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The Wolves of Doranelle - Fenrys & Connall
“Meave had coveted them. Fenrys had refused the offer to join her service. So she’d gone after Connall–the dark to Fenrys’s gold, quiet to Fenrys’s roar, thoughtful to Fenrys’s recklessness.” 

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Okay but...Nehemia instead of Aelin and the cadre

Stop because I would give my life for this to be true.

This is super long so let me put the divider. 

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I miss my son Fenrys, could you do some headcanons or something since your head canons are always so good? ☺️


- Fen can SING but doesn’t let anyone know it. The first time Aelin hears him singing he’s in the shower and she flings the curtain back to ask him why he never told her and he SCREAMS

- He jokes and teases but the moment you start talking real shit about the cadre or His Queen™ Aelin or quite frankly anyone he loves? His voice takes on that deadly, low tone and he just gives this smile, but not like a FENRYS smile, but like a “you better run” smile and everyone knows that if you see Fenrys smiling like that someone is probably going to die or be seriously maimed

- We all know he’s going to be the SWEETEST THING EVER when Rowaelin have a child, yes, this is established. But when Fenrys has his own kid? YALL. HE’S A WRECK. He doesn’t set the child down for WEEKS unless it’s to his baby mama who he is RIGHT BESIDE. Secretly gloating that his kid is way cuter than anyone else’s kid (but he knows if he said that to Aelin she’d boil his liver).

- Loves the theatre so much and frequently attends with Aelin. Used to want to be an actor.

- In love with the rain. Never sleeps better than when it’s raining

- When Rowan is gone on long trips, Aelin always stays up super late with her family. Aedion, Elide, Fenrys, even Lorcan if she’s in a good mood. But then ofc everyone always goes to bed, except Fenrys. He stays until Aelin falls asleep and then he carries her to her chambers and either sleeps in the chair in her room or lays next to her on the bed because he knows that ever since the coffin she just can’t sleep alone and that’s why she’s so clingy with everyone when Rowan is gone. [Eponine voice] HE LOVES HER.

Elorcan Werewolf AU Part 1

AU: In which the SJM series are not Fae, but werewolves. And mates and rejecting the bond exist 100%

Summary: Every year, the cadre holds a mating ball. Elide has just turned 18, meaning that she is now required to attend or face the consequences. Knowing that her mate isn’t a Lycan, she decides opts to not show. Little did she know one choice would hold on her.

There are some nights

when the Moon shines

and the wolves howl

Elorcan Werewolf 1

The cadre — the group of Lycans that traced from the bloodline of the Moon Goddess herself. Pure-blooded, more powerful than any regular Alpha werewolf, the cadre had terrorized and pillaged village after village, each Lycan searching for his mate.

Elide had snorted when her history teacher Asterin had described them. Almost in awe. Pure reverence. Extreme worship. And the school’s thirteen teachers didn’t easily hand out their respect to anyone.

Elide didn’t understand why the Lycans had bothered searching for their mate when it had been no secret none of them had their virginity left, their last personal piece for their mate, their other half. Worse, none seemed set on keeping their eyes short. 

Rowan Whitethorn, Lycan Princess Remelle’s first lover and omega Lyria’s mate. Elide had pitied the omega she-wolf; omegas formed the bottom ranks of the hierarchy, and there was a high chance that she would have been abused to continue her role as the scapegoat. 

Then there was Lycan swords-master Gavriel, who seemed to have a thing with humans, and leaving their beds cold when they awoke. Lycan ambassador Fenrhys, who seemed to have a thing with witches, and Lycan spymaster Vaughan, who bedded whatever appealed to his sight. The list when on and on.

And then there was turned-Lycan Lorcan Salvaterre, who had fucked more than half of the she-wolf’s population, according to Manon. The cadre disgusted Elide to no end. 

So she was more than ready to turn down the annual mating ball held by the Lycans every year during Rixalta. Sure, it may have been treason to not show up and not listen to the demands of the all-powerful man-whores, but the chances of her being the mate of any of the Lycans were so slim — especially when her wolf’s side had been ruined by her ankle — that they probably wouldn’t notice one she-wolf missing.

Huffing, Elide blew a strand of hair out of her face, heading towards her lockers. Alpha Aelin had seized the position of power after the previous Alpha, Alpha Arobynn, had murdered Omega Kaitlin Romper for attempting to escape his pack.

Elide had been proud to know that her best friend had been the first female Alpha in all of history, and someone not to be cowed by the intimidation and force other male Alphas had attempted. It had emerged a new era where females no longer drowned in the bitterness of belittlement, but swam in the murky seas of equality. 

Alpha Aelin had rightfully won every match whenever a male Alpha had tried to take over her pack, and Elide had never been more proud to stitch Alien back up.

“Elide!” a voice called. “Why aren’t you eating your lunch right now? No wonder you’re so thin!”

Elide rolled her eyes and gently closed her locker, looking up into the eyes of no other than Aelin’s beta, or second in command, Manon Blackbeak. Manon wasn’t entirely werewolf, her mother a witch, and her father a Lycan, and thus wasn’t required to attend any mating ball.

But Manon still liked to attend, riling up any werewolf that crossed her path. Last year, Aelin had sent Manon as her emissary, to which Manon had accidentally spilled wolfs-bane on none other than Alpha Dorian of the Rifthold Pack —  for staring at her white hair.

Chaos had ensued. 

Manon dragged Elide to the cafeteria, piling plates of pasta and steaming vegetables onto a bowl. “I know Sorcsha has been training you hard to be her apprentice, but you also need to eat.”

Elide merely picked her food, staring out the window. “Sorcsha’s a good Pack Doctor.”

Manon tapped her nails against the wooden desk. “What died and crawled under your ass this time?”

She didn’t answer for awhile. After silence hung in the air for minutes, she finally replied, “The Mating Ball.”

Manon let out an, “Ah.” She’d dreaded this moment, no doubt. “You turned eighteen a week ago, so now you have to attend.”

Elide rolled out her ankle, nodding. It was stupid, really. Why was she so afraid to go when no one would look at a scarred wolf? 

“It’s treason to no show up.” Manon gritted her sharp teeth. “Those bastards think they can control us with the back of their palms. But — you stay here, watch over the pack. Aelin will defend you if shit hits the fan.” 

The Beta’s message was clear: To hell with the consequences. 

Elide’s eyes widened. “You’d do that? For me?”

Manon slammed down her fork on the table. “I’m going to be brutally honest with you, Elide. With your ankle, you will be made fun of at every corner at the ball. And some unmated females will have the audacity to flirt with the Lycans to make them be their chosen, even if they’re aren’t their mates. To make them seem more powerful, the females will cut you down with words. I will not stand for it.”

Elide swallowed the pasta, along with gratefulness. “So I can burn the invitation?”

A gleam sparkled in Manon’s eyes. “Just make sure Aelin’s watching.”

Aelin had watched alright. She’d even lit the match. Elide didn’t know if it was a good thing that her Alpha was so defiant and had a penchant for disobeying. 

“Just make sure you stay inside the entire time,” Aelin warned, dabbing kohl makeup onto her eyelids. “You don’t want the cadre to accidentally catch the scent of the an unmated she-wolf lingering.”

Elide nodded, fluffing out Aelin’s dress. She’d specifically forced her Alpha to buy this dress, marveling at the dragon outline spiraling down her back. Oozing unbridled power and the aura of unmasked strength, the dress perfected Aelin’s flames. 

Aelin had claimed the dress made her feel older, but Manon had merely clucked her tongue, saying Aelin was still younger than her by a thousand years.That had shut Aelin up long enough for Elide to purchase the dress and stuff the package in Aelin’s arms.

Tonight would be Aelin’s first ball even though she’d turned eighteen last year. She’d been excused because she had been battling the former Alpha Arobynn for dominance of the pack. 

Now the mating ball invitation had decreed if Aelin’s pack, the Fireheart pack, refused to show up with all unmated she-wolves above eighteen years old, it would be an act of war.

How thoughtful, Elide thought bitterly to herself. Aelin deserved more than a year of recovery, killing her former master who had whipped her. Aelin had freed her from the Morath Pack, the one who had crippled her. Aelin had simply understood, while the toxic foes surrounding her threatened the comfort of security. 

Elide still woke from nightmares with Alpha Vernon leering down on her, a silver whip in his hand. Elide had lived for Aelin’s pack so that no other female would have to feel that pain again. She had sworn in to be the Pack Doctor’s second in command so that she could fight against her uncle’s legacy of pain, who had just had to be her past Alpha.

That would be another reason she didn’t want to go to be the mating ball. Her former Alpha without a doubt would be there, also searching for his mate. And searching for her so that he could mock her again,

Elide hoped that his mate would outright reject him. He deserved all the pain and sufferings from injecting rogues and his own pack members with wolfs-bane and silver, trying to see what made them squirm the most.

“I’ll be back before midnight.” Aelin said, doing a mini twirl in her dress. “You’ll be fine, right?”

Elide nodded. “I’m just going to sleep.”

Manon gave a satisfied nod, and then leaped out the window, yanking open the limo door with more force than necessary.

Aelin rolled her eyes. “She never does anything by halves.” She looked over at Elide, taking in her small form. “For what’s it worth, whoever your mate is, he’s got to be the most kind-hearted, flower loving male in the world.”

Elide gave her Alpha small smile. “And yours will probably be very submissive to you.”

Aelin let out a trill of laughter. “He’d better be. I didn’t reject half of the other male’s attentions and desires in this society to be stuck with a man-pig.”

Elide ushered Aelin out the door. “Me too.”

Safety Tips for Protesters

if you’re protesting and need to take medications with you, make sure they’re in clearly labeled containers- no mini jars or anything. because if you get arrested or searched, there is a high likelihood that they will think you are carrying illegal substances with you.

of course, don’t go to a march high or drunk, but be careful to make sure you’re not accused of being high or drunk or selling or whatever.

water will make pepper spray worse. use milk, or a combination of a liquid antacid and water. if you wear contacts, DO NOT WEAR CONTACTS TO A PROTEST. i don’t care if you don’t have glasses that fit your prescription- tear gas and pepper spray will both get absorbed into contact lenses.

if you’re tear gassed, here’s what to do when you get home: bag the day’s clothes in a plastic bag to decontaminate or dispose of later, and shower with cold water. the cold water won’t immediately open up your pores, but will get a lot of the residue off. be gentle to yourself in the shower. avoid showering with warm/hot water for at least 3-4 hours afterwards.

come with people you trust. do NOT get separated; and try not to panic if, by chance, you do. it may be a good idea to pick a rendezvous spot in case you get separated; one on-site, and one a bit farther off. if you are planning to separate, pick a time to meet to make sure you’re all okay.

a good idea in case of accidental separation is to wear a wrist cuff; wave your arm in the air and they’ll see you.

that said, wear a mask. the far right is very good at combing through pictures.

beware undercovers; beware collaborator ‘peace police’ even more. beware anyone inciting violence, because most of them are police.

write any necessary phone numbers you may need directly on your skin in sharpie. if you do sigils, draw some of those too. you can never be too careful.

make sure all mobile devices are charged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you plan on going to jail, plan it: bail, lawyer, time off from work, witnesses i.e.: a cadre. train for jail.

if you’re gonna be walking for a long period of time and there may not be a bathroom, wear a diaper or pad.

depending on the amount of time you’ll be there, it may be a good idea to bring snacks. this also depends on how much stuff you can take with you, but if you need to pack a mini-meal, do it. bring water in a reusable bottle. if you have blood sugar issues, a sports drink or juice may be a good idea, but you probably thought of that already.

be courteous to those around you. even though people are likely to be wound-up, remember to be kind to them. be friendly, etc., etc.

if there is a riot, the choice is yours as to what you do. there is no shame in hiding or leaving if you see people starting a fight. if you need to back away or leave completely, that’s okay. however, if you choose to stay, please be careful and refer to the first two parts of this post.

remember why you’re there.

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Your headcanons are so good I could read your Fenrys ones all day!!

You know what friend, for this I’m going to give you some more:

-Fenrys is actually a FANTASTIC singer, but he doesn’t sing around people at ALL if he can help it


-he gives her voice lessons and she teaches him piano but always in secret

-Fenrys is the fastest runner of the cadre and it annoys all of the others to no end because he never lets them forget it

-So whenever someone comes to visit the castle to see Aelin and Rowan, it’s Fenrys’s job to basically brief them on how to act in the Queen and King’s presence and he scares the SHIT OUT OF SOME PEOPLE - “okay so make sure when you kneel you’re at an exactly 90 degree angle and your head is at 45 degrees because if you don’t she’ll light your insides on fire. OH and make sure to say ‘Your Queen Highness Majesty’ in that order and if you mess it up the King may or may not spontaneously combust and then I’ll have to marry the Queen upon his death and we’ll have very beautiful children and… you know what… actually, call her whatever you want.”

-GOOD! WITH! KIDS! Anytime someone visits the castle and has kids, Fenrys automatically becomes the fun babysitter if he doesn’t have to be in the meetings himself. After Rowaelin have kids, it’s a normal sight to see Fenrys running through the castle with their kid on his shoulders while they both laugh in delight

-side note, when Fenrys first got to hold Rowaelin’s daughter he sobbed and promised to protect them with his life - so did the rest of the cadre of course, but no one had ever seen Fenrys so serious or emotional before

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Could you please do NSFW Gavriel headcanons? I just read your Nessian HC post and daddy Gavriel is making me hot and bothered...

HAHAHAHA I debated for a LONGG TIME BEFORE POSTING THIS becasue I was afraid of what people would think of my blog

I thought someone would ask me this.  This is all your fault anon.  I don’t take any responsibility for any of this lol also you can thank @fuckyeahazriel because she created daddy™Gavriel and it is a GIFT™

I don’t have a daddy kink but for the sake of this post I will oblige because I LOVE this idea (no kink shame if you do have this). 

We all know Gavriel is the dad of the squadre, but what if he was dad in another way..? I’m sorry please ignore me

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See Something You Want?

Requested by @miss-phengophobia 50: “Bite me.”

Elorcan - modern au

Elide is pretty sure this is the hardest thing she’s ever had to do. Damn Salvaterre for putting her through this. Damn her friends for making this necessary.

She sits next to Manon in the bleachers watching the basketball game, the rest of the Thirteen surrounding them along the third and fourth rows. The Terrasen High Cadre is running circles around the opposition, making basket after basket. Their system is almost beautiful to watch, as they make their plays with precision and skill.

The players that make up the Cadre - Lorcan, Rowan, Gavriel, Vaughn, Fenrys, and Connall - are practically gods at Terrasen High. Absolutely infuriating gods if you ask Elide. Especially Lorcan Salvaterre.

She and Salvaterre have had a tense relationship for as long as they’ve known each other. He was constantly making jokes about her height and size in general. Lucky for him, he never stooped as low as to make fun of her leg, for Manon and the Thirteen would surely make him live to regret it if he did.

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Elorcan headcanons! How about... modern AU first date? And any domestic headcanons you got! (Lazy sundays, living together, maybe with children?) thanks!

First of all I’d like to say that I recognize your dp and omg I used to have the same dp once upon a time ahhh i love that photo

Modern AU first date!

-Lorcan and Elide go to the same university and EVENTUALLY get to know each other, there’s some sort of party coming up so Lorcan asks Elide if she’ll go with him

-Elide was planning to stay in and study my lil introvert bby but after Lorcan and his invitation she decides to go out

-They arrive and there’s beer and bump&grind and all that, Lorcan introduces Elide to his cadre and she falls into easy convo with Gavriel

-Lorcan and her don’t really do anything so they just stand around awkwardly and Elide decides that this isn’t really Lorcan&Elide time

-So she nudges him and asks if he wants to get out of here and go to get food or something and he’s v relieved and agrees so they go out to a late night shawarma place and there’s no place to sit so they eat in his car

-One thing leads to another and suddenly they making out in the backseat and Elide is just wowed by this guy and his hidden personality, Lorcan in turn is v v v v into Elide but can tell that she’s not the type to go home with on a first date

-And from there it starts and they are a cutesy happy couple

-Lorcan lives in a big house with the cadre while Elide lives on campus so there are loads of weekend sleepovers and study sessions. The first time they do the do Lorcan makes sure NOBODY is at home and they have a 5 hour sex marathon with Elide exhausted but sooo happy afterwards

-Weekend sleepovers are their shit ok even if the cadre tease them to not be too loud (doesn’t matter since they never do it when someone could hear them so eventually everyone stops saying anything) they all watch a movie together but usually everyone is tired from the week so they don’t make it all the way through. One by one people start trickling back to their rooms and Lorcan wants to so bad but Elide is intent on watching the whole movie so he sits there and nods off while she’s cuddled into his side and he has his face buried in her neck. She later wakes him up and guides him back to their room

-One time she fell asleep too and Lorcan in his slumber nuzzled into her cleavage instead of her neck and the cadre found them like that in the morning and laughed so hard and basically that’s a cherished meme of theirs

-blanket forts ftw Idk if I’ve said this before but Elorcan LOVE blanket forts of any kind just any excuse to be bundled up in warmth and snuggle is good enough for them, its disgustingly cute

-They cook a lot but Elide doesn’t like cooking food in big batches so she sometimes goes to the house when no one is home and makes things that she knows each guy likes so Gavriel has some salmon and Fenrys has mac and cheese and Lorcan has a cheeseburger and everyone gets home and they are sooo surprised to find little Elide working away in the kitchen and their fav foods prepared. It helps that she’s a good cook and everyone enjoys a lot, later on up in their room Lorcan quietly says that she really didn’t need to do that and that she should focus on her own things instead of catering to them

-He means it in a very nice and caring way bc he’s so in awe of this little woman who just loves so much and is so kind to everyone, unfortunately, it comes off as quite patronizing and Elide gets a bit upset at Lorcan acting like this

-She’s mad at him for a grand total of 15 minutes until he gently clarifies that he didn’t mean it that way and he’s not insinuating that she’s god forbid cheating on him 

-So they have nice makeup sex and the cadre don’t comment on anything because hey she made us food lets hold our end of the bargain

-Except for Gavriel because he heard them in their room cursing and muttering about not having a condom at that exact moment so in the middle of the night he just knocked on their door and slid a few underneath.

-Elide is mortified but she gives him a kiss on the cheek in the morning and everyone wonders what THATS about 

-When they get married it’s not that big of a ceremony because both of them like simplicity so Elide doesn’t splurge on wedding dresses either but she gets hers stitched and customized

-when they settle into married life it’s just so normal and carefree for them bc they love each other so much omg ok bye im crying

-Elide gets pregnant pretty early on so they have baby Marion and Lorcan is just an absolute sweetheart with her 

-His favourite moments are when Elide actually expresses her love towards Marion like just sitting down and hugging her or talking and gushing to her, he keeps those moments on video as well because why not

-Marion is such a smiley baby it’s ridiculous, it’s not even a secret thing like if you lock eyes with her and smile she smiles back and on extra good days you’ll get a nice baby laugh as well

-Lorcan loves doing Elide’s hair and makeup like not in the perfectionist way as an expert but he will help her braid and pin her hair when she needs him to and just watch her when she does her daily makeup routine and asks her about things she likes as well like oh is that a new mascara how does it feel blah blah

-They are big fans of pamper nights and all that shizz Lorcan has forever soft and smooth skin now thanks to Elide

-They have a cat called Misty and she’s a sweetheart and adores Lorcan the most, one day she slips outside and doesn’t come back for a while and Elide just LOSES it and is inconsolable and Lorcan has to calm her down and say that ok he’ll put his shoes on and go hunt for her and he finds her not far off but having a great time with a certain good looking tomcat and he just…slowly…backs away….

-Comes home to Elide seeing no Misty in his arms and start crying again but he shushes her and doesn’t know how to explain that he found Misty being absolutely NAILED by the neighbour’s cat

-Misty comes home next day and lo and behold a while later they find out she’s pregnant!!!

-Elide is overjoyed with sooo many kitties because Misty gives birth to four at a time, however they do get her neutered later on because they can’t really handle alot of kitties in the future

-Elide is a nightgown and lingerie gal in the Modern Era and it drives Lorcan crazy bc WHO WALKS AROUND IN SKIMPY OUTFITS BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP ARE YOU KIDDING ME but he’s not complaining he was just a bit shocked since none of his previous gf’s did this

-Alternatively she wears Lorcan’s clothes and drives him crazy then as well

That’s all I can muster up for now although do send me asks if you want more and I’ll be happy to oblige you :D

Gods Help Me Part 3

I know, I know, I thought I was done too. Then someone asked for more and my wheels started turning. Don’t judge me I can be as uncertain as I please. Now, it’s been a while since Elide was almost implanted. She’s almost completely healed- and Lorcan feels a lot less territorial. Lorcan and Rowan have a silent truce. All is well, until someone comes for a “visit”.

Part 2 here –> http://samaykay912.tumblr.com/post/156494742582?is_related_post=1

Part 1 here –> http://samaykay912.tumblr.com/post/156192379072

Rowan was a little flustered. He was doing his training exercises- with Elide watching. Elide was staring at him with eyes full of steel. He wasn’t going to lie to himself- it was a little unsettling. Especially since he knew Lorcan was going to come back from his hunting trip any minute. The fae prince didn’t want to destroy the rope bridge of friendship he has created with Lorcan. As Elide improved, he and Lorcan talked more- about anything and everything. We reminisced about Sollemere, discussed Aelin’s arrogance, wondered what things were like back in Terrasen. It was… calming. Rowan hadn’t want to rip anyone’s throat out in weeks. The conversations helped him feel better. They distracted him from his mistakes… for a time.

Lorcan came back from his piss poor hunting trip. He was able to snare enough rabbits to last them a while. He wanted to get as much meat as possible. It kept Elide full and seemed to improve her healing process. When he finally returned to camp- he was greeted by Elide staring at Rowan. He would of been mad- until he saw her eyes- they were her learning eyes. The same stare she gave him whenever he fished back on the boat- before it went to shit. So, he simply nodded in Elide’s direction. Rowan’s eyes went up in surprise. When Lorcan opened him mouth to explain- a knife whirled in his direction- and a cry of pain followed.

Rowan was waiting for an explanation when Elide’s eyes went from him to the forest. He saw her turn her ears- then, her eyes went wide. She bent over, pulled a knife out of her boot and threw it across the camp. A cry of pain followed. The fae prince knew she didn’t miss.

Gavriel bursted into the camp- still in his lion form from scouting. Elide then crosses the camp to retrieve her prize. Gavriel followed- Lorcan was busy smiling and beaming with pride. Meanwhile, Rowan was frozen in shock. The fae prince was astonished. No one had trained Elide- as far as he remembered. It was a miracle that she was able to make that shot- wasn’t it? He didn’t know. He’d have to ask Lorcan latter.

Lorcan was proud- Elide had grown so much. He always knew she could fight. She killed four ilken with a broken nose, a sprained wrist and cramps. He knows she can do anything she sets her mind to. Even if she never trained a day in her life- as long as she had examples to follow she could fight like hell.

Gavriel and Elide returned. Elide was cleaning her knife with her skirt and Gavriel was dragging one blacked out member of the cadre. Connall.

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This is the Fenrys and Whitethorn/Galathynius daughter are mates HC (I am writing a detailed fic but I’m just gonna do this to BECAUSE WHY NOT)

-okay so Fenrys is living in the castle with Aelin and Rowan, and when they have their daughter he’s like “omg she’s adorable”
-but then she gets older and learns she has a powerful mixture of fire, water, ice and wind magic and Fenrys is like damn I’m just gonna keep out of your way
-rowan and Aelin are Proud Parents
-their daughter, let’s say her name is Mia (short for Nehemia, kill me) and she’s ALWAYS had a lil crush on Fenrys like who wouldn’t???
-ANYWAY, Mia has grown up being trained as a warrior but always been shown love and kindness besides that. She could kill a man in 4 seconds let’s be real this is rutting whitethorn’s daughter.
-so she and Fenrys are sparring one day, and he’s laughing at her bc she’s hungover as FUCK (she’s around 30+ years old and immortal) and she’s snarling at him getting real pissed off
-she throws a fire ball at him. It curves away all on its own and lands in the snow
- Fenrys just whispers, “Oh fuck” and stares at her and is thinking “so that’s what it is”
-and fucking Mia is like “Ha, oh no. Dad’s gonna kill you, boyo,”
-Fenrys laughs nervously and goes to walk away but rowan swoops in in hawk form then shifts to see how the training is going
-Fenrys is shitting bricks and Mia is kinda nervous too
-rowan scents their nerves and is like, “What is wrong with you two???”
- “Daddy….” -Mia is pulling the puppy dog eyes and charming smile she’d inherited off her mother
-rowan is like what do you want Mia. She’s all smiles and nerves and Fenrys is vehemently swiping a hand over his throat like “ABORT FUCKING MISSION ABORT” behind rowan’s back.
-anyway Mia sees and is trying not to laugh and rowan is a Confused Birdie
-Mia quickly saves their asses by asking Rowan to go buy her favorite chocolates
-he agrees bc she’s his baby lmao (rowan is the Ultimate Softie"
-anyway a few weeks pass and Fenrys and Mia have been sneaking around and making out and being naughty little turds and one night they making out in the freaking pantry when Aelin comes down for a snack
-she just laughs and says, “Good luck telling your father, Nehemia,”
-Fenrys kinda pales and looks at Mia, “I don’t want to die,”
-“Don’t be so freaking dramatic, Fenrys. Shut up and - oh my gods”
-Fenrys is good with his hands okay
-a couple days later they’re all having a family dinner. Aelin, Rowan, Mia, Aedion, Lys, Fenrys, Gavriel, Elide, and Lorcan.
-Fenrys and Mia’s scents have kind of merged bc they have been getting down and freakay in the pantry
-Gavriel scents it first and is just like “R u fuckin kidden me???”
-Every one but Aelin is confused. Mia chokes on her wine. Everyone is just staring.
-Lorcan is next and he’s like “you couldn’t keep it in your pants just once?”
-Fenrys is trying so hard not to look guilty or at rowan or Mia. Aelin is just leaning back in her chair sipping wine and smirking
-rowan sniffs and his mouth just drops open in shock at first because my best friend is sneaking around with my daughter what in the hell
-Fenrys is trying to explain, but a harsh wind knocks him on his ass and then it’s on
-everyone rushes outside behind rowan who is dragging Fenrys by the shirt lmao
-Mia is a freaking mess. Lysandra is trying to console her
-rowan and Fenrys begin to brawl
- halfway through Mia screams, “HE’S MY MATE”
-rowan drops Fenrys and turns to her like what??? This idiot is your mate?
-Fenrys gets up off the ground and wipes blood from his nose, looking angry and still kinda wary
-Mia shoves her way through the small crowd towards him to inspect his wounds.
-rowan growls when Mia touches Fenrys, and aelin just rolls her eyes and “stupid territorial fae bullshit”
-rowan calms down a bit when aelin holds his hand (what a sook )
-Mia is fuming mad, like she’s so pissed off. She turns to her father and is like “you’re such an asshole”
-“I’m just trying to protect you”
-“im a big girl, dad. If my mate was someone other than Fenrys you’d be fine with it”
-rowan looks uncomfortable because it’s true
-“It’s not like we can control who our mates are” Mia grabs Fenrys’ hand and storms inside, dragging him with her.
-rowan snarls at them “where do you think you’re going?”
-“to clean him up, you buzzard!”
-at few days later Fenrys and Mia are sitting in the lounge room. He’s watching her read bc she’s beautiful
-rowan stalks in looking pissed at their close proximity. Mia doesn’t look up, just ignores he father. Fenrys shifts away looking nervous lmao (I fucking love this kid)
-“Fenrys did you hear something?”
-“did you say something Fenrys?’
-the book flies from her hand, and she finally looks at her father. He looks frustrated and mad, but not at her.
-rowan apologies and says he will try to be okay with their mating bond. He also says the reason he lost it is because he thought Fenrys was just taking advantage of the crush she has on him
-Fenrys is trying SO HARD not to grin because omg Mia was crushing on me
-rowan is STILL TALKING.
-"dad. Shut up. Or I’ll start making out with him right now,”
-rowan growls a bit. Mia smirks, realizing she’s got a way to make her dad suffer for being an ass
-Fenrys snorts, and says he won’t do that to rowan
-Mia grins at him, and he can feel his control slipping because he loves her and wants her and OMG SHE’S GORGEOUS
-rowan is wincing like please stop that right now young lady you’re grounded
-Mia ignores him and kisses Fenrys and god if Fenrys doesn’t try not to kiss her back but she’s so amazing
-rowan pulls them apart with his wind and declares they are not allowed to do that in front of him ever again
-Mia is smirking, knowing she’s won
-over the course of the next few weeks every time rowan catches Mia and Fenrys together they’re either making out our holding hands or being fucking cute. Fenrys always rubs his nose on her throat bc damn she smells good.
-rowan’s form of conversation with them is growing and snarling and “rutting stop that”
-when Fenrys and Mia claim each other (eh eh *nudges you with elbow*) they stay away from the family for a week
-when they get back all rowan can think about is “one of my closest friends is sleeping with my daughter. Must kill him. don’t care if they’re mates”
-and rowan slams Fenrys into the ground. And y'all thought fae males were territorial. Ha. Mia yanks rowan off Fenrys and snarls, “Touch him again and I’ll pluck you like a chicken”
-rowan can’t help but be Proud. His daughter is feisty. He laughs and looks at Fenrys and says, “Good luck, boyo,”
-“help me up you prick,”
-Mia rolls her eyes because fucking fae males I hate them!!!!
-rowan and Fenrys are as good as new. Best buds
-Mia wants to kill them both. She’s so over her family, but she loves them so much. She punches rowan and Fenrys both in the arms and they’re like ow!! What was that for.
-“you’re both juveniles”
-she huffs and kisses Fenrys, rowan sighs. He’s always sighing. He’s suffering OK. Fenrys fights the urge to make out with her. “goddbye” she goes inside to find her mumma to ask for assistance on how to deal with annoying males.
-the cadre are getting drunk af in the kitchen later. The women join in and sit with their respective males.
-when Mia sits on Fenrys’ lap, rowan growls, but it’s half hearted.
“You know if you hurt her you’ve got four males ready to kill you” Lorcan laughs
-“nah, boyo, Mia could quite easily kill him” Gavriel is SO AMUSED by the thought of his great niece killing an all powerful male warrior
-“That’s so true,” rowan is delighted by the idea
-“I honestly don’t know why I bother with any of you” but Mia is grinning bc her family is amazing.
-they all get drunk together and joke about random things until Mia falls asleep on Fenrys lap and everyone is like aww omg that’s adorable.
-and rowan thinks maybe it isn’t so bad at all.

(This is shit forgive me)

Everything You Missed at the #ACOTARParty

Throne of Glass

  • Chaol POV in QOS
  • HOF was hardest to write
  • Manon’s POV is easiest to get into
  • Aelin-Manon meeting in QOS !!!
  • In regards to how mad Aelin will be when she returns to Adarlan: “Aelin will be mad enough when she returns that it’s a good thing her magic is stifled”
  • “Definitely possible” for Fae to have more than one soul mate!!! 
  • Character Sarah is most excited for us to meet/re-meet in QoS = Lysandra
  • Asterin Blackbeak is wanted for murder
  • Five year old Dorian would want 30 year old Dorian to be an “epic dragon-slayer”
  • If Sarah could bring back any character that she killed, it would be Nehemia
  • Sneak Peeks into QOS: “Violence, revenge, steamytimes, attitude problems, epic shenanigans… the usual”
  • Rowan’s cadre may “purrrrrrrhaps” show up again
  • On whether Aelin’s fae-ness makes her immortal: “you’ll find that out in future books”
  • Influence for Rowan: “Rowan just walked into my head one day, and that was that”
  • QOS is just over 180k words
  • SJM knows how ToG will end but “still many, many stories to be told in that world afterwards”
  • Manon likes to have her hair brushed
  • Yrene will be returning in future ToG books
  • Celaena’s weapon of choice = daggers
  • Fleetfoot is 100% confirmed to survive the series
  • Nox will return (as of right now ) but not is QoS
  • “Nox has been off on some VERY fun adventures since TOG”
  • Best thing about writing Celaena = her fire (figurative and literal)
  • Ending of ToG won’t be like fiction press draft which Sarah considers to be “an entirely different book” of which “everything has been thrown out”
  • Dorian stole a berry pie from castle kitchen when he was 11, ate the whole thing and was sick for a day (random fact)
  • Dorian is 6′0, Chaol is 6′1, Celaena is 5′7-5′8, Aedion is 6′3, Rowan is around 6′4
  • Ansel will return
  • “Perhaps” we will see the Silent Assassin’s again. “Perhaps” they will play a role in later books.
  • Rowan would win in a fight against Legolas… “Duh”!
  • Chaol gets his “fair share of page time” in QoS
  • Ironteeth “witches have slits high up in their gums where the iron teeth snap down/over their normal teeth”
  • Arobynn is mid-late 30s
  • Piano is only instrument Celaena can play
  • Chaol has “the NICEST buns” (lol)
  • It was always the plan for Sam to die
  • “Sam is 1000% dead and never coming back”
  • Chaol had “a few” love interests before Celaena
  • Most important question asked (according to SJM): “who has the better bum, Chaol, Dorian or Rowan?” - SJM won’t answer except to say that Celaena definitely has an opinion on this
  • SJM knows who Celaena is going to end up with 

A Court of Thorns and Roses

  • Lots of romance and some sexytimes 
  • Working on last names for Tamlin and co.
  • Potential companion novels!
  • Book #2 is currently only Feyre’s POV
  • More Nesta and future ACOTAR books
  • (spoiler-y) Someone special for Lucien down the road
  • Took 5 weeks to write first draft (”crazy fast”)
  • Book 2 is longer (as of right now)
  • Currently no time to write ACOTAR novellas but “maybe one day”
  • Rhys is favorite character to write in ACOTAR
  • Tamlin’s chest is so chiseled, “you could literally crack a nut on his chest”
  • Rest of ACOTAR will have fairy tale roots but any specifics would be “spoiler-y”


  • Celaena was harder to write than Feyre because “I had to rip open old wounds and dark parts of myself to write HOF”
  • Lucien and Dorian would be “bffers”
  • ACOTAR cover might be favorite
  • Chaol and Tamlin would be good friends (but tense at first)
  • If Celaena and Feyre met, “they would be like two cats meeting for the first time”
  • ACOTAR men would not know what to do with Celaena, she would eat them all alive
  • Favorite villain to write = Manon’s grandmother
  • SJM’s advice to surviving SJM’s endings: “invest in tissues. and chocolate”
  • Cover color decisions are not up to SJM
  • “TOG and ACOTAR are in the same Megaverse. So you could technically open a Wyrdgate between their worlds.”
  • Working on sharing annotated playlists but “they’re all really realllllly long”

Character Personalities

  • Feyre would love Sophia Coppola films
  • Celaena would love Gone With the Wind
  • Dorian would love classics (films)
  • “Rhys wears black boxers… when he feels like wearing underwear at all.”
  • If Celaena were an animal, she would “10000%” be a velociraptor
  • Feyre’s sport is cross-country or swimming
  • Manon’s sport is ice-hockey (without pads preferable)
  • Celaena’s sport is soccer
  • Feyre’s most visited website = Pinterest
  • Celaena’s most visited website = Goodeads
  • Rhys’ theme song = “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred
  • Celaena’s unofficial theme song = “Back in Black” by AC/DC
  • TOG characters who would have tattoos (if modern day): Aedion, Celaena, Rowan, Nehemia
  • TOG characters who would not have tattoos (if modern day): Manon, Dorian, Chaol
  • Celaena is a “double-shot-espresso-hold-the-bs” type of person (not tea)


  • SJM likes/prefers writing longer books
  • “Might have something up her sleeve” in terms of what book she will right after the current two series are done
  • “Every book is it’s own journey and has its own challenges– and it definitely doesn’t get any easier.”
  • “HATES” outlining but makes “extensive playlists” to “keep track of story structure”
  • Will “NEVER be done adding hot men to the line-up”
  • Needs to have a beginning and ending before committing to a story
  • Other fairy tales Sarah would consider adapting = Firebird Legends, Vasilisa the Brave/Beautiful (Russian folklore)
  • Can write male and female characters of equal awesomeness because she “sold her soul to a demon at the crossroads at midnight”

Sarah J Maas

  • Best Book Sarah’s read in the last year = Truthwitch by Susan Dennard
  • Favorite Anime (growing up) = Sailor Moon, Utena, Magic Knight, Rayearth, Gundam Wing, Fushigi Yuugi, and Ronin Warriors
  • Won’t answer which male character she would be with because people might read too much into it
  • Would take on Mydengaard Wyrm (from ACOTAR) and “be a BAMF”
  • Met Susan Dennard online via a group blog, “rest is history”
  • Favorite line from ToG = “Because hers was not a story of darkness.”
  • Preferred superpower = shape shifting
  • Would shape-shift into tiger or dragon or velociraptor
  • Would be best friends with Asterin Blackbeak in real life
  • If Celaena were to all of a sudden appear in real life, SJM would first and foremost introduce her to iTunes
  • Before writing, wanted to be a marine biologist living on a boat and studying great white sharks
  • “PROUD Feminist”
  • Has an entire shelf in her fridge dedicated to cheese
Aelin and the Cadre

I have a weird feeling that Aelin is gonna end up effectively stealing the cadre from Maeve. Like I’m imagining that during the course of the next book she’s gonna ally with Connal (I’m hoping that they become really good friends) and Vaughan and the whole cadre is gonna end up as part of her court.

Gods Help Me- Part Two

Here it is folks- part two. Thank you for the support and feedback. Sorry it took so long… I’ve been feeling quite lazy. Anyways, so Gavriel is healing Elide in a tent after they ran away. Lorcan is on lookout and Rowan has just returned from scouting out the terrain.

Part 1: http://samaykay912.tumblr.com/post/156192379072 <– is here

Lorcan was trying to hold it together. He could barely look at any male without growling at them and was putting his best effort in keeping his distance from Elide. He knew she was still pissed at him and he had a feeling if he showed up in her tent she would practically kill herself trying to kick him out. So, he waits. He took up Gavriel’s watch so the lion could keep an eye on the girl. He knew that humans took forever to heal- but the wait was agonizing. All he could think about was Elide and all the horrible things he would do to her uncle. He would kill her Uncle Vernon… very slowly.

“You do realize that Elide should be the one to deliver the killing blow to her uncle? Or at least be given the choice to do so.”, Rowan said evenly.

Lorcan jumped- he had no idea his former student was there. “I must really be tired if I didn’t notice your arrival.”

“Or you must be really pissed at Elide’s uncle. I can’t blame you.”, Rowan paused, “I never realized how much of a monster he was all on his own. He wasn’t even wearing a Vlag ring. How Elide is such a nice person when she was raised by that monster is beyond me.”

Lorcan growled in agreement. “She’s nice to spite him. I don’t understand how that man tried to put an implant in her on the spot.” 

Lorcan was on the brink of bringing down the forest with his dark power. The fact that Vernon was able to find her again was unbelievable. They were so careful to cover their tracks. Another thing was the fact that he tried to implant his own niece so he could gain favor just made Lorcan’s blood boil. 

Rowan was watching his traveling companion being consumed by rage. He wasn’t at all surprised after the events that occurred: Vernon finding Elide, trying to implant her and Gavriel barely even realizing she was gone. It was a miracle that Gavriel even got to her in time. If Aelin was in that same position he would destroy the world in a fit of ice and wind. He was surprised at how well his old commander was holding himself together.

Rowan on the other hand: that was a different story. He still missed his wife terribly- but now he was no longer angry at Lorcan-just guilty for not being angry at him. “I’m going to check on Elide.”, the fae prince stated. 

Lorcan absentmindedly nodded.

Rowan entered the medium sized tent- it was the only one they brought along- for Elide’s sake. She couldn’t survive the weather like the rest of us- or so he thought- until he actually got to know her.

The tent had a crate full  of supplies used as a table with a lamp on top. Gavriel was checking Elide’s vitals and had a cot set up at a reasonable distance so he could check up on her.

Gavriel was always the healer of the group. He always knew what to say to people to put them at ease. Gavriel sighed, “You know,”, the lion paused, “Aelin knew about Lorcan’s betrayal… and mocked him for it. Although, for her, I’m pretty sure that was code for forgiveness.”

Rowan had no idea that Aelin knew. His wife had a fondness for withholding information but even now… this was huge. Rowan no longer felt guilty for being angry at Lorcan. If Aelin knew about his beacon and didn’t kill him- that was forgiveness, for her, in itself. “Good to know.”, Rowan said nonchalantly.

Gavriel nodded- but Rowan noticed the knowing gleaming in his eyes. The healer of hearts and bodies knew what to say to make Rowan feel better, He truly lives up to his reputation.  

When Lorcan sees Rowan exit the tent- he knows that Rowan’s no longer pissed at him. He can understand why- after hearing the whole conversation between him and Gavriel with his fae hearing. Lorcan feels a small weight lifted knowing he is one step closer to forgiveness. It’s a small victory: but he knows forgiveness is a very long road. Good thing he’s immortal and has patience. 

Thanks for reading!! Please give feedback! :D

Okay but can we please talk like - A LOT MORE - about the obvious pro-feminism in ACOMAF and TOG? Like … Yes, I’ve seen the feminist quotes from Rhys everywhere, and a couple rants about Sarah herself here and there and her feminist hints, but PLEASE just let me pour my heart and soul out here about the amazing world of reality that she slammed us into with her not real world. K. In throne of glass the very first up close and personal Courtesan we are introduced to is Archer Finn. “ I may be a whore but I’m not a traitor!” Can I just say how much I appreciate the fact that we were shown full-force that when we hear the word “whore, courtesan, blah blah blah” we think automatically of a girl. Never a guy. But believe it or not, they do exist, human sex trafficking in our world will take anyone, from the exceptionally pretty high school girl to the four year old little boy in the grocery store with pretty blue eyes and kidnap and train them for sex. Women are not the only sex valued humans in this world, and definitely not the only sex workers out there. ACOMAF: Rhys was raped and abused for 50 FUCKING YEARS by a woman. What Feyre went through was only a HINT of the horror that Rhys endured for his people, and he didn’t have a dark sexy savior to appear out of the shadows either, no, he had to wait a WHILE. And it fucked him up. I think that we are going to see how much it may have truly fucked him up in the next book and then some. Next. Cassian is trying to start a group of FEMALE Illyrian warriors and it’s hard and it’s sad because hardly any of them have ever had a chance and it’s going to be a super long and strenuous change for the way that they were treated for THOUSANDS of years. And it pulls my heart strings because GUYS we are in that transition still! Women still aren’t allowed to fight on the front lines in the US because it BOTHERS people, by people I mean mainly men. Because we are the baby makers, we are the ones who “ if shit happens” we are the backup to breed more soldiers. We are not fit or even thought of when it comes to protecting our own land and loved ones. Maybe the women of the Illyrians wings being cut off is a metaphor for something … And what about this? Why is it just so simply spectacular to be pulled into this world of wanting equality ? Celaena gave quite a shock to anyone who found out that she was a girl because they expected a male assassin. Amren is this little slight of a female who likes to collect jewelry but NO ONE will fuck with that little spitfire, aka, ANCIENT AND POWERFUL BEING FROM ANOTHER WORLD. Cassian is this hulking macho guy WHO IN TURN is probably one of the most pro equality characters in the entire fucking acotar series. Lucien is most likely an abused victim with Stockholm syndrome to the maxxxx because Tamlin saved him so long ago that he has this twisted and warped idea that no matter what, Tamlin is a good guy and he will eventually change. Even to the point of watching another person be abused right in front of his eyes and he turns away because he thinks it’s not that bad because he has been going through that hell for fucking decades. Rowan was basically a slave for centuries upon centuries to a warped and spoiled ancient queen to the point of which whipping other members of his cadre, or being whipped BY his cadre was almost normal by the time Aelin came into the scene. Guys, it’s US. In drastic and book world form, yes, but it’s US. Men and women, abuse and neglect and repression and fear and hate. It’s all there. And I think that’s a big reason as to why we love these books so much. Look. For me? Personally? In ACOMAF, when Feyre was on the floor, screaming and darkness was consuming her because she was trapped in her own house by the man she thought she loved, it was suddenly me in metaphor. I was in an abusive relationship. I got to the point to where I felt like I couldn’t leave my own house. I was trapped inside with this … Person. This thing. And it was sucking the god damned life out of me. I lost myself. And yes, up until I got the guts to run and get the hell out, I was consumed by darkness. It was literally constant fear and anxiety and being just so scared and pathetic. These books, this writer, somehow she knows how to tap into all of our pains and reflects them through her own characters and their own experiences. God I love these fucking books

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The Left's hatred of Jews chills me to the bone

“…If you’d asked me, I’d have told you that after the Holocaust, real, serious anti-Semitism – the sort where Jews were killed for being Jews, rather than the odd nasty comment – was a thing of the past, in civilised Europe, at least.

…This is not some academic exercise or interesting political theory. This is reality – the reality that the Labour Party is now run by a cadre for whom anti-Semitism really is ok, so long as it is dressed up as anti-Zionism. Because Zionism is the enemy of all good people.

Should I admit that I am afraid? Because I am. I don’t go about my life in fear. I wouldn’t be writing this or doing my job if I did. But how, quite rationally, can I not be afraid when Jews are being murdered on the streets of Europe simply for being Jews; when anti-Semitic tropes and discourse is becoming part of the mainstream of political debate; and when one of our main political parties is led by a man who does not merely let this fester, but actually describes representatives of terrorist groups as “friends”?

If this is the level we have reached today, I fear not just for myself but far more for my children. History shows that when anti-Semitism takes hold it does not wither; it grows. Yes, Britain is a wonderful home to Jews, as it is to all minorities. Yes, we have the full backing of the law and the authorities. But yes, I do look over my shoulder. Wouldn’t you?”

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  • garbage-empress: Having an output repeat the same thing over and over in a message is not very interesting imo
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anonymous asked:

after reading that night vision quote i spent most of the day reading it and i'm curious what your thoughts on it are since it seems to align pretty strongly with Settlers, which im not a huge fan of either. you dont have to answer this if you dont feel like it, hope u have a good one

well, as you might know, I used to be a maoist. I actually first read Nightvision as part of the same anarcho-maoish cadre reading group in which I first read Settlers (although I think I red Nightvision first.)

Nightvision, for me, was actually kind of a gateway book into some of the stuff that I’m into now. I’d like to compare settlers and nightvision for you, but tbh, I never made it more than a few chapters into settlers because by the time I started into it, I was already so opposed to the line it takes that I just couldn’t hack it. 

What I like about Nightvision, other than the fact that it’s pretty readable, is that although it seems maoist af, is the emphasis on the mutability, even arbitrariness, of identity categories. Nightvision says pretty explicitly that race and gender are “class in drag”  which I think is pretty opposite Sakai’s premise.

I’d have to reread all the way through Nightvision, but I remember it really fondly as a book that strengthened and deepened my understanding of how capital and class really function, and really set me on the path toward where I’m at, even if it did it with the most obnoxiously maoist vocabulary possible lmao.

Destiny Exotic Lore: No Land Beyond

This weapon has sparked one of the most opinionated debates on battle and strategy in the History of the Vanguard. It is an ancient, hand crafted, bolt action sniper rifle that has been found in the wastes of Old Russia. Many Guardians seek it, some dedicating their lives to proving that it is a weapon worth using, which is a very unpopular opinion. In the age of smartmatter and energy weapons, appreciation for handcrafted classics is a hard commodity to find. While this weapon is very hard to master, it rewards those with skill by delivering them the heads of their enemies with ease and grace. The mechanics of the weapon seem brutally simple, making it easy to repair and even easier to maintain. It will take whatever punishment you put it through in stride. But there seems to be something…more about this weapon. Like it has a spirit of its own, eager to please the worthy marksman, but unwilling to serve any who fail to meet its expectations.


  • Those Guardians who know how to utilize this weapon have formed an elite cadre known as the Beyonders.
  • Cayde-6 reportedly tested the gun, telling a reporter, “It was the only gun that I wasn’t good enough to master. It was waiting for someone worthy. I suspect it’ll be waiting a while.”