…art
- Nervously asked for her autograph on a poster of his favorite singer
- Took time to literally spend a day with her and her great uncle
- Because, after they quickly found out Wang Cheng spoke French, she totally still needed a translator?? Right? ……Art???
- Stood up to Chloé when she insulted Marinette and her uncle
- Stood up to Chloé when she accused Marinette of pulling the fire alarm
- Took time to spend a day with her at her house…because video games…yeah
- Was super nervous and blushy during that entire exchange
- Was super touched/happy she gave him her good luck bracelet
- Hangs out with her in the park afterwards because…video games?? art??
- Immediately worries about her safety when the akuma arrives
- Actively tries to find and bring her to safety during an akuma attack
- Like twice…the first person he went to defend was her
- Asked her to dance with him
- Literally dragged her onto the dance floor
- Was super happy about it
- Basically cuddled with her on the dance floor because…friendship…art??…she smells nice??…I love holding my friends close to my body and never wanting to let go of them?? 
- Puts time and effort planning her surprise party
- Gives her the most thoughtful gift he could think of, even though he had the resources to get her anything 
- Puts time and effort making a gift for Marinette Dupain-Cheng, hoping she’ll like it
- Because we really need matching bracelets…to show…our very platonic friendship…yeah sorry Nino and Chloé y’all don’t get one…because it’s exclusively a me and her thing…friendship???


this was fun.

steve will apparently fight nazis & 117 countries on my behalf but when he saw a group of screaming fangirls coming at us this morning he yelled ‘every man for himself!!!’ and started running

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