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Are you still doing one worded prompts? If so here is one... Delayed. Eek I don't know it's the first word that pooped into my head. Thanks.

Ok, so…I’M SOOOO SORRY FOR TAKING 9 YEARS TO GET TO THIS! Please forgive me @sprout2012, i shall shower you with cupcakes and angst! Thank you for bearing with my lazy ass <3

2:37 am. Draco cancelled his Tempus charm with a gusty sigh. Harry should’ve been home 7 hours ago. His missive from earlier told Draco that he’d be a bit behind for dinner, to keep it warm for him and that he loved him. Dinner was left under a warming charm on the kitchen table, and a bottle of wine on the coffee table was all that kept Draco company at the moment.

Sitting on the couch, Draco bit his thumb nail (how uncouth) while bouncing his leg nervously. Harry had never been delayed this long at work without letting him know in some form or fashion. It was driving him into a mild panic.

So many things could have gone wrong. Harry could be dead right now. Cut down by some unwashed Dark Wizard bent on besting the Ministry’s top Auror. Or left in a ditch by some ‘still wet behind the ears trainee’, who wouldn’t know his own cock from his wand. He could have been abducted by some old Death Eater with a chip on his shoulder about the fall of his Lord, with bad teeth. Draco knew he was working himself into a frenzy.

He jumped up from the couch and started to quickly pace in front of the fireplace. Grabbing the bottle of wine, in his route to wearing a tracks into the rug, he took a swig straight from the bottle. This is a good year, if he’d say so himself. But that was beside the point.

Draco felt the anxiety blooming to bigger heights in his stomach. He was so ill at ease he started to feel a tingling in his lips. He took another swig of wine before setting it heavily on the coffee table. He gripped his fingers tightly and narrowed his eyes while trying to think of a way to find out if Harry was ok.

This was the thing he hated most about Harry being an Auror. He didn’t resent him for his job. Harry was the best of the best and Draco was proud of him. No, it was the uncertainty of whether or not he would see his fiancé again. The knowledge that every time Harry left to go to the Ministry, it could be the last time he walked out of the door. That their morning goodbye kiss would be the last time he’d feel Harry’s lips pressed against his. Draco wondered if this is how some of the other Aurors’ wives and husbands felt, or if it tempered out over time. No wonder Weasley left the Aurors to join his brother’s joke shop.

Of course! Draco thought, as he grabbed a handful of floo powder, threw it into the hearth and immediately called out the Granger-Weasley residence. There was a long minute that felt like an eternity before he saw a head of bushy hair and groggy eyes float in front of him.

“Hermione!” He started frantically “Have you or Ronald heard anything from Harry? Has he sent you a patronus? Or an owl?” Draco later wondered if the widening of her eyes were from his use of her first name or his composure that was slowly unravelling in front of her eyes. He didn’t give a damn, quite frankly. He needed to know where Harry was and he was sure that Harry would get a message to his best friends come hell or high water.

“No, Draco. I haven’t heard anything from him. Has he not come home yet?” She questioned.

“Yes, Granger, he is home. I just wanted to see you in your unmentionables and let you know how good we were sleeping” He sneered, unable to stop himself in his diatribe as fear rattled through him at break-neck speeds.

Hermione flushed red as she tightened her bathrobe around her. She huffed a sigh and willed herself not to snap back at the man, knowing that he was only being defensive because of his worry. “Have you tried sending him a Patronus?”

“Harry and I were working on it…I haven’t gotten it quite down yet” Draco mumbled at his hands. Right now was not the time to be shamefaced. Hermione softened her eyes and he couldn’t stand the small amount of pity in her expression. 

“Thank you, Granger. I’ll be sure to update you if anything changes” 

Draco closed the floo quickly as he saw her open her mouth to respond. He was not in the mood for a Hufflepuff hand holding session. He stood up and went back to his bottle of wine, downing a large amount of it before he continued his pacing.

This was all wrong. A Malfoy did not pace. Yet he could not stop himself. He was just so concerned. Just when he thought that life was going great. He had a wonderful fiancé, a beautiful home, a great job, and it could all come crumbling down because something could have happened to Harry and Draco wouldn’t be there to protect him. He would find out too late. He would get a call from St. Mungos and it would be the end of the world for Draco. How could Harry do this to him? That selfish, arrogant, beautiful, arsehole. Damn him and his damn hair and his damn glasses and his damn-

Just then the front door snicked closed. It only took Draco 4 long strides to get to the foyer to see Harry removing his cloak. Harry turned around, surprised at Draco’s sudden appearance, but before he could open his mouth to greet his fiancé, Draco ascended upon him in his fury.

“Harry FUCKING Potter! Where the bloody hell have you been?! Did you not think to tell me that you would be 7 fucking hours late?! Do you understand how worried I was?! You have no BLOODY idea, Harry Potter! I had to see Granger in her knickers for Merlin’s sake!” Draco yelled, only just getting started. 

“Draco, love, calm down. I really sorry I didn’t get in touch. I couldn’t. Kingsley sent us-”

“No, Harry, I will not calm down! You could’ve been dead, for fucks sake and how would I have known?! How would I have known that you would not be coming home to me, hmm? Tell me Harry. Do you know what that feels like? Do you think I want to think about losing you when I finally have you?” Draco felt the lump forming in his throat as his anger swiftly shifted to sadness. Damn that wine.

“Do you know how fucking devastated I would have been, Harry? I could have lost you and I don’t know what I would do with myself. I-I couldn’t bear the thought, Harry, I just can’t” He felt the tears starting to form, blurring his vision of the contrite expression on Harry’s face.

“I’ve been driving myself mental with images of you dead in a ditch somewhere and I wouldn’t know. I was so scared, Harry. So…fucking scared” Draco sobbed, looking down at his bare feet and clenching his fists, trying to stave off the onslaught of emotions. He felt Harry strong arms encircle his shoulders as he let the tears overwhelm him.

Harry rubbed circles between Draco’s shoulders as he whispered soothing words against his temple. He knew this would be coming, it was all he could think about while he was away. He hated the thought of Draco thinking the worst just as much as his fiancé did. Once Draco had calmed down, from the sounds of the undignified sniffles, Harry tilted his chin and wiped some of the tear tracks on Draco’s flushed face.

“I’m sorry love. I hated worrying you. I couldn’t send an owl or a Patronus because Kingsley had us on a stakeout of a dangerous wizard who’s been running from the Ministry for 10 years. It’s no excuse, I know, but I came straight home after we caught him. I couldn’t bear having you wait any longer” Harry rubbed his thumbs across the blonde’s cheeks until Draco’s breathing was under control.

The way that Draco looked at Harry with a small pout on his face could’ve made him go turn in his resignation first thing in the morning, but Harry knew the Slytherin wouldn’t want him to do that. He knew just the thing to ease his fiancé’s worry during these sudden cases.

“Tomorrow, I’ll have Hermione give you one of the charmed galleons we had for the DA. That way, we could always keep in touch if something comes up. Is that ok, love?” Harry asked, trying to put him at ease. Draco nodded, hating how emotionally drained he was and slightly embarrassed by his rant.

He hugged Harry tightly, never wanting to let go. The smell of his robes bringing comfort and an overwhelming sense of security. “I’m sorry I yelled. I was just so worried.” Draco rested his forehead against Harry’s as his fiancé rubbed his arms. “I love you”

“I love you too, Draco.” Harry said, placing a kiss on his nose. “Let’s go to bed, yeah?”

Draco nodded, lacing his fingers with Harry’s and leading him to the bedroom for some much need sleep and cuddling.

“By the way, love. How did you see Hermione’s knickers?” He asked, chuckling softly at the grimace on the blonde’s face.

“Don’t ask”

“you’re not interpreting the ship correctly-”

shut the fuck up

“this doesn’t match up with how I think of the ship-”

shut the fuck up

“no you’re wrong this is how this ship is supposed to be-”

shut the fuck up

“that’s not how the fandom interprets the ship-”

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“how dare you portray this ship this way you’re fucking trash-”

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Ankhseram Black Magic...

Is a curse… One which I think you’re better of not having it… This whole curse of contradiction played with them to the end… That’s why I hate it…

Mavis said out loud that she wanted Zeref to die, but deep down, she didn’t want him to die, this is her true feelings, she didn’t want him to die. YET, this curse of contradiction along with Mavis love for him was able to kill Zeref and allowed him to finally be in peace…

For Zeref,

He really wanted Mavis to live on, he didn’t want her to die at that moment, she can finally be freed from him, those were his feelings at the bottom of his heart, yet, again, this curse of contradiction along with Zeref love for her was activated and was able to kill Mavis and you can see that Zeref is in so much grief:

Like, even in the end, the curse still played with him/them. Ever since Zeref got this Ankhseram Black Magic aka ‘Curse of contradiction’, he was always alone, he can’t love nor care because if he do, they will die… So, I really can understand why Zeref chose to close off his heart and walk this path, I can understand why he would even go so far as to go back in time to rewrite history, even when I don’t agree with his actions, but I understand why he chose to because to him, it’s his only way to make things right. He can’t work together with Natsu (I wanted them to work together, to build on the brother bond) even when their enemy (being Acnologia) is one and the same, because if he does, it will awaken that ability for him to care, to love…Yes, Zeref in the end, chose this path, but it’s not a choice he would want to make if there are other options. He didn’t want to hurt Mavis or Natsu or anyone else, he’s just… looking at the bigger picture where the end justify the means, we see what he was like when he didn’t close off his heart when he was first introduced (in Tenrou Island), because of this curse, he was rejected by this world, by all living things. When he cares, when he loves, they will die… If he can actually be given that freedom to care, to love… If he didn’t have this curse, if he’s able to be freed of this curse, I really believe things will be very different. Zeref isn’t heartless to me, he’s nothing like Acnologia.

I’m really sad when I look at how much this curse bring them nothing but sadness/loneliness and how much they have suffered from it, even in the end, their honest feelings have cost them their life, but if this is what they have wanted, I’m happy that they can finally be freed from it and be happy in the end…

“An eternity of sadness is now over”

“An eternity of smiles now begin”

Smiles…. Seeing them this happy, I’m happy because they didn’t have that freedom when they were alive to truly be happy/smile without the curse getting in their way…

Lastly, I just want to say, after everything that has happened, I still really love Zeref, Mavis and Zervis on my end, and this chapter really brings me to tears…. I’m sorry if others don’t like them anymore, and that’s fine if you don’t because you’re free to feel how you feel, but for me, I’ll always, always love them. This is my honest feelings…I like the potentiality of Zervis ever since Zeref was first introduced in Tenrou Island, the resting place of Mavis. There were fanarts and crack theories back then, and I’m one of the few fans who was onboard this ship, I was happy that Mashima made my crack ship canon, and to the end, my feelings for Zervis will always be there. They are my otp in this series. Even though my love for Jerza (being my otp of otp’s) is stronger/deeper. But nonetheless, they are the reasons why I’m still reading Fairy Tail on my end.